Thursday, September 20, 2018

This just in.....Cartoon news

Drudge Cartoon Report...

It was reported that an unnamed cartoon character has sent a letter to Senator Diane Feinstein claiming that as a young schoolboy Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh had sex with said character while in High School. Although the person was not named it has been learned from certain anonymous sources that said cartoon character was in fact famous MILF Betty Rubble. This is almost certainly true as it was reported that they had a "Yabba Dabba Do old time."

It is thought to be be Betty Rubble since it is well known that Betty Rubble is a Dirty girl.

Also the fact that the second phrase was not present eliminates the other main suspects. They did not quote the full lyric "They had a Yabba Dabba Do time...We'll have a Gay old time."

Then it would be these guys:


Christine Blasey Ford's High School Yearbook

Ford is some woman.  From somewhere.

She is unimportant and inconsequential.

Apparently a professor somewhere.

She is exceedingly privileged, always has been.

She comes from a wealthy family, she went to a private girls's school nearby to a few private boy's schools. She's made herself into a Democrat political activist. She made herself part of the current resistance. In coordination with other political activists, she put herself forward with lame unsubstantiated accusations against a Trump Supreme Court nominee. And she's about to have her butt torn to pieces and the shreds of what's left of it flung to the birds.

She planned her attack. After all, she's a professor and not a total washed up drunk. Democrat but not completely stupid. She had waited for this opportunity, she was ready, prepared with a lie detector test, scrubbed her social media accounts. Story backed up by leaked family-psychiatrist notes.

Even her old High School scrubbed the internet of its yearbooks.


Because they are ridiculously obscenely incriminating. These are the most damaging yearbooks you'll ever see. Worse than any yearbooks that anyone's ever seen. Why and how such yearbooks get published, how they were approved in the first place, how these girl's parents paid for them, put ads in them, how they manipulated the boys in nearby schools, is all testament to the power and privilege these girls wielded at very early ages, fifteen to seventeen years of age, these girls manipulated every thing every body they came into contact with.

Internet sleuths are amazing. They found these damaging yearbooks and they knew information would be scrubbed, so they copied them. And boy, oh boy, are they ever terrible. Not a single reader can even imagine such things being published. They show outright racism by faculty. They show the school far more interested in fallen down drunk partying than they show interest in education. The photographs are loaded with drunken young women admitting to parting until passing out. Alcohol all over the place. The wilder the party, the better. They brag about this throughout.
The resistance media has been singularly focused on Brett Kavanaugh’s high school yearbooks, which imply that he got drunk and threw up. There’s no need to imply anything from the Holton-Arms yearbooks. It’s all there in focus, and the written word too. All of the sordid details as approved for publication by a “look the other way” faculty. And now it’s available for historical/evidentiary review.
Frustratingly, the faces in the photos are blacked out to protect the guilty. I wish they hadn't done that. Every single one of these girls, now women, need to be shamed. Deeply shamed.

Imagine any one of these photos being in your own yearbook. Just one such photo.  It's impossible. Not allowed. No one would allow it, student, faculty, parent, community. Yet here it is.

And thirty-six years later this woman wants to be believed without any evidence, without any witnesses, without any solid recollection. All she has is a name that she wants to stop, expecting the me-too movement to provide her cover.

Republicans need to make Democrats pay an unhappy steep price for this. Or expect the same thing down the line. The yearbook is named Scribe.
1982 was a particularly wild year and Scribe 82 published multiple pictures of minors drinking heavily, beer cans stacked up, liquor repeatedly glorified, "boys, beer and “the ‘Zoo’ atmosphere”. The caption on the right side of the image mocks the faculty and parents, “Come on, you’re really too young to drink.”

The image below is taken from Scribe 84, Blasey’s senior year edition of Scribe. There are two very disturbing examples of racism in it. Bottom right hand corner: 
“At Cheryl’s multi-class party…[Redacted name] came as an uncanny Buckwheat, although she washed the makeup and afro off before the guys showed up.”

Much more at the link, WHY CHRISTINE BLASEY FORD’S HIGH SCHOOL YEARBOOKS WERE SCRUBBED at Cult of the First Amendment.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Gone Chopin

Chopin and George Sand.

