Thursday, May 19, 2022

So Romney and Cruz agree....more money for Ukraine and fuck the USA!

The Biden regime and it's allies in the corrupt congress have pushed through another 40 billion down the rathole that is the Ukraine. It's corrupt government that tried to destroy President Trump and enriched Hunter Biden and the Big Guy are getting their payoff. I wonder how much is going to stick to the fingers of the Biden crime family and the Ukraine government.

Neo-liberal site "Hot Air" has a post praising Romney and Cruz for falling in line to the duopoly and shipping pallets of cash to these corrupt cunts while babies are literally starving and illegals pour over our border and gas is going for more than 5 bucks a gallon. The permernat government and the uni-party have spoken and these cocksuckers fell right in line.

Only eleven patriots voted no in the Senate.

11 GOP NOs: Blackburn Boozman Braun Crapo Hagerty Hawley Lee Lummis Marshall Paul Tuberville

 Cruz has forfeited any claim to being a true conservative for the MAGA side of the aisle.  I don't want to hear any more bullshit about how conservative he is and what brilliant man he is because when you vote with Mitt Romney you are a dumb fuck.

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Here is a pretty good Hallmark Movie that is not a sappy love story!

It stars the girl who was the daughter on Friday Night Lights.

She is a pretty good actress and might be the replacement for Candace Cameron Bure as the featured star of Hallmark.

It is not sappy and it is pretty interesting. Yes you have to suspend your disbelief a few times but I bet you will enjoy it,

Suspicious Minds might think this is worth our while?

It looks pretty good.

Except for Tom Hanks as Colonel Parker. 

But I will give it a chance.

You need to redefine your priorities when the world changes

I know a lot of the formerly conservative Republicans hated unions. You know that was because they represented big business and they hated unions. Now unions can be a terrible thing. Look at the teacher's union. A bigger bunch of grifters and groomers cannot be found outside of the editorial board of the National Review. But still and all unions can have their place in our nation and we need some of them here and now.

Look when I was a kid my uncles were in the ILA. The International Longshoreman's Union. One of the most mobbed up unions in the country. Yeah they took brides and were really corrupt. But they did protect the rank and file when it counted. When the containers came in they negotiated a contract that protected their membership and set up the badging in system that let most of them live their lives without having to go on welfare. I remember when they went on strike and there were fights with scabs. It was a tough dirty business. But there was safety in numbers and some protection for the working man.

Now they need to do the same thing to Amazon. Those workers are as exploited as any sharecropper or garment worker in a sweatshop. They need a union to hold Bezo's and the globalists feet to the fire. If we hope to become the party of the working class we need to get behind the idea of supporting unions and forcing businesses to make stuff in the USA. The time of getting butt fucked by the Chamber of Commerce and big business is over. Fuck Disney. Fuck Amazon. Fuck Twitter. Fuck Boeing. If they don't want to hire real red blooded Americans and pay them a living wage and let them be free then burn them to the ground. Addition by subraction.

We need to support unions. We just need to get the Mob to run them.

MAGA takes some interesting forms


Have youse guys been clocking the Pennsylvania Senate Primary for the Republicans?

There are three contestants that count. One is a Rhino asshole who no self-respecting populist would support. Then there is the TV Muslim quack Dr Oz. The God Emperor Amber Hurded the bed by endorsing him for some fucked up reason. I think because he was on TV. I heard he endorsed Sponge Bob Square Pants for City Controller in Vero Beach. 

Anywho there is one true populist in the race. Kathy Barnette. A black talk show host and podcaster who has the right attitude. She forthrightly states that she would not support the other two because they are Rhinos and the next best thing to a Democat. That is making the conservative inc guys shit their pants. They want us to support any estblishment asshole because he can "win." What do we win when people like Liz Chaney and Mitt Romney get elected? We get stabbed in the back and our agenda gets the bums rush. So why support the establishment? It is worse than a Democrat. At least if a Democrat is in it will get fucked up enough that a populist can win. 

