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Tim Kaine to rally AZ in Spanish

My question is will he speak with a Cathstilian accent?

And JEB! must be thinking "that could be me!"

James Otis

James Otis is the giant D-bag who smashed Trump's star in the sidewalk using a pickax. Then he gets to put himself in the news, produce a news conference and call Trump serial liar and a spewer of hate. 

Not at all ironically by first lying about Trump lying and secondly by being hateful himself while projecting all that onto Trump, no, not ironically at all. Freud already had his field day with this type, but Freud no longer holds any cachet among the upper crust. 

Here's the story on the only newspaper useful to Americans anymore,  Daily Mail
The story is also all over with various other details.

He is heir to the Otis (of elevator fame) fortune, a privileged pestilence who brags about being arrested some 26 times previously for his liberal convictions. See, when you can feel no pain and your money can buy you out of every situation and you have no real talent nor notable skill there's nothing left for you to do but get worked up unnecessarily and cause trouble as high schoolers do, and draw attention to yourself and your many insipid causes. 

So forget about James Otis. Such a dope. Get a load of the smug expression of woman standing next to him. How she does enjoy his entertaining antics, his courage, his implacable convictions. His lawyer presumably. I don't know, maybe his supportive wife. Either way, an adorer. 

Who cares, really?  Didn't even bother to listen.

His ancestor didn't invent elevators, he invented a safety latch that prevents them from plunging and made possible their use in tall buildings. His ancestor really did change the world. But James cannot. Not by bashing a sidewalk.

And this causes me to celebrate his perfectly prosaic ordinariness. We might even like the guy if we knew him. And I'm fairly certain Trump doesn't give a flat f. Although I read yesterday that Trump is trying to track down the street woman who was attacked trying to protect the replacement star. To reward her, I guess. 

Things that happen everyday in shopping districts but are never reported.

Gangs of Teen Girls Attacking, Robbing Shoppers in Chicago’s Famed Loop

by WARNER TODD HUSTON30 Oct 2016Chicago, IL

Chicago police have warned residents about several groups of up to eight girls which are assaulting and robbing female shoppers who are walking city’s famed Loop shopping district.

Chicago police reported that three African American girls, two 15-year-olds and one 13-year-old, have been arrested after being seen on surveillance video beating a female walking alone in the city’s Loop. The victim, one of several, was also robbed of her belongings, according to DNAInfo Chicago.
Officials said the gangs of teen girls would sneak up behind a lone shopper, grab at her purse and/or bags, and push the women down and punch and kick her before running off with the goods.

The only good thing the NFL has done in ten years!

How Bills fan launched ‘Tom Brady’s dildo’ onto the field New York Post By Mark W. Sanchez October 31, 2016 

The Bills fan saw his opening, and he launched “Tom Brady’s dildo” toward its namesake.
The sex-toy thrower has (somewhat) come out of hiding, revealing how he turned another Patriots-Bills blowout into the NFL game with erotica on the field.
The Buffalo fan, who did not divulge his name, appeared on a podcast with trainwrecksports after Sunday’s game to explain the mystery of the sordid toy that flopped onto Ralph Wilson Stadium’s grass.
“Me and my girlfriend were ’70s porn stars for Halloween, and she left a rubber dildo at my buddy’s house,” he said.
The party was Saturday, and when he woke up Sunday, he spotted that it was left behind.
“I’m thinking pretty much in my head this is Tom Brady’s dildo, so I saw it … I wrote in sharpie ‘Tom Brady’s dildo’ on it.”
Images obtained by Deadspin appear to confirm the scribblings.
That was the easy part. Well, they all were easy parts, apparently. He said he had no issue whatsoever with security, as a simple extra pair of pants either adequately concealed his companion or scared off security.
“I wore two pairs of pants,” he said. “… I just put it in there, they didn’t even pat me down. I walked right in with it.”
He let it fly late in the third quarter as the Patriots were driving for what would be a touchdown. As wide receiver Chris Hogan was brought down, TV cameras captured the 12th man on the field.
“My goal was pretty much to get it as far as I could on the field,” he said. “I was in row 18 I believe, I was pretty far away.”
Too far away for Bills police justice. The fan said he had no issues with Buffalo security, who didn’t know where the toss came from.
“Everyone was just stunned,” he said. “… Everyone was just looking at the field at the time I threw it, and no one came, I didn’t get in trouble.”
“Only in Buffalo” Brady told WEEI on Monday.

