Sunday, November 18, 2018

Spectacular crash at Macau Grand Prix F3

We don't see the cause of Sophia Floersch's car going backward down the street, a tagged-wheel crash further up the straight before this area of video, but the result of that clipping put 17-year-old Floersch in hospital with spinal fractures. Amazingly there were only four injuries.

10 must-haves for every Thanksgiving host

The list is by Lauren Spagnoletti for PJ Media. I read it to have a good laugh but then was surprised with the excellent advice that applies to all dinner parties.

I keep forgetting certain points especially for smaller gatherings. The dinner will be over and then I'll think, "Oh man, I should have put on the play list."

Spagnoletti elaborates each of these items:

10) Extra plasticware. She means storage containers. So you're not stuck with a bunch of pies or leftovers in bulk that you don't care to have around and could be an excellent thing for people to take home. This is a big one for me. I buy a lot of those Glad storage things. This should be #1.

9) Crafts for kids. I have a whole library of pop-up books that work for adults as well.

8) A lighter dessert option.

7) A non-alcoholic drink option. Well, duh. The link has another link to some good ideas. 16 tasty mocktails. I made the best Bloody Mary with prepared tomato juice and Clamato scant Worcestershire and scant Tabasco and a ton of toasted celery seed and then ruined it by adding vodka.

6) A vegetarian dish. Especially for larger parties. And make it good. Something you'd like yourself. Not a blowoff salad for the crackpot vegetarian. It took me a long time to internalize this. I wen't from regarding vegetarians a massive pain in the ass to advocating their exotic taste and delicate choices. By accident, by following trails of things that I wanted that night I'd turn out really delicious concoctions of roasted vegetables, beans and herbs and go, "wow that was an amazing meal I just invented and it doesn't have any meat in it."

5) Good music. So why isn't everybody digging my 80's synth pop new dark wave electronic alternative rock?  Huh? Got a thing against Depeche Mode? Pfffft. Fine! I'll put on Beath-Hovens's 7th. Opus 92. Everyone will totally get off from its pocco sostenuto vivace, his allegretto and his presto and the final allegro. It's exactly like hard rock except totally different.

4) A new recipe. This is an excellent idea. I had my whole family over here after my parents died. Emotionally, it was real. I prepared an unusual thing considering everything else; shrimp and grits with bacon and cheese kicked up with profound cayenne. Our family never ate any such thing and neither did the new wives and husbands, nor their children. The next day my nephew said, "What? Those were grits? 'Cause I don't eat no grits." Now, how can I ever forget that?

3) A traditional dish. Of course.

2) A killer centerpiece. If it's too tall then it must be removed or people cannot see the person sitting opposite them. That happened a couple of times. Here's how to do it. Get a bunch of crap and pile it up at different heights. Use small boxes, tin cans from your pantry as bases then cover it all with fabric, drape the fabric attractively as if you know what you're doing, then place the objects on the concealed bases, and around them, little pumpkins, flowers, apples, oranges, cornucopia type things, grapes, foliage, squashes, branches, nuts, candles, whatever. The link has a link to a fun seasonal centerpieces. It's all just common sense.

1) Assigned seating.  I've never done this. I suppose people are better at seating themselves than I am. But I have had it done and I think the object was opposite of what is suggested. I think it was done to insist upon contrast, not to avoid discomfort, rather, to create it. It was done to break up couples who will always sit next to each other. The hosts didn't want that.

All in all, an impressive list. Spagnoletti surprised me with this one. Sensible ideas applicable to all dinner parties, not just Thanksgiving. She knows what she is doing. You can tell she learned by experience.

Wally Wallington demonstrates moving large blocks and setting them upright


Narrator says, "He moves bauns." Poor thing cannot quite bring herself to enunciate "barns."

High School bans expensive coats to poverty-proof the school

That doesn't even makes sense. Poverty-proofing a school would ensure poverty does not enter the school, not ensure the school has no resentment toward comfortable incomes.


It's England. This whole time I thought it was New England.

Well that explains it. England is socialist and socialism is the system defined by resentment. This is perfect for England. Carry on.

Resent away, England. It's who you are, it's what you do.

You prove it everyday.

Are you interested in what they say? How they talk, how they think? Fine. Goes like this:
"These coats cause a lot of inequality between our pupils," headteacher Rebekah Phillips told CNN. 
Coats do not cause inequality you miserable dope. And you, a teacher. Differences in ability, in education, in ambition, in dedication to hard work, using the luck one is given to best advantage, rejecting resentment,  accepting deferred gratification, making wise choices, not dropping out, not having children before marriage, not doing drugs, avoiding alcohol, not marrying an idiot schoolteacher, not living beyond one's means, all tend to cause advancement and increase inequality, but certainly not coats.

