Monday, October 17, 2016

"I haven't shown you the twenty ugly things that I made before."

But you Lem Levity readers have seen the ugly prototype. Aren't you privileged? My family physician and his incredibly overworked nurse there will have their "Thanks for doing me a solid" pop-up card by now. I hope it cracked them up as I'm expecting.

For some odd reason this video came up on my YouTube suggested videos. Man, sometimes these concomitant parallelisms sure can be coincidental!

I was going to just enjoy this video myself and move on, but the comments to it over on YouTube are lovely and that made me think maybe it's better than I thought. Then several people ask what is the song. And they're answered right there, "Arrival of the Birds." So I look right there on YouTube and turns out to have 2,880,000 views. How does everyone know about this song? 

My favorite comment, "I can make paper airplanes." 

My little sister gave me practice for childish online snark that is difficult to resist. People ask in comments over there, "Where can I find a tutorial?" (I'm resisting right now, because you can well imagine it.)


Adamsunderground said...

Should some problems not be solved? Maybe the paper thinks, "this fold you're obsessed with on my clean, sweet-smelling, alabaster-like surface, it doesn't seem as important as all the words you've laid on me, encircling it. But maybe I'm too insecure to lose you, pen wielder, to trust you enough to with the truth because I'm convinced I can never appreciate it as you do."

Chip Ahoy said...

Did you notice the paper he's handling at the beginning when he bends it?

That's coated with clay. I discovered it by admiring paper that an advertisement was printed on. I thought, "man, oh man, this would be perfect for pop-uppery." It thinness, its rigidity, its tensile strength are a thing of beauty. Where can I GET this stuff? Turn out, I can get it on Amazon. And it really does work very nicely.

Also, all this guy's things are impractically large for ordinary cards. They're like full sheets bound with bookbinding tape. Everything I do is one sheet folded in half for a regular size card.

Eric the Fruit Bat said...

One of the bad things about the internet is it provides abundant proof that I'm not particularly good at anything.

deborah said...

shortcut..start at 4:18.

AprilApple said...

Love it. Architecture and art. His paper sculptures would make beautiful civic art.

ricpic said...

A concomitant parallelism was walking down the street
On which a Poughkeepsian, coincidentally, presumed to pick his feet.
Crossing paths, naturally, where else, but at an intersection,
They do si do'd, pas de deux'd, resumed each his direction.

ricpic said...

Hey Fruit Bat, are you the guy who threatened to off himself, or said his wife had threatened to off him? Can't remember his moniker. Yeah, you're that guy. Lawyer if memory serves. Don't answer. See if I care.

deborah said...

ricpic you may be thinking of ___ from_____ ________. it was funny when he said it over at althouse cause his pic looks like a boy scout.