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Shock Bakura - Play Something Smooth

From a playlist I'm putting together, I referenced here, using a Club Music tag.

A room with a View

That vagina monologue crap fest  "The View" is on my radar these days. But only because one of my favorite actresses got a gig there and is afraid that she will be ripped apart. So much so that she went on Social Media to ask for support from normal people when the Social Justice Warriors start to swarm.

Candace Cameron Bure is starting on the show as a co-host. Now I don't follow her because of her old sitcom "Full House" but because of her Hallmark Channel Movies. The thing is that TV has become so horrible that I can't watch most episodic TV shows anymore.

I am a big fan of TV. Much more so than movies. But every TV show has become devoted to gore and serial killers. You can't even watch a stupid fun show like "Hawaii 5 O" without them showing a burned corpse or a woman with a screw driver stuck  in her eye. Look if you are watching an FX show about motorcycle gangs you expect a certain level of carnage. But if I am watching a show about Fireman in Chicago you don't want one of the regular characters to be abducted, tortured, raped and murdered. So I canceled HBO, Showtime and all of the movie channels. George Rape Rape Martin can peddle his wares elsewhere. What can be acceptable in a novel sort of bugs you when you see it on TV. If you have seen one incestuous rape you have seen them all. Now it is wholesome family entertainment for me.

Hallmark has a formula. There is always one of two situations. Either there is a single mom with kids who meets a fireman or a policeman or a  ball player. Or it is a career gal with a high powered job in media or law who meets a widower with cute kids. Or a dog. They meet. Are attracted to each other. There is some problem that keeps them apart. But they get together in the last reel and everybody lives happy ever after.

Now the stars of these movies are always one of four women. Lori Loughlin.  Alison Sweeney. Lacey Chabert. Or Candace Cameron Bure. One of them is in every one of these movies. It is familar as your bedroom slippers. Very soothing after a long day of nonsense to lay on the couch and watch one of these shows. So I don't want one of my favorite nice little actresses get brutalized by Whoopie or Rosie O'Donnell or Joyless Behar or Rosie Illegal Perez or whatever commie battle-ax they have running that crapapalooza.

Luckily it looks like "The View" is on the express track to get canceled. Last week they savaged a nurse who was a finalist in the Miss America contest who wore scrubs and talked about helping Alzhemier patients. There was a firestorm and several sponsors dropped them including some big time money. They are scrambling to do damage control but so far it is not working. So it looks like they are on the road to cancellation city.

Hey maybe they can replace them with reruns of some Hallmark Movies.

I think I am turning into a chick  in my old age.

GET OFF OF MY LAWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carly with the laughing face on Immigration

Conservative Review by David Horowitz  August 12, 2015
In 2010, while running for Senate in California against Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer, Carly affirmed her support for the DREAM Act amnesty, noting “I would support the DREAM Act because I do not believe that we can punish children who through no fault of their own are here trying to live the American dream."  The DREAM Act has served as the foundation for Obama’s cycle of amnesty and Fiorina’s defense is the heart and soul of the arguments Hillary can and will use during the general election. 

Don’t we need a candidate who will be able to throw what is perhaps our biggest punch with full force? 

Carly also opposed fixing the birthright citizenship loophole for illegal aliens and referred to it as an “emotional distraction.”  She also accused some opponents of amnesty as taking on a racist tone.  Again, that is exactly what Hillary says.  How can she throw the immigration punch with such vulnerabilities?

In February 2013, when the Gang of 8 released the worst comprehensive amnesty bill of our time, Carly was one of its biggest cheerleaders on the Sunday shows.  Appearing on Meet the Press, she said "I applaud and salute the Gang of Eight`s proposal. Let`s move forward and vote on that."  She appeared on This Week on February 3 praising the bill as a “carefully crafted” balance and a “good first step,” while expressing hope that the Democrats would not oppose it.  This bill was the embodiment of what is wrong with the very political class she now inveighs against in her well-honed stump speech.  Yet, when people like Cruz and Sessions were fighting to stop this bill, which emboldened Obama to expand his executive amnesty and create a new wave of illegal immigration.

"Obama admin, big businesses abandon Clinton Global Initiative"

"On Sept. 26, CGI, a branch of the Clinton Foundation, convenes its 11th annual meeting with a star-studded cast. Bill and Chelsea Clinton will be joined by Ashley Judd, Charlize Theron, Edward Norton, Ted Danson, Tina Brown, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Sir Richard Branson, Bill Gates and George Soros. What will be missing is more than a million dollars from a who's who of corporate behemoths that sponsored the meeting last year. Six high-profile firms ended their cash donations, to be replaced with only one similar high-profile corporate donor so far."

"USA TODAY has confirmed that sponsors from 2014 that have backed out for this year include electronics company Samsung, oil giant Exxon Mobil, global financial firms Deutsche Bank and HSBC, and accounting firm PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers). Hewlett-Packard, which just announced major layoffs, will be an in-kind donor instead of a cash contributor, and the agri-chem firm Monsanto has cut back its donation. Dow's name is missing from the donor list as well, but the chemical company's exit is not confirmed."

"Amhed’s clock was invented, and built, by Micronta, a Radio Shack sub"

"So, this story about a 14 year old boy in Texas that was arrested on suspicion of creating a bomb hoax (who, apparently just wanted to show off his latest electronics project to his teachers) that has blown up (no pun intended) all over the news and social media, caught my attention immediately. Not because of his race, or his religion, the seeming absurdity of the situation, the emotionally charged photo of a young boy in a NASA t-shirt being led off in hand cuffs, the hash tags, the presidential response… no, none of that. I’m an electronics geek. I was interested in the clock! I wanted to figure out what he had come up with."
I found the highest resolution photograph of the clock I could. Instantly, I was disappointed. Somewhere in all of this – there has indeed been a hoax. Ahmed Mohamed didn’t invent his own alarm clock. He didn’t even build a clock. Now, before I go on and get accused of attacking a 14 year old kid who’s already been through enough, let me explain my purpose. I don’t want to just dissect the clock. I want to dissect our reaction as a society to the situation. Part of that is the knee-jerk responses we’re all so quick to make without facts. So, before you scroll down and leave me angry comments, please continue to the end (or not – prove my point, and miss the point, entirely!)
Skipping down...
...Ahmed Mohamad did not invent, nor build a clock. He took apart an existing clock, and transplanted the guts into a pencil box, and claimed it was his own creation. It all seems really fishy to me.
If we accept the story about “inventing” an alarm clock is made up, as I think I’ve made a pretty good case for, it’s fair to wonder what other parts of the story might be made up, not reported factually by the media, or at least, exaggerated... 
If we stop and think – was it really such a ridiculous reaction from the teacher and the police in the first place? How many school shootings and incidents of violence have we had, where we hear afterwards “this could have been prevented, if only we paid more attention to the signs!” Teachers are taught to be suspicious and vigilant. Ahmed wasn’t accused of making a bomb – he was accused of making a look-alike, a hoax. And be honest with yourself, a big red digital display with a bunch of loose wires in a brief-case looking box is awful like a Hollywood-style representation of a bomb. Everyone jumped to play the race and religion cards and try and paint the teachers and police as idiots and bigots, but in my mind, they were probably acting responsibly and erring on the side of caution to protect the rest of their students, just in case. “This wouldn’t have happened if Ahmed were white,” they say. We’re supposed to be sensitive to school violence, but apparently religious and racial sensitivity trumps that. At least we have another clue about how the sensitivity and moral outrage pecking order lies. 
Because, is it possible, that maybe, just maybe, this was actually a hoax bomb? A silly prank that was taken the wrong way? That the media then ran with, and everyone else got carried away? Maybe there wasn’t even any racial or religious bias on the parts of the teachers and police. (read the rest here)