Or shoes.

Or wardrobe.

Or expensive scents.

The teacher should know better than this. But she doesn't. Because she is British. And British are socialists.
“They stigmatize students and parents who are less well-off and struggle financially.”  
Phillips also said her plan to “poverty-proof” the school was well received by the students, saying one student wrote to her suggesting school shouldn’t be a place where a student’s “economic background is rubbed in their faces and distracts them from learning."
Typical. The kids see right off their parents achieved different levels of success so the teacher's response is bring everyone down to the poverty level so that offspring of poor people don't feel bad.  Here's a copy of Harrison Bergeron, you dope. No. I take it back. You'll use as how-to guide. Screw you, England, you can't even be spoken to without first dealing with levels of nonsense.

Incidentally, the banned coats are fantastic; Canada Goose and Moncler. For men they can cost over $1,000.00. And they are splendid. They remind me of the military coats for extreme weather with real fox fur around the hood so you can pull the strings and close the hole around your face and the fur forms like a fuzzy donut and acts as a windscreen letting your wet exhalations puff out without icing up. Those coats are solid. These coats less fanatical and more stylish. And the military hard weather gloves are two layers. For work in Alaska and other unGodly cold places. I used to put on my dad's coat and go, "Wow man, this coat is extreme!"

Pennsylvania is cold.

More nonsense at Daily Wire.

So that's that.

I'm a bit cross with England right now. It's been two outrageously insanely stupid things in one night.

Change of subject right here.

Peter Hitchens writes an acrimonious mal-informed presumptuous scree for Daily Mail that is so bad that even the Daily Mail knows better than allow comments.

Those would have been good. The best part omitted (comments) to favor the worst part (Hitchens).

He's ruing the diminishment of the British Empire. He's all Rodney Dangerfield getting no respect up in here except Hitchens is not the slightest bit funny. He in possession of a giant globe straddling ego stuck in pigmy islander's body. He's got a Napoleon complex the size of China packed into a pixie and he bristles that nobody gives a flat f about his shrunken socialist hell hole.

But then this:
Donald Trump’s fanatic supporters are astonishing. Nothing their coarse, menacing, ignorant hero does is ever wrong. But how will they cope with his pitiful failure to pay his respects at an American war cemetery at Belleau Wood, in France, because it was raining?
You don't pay attention very well, do you, Little Person?

His diatribe is incoherent.
How I laugh now when they go on, in the USA, about how they will never give in to Al Qaeda or Islamic State, or whoever it is. Oh, really? Those who now moan over Northern Ireland having a special status in the EU deal have left it a bit late. Since Britain’s forced surrender to Sinn Fein in 1998, arranged to placate Irish votes and political donors in the USA, the province has only been a conditional part of the UK. 
And how exactly does the first sentence relate to the rest, you little prick? I give up even trying to understand his drunken blathering. It's not worth the trouble and aggravation. Have another pint and call it a night, and sweet dreaming about Trump and Americans. He's off the rails with resentment. Because he's British. And Britain is socialist, and socialism did what it does.

Ptahhotep Maxim 30: Opposition

It is like a Shakespearean poem. Written in couplets and sometimes here and there a tercet to break the monotony. The first two couplets discuss behavior toward a boss and then the writer discusses opposition first from a superior and then from one's own wrongdoing. The maxim has thirteen lines.

It says:

Bow your head to your boss,
your overseer from the king's house,
and your house will be set from his property,
and your recompense as it should be.
An opponent as boss is a difficulty:
one lives only while he is lenient;
the shoulder cannot bend because of its stripping.
Don't seize neighbors' houses;
don't appropriate the property of one near you,
lest he complain about you until you are tried.
Resentment is grief for the mind:
if he experiences it, he will be litigant;
it is a difficulty of opposition in a nearby place.

Well duh!

This is shown as an animated GIF rather than a video. These hand drawn things can be a 100 frames and be optimized down to very small file size. The little animation in front has nothing to do with the subject of the maxim. It's just something stupid.

Cindy McCain trashes President Trump in her first interview since John McCain's death

I don't like this story. I don't like this family. I don't like the attention given them and so I'm resistant to give them any undue energy. But this story gets an awful lot of comments to it wherever it's linked so maybe it will interest you.

