Monday, October 17, 2016

brown swirl


Did you know that brownies were invented by failing a cake? Apparently, a long time ago, a woman innkeeper, or serving in some capacity as hostess, forgot to put baking powder in her mixture and her chocolate cake came out dense and flat. Ruined. But the dudes liked it anyway. I'm imagining cowboys types. 

Now, those are the kind of people that I like to host, the type that will try anything and enjoy everything. But nowadays you always get, "I'm vegan," and "I'm lactose intolerant," and "I'm allergic to peanuts," and "no carbs for me," and "I'm cutting back on sweets," and "I'm on a diet," and "I can't have any gluten." It's hip to define oneself by their uniquely pinched diet. And that challenge takes away all the fun.


Eric the Fruit Bat said...

There's some book by Bill Bryson where he gives the origins for lots of ordinary stuff, for example, why it's customary to put salt and pepper on the table and what kind of mattresses people used to sleep on.

I once had some guy tell me that the word "tip," as in what you leave for the server, stood for "to insure prompt service." He was completely serious and he said it with such gravity you'd have thought he was bestowing upon me the gift of special knowledge.

Problem with stuff like the brownie story is I could make up a story better than that and so could anybody else who bothered to try.

ricpic said...

I must be the last of the omnivores. Just put it in front of me and *whoosh* it's gone. Plus, I always clean my plate. Can I has gold star now? Seriesly, it seems to me the worst of bad manners to get all huffy about your food pickiness when someone goes to the time and trouble of offering you FOOD. Which is a miracle to us sons of immigrants. Still.

deborah said...

mmmm, brownies. the one time i tried from scratch they weren't good, so i stick to betty crocker original.

AprilApple said...

All your failed chocolate cakes belong to me. Are.