Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Unforced Errors!

Did you ever watch a kickoff and the receiver just drops the ball. I mean it goes right through his fingers and bounces away from. Nobody is around him. Nobody hit him. Or he decides that he is going out of bounds so he throws the ball in bounds and the opponent recovers it on the five yard line. He just makes an error. An unforced error.

The sort of thing Ted Cruz specializes in.

Ted Cruz had no reason to attack New York. I mean other than the fact that he despises New York and New Yorkers. Plus he wanted some boob bait for the bubbas as that old drunk shanty Irishman (TM ndspinelli) Daniel Patrick Moynihan used to call it. And it sort of worked for him. I mean he triumphed in Wisconsin. Of course things changed when they went somewhere people wear shoes and don't think that cheese is what makes the world go round. What shooting his mouth off did was to insure that he became the third man in a two man race in New York. He got fewer votes than Ben Carson in one district. Imagine that.

Now he is in a beef with Sean Hannity that amiable hack who is a poodle for any Republican politician. He turned a lap dog into an attack poodle. Wherever Teddy goes he never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity. He preached at Kasich when he was mathematically eliminated that Kasich should stand down from the race. Now he is in the same boat and can not win on the first ballot. Is he standing down? No of course not. Nor should he. But his hypocrisy is pretty funny. It is the only fun thing about him.

Did you see the town hall where his wife and kids made a hostage video. I mean I know his wife's name is Heidi but I thought she was going to turn to the camera and say "My name is Tania and I am here of my own free will."

Teddy is ramping up his attacks. He is going full retard on the Donald. Which is fine. All of his wonderful friends like Lindsey Graham and John McCain and Mitch McConnell are all backing him to the hilt. To the hilt of the knife they have ready to shove in his back. He has consistently lost where the people have spoken. His appeal is very selective in a Spinal Tap sort of way. I have been following his fans across several blogs on the internet and they are getting increasingly shrill and desperate. Crabs in a bucket. It is amusing really.

It looks like Trump is going to clean up in the North East in places like Jersey and Connecticut and Rhode Island. Even the chief rat Karl Rove has told his money people that Trump will be the nominee so they shouldn't piss him off too much. Rats don't jump on a sinking ship.

The Giants drafted this guy called Rocky Thompson number one in 1971. He was just about the fastest guy to ever play for them to this very day. He was the 18th pick in the draft that year when the Giants were desperate. Just the way conservatives are desperate this year. Rocky had one thing. Speed. Teddy has one thing. Rigid conservatism.  They put all their chips on that one thing. And failed because Rocky could not stop himself from making unforced errors.

I don't see that being the way we should go in this election. Trump is unpredictable. He makes plenty of errors and miscues but he runs the ball back for a touchdown quite a bit. A lot more than Teddy. But hey bags and April if you do than knock yourself out.


edutcher said...

It gets better.

Last night (I guess he couldn't find an escort and heidi was gazing wistfully at the Pelham Parkway) he came up with, "America has always been best when she is lying down with her back on the mat.".

That'll rekindle the Enquirer story.

Methadras said...

I think Uncle Sam is going to have a say so about seeing America on her back with her legs up. Obama would take one look at that and instead just call Reggie. Hillary would look at that and clap her hands with glee, "Oh goodie, I get to fuck America with my strap-on. Huma, be a good girl and go get it would you?"

Trooper York said...

Another unforced error by Teddy.

He should keep his sexual fantasies out of the public view.

I mean look at all the trouble Trump got into when he started talking about how hot Ivanka is.
Take a lesson from that buddy.

AprilApple said...

"The Smartest, Toughest People In The World™ voted overwhelmingly for a loudmouth braggart liar con man who whines about how mean Ted Cruz is to New Yorkers for suggesting they are leftists who vote for loudmouth braggart liar con men.”

-Ben Shapiro

edutcher said...

Too bad Ben Shapiro is bought and paid for or what he says might actually count for something.

Besides, it's the One True Ted who's whining now. After paying off half the blogosphere and talk radio, Daddy Cruz is upset 'cause Hannity was mean to him.

Methadras said...

Ben Shapiro is a eunuch. I'm sure he's still sniffing at Michelle Fields door.