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Kimberley Strassel: The “Mindset” of the “Coup” is more alarming than Partisanship…

Wall Street Journal Kimberley Strassel discussing the scale and scope of the government weaponization during the 2016 election; and the willful assistance by an ideological U.S. media.

ASL is not easy for me

I have watched this story twice now and I am starting to get it. No sound, closed captioning off, full speed, just me trying to see what is being said. It is a very nice story.

Cooking greens

Overcooking greens is more like it. 

I like this couple. I like this whole family. I like what they're doing. 

I like the thoroughness of rinsing the vegetables. 

But I don't like their stupid little knife and they're killing these vegetables. 

My parents did it this same way. Chef knives scared them because of us children. They simply could not have large sharp knives in the house. And they always overcooked all of their vegetables. 

The idea is cook them minimally as possible, to denature them and that's it. 

My own approach started like this because this is what I saw, but it evolved to its opposite.

Start with the bacon. Cook that first in the same pot until it renders its fat. The fat becomes half the dressing, vinegar the other half of the dressing after the greens are placed into the pot. Dumping in the vinegar steams up the whole pot and cooks it entirely in an instant. 

Mix the greens there is no point to keeping them separate. 

Stir the greens with each addition so the new greens are at the bottom of the pot. The idea is cook them until they wilt then get them off the heat. 

My approach developed from cooking Swiss chard. I was removing the central stems, because I was told to, then realized I actually like their crunch.  

One day the only red chard available was already cut and pre-washed. The central stems had not been removed. When I cooked them I realized the texture makes them more interesting. Their red color makes them more interesting. 

And I realized that undercooking them was much better.

I was cooking them way WAY WAY too long. I was cooking the life out of them. I was killing their nutrition. All these greens are much better when they are barely cooked. 

Cooked in bacon fat supplemented with butter or olive oil. The water still on them from rinsing and their own internal water is enough to steam them. Plus rice vinegar sprinkled over. Salt helps them release their own water, and pepper. Oil, vinegar, salt pepper make a very nice dressing.

You can add whatever you like to alter the dressing that cooks with the greens. Something sweet will counter any of the bitterness in some greens. Brown sugar, honey, even fruit preserves in small amount will alter the whole thing. 

Nuts are good with these greens. My favorite are pecans. So are apples. I like raisins. The giant kind. Cranberries work very well too. Blueberries. 

Actually, the very best way to prepare and consume leafy greens is to juice them. But I realized I really don't like juiced greens. They're terrible tasting. They must be heavily disguised with better tasting things. I'm just not up to changing my whole taste-tolerance for that sort of thing as dedicated juicing people do. Juiced kale is the worst. When you buy prepared juiced kale it is heavily adulterated with other more powerful things like fresh ginger or fresh turmeric with pepper. 

The most innocuous green is spinach. It's light enough to be adulterated with lighter things. 

But then you run into color combinations. The sweeter tasting things must also be green, like cucumber or celery, green apple, or something neutral color like pear. Because anything else with opposite color turns the juice to horrible off-putting shades of tan and mud-browns. And since the flavor is not that pleasant, nutritional powerhouse notwithstanding, the whole time you're drinking it you're going, "Ugh. I hate this crap." 


This place is on my block ↓ down at the corner. The pint bottle is $8.00 and knowing the amount of what goes into it, the cost is nearly worth it. It gives your body such a jolt of nutrition, such a rush, that if you're not used to it, then you're sent directly to the bathroom. Your body goes, "What? What? Don't do that to me without warning. GAWL! And let this diarrhea be a lesson to you. Warning next time, stages, 1/2 cup at a time. Until I get used to the blast." 

Amazing Grace

This video is better than that one down there ↓.

This is the first song I learned in ASL a long time ago at age fourteen. I showed it to my High School class who had no connection with deaf or the language. We each had to do something and that was the thing that I did. I picked it for its simplicity and its slowness. 

Since then, though, I've turned against it because of all the police funerals and bagpipes. I really do not like this song anymore. Way overdone. But this one got me. Pow, right in the cheeks. I love everything about this video. 

I wonder how she got up. 

400 students gather to sing for their teacher

Lots of copies of this event. All of them are goofed up in one way or another. This is the least goofed I can find.

