Monday, August 8, 2022

Theresa got married......not a hair out of place


Theresa Guidice got married Saturday. Her hair was to say the least... amazing.

How many horses lost their tails for that?

There was a lot of drama involved in the nuptials. Her brother and sister-in-law did not attend. Typical of a ginzo wedding. I can't tell you how many weddings I went to where stuff like that happened.

She got a spin off series out of it.

But I doubt the marriage is gonna last. The guy seems like a real grifter and they always expose themselves. Still it might last as long as she is on TV. 

Good luck to the happy couple.

You're The One That I Want...... If you were still alive

She could rock a black skintight suit that's for sure.

Saturday, August 6, 2022

On Pile-ups & Pointing in the Wrong Direction


Hard to decide which I appreciated more about this one, from Powerline's Your Lying Eyes Edition of The Week in Pictures.  The SLOW sign pointing at him and in the wrong direction for the traffic with nowhere else to go, the loose gravel warning, the peg leg, or seeing the most dangerous thing on the road all geared up for safety with a mic in his hand.  Hat's off the the one who put this together.  

The other pile-up provided a visual that made me smile in the face of the weariness "living in the era of peak gaslighting*" entails.  The What's Being Peddled/Pedaled version of things going swimmingly! 

*From John Hinderaker's quote in the intro: "We live in the era of peak gaslighting. Recession? What recession? Inflation? The price of gas is falling! The border? We’re plugging the gaps in the wall! Hundreds of billions of dollars in more deficit spending? We’re fighting inflation! Foreign policy? It’s going swimmingly!

Thursday, August 4, 2022

You can see how our society has devolved in the simplest things......

 Did you hear what happened with the woke "Batgirl" movie.

The movie studio decided that it sucked so bad that they were not going to release it. Burning 90 million dollars in costs because it was irredeemable. The movie was made by the two Muslim directors who botched the new Ms. Marvel series for Disney that also tanked.

They got a Latinx girl to play the red headed Irish girl from the comics. It is another act of gingercide as every red headed white character from Barbara Gordon to the Little Mermaid has been replaced by a minority because...reasons. They were setting up a change in the DC universe in the movies. They are failing miserably in relation to Marvel, so they decided to go full woke. The big three for the last forty years in DC comics has been Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. The plan of the woke executives was to replace them with Batgirl, Supergirl and Wonder Woman. They were going to kill off Superman. Batman was to be retired and played by the ancient Michael Keaton in this movie. Wonder Woman is going full lesbian. It was all to be set up by this movie and the upcoming "Flash" starring that pedophile kidnapper guy that has been all over the news. Well, that was the plan.

When the new corporate honchos found out they pulled the plug. The test audience hated this movie. It was poorly made, and the special effects sucked. The directors didn't want to sexually objectify Batgirl so her costume fit like a potato sack. They were willing to eat that money to avoid turning their brand into a woke catsophe.

Comics and comic book movies are declining rapidly. Both of the big two Comic book companies are failing and about to go bankrupt. The movies are declining in earnings precipitously. You see comics were made with white heroes for the most part for young geeky white kids to buy. The wanted to see heroes beat up villains and hot woman in sexy body revealing clothing. Similar to wrestling as a matter of fact. That is what sold. That is what it is about. When the wokesters and the feminazi lesbians got in they wanted to destroy it. Make it in their perverted image. 

The money guys that took over the studio are smarter than that. It remains to be seen if they can reverse the trend. 

I mean if they wanted to make a "Batgirl" movie that would sell, they know who they need to get.

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

In the ruins of Madison Wisconsin Stardate 2712.4,


Captain Kirk: There are many strange artifacts here Spock.
Mr. Spock: Indeed Captain.
Captain Kirk: What is this place.
Mr. Spock: It appears to have been the location of a universisty in the early twenty first century right before the clone wars.
Captain Kirk: I wonder what they were studying.
Mr. Spock: It seems that this the law school. Perhaps that is a symbol of the school.
Captain Kirk: No it seems to be privately owned. There is an inscription, "property of Professor Alt.. I guess this Professor Alt was an important personage.
Mr. Spock: Indeed.
(Star Trek,City on the Edge of Madison, Directors Cut, 1966

If Star Trek was like J Date


"So it this your first time at the Starfleet Speed dating event?"
"Yes I thought it was the logical thing to do. So what do you do here at Star Fleet?
"I do communications baby because I am very oral."
"Fascinating. Have I ever told you about the Vulcan Vagina pinch?"
"Sounds groovy baby. Oh there be the bell. I have to go talk to the chink. I see you later."

Who the hell needs Batgirl when you have Japanese Anime?


The long spring day,
its mists rising,
before I know it
has turned to twilight,
and the heart that crowds my chest
hurts me so
I moan
like the mountain thrushes.
Then from the mountains
where our great Lord,
a god aloof,
is pleased to wander,
a wind comes blowing,
and as I stand alone,
morning and night,
it turns back my sleeve
and I think how auspicious
is that one word "back"!
Back where her gun is.

I call myself a man of spirit,
but on this journey,
grass for a pillow,
my thoughts keep going back—
no way to stop them—
and like the fires that burn
when fishergirls of Ami Bay
boil down their salt,
these memories burn
deep within my heart.
Of their 50 caliber butts.

Because the winds across the mountain
blow without cease,
each night in sleep unfailingly
I think with longing
of my love back home.

With her clenched cheeks
firing again and again.

Decisions, decisions

Since we know Brandon and Chlamydia will be looking for work in '24, there was always MaligNANCY.

Not any more.

Was Franklin president during the Articles of Confederation?

PS Which leaves us with that cast of Democrat governors who've been getting in touch with their inner Heydrich.

Monday, August 1, 2022

Bad Ideas ........

Don't try to hit Michelle in the face with balls.

That's Kamala's forte.


Bad Ideas.....

When the new cheerleader coach told her favorites that they didn't have to wear panties.

Or shave!


One of the many reasons you don't hear about Rick Barry anymore.....

Bill Russell gives you a taste of his personality.

RIP Bill.

The kiss that started it all!

On second thought, I won't comment on what I really think and let you guess. 

I hope she packed a lot of lightweight clothing. Just sayn'

She was born too soon. If she were coming up now she could have been vice president.

Sunday, July 31, 2022

On One of These Things is Not Like the Other, Open Eyes & Tune Calling


One of these things is not like the others,
One of these things just doesn't belong,
Can you tell which thing is not like the others
By the time I finish my song?

Votes received by the Democrat Candidate:

2008, Obama = 69.5 million votes

2012, Obama = 65.9 million votes

2016, Clinton = 65.9 million votes

2020, Biden = 81.3 million votes


Saturday, July 30, 2022

On Positive One More Time


After 4 jabs and a round with Covid, he tested negative on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, but tested positive on Saturday morning from an antigen test.