Wednesday, October 23, 2019

The ultimate cheese sandwich

If you can stand it.

I know three minutes of it is hard to endure but I have confidence you can manage it. The impediment, the slobbering, the weird words, the reference to and implied respect for royalty. There's a lot one must look past to get at the core of it.

Frying cheese directly on a non-stick pan hardens it and changes its flavor dramatically. Cooks use this to lift fried or baked cheese off a non-stick surface to wrap around a wine bottle or a tiny ramekin to form a cheese-basket or another type of salad decoration or plate decoration.

It's very tasty.

The fried cheese turns into a thin cheese cracker with surprisingly addictive qualities. You can see the oil split out of the cheese as it fries and that leaves the surface oily. So the sandwich has an oil-film surface and must be eaten with a napkin.

So you have that on both sides plus the gooey melted cheese center and the flavor is pumped up to whole 'nuther level.

Then add to that smoky applewood bacon bits stuck in the gooey center and the flavor profile is astronomic stretching from earth to the sun and to Jupiter.

Even without a dusting of capsicum heat.

Toast one side of both pieces of bread so the soft-bread inner sides face the soft melted cheese.

Use great cheese. A variety of two or three with differing qualities. Not cheap-ass pre-sliced sandwich cheese.

Great bread. Great bacon. Great cheese, cooked two ways, and you cannot go wrong.

(Lie. You can blow the whole thing by burning it or by starting with inferior ingredients.)

If you decide to add jalapeño then fresh is best and that gets fried too. Blistered. Fresh jalapeños are unripe and charing them changes them dramatically. You give yourself the short shrift when this step is omitted. And most Americans do skip it. It's one of the differences between Mexican and American cuisine.

And there I was thinking there must be a way to get fresh tomato and lettuce inside without wilting it for the best BLT with cheese on earth.

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Call 911.....this show is killing me!

"Smile for the camera Bobby we are supposed to be a couple."
"Who thought this is a good idea? We never display any warmth or affection during the last two years. I mean I thought these shows were supposed to be about bullshit fire calls like when the medic got a steel bar through his head and was back to work two weeks later."
"Under bylaw 265 of the Villains, Thieves and Scoundrels Union of AFTRA...all hetero couples have to be interracial. No normal couples of the same race are permissible except for minorities. If you are a whitey you have to go for the dark meat."
"Oh I thought they hired me because I am used to acting with a corpse,"

Grilled Cheese Scene - and tomato soup....perfect for a cold rainy day!

This is a superb grilled cheese sandwich from the movie "Chef" which is pretty good. It is about a Chef who is obessed with his food and flies across country to pick up a food truck and all confusion that entails. Lots of good scenes about cooking.

Anyhoo today it was cold and rainy in New York so I decided to make my favorite. Tomato soup and grilled cheese.

Now this does not look anywhere as good as the one in the movie. I used gluten free bread and Trader Joe's Tomato and Pepper Soup but I enjoyed it. I sprayed the pan with Trader Joe's Olive Oil instead of using all that delicious butter. Yes I love butter. I just can't eat it the way I used to.

So if you are going to make a grilled cheese use Jon's technique and enjoy it for me.

Does the Pope shit in the woods....or just on the faithful?

The latest example of the egregious behavior of the Communist Pope is just beyond the pale. He set up an "Amazonian" Idol worship in the "Amazon Synod." No they are not worshiping Jeff Bezo's as a God. Instead they are bringing in South Americans to revel in an orgy of political correctness and idolatry.  Here is the story at Instapundit.

The faithful have found a way to fight back. There was a statue of a pagan love goddess displayed in church. A group of the faithful went in and took it and threw into the Tiber. The hero's that did this said the following:

"This was done for only one reason: Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, his Blessed Mother, and everybody who follows Christ, are being attacked by members of our own Church. We do not accept this! We do not longer stay silent! We start to act NOW!

Because we love humanity, we cannot accept that people of a certain region should not get baptized and therefore are being denied entrance into heaven. It is our duty to follow the words of God, like our holy Mother did. There is not second way of salvation.

Christus vincit, Christus regnat, Christus imperat!

They were also referring to a South American Bishop who said he would not baptize an Indian because that would be cultural imperialism or some shit like that there.

We in America should take a lesson from these brave wops who took the Church into their own hands. We need to go into the Church and throw out the graven images. The homosexual priests who defile the fate and cause million dollar lawsuits in purist of their degenerate sin. Demand that our leaders fight for the Statue of Mother Carbrini and not bring pagan idols to the Sacristy.

This anti-pope has to go. 

Christine Lagarde

Would you like to see something hairy Larry ass?

Monday, October 21, 2019

New Poll: Who is the worst woman on Television?

Hey Lem doesn't allow us to set up polls on the site since he only likes to take a pole in the stalls at Fenway.....errr...sorry too much information.

No seriously we have to add the poll feature on the sidebar.  Lets get on that.

Anyhoo just put your answers in the comments.

Who is the worst woman in TV these days:

Kelly Dodd bimbo extraordinaire of the Real Housewives of Orange County. Accused of cocaine abuse and pulling a train with eight guys she is a real piece of work.

Well technically she is a woman right? Doyen of the Hate Trump network CNN she lies non-stop as she proffers fake news.

Joy Behar. No one on earth is more misnamed than this harridan. Head talker of "The View" she is a scabrous pustule on the butt of America.

Tamra Judge the head shit stirrer on the Real Housewives of Orange County. I only used that franchise as that is what is on now.

So there you are. Two from news and two from entertainment

Who is the worst. Youse guys make the call.

Astros beat Yankees? How did George Jetson's Dog get into the American League?

