Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Ptahhotep Maxims, conclusion 7 of 7

Finally! The end of the end. And what a long row to hoe it's been.

This segment was actually fun. Each line is short and sweet.

* Act until you master says about you,
* "How good is he whom his father has taught!"
* When he emerged fro him, foremost of his body,
* he had told him completely while he was in the womb;
* what he has done is greater than what was said to him.
* Look, a good son of the god's giving,
* who has added to what he was told.
* His master has to have been doing Maat,
* for his mind has acted similarly according to his steps."
* You will reach me with your limbs sound,
* the king content with all that happens,
* and you will achieve years of life.
* What I have done on earth is not small:
*I have achieved on hundred and ten years of life
* of the king's giving to me blessings beyond those before,
* from doing Maat for the king to the state of honor.

But wait!

There's more.

Additionally, because scribes just cannot stop writing, there is a colophon. 

What the heck is a colophon? 

Look it up! Do I look like a dictionary?

Monday, January 21, 2019

WKRLEM: Lets Hang on to what we got?

Just sayn'

Where we went wrong.....

Ever since I got the Amazon Firestick I have been checking out movies that are still in the theaters. Aquaman. Fantastic Beasts 2. Bird Box. Plus a movie that might win the Oscar this year: "Green Book."

Now this movie is actually pretty good for what it is. It is the story of how a Italian mobbed up bouncer from the Copa is hired to drive a gay black piano player in the 1960's as they did a tour down South. He needed protection and they could only stay in places that took Negros that were listed in the "Green Book." It is in the old Stanley Kramer noble black man can't we all get along style popular in the 1950's and '60's which usually starred Sidney Poitier. Still and all it gave a really good depiction of what living in an Italian neighborhood was like in the 1960's. This was the Bronx but it was just the way I grew up in Brooklyn.

I missed you ...sorta

So I sorta missed youse guys because I haven't been on the internet much these last few months. Various reasons. Health. Being busy doing other stuff like trying to write. Mostly I have been idling away my time on my phone. Most of the time I am doing Instagram.

Patriot vs Chief

That's how someone posed it on Instagram today. You are all familiar with the story. More fake news where the mob tries to destroy some kids for the crime of smiling while white. We have seen this before. Where the politically correct mob tries to destroy a bunch of young white men through lies and phony "hate crimes." The Duke Lacrosse Case. The Rolling Stone fake Rape case. Over and over again the media acts as the shock troops of the progressive elite who want to destroy young white men. They want to get them before they can even shave since we know how evil they are. Just ask the shitty razor company.

All of that is normal and expected. A scorpion is a scorpion. I think the more important story is the moral failure of the Catholic Church.

If you've got a pass thrown your way – you didn't catch that

Dan Bongino

This is dated late November last year. It's all recapitulation but still interesting, I think, when condensed into a tight narrative.

Sunday, January 20, 2019


From coconuts I know nothing. I was looking for some coconut related music other than the Harry Nilsson song, which I still like but I have posted it here before. 

I always liked "The Cocoanuts" the first Marx brothers movie - the "viaduct" bit makes me laugh. I am easy that way. But I was looking for coconut music, not a coco(a)nut movie.

Then I saw this video:

I had never seen the stark geometric coconuts before Chip posted them earlier - around here one usually sees the fuzzy spherical ones. 

Live and learn, eh? 

My cousin posted this morning that it was zero degrees, as in none, at her home in Michigan. It was 55 degrees here this morning but that cold weather from way up north is blowin' in here. I am not real happy with the situation, but it is winter, so what are you going to do, eh?

Here is some music from a warmer place:

Cantaloupe Island

Update - I was just outside and the lunar eclipse has started. I wasn't planning on staying up to watch it, and it's kind of cold out there, but you know what, that eclipse is kind of neat.

Umbra music.

Yet another update - a friend posted this picture and I grabbed it - he took the picture from his back deck a bit north of here:

Radical evil, and the online lynching of a kid from Kentucky

This is an article by Roger Kimball posted to the Spectator.us subtitled: Will journalists apologize if their portrayal of the Covington students vs Indian Elder incident turns out to eh be been wildly wrong?