Sand is what I do. I sanded this pearwood bowl today:

My father used to play Chopin and Liszt. I use a Liszt when I go Chopin. 

Why does everyone say Pollacks are dumb?

I mean that is the stereotype. Like all Irish are drunks and all Jews are only out for a buck. Ok those are true but still some of them don't hold up so well.

Look at the Polish President Andrzej Duda was at the White House meeting with President Trump when he trolled the shit out of the media. He said that Poland was offering two billion dollars to build a base in Poland for US Troops and airplanes. He wants to call it "Fort Trump." There would be a big gold TRUMP over the gate like at Trump Tower. It would be tremendous. What a concept.

The President needs to order the Defense Department to do it immeadiately. Take all of our troops out of Germany toot suite. I mean the Krauts hate us and they are our real enemies. Did you see what German Hillary just did? A German was murdered by some Muslim Mutts and people were protesting in the streets. She claimed that right wing gangs were hunting down poor innocent Muslims. What a crock of shit. Next thing you know she will tell us she was molested by some American Judge when she was an exchange student or something. Fuck the Germans.

Poland is closer to the Russians anyway. Plus they want us there. Plus they are going to help pay for it unlike the Germans who can't even buy bullets for their army. Enough already. Make the move Mr. President.

If you do it I bet the Little Rocket Man will be the next guy to want to set up a Fort Trump in his house. Coming soon:

College students do not vote absentee because they do not know where to buy stamps

The story is from Fairfax Virginia, first seen on Lucianne then on Instapundit, but honestly, it's too cute to believe.

Just file this one under "O" for oldsters find another way to defame youngsters.
“One thing that came up, which I had heard from my own kids but I thought they were just nerdy, was that the students will go through the process of applying for a mail-in absentee ballot, they will fill out the ballot, and then, they don’t know where to get stamps,” Lisa Connors with the Fairfax County Office of Public Affairs said.
Nonsense. The tell: nerds are actually clever; math nerds, computer nerds, gamer nerds, etc. Nerd is not a synonym for dummkopf.

A child, any child's first impulse to locating a place to buy postage stamps would be ask the internet, "where to buy postage stamps" and every adult should know that about children. But this writer doesn't. Fake-ass news with the smell of ass.

The answer will be U.S. Postal service, and they'd have stamps in the mail within days. [] Boom day id iz.

This is unbelievably stupid. It's foolish denigration of our precious precocious brilliant delightful children.

The writer goes on to say the process of filling out the form, giving the home address of the place where they're registered to vote, is very confusing.

No, it is not very confusing. You use the address of the place where you are registered. Simple as that.  The woman had to answer a few sensible questions like "where do I buy stamps" and "which address should I use?" and then she writes an article about how stupid young people are, characterizing an entire generation over a few simple straightforward questions. And that's rather stupid.

I'm curious. Did oldsters fall for this b.s.? The article does not accept comments. Let's go back to Lucianne and read those, and then look at comments at Instapundit. What did old people say about this?


* Arizona doesn't require stamps.

* I guarantee you, conservative students know where to buy stamps.

* A coworker mentioned 30-something person said most people her age don't know how to address and envelope much less where to buy stamps.

* Don't tell them, probably Democrats.

* Life skills not taught in publik skools.

* Is this the Onion?

* College is babysitting service for retarded offspring of wealthy

* Boxes of rocks attending school, Hopeless

* Intimidating, 4 ways the stamp could be put on a letter, and some have flags.

(Wrong, there are infinite ways to put a stamp on a letter. Front, back, anywhere not just the corners, used to seal the flap, any angle, even taped on with the glue side up. Barely attached to an edge like the tail of a kite. That's how dense old people are, no imagination.)

* Whoa, can't I just scan this and email it back to the recorder?

* Extent of inexperience is not known. Liberals know their way around rules. Many cast votes in home state and second vote locally. Oberlin chartered busses to take students to the county Board of Elections for both Obama presidential elections.

* As student, I was surprised how many students didn't know how to write a check or balance a checkbook. Taught several how to cook basic meals.

* College students are indoctrinated to be dumber than dirt.

* If you're not smart enough to buy a stamp then you're not smart enough to vote.

