Sunday, May 24, 2020

WKRLEM Happy Memorial Day!

To all of our veterans I want to wish a Happy and Healthy and Peaceful Memorial Day.

Saturday, May 23, 2020


I was just out running laps at dusk and I saw a faint light out of the corner of my eye. Nah, it can't be. But then I started paying attention and what do you know - the lightning bugs are back! Boy howdy are they back! What a nice surprise. Totally unexpected! I'll take it!

Anyway, the story I have to tell is a picture story. Here we go:

The rain ended yesterday and we got a rainbow:

There was a nice sunset:

We had interesting evening light:

The lily bulbs I planted what seems a lifetime ago have flowered:

'Em are nahs flars!

Here are pictures of my leopard lilies:

These are the ones I sprouted from seeds:

These are the ones that have been here for years:

These are some brand new volunteers:

I guess they sprouted from seeds that fell from the big plants.

Now, on to what I have been working on.

My All Time Fielding Team- First and Second Base

I was listening to a replay of Joe and Evan on WFAN and they were detailing their picks for their all time fielding team. Offensive ability doesn't weigh in as this is strictly about fielding. I thought that was fun and since it would annoy everyone except spinelli I thought I would post some thoughts.

First Base: Wes Parker

The best fielding first baseman I ever saw was Wes Parker of the Dodges from back in the 1960's and '70's, He was a slick fielding first baseman who could turn a game around with his glove. Never missed a throw and could steal some hits from line drives down the line. I have seen a bunch of good fielders from George Scott to Mark Texiera to even Mattingly but Wes was the best by far.

Second Base: Ryne Sandberg

If I had to stop by the snowy woods in the evening to pick a great second baseman I would have to go with the Cubs Ryne Sandberg. I didn't follow him as much as I did the guys in the American league  but he is pretty much the gold standard for fielders. I saw him make a great play against the Mets once that really impressed me.

I pick the best regardless of what team they are on. It's mighty Frank White of me (a joke only Spinelli would get).

Friday, May 22, 2020

The Babe Abides

"Hey let me feel your muscle there keed."
"Thanks Babe. You know you are my hero. I joined the woman's baseball league because of you."
"Really keed. That's nice. Say what's your name?"
"Why it's Rachel Maddow. Some day I will be able to tell my great grandchildren about this."
"Why don't you come back to my room with a couple of your teammates and I will really give you something to tell them. I will get room service and we will have a fine old time."
"That' great Babe. Make sure you order some fish tacos. That's all I eat."
"Ok keed you betcha."

De Blasio is the dumbest mf ever!

That moronic dumb fuck Bill De Blasio stated that small businesses could wait two or three months and reopen because of his illegal and immoral coronavirus shutdown. In an article in the New York Post he disputes the alarm sent up by the head of the Small Business committee on the City Council.

“I’ve talked to lots and lots of business leaders, especially the smallest businesses. They’re very worried about their futures understandably, but they also are hanging on and they know it can be a matter of months until they’ll be back in action,” de Blasio said on WNYC Friday."

City Councilman Mark Gjonaj blasted the mayor’s remarks.
“Out of all the things that have come out of his mouth, this is the most outrageous. He lives in a de Blasio land. That is the furthest thing from the truth,” said the Bronx Democrat, who chairs the council’s small business committee.
“He is not in touch with reality and all he has to do is walk down a commercial corridor to understand what is happening to our small businesses,” Gjonaj said.
“He is setting up the city for failure. He’s going to leave City Hall in the worse condition that this city has experienced since World War II and the Great Depression,” he said.
Many small businesses are already gone. Doesn't he know that they owe three months rent and utilities. A number that they can not come back from. Hundreds of restaurants are closed for good. Their margins are so slim they can't take the hit. People that have invested their life savings have gone bust. De Blasio thinks they can just open up with that monster hit of debt and can continue when they can not get a loan. The banks will give the SBA loans to people without collateral or the money guarantied by big businesses. That''s why the Lakers and Planned Parenthood get the money and the local bodega or diner gets jack shit. The Democrats are clueless as to what the shut down means to the economy.

It is too late to fix it now. That ship has sailed. New York will continue to morph into a place where you will be either super rich or really poor. There is no room for anyone else.

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Small businesses that didn't quite cut it

Admiral Richard Byrd was not only a famous explorer but also an entrepreneur. In his many travels in the Arctic he fell in love with the landscape and it's people. He just knew one thing was missing. Sex.

So he opened a string of Eskimo massage parlors to offer a happy ending to intrepid explorers on their way to the pole so to speak.

Unfortunately due to his foot fetish the Inuit maidens would not show their baby seals and would only offer release with their feet.

He went bankrupt in the first year.

(Small Businesses That Didn't Quite Cut It by Doris Kearns Goodwin)

WKRLEM TV It's not the freaking history channel

For the last few nights we have been enjoying a stupid little show on HULU called "The Great."