"Fart sparks fire during surgery in Japan"

A patient's fart during a surgical procedure allegedly sparked a fire which caused her to be seriously burnt, the Tokyo Medical University Hospital in Shinjuku Ward said.

The incident was reported in Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun.

The fire occurred at the university hospital in Tokyo on April 15. The patient, in her 30s, was undergoing an operation which involved applying a laser to her cervix, the lower part of the uterus.

"When the patient's intestinal gas leaked into the space of the operation (room), it ignited with the irradiation of the laser, and the burning spread, eventually reaching the surgical drape and causing the fire," the report said.

Via Reddit:

The Southern Poverty and Law Center, what would we ever do without them?

I am born to Muslim parents in a Muslim family. I have a Muslim son. The “Muslim experience” of liberal, reforming and dissenting Muslim and ex-Muslim voices is every bit as valid, every bit as relevant, and every bit as authentic as anyone else that is touched by this debate. We exist. Allow us to speak. Stop erasing our experiences. 
Beyond that, just as one does not need to be brown to discuss racism, one does not need to be Muslim to discuss Islam.
If there was anything we liberals should have learnt from McCarthyism, it is that compiling lists of our political foes is a malevolent, nefarious, and incredibly dangerous thing to do. (...) Denunciations of traitors, heresy and blasphemy are the last resort of diminutive, insecure power-craving fascists of all stripes. Compiling lists is their modus operandi.  
In today’s climate of vigilante violence, far-right and Islamist terrorism, being included on such lists can forever change the lives of any one unlucky enough to be deemed from high above as “anti-Muslim.” Unaccountable—but never mind for they are righteous—leftists are conferring upon themselves the power to irrevocably alter people’s lives at the click of a mouse button, at the expense of we who live this struggle.

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Pop Quiz! S vocabulary.

Words beginning with S encountered online.  There are some very strange words that no sensible person is expected to know. These crazy words were actually used to convey points of view, often polemically. By journalists and by lawyers and other unnatural types. While on the other hand there are also a few common words everyone does know and uses in everyday speech. I don't know why they have cards made for them. They are not unusual at all. Words like saturnine, sclerotic, seraglio, sine qua non, soporific, staccato, stipulate, sycophantic, synecdoche, and synod. Maybe I went brain dead that day. Maybe I was due for another transfusion and not getting proper oxygen to my brain. Maybe I was sleep-reading. Maybe marijuana smoke wafted up from a lower floor and affected my senses. Maybe I simply forgot. Who knows? Don't feel bad if you don't recognize them because honestly, they're whacked, and so are the people who used them. In fact, you'll see there is even an S word for that, for people who use words that are whacked when regular words will do. Sesquipedalianism, don't ever use that word, or you'll be guilty of the offense it describes. There are 130 whacked mostly unusable words. Here goes.

* sacralising: imbue with or treat as having a sacred character or quality.
"rural images that sacralize country life"

* Salafism: 1. Salafism - a militant group of extremist Sunnis who believe themselves the only correct interpreters of the Koran and consider moderate Muslims to be infidels; seek to convert all Muslims and to insure that its own fundamentalist version of Islam will dominate the world

* Salus populi suprema lex esto: (Latin "The health of the people should be the supreme law," "Let the good of the people be the supreme law" or "The welfare of the people shall be the supreme law")

* Samite: was a luxurious and heavy silk fabric worn in the Middle Ages, of a twill-type weave, often including gold or silver thread. The word was derived from Old French samit, from medieval Latin samitum, examitum deriving from the Byzantine Greek ἑξάμιτον hexamiton "six threads", usually interpreted as indicating the use of six yarns in the warp.Samite is still used in ecclesiastical robes, vestments, ornamental fabrics, and interior decoration.Structurally, samite is a weft-faced compound twill, plain or figured (patterned), in which the main warp threads are hidden on both sides of the fabric by the the floats of the ground and patterning wefts, with only the binding warps visible.By the later medieval period, the term samite was applied to any rich, heavy silk material which had a satin-like gloss,indeed "satin" began as a term for lustrous samite.

