Thursday, January 30, 2020


Man that whole album takes me back. My dad bought that soundtrack album for the cover art. He was a SCUBA nut and collected everything SCUBA he could get -- even including Van Halen's Diver Down -- just for the cover art.

I didn't see the 1965 film until much later -- I was 5 when it came out -- but I got the story from Mad Magazine: They drafted cartoon panel versions of every "M" rated film so that us kids could get the gist of the stories. You could say that I grew up around the music on that album. I think my brother and I played the LP more than he did. Like I said, he bought it for the cover art.

The first Bond film I saw was Diamonds Are Forever when I was 11. My dad took my brother and me to see it. Dad was so excited that Sean Connery came back to play Bond (he never accepted the other actors as "real" Bonds). Of course my mother didn't go. She didn't exactly approve of his taking us along either.

Interesting sidebar: The underwater scenes were directed by Ricou Browning (for which he won an Oscar).  Browning was already on my radar as a preteen because he had played the Gill-man in the Creature From The Black Lagoon series in the '50's. Browning's other credits included Flipper and also co-creating Weeki-Watchee Springs in Florida -- a place I saw in 1968 on a glorious family road trip.  I just learned that Browning is still alive (b. 1930) and he is the last surviving Universal Pictures Horror actor.

More Thunderball cover art discreetly below the fold:

WRKLEM Who is the other one?

Chief Justice Roberts Declines To Read Question From Sen. Rand Paul

My favorite senator Rand Paul submitted the following question:

My exact question was:
Are you aware that House intelligence committee staffer Shawn Misko had a close relationship with Eric Ciaramella while at the National Security Council together
and are you aware and how do you respond to reports that Ciaramella and Misko may have worked together to plot impeaching the President before there were formal house impeachment proceedings.

The Chief Justice decide on his own prerogative that he would disallow this question. Why? To protect the Democrats case of course. 

It has long been rumored that the Democrats have something on Roberts. The assumption is it has something to do with the adoption of some of his children that was not quite kosher. It was the reason why he invented a "tax" to save Obamacare. I think they have something there.

After this impeachment is over I think we should have another one.  Just sayn'

The Babe Abides

"So keed I hear you are going to help me with my autobiography?"
"That's right Mister Ruth. I am your ghost writer."
"Well that explains the sheet. I don't like to hang around with people who wear sheets. Fuckin' Ty Cobb is always wearing his when he was smacking around the nigra clubhouse attendants. Plus why did you cover all of your face except for that stupid freaking mustache?"
"It's a family heirloom. I am going to leave to my grandson so he can wear it some day. He is going to be a famous writer too!"
"Sure thing keed. Let's get started."

Populism is Getting Very Popular These Days

The video is edited to show a blatant display of British nationalism up front, but watch the whole thing for the complete remarks. Farage has had the same message for years now. Click on his tag for earlier speeches.

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

WKRLEM Now Tom Jones shakes the same way all the time

I have a Joe Cocker's Greatest hits that I play and sing along too all the time when I am in the shower.

Especially when I am washing my Joe Cocker. So to speak.

CVS Vignette.....Back off Aunt RIta...cause it's a small world after all!

Now when I had my sing-a-long at CVS another thing happened that was pretty funny.

This imperious old Irish woman had demanded to see the manager and she was berating him. You see there is a cashier who works there who is Jamaican who is pretty hard to understand. She has a very thick accent and she slurs her words like she had too much ganja on her lunch break. She is nice enough but when she is on duty we go to the self service line. Or we wait for the girl in the wheelchair or the forty year old punk rocker with the pink hair and the forty facial piercings.

You see CVS is a microcosm of America.

Anyway she is yelling at the manager. "How can you have someone working here like that? I can't understand anything she is saying. She talks so low. Why did you hire some one like that. She can't even speak English! Say something I am talking to you."

You see she was a nasty imperious bitch like my Aunt Rita. And someone else you might know.

We were just walking by on the way to the line at Pharmacy. I turn to the wife and tell her "This is a microcosm of the America right here." Oh and the manager. Well he looked like this:

"I am very very sorry Mrs. I will try to do better in my hiring practices in the future."

You have to laugh.

So we are leaving and the wife is backing out of our handicapped spot. And who comes barreling out of the store but Aunt Rita. She pushes her shopping cart right behind us and we have to stop because she would have been run over. The wife waves at her to go but she pulls back to let us back out. She even gives some hand signals to help as we are leaving. We drive away and think nothing of it.

Postscript: Today we had to get the car inspected. There was a whole saga involved in that. But to make a long story short we leave the car at the shop and go across the road  to this tiny hole in the wall diner. Now I know it is good because all the working men from the auto shops come in to eat. Great comfort food. Burgers. Frankfurters. Chili. Meatloaf. I have a delicious burger served on rye bread with fries, coleslaw and a pickle. I was in freaking heaven. Now the way this joint is set up there is a four top against the wall and a two seater right next to it cheek to jowl. We sit down at the four top and are chowing down and guess who walks in and sits next to us? That's right. Aunt Rita. With a date.