Ed Driscoll at Instapundit answers, "Total non-sequitor of a question. When is the DNC-MSN ever wrong?

I wouldn't know. American news is the absolute worst place for genuine news. Any and all things from them that are political are easily discarded with zero loss.

Here. Let the twins explain in their way.

Xanatos Gambit

Xanatos Gambit is explained at Chicagoboyz.net where Trent Telenko welcomes readers to day twenty eight  of the U.S. Federal government shutdown.

Telenko continues, these shutdowns are usually a game a chicken between Congressional and executive branches virtue signaling to their political base until media and public protest allow Congress to "compromise" on spending more money with limited blowback. But this time is different. President Trump's Xanatos Gambit political-media strategy tree looks like his 2015 GOP primary campaign from when he ran a high energy offensive campaign of free media by outrageous statements that sucked all the air time out of his GOP opponent's campaigns and established his street cred of a billionaire who cares more for the common man than D.C. politicians via anti-open borders and protecting Americans from illegal immigrants and Muslim terrorists.

Now, his fast food hamburgers served at the White House and grounding Pelosi's congressional  junkets on military transports  during a government shut down, and now and his proposal speech are all similar to that previous Xanatos Gambit framework. President trump is keeping the offensive so House Democrats and media cannot get off a shot over the shutdown without covering what Trump says and does. While simultaneously defining Democrats as being interested only in the perks of government power and not interested in the public good.

Search as you might through your lessons of Greek mythology, you will not find Xanatos Gambit there.

It's from a Disney Saturday cartoon of the 1990s named "Gargoyles" Xanatos is a character voiced by Star Trek's Jonathan Frakes loosely based on Donald Trump himself.
David Xanatos

Xanatos Gambit is a plan, an intuitive approach in the case of the real Donald Trump, for which all foreseeable outcomes benefit the creator including ones that superficially appear to be failure.

Many more drawn out examples given at the Chicago Boys link above. And more analysis at American Thinker.

Both places re-publish this diagram seen on TV Tropes drawn from the Saturday cartoon and using its language.

Trump proposal for ending government shutdown

Trump's speech is about border security and an offer to end government partial shutdown.

But first, Nancy Pelosi rejected the offer, having not heard the speech. So whatever Trump says Pelosi rejects it.

She's decided the safest way for her to deal with Trump is to not engage him at all. Rather, simply make demands and refuse everything else. No deal for you, Dealmaster.

Such patent nonsense that suits only the most rabid Democrats.

This allows Trump to present himself as the reasonable person contrasted with  Democrat intransigence. While media says the word "impeachment" 500 times each minute based on bogus debunked BuzzFeed reporting by Mueller no less. The wrongness of the reporting is irrelevant to the coordinated plan of "impeachment" dominating the national discussion. 

Trump had to have known Democrat leadership will reject any proposal. He's forcing media to cover him and his position and to cover Democrat responses. Apparently he's trusting over time people will see the nonsense on the Democrat side so far as he can force media to cover it. Hopefully he has a solid Plan B, C, and D. 

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Smoothie from young coconut

I asked the woman, "What are those things?"

First woman, "I don't know."

Second woman, "I don't know."

Third woman, "I don't know."

Fourth woman,"Those are coconuts."

"How do you open them?"

     "I don't know."

So then, even to many Asians these things are a mystery.

Another video (too long for youz) explained in painstaking repetition of tremendous detail that these Thai young coconuts have a lot more water than the regular coconuts that you're used to seeing, and the white stuff inside is immature, just a thin layer, and easily scraped off with a spoon.

The old brown ones have less water and thicker harder white stuff inside with more flavor.

I told you about the old man in the tight outrageously colored bicycle clothing buying desiccated coconut from the bulk bins at Whole Food who explained how he makes coconut milk with the shredded white stuff blended with tap water. I think this way is a lot better because it uses the coconut water, delicious itself, blended with fresh coconut flesh.

I wonder why the woman uses extracts instead of fresh fruit and berries. It's another mystery. Health nut types are a little bit strange in their ways. Her Vitamix is a lot better than pathetic thing that I inherited from my parents, who actually never blended anything.