* Samizdat: a key form of dissident activity across the Soviet bloc in which individuals reproduced censored publications by hand and passed the documents from reader to reader. This grassroots practice to evade officially-imposed censorship was fraught with danger as harsh punishments were meted out to people caught possessing or copying censored materials.

Vladimir Bukovsky defined it as follows:

"(...) I myself create it,
edit it,
censor it,
publish it,
distribute it, and ...
get imprisoned for it. (...)"[1]

* Sans Souci: The Sanssouci Palace (German: Schloss Sanssouci) is the former summer palace of Frederick the Great, King of Prussia, in Potsdam, near Berlin. It is often

* sas: Special Air Service (SAS) is a special forces regiment within the British Army which has served as a model for the special forces of other countries.[2][3] The SAS forms a significant section of United Kingdom Special Forces alongside the Special Boat Service (SBS), Special Reconnaissance Regiment (SRR), and the Special Forces Support Group (SFSG). The SAS gained fame and recognition world wide after the Iranian Embassy Storming (or Operation Nimrod) in 1980 which was one of the first of its kind and was broadcast live all over the globe.[4]The Special Air Service is divided into two distinct parts: the 22 Regiment Special Air Service, the regular regiment of the SAS, which is the unit associated with most well-known SAS operations; and two Territorial Army units: the 21 Regiment Special Air Service and 23 Regiment Special Air Service.

* satori: Satori (悟り ?) (Chinese: 悟; pinyin: wù; Korean: 오 o; Vietnamese: ngộ) is a Japanese Buddhist term for awakening, "comprehension; understanding". It is derived from the Japanese verb satoru. In the Zen Buddhist tradition, satori refers to the experience of kenshō, "seeing into one's true nature".

* saturnine: (of a person or their manner) slow and gloomy."a saturnine temperament"

* sauve qui peut: every man for himself or we’re doomed

That's it for the "Sa... " words.

WKRLEM: One Of The Greatest Roast Battles Ever? Scott Chaplain vs. Evan Williams

I have been enjoying comedy on Youtube these days. This is one of the nastiest and funniest roast battles I have ever seen.

This is what a debate should be like. Just sayn'

Poop Art!

Pablo Picasso used daughter’s feces as paint New York Post Page Six by Richard Johnson October 30, 2016

 There’s pop art, and then there’s poop art.

While Chris Ofili caused a spit-storm by using elephant dung in his 1996 painting “The Holy Virgin Mary,” the new book “100 Secrets of the Art World” reveals that Pablo Picasso used feces to paint with as far back as 1938.
Divulging “a family secret,” Diana Widmaier Picasso states that her grandfather used excrement produced by his then-3-year-old daughter Maya (Diana’s mother) to paint an apple in a 1938 still life.
“According to him, excrement from an infant breast-fed by its mother had a unique texture and ocher color,” Diana says in the book by Thomas Girst and Magnus Resch, which includes other secrets from Jeff Koons, Marina Abramovic, Larry Gagosian and Zaha Hadid. “The revulsion that this material might provoke is instead transformed into amazement as we grasp the full imagination of the artist.”

An Interesting Theory posted on the American Thinker!

What if Hillary and the Establishment can't steal the election?

There are a multitude of theories going around as to why the FBI reopened the Hillary email case just eleven days before the election.  I have my own.

I would have thought all of the new information revealed by WikiLeaks would have been enough to see Hillary's case reopened, but that just didn't seem to do it.  It took a set of emails supposedly obtained during the Anthony Weiner investigation to move that mountain.  What are contained in these new emails that aren't in the Podesta emails released by WikiLeaks?  Is there some new bombshell?  Or could it be that because the public doesn't know what they contain, these emails are useful for purely political purposes?  But to what end?

