Friday, May 14, 2021

Warning, Will Robinson!

I'm getting a big red screen when I try to surf to Levity and Surber on Chrome. Something in Gargoyle's Safe Browsing, they say.

That, or Dr Goebbels knows where we live.

If you get said red screen, click the Details button and you can be taken to this den of iniquity forthwith.

I forget who it was 5 years ago when I was getting all wound up over Trump being accused of everything under the sun and people (Troop or Sixty, I think) saying, "Hey, we're just a little corner of the Blogosphere. We really don't matter". Could be we do.

Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to getcha.


UPDATE, Will Robinson.

Turns out it was a "mistake" by Blogger.

That, or a test run.


Not for any particular reason.

Just because!

Trooper York's Word of the Day



  1. harmful to health.
    "an unhealthy diet"

Joe Biden is the Devil.....I have proof

We went to fill up the tank yesterday since we were afraid that we were back in Jimmy Carter times where they would be rationing gasoline. With the problem with that pipeline being held for ransom we thought it would be wise to have a full tank as soon as we could get one.

Gas has been steadily rising in price since the God Emperor was deposed by the forces of the Devil. I remember taking a photo of the gas pump the day before the election


These were the prices before the election. I took the photo then because I knew if Biden was elected the cost of energy would skyrocket. As it did.

Anyway I went in to get $20 of regular. That used to fill up our tank, It didn't do it now. Instead it gave off the mark of the Beast. 666. Proof positive that Joe  Biden is Satan.

Thursday, May 13, 2021

Friday the 13th fell on Thursday this month

 Thanks, Walt Kelly for that particular witty nugget, and not much else, in retrospect. 

It was 600 days ago when I began running. I have been keeping track of my days and distance, and while I don't go far on a daily basis, I figure I make it up in volume. I have missed 10 days out of those 600, due to injury, illness (I had a cold in late 2019 - in retrospect it must have been the Chinese Creeping Crud) and on at least two of those days we had typhoons. But otherwise I have been out there, pickin' 'em up and puttin' 'em down, rain, shine, gloom of night, etc. It works for me.

I'll tell you what doesn't work for me - my stove. My house was built in 1951 and I think the stove was replaced in the 1970s sometime. It worked fine for years, but I have lived here for 10 years and one by one the burners have given up. Now I am down to one working burner. And while I prepare all my own meals, only rarely do I use two burners at once. So I am getting by for now. But I know it is just a matter of time until the last burner shorts out. 

So this is a simple problem to resolve, right? Go to the store, buy another stove, either install it myself or pay someone to R&R the current unit. That's where the story goes off the rails. The range is a 27" wide drop-in unit. Had I not needed to buy one, like right now, I would never have learned that they are not only not in stock, they may never be in stock again. Sure, at the store they will tell you that in 60 or 90 days the manufacturer may consider making one or shipping one to the retailer, but don't you count on it, bunky! I was even able to get past the nearly $1,600 price tag for this tiny stove, when normal size stoves sell for a third of that. 

So, as someone who has done carpentry his entire life I figured out what it would take to rework the cabinets and countertop in order to make room for a standard size stove. All doable, but given how old and slow I am, I need something to cook on while I am doing the carpentry. So, how about a nice two burner hotplate - that would do the job. 

A bit more thinking and what do you know - since I only need two burners at most, how about a two burner hotplate made a bit more permanent - you know, attached to the range top somehow - that appeals to both the cheap me and the lazy me. Sounds like a plan!

Then when I need to move on, or when a stove becomes available (remind me when the supply chain will get better - I have heard "never" - does that sound about right to you?) then I will deal with it. In the meantime I will still be able to cook, still swim around in my Scrooge McDuck money bin and all will be right with the world. Win/win.

Now for some pictures - it was 42 degrees here last night, yet some of the local irises are hanging in there:

My dog admires the pretty flars.

The evening sky was interesting:

We have had a lot of overcast and it was cold and rainy this morning - it's nice to get some sunshine.

How about some all-singing all-dancing videos:

I never tire of these, and this one is brilliantly done - watch how the lyrics match the dancing.

I remember America, even when the sound track is Aussie.


That young whippersnapper Trooper posted while I was writing this one - sorry about stepping on your post, but there is a certain commonality between the two. Gold, old, cold, so it goes...

Update part deux:

I swear, I can stop any time I want to!

Catherine O'Hara at 1:11 - yeah, no, no theme, not at all...

But wait, there is more:

My dog in the bamboo.

WKRLEM: Tom is talking to you Sixty (and me)

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

A New National Symbol?

 The Samoan Fruit Bat:

It's perfect for the New America: an intersectional blend of Froot-Loop and Moonbat, and not actually American at all.

The pic above is one of the recent National Parks Quarters. The Mint will also be releasing a series of Pioneering Women Quarters, and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen wants to hear your suggestions. Of course, they must be "...women known for their work in civil rights, science, the arts and abolition, among other areas, with an emphasis on women from "ethnically, racially and geographically diverse backgrounds..." They also have to be dead.

