Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The books are moving

I started out selling some of my books on Amazon. I have about 3000 of them and it has been very tough to get them all on Amazon. So far I have put up about 400 of them. Also various other stuff I had to get rid of when I moved. Like a pasta machine that sold in a day. So far I have sold about 40 books in a month or so which is pretty good.

If you want to check them out just go to Amazon and look up "Joe Torre The Yankee Years" in hardcover. Check out the New ones for sale. If you click on to that you will see one offered by "Brooklyn Reads." Which is the name I am selling under. Just click on "Brooklyn Reads" and you will get a list of all of the titles I put up so far.

Oh and please use Lem's Amazon Portal. I don't make a lot of money off of this. I just want my books to go to a good home. I am using the money to get some of them on Kindle. It is the wave of the future.


rcocean said...

Looked and couldn't find it.

Trooper York said...

If you go to Joe Torre "The Yankee Years" you can click on Hardcover. Then click on New of which there are 74 new listed. Brooklyn Reads is listed at $3.25. If you click on "Brooklyn Reads" which is outlined in red you will get a complete listing.

I only put up this post because several people emailed me about how they could get some of my books.

deborah said...

Troop, have you considered selling in bulk to a local Amazon book seller who gets a lot of traffic?

Sometimes I have a book I don't want to donate because it's kind of collectible and retro. Example, I have a vintage paperback of Crows Can't Count by AA Fair (Erle Stanley Gardner), but I want it to be cared for. I'm thinking I'll contact a local Amazon or Abesbooks dealer and give it to them.

Trooper York said...

I looked at that and I didn't want to pay the shipping. Shipping that amount of books costs a pretty penny. I have the capacity to ship because of the store so I thought this would be better. Once I beat the numbers down and have a bunch of titles that won't move.....then I will send them out in bulk.

Trooper York said...

Strangely enough Science Fiction sells much better than Mystery, regular history, politics or sports.

By 2 to 1.

deborah said...

I was thinking more along the lines of finding a place close enough you could drive them over. Considering it's the NYC area, there might be more than the average number.

People want to escape to the future?

Trooper York said...

Ya think?

I just sold another one today. Cool beans.

deborah said...


rcocean said...

Thanks - I finally found it.

"Strangely enough Science Fiction sells much better than Mystery, regular history, politics or sports."

Not surprised. People who like SF are really fanatical about it. In my experience, people hate history and you can't give old political books away.

rcocean said...

Most people are idiots. One reason I would never want to be in Retail. Case in point:

Pillow talk - 10,000 IMDB votes
Grownups 2 - 100,0000 IMDB votes