What if it's because they think Donald Trump is about to win the election, and not just win, but win big?  We know (confirmed by WikiLeaks and Project Veritas) that the DNC, media, and pollsters are doing their best to rig the election for Hillary.  But their tireless efforts don't appear to be working.  Just look at the enthusiasm and size of the Trump rallies versus Hillary's.  Combine what is easily seen with the large numbers of people we're told are silently supporting Trump and others who are registering to vote for the first time (to vote for Trump), and it is possible that there could be a big surprise come election day. 

So what (for the establishment) could possibly be worse than a Trump presidency?  I think it would be a Trump presidency with a clear mandate.  Democrats are already crying foul about the timing of this investigation.  Without any bombshell details, though, it will unlikely change many minds at this point.  But that certainly wouldn't be the narrative if Trump were to win and win big.  The existence of this last-minute "partisan" investigation would be used to delegitimize Trump's presidency by claiming that the election was stolen or that he lacks a true mandate of the people.

they will never do that

Has America become so numb by the decades of lies and cynicism oozing from Clinton Inc. that it could elect Hillary Clinton as president, even after Friday's FBI announcement that it had reopened an investigation of her emails while secretary of state?

We'll find out soon enough.

Via Drudge:

magic picture

In the witch post earlier about the woman who said she was fired for being Wiccan caused me to think of a whole bunch of things like being Wiccan itself might have caused odd behavior, or her attraction to unconventional things like witchdom has other dimensions that do not comport well with librarian. People always find a persecution other than their own observable behavior for the unfortunate things that befall them. I think she said the reason was stated outright, but that might have been only part of it.

I used to see peoples' auras all the time.  I practiced. I tried to read them but never could. Just seeing them was enough. I dropped the activity. And it was only possible if the background was a plain wall. I noticed when they moved there was a delayed reaction as if you moved a lit candle the flame drags behind. But that's it.

I shouldn't have told you. I might get fired. And if I am fired then it will be because I am weird. I accept that. Here's how to do it. You stop looking directly at them and instead let your eyes go out of focus. The exact same way as those old magic pictures. Exactly. It frees your eyeballs and lets your brain take over and do whatever it does.

I noticed the lawyers I knew back then couldn't do this. They couldn't see what's inside the magic pictures. It was most frustrating for them. They insisted the whole thing is fake. For us too because their frustration is contagious. They simply could not let their eyes go out of focus and allow them to drift back and forth until an edge caught, then follow the edge and another picture appears. Didn't they ever touch their index fingers in front of their face, relax their eyes and allow their focus to turn off and drift until a third finger appeared between them even though their fingers are touching? Didn't they ever just idly mind fuck themselves? What's wrong with them? Must they be sharply focused all the time. Gawl!

Then that made me look up magic pictures in images. And they are the stupidest things. Honestly, they're the worst magic pictures I've ever seen. The whole lot of them are. A page full of bad examples.

My dentist had a great one. It was an entire scene of a port town. His doped up patients had the best chance of seeing the picture. The little houses along the shore, boats, fishermen, people all around, the whole bit. But these in Google images are all crap. Just stupid words spelled out going back in perspective then returning to front. A sphere with smaller spheres like Jupiter and its moons, but with a disc shoved through the large sphere. Things that don't make sense and aren't worth the trouble. No satisfaction at all. Just infantile novelty.

And then this one. I allowed my eyes to drift in front of the picture and then behind the picture. You really don't know where to focus, so just let your eyes relax and let the whole thing go until an edge appears and latch onto that.

As soon as the bird appeared I actually heard the sound "ah" in my ears. A physical sound that is not there. It is a bird in the Egyptian style. It is an hieroglyphic bird, Egyptian eagle exactly. It stands for "A." Except that its layers are cut imperfectly so that it appears as much like a crow. The wing in front, the head and breast and first leg second middle layer, the second  leg bottom portion of its body the third and bottom of the stack of layers forming the bird. It is a stack of three layers forming a bird in the same printed pattern as the background. The eye is too big, a hole made with a hole puncher and that's what makes it look like a crow, plus the beak is wrong. Still, it is clearly in the Egyptian style.  Yes, this is trying to be an Egyptian eagle but rendered as much like a crow.

Finally, something worthwhile. Except still particularly simple, as all of them are. ALL of them.