Everything she is being critizied for is bullshit. She tweeted that Obama was a secret Muslim and supported Islam instead of the United States. She has said that supporting same sex marriage would lead to laws legalizing pedophilia and incest. With what they are doing with the groomers in Disney and the trans bullshit how exactly is she wrong.

Don't get me wrong. I don't know if she is the real deal. But I would much rather take a shot with her than these Rhino twats that would sell us down the river.

Monday, May 16, 2022

You can never believe what you see in the mainstream media

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know the hatred and disdain we have for the mainstream media. They are without exception lying sacks of shit.

The weathermen are the worst.

All they did in the last couple of days is tell us that there would be a severe thunderstorm. High winds. Torrential rain. Thunder. Lightning. The whole bag of shit. 

Quess what? It barely drizzeled.

What a bunch of mooks.

Thursday, May 12, 2022

Here is where we went wrong! The Adam 12 guys defend Hippies!

It's like looking in the mirror!

When even the Adam 12 cops go soft you know it was the beginning of the end.

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

I didn't know that Hallmark was turning to Horror to get ratings now that so many stars have left!


 I think that my current favorite show on TV is "When Calls the Heart" on the Hallmark Channel. Yeah, it's a sappy family show with a story that was originally based on a love story between a Mountie and schoolteacher, but it improved over time. It is based on this town in Canada and is sort of a cross between a soap opera and Little House on the Prairie. There are various characters that are cliches but still fun in an old-fashioned way. The noble Mountie. The shady saloon keeper. The virginal schoolteacher with the big tits. The Jewish storekeeper. The black preacher. All the people you expect to see on the Hallmark Channel.

One of the main couples is the owner of the sawmill Lee Colter and his wife the editor of town paper Rosemary. She was introduced as the former girlfriend of the original Mountie who was after the schoolteacher and later she married the richest guy in town. They are married in real life so their chemistry is really great. The one problem they have is that she can't seem to get pregnant. Season after season they are all sad because they can't start a family. They always seem to be ready to adopt whatever orphan that shows up but they never do. Until this season. The sawmill guy finally slipped one past the goalie. It is set in Canada by the way.

I thought that was great until I realized one thing. If they had a kid it would be Rosemary's baby!

Can you imagine the horror? A little demonic child in a wooden cradle screaming "You can suck my dick you fucking lousy Mountie!" "Teacher leave that kid alone and show me your tits!"

Hallmark will do anything for ratings it seems.

Rosemary's Baby!

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Sending this out to Unknown Guy who we know who he is but we don't want to say


They are going to make a mini-series sequel to Justified starring Raylen Givens. It is called City Primeval and is based on the Elmore Leonard book. Of course, Raylen doesn't appear in the book, but they are going to shoehorn him in to replace the detective in the novel. Which is fine as far as it goes. The team from Justified is involved and some of the actors will be in it although I doubt that Boyd Crowder will be involved.

I just hope they have the right fucking trees. What kind of wood do they have in Detroit?

It is definitely a Legacy!


Thanks to Sixty for the heads up as I caught the first four episodes of Bosch Legacy and I have to say they were pretty good.

The series is based on the novels of Michael Connelly as was the original recipe Bosch series.  In fact, Connally is the show runner this time around. They eliminated much of the cast and concentrated on Harry as a private detective. This is true to the books that I read about a decade ago so I sort of remember the plots but am still surprised about some of it. A major subplot is the fact that his daughter is a rookie cop following in her father's footsteps. I have to say that this is particularly well done and very realistic. I had to laugh when they ran an ad for this show on "The Rookie" which is an ABC show that covers the same subject matter. In the glitzy Rookie the young cops are all movie star worthy looking. The female detectives could be super models. In Bosch Legacy the rookie cops are chubby Latina Lesbians. Very true to reality. Being a cop is a working class occupation. College educated people don't become cops anymore. Even the pipeline of young Irish kids from Long Island is over. It is a city job and it is only for city residents. None of the whites living in NYC want to be cops. So you basically draw from the working class black brown and even oriental communities. So Legacy is very realistic right off the bat. Bosch's daughter makes mistakes left and right. She is not perfect but she tries hard. I don't know if she should really be a cop because she is 90 pounds soaking wet and got her ass kicked twice in the first couple of episodes. Still it is a story I am willing to follow.