And so on. Comments continue. This piece got more reaction than I expected. They fell for it. Nobody questioned the veracity of the article. Nobody asked any kids how to buy stamps.

Worse, the oldsters actually go to the Post Office and wait in line to buy stamps when they could have them mailed directly. What a bunch of f'k'n rheeeeeeee-tards imagining they're smarter than kids.

Let's go back to Instapundit and read a few commenters there.

* probably ate the stamps when they ran out of Tide pods

* Too stupid or too lazy to get fracking postage stamp have no business voting.

* Wow. I've never used snail mail. Where do I buy those stamp thingies? Yet we allow these young geniuses to vote.

* My son called frantic about not sending a Mother's Day card the day Saturday before, asking if it will still get there. Doesn't know how postal system works.

* I'm very tempted to call BS on this article.


Finally. We have a winner.

They continue with "government charge related to voting cannot be assessed to  the voter. Therefor postage is free.

[Never needed postage for voting in Denver. Nor for any other government-related correspondence]

Continuing: they travel a lot and Texas ballots always come "no stamp required"

* In Missouri the signature has to be notarized.

* Too clueless to buy stamps, too clueless to vote

[Too clueless to detect bullshit, too clueless to comment, yet here you are]

* Not buying this. For the simple reason that it's easy to print your own postage on-line. I know my kids are reluctant to do anything if they can't do it on-line, and they snail-mail things all the time.

A lot more comments along these same lines. Mostly denigrating the intellectual capacity of young people and denigrating the intellectual capacity of Democrats.

Actually, there are some pretty good comments supporting the cleverness and intelligent dedication of young people.

I was speaking to a young person and realized they don't know who Mao Tse Dung is. Mousy dung? I didn't want my hair thinning on top to grow out like that. The perfect instant visual example useless because she doesn't know who I am talking about.

It occurred to me she has no good reason to know. Why should her precious mind be troubled with that ancient douchebag?

Then later that week I fell for an online test. "If you get 80% of these then your I.Q. is above 130."

Daunting for a regular bloke like myself. Fine. I'll take your little test and become discouraged again at not knowing anything useful.

The first 25 questions or so were like 3rd grade history, Lincoln, Hitler, Stalin, Washington. I couldn't believe how simple the questions were. I thought that was it, then another 25 questions opened and they're simple like that too. Nothing about Civil War generals, nothing about important battles. And worse, nothing about ancient Egypt. GAWL!

I got all 50 right, and another 25 opened up, and I'm all f.y. stupid I.Q. test, you're written for someone much younger. MUCH, MUCH younger. A lot of what we think makes us so smart is actually a function of age. And knowing more than young people do is nothing to brag about because by the time that they're our age then they'll know even more, and they'll know more that is useful.

They are not too stupid to vote on matters important to them. And they know how to buy stamps.

Jordan Peterson explains his all-meat diet

At the point where he says that his daughter said she ate oranges and strawberries and that caused her debilitating symptoms to flare up again, I had an immediate and intense urge for a cold fresh orange and strawberries. So I got right up and ate them as he kept talking.

I'm sorry Dr. Peterson nom nom what did you say? I'm nom nom nom busy right now nom nom and I missed that nom nom nom last bit.

Man oh man these oranges are good. I pity da foo who cannot eat fresh fruit and berries.

Fruit and berries are like God saying, "I love you. Be happy on Earth while you're down there having a life." And I'm all, "Okay, bring it."

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

It is no longer raining


Rather, we had a nice sunset:

Also, I finished a nice sycamore bowl:


"The Committee will come to order this July 25th the year of our Lord 1789. We are gathered together to establish the Department of Foreign Affairs. Chairman Oliver Ellsworth of the Great State of Connecticut presiding.?
"Thank you Sargent of Arms. Today we are here in our Constitution role of advise and consent to the nomination to the first Secretary of State the Honorable Thomas Jefferson. He is someone who needs no introduction. Statesman, Diplomat, Governor and the author of our beloved Declaration of Independence the Honorable gentleman has been nominated by President Washington to be first among equals. Today we begin the process. Welcome Mr. Jefferson."
"Thank you very much Senator I am pleased to be here. The practices and precedents we establish today will inform our descendants as long as our republic stands. I hope we can be worthy of that heavy responsibility."
"Quite. We will begin our interrogatories with the Honorable Senator from Massachusetts Tristam Dalton."
"Welcome Mr Jefferson. Your exploits and contributions to young nation have long been know and celebrated. A delegate to the Continental Congress. Author of the Declaration of Independence. Ambassador to France. All most estimable achievements. However I must query you as to another achievement. Is it true that you fathered a brace of pickinnies on your slave one Sally Hemmings."

