Monday, September 23, 2019

Despite warnings from President Trump, American media steps on the rake once again

While reading this latest post at the Conservative Treehouse I was experiencing that weird temporal lobe epilepsy déjà vu thing happening all over the inside of my brain. Schwinga-zinga this whole thing happened before. Then the cow said, "HAY! This is a re-post." The whole thing is repeated. It's not me, it's you. Doing the same thing all over again.

o-o-O-O-O-o-o-o-h you must think this is important.

Okay, fine.

I'll commit it to memory. Test me later and I'll ace your test.

* reported by John Solomon, on-the-record officials in State Department and Ukraine.

[Applies mnemonic device; John of the synoptic gospels writing about King Solomon]

* completely opposite from American media reporting. LIES all LIES!

* Two separate Ukraine presidents attempted to deliver information about Obama officials attempting to cajole Ukraine to interfere with US 2016 elections.

     1) President Petro Poroshenko
     2) President Volodymry Zelensky

[Applies mnemonic devises to impossible foreign names because I want to get an A on this imaginary test. It's a thing we crackpots do. We're mental.


Oh, no. No can do.

Why not? Because it's personal.

And because it's insane.

Okay, fine.

1) Peter the rabbit pours pork shanks and forms a company from them.
2) Voldemort is uncharacteristically merry and two boys play with handmade sail boats in the sky.

Happy? I told you it was weird. But I get an A on the imaginary test and you don't.

*  Both presidents tried and failed to get information to U.S. officials. U.S. State Department officials in Ukraine refused to give visas to Ukrainian emissaries because they did not want damaging information to get to Trump.

* Ukrainians kept trying. They hired a U.S. lawyer to hand documents directly to U.S. Department of Justice. He hand-delivered them to U.S. DOJ in New York.

* But nothing happened. Now the Ukrainian president changed to Zelensky. The new president thought the silence meant the U.S. was upset with them. Out of concern for their relationship with us, the Ukrainian officials made a personal request to the U.S. State Department for assistance.

[Notice back and forth between State Department and DOJ. DOJ isn't doing things right.]

* U.S. State Department reached out to Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani and asked him to meet with Zelensky's lawyer, Andrei Yermak.

[Applies mnemonic devise to impossible foreign name because I want to get an A on this imaginary test. It's a thing we crackpots do. What? Oh, no. No can do. Why not? Because it's personal. And because it's insane. Okay, fine.

Prince Andrew wears a yarmulke. Yes, but what year and make?

Look, I told you it's insane. Okay? That exactly why it works. And it's why I get an A and you don't. La la la. Bite me.]

* Giuliani agreed to act as diplomat and met Yermak in Spain.  Giuliani then debriefed State Department on all that had transpired. Now State knows everything.

* All this happened before the phone call between President Trump and President Zelensky.

This is the phone call overheard by the so-called "whistleblower" who obviously had no knowledge of the background and why the subject discussed was framed as it was. The information the Ukrainians tried to convey included the former VP Joe Biden.

This is the part that President Trump is reported to have told Zelensky that it was okay to proceed with their internal investigation of corruption in Ukraine that might include former U.S. officials and that would include Joe Biden.

This is what the "whistle-blower" overheard. Apparently. He/she/it might have mis-con-screwed having heard only half the conversation and not knowing the full matter, and on the other hand he/she/it might be an ordinary Democrat partisan hack, also trying to block information from Ukraine damaging to his/her/its utterly corrupted party.

Sundance then lists four questions he/they consider significant but that I don't care about. But since they'll be on the imaginary test that I'm conjecturing since this whole thing was posted twice, here they are.

* Who in U.S. Department in Ukraine embassy blocked Ukrainian officials?

[F it. Fire them all. Throw out the baby, the bathwater, and the tub, the soap, the washcloth, the towels and the baby powder. And the little rubber ducky too.]

* Who was the official at NY DOJ who took the records and sat on them?

[Fire the whole f'k'n lot.]

* Why were those records never tuned over to Main Justice?


* If they were turned over to Main Justice, why didn't they inform the Trump administration they have them?

[Double duh.]

More at the Conservative Treehouse. Including Trump answering American reporter's questions all barking up the wrong tree. They're all stuck on stupid. Too stupid for their questions to appear on the imaginary test.


They want to know if President Trump asked Ukraine about (their precious warped and fatally wounded candidate) Joe Biden. As if Biden is innocent of any and all wrongdoing.

