Monday, September 21, 2015

I am a real person

Google it and see what happens ["i am a real person"]

So claims Hillary Clinton. 

Joke's on you. You'd have to listen to her yourself answer John Dickerson on Face the Nation. You'd have to listen to her cackle first. You'd have to endure her scathing sharp aggressive voice. And worse, you'd have to pay attention to Hillary.

National Review ridicules.
Daily Beast indulges her lying about her server and dismissing criticism. Has video.
Real Clear Politics dishes it straight with video.
Talking Points Memo deals it straight with video.


edutcher said...

This was a Star Trek episode.

Christine's lost love turns out to have died and he replicated his cyborg to live on.

Lem said...

Krauthammer lets her off easy saying it wasn't a very good question: Describe yourself in three words. It was a Twitter #HillaryInThreeWords hashtag Journalism. He might be right.

Hillary laughed, that disingenuous sounding, over the top, psycho soundtrack abrupt.

Here is a sample.

Don't you want someone who can laugh in the White House? I can hear her asking.

Chip Ahoy said...

Oh, the original one. Wow. She's hot too. Andrea, she arches her back just so jutting her ample breasteses just so, that sensually draped in in swaths of sheer fabric just so and that was when breasteses were realiably real just so dont'cha know, Tokyo Joe.

Data had a human girlfriend and they did it.

He also knew an old woman who was a robot and didn't know it.

There was a lonely man who lived alone on a planet with a make-belive retirement set up that included a robot wife to replace his real wife that died and she didn't know she wasn't real either, I don't think.

Star Trek did a lot of that sort of thing. Their writers are fundamentally pervs. And that why we love them so.

Can Of Cheese for Hunter said...

Her hack press will only ever giver her softball questions.

Describe yourself in three words

Can you remember when anyone in the press asked an R that?

Lem said...

The strange oddball thing about Hillary is that the one thing she is supposed to do well, talk about herself, is the one thing she seems utterly incapable of doing.

I know, it may sound stereotypical to say that, but, there is a reason why there are so many shows with women talking about themselves non-stop, of which the Kardashians is just the highest rated.

She could have answered that question a number of ways, but she seemed like a deer cough in the headlights. Totally uncomfortable.

Call me sexist but i find it odd.

Chip Ahoy said...

Same as the what would your security handle be. Honestly. I lost a bit of respect there. Maybe it was a wind-down high-level journalism thing I've yet to understand.

It equates with, "If you were a tree."

I'd be a rubber tree and wrap around your neck to cut off your air.

Then I'd turn into a cyprus grow rapidly straight up and drag that choked neck high into the air.

Then I'd become, hey, it's your j.o. journalism minus 301 question, a giant red wood sequoia live for a thousand years myself and every liberal on Earth coming and going scuttling about stirring up psychological trouble living and dying would leave me and my entire area the fuck alone to my peace until the end of days.

I MEANT to say an Aspen. Largest living organism on Erf. Tru fax, so full of shade, no fruit to speak of, and high altitude so they tend not to invite monkeys and tend to repel pandas, and those two species are particular bastards to evict.

You do see them in tiny little Aspen islands, separated by concrete sidewalk, itty bitty decorative Aspen copse part of an arrangement and those make me sad. Like chopping off a human hand sticking it upright in dirt and proclaiming it is a human.

Lem said...

There is a scene in Gone Girl where Ben Affleck sits down with sister and his lawyer, played by Tyler Perry, where they coaching him on how to come across a likable guy to an Oprah audience, who happened to think he is a murderer.

It's just what Hillary needs.