I don't know.

My response is *fingers in ears* "lalalalalalalalalala hamburgerhamburgerhamburger rhubarbrhubarbrhubarb."

Mrs. McCain said the funeral was not meant to be a rebuke of President Trump.

Except that is exactly what it was.

And then she praised her daughter Meghan for trashing the president at the funeral and smiling as she recalled Meghan saying "America was always great."

Psychologists would call this something like dissociative syndrome or something.

Cindy McCain continues insisting it's not about Trump, "Our country needs a strong leader not a Negative Nancy. Hopefully he will learn something."

How arrogant. Trump is actually the strongest American leader I've seen my lifetime far outdistancing her husband in much shorter time, a Positive Patrick to McCain's Disgusting Gus, and I've yet to see any president learn so much as Trump has so quickly.

Trump's rallies have shown me that he's learned what it takes to reverse historic midterm trends, what it takes to organize such massive rallies and do that quickly in and out without massive disruption to major cities and without going around begging millionairesandbillionaires™ for contributions. He's learned how to marshal resources to address natural and unnatural catastrophes. He's learned how to handle hostile media and Party lies, that never cease with new attack lines everyday. Today we see him in action engaged earnestly and intelligently with fire fighters in California where California Governor Brown and Governor-elect Newsom have nothing to say and stand there stupidly disengaged. We see with our own eyeballs Trump owning the briefing in California, making the time worthwhile for all parties collected there for that purpose, taking in information and processing what firefighters are telling him where California's governor and governor-to-be are mere idle bystanders looking stoned, or defeated, or guilty, or traumatized or wiped out, anything but engaged, in control or actually leading their state.

Check it out and see for yourself. It's mostly chatter and camera shutters so look at the body language when Brown and Newsom finally show up. Late for the briefing and with nothing to see or to learn or discuss.

Cindy, is it possible you learn anything?

Two videos of Cindy McCain talking trash about Trump at Gateway Pundit, if you care to see them.

But I know nothing of any of this because I had my fingers in my ears going lalalalala the whole time.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Activist threw a fisherman's catch back into the lake.

And caused a huge scene. Found himself in court and now must pay $500.00 fine and court costs. He was charged with petit theft.

That's okay. He'll set up a GoFundMe and raise half a million.

The activist is also a liar. His version of the story sounds reasonable while there is nothing reasonable about the scene that he caused. Is there anything worse than someone arguing by asking the same question twenty-five times louder and louder. Anything worse than women slipping into spontaneous chants? They're not looking for a discussion. They're not asking real questions. They're not accepting any answers. They're not looking for a pleasant day in the park either. They're out as a family looking for trouble and then creating it.

Scene, an innocent pure-hearted boy walks up to a fisherman and says, "This fish that you caught flopping around feels pain."

How dear.

Then the boy's father enters and delivers his self-righteous sanctimony pretending to be reasonable while actually training his son and his wife for activism.

The video went viral and it's the most obnoxious thing that you'll see all week. It is extremely difficult to watch because the whole time your own impulse is to crack the guy in the mouth to get hime to stfu.

"What if that fish were a dog or cat? What if it was a child? Would you put a hook in your child's mouth and drag him through the water?"

Well, it's not a cat and it's not dog and it's not child. Now don't you have some Planned Parenthood rally to go to?

And so the argument goes. Endlessly, repeating the same things over and over and over until finally chanting takes over to make sure all rational discussion is absolutely precluded. Cry to the sky, your job here is done.

More details and video at Tampa Bay.

Human bowling

Kids today. You gotta love 'em. You just gotta.

American generosity

Americans blow my mind.

A call from the office alerted me, "They'll be bringing up some Thanksgiving stuff."

She didn't say who they are. She probably doesn't know.

That caused me to think I had best put on pants. So I did then walked up to the door to open it so whoever they are won't have to wait for me to walk to it, but before I got to the door someone knocked. It was perfect timing.

There stood a very young man holding a large box. I'd say the lad is seventeen years old possibly. Six feet, very thin, 145 lbs. thereabout, not necessarily athletic, angelic clear face, blond curly hair, blue eyes, clean clothes, well groomed, spotless aspect and well socialized regarding eye contact, speech and the like. "Where should I put this?"

"Right there."

He looks at the surface, looks back at me, places the box on the butcher block cart, turns and heads for the door, turns back before dashing down the hall, stops, pauses and looks directly at me, "Have a nice Thanksgiving."

"Thank you. You too."

*ping* Gone.