A simple dish.....for a simple man

Now I don't usually go to as complex a dish as a macaroni pie. Usually it is much simpler.

A couple of nights ago I made a simple pasta. Pancetta, peas, onions, garlic and oil over a brown rice gluten free pasta. It was delicious.

Simple salute some garlic in olive oil. Add some onions that you carmelize. Then put in the pancetta.
It was nice and fatty so it gave off a lot of delicious grease. Finally add the peas at the end.

Cook up the pasta for six minutes and then add to the pan so it is nice and al dente. Mix it all up and serve with some Pecorino Romano cheese.


Later for the Grilled need some Il Timpano

Grandma made something similar. We called it macaroni pie. I used to help her when I was a snot nosed kid in grammar school.

I haven't had that in thirty years or more. Maybe forty.

I have to make it when it gets cold out.

Project Veritas, first report on deep state resistance

I'm seeing this wherever I go. And to show how corrupted our Media is we can expect them to ignore it 100%, but honestly, I actually don't know what I'm talking about there because I never watch them.


And when I do catch them, a moment here, a few seconds there, my very first thought is always always, always, "you skank-ass lying p.o.s" *click* It's a direct line uninterrupted from visual stimulus to thought, an established neurological iter, autonomic, no further thought necessary. Collectively they are more damaging than not being worth listening to. Their existence is damaging whether or not I listen.

So have at it, Mr. Veritas, the only people who'll even see this are people already unaffected by American media. People who already know this. The people who need this won't see it.

(Unless Trump tweets about specific media names when Veritas exposes them. Then media will come out to denounce him, and only then will they be exposed.)

Celebrity Snackdown: Grilled Cheese

Antoni Porowski vs Jamie Oliver

The music is obnoxious, if you can get past that or mute it, Jamie Oliver has a fantastic idea that I'm going to steal. I meant to say "use." And he cracks me up with "I'd be happy to serve this to the queen." I say that too about ordinary things. But I say it because I have no respect for royalty and he says it because he calls the outside pan-fried cheese a "crown." (It bends upward like a crown.)

Only 158 comments on YouTube, most complain that Porowski cooked a melt not a cheese sandwich. They're disappointed there are not two cheese sandwiches to compare. One commenter said, "They should have shown Alton Brown's grilled cheese sandwich."


Brown makes some good points but nobody is going to do this unless their grill is already set up. The sandwich is famous because it is easy to make, not because it's cooked on an actual grill and not because it's overly complicated with additional steps. Five million seven hundred thousand views, with over three thousand comments, viewers miss Good Eats, and they're charmed by what Brown's thirteen year-old daughter says.

This style is useless to me as open flame grills are disallowed downtown.

About downtown prohibition on grills. You can have an electric one if you want. But those fairly miss the point.

A friend likes to refurbish houses. This guy is strange to begin with. It's a hobby. He doesn't need additional income. But boy, does this bring additional income. He likes driving around and looking at houses, and he knows more about current homes for sale than most real estate agents do. He likes spending weekends going into them and examining them. He likes expensive houses. And he's lived in the most fabulous places around town that you can imagine, and however bad they are when he moves into them, he has a real knack for stripping them down to essentials and highlighting the things that make them outstanding.

He amazes the h-e-double paint roller extension sticks out of me. Large expansive wooden floors with plant pot water damage in front of broad windows, stripped and stained to new brilliance. Large brick interior walls cleaned up and adorned with huge framed posters hung very low at eye level that turn a place into a museum. Back yard overgrown bushes cleared out and stripped to bare sticks with foliage like tightly groomed poodles. Oceans of camel-colored tight carpet with luxurious padding that bring large rooms to unified conceptualization making luxuriously large areas appear even larger. The house directly across from Washington High School looks small set back from the street, but once inside, the whole place opens up to palatial dimensions. I loved going over to that place. And it's only one place out of several he's owned around town that I've seen.