The other subplot involves the ultra-liberal lawyer Honey Chandler played by Mimi Rogers. Even with her woke bullshit she stills wants revenge on the mook who had her shot and is willing to bend any rule to get it. All of her liberal cant goes out the window. Looking at her I can only think of one thing.

She was married to Tom Cruise. Now she kind of looks like his mother. What kind of surgery did that fuck have so he looks so young? In scientology do you sell your soul to the devil to look young? IF so why didn't Travolta get the same deal? It just doesn't track.

Anyhoo I would recommend you check it out. You don't have to have seen the original series. It is on the new Amazon free streaming service called Amazon Freevee which used to be IMBD TV. They have some commercials but not a large block of them that you get in regular tv. So give it a try. I think you will like it.

Friday, May 6, 2022

Sending this out to Trooper

 I just started watching this, and so far, part way through episode two, it doesn't suck.

Thursday, May 5, 2022

Finally the National Felons Leauge is admitting what we all know to be true!


As you know I have stopped being a fan of the National Felons League some time ago when the ignorant scumbags started kneeling during the National Anthem. I do read some sports blogs and occasionally a story seeps through to my consciousness that reinforces my decision. 

My favorite sports blog is Outkick the Coverage, and they just had a great post about former player and now ESPN analysist Bart Scott. I don't watch ESPN anymore either as it has become a virulently anti-white woke fest that trumpets how much they hate me and other old white men. You know the fans who they are dependent on to stay in business which seems more and more unlikely every day. 

Anywho this dumb ass said: “You have to get some tough guys, and everyone can’t be choir boys,” Scott said, via USA Today’s Scooby Axson. “When I was with the Ravens we had to make sure that we had at least two people on the team with a couple of felonies, just to make sure our street cred was right, when we had to go in these back alleys and have some of these dog fights."

Finally, someone who has the guts to tell the truth. The NFL looks to bring felons and criminals onto their team. The New York Giants are among the worst offenders. When I think about all the money I wasted rooting for them I just want to puke.

Professional sports is at a crossroads. The leagues and the sports media has become a one sided ultra-liberal woke fest catering to the worst segments of our society. They hate and scorn the white working class who are the backbone of their fan base. Hopefully they will wise up in time and these leagues will go bankrupt. They have a lot money from television but with more and more people cutting the cord maybe those big money contracts will no longer be there and they will sink into well earned obscurity.

Unless they steal the money. I mean they do have a couple of felons on every team.

What's my favorite charity? Bertha Williamson!

Do you know what a chucker is? Nothing to do with polo or any of that bullshit. It is a basketball player who shoots as soon as he touches the ball. He never passes even if his teammate is alone under the basket. He could be covered by three or four guys and he will still chuck it up.

One of the biggest chukkers of all time was Super John Williamson of the ABA's New York Nets. Which was hard to be since he played with Dr J when they won the ABA championship.

That's not the reason I remember him though. You see the Long Island Nets had a radio promotion in the 1970's. They would interview the star of the game and after the interview they would give $100 to the player's favorite charity. Mike DiTomasso goes to Super John "As the Gillete Star of the game Super John we are goning to donate $100 to your favorite charity. Who would that be?" "Yo you wants to know who be my favorite charity?" "Yes." "Bertha Williamson."

Bertha was Super John's wife.

So whenever anyone asks me who my favorite charity is I always reply "Bertha Williamson."

Never fails to totally confuse everyone.

Roe vs Wade is going to be cancelled.



I think this is a great thing. They both suck.

One is disgusting fish eggs and the other is a very overrated basketball player who never had the skills of a Michael Ray Richardson or Super John Williamson.

Bann the both of them I say!