Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Bless you

Bad gamble

A California man was hit by sign advertising an outdoor event at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. He suffered head and body injuries. The hotel offered to settle for $2.5 million but the man thought he could do better with a jury. He took his case to court and the jury awarded him $524.000.

His attorney said he intends to appeal.

Story at Fox News.

Ptahhotep Maxim 31: Homosexuality

We're reading the book Middle Egyptian Literature: Eight Literary Works of the Middle Kingdom by James P. Allen. And by read I mean read.

Re-writing it, actually.

A couple of times.

The hieroglyphs are re-written using Jsesh so they go left to right and not right to left and not top to bottom. Then they're transferred to Photoshop and formatted as they are in the book. Then the transliterations are provided copied from the book, and the segments deduced from the transliterations. The English translations are copied from the book, and then each word is looked up in dictionaries. And you wouldn't believe what a mess those things are. Back and forth, back and forth, flippity flip flip all the way through from beginning to end over and over and over. It's a serious mess all over the place with three or four windows open going back and forth between them. Constantly resizing.

So now we're at the point where the priest knows what he's talking about.

And we expect him to be expansive but he hardly has anything at all to say. Only five lines.

And he addresses only one form homo-tude, an older man satisfying the lust of a boy. I suppose the sort of homo life a priest thinks about judging by modern day legal settlements and widespread international dissatisfaction with the Catholic church. The priest doesn't mention going down to the docks trolling for rough trade sailors, nothing about going to bars or to gay rodeos, or gay pride parades. Nothing about picking up hairy-ass soldiers or cornering a farm hand in the estate barn. Nothing about all the artists, craftsmen, musicians, caterers, jewelers and merchants. Nothing about all those quarrymen all over the place. Nothing about adult scribes.

There is a well known case of a homosexual couple memorialized in early Egyptian art in the tomb of Niankhkhnum and Khnumhotep. Life belongs to Khnum and Khnum is satisfied. In some of the hieroglyphs the names are strung together in word play with possible meaning of "joined in life and joined in death. Niankhkhnum had a wife shown seated behind him in a banquet scene but her image was nearly totally erased in ancient times for unknown reason.  The two men were royal manicurists and hairdressers. Laugh if you like, they were very high ranking officials. Right up there with keeper of the royal poop.

Wanna see 'em?  Tap the "images" button.

Maxim 31 says:

You should not have sex with a woman-boy,
though you know what is barred would be water on his heart,
for there is no cooling for what is in his belly.
He should not spend the night to do what is barred:
he will cool down only after he breaks his desire.

I thought there would be more.

Apparently the priest didn't want to be too discouraging.

Here it is in .gif form, optimized to 100% which is a lot.

White House release: President Trump's standing with Saudi Arabia

The statement begins the world is a dangerous place. That is the framing premise that was repeated in an impromptu statement to reporter's questioning in front of Marine 1 before heading off to Mar-a-Lago, or Southern White House as Trump puts it. And the framing is repeated by Pompeo in his presentation to our press.

Second Iran is characterized as chief instigator and supporter of terror and war in the Middle East. They've supported Assad who has killed millions of his own people, they've killed Americans and many other innocent people and state forcefully "Death to America."

While Saudi Arabia would withdraw from Yemen if Iran agreed to leave. And Saudi Arabia has agreed to spend billions of dollars to lead the fight against radical Islamic terrorism.

Then on to the deals that Democrats and media would like to see destroyed so that Trump can be diminished.

Saudi Arabia has agreed to invest $450 billion in the United States. 1/4 of that on military equipment from Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon and other defense contractors. If United States canceled these contracts then Russia and China would be the beneficiaries.

Then on to Jamal Kashoggi. The murder is not condoned. The U.S. has already sanctioned 17 Saudis known to have participated in the murder.

Then on to a characterization of Khashoggi as enemy of the state and a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, although Trump hastens to add his decision is not based on that. Both the king and the upcoming Prince deny knowing about the planning or the execution of the murder. Our intelligence services are still investigating. Trump insists repeatedly across several statements and now again, that maybe the king and prince did know and maybe they didn't.

The statement reaffirms that the kingdom has been a great ally in our fight against Iran and the U.S. intends to remain a parter of Saudi Arabia to ensure our interests, and Israeli interest and all other partners in the region.

Trump is aware members of Congress want to go a different direction and Trump will consider whatever ideas are presented but only if they are consistent with the security of America. Trump reaffirms the kingdom has been responsive to his requests to keep oil prices at reasonable levels.

Then this:
As President of the United States I intend to ensure that, in a very dangerous world, America is pursuing its national interests and vigorously contesting countries that wish to do us harm. Very simply it is called America First!

Do statement come any clearer than this?

But Trump is apostate to our Uniparty system, and Prince Muhammad bin Salman is apostate to Saudi hard-ass Islamic political character, a history their citizens pride themselves, so both have enemies at home and abroad who would like nothing more than to see both destroyed.