They want to know if Trump knows who the so-called whistle-blower is.

They keep asking about Biden and who in the administration knows anything about Biden.

They want to know the exact date of the conversation.

They're all hopelessly malevolent dopes.

Here is a sample of one of Trump's responses.
It’s another media disaster. The media has lost so much credibility in this country. Our media has become the laughingstock of the world. 
When you look at what they did to Justice Kavanaugh and so many other things last week, I think this is one of the worst weeks in the history of the fake news media. You have been wrong on so many things and this one will be — I wouldn’t say it will top the list, because I think you can’t do worse than some of the stories you missed over the last week or two, but the media of our country is laughed at all over the world now. You’re a joke. 
Okay, what else?
Through all of this don't make the mistake that Trump supporters get their impression of American media from Trump in the same way that Democrats repeat the mantras their elected leaders deliver them. My own friends are too stupid to think up things like "our healthcare system is broken and needs to be repaired," and "Iraq is a quagmire," and "Bush lied, people died." Trump supporters already thoroughly distrusted media well before they elected Trump. But Trump is the first (non-politician) person they elected who has voiced their opinion so consistently and  so forcefully. They do use his words, "fake news" and "lock her up" because he has focused them so acutely and for once they are loving it. To the horror of everyone who hears them behaving as Democrats do.

President Trump in Houston, Texas with India Prime Minister Modi

Billed at the Howdy Modi event.

Well, huh. The original video I bookmarked is removed by the YouTube member.

This is another video.

There are other videos much longer than this one.

He's reading.

St. Louis Hot Brown sandwich

It's an open face sandwich loaded with sauce that cannot be eaten as an actual sandwich. Nothing is sandwiched between bread. In chef-terms it is similar to a croque monseur (crispy mister) and that suggests you could add an egg in semblance to a croque madame. But those are with sliced ham and the St. Louis hot brown is made with sliced turkey.

But not pre-sliced sandwich turkey such as you buy for convenience.

No. It's made with sliced turkey breast such as left over Thanksgiving turkey. Or a turkey breast purchased separately.

If all you have is Wonder bread then just forget the whole thing.

The bread has sliced turkey breast, tomato, mornay sauce and bacon.

There are dozens of videos about this on YouTube and no two are the same while each one is problematic in some way. It's like sandwiches as handwriting. Sandwiches as various ASL styles. Sandwiches as personal accents.

The best one is advertisement for Tillamook cheese. The second best adds an unnecessary step of grilling all the ingredients. The third best is two goofball arrogant chefs who do not explain the basics and brag about living a drunken lifestyle. Most neglect freshly scraped nutmeg which is fairly crucial.

This video is the chef who speaks in a sing-song voice with truncated locution and cheesy humor. He is the only one who includes cayenne pepper but he doesn't bother toasting his bread. He is also specifically particular about his choice of cheese and that is not necessary. There are a bewildering number of great choices.

That means, in the end, do whatever you want to.

Crossing two strips of cooked bacon is authentic and IMHO a bit weird.

Those will be the first things you lift off and eat separately.

Because it's a pain the butt to cut them with a knife to include a bit of bacon with each bite.

The last couple of years I've switched to the Applewood smoked bacon. This is usually sold separately at the deli counter of grocery stores. Sometimes they have it pre-cut and packaged. It's almost always too thick to use as ordinary bacon. It's more akin to pork-jerky. Tough to eat. A bit hard on the teeth.

In nearly all cases I cut it up frozen and cook it as bits in a small pot on low-medium heat. It's amazing how evenly it cooks this way. Constant stirring and repositioning assures it renders evenly and as you watch it cook in its own oil it all turns crisp in an instant. The pot tilted so the oil collects. And that can be used in place of butter. After all, the oil is where the flavor is that you paid for. And you paid dearly.

These bacon bits can be processed to dust with flour using a coffee mill and used with the rendered oil to flavor crackers or cheese breadsticks.

I think that I just now talked myself into making cheese breadsticks again. They are light as balloons and veritably melt in your mouth leaving behind a small bread-wad to swallow and the lingering flavor of excellent bacon and excellent cheese. All because of the bacon, and the smoke-flavored oil.

I chose one of the videos on YouTube because this site, It's a Southern Thing, said, "If not for the Mornay sauce, the Hot Brown would be a remarkably simple sandwich – turkey on open-faced toast topped with bacon."