How to handle a left wing media controversy

Link to video

Google images animals

3:22 minutes of nonsense featuring two of some dozen or so telephone camera application effects, kaleidoscope and drawing. Please note how the music selection cleverly avoids claims of copyright infringement.

Eric Fanning, to be nominated first openly gay U.S. Secretary of Army

Fanning, 47, has been a specialist on national security issues for more than two decades and has played a key role overseeing some of the Pentagon’s biggest shipbuilding and fighter jet programs. Now he will oversee an Army that has been battered by the longest stretch of continuous combat in U.S. history and is facing potentially severe budget cuts.

WSJ commenters don't like it one single bit.

They're not particularly clever, the unhappy commenters. Nobody said anything about not ever wearing but still liking very much a man in uniform. 

There must be a ton of qualified people to choose from when you think about it, a bewilderingly large choice of good people available, who then is groomed for higher positions and who selected for them becomes a matter of selecting along lines that do not bear on job effectiveness, they're all similar for the most part with the very rare genius, rather, other values are indulged that do not bear on performance and this template or pattern of choosing statistical outliers followed consistently for political reasoning so that over time public servants in no wise resemble the actual public. 

On the other hand, he really could be the standout best. I don't know.

Good luck. His career arc is surprisingly rapid. He was made undersecretary of the Army only a few months ago. Undersecretary of Army to Secretary of Army in three and half months. Schwing. Like a piece on a game board moved by a hand from above. 

light show

I enjoyed all the non political posts today especially. Sometimes the political ones get hairy. It's like psychological id is released and goes flying around unrestrained all over the place. Tonight I was kind to a person using a youthful Twitter avatar and who mentioned age-related things a few times indicating possible fraud, he or she could have been quite old for all that I know. Still, I was patient as if talking with a child and it worked. I think. That's a change right there. The impulse is to meet meanness with meanness more harsh.

Yesterday the microwave lit up on its own and that could be dangerous and spooky. I realized the sun dropped allowing light to stream through as a beam illuminating the glass front a brilliant gold. Cool. The whole room was gold. I turned and looked outside through the terrace door, stopped my activity walked up to the door and watched the sun go down. Just me and God. I snapped a series of photos but they are all ordinary.

Then tonight the same thing. The room lights up, I look out, pick up my camera and snap a series of shots. A woman and her two daughters were drawn to their terrace too for the same reason I was. I waved, got their attention, and told them I had been doing this all summer long. I'm continually amazed with the cloud and light show that comes as a daily gift. The woman said her daughter took a photography class, the assignment was get a shot of a sunset, in the time given none of the sunsets were anything like this. she never did get a good shot. The daughter was right there now and without a camera so I don't know how enthusiastic she was for her lessons. It's worth recording without a class involvement.

I should set up a tripod and do this again so it's steady. That takes a moment's planning and I don't got time to bleed I'm not that fast. I loved it when it went all streaky. See, there's a gap in the cloud layer at mountain top distance so the sun slips beneath the layer and projects upon the bottoms of the cloud layer  like a movie projector with clouds and mountain tops interrupting resulting in light streaks that change. It was neat seeing the other people coming out to view and knowing it's not just me freaking out about something ordinary and regular as sunset. It gets me every time.

Sunrise on Maui's Haleakala is a thing. Busses take people to the top and the people are bundled in tour company blankets and weather protection. The sight and the setting are truly spectacular. A few busses at top, rented cars, tourists mostly and the occasional native Hawaiian, surprisingly good natured and generally easily given to laughter. While waiting I mentioned the Lifesavers candy commercial with the dad and boy watching a sunset. The dad whispers: "going ... going ... gone." Boy silhouette turns, amazed, whispers: "Do it again, Daddy."  I was talking to my brother who was unaffected but a few non-touristy types overhearing roared laughing. 

Shameless commercialism

So... stuff happened and this got made.   I'm on the hook for buying however many extra t-shirts necessary to get them printed so that the four people who bought one will get their shirts.  I'd rather not buy six t-shirts.  So I'm gonna be rude and post a link.  :)    I think they're cute, anyhow.

Exposure is what you die of when you don't get paid.


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Jimi Hendrix having his hair done 1968

Via Reddit

Conservative gal seeks Hymie who likes to do it in the Heinie.

Ann Coulter's J Date profile-

Conservative Gal seeks Hymie who likes to do it in the Heine.

I like long walks on the beach in wing tip shoes, bashing liberals about the head and face, cutting taxes and anal.

Any Tom, Dick or Scholmo may apply but make sure you are not boring. How many are there of you swinging smeckles anyway? How come no one is answering my ad. What are you all gay? I bet you are gay. Did the rabbi take more than 10% off. I know you love a bargain but come on. Lets go Yentl don't be gentle. I need it bad. Call me.

Not you ricpic. You freak. I know you love the dark meat. But the rest of the Yids can put in a bid. Call me. I mean it!

Carly with the Laughing Face

If I don't see her each day, I miss her
Gee what a thrill, each time I kiss her
Believe me, I've got a case
On Carly with the laughing face

She takes the winter and makes it summer
Global warming could take some lessons from her
Picture a Caitlyn Jenner in lace
That's Carly with the laughing face.

Did you ever hear mission bells ringing
Well, she'll give you the very same glow
When she speaks you would think it was singing
Just hear her say hello

I swear to goodness, you can't resist her
Sorry for you, she has no sister

No angel could replace
Carly with the laughing face
Keep Christie, Rubio and Bush
She makes my heart a burning tush
No angel could replace
My Carly with the laughing face

Who am I to judge?