Conservatives win stunning election in Australia

Stunning because Australian media misled Australians all along so it was expected the liberals would win. The same as in the United States.

The conservative party is called the Liberal Party in Australia who equate with American Republicans, because they're upside down, and the party of political liberals is called Labor who equate with American Democrats. So, regular liberals and extreme liberals.

The Prime Minister Scott Morrison fairly won this election on his own as his cabinet colleagues were considered too toxic to appear in public while campaigning. He made the election about him, the trustworthy daggy-dad Australia needed.


Daggy. You might be interested to know the term equates to American "dingleberry"

It refers to dry poop in the fur around the anus of sheep. How gross! Did you even know sheep are this gross? It's an affectionate insult applied to unfashionable people lacking in self-consciousness with poor social skills but still friendly and amusing.

3 year-old Russian drummer with orchestra

His name is Lyonya Shilovsky and there are many more videos of him on YouTube.

Kathy Bates as Stewart's grandma

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Today is Karl Goldmark's (1830-1915) birthday

And I am listening to his Im Frühling for the first time. I kind of like it, even though today was more like the first day of summer here.

Wild Wild Life

Marlin started out slowly when he began molesting the animals. He would pet a pussy. Finger a tit willow. Sexually badger a badger.

We think he went over the line when he coated his penis with insects and stuck the anteaters snout down his pants.

After that there was simply no going back.

( Don Meier, Talk into this with the Animals...The E True Hollywood Story of Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom)

Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny


That's what alaskabob said in comments to a post on Legal Insurrection about Democrats upping the abortion ante when they defended murdering a baby born alive.

The title says "murdering" and not aborting as the proponents of these laws do.

Ontogeny means the development of an organism.

Recapitulates means to review by a brief summary.

Phylogney is the evolutionary history of a group of organisms.

So then, to observe the development of a human baby is to watch the evolution of humans.

The entire conversation is like this. Completely off the rails. They're talking about abortion laws extended to murdering children after they're born and they use legal language that shows how lost they've become in their own intellectual weeds. Their metaphors and their questions stated in high legalese depart from the brutal simplicity and confound the whole thread of comments. They've thought about this too long. They express their views in the language they use to think through it so we are shown their intellectual neural pathways and not shown clear and simple conclusions.

Realizing that Trump has the opportunity to alter the world view of the Supreme Court freaked out Democrats about Roe vs Wade being overturned, because they know for certain that's what they would do. Their overreaction is logical when viewed from the standpoint of knowing themselves so well. Of course they project that onto Republicans.

Conservatives are not that fierce. Democrats keep making this same mistake. Conservative politics exist to check Democrat wild ambitions, not to enact their own wild ambitions. Why? Because they are con ser va tive! Root word: conserve. They're far more likely to conserve Supreme Court law than attempt to overturn it. But Democrats understand the law to be so flimsy and so forced they don't trust it to endure any change in Supreme Court outlook. They don't trust the strength of their own freaking law.

I'm certain Alabama would not have changed their law to prohibit abortions, nor the states that intend to follow, had not New York hastened to change theirs first so far, so extremely, so bizarrely to include actual murder. And then have their state congress give it a standing ovation!

When liberals push that hard that fast then that forces opposition to push back. But they cannot help themselves. It's what worked up crackpots do.

I was watching Japanese news cover this American state change its abortion law to be much more restrictive. I did not previously see Japanese news cover New York change its law to be so far outrageously liberal to include murder of infant children. But I might have simply missed that. Unlikely, I watch everyday. Then, when Japanese news does cover the change in Alabama law, a strange thing for Japanese to be interested in, they describe the change fairly but then provide footage of a pro-choice protestor saying, "Now if I'm raped and conceive I'm stuck with a baby conceived by rape." With no fact check to that statement, no exploration into alternatives, and no footage of anyone supporting the new law. They described the change dispassionately and  then reported with extreme bias. *click*

We can expect the same treatment from British liberal news, Canadian liberal news, Australian liberal news, pick any country and their news reporting will give it the same treatment. No mention of the new restrictive laws as reaction to new outrageously liberal laws in reaction to presumed Supreme Court reaction to actual previous Supreme Court overreach.

Cardinals half male, half female

There are a lot of videos on this, but frankly, they're terrible.

Duckduckgo images [cardinal half male female]