Where did this come from anyway? Oh! Ha ha ha, back on the search page it says Neferchichi's Tomb at There you go, I was right. It is Egyptian. How about that? I chanced upon an interest of mine.

I think the original one here might work better. I don't know. And it helps if you fill the screen to eliminate white border. You can scroll up and down and still hold onto the eagle.

Yeah, the beak and the eye are all wrong. This is what it should look like (with a small stern eye). It does not have a hooked beak as our eagles do. But it doesn't have a crow's beak either. Nor a big round eye. But what the heck. This is the best magic picture I saw in results. This is the most fun of all of them. Simple as it is. 

That was fun. So I went to the page, (nefer means "beautiful" I don't know what chichi means ) to see what's going on. 

The first tan magic picture titled, "What's buried in the desert sand?" is band with the eye of Horus. Another disappointingly simple reveal. What a dumb thing to bury in sand. Should have been a funerary boat. That would have been good. Because they really did find one in the sand, a huge one.

This Egyptian eagle "ah" sound is second. The best of the lot.

The third one with papyrus design, "Anything on this blank papyrus scroll?" Is three triangles, arranged as the Giza pyramids outside of Cairo. But no sphinx. Disappointing. 

The last one, "What else is written on this wall?" is a simple round cartouche, a circle with a bar on the bottom. Cartouches are never circles, they're always ovals. Disappointing, no pharaoh's name inside it. That  would could have been fun, figuring out the pharaoh's name, but no, it's just an empty underlined "O." 

What a let down.

Go ahead and fire me, see if I care. I'll tell everyone I was persecuted for looking at magic pictures. 

Huma Abedin has told people she doesn't know how her emails ended up on her estranged husband's computer.

Is it a law or is it policy that Secretary of State use government servers? Curious minds care to know.

Fact check, -- skip

A guide to Clinton's emails -- -- skip

Hillary Clinton's infamous email server --  -- ding This might do.

1) What happened?
a) used multiple private email servers
b) never had .gov email address
c) aides did not preserve emails

2) Why does it matter?
a) over 30,000 emails, 110 contained classified information
b) said that none were classified
c) possible enemies have them
d) Federal Records Act requires certain branches use government servers for government business. unless they are copied and archived. ding ding ding. This is it.
e) evidence other officials violated the Act.
f) Clinton tried to avoid Freedom of Information Act

3) When did it start? Eh, who cares?

4) What tech was used? Who cares?

5) Will she be prosecuted? No. Well, yes. In a way.

6) What can business and IT learn? Irrelevant to our question.

So, there you have it. Her own private server violates Federal Records Act. For whatever that's worth.

Here's the thing Huma Abedin. This is how your emails ended up on your computer. You instructed your computer to get them. In your email client program on your computer you opened an account for each server that Hillary used to communicate with you. Say, if she used Gmail, then you opened an account for Gmail within your computer's mail program, and so on for Hotmail, for Comcast, for Yahoo, and so forth, for her own private server, what have you. You did this for your own convenience at home. Your emails also appeared on your Android phone the same way. By you instructing your phone to get them in the same manner by the same means. You have to tell these machines and devices every little thing. They don't read your mind.

So then, when you separated from Anthony Weiner and stopped checking those emails on that computer then they accumulated in those accounts on the mail program. They don't stop just because you left Anthony and you stopped reading them on that computer. Although they may disappear within a predetermined period of time depending on settings in your computer's mail program. Mine do. Too bad for you that yours did not. Outlook mail client on my PC using Windows did not. They just kept adding up until I physically deleted them, even then they go into another file named "deleted mail." With Outlook if you want them really off the computer then you must delete them twice.

That is, when you separated from Anthony Weiner then it was your duty to cancel those accounts on whatever email client program you were using. The ones you set up yourself. It's easy enough to do. Just open the program, go to accounts and cancel each account on that computer.

But you know all this. Because you did it.

Married people share too much. They share everything. They share joys, dislikes, pet peeves, conversations, humor, feelings and thoughts.