I plan to nominate suffragist, temperance crusader and Prohibition Party leader Frances E. Willard. She's not very diverse, but I'd love to see that face, and that pince-nez, on a coin. (Here's my favorite picture of her.)

So far, at least, our currency still has the look of a safe, stable medium of exchange: sober green, with pictures of neoclassical buildings and dead politicians. But I suspect within a decade we will have gone Full Third World -- hues of peach and magenta, and pictures of wind farms, Natural Wonders and poets nobody has heard of. And, of course, lots of zeroes:

The Sixto Sense

 "I have won the prize." "It is not for my blog." "I gave it to the fat Irish man. It is his white privilege."

"So they gave me the plug. Not the plug for the butt like the one they gave that maricon fudge packer Aaron Rodgers. It is the plug for the spark."

"I see car people."

Trooper York's Word of the Day




  1. characterized by vulgar or pretentious display; designed to impress or attract notice.
    "books that people buy and display ostentatiously but never actually finish".
  2. Conspicuous consumption - "she is so ostentatious that she would go on a boat with Robert Wagner and not be afraid that she would not float.

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Screw Covid.....Let's Dance...with the Devil

Marilyn's Diary

 I could never understand why my Uncle Herman got tired of banging my Aunt Lily. I mean she was a very sexy woman even thought she was 650 years old. Now I know he loved my young and nubile body but he should have had enough spunk to throw one to Aunt Lily now and again.

She got increasingly frustrated as he began to ignore her. She would dress provocatviely and act all sex kitten like when she made him his dinner. He was oblivious to it all. He did keep sneaking up to my room and sticking into my tight virgin pussy so he got off but it didn't do anything for Aunt Lily.

When Uncle Herman up and left us for that whore Carol Herman it was a shock to all of us. No one more so than to  Aunt Lily. She went off the deep end. Her sexuality came to the fore. She didn't care anymore. Eddie was grown up enough and had his own concerns. She wasn't worried about me. So she indulged herself and as a succubus she could get pretty indulgent.

She would host orgies with that New York ad man and his French Canadian wife. Charlie would bring all the girls. That Squeaky was a stone freak. Aunt Lily would lounge around all day in her sexy underwear masturbating openly in front of everyone. It got to be a little much. I have to admit I was not immune to her charms. 

Every once in a while I would have a little munch.

Of carpet.

I saw a werewolf with a Chinese menu in his hand Walking through the streets of SoHo in the rain He was looking for the place called Lee Ho Fooks For to get a big dish of beef chow mein

As our good friend and Western Historian edutcher could tell you chow mein is an American invention not a Chinese one. Much like chop suey it was a dish popularized in California during the Gold Rush where the chinese  cooks would whip something up for the hungry miners with whatever was on hand.

Chow mein and chop suey were staples of old fashioned Cantonese style Chinese food. That was the food that most Americans were familiar with in the 1950's and 1960's when they went our for chinks. It wasn't until the 1970's that Szechuan and Hunan styles became popular. The spicy Szechuan style become very popular in the mid seventies when I was first starting out as an accountant, My boss Eddie Deutsch was an old style Yid who had about twenty Chinese Restaurants as clients. We would go there with our adding machines and green ledger papers and do the books in between the lunch and dinner rush. That's right. I would bring an old school adding machine with an extension cord to add up the ledger that I would write by hand. No computers. We didn't even have calculators. Just pencils and paper.

When we would come in the waiters would run around like General Taso's Chicken without a head and shout "Eddie Kuaiji Si" which means accountant in Chinese. We would find a table in the back and set up shop. One of our joints was on 46th and Second Avenue. In fact it was his first client and was a feeder for new businesses. A waiter and a line cook would come to work there and learn their trade. Then they would start their own place somewhere in the City and of course they would want us for accountants. So we would get a new account somewhere in the Bronx or Staten Island. This was the time of full service sit down Chinese Restaurants before they started hole in the wall take out joints that seem to be on every other block these days.

Anyhoo the workers would all come out to eat their lunch during this time. They would all sit around the big table and they would put a big bowl of something in the middle of the table. Everyone would have a small  bowl of rice and would fish out stuff with chopsticks and put it in the bowl. When I say fish out I really mean fish out as it was usually fish heads or some other offal that I would never eat in a million years. So they would bring me a plate and it was often Chow Mein.

I make my own Chow Mein these days. I make it West Coast style which is with soft noodles which is often called Lo Mein on the East Coast. The other kind is with fried noodles which is mainly what you get when you order it in New York. It is called Hong Kong style. In any event it is a lot better than fish heads or tripe in brown sauce.We can't eat good greasy Chinese food with MSG anymore. It is not gluten free and the wife can't have it. If I am going to get anything on the sneak it is gonna be pizza so say goodbye to fried dumplings or chow mein.

But at least my hair is perfect.

Trooper York's word of the day



  1. characterized by vulgar or pretentious display; designed to impress or attract notice.
    "books that people buy and display ostentatiously but never actually finish".
  2. Conspicuous consumption - "he is so ostentatious that he shoots 4x8 sheets of plywood using 9mm ammunition".

See also, filling one's tank with premium gasoline.