So leave to our ankle bitting media to use this murder that nobody cares about, and I mean nobody, along with everything else they can dig up to use against him. So they scramble to phrase their questioning just so with the aim of doing maximum damage by the asking, "Mr. President, do you mean to say that human rights must be sacrificed for deals?"

Fighting the impulse to answer, "Look, you measly little cocksuroach, don't put words in my mouth. If I had wanted to say that then I would have. " Instead he says with saintly patience, "Let me repeat what I just told you ..."

Pompeo does the same thing.

Over and over and over and over end over end over Andover Andover.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Roasted turkey and gravy

Ramses thinks it's Christmas.

The turkey is weighed in kilograms the oven temperature is stated in Celsius and it looks like a million dollars, not British pound or Euros.

What he doesn't say is at the end soak your hands in bleach water because you have turkey subcutaneous material shoved under your fingernails, and using a bleach water saturated cloth wipe down the pepper mill you shoved into the turkey cavity.

I'm glad he didn't say, "now be sure to wash your hands thoroughly" as American cooks alway do because as I watch them sitting here at home I go, "Oh, shut up."

None of these video tell you what to do with the turkey carcass and the leg and wing bones. Year after year on both Thanksgiving and Christmas for fifty years plus, my mother wasted the carcass that could have been used for the best turkey stock that's possible. My parents didn't know about soup stock. Easy, and worth it. Break up the bones and roast them again to nearly black. Then put them in a pot with water and boil. Strain. Cool. Remove most the fat, and freeze the aspic in whatever shape that you want, using an ice cube tray, zip lock bags, storage containers, however you imagine using it, to make gravy, to moisten and flavor vegetables, for soup or whatever. Be a good carnivore and use the whole thing.

And your prayer can include, "Thank you turkey for giving your life to sustain mine. I did the best that I could to make you delicious and to use every part of you except your feet and your head beak and eyeballs and that weird squiggly thing on your neck. I even cooked your turkey butt in my gravy. Please forgive me for stuffing all that crap inside your cavity. I realize that was very rude. Amen."

Peas and Carrots

Those are the names of two turkeys symbolically pardoned by Trump today in the annual White House joke event. The pardoned turkey and its backup turkey.

"I've never seen such a fine turkey"

Camera pans down to a scraggly-tailed turkey that looks like a tracing of a child's hand except this one is all white.  Oh man, I eat those wan albino red-eyed ghost-turkeys? Gimme a real turkey. A turkey that's tight. Imagine a species of large bird evolved by human selection for a specific American dinner. We should be seeking the turkey's pardon.

Trump uses the occasion to troll Democrats first. Per usual using every occasion available to antagonize his antagonists and that's why his supporters adore him. Doubt that? Here, read though comments Daily Caller.

Counter trolling comments fall along predictable lines.

Let's play a game. Predict counter trolling comments. Then read them to see how right you are. Everyone can play the "think like a Democrat" game. It's the easiest game in the world.

* Pardoning a white turkey, should be a colored one.
* Trump needs to pardon himself (from what needn't be specified).
* Turkey fears Trump will grab its pussy.
* The turkey won't be the last pardon Trump gives
* Which one is the turkey?

It's a stupid occasion so think of the stupidest counter tolling you can imagine and you'll likely see it on any of the ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN Fox etc. videos on YouTube. Connect the pardon to any Trump related news item past or present, Khashoggi, the caravan, North Korea, China, Russia, Mexico, border wall, immigration, mid term elections, Florida, California fires, orange, strange hair, Climate change, Kavanaugh, James Acosta, anything at all that media presented in typical contortion, and you'll have an average Democrat counter troll presented in comments. Very easy to do as if you are a computer game writer producing programed dialogue for non-player characters with no independent agency.

Six arrested in Portland

Portland seems like a nice place.

I bet you could go to Portland and experience an entirely different place than the one shown us. By ignoring things like this and focusing on everything else. Just yesterday I clicked on an ad hoping to be shown farmers markets commodities elsewhere shipped directly to me, but instead the link showed all the farmers markets in Portland and surrounding areas and the whole thing looked fantastic. Much better than the ones we have around here. Our farmers markets have goods trucked in from California so no different from just going to the stores. They're disappointing.

Whatever. Here's what we're shown of Portland.

2018 Oxford word of the year.


There. I did what Daily Wire's Joseph Curl cannot bring himself to do; just say the word.

Annoyingly, he plays around by giving the Oxford definitions of the word. Then he gives the Urban Dictionary's definition of the word. Then he talks about liberals and media hating Trump. Then he finally tells the word this year is "toxic."

*Pepé Le Pew voice* It is the little boy in him, no? He likes to play the game of hide-and-seek, the amorous titillating game of chase.

More at Daily Wire including the expansion of the word toxic to describe relationships at work, in marriages, and elsewhere, and the words that "toxic" beat, "gas-lighting", and "orbiting."