President Barrack Saddam Hussein Obama with his customary sense of decorum and protocol has invited all the denizens of Misfit Island to the White House dinner with Pope Francis. This National league line up includes a divorced gay bishop, a bunch of gay "Catholic" activists and a nun who leads a group that wants more abortions for everyone. Just the type of people that would embarrass the Pope if he takes a photo with them so people can use it to imply that he supports their agenda. You know like photo of Rosalyn Carter with John Wayne Gacy.

Of course Pope Francis is hard to embarrass. He is refusing to meet with Cuban dissidents when he is in Cuba because.....I don't know....Fidel is his kind of guy. The Pope does seem to base a lot of his world view on the position that the US is at fault for most of the worlds problems. Well that capitalism is at fault. He calls capitalism the devils poop. His views align much more with Fidel than the Cuban dissidents who are seeking freedom so I guess it makes sense that he will not meet with them.

I do no that he will not be protesting in front of a Planned Parenthood clinic. He will be in Philly but he won't stop and pray in front of Gosnell's clinic. I can not find where he has denounced Planned Parenthood or referenced the videos where they talk about chop up babies like they were a used Buick. That he doesn't seem to have time for.

Passing the ca-napes with the motely crew that Obama has assembled seems to be fine. He won't refuse to meet with them. He won't cancel the dinner or demand that these people be dis-invited. I bet he will be all smiles and hugs with Governor Cuomo who is one of the top abortion warriors in the United States. Cuomo would be happy to hold a mother down while they rip the baby out with a pair of pliers to sell the parts on Ebay. He won't scorn him. He won'd admonish him. He certainly won't excommunicate him. That ain't gonna happen.

 I don't get it.

But who am I to judge.

George Stephanopoulos interviews Fiorina

But not as journalist. Why? How would you advise a young High School journalist to approach researching the subject at hand, Carley's misstating what is recorded digitally and available for all to see? Certainly you would tell the High School student to view the evidence themselves and report what they see but George does not do that, rather, like me he relies mostly on what other people say the videos contain, the worst parts, people with the kind of fortitude that I don't have needed to watch them all the way through and comprehend what is going on by snippets of conversation.

George doesn't need to watch either, analysts, his chums, did that for him and they report the scene Fiorina described does not actually occur on the recording.


You see, Carly failed to say people described babies on tables still living and twitching Carly said the videos show them and they don't and that disproves the whole lot. QED.

Well let's watch the videos together then we can see for ourselves if they have the scene or not.

"Talk to the hand."

The criminal activity is radiant and needs watching, whether or not that precise scene as described is there.

"Talk to the wall."

And since you're not listening or watching or talking sincerely anymore we're forced to persist and take matters to congress, for whatever that's worth, to the oval office the aim as you see, and throughout all the courts with full energy powered by video repulsion and see what we can have changed.

"Talk to the galaxy between us. Those videos we spoke of don't even exist."

Aleister at Legal Insurrection mocks Stephanopoulos for taking his information from VOX, the Left's well-funded low-information explainers that manage to get everything wrong on purpose. And here, George the non-journalist, like myself, abjures from watching the videos wholeheartedly and this makes me as much an expert on these videos as he yet Stephanopoulos presumes to challenge Fiorina on this technicality that in their world dismisses the lot. I like Fiorina's way of slapping him down like a bad little dog and showing he is among those Hillary's supporters she describes who cannot be bothered to watch the videos of criminal activity they support.

He's seen as much as I have, he knows their destructive power and they're terrified. It's not so much that Fiorina is brilliant here as Stephanopoulos imbecilic. 

Congratulations on how you have stopped beating your wife Mr. Trump

So this nudnick in a Town Hall meeting starts off his question with the not unreasonable premise that Obama is really a Muslim. Trump brushes him off and goes "Sure we will look into that" and goes on with the rest of the show. That sets off the pajama boys in media who say it is a terrible gaff and he should have jumped to defend Barack Saddam Hussien Obama from the base calumny that he is a Muslim. What's up with that?

It's not Trumps job to fight Obama's battles for him. Obama has done nothing but advance the cause of radical Islam as President. He constantly calls out America  for being Islamphobes. The latest bullshit story with the kid and the fake clock is just the latest example. From phony nooses hung in the professors office to made up rape accusations at Rolling Stone to "Hands Up Don't Shoot" these Social Justice Warriors just make stuff up and expect people to cower in fear and bow down to them.  Trump just laughs and moves on. That is the essence of his appeal. If some of the other Republicans can follow his lead they will be getting somewhere.

Carly with the Laughing Face is picking up on it. When she said that they shouldn't change the currency to "honor" women because they aren't a special interest group the usual suspects crapped their pants. She didn't back down. So far. It looks like she learned the lesson that Trump is putting out there. You don't have to kowtow to the media and the pundits and the pressure of the politically correct. From Gamergate to Sad Puppies to the "Blue Lives Matter" groups there are plenty of people who are sick and tired of this relentless game of gotcha by the media and the politically correct. Guess what? Those mutts will never vote for a Republican anyway. Screw them. Trump is showing the way. If a slick piece of work like Marco Ricky Ricardo can learn that lesson he will go far.

Let's see what happens.

What is the worst physical sensation that is entirely painless?

Reddit top voted answers...
When seaweed grazes your feet or legs in the ocean:
"Guess I'm dying now."
Trying to put on clean clothes after a shower in a hot and humid room.
Randomly crunching down on a couple of grains of sand.
Stepping on a wet floor while wearing socks.
Bed spins after drinking too much. Walking through an unseen spider web. That feeling you get when you suddenly realize that you left your purse/wallet/phone in a public establishment..over an hour ago!

"What a fool I was"

"Why I’ve finally given up on the left"
Left-wing thought has shifted towards movements it would once have denounced as racist, imperialist and fascistic. It is insupportable...
In the years since What’s Left was published, I have argued that the likes of Corbyn do not represent the true left; that there are other worthier traditions opposed to oppression whether the oppressors are pro-western or anti-western. I can’t be bothered any more. Cries of ‘I’m the real left!’, ‘No I’m the real left!’ are always silly. And in any case, there is no doubt which ‘real left’ has won.
The half-educated fanatics are in control now. I do not see how in conscience I can stay with their movement or vote for their party. I am not going to pretend the next time I meet Owen Jones or those Labour politicians who serve in Corbyn’s shadow cabinet that we are still members of the same happy family. There are differences that cannot and should not be smoothed over.


"Carry me, caravan, take me away
Take me to Portugal, take me to Spain
Andalusia with fields full of grain
I have to see you again and again..."

