Monday, August 19, 2019

Commerce Department adds 46 Huawei subsidiaries to the restricted entity list

This action requires U.S. companies to apply for temporary licenses for Huawei purchases. The Commerce Department is giving U.S. companies ninety days to find alternate suppliers.

Wilbur Ross explains.

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

Dr. Evil describes his childhood.

I cracked up so hard when Scott says, "You always do that!" Dr. Evil looks back and forth silently pleading innocence comically to the group looking exactly like President Trump being funny during one of his rally speech.

His description of the details of his life that he characterizes as quite inconsequential and standard is funny.

The movie is available for free to Amazon Prime members.

Squirrel Grand Prix

Crashbandicoot 2019

I don't know where this was held. The main guy is German and the second main guy is Japanese.

There is not so much information on the internet except for reddit and facebook. You can see videos of guys practicing.

The reddit videos show these are self-taught gymnastic af-aleets. They set up a pad in their back yard or their parent's living room and have at it. Hour after hour.

The name comes from videos of a fox doing these dance moves. You can download three of them for free on the internet. No link because somehow I sense you're unlikely to use it. Search crashbandicoot if you care to give it a go.

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Peter Navaro on Face the Nation

How presumptuous. He actually faces Margaret Brennan. She doesn't know what to say so Wall Sreet think tanks and DNC and Hollywood and Ivy League professors give her the words. As a group. They actually coordinate. They actually write about coordinating their narratives. News readers don't know their butts from holes in the ground. They cannot think independently. That doesn't work for their networks.

The video is titled poorly.

Comments to this video on YouTube are pathetic.

Comments to this video on The Last Refuge are enlightened.

Having said they cannot think for themselves, here are two more today that do the above but actually give the appearance of thinking about what they are being told. 

More of Peter Navaro with Jake Trapper, if you care to watch it. Trapper is saying the same things that Margaret Brennan is saying. 

Had enough? Of course not.

Larry Kudlow with Chuck Todd. Todd's research department dragged out two somewhat embarrassing prior statements Kudlow made that do not comport with what is happening now. For some reason Kudlow avoids saying, "That was then and this is now. In case you haven't noticed the principal actors are completely different. The stage is different. The playhouse is different. The continents the playhouses are on different continents. The future is different." 

Ha ha ha. I stopped the video to get the address and this frame appeared.

That's F-face Chuck when he says frack, flock and fluke, foke, fake and fricassee and other basic words like ... um ... fixated, and facts and flummoxed and phooey. Maybe not that last one. 

Peter Fonda dead at seventy-nine

I don't care.

What I think is interesting is the links I've seen go Elizabeth Leonard and Joelle Goldstein on People who tell their readers in their title, "please raise a glass to freedom" and that triggers most of the comments. The commenters on the sites that I read aren't having it.

One comment I read got a solid reaction, referring to Easy Rider he said that he always enjoys a movie with a happy ending. I saw only brief bits of the movie and I had to look up the movie plot to understand the remark.

A lot of commenters say he was a serious crackpot the last few years of his life.

Antifa, a terrorist organization

Do it already.

Much more at Breitbart. What Portland police say, reporting by Jim Ryan, Andy Ngo, and what Mayor Ted Wheeler says, and what President Trump said previously.

If you care to read something really stupid then click through to President Trump's tweet and read the dopes who attach themselves to his account. They live on another planet, experience a completely contrary reality and use his account to spout their ridiculous irrelevant bullshit.

She wanted a late night hookup

But he fell asleep. So she burned down his house.

A New Jersey woman is accused of burning down a man's house after he invited her over for late night sex but then fell asleep and did not hear her at his door.

She probably took too long.

Police accuse the woman of sending angry texts to the resident who was sleeping, then buying lighter fluid and matches and a lighter, just to be certain, at a nearby gas station. She is accused of setting a fire outside the doorway to the man's home then fleeing as the flames spread.

Okay, at this point guess what she looks like. A hooker? A meth-head? Go on, guess her race. It could be anything.

Story and picture at USA Today.

And when you do see what she looks like, let this be a warning. About ... something. A warning about being careful about ... um ... something. Hang on. I got this. I totally got this. A warning about evil, especially horny evil, can look like anything. Almost. Sometimes. Just be careful out there. Careful about staying awake when your subject takes a long time. Maybe about not drinking so much.

Gregg Gutfeld

I have no idea what Rachel Maddow said. My little laptop went on mute. Accidentally. Probably. Then after her I have no idea what Scaramucci said because my little laptop went on mute again. Accidentally. Probably.

That keeps happening all the time whenever I accidentally probably touch that little button with the speaker icon. It's a mystery.

Saturday, August 17, 2019

I believe in truth not facts

"We want you for the Democcrat Party. What could go wrong?"

(See The Week in Piictures at Powerline!)

Epicurious: bread expert determines cheap vs expensive

Where "cheap" is still a lot more expensive than mass produced bread.

I'm certain the expert could tell on sight which ones were more expensive and he takes us through his analysis to have a show. I watched this on a 13" laptop and I could tell immediately on sight, I got them all right, and he's an actual backer with a ton more experience.

Friday, August 16, 2019

Autopsy of Jeffrey Epstein complete, cause of death suicide by hanging

Source for whatever it's worth NYT.

You have to pay them to read it. Unless you go in through the backdoor.

They say he was found 6:30 a.m. on Saturday. He appeared to have tied a bedsheet to the top of a set of bunk beds then knelt toward the floor with enough force to break several bones in his neck.

I'm trying to picture this. Bunk beds 5+1/2 feet tall, Epstein 6 feet tall. Knot tied to the top bunk. Kneeling on the floor, slamming his body forward with such force that breaks bones in his neck. Okay. Got it.

He had been left alone after his cellmate was transferred and the two guards assigned to him had not checked on him for about three hours before he was found. These employees who have since been placed on leave were sleeping for some or all of that time.

Boston Globe. Doesn't charge for its propaganda.
Fox Business.

Let the alternate theories begin.

PopCulture, conspiracy theories flying on Twitter.