For example, one time I dropped an ice cube on a spotless kitchen floor and in humor whispered to my older brother standing nearby, "Five second rule," patently ridiculous. A little joke just for him. Without hesitation, without even thinking, he automatically, autonomically actually, yelled to his wife in the distance, three full rooms away, large room, through the kitchen, through the informal dining room, through to the den where she was at the end by the fireplace, "HEY, BEVERLY, GUESS WHAT BO JUST SAID. HE DROPPED AN ICE CUBE ON THE FLOOR AND HE SAID FIVE SECOND RULE! HA HA HA HA"

It's not that funny. It's barely amusing. It certainly is not share-worthy. But there you go, married people do that. It's weird. They're like conjoined twins. It's sick.

It's like that. Huma, you did that by sharing your computer carelessly and containing sensitive State information and shared that with an unworthy agency. And you failed to cancel the accounts that you set up yourself for your convenience and when you separated physically from Anthony Weiner. the emails continued to arrive even though you are not there to read them, and reading them elsewhere. They're also accumulated on the servers. That's how the mail accumulated on your / then his computer. Your claim of not knowing how this happened is disingenuous. In short, Huma, you're a dope. And you expecting computer users and smart phone users across the land who all went through this same process to accept your claim of not knowing is insulting. Except to Democrats. They'll still believe you. They're only insulted by things Republicans do that they do themselves. Like talk dirty.

A Scandal Unlit

Prediction: Huma divorces Weiner and Hillary telegraphs the same to Bill. That is how Hillary can raise Epstein Island against Trump.

Shorter Hillary: It's over for horny males; Huma and I are the new paradigm. Deal with it, America!

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ESPN Silent Night Lights

Football again. Two in one day.

NFL might be diminishing but it's still quite strong elsewhere.

A few nights ago ESPN devoted the whole evening to a football team at California School for the Deaf in Fremont. This is in northern California. It has a little over 500 students. The other one is at Riverside. Their show is excellent. They had it on repeat all night long. There are aspects of the ESPN E-60 broadcast that are not present in this video. Their program had a newscaster set up describing the school and the school's athletic program along with other things going on there, accompanied by an ASL interpreter for deaf viewers. This video is different.

I tried to find videos but nothing matches so well as the original program. Their trailer for the show is worse. It is not informative, plays to emotion and it is cheezy with Simon & Garfunkle's "Sound of Silence as background.

Come on!

I watched a dozen or so. Most have to do with ESPN filming on site, on the football field, their practice and their games. This video is the best of the whole lot. This video introduces the players and the coaches. It describes their first five shutout games that perplexed their opponents and infuriated them. Nonplussed, they wondered, how could this be? Shut out like this and by such large spreads, and the players are deaf!

Their team is called the Eagles, (strangely, I haven't figured this out, other videos say "Talons) and these first five wins caused the players to believe they just have a chance at the playoffs. Then they took a few losses and their confidence sank. The players were forced to reconsider their inevitability, forced to reassess their whole team and to regroup. They had to rebuild their confidence.

This video has no sound. For the most part. This is not intended to submerge viewers into the deaf experience, rather, the reason is more prosaic. Copyrights. The video is 15 minutes. The song "Wishing Well" by DJ Nobody kicks in abruptly at 8:39 for just a few bars then ends again just as you begin to accept it. It's a rather good song. I listened to it elsewhere. Good choice.

I like this video quite a lot. The coach is the most difficult for me to understand. He signs rapidly in slapdash chopping fashion and in front of his face, not at his chest, fingers all over the place. But man, does he ever put up a great team. He is a very real coach. It's touching.

My favorite part of this whole video is not their wining streak, not their individual statements, their life stories, their brief descriptions of their experiences with hearing people, no, it's at the 9:50 mark where Zane Pedersen, the quarterback this year, says, "I didn't want to end my High School career like that." I burst out laughing. For some reason I found that insanely funny. While there is nothing actually funny about it. It still cracks me up.

might as well have some fun

Via twitter 

Is the NFL in a Death Spiral and going the way of big time boxing?

NFL’s Blah Season may Foreshadow a Long Decline

 The thrill is gone from the NFL this season. Too many games -- and teams -- are boring and inconsequential. Few players stand out. Injuries determine outcomes more often than not. Games are sloppily played and marred by penalties, replays and endless commercial breaks. Add in suspensions, concussions and bad behavior on and off the field and you have a league in crisis.