As she is sitting down she looks at us and says "I know you." We are laughing she walked in and explain to her how she knows us. It's a small fucking world after all. We eat and chat and tell stories and have some fun. She is a nasty old cunt but I charmed her. That's my specialty.

The punchline?

Her date was a black dude.

Only in America.

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

WKRLEM Tom shows you he has the pipes!

Even in the Midnight Hour!

CVS Vignette.....I don't wanna wait....

The wife and I had to go to CVS to pick up some medications and of course the line was up your ass. It looked like a Trump rally. Now in CVS they always play this over bearing music that is heavily weighted to 1980's tunes So what comes on is the "Dawson's Creek Song."

You know it was fucking ubiquitous back in the day. Some idiot hippie bitch screeching that '"I don't wanna wait for my life to be over.....blah blah blah" at top volume. So I look around... and I start to sing along.

"I don't wanna wait for my life to be over in the line at CVS!" A bunch of other people started singing along.

They opened three more lines.

Monday, January 27, 2020

Form Ever Follows Function...

...except when it doesn't

Overheard at Lem's:
As a side note, my teacher used to make chairs that were art and which were never meant to be sat in.
What happened to form ever follows function?
It is the pervading law of all things organic and inorganic, of all things physical and metaphysical, of all things human and all things superhuman, of all true manifestations of the head, of the heart, of the soul, that the life is recognizable in its expression, that form ever follows function. This is the law. ~Louis Sullivan
That's a powerful notion, and I'd say it holds for all of chemistry too, being that chemical structure and function are so entwined.* But the obvious question is which comes first. I mean, things evolve and mutations happen (form changes) and functional changes follow (function or disfunction).

I'm not trying to diss your beautiful piece of work, Sixty; I'm just struck by how your chair's actual function challenges its form. But is the chair not gorgeous to behold itself?  As an imaginary chair?
*The chemistry term of art "functional group" refers to an interchangeable group of atoms which have a specific function.

WKRLEM: Long TIme Gone....look how young!

Catch the beginning where David Crosby is starring at Tom Jones ass and smiling.

Also doesn't the young Neil Young looks like a monkey?

Ginger or Marjoram

The mother-in-law has a bad case of the flu. I think she gave a Chinaman the kiss of peace or something and she has been pretty sick which is significant if you are 81 like her. So I have been making a lot of soups to warm her up and give her some nourishment. Now of course I made my normal chicken soup from scratch but I try to mix it up and give some variety. So I ask the eternal question:

Ginger or Marjoram?

2 cups chicken stock preferable low sodium
2 cups water
1 cup orzo or tubatini or ance pepe or pastene or some other small guinea macaroni
1/2 cup minced marjoram
2 eggs
6 tablespoons grated cheese (Not Kraft ricpic)

Put the chick stock and water in a pot and bring to a boil. Throw in the macaroni and cook it in the broth. Mince up the marjoram or chop it up in the food processor. Put it in a bowl with some grated cheese and break the two eggs in it and smush it all around. Pour this mess into the broth and stir it all around after you take it off the heat. Serve hot.

2 cups chicken stock preferentially low sodium
2 cups water
8 garlic gloves finely sliced
8  thin slices of fresh ginger
2 cups of egg noodles

Sautee the garlic and ginger in olive oil until soft. Add the stock and the water and bring to a boil. Throw in the egg noodles and cook them until soft. You know with soft is I don;t have tell you since that prostate thing. Garnish with some diced parsley.

Two quick and easy recipes. Of the mother-in-law wouldn't eat them so I had to make more home made chicken soup. Still these are quick and easy soups. So I askes ya?

Ginger or Marjoram?

WKRLEM You can't munch on that's Dusty.

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Why Kobe Beef Is So Expensive

Because it is flown in by helicopter.

Saturday, January 25, 2020

The Eternal Question..........

Ginger or MaryAnn?

What it looks like every night when I cook for my Mother-in-law

Marilyn's Diary

In the Munster family I was the one who was artistic. As opposed to Cousin Eddie who was autistic. At least that was the excuse we used to use when he was arrested for peeping in windows or stealing ladies panties off of clotheslines. Eddie was a little pervert.

I had a problem in college. Well I had a couple of problems because Uncle Herman would ream me out when we made love and I had to walk bowlegged most of the time. I told every one I had a horse. It was not that much of a lie. I was riding a horsecock every night.

My main problem was I didn't know what to major in because you have to remember it was in the Sixties. Women basically had the choice to be teachers or to get knocked up and marry some guy from the frat next door. I never wanted to teach so I decided to study art for a while.

I liked to paint. Mostly watercolors. Mainly because Uncle Herman loved water sports. My true vocation was in sculpture. I wasn't much for hammer and chisel. I loved to work in clay. I would often sculpt members of the family. Of course my favorite was my beloved Uncle Herman.

I would love to stick my fingers in the malleable clay and shape his bust. Almost as much as he liked to thrust his fingers in my young firm nubile malleable bust and squeeze and shape them every night. Of course that was not my favorite thing. My favorite was the plaster casting.

You see I had