I have no idea who he is. No idea where he comes from. I haven't a clue who organized this, nor how or why they chose me or my address. I read all the paperwork included. There are offers for dinner at a church, information about social services, coupons for food, business cards to get hooked up to food stamps, but still no clue about where this package came from. And  I'm stunned by the open generosity. It's an expensive box.

Filled with things I wouldn't buy.

Only because I would make different choices. Still, I'm impressed. Deeply impressed. It's not just generosity in the cost of food, it's the generosity of thought extended to people unknown with zero strings attached.

It's the generosity of time. This whole effort took a great deal of time. Of the sort usually expended to organize political movement.

It's the generosity of energy as the presence of the boy shows. Someone has harnessed his physical strength and his physical energy and channeled it along lines of generosity.

Then the boy himself is learning the life of generosity and that's a generous thing to instill.

I had just looked at turkeys at Trader Joe's and walked passed them deciding I didn't care to cook such a large thing. But if I did, then those would be perfect because they're well chosen and they've never been frozen, and they're right there convenient and ready to go.

I don't use canned vegetables. Two cans of corn and two cans of green beans. Nothing against them, they're just not what I choose. Same thing with cornbread. Those boxes are great but they're for beginners. It's cornmeal, flour and sugar, and I really like milling my own corn for its explosive corn flavor.

I have low-protein cake flour to make whatever pastry I want, while a boxed cake mix limits me to chocolate.

I use fresh potatoes for all those potato-y things so that I can do anything with them. However, packaged mashed potatoes are surprisingly good and it's very useful for making soft bread.

Just yesterday I bought 5 lbs whole wheat grain malted (toasted) intended for beer. I'll mill it myself to desired fineness. I just made two loaves of whole wheat bread from it, one yesterday and one the day before. The first one to give to the people downstairs who sell me the grain so I can show them how incredible the bread is. I brought along all the things needed to make sandwiches. Their lunch. I imposed it on them, fairly insisting they eat this bread RIGHT NOW! I made excellent sandwiches, unique with this bread, the likes you just don't see. And I taught them how to think out of the box. Their box being their vast assortment of wheat is for beer. I showed them it makes outstanding bread too.

So the 5 lb. bag of white whole wheat flour included in the Care box is not something I'd buy. But the thought of including it in their package is simply outstanding.

It is a thoughtful package of food and my mind is properly blown wide open with brain bits all over the place. I will use all of it. And this package delivered so brilliantly really does go a very long way in making the season into one of thanksgiving. I love being American. This is why. These people are well brought up. These people make me love them.

I wonder, is this what the people of Honduras know and want to be part of? Why not do this in their own country. If this is what Hondurans want then this is what they must create for themselves. A boy brought this box. Some group of adults here is teaching generosity to their young.

I can suppose that Mexico has similar things. I can feel fairly certain that Canada has its own version of this. There is not a good reason that generosity extended to strangers is a uniquely American impulse. My own mother organized her own personal holiday turkey drive doing this same thing by herself every year. She did it to give her own life meaning, she used her own resources. She drove through blizzards to deliver her turkeys and fixings. I've been given holiday dinners delivered unannounced but this is the first time I've been given a whole frozen turkey. I am American so that's what I see, and what I see is outstanding. I really am filled with pride compressed to the point of bursting, and I really am filled to the brim and overflowing with thanksgiving, the very real grace of being American.

14.5 lb. frozen turkey
cranberry sauce in a tin
stuffing mix in a box

The prepared boxed and canned food tickle me to no end. Seriously. It's all things abandoned decades ago. I'm not being judgmental, rather, I'm describing. I have to go far back in time to use them. It's the Imgur version of Thanksgiving dinner all loaded into a box. It's lovely. And it wouldn't do to bring the elemental versions of each thing because the unknown recipients wouldn't necessarily know what to do with them and they're all highly perishable.

They're trying to help me without knowing me. They haven't the faintest clue if I need this. Needed or not this is a tremendous blessing. 

I must now pray. 

Dear God, thank you for all these beautiful people. Your children are gorgeous. Amen.

Stacey Abrams dissatisfied with losing election for Georgia governor by 54,723 votes

In a speech that acknowledged reality but without conceding Abrams told her audience that since she had help from Obama and from Oprah Winfrey that makes her entitled to win and therefore she is within her rights to sue the State of Georgia for not supporting her.

The challenge would be based on misconduct, fraud or irregularities sufficient to change or place in doubt the results.