How silly. Mornay sauce is simple béchamel with added cheese.

If this is the video where the chef says don't pay attention to the quality of tomato, don't listen to him. If it is summer and tomatoes are in season, then pick good farm tomatoes while available. They make all the difference in the world.

St. Petersburg, Florida

September 17, 2019

Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned

     "Oh? What went wrong?"

"I yelled at a young woman today." 

     "I saw that, Son. No problem. You were doing the Lord's work." 



"Oh. Okay." 

Beautiful day today. The kind of day in which you wish all days could be. Stepping outside my apartment building to walk 2.5 blocks and back took some consideration. I'll risk it. This will be a test. 

Immediately a very long line has formed across the street. As I stand there, people walking past me on my side are wearing the full range of coverage, light jackets, long sleeves and short sleeves. I'm in the shade. It's a bit cool with a breeze. Judging the right clothes is a bit tricky and the weather can change on a dime. Judging by what other people are wearing is no help at all. 

This line continues for at least 4x the length shown at least to the end of the block. I have no idea what's going on over there. A music concert presumably.

My short-sleeve shirt will do. 

I walk south to Broadway Market where I have two delightful conversations with two different women. Both have excellent information they impart. Both are gracious and helpful lovely and kind. 

Along the way there and back I note the trash strewn about that will all be gone tomorrow. There is evidence of carelessness, of drinking, of partying and of living on the street. Contrasting the two women I also encountered are two men outside on the street. One down on his luck and engaging the people passing, rushing into a quick story possibly made up. Another scrawny male with some kind of disorder, filthy and dressed poorly and whispering to himself in angry violent tones. Every one must walk past him uncomfortably close. 

A third large black young male admonishes me in passing, "be careful." But I'm not sure about what.

Within another block I'm at home. 

No pain in the usual places. No elevated heartbeat. No exhaustion. No aching starved muscles. No discomfort at all. Things are feeling much better than they had just a few weeks ago. Those two new tiny pills really do work. It seems.

I should have eaten the sandwich at Broadway Market. Then the lettuce would be crisp on the sandwich and the fries would have been fresh. But for some reason I wanted to get out of there and back onto the street and back home. I felt no desire to mingle. 


Mind, every single person I speak to around here is receptive and pleasant. So it's not them. It's me. From the very start before going in. A guy pulls up and parks at a meter as I approach him and his car, while another car pulls up right beside me as I walk forward and it parks at another meter behind him. He looks back at her. They both get out and examine their meters. 

"It's free on Sunday."

     "Oh. Gee. Thanks." 

They both continue reading the meter to confirm it. Wisely. Good. Because I could be wrong.

Gracious throughout and to the end. 

"Can I go out this side door?" 

     "Yes, of course." 

Good. That means I don't have to walk the full length back to the front then back again to this spot. Except on the outside.

But now back home I decide I can use a 12-pack of Coca Cola. My little-old-man shopping cart is filled with boxes. I could throw them away downstairs directly into the large garbage bins then use the cart for the 12-pack instead of using my backpack. 

This is a handy little thing for apartment life. Women have remarked on it so I bought them as gifts and they really do work out for a lot more things than moving groceries from the car to the apartment. 

Now to the young woman I yelled at.

Even the guy in the bottle shop knows me and treats me with inordinate respect. All the people down there are respectful beyond the call of duty. Each one knows me and each one treats me like somebody special. It's awesome! I do not understand why. 

Upon approaching the back door to my apartment I notice activity in the shadows but with my sunglasses on I cannot see them until I am out of the sun and under the covering where cars are parked. Then I see a young driver and a young woman getting out of a car. They're talking to each other.

I open the back service door with a key and look back to the car. I can see a woman approaching more clearly. She is having some kind of difficulty. She is a gorgeous young Latina in a black one-piece bathing suit. Her fingernails are long and meticulously painted bright teal blue. Her skin is smooth and unblemished. Her face is without makeup and perfectly clear. Her hair is long and well kept, trimmed carefully and thick, young, vibrant and healthy. I open the door and invite her through.

She fumbles ridiculously trying to open the opposite door. It's a double door and only one side opens. She finally fumbles through as I hold open the door. Inside she spins and fumbles awkwardly toward the elevator button. She is drunk. And I am amazed she can stay standing without holding onto the walls. Each of her steps is automatic to correct balance thrown off. Each correction requires another correction.