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Nobel Official says Obama Peace Prize did not have desired effect

Geir Lundestad stepped down last year as non-voting secretary of the committee. He wrote in a book released today that the committee had expected the award to give a boost to Obama. [Amazon Geir Lundestad ]

ABC News reports this surprised the committee when instead the award was met with fierce criticism in the U.S., where many argued Obama had not been president long enough to have any impact worthy of the Nobel and even his supporters believed the prize a mistake.

This is how they think,
" that sense the committee didn't achieve what it had hoped for."
No. It did not achieve what it had hoped for. He is admitting to hoping for a political boost that didn't happen, and not to admitting to increased world peace, bad enough because it is still not achievement. Pretty much all Americans saw what the Nobel Committee did not, we saw them squandering their institution for their preferred politics, they conflated what they want for what is, what people actually did. They dishonored themselves and the award.

It's your webpage.
According to Nobel's will, the Peace Prize is to go to whoever "shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses". 
See the problem, the whole past tense thing? Cart, horse and all that. Maybe the "shall have done" construction threw you guys off, what is that, subjunctive past pluperfect? No wait, that would be "would had done." It's tricky, we'll put your wish casting with deadly important matters aside, we'll ignore your typical liberal 'create-your-own-reality' approach to running important global institutions, we'll elide over you destroying your own credibility and cut you some slack, that past-tense achievement thing could have been stated more simply and more emphatically. It could have just said, "whatever our panel would like to happen." Just change it. Do what you like.

We learn Obama called the committee, not to discover if more worthy people were passed over in favor of him, rather, to find out if other winners had skipped the award ceremony.

The article begins, "In a break with Nobel tradition, the former secretary to the committee says the 2009 award to President Obama failed to live up to the panel's expectations.

That wasn't the break with tradition. Awarding for political support and not achievement as mandated is the break with tradition. We're glad you regret it.

Returning to copy desk

This should be good.

It is. Saw bits of this yesterday and this is the whole thing at the Corner.

Returning to copy desk briefly. For this one thing. We are to understand Kevin Williamson at the Corner was once copy desk editor, I gather, and he becomes cross while reading the news about Israel and cannot take insinuated bias anymore for its poor journalistic character and deep bias that permeates their writing. It is an actual NYT article.  By returning to his copy desk personality he makes notations throughout the original piece under the alias ED. You can tell ED is angry because his words are darker than the original words.

A random sample near the end:

Palestinians frequently argue that rocks and crude incendiary devices are among their only weapons to press for independence, and to defend themselves against Israeli forces during confrontations. [ED: Was there a confrontation with Israeli forces under way? Or was there a confrontation with a 64-year-old Jewish man driving home from dinner under way?] For some young Palestinians in areas where there are frequent tensions, their use has become a rite of passage. [ED: So, the Palestinian bar mitzvah, you’re saying?]

Somerville is hosting a ‘Pity Party’

"The city is hosting a “Pity Party,” and turnout may be in the thousands."
The idea comes from local artist Greg Cook, who said people who are sad should be together in one place and not alone.
“A pity party is usually a kind of party you have by yourself to wallow in sadness—wear pajamas, binge on ice cream, listen to sad songs,” states the event’s Facebook description. “Now imagine that as a free, community, block party in Union Square. . . sad for the whole family.”

"For Constitution Day, take stock of the grand experiment"

"Sept. 17 marks Constitution Day. In Philadlephia, 228 years ago, George Washington and his fellow delegates subscribed their names to a copy of the proposed constitution. They hoped the states would call conventions to consider the document and that at least nine would ratify it and summon into existence what they described in the preamble as “a more perfect Union,” which would “establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty” to themselves and their “Posterity.”

"As this language suggests, nearly all of those who had attended the federal convention had high hopes. None, however, were certain that the proposed constitution would suffice. They were, they knew, engaged in an experiment."

Please read more at the link

The oldest British man ever

"Henry William Allingham (6 June 1896 – 18 July 2009) was a British supercentenarian, the oldest British man ever, First World War veteran and, for one month, the verified oldest living man in the world. He is also the second-oldest military veteran ever, and at the time of his death, he was the 12th-verified oldest man of all time."
Allingham credited "cigarettes, whisky and wild, wild women – and a good sense of humour" for his longevity.
Allingham overtook George Frederick Ives as the longest lived member of the British Armed Forces on 1 November 2007. He was therefore the longest lived British First World War veteran to date.
Following the death of Tomoji Tanabe on 19 June 2009, Allingham became the oldest living man. At his death, he was the oldest living veteran of the First World War, but not the longest lived member of any armed force in any conflict; this record is held by Emiliano Mercado del Toro of Puerto Rico, who also served in the First World War.
Via Reddit.

Republican candidates choose their own Secret Service code names

One of the more inane, indulgent and unhelpful questions asked by Jake Tapper at the end evoked one of the liveliest happiest responses from all the candidates. They all answered apparently sincerely. A stupid question, I think, I was discouraged hearing it, here is how they answered.

Chris Christie: True Heart.

John Kasich: Unit One (from Ohio)

Carly Fiorina: Secretariat

Scott Walker: Harley

Jeb Bush" Everready (battery)

Donald Trump: Humble

Ben Carson: One Nation

Ted Cruz: Cohiba (cigar)

Marco Rubio: Gator (Fla. sports team)

Mike Huckabee: Duck Hunter

Rand Paul: Justice Never Sleeps

Sadly we don't know what Jindal, Pataki, Graham and Santorum would pick for their SS handles.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

WKRLEM: Is you is or is you ain't my baby Mr. Trump?

Spread the word!

Jeb Bush and Pope Francis only want to talk to the American People in Spanish.

What do you think?

The Fire Last Time

"In Brownsville in the 1970's you were a target if you were a fireman. They would call in a false alarm and when you pulled up in front of a tenement the crowd would be up on the roofs and throw rocks and bottles and human shit and anything they could get the hands on. Of course when there was a real fire they would demand that you rush in to save their asses. Which you did because it was your job. The knucklehead that hit you with a rock yesterday was the one you dragged out of the building because he started a mattress fire when he fell asleep smoking his Kool's."

"You would be amazed at the stupid shit people will do in a fire. One time we rushed up to the top floor of a four story walk up that was burning like crazy at four in the morning. We hammered on the doors and broke them down to get the people out. There was garbage and derbies and all kinds of crap in the hallway. It was almost impossible to pass to get to the apartments to get the people out. We break into this one apartment and this mutt gets up out of bed rubbing his eyes. There were a couple of kids sleeping in a crib and a trundle bed. No woman to be seen. We grab the kids and start to leave. This mutt goes "Hey Man what about my stereo? I spent a lot of scratch on dat." Didn't give a crap about his kids just his stereo. I said "Oh your stereo. No problem I will take care of that for you." I took it and threw it out the window."