So the Houston Astros beat the Yankees in the playoff's last night. They won fair and square. I still can't get over a team that was originally named after Billy Dee Williams favorite beverage. When I think of the Astos I just don't think of an American League Team. I think of the Tigers or the Orioles or even the hated Red Sox. But the fuckin' Astros. Stop.

When I think of the Astros I think of Harry the Hat Walker as the manager and the Toy Cannon as their best player. Yes Jimmy Wynn was the man back in the day. Of course he sucked when he came to the Yankees. He was past it. But back in the day he put up some impressive numbers.

The Astros had some tough series with the Mets back in the 1980's but I really didn't pay much attention to them. They were an obscure West Coast Team in the other league like the Diamondbacks or the  Dodgers. Who gives a shit about them.

Anyway congratulations Astro guys. Take the mantle of self righteousness of the American league and defend our honor. Against Washington. Hey who is the manager of the Washington team. Ted Williams?

Nah. That can't be right.

Dear Queen of the Warmongers....

Dear Queen of the Warmongers, embodiment of corruption and personification of rot,

Look you misshapen hag. I understand that everyone is afraid of you but you don't scare me. Hawaiians and most importantly Samoans don't scare. I mean I let  Junior Sea butt fuck me when I was thirteen years old so a washed up old bag of pus like you don't mean shit to me.

I know that you are the fat gross embodiment of corruption that has put a permanent stain on the soul of our party. You are like every feminist hag who hates the pretty girls. They are your supporters. These lesbian harridans and their fourteen cats. Face it bitch you lost to a con man carnival barker with a really bad hair cut.

Just like your fuckin' pervert husband.

So either come out to play and run in the primaries or shut your fat yap. Don't fuck with me you worthless cunt.

Hoping you fuck off very much,
Tulsi Gabbard American!

World of Warcraft

It's a video game.

That I don't care about.

The videos about the video game do not look interesting.

I saw a notification that Matthew Reinhart produced another pop-up book so I bought it without hesitation and without knowing anything about the subject. It was rather expensive. A million dollars for one book for pre-order, but I didn't care. Possibly $45.00. I imagined it would be about warcraft and probably about the whole world of it.

Reinhart would put the whole world of warcraft in a book that pops up. Because Reinhart is just crazy.

There is no other way around it. But now I know why. He's a military brat and all those kids are a little bit crazy.

Then as the release date approached I saw this .45 second video.

And that put me off the whole f'k'n thing.

I don't want a thing that spreads out over the whole dining room table.

The book arrived several days ago and I haven't even looked at it. I don't want to work at figuring out how to spread it and then put it all back together again.

Step 1: clean off the dining room table.

Everything I ate nine years ago.

I stopped uploading to Photobucket and they smacked an unsightly label across all my images and put them out of focus.


They say that I exceeded my limit but that is not true. 

So I'm going through them one-by-one and downloading the originals and re-uploading them into Blogger. This has turned into a massive chore. 

Or, I could just pay them their extortion money. Forever.

It restores them beautifully. They're fantastic when they all come back into focus and without an unsightly obscuring banner that says, "This schmuck hasn't paid his extortion money to us for insisting we own his photos just because we offered to host them for free then changed our minds as time went by because the whole thing got way out of hand with billions of photographs." 

Along the way I discovered this video in January 2011 recapping 2010 and at first I was all, oh crap this is goofy, and then I was all, hey, this is fun.

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Fair report

The hurricane blew through here quickly and by noon I was able to get on the road to make the long drive over to Capital City. There was a bit of mist, but I have to admit that this hurricane was a disappointment as far as hurricanes go - we need at least one good tropical storm a year to make our average annual rainfall amount and we barely got a half inch of rain out of Hebert or whatever its name was. Hurricane Nuisance - that's it.

Because of some event or other the parking lot I usually use was closed to fair attendees. I found another lot, the walk was actually a bit shorter than usual, so that was good. I parked next to the NC State football stadium and saw this:

If you click on the picture you will see the names of State players who went on to do something in the pros. I don't follow that sport at all, but those of you who do might recognize those names.

I walked over to the fairgrounds, made my usual lap of the place, visiting friends who set up there every year, swapping tall tales about turning bowls, making wooden things, sawing giant trees, you know the deal - we all look like garden gnomes and we all deal in the exact same line of work, using the same materials, yet our products are uniquely our own.

The grandstands for the tractor pull were empty, there were no tractors idling in the distance and I guess the event was cancelled due to the weather. That made me sad - the tractor pull is one of the highlights of my year.

Here is a picture from a previous fair:

That was from 2015 - what's not to like about that, eh?

I didn't make it into the giant pumpkin building, missed the beekeepers display, skipped the giant vegetable competition, all of this despite the place being relatively unpopulated. The crowd was small by fair standards and I was able to stride purposefully from one place to another unhampered by the crushing masses. That was nice.

I did get to the crafts and food displays - the cakes and bread and other baked goods looked great, but as always I mainly took pictures of the quilts and other sewing projects. I find them colorful, I like the designs and since I have been going to fairs and quilt shows all of my life it is kind of a tradition. Also, I get some good design ideas from that work. 

I was struggling to figure out a bird motive and there was the answer, right there:

Mandalas are always popular, even then they creep you out with odd Rorschach tests built into them:

This one won the big prize, it's folksy, geometric, organic and colorful all at once:

I came around a corner and saw this one but I was standing too close to it to figure out what it was. I stepped back to take a picture and there you go. This is an agricultural fair, after all.

Oh yeah, the wife of my turning teacher knows a bit of ASL so we signed a little. That was nice. 

Made it home in record time, so all is swell. 

Jude the Obscure Theater

She ain't dead yet but it looks good.

Youse guys figure it out.

Hee, hee.