 Reports of long-term brain trauma have interjected a moral component into viewing, accentuating the violence and making games hard to watch for many. Now some players feel it’s their right to use NFL games to promote racial politics. Must-see TV it isn’t.

Ratings reflect the malaise, down over 10 percent on average from last year, double that for Monday night games. Numerous causes are to blame, but the triggering event this season was the national anthem protests started by Colin Kaepernick, the $114 million quarterback who said he wouldn’t “stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color.” The people without color he’s smearing make up about 80 percent of the NFL’s audience.

i am sorry you are sorry

“I’m very, very sorry. It was never meant to ever happen this way to you,” Wenner told Nicole Eramo in taped testimony played at the
$7.85 million defamation trial.

“And believe me, I’ve suffered as much as you have,” he said. “And I know what it’s like. I hope that this whole thing hadn’t happened but it is, and it’s what we live with.”

Eramo claims the November 2014 story “A Rape on Campus” portrayed her as the “chief villain” who was cruelly indifferent to gang-rape allegations made by a former UVA student identified as “Jackie.”

Via Drudge:

What real sexual harrassment looks like....not the nonsense they are hanging on Trump to cover for that Criminal.

Tippi Hedren: Alfred Hitchcock sexually assaulted me 

New York Post By Raquel Laneri October 29, 2016 

It turns out the fear and loathing you see in Tippi Hedren’s eyes as she’s attacked by vicious avians in the “The Birds” was real.
Modal Trigger
“Tippi: A Memoir” by Tippi Hedren (William Morrow)
During the six months the actress spent making the 1963 movie — her big break — Hedren suffered constant sexual harassment, intimidation and cruelty at the hands of director Alfred Hitchcock, she writes in her memoir, “Tippi” (William Morrow, out Tuesday). It’s the first time she’s written about the experiences, which inspired the 2012 HBO film “The Girl.”
Working with the famed director had, at first, seemed like good fortune. Hedren, then 31, had just moved to Los Angeles from New York City, a divorced single mother with a dwindling modeling career and a 5-year-old daughter — Melanie Griffith, who would grow up to be an actress as well. Hitchcock saw Hedren in a television commercial for a meal-replacement shake and tracked her down.
Suddenly, she had a five-year movie contract — plus acting classes with Hitch and his wife, film editor Alma Reville — and a starring role in “The Birds,” the director’s anticipated follow-up to “Psycho.”
But Hitchcock’s interest in his muse rapidly devolved into obsession.

I was fired because I am a Witch

I was fired from a job for being a witch 

New York Post By Jane Ridley and Liz Pressman October 29, 2016 

A news librarian at The Post, Liz Pressman has been a practicing witch for 42 years — and has recently noticed that pop culture has taken a more open view of her religion, Wicca. This is her story . . .
Listening to the human resources manager, I could hardly believe my ears.
“We’re letting you go,” she said. A colleague had complained about the goddess pendant I wore to the office — and I’d blithely informed HR that I was a practicing witch. Being honest about my commitment to “the craft” cost me my job at the investment bank where I was a temporary librarian in 1997. It stung. And, for a while at least, it taught me to keep my faith under wraps because of all the misconceptions about the occult.
Nearly two decades on, at the age of 58, I feel empowered to declare that I’m a Wiccan high priestess who is eagerly anticipating Halloween, known as Samhain, and the start of a new year for those who share my spiritual path and identity.

Bitch gotz to get paid!