Old Hickory? Old Hickory Hair?

I think Donald Trump is the new Andrew Jackson.

Look at the similarities. Both are men of the people. Not the political or social class that they belong to who despise them as uncouth barbarians. The aristocrats hate them because they have the common touch. They both talk in way that resonates with the common man. The laborer. The mechanic. The farmer. The everyday person who didn't go to an ivy league school. They are considered low class vulgarians not worthy of the Presidency.

They both have horrible tempers and were legendary in their feuds. Now Trump doesn't have the balls to fight a duel but he did do it in the current business with a pen and a briefcase instead of a pistol or a blade. They don't give an inch and when they hate you they hate you. There can be no mistake. No namby pamby weasel words that you get from your typical political types. You do realize that Thomas Hart Benton is a dead ringer for Rosie O'Donnell.

They both picked women of loose morals as their wives. Rachel Donelson and Marla Maples had a lot in common. Both were all over the tabloids and attacked by their detractors who tried to drag them down because of the women they married. It is just as vicious today as it was in Jacksons time although people don't care that much anymore.

They both competed against the effete scions of a political dynasty. Jackson vs. John Quincy Adams. Trump vs. Jeb Bush. Their opponents can't believe that the people would prefer these uncouth vulgarians over their aristocratic knowledge and experince.

Last of all there is one characteristic that shows how Donald Trump and Andrew Jackson are dopplegangers.

The hair.

Is Trump an Obama 2016?

THE DEBATE WE WERE SUPPOSED TO HAVE: At Ricochet, Jon Gabriel looks back of a summer of Trumpian silliness and wistfully writes, “The 2016 election was the grand battle conservatives had been hoping for since Ronald Reagan left the Oval Office. The roster of candidates was to be a who’s-who of smart, proven, center-right leadership:”
We aren’t discussing America’s $18.4 trillion national debt and our insolvent social programs. The stagnant economy and an expansionist China, Russia, and Islamic State. Burning cities at home and burning countries abroad.
Instead we’re trading GIFs of a reality show star on “The Tonight Show,” giggling about menstruation, and wondering if the most impressive GOP field in a generation are a bunch of “dummies” or if they’re a bunch of “losers.”
These are serious times. We are not a serious people.
Well, the American people chose a reality show candidate in 2008 — the comic book superhero “Lightworker,” who could be seen on comic book covers and in the form of plastic action figure replicas, when not appearing on professional wrestling TV shows asking, “Do you smell what Barack’s cooking,” and who modestly pledged that by merely besting Hillary Clinton to win the Democrat nomination, “this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal.”

Of course voters want more of the same in 2016.

"So you tried to make a bomb?" (update)

"Irving 9th-grader arrested after taking homemade clock to school"

Link to video

Not so innocent looking clock 

"E-Skin That Changes Color Like a Chameleon"

"Electronic skin, or “e-skin,” is a paper-thin, strong, flexible material designed to mimic the functions of human skin, such as sensitivity to pressure and temperature. Professor Zhenan Bao and her team of researchers at Stanford University have been investigating and improving on e-skin since 2008."
Dr. Ho-Hsiu Chou is a postdoctoral scholar of Zhenan Bao’s research group, and first author of the study. He explains that this is the first time that the three features of touch-sensitivity, stretchability, and color changing have been combined. This color change capability is a particular step up from light-up e-skin because the material can maintain a color change without consuming power...
Chou envisions this technology used “in smartphones and watches and clothing, because the material we use is soft and stretchable. By integrating with this color-changeable e-skin, you can imagine that all the colors can be integrated into one device, and the user can change it interactively for decoration or to express emotion.”

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

"Super-granny stops robbery at Jewellers at Northampton"

Link to video

"What is your favorite stand up comedy bit?"

Top voted Reddit comments...
Mike Birbiglia: What I Should Have Said Was NothingA few years ago, I was moving a new bed into my apartment, and this woman who lived in the building opened the front door for me with her key. She said, 'I'm not worried because a rapist wouldn't have a bed like that.' That's how she started the conversation. Now, what I should have said was nothing. What I did say was 'You'd be surprised.'
John Mulaney - The Salt and Pepper Diner has me on the floor crying from laughter every time I listen to it.
Robin Williams when he was describing how the Scottishish came up with the game of golf. Always makes me laugh.
"So you do this once. Nnnnooo 18 fucken times "
"The Machine" story by Bert Kreischer

"A Guantanamo Bay prisoner has an online dating profile"

"says he is 'detained but ready to mingle'"
Muhammad Rahim al-Afghani is looking for love on from the confines of his prison camp, where he has been held since 2007.
According to his lawyer Carlos Warner, who monitors the account, al-Afghani set up the profile in 2012.
With the location set to 'Guantanamo Bay', his tag line reads, 'detained but ready to mingle' - and he gets matches every day.

Pay people not to kill?

"Somalis in Minnesota question counter-extremism program targeted at Muslims"
With a population of at least 30,000, the Somali people are a significant presence in the Twin Cities, home to more 3.5 million people. Because they have been coming toMinnesota since the 1980s, the people who come now have family and friends who have already established a life in the midwest. They love it – besides the cold winters.
Rooted as they are in Minnesota, many in the the Somali Muslim community are alarmed at a US attorney-led program that they believe singles them out as more blood thirsty than other ethnic or religious groups, and makes them vulnerable to surveillance.
Led by a taskforce of 15 Somali Americans and a traditional community grant-making organization, the Counter Violent Extremism (CVE) program is the brainchild of the chief federal prosecutor for Minnesota, Andrew Luger. Later this month, it will launch a number of yet-to-be-announced grants to programs aimed at creating educational and professional opportunities among the Somali Muslim community in Minnesota. The goal is to prevent youth recruitment by overseas extremist groups such as Isis or al-Shabaab.
But even before any specifics of the program have been announced, the program has engendered dramatic hostility and division within the Muslim Somali community. Those opposed to the premise of the program point out that 96% of domestic terrorism is committed by white men. The exact figure is disputed, but all statistics have it at more than 90%.
“The idea that this Muslim community needs help, itself for this issue is problematic,” says Jaylani Hussein the executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-MN). “Because now you’re saying that countering violent extremism is only from one community. The threat comes from one community, the threat is only identified within one community, that community needs a program. The whole premise is wrong. This program, no matter how good it is, is flawed from its principle.”
Those who support the program are welcoming of new resources to their community, particularly if they will keep any brewing problem contained.
I read somewhere once, If you want more of something, subsidize it.