A lot more juicy details at AP.  That would be juice of the ugli fruit from the ugli fruit tree in the ugli fruit tree orchard in Uglifruitville. Like an orange except sour.

Here is a video of her defiant speech.


I got mixed up again. 

Here, maybe this is it ↓. I'm still confused which is the real one but that one ↑ is a lot more fun. At least you can sing along.

Friday, November 16, 2018

Voice of the Mummy


This game is awesome.

I never even heard of such a wonderous game. To me this game is brand new.

And I'm right in the age group if you go by mental age.

This same guy has another video that shows how he plays the mummy voice on his cellphone. And another guy has a video that shows all the working parts. 

And some of the hieroglyphs are real! You can read them. Lookit, lookit, lookit.

That's King Tut's prenomen right there. Ha ha ha, spell check doesn't even know the word "prenomen," it underlines it in red.

The sun is "re" written first but vocalized last on account of gods coming first. The bug is "kheper." It means "become" also "happening" or "occurrence." In their mythology th dung beetle pushes the sun across the sky like the bug pushes poo, and its burrow is the model of Egyptian tombs while its life cycle is the model of their concept of resurrection. That kind of becoming and that kind of happening. The three dots mean plural "U," and the semicircle is a basket meaning lord "neb" so then, Kheperunebre. Becomings, lord, Re.

While Wikipedia reverses the signs to Nebkheperure. Lord of the becomings (happenings) of Re. I read some interpreters insist, "Lord of the images of Re." Or "in the images of the lord Re" 

I don't know which one is right. Egyptians were weird. And interpreters more so. All I know is what I see, and I see the designers of this game tried to copy real things without understanding them. The other writings make less sense.

Vocabulary, pop quiz!


Because I get to clear off my desktop.

Words, phrases and names encountered online by some presumptuous little pee-hole trying to lord over us by their superior vocabulary.

But it won't work!

They're mostly sufficiently ridiculous to be relegated to "N" for "never use these words lest you inadvertently alienate yourself from polite society."

Except some you will find so common to make you wonder why they are even on here.

Please excuse the entry "gnomic" seen in the notes section of a book written by a British intellectual specializing in ancient languages discussing an archaic phrasing seen in Egyptian hieroglyphs with archaic phrasing of his own. It was difficult finding a definition and it does go on longer than it is worth.

There are just over 60 entries.

Here goes.

* aibohohibia: fear of palindromes. Get it? Ha ha ha, there is no such thing, nobody has fear of palindromes.

* Akin Rule: Good which cannot be classified in accordance with the above rules shall be classified under the heading appropriate to the goods to which they are most akin.

Todd Akin: Legitimate rape victims rarely get pregnant, they have ways to try to shut that whole thing down.

Or how about even in New York, where Kirsten Gillibrand practically sprained an ankle attempting to embrace Democratic Socialism after Ocasio-Cortez’ surprise win? Does the Akin Rule apply to anyone else other than Republicans?

* alcalde: or Alcalde ordinario, is the traditional Spanish municipal magistrate, who had both judicial and administrative functions. A mayor having judicial powers.

In "muh edjumakashuns" tyrannical commie alcalde Bill DeBolshevik is under fire for scrapping the entrance exams to NYC's elite high schools because "disparate impact" ...

* amerce: To punish by a fine imposed arbitrarily at the discretion of the court

* analskepsis: A form of flashback in which earlier parts of a narrative are related to others that have already been narrated. Recovery of strength after sickness. A kind of epileptic attack, originating from gastric disorder.

1) 1 Eastern Church : the feast of Christ's ascension into heaven

2) A literary technique that involves interruption of the chronological sequence of events by interjection of events or scenes of earlier occurrence

a description of an event or scene from an earlier time that interrupts a chronological narrative : a literary flashback

* aperçu: A clever insight, A summary or outline; words that summarize.

While she's making a sage observation from which they could profit, they choose instead to fasten onto some aperçu that offends their tender sensibilities.

* arabber: A street vendor selling fruits and vegetables from a colorful, horse-drawn cart.

The black Baltimore arabber tradition is on its last leg. For the city's sake, it should continue.

* barmy: Full of barm; foamy. Eccentric; daft. Originally full of barm, hence frothing, excited, flighty, etc.

* blues harp: Harmonica.

* boîtes: nightclub

Those of us old enough to remember recall the subversive nature of American culture during Soviet times,  clandestine jazz concerts in Moscow boîtes, hidden screenings of certain movies, samizdat publication of forbidden novels, etc.