Tuesday, August 19, 2014

stuck in baby chair

Drink responsibly.

IIRC, the tray on my brother's highchair slid forward.  Surely he can undo a screw, or just break it open. 

Also, I saw this before and now again on Twitter. It is an excellently smooth kind of dance as if the man's legs are made of rubber and as if the autonomic gyroscopic balance mechanism still functions partially to put the foot where it needs to be to stay upright, but lacks balance for the whole body to adjust to the new placement. Almost. Like something entirely elastic, with motor / balance malfunction. It is fascinating how well the man stays up for so long given his sensory/motor coordination is shot.

But I hated the way the video abruptly stops. So I removed a few frames, although each frame did show a change in movement, but I had to remove a few frames in order to turn video into gif so that it can be looped. Then added a few frames to to get him to stand up and return to where he begins. It is of a piece with Rosemary Lehmberg, He could be Travis County's new Asst. D.A, possibly head the Public Corruption Office. Perhaps head their Family Justice Division or set up a Children's Advocacy Center. 

It still fascinates me. The 12-pack of Dr Pepper is part of the balancing act. 

I keep reading alarm notices such as "he was tested with marijuana in his system," as so much reefer madness, but this is what alcohol does. I've never seen anyone high or stoned on marijuana do anything more outrageous than become paranoid about going out in public and having to interact with people, or driving exceedingly carefully as old people do, or become wearisomely philosophical, or conversely withdraw. And worst of all simply doze off to sleep, but nothing at all like this or how Rosemary Lehmberg behaved.


Eric the Fruit Bat said...

That professor guy who did the lecture discs on evolutionary psychology talked briefly about the capacity for alcohol intoxication and addiction and whether it's adaptive.

Something to do with naturally occurring yeasts on fruit skins and micro-nutrients.

Perhaps I'd recall the lecture material better had I not been listening while drunk.

Michael Haz said...

He isn't drunk. He's performing an interpretive dance called the Budweiser Shuffle.

Lem said...

I watched 'Trouble with the curve' the other night. That movie was sponsored by the alcohol industry.

bagoh20 said...

That's why I don't drink Dr. Pepper. It makes you act a fool. I discovered that the way to smoke pot is to stop after one good hit. You don't get paranoid, and stupid - just happy and horny - a wonderful combination with with the right person.

ricpic said...

Is this the same guy who had to have a gerbil removed from where the sun don't shine?