Saturday, June 10, 2017

"I'm Batman." "No you are dead." "Oh."

"Hey I was napping and I just woke up. Where am I?"
"Why you are in Heaven silly. Batman is Jesus's favorite show."
"Really? What's this book?"
"It's the Heaven Registry. Saint Peter sent us to have you sign it. Oh. And to have sex with you."
"What? I am not a Muslim. I didn't expect to get Seventy Virgins."
"We ain't virgins silly. That wouldn't be any fun. So sign the register and we can get started. I always wanted to slide down the bat pole."


edutcher said...

He was a contract player with Warners in the late 50s and early 60s and he got his timing from the many episodes of "Maverick" he did.

ampersand said...

That's 3 WB contract players dead. Roger Moore, Roger Smith and Adam West. Someone must have tightened up the 3 celebrity rule.

ampersand said...

Whose dem boyz?

edutcher said...

Didn't see about Roger Smith.

When did it happen?

PS It's a miracle he lived this long.

ampersand said...

Monday or Tuesday. Ann Margret kept him going.

edutcher said...

When she took the header off the stage in Vegas, he stood by her, so, when he got myasthenia gravis, she figured she owed him.

Character comes out in the oddest people sometimes.

PS That's all the private eyes on 77 - Efrem Zimbalist and Richard Long both died years ago.

It's like an old cartoon in a Philadelphia newspaper magazine I saw. A society woman is lamenting the closing of all the clothing and department stores that had been around forever, say "My whole childhood is going out of business".

ndspinelli said...

Loved John Barleycorn.

Chip Ahoy said...

Batman was one of the few American television shows aired in Tokyo at the time. Except it was dubbed in Japanese. At the halfway point when the Batman and Robin were deep into trouble and text of their predicament scrolled up the screen was the single thing we saw on t.v. printed in English so it stuck out like a GIANT SORE THUMB. A delightful, amusing and welcome giant sore thumb. I bet a lot of Japanese used that to practice their real life non-academic English.

*looks up John Barleycorn* Okay, now I'm really confused.

Leland said...

He was the first celebrity from whom I got an autograph. RIP

chickelit said...

This is classic Trooper York -- as good as anything he did on his own blog. Just sayin'