WKRLEM ok don't be Petty

Mr. T


"Refugee" -- a provocative tag at Lem's. What does he mean by putting it in quotes -- "refugee"?

The word is a two-layer etymology puzzle. The Germans call a refugee a Flüchtling -- a word in which the curious will see the diminutive ending -ling and the root Flucht or flight.

Our word refugee has the prefix re- meaning "back to" and a root based on the Latin verb fugere meaning "to flee" (think fugitive or centrifugal meaning center-fleeing).  But the verb also means to fly or to take flight: Tempus fugit

Monday, September 14, 2015

Bernie Sanders: U.S. Founded on ‘Racist Principles’

"Bernie Sanders said the United States was founded on “racist principles” during a speech at Liberty University on Monday. The senator from Vermont and Democratic presidential candidate referred to incidents of police shooting unarmed black men as examples of continued institutionalized racism. “We have got to stand up and say, in America you’re not going to do that. Racism is unacceptable,” he said."

Cialis Inflatables

Link to video

ht AllenS

Dogs make terrible "refugees"

View post on

"Boston Bombers Were Refugees"

The following is from Front Page Magazine. The entire article is worth your time to read:
"Before 9/11, the trial run for the attack was the World Trade Center bombing. The key figures in that attack, from Ramzi Yousef, the nephew of 9/11 planner Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, to the Blind Sheikh, whose ambitious plans involved bombing New York bridges and tunnels, asked for political asylum.
"Ramzi Yousef showed up with a fake passport and claimed to be an Iraqi refugee seeking political asylum. He was released on his own recognizance and told to show up for a hearing. He never did. 
"His co-conspirator, Ahmed Ajaj, went on filing for political asylum even while under arrest for his role in the World Trade Center bombing. Their pals, Mahmud Abouhalima, who routinely told passengers that 'In Islam, the people are the weapons,' and Mohammed Salameh, were illegal aliens who had applied for amnesty as agricultural workers. But they didn’t go on to pick lettuce or blueberries."
Consider that the Boston bombers were "actually 'poor refugees.'” The Washington Post reported:
"With their baseball hats and sauntering gaits, they appeared to friends and neighbors like ordinary American boys. But the Boston bombing suspects were refugees from another world — the blood, rubble and dirty wars of the Russian Caucasus."
“Our enemy now is Islamic terrorism, and these people are coming from a country filled with Islamic terrorists,” said Representative Peter T. King, Republican of New York. “We don’t want another Boston Marathon bombing situation.”
Do you trust the people that couldn't build a website with 600 million dollars to do a thorough background check on hundreds of thousands of people from all over the Islamic world?

"Father launches campaign to find son’s hit and run driver only to realise he was responsible"

I beg anyone who was on Hester's Way Road between 8:30 and 8:40....doing school runs or catching a bus… to please call the police and help find who did this to my little man,” he wrote.

Local police also appealed for information, but realised Mr Ellison was responsible when they reviewed CCTV footage.
The distraught father expressed his shock and remorse on Facebook.
“Could you imagine what I felt like then knowing I nearly killed my own son completely unaware that I was responsible?” he wrote.
“Yes it was me. I just didn't see him or feel a bump… so imagine how I feel right now to be told that I accidentally ran over my own son. Think about that.
“That guilt will be with me forever.”
“The little man is recovering well and young enough to forget this day,” Mr Ellison wrote.

Schlichter: Obnoxious and Important Questions I Would Ask At The GOP Debate

"On behalf of all infuriated conservatives, I demand the right to interrogate the candidates myself. I get to ask a question and a follow-up, and here are the rules. First, answer the damn question. It insults me when you think I’ll somehow forget what I asked, so bewitching is your oratory. Second, answer, then stop talking. If you use more words than the Gettysburg Address (272) you are so, so very wrong. Third, no clichés. If you use the phrase “for the children,” I get to slap you."
Here goes:
Jeb! Bush:
You support amnesty and Common Core, you won’t undo the Iran sellout of Israel on your first day in office and – as we always expected – you’ve come outin support of more gun control. Since you have adopted Hillary’s platform, why are you running as a Republican?
Why are you so damn special that despite there being 320 million other Americans, we can’t do any better than a third Bush?
Dr. Ben Carson:
You’re proud of not being a politician, but what makes you think D.C.’s establishment won’t chew you up and spit you out?
You’re a guy with tremendous accomplishments, morals, and character. Why do you even want to go to Washington?
Jim Gilmore:
Can you name one person you aren’t related to who wants you to be president?
In fact, are you even supposed to be here on stage tonight?
Chris Christie:
Let’s deal with the elephant in the room – what the hell were you thinking snuggling up to Obama?
Other than talking incessantly about killing terrorists – which is cool – in what way are you even remotely a conservative?
Carly Fiorina:
You’re the only female running in the GOP primaries. Would you even be on this stage if you were a dude?
You were a senior officer in a huge corporation that did a lot of government work. Why should we conservatives believe you won’t be just another crony capitalist shafting us and stealing our money for the benefit of your corporate pals?
Lindsey Graham:
Conservatives detest you, and the feeling is mutual. Are you in this as some sort of establishment stalking horse to make sure a real conservative doesn’t derail Jeb! by snagging South Carolina’s delegates?
Anything else interesting that you’d like to tell us tonight?
John Kasich:
You decided to go along with Obamacare in Ohio. Why, as a conservative would I ever support you in the primary over someone committed to the destruction of that socialist atrocity?
Like many, even most, conservatives, I think you’re a smug, sanctimonious jerk who hides his self-righteousness behind a vague, unfocused aura of pseudo-Christian progressivism. Why should I allow you to spend four to eight years in my face telling me how I don’t measure up to your allegedly Jesus-inspired standards?
George Pataki:
Since I really have no idea why you’re running, let me just ask you this: Who’s more badass, Captain Kirk or Picard?
Marco Rubio:
My family is half Cuban, and we loved you and your life story until you lied to us about amnesty – no, that’s not an invitation for you to try to convince us how your past embrace of amnesty was not really an embrace of amnesty. You lied to me once – why should I ever believe anything you ever say again?
Here’s your chance to be clear – do you agree with me and most conservatives that America has zero moral obligation to illegal aliens, that they should receive no government benefits, and that they should leave our country?
Ted Cruz:
I think you are a genius lawyer and a true conservative, but you are off-putting to people who aren’t movement conservatives and I fear your candidacy would be Goldwater II: The Revenge. Do the math for me – how can you possibly win 270 electoral votes?
Wouldn’t you better serve conservatism as Chief Justice Ted Cruz?
Rand Paul:
Like your father, I can listen to you for a couple minutes, find myself nodding in agreement, and then BAM! you say something nutty, usually about foreign policy. How can I be sure you will do the most important thing a president must do – relentlessly and ruthlessly kill America’s enemies?
Chemtrails. Are they a thing?
Scott Walker:
The idea behind your campaign seemed to be that you’re a normal guy who would return us to normalcy, but we conservatives don’t want normalcy anymore. We want vengeance. Will you commit to ruthlessly annihilating liberalism wherever you find it?
More specifically, will you commit to destroying all federal government employee unions?
Mike Huckabee:
You combine a love of big government with a kind of religious paternalism that evokes an unholy love child of LBJ and Elmer Gantry. Can you sketch me out a scenario where you win the general election that doesn’t involve someone releasing tapes of Hillary gleefully vivisecting corgi puppies?
You play bass. Really, is that a president’s instrument?
Bobby Jindal:
As an Asian-American, can the GOP win over that growing minority group by addressing the systemic racism they face because of Democrat-dominated universities’ admissions policies?
I think you’d be a good president, but I don’t think you can win. Shouldn’t you agree to come on board with someone up here on stage who might win and agree to be his/her HHS secretary?
Rick Santorum:
You lost your Senate seat in Pennsylvania back in 2006, meaning you have failed in every election campaign since 2000. Why is this time different?
My country is falling apart and, like most conservatives, that’s my No. 1 priority. Why should I vote for you and re-fight the gay marriage battle that we’ve already decisively lost instead of saving our Constitution from these leftist creeps?
Donald Trump:
Yeah, it’s been a lot of fun watching you make the GOP establishment wince by raising subjects like illegal alien thugs that the elite wants hushed up. We’ve had some laughs. But if you are elected president, you will be the commander-in-chief. This is a no gotcha question – I led soldiers for 27 years, so this is personal to me and to millions of conservatives whose sons, daughters, mothers, and fathers serve. Can you give me one good reason why you are worthy of our trust to lead and to safeguard the lives of the incredible men and women of our armed forces?