Another place on Pearl Street on Capitol Hill was once owned by a well-known Colorado artist who painted in the basement suspended in a sling flicking paint onto oversized canvas spread out on the floor. He was very old and died there. He had painted a mural of an outdoor Colorado scene onto an exterior wall in the small back yard. A very good one, actually. Inside there was an elevator attached to the very broad staircase that curved around, apparent upon entering the house. I was in my 20's when my friend bought the house and we all made fun of the elevator. For the need for an elevator. For the slowness of it. We bounded up the stairs like cattle laughing at the elevator. It just seemed hilarious to us.

I wonder if I'd use it today and think the speed of it just fine. Those are very large steps.

The place is huge.

And oddly, there is a highrise apartment right next to it.

And another behind it.

The outside view is not great.

He spent a fortune remodeling the kitchen, and adding a new porch and patio deck to the back. It was a lot of physical work that he did himself.

"Why do you even do this?"

"I like it. It's fun."

"You're out of your goddamn mind."

Refurbishing one house was enough for me. Enough hard work and distress to last a lifetime. Put me off houses altogether. Because the upkeep never stops. Just because you put in an automatic sprinkler system doesn't mean you get out of yard maintenance. Things happen underground that forces you to maintain the system and make fixes each year. The lawn mowing service blasts through the heads, for example and there you are making repairs, year after year after year.

Then something dramatic happened.

The very day that work was finished on the new roof to the new addition at the back of the house off the kitchen, a woman who lived in the highrise next to his house lit up her patio grill. Live embers from the grill blew off from her patio and landed on his spanking new roof and burned down his new patio and his new kitchen. All his work for that summer went up in smoke the day that he finished it. And he told me all this with a laugh.

I was distraught just hearing the story. It was a beautiful new kitchen and an outstanding porch and patio, and a gorgeous but small back yard.

The woman was so traumatized, so unable to handle the damage she caused that she flew off to Florida to run away and hide, to distance herself from the catastrophe of her own making. To put distance between herself and her victims. To make communication impossible. She couldn't even be spoken to. That's how some people handle things. They don't. They run away instead.

"Aren't you upset?"

"Sure. I guess. For awhile. But things happen." He laughed again.

It was all covered by insurance obviously but I'd still be devastated. To him it was all just another chance to remodel again. Soon enough it's all fixed up again and he's out of the place and into another project elsewhere in town, another fabulous home way, WAY, WAY too big for one guy, but an excellent place to show off and to host a few parties.

The new place had a crap back yard dominated by a brick retaining wall holding back a steep hill that would dump runoff directly onto broad flatstone patio and threaten the foundation of the home. By the time he was done clearing out the poorly designed planting, the random bushes and weak scraggly trees, overgrown vines and tangled mess, and poorly thought out, poorly placed random perennials, he made the whole area into simplified gorgeous botanic garden. And the interior was transformed to the most elegant place I've ever seen. The dark red solid wood cabinetry looked like simple rosewood walls, not paneling, just simple wooden walls, but touch them in places and the doors spring open to beautiful cabinets such as bookcases holding stacks of white porcelain dishes such as you see in a high end china shop. Inside all of his houses look like nobody lives there. Like the whole place is for show, each towel hanging as maid service in hotels, and not for actual everyday living. Not a sock out of place.

I told another friend, "He cannot possibly keep the place this spotless all the time."

"Oh, I'm certain he does."

It takes a huge degree of neurosis for that. That right there describes a seriously damaged personality.

It's a philosophy that I do not fully understand. It's too much seriously hard work for it to be any real fun. But I must say, he's got an incredibly good eye for possibilities, the best that I've seen, even on television, and a very developed sense for value. When it comes to real estate, he's a savant actuary. He sees the end at the beginning, he sees possibility balanced against necessary work, actual time required, not imagined idealized time, cost of repairs, and profit within future market. And he sees all that in an instant, better than the professionals do that we watch on t.v. who are always surprised by unexpected difficulties as part of the drama, but nothing so unexpected as embers flying off highrise balconies next door.