It is a comedic retelling of the story of Catherine the Great. It is pretty amusing and a perfect trifle for these quarantine times.

One warning though. Being super woke they have black actors interspersed into the show as if they were not black. You just have to pretend that there would be brothers in Russia in 1762. It does get really jarring when they have a big black buck playing the Ambassador of Sweden. I mean they had lot of black guys back then.

Still and all it is stupid and silly and amusing.


Once again the God Emperor speaks the truth!

If you want to learn anything about what is going on in the United States you need to follow foreign newspapers. Sure you get a biased liberal view but at least they talk about subjects that our fake news doesn't care about. Like foreign affairs.

The Independent in England has a story where they quote President Trump as saying we should improve our relationship with Russia as they were our allies in World War 2 against the filthy Germans. They quote the God Emperor:

"They also fought World War II. They lost 50 million people," Mr Trump said of Russia, then the Soviet Union. Germany was the enemy. ... And Germany's [now], like, this wonderful thing," he added, suggesting the now-democratic European power is not-so wonderful in his eyes.

Now I would prefer that we pursue a much more isolationist stance but at the very lease we should cut our ties with Germany. We spent untold billions propping them up and they have nothing but disdain for us and our values.

Witness a recent post in the great blog Legal Insurrection in which it is reported that more German youth want to befriend China instead of the US. They blame the coronavirus on us instead of the chinks. So fuck em. Pull our troops out now and put them in Fort Trump in  Poland. Leave them to their own devices. Also put a 25% tariff on all of their cars unless they are manufactured in the United States.

It's time to make AMERICA FIRST!

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Can't stand the weather

We have been getting inundated with rain here and usually when we have this much rain and localized flooding I post this song, but I am not going to do that this time. Too predictable. So while looking for that one I found this one: 

It has been raining since Saturday and it grows wearisome. But what we are getting is nothing compared to what's happening up in Michigan. Any Michiganders have any first hand news to report? Talk to me!

Events, such as they are, are being cancelled, and after months of house arrest cold rainy weather is not helping people's moods. I am keeping busy and I have learned that making things is crucial to my happiness, so as long as I can work I will be okay. But damn! All of my shoes are soggy and there is no sunshine to dry them out. Water is infiltrating my shop and if I open the door to sweep it out more runs in. Even a break in the constant deluge would be good, but what are you going to do, eh? That hasn't happened yet.

I am thankful my washing machine and dryer work - holy schnike I am going through socks like a sumbitch. Putting on clean dry socks still warm from the dryer is a blessing of unimaginable magnitude. I am grateful to live in such an age of abundance. 

Now let us get back out and grab some more of it, okay you dick-tators!

I made that the other day - what do you know - that looks like ripples in water. I am detecting a theme.

Six feet under

I have to go to the Post Office a lot these days. To deliver our online orders. When I go I have to suit up. Mask. Gloves. Condom. The works.

The Post Office has instituted social distancing protocols. Stand in line six feet away from the rest of the people in line. Plexi glass in front of the clerks. No human contact. A liberal Karen's dream.

It's funny how it works. Just like a bank they only have one window open. The bank wants you to use the ATM or the computer to do your transactions. I don't know what the Post Office is thinking. They only had the half a retard guy William working.

The other clerks were no where to be seen. The sassy black girl with the platinum dye job. The flirty Oriental woman who must have Vietnam flashbacks because she likes old white guys. I literally heard her ask one guy "Sucky fucky five dollar." The woman who looks like she is on the syrup bottle. It was only William.

William looked like the moolie from the Shining and must be on the spectrum. He doesn't make a mistake but he is very deliberate. Very, very deliberate. So when he is behind the window it takes forever.

Some of these worthless fucking Democratic governors call this the "New Normal." It's really the new Abnormal.

When is this bullshit going to end?

Monday, May 18, 2020

WKRLEM: 'Ode to Fredo'

This song goes through Chris Cuomo's head every day.

Which is just about the only thing in there.

You thought Fedo was the dumb one

Andrew Cuomo is a murderer.

For all of his bullshit about the corona virus he didn't care about the old people he sent back into nursing homes to fester and die. Everyone knew they were the most at risk but he didn't give a shit. His response to this "Old people are gonna die."

He directly forced nursing homes to take back infected patients when they protested that they didn't have the staff or materials to properly treat them or protect the other patients. More than 5000 died and many of them did not have to do so if they protected the people who were actually at risk instead of closing the economy so they could defeat Donald Trump by trashing the economy.

Of course he is being praised to the skies by the fake news. He is touted as the Democratic alternative to Biden who can defeat Trump. Of course these idiots don't know about the skeletons in his closet. There was a reason why his father didn't run. They remain for the son. Plus his own courrption problems. He will never run. If he is arrogant enough to try he will never win.

The real heroes of this virus bullshit are the governors of Florida and Texas.. You will never know this if you watch the fake news.

It is all such irredeemable bullshit.