Mariah Carey ‘wants millions’ from James Packer

New York Post Page Six Emily Smith and Carlos Greer October 28, 2016

Mariah Carey is keeping her $10 million ring from her billionaire ex-fiancé James Packer — and now she “wants millions in a settlement” for uprooting her life to be with him.
Carey was spotted out at Nobu in Malibu, Calif., on Thursday night in an eye-catching, skin-baring outfit and still flashing her titanic 35-carat diamond ring from Packer.
The couple split following a fight on his yacht in Greece in September amid rumors that the diva had been hooking up with backup dancer Bryan Tanaka.
According to reports, Carey is now seeking $50 million from Packer for uprooting her life to move to LA for him, and claims she’s so traumatized by the split that she’s had to cancel the South American leg of her tour.
But a source close to the warring ex-couple said, “Of course Mariah wants money, but she’s not getting $50 million. There’s no negotiations about money because they haven’t spoken since the split. He let her keep the ring, and she isn’t getting a cent more. It is ridiculous to claim that James is the reason for the cancellation of her South America tour. A few days ago she blamed it on the promoters.”

lynching the fifth

Attorney General Loretta Lynch is declining to comply with an investigation by leading members of Congress about the Obama administration’s secret efforts to send Iran $1.7 billion in cash earlier this year, prompting accusations that Lynch has “pleaded the Fifth” Amendment to avoid incriminating herself over these payments, according to lawmakers and communications exclusively obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

flamingo morning

Psych! The sky is flamingo, the birds are geese.

There really weren't any geese, I added them, for we are geeseless around here downtown. Those things are all out farther west in the foothills and east of the city. Except sometimes they follow the Platte and that does run through town. 

Did I ever tell you about the time my crazy excitable German shepherd, always a sport and up for a game, the perfect young teenager's companion, charged a whole flock of Canadian geese, thousands out in the field behind my parents house in the foothills causing the whole flock to launch into flight, a real sight to behold, and the dog gleefully leapt in the air high as he could, another remarkable sight, and pulled one down by its foot? Then he didn't know what to do with it and neither did we. Stupidly we just left it out there and we felt guilty about the whole incident. We were exurbanites not sportsmen hunters. We knew nothing of such things. Shamed, we imagined my dog broke a law governing the interference of migrating Canadian geese. We could probably be fined. We were new to the wilderness out there. 

Man, if that happened now I would say, "Good boy!" Chop off the goose's head, stick its body in hot water, pull off its feathers, gut it, and roast it with the dog right there watching the whole time and then give him a leg to munch. To encourage that extraordinary natural K-9 behavior. And have a fine goose dinner.

Those frozen geese are expensive, you know. 

Today I wish that I would have known the clouds were going to do this. I'd have set up a time lapse. I watched the whole thing develop. Sunrise started out ordinarily. I wasn't expecting a spectacular light and color show. But it was. This is a thing that I cannot say enough We are given spectacular shows twice a day and almost all of us sleep right through them. And if awake, we cannot just slow down and watch. Watch in awe and in wonder. Truly, they are something to live for. 


Pussy Rot grabs Trump:

Comedy?  Farce?

Friday, October 28, 2016

Carlos Danger to the Rescue!

New York Post October 28, 2016 by Daniel Halper

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has reopened its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails after finding new evidence on seized devices belonging to Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin, according to Fox News.
The devices were seized after it was revealed that Weiner, a former member of Congress and mayoral candidate, had been sexting with an underage girl.
The feds began to investigate Weiner, 52, after he sent a slew of sexual messages and shirtless selfies to a 15-year-old North Carolina girl.
Weiner allegedly shared his “rape fantasies” with the teen and even sent her pornographic videos.
He also is alleged to have asked the teen to get on Skype to undress and masturbate.
The former politician engaged in his possibly criminal activity using the handle “T Dog.”
Previously, he has sexted under the pseudonym “Carlos Danger.”
The bombshell revelation came out Friday after FBI Director James Comey sent a letter to Congress explaining that new evidence in the Clinton investigation had emerged.
He said the new evidence developed as “part of an unrelated case,” without providing details.
Weiner could face 15 to 30 years in the slammer if found guilty of charges of sexual exploitation of children.
Weiner’s wife, Abedin, is Hillary Clinton’s closest aide and vice chair of her presidential campaign.
Abedin left the pervy pol soon after news of his teen sexting emerged.
Interim Democratic Party leader Donna Brazile tweeted, “Good grief,” after the news of the Weiner connection broke.  "Don't they know that Trump said pussy on the Howard Stern Show."
The Clinton campaign called the decision to revisit the case so close to the election “extraordinary,” and urged Comey to provide more details.