Dad joke survivors

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Donald Trumps Diary

Well Diary this is a big week. Hhhhhuuuuuggggeee in fact. The big debate at CNN. Those jerks are making a lot of money off of me. So I stuck it to them. I am going to troll their asses big time. I said they should give some of the excess earnings from the commercials to veteran charities. Not that I give a shit about veterans. The closest I ever got to serving is shopping at the Old Navy. But it sure sounds good to the rubes.

That's all that counts. That is sounds good. That's why I have to watch my P's and Q's when I talk these days. I mean I can't say what I really mean. Look at all the bullshit I had to take when I told the truth about Carly Farina. What kind of name is Farina anyway. She sounds like she shoulda been the black kid in the Little Rascals. And her face. Are you kidding me. She looks like a constipated greyhound that was adopted before it was going to put to sleep. She needs some implants. Cheek implants. Breast implants. Personality implants. Something. Jeesh what a woofer.

Not as bad as Hillary of course. Boy I can't wait to run against her ass. What a loser. Wiping her emails. I bet she doesn't even wipe her ass.  Bill hates her. I mean he stays married to her for political purposes but they have an arrangement. He is always putting her down. Mocking her in fact. He is crapping his pants these days anyways. I mean the photo's that Jeffrey Epstein has of Bill and the Olsen twins are enough to make him lose his job as the Subway Sandwich spokesman for sure.

But first I have to deal with the idiots at the debate. Fat boy Christie will be after me like that psycho Rand Paul and Bobby Slurpee. Did you see his video diary. Yeah I didn't either. I mean the quality was poor since it was filmed on the security camera of his families Seven Eleven. Even so he has a big set of balls to go after me. I better warm up a little.

Let go out and kick the dog.

The Sad Puppies are even sadder if that is possible.

For those of you who are science fiction fans I wonder what you think about the recent results of the Hugo awards. I bet Synova is the only other person who frequents Lem's who knows about this recent dust up.

The Hugo's are a literary award given to the best science fiction stories of the year. There has been a controversy the last few years over the proposition that the entrenched subculture of Social Justice Warriors were awarding the Hugo's based on criteria other than merit. Sort of affirmative action for nerd writers. These awards always seem to go to obscure stories that celebrate trans-gender gay tele-paths who find themselves by being pissed on by water when they tell everyone they are homos. Instead of the space operas and military sci-fi and fantasy elf fests that sell millions upon millions of copies.  The last few years a group of like minded conservative writers have campaigned to see some of the more commercial viable and non-pc books get a fair shake from an incestuous cabal that controls the nominations and the awards. This group was know as the "Sad Puppies" and they ran a slate of candidates of writers who they thought deserved consideration. For example Jim Butcher of the "Harry Dresden" novels was one of the writers they nominated. A best seller who never would have a nomination if the elitists had anything to say about.

Well the Empire struck back and encouraged voters to vote for "No Award" to prevent writers who were supported by the Sad Puppies would lose. Which happened for several awards including best novella and best short story. The social justice warriors had marshaled their forces and beat back the Sad Puppies. Better no award than an award supported by the Puppies.

A related group called the Rabid Puppies also ran a slate. They are a more extreme version of the Sad Puppies led by a very interesting dude called Vox Day. He is basically sound in his reasoning if not as conservative as I would like. They are hated by the social justice warriors to a degree you seldom see anywhere being called Nazi's and racists and homophobes at every turn. So you can just turn off your radio set right there.

You might say "Why should I give a shit." I know Chip is saying that right about now if he read this far down the post while thinking about making a pop up book of Captain Kirk banging green alien chicks.You shouldn't really. Give a shit that is. I just think it is indicative of where we are today. The battle between the politically correct pantywaist social justice warriors and the rest of us. The whole reason that Donald Trump is the front runner in the primaries. Why blog comment sections fracture and people get banned or never speak again.

The most disappointing thing about the whole thing is reading the reaction of some of my favorite writers. Especially Eric Flint and George RR Martin. Reading their blog posts about this issue really pisses me off. To the point that I don't want to buy any of their books. This happens to me with actors all the time. Now they are doing it to my favorite authors. They should remember the famous words of Michael Jordan who when asked why he didn't speak out about racial issues said "Republicans buy sneakers too." I think they are making a mistake in alienating a big slice of the purchasing public. Which is what the Sad Puppies are all about. Asking why popular fiction is not what wins awards instead of politically correct bullshit.

Publishing is different now. People can self publish on Kindle and not have to get the approval of editors or gatekeepers who will prevent popular authors from finding an audience. So it will be interesting to see how this plays out.

