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They say people vote with their feet.

Apparently, that applies to entertainment. Or what the producers of what used to be entertainment. Get woke, go broke has hit Tinseltown, but politics is expereincing much the same. We've discussed it before, but the hits just keep on comin'. Blexit is real and so is the Hispanic equivalent. If it isn't as visible, the reality is (and has been for quite a while) that Hispanics aren't supporting the import-Latin-America policy nor do they like the cultural direction the Demos are taking.

The supposedly brilliant strategem of having an old white man who embodies go along to get along selectedto be installed as PUS has backfired spectacularly.

Brandon was never liked anywhere, not even in his own party, but those traits that made him so disliked by people who followed politics are now being writ large by the country as a whole, fueled by issues both in foreign policy and the economy. The faculty lounge crowd now running things doesn't seem to understand this.

That cluelessness doesn't end there. The failure to impeach Mayorkas last week due to the betrayal of 3 Undocumented Democrats, while embarrassing, is hardly on everyone's lips. It may buck up the faithful, few of them though they may be, but what does have everybody talking is the presser where Brandon tried to convince the world he knows what's going on. 50 years ago, Fake News could have rewritten that to give the impression he was alert and fighting back, but not any more.

To top it all off, the best news came from the Wall Street Journal as as Chlamydia told them she's ready to step into Brandon's shoes.

Now that's a bad week.

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On Hits & Misses


These are the ones I enjoyed from this week's Powerline collection, after the brief moment it took to catch on to the goal. 

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Expect more of this.

I've been saying the Demos are hemorrhaging support. Consider, of course, the whole E Jean thing, which is going to explode on appeal. After the Brother Brett mess, the Demos need to win women back. I'm guessing more of the same won't work.

But what put a smile on my fat little Irish face (as The Blonde puts it) this morning was was this from Sundance. Considering Jim Clyburn was the spearhead for installing Brandon in the first place, this is one of those things that vindicates the old Klingon proverb.

I've been saying that the black community has been waking up for some time. Even Van Jones noted that, if the Demos lost 10% of the black vote, they'd be fried. And, since many blacks have been calling Zippy halfa cracka for a decade now, it seemed like it was just a matter of time. Then Brandon came along with his record of palling around with with segregationists and his crime bills which weighed heavily against blacks.

So now we have ol' Jim telling young blacks, if they don’t vote Brandon, “They ain’t black”. Which, we can surmise, went down as well as the lying dogfaced pony soldier saying the same thing 4 years ago, Trump doing pretty well with blacks back then.

We've already discussed how they've lost da yoots and things aren't looking too swell among Hispanics. Even many Democrats want somebody else, but, since most of the other hopefuls outside Congress have spent the last 4 years getting in touch with their inner Mao, the odds ain't good.

I love the smell of schaudenfreude in the morning.

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