Comments are fun. They refer to Britany Spears' charted song with the title "Toxic." Some think "resist" is a better choice. Other reader's choices are covfefe, Arkancide, invasion, Waaaaaaah, illiterate (based on the title of the article, s/b Old English Dictionary, boofing, decorum (based on Tump using it so much as if he had just learned a new word), dog whistle, tantrum.

Sweet potatoes with fruit

I forgot that I invented this and how much I enjoyed it. I made it for Thanksgiving one year but then didn't get enough of it myself so I made it again a week later.

Here's what you do.

Bake your sweet potatoes to 3/4 done. Thereabout. Use your judgement.

Pull off their baked skin and cut the partially cooked sweet potatoes into large cubes. Place the cubes in a baking dish.


* orange pieces
* lemon segments
* fresh pineapple chunks
* apple slices.


* dried cranberries, craisins
* raisins gold
* raisins jumbo


* butter, gotta have BUTTER!
* cinnamon all over the place
* scant clove to add a base note, but just barely
* freshly scrapped nutmeg
* orange juice. I usually buy orange/pineapple juice
* brown sugar
* salt

Bake until the sweet potatoes are done.


Victor Hugo

I didn't realize how much Julian Assange resembles Victor Hugo.

John Finnemore wrote a blogspot page titled Victor Hugo gets his author photo taken. Where Finnemore takes the role of photographer.

cocktails / hangover cures

Information is Beautiful put up a page subtitled 77 drinks every bar person and party monster should know.

To my surprise just ten drinks down is Harvey Wallbanger, and boy, that took me back zoink out of body experience right there. In a flash I am taken back forty years.

That's what we drank when I was nineteen and twenty. Don't tell my parents or they'll be retroactively cross with me. Plus they're both dead so it'll hardly do any good. Then we suddenly stopped drinking them. That's still my type of drink. If only they were still in fashion. Mostly orange juice. And I think the reason we liked them was the bottles that syrupy Galliano comes in are outrageously tall.

"Where'd you get those alcohol bottles?"


"I asked you a question."

"A friend gave them to me."

The friend being the adult who bought them for me, and by "gave" I mean brokered.

What a silly drink. We were silly.

At twenty-one I ordered drinks for my deaf friends all the time. "Order me a 7 and 7"

"What's that?"

"Seagrams 7 Crown and 7-up."

"What's Seagrams 7 Crown?"



In sign language a "7" is your hand held up to show your thumb touched to the tip of your ring finger bent down to meet it. So "7 and 7" is that hand configuration going boink boink.

I saw that boink boink 7 sign over and over and over and over, for I was the guy tasked to use my vocalizing skill to talk to the bartender which was ridiculous because all the bartenders at all the places we went knew that boink boink 7 thing too. They too had seen it a million times. They know your drink. I had to say with my mouth "Har-vey-wall-bang-er" and instantly self-identify as a silly little dope. "Oh, aren't you precious."


I could go for one of those Harvey Wallbangers right now.

Vodka? This whole time I thought it was tequila.

The recipe for Margarita is gross. I'd make it 1/2 simple syrup at least. Or shaved ice. I only like drinks with a lot of mix in them. Mostly mix and 1/4 to 1/2 the usual amount of alcohol. Sweet juice is excellent, alcohol is horrible. In my world, alcohol ruins everything. Best used as flavoring.

So hangovers never happen.

But if they did happen then here are the cures from around the world.

Monday, November 19, 2018

Hardening the southern border

This morning U.S. officials temporarily shut down San Ysidro port of entry  as they put up hardened elements to block attempts to rush the border entry point.

The government of Mexico must be evaluating the possibilities of severe civil unrest unless they do something different; it is obvious the position of President Trump will remain unchanged.  Additionally, and importantly, Democrats realize they are on the wrong side of this issue as the majority of Americans -including their own constituents- do not want to see a mass influx of economic migrants.  The shift toward silence from the media narrative engineers is transparent.
“He’s defending his border, unlike our president,” said protester Elvia Vijeras. “Now there will be more violence in Tijuana.” 
On Friday, Tijuana Mayor Juan Manuel Gastelum called the influx of migrants an “avalanche” that could wind up staying in the city for at least six months. 
On Sunday, President Trump tweeted about Gastelum saying the city was “ill-prepared” for the migrants. 
“Likewise, the U.S. is ill-prepared for this invasion, and will not stand for it,” Trump tweeted. “They are causing crime and big problems in Mexico. Go home!”

Halp, UN, halp! United States isn't playing our globalist game fairly. Our plan backfired all up on our asses over here. We can't handle the invasion we facilitated inflicting on them. Bastards!

They phrased it differently.
The complaint says migrants who make it into the U.S., even if entering illegally, must be allowed to demand asylum in the U.S. 
They were objecting to a proclamation Mr. Trump signed earlier this month enacting a policy that prohibits anyone who jumps the southwest border from requesting asylum. Those who wait in line at official border crossings, though, will still be allowed to make the requests.