She is a marvel of balance. She is a human top that will not fall. 

Handicapped by alcohol. 

Imagine having brilliant balance and damaging it purposefully so that ordinary walking becomes more like a roller coaster ride combined with spinning tea-cup ride combined with bumper cars ride. Yet she stayed upright. Her internal gyroscope never failed her. Even though she damaged it. I am filled with wonder observing her. Her body is a true marvel in overcoming all she had done to destroy it. 

Such is childhood. Such is experimentation in altered consciousness. 

Observing her makes me think about God, about evolution, about millions of years in fashioning a human body so profoundly resilient that it can withstand such self-abuse and still perform and a brain that can still function sufficiently to get oneself home. Even manage an elevator with its array of confounding buttons and the disorienting changing G-forces. 

She is spinning inside a box that is moving and her body is automatically correcting even though it's been damaged.  

I'd have done better for myself had I closed the door behind me and left her outside. She'd still be out there trying to get in. She had no purse. No keys. Just slippers and her one-piece bathing suit. And a cell phone. She dropped her cell phone on the elevator floor. 

And it still worked too. 

She pushed "1" and that kept the door open. I pushed "5" for my floor so that button was lit. She pushed "7" for her floor. Then she pushed "3" and that will delay both of us. Now that whole row of lights is lit. She pushed "1" again so the door opened again. Finally the door closed and we moved. 

She held onto my cart and looked straight down into it examining its contents. 

It held a 12-pack of Coca-Colas and a bag of potato chips. 

She has the look of a drunk who is about to throw up. 

But she also needs help with her balance. 

The door opens on floor 3. But neither of us live on floor 3.

She pushes the buttons again. She pushes "5" already lit, she pushes "7" already lit. She pushes "1" again. 


I said loudly and sharply as speaking to a misbehaving child.

     "They were ... I'm trying to ... I was ..." 

The door opens on my floor. 

Gorgeous. Self-abused. Girlish and a bit zaftig. Ripe. For the picking. Pure and clean. Glowing, in fact.  Fresh as a daisy but drunk. Good luck stumbling down the right hallway and reaching the right door. Her adventure is only half done. Good luck someone is already inside waiting because she doesn't have a key. And I cannot help but think who would drop her off in such a condition. I assumed the driver was a guy. But a guy wouldn't do this. That driver must have been another woman. And too drunk herself to know any better.

And I pray to God, how do you even put up with us?

And he answers, well, that's life. In your ways you see to yourselves. 

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Expensive mistake

This happened in 1989. Ronald Reagan was president and even then we had such poor communication with USSR.

Seminary students ritualize confessing their sins to plants

Confessing your CO2 emissions to plants that thrive on CO2 is ridiculous, and making a religion of talking to plants is empty theology. (It feeds your present day sanctimony while abandoning you at salvation.)

Australian PM Morrisson lauds Donald Trump's "mateship" and Melania's attention to detail

Pasquale Sciarappa makes traditional tomato sauce

Saturday, September 21, 2019


I post this one all the time but it is an all time classic.

I heard the following for the first time today - the ghosty part starts at 9:05. 

I should have saved it for Halloween.

 I know a guy who carved a giant frog out of a giant boulder:

The brilliant part of his design is that he included a lip around the edge so that the frog can sit in water when it rains. The frog itself is about 3 feet from nose to tail.

We have not had any rain in a very long time. We are back in drought now and my burn pile has grown massive. Were I to light it now the results could be tragic.

Here is the pile on the 17th:

I dragged a lot more brush, the pile is now stupid big:

I have turned a couple of bowls out of the Bradford pear log:

I have a half dozen more blocks to turn, so I better get right on that.

In other news I stayed in the Tokyo Hilton for a couple of weeks back in '96. It is located in Shinjuku. That is the very busy crossroads of the nation right there. I never stayed in Paris Hilton.

Melania Trump reopens Washington Monument

The monument has been closed for three years for repairs.

Story at NY Post. 

At the top of the monument looking out the window Melania said, "Hey, I can see my house from here."

They built a new entrance designed for tourists and to appeal to children.

The article has photos but doesn't have video so I made a gif for you. It's like a 100% accurate.

Except for the parts I made up. 

CNN: Democrat strongholds in Minnesota turning to Trump