Well interesting to me anyway. Just sayn'

Feminists storm stage at Muslim conference

There were two women that were topless and and had written across their torsos "I am my own profit" and "Nobody makes me submit." This is Sunday, right, how about a video of two topless women? This happened in France just outside Paris, ending violently according to a witness. We see the two religious dudes dressed in white, for purity no doubt, chins tucked, turning away unable to look, clearly embarrassed and with no way to even touch them, then men dressed normally jump the stage, uncertain about what to do at first because they must touch them to be effective, then more come to their senses and jump the stage crowding the women and remove them from the stage but that's all. No stoning or head chopping or anything.

The video is at Breitbart London titled: WARNING EXPLICIT CONTENT watermarked LiveLeak.

That was fun. They're all men at the conference. That was to be expected, I guess. Imagine it; the activists get worked up preparing for going into an all male conference. That takes guts. These people are known to kill. Interestingly, none of the men at the conference are fat. I note that general thinness all around and attribute it to youth mostly, diet and exercise, if not actual work.

The activist group Femen was founded in Ukraine and is best known for busting these moves on Christians, desecration of crucifixes and such, doing this naked thing in churches. They strip off their tops and prance naked and by such behavior attract a great following of like-minded radical strippers. The group spread rapidly throughout Europe.

Also, the whole Breitbart London site is interesting, just reading the titles of items that they get into. There is an item about Corbyn being the same as the Tories. Yesterday I read a title about Corbyn being the same as Trump. This shows the writers didn't take philosophy and internalize A is A and B is B. Always. Except for maths, that's different from philosophy. You can get away with that, but not in the actual world. No, Corbyn is Corbyn and Tories are Tories. Comparisons are useful only narrowly once you look beyond the comparison made, from another angle of view, and view from other angles show the two things having a good deal of differences, so many brought out by different angles of view that they overwhelm the original comparison so that A is not even "a", see, one is tall and ponted and the other short and round, right off they're obviously different and mean different things. And B is not even "b," one is tall with two bumps, the other shorter with one bump to the right. Whereas in math you can say A = B, not so in philosophical life where Corbyn is always unique. We can safely skip all such comparisons.

"Tech company: No indication that Clinton’s e-mail server was ‘wiped’"

"The company that managed Hillary Rodham Clinton’s private e-mail server said it has “no knowledge of the server being wiped,” the strongest indication to date that tens of thousands of e-mails that Clinton has said were deleted could be recovered."
“Platte River has no knowledge of the server being wiped,” company spokesman Andy Boian told The Washington Post. “All the information we have is that the server wasn’t wiped.”
The server that Clinton used as secretary of state was stored at her home in Chappaqua, N.Y., and was shared with her husband, former president Bill Clinton, and his staff. The device was managed during that time by a State Department staffer who was paid personally by the Clintons for his work on their private system.
All the e-mails from Clinton’s tenure at the State Department were on the server when the device was taken over in June 2013 by Platte River Networks, four months after Clinton left office.
A company attorney has said that all of Clinton’s e-mails were then migrated to a new server.
The e-mails were removed from the second server in 2014, with Clinton’s attorneys storing those they deemed work-related on a thumb drive and discarding those that they determined were entirely personal. Copies of 30,000 work e-mails were turned over to the State Department in December and are being released to the public in batches under the terms of a court order.

Leftist elected leader of U.K.'s Labor Party.

Rick Moran uses more adjectives, "loony" leftist to describe Jeremy Corbyn while explaining carefully the religion of the Pope and where wild bears do potty. Who else would they elect if not avowed socialist? And that's Labour over there, not Labor.

He's prone to say things like this, "fight back" meaning take on forces of inequality.

The party is divided.
SNP leader and Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon congratulated Mr Corbyn and offered to work with him to oppose the renewal of Trident nuclear weapons and against "Tory austerity". 
"The reality today is that at a time when the country needs strong opposition to the Tories, Jeremy Corbyn leads a deeply, and very bitterly, divided party. 
She adds if Labor cannot demonstrate a good chance of winning the next general election and strong opposition to Tory austerity then another move is likely to be busted for Scottish independence.

Corbyn has been a back bencher for thirty years and suddenly sprang to leadership. His changes of success were calculated 200 to 1 so his winning is a surprise to everybody including Corbyn himself. He was largely unknown and now he is not.

So there's that.

This connects with two other things that came up simultaneously.

Among standard socialist sayings about inequality, inevitability, unfairness, and change, all noted by Drudge, Jeremy Corbyn said something interesting, that his campaign had given the lie to claims that young Britons were apathetic about politics, showing instead that they were "a very political generation that were turned off by the way in which politics was being conducted -- we have to, and must, change that."

That observation about young people connects with the first unrelated thing, "Liberty Beats" YouTube videos put up by FreedomWorks Youth Activism. American millennials get the same rap. The generation described as having their noses in their phones could very well be reading about politics or organizing a demonstration or even a revolution ... under their noses. It is a very good video. Recommended. It too puts the lie to youth being apathetic. In the video Sam Martin, the millennial, says emphatically, "I want my principles to shape the vision of the country I live in." He also says his generation is concerned about privacy among many other things and that is hard to square with the rise of selfies and instantly notifying location and activities and friends and interests but Sam is a more serious sort.

The second thing it connected with immediately is related, a tweet by a British person, a guy named Hamish, who fancies himself clever, is interested in politics there and here who tweeted Trump directly with a photograph of Jeremy Corbyn the politician nobody heard of from the back benches of Parliament for thirty hears and with 200-1 chance of success, with the message, "Hey Trump, even my dad decided to vote for you." Ridiculous as his real dad would be British and disqualified from voting, but Hamish is British so also regards himself honorary American with opinion on American politics that's actually valid. What kills me is how readily and eagerly all this is taken up by the anti-Trump American Right as signifying proof that Trump is unfamiliar with "world leaders." Really? Nobody heard of the guy until this moment, he is not famous, not a world leader, but if it helps you along with your Trump obsession then fine. This way by banging on every hour of each day you can take credit when support for Trump crumbles naturally. Because if support fails to crumble naturally then you'll never forgive yourself for not trying hard enough to save the republic from Democrats.

Trump said, "Great" to the millionth supporter now Hamish on another continent is flipping out claiming grand master trolling and typing caps about OMG I'M CLICKBAIT because the great and mighty Trump is so foolish he didn't recognize Corbyn the British backbencher as world leader.

Would YOU, Jindal, have recognized Corbyn one minute ago? Jindal includes the photo of Putin on horseback, equating the unknown Corbyn, until this very moment, as if Jindal would recognize Corbyn which is doubtful, with ultra super well-known Putin to take a jab at ultra super well-known Trump in another strained effort to become more partially known.

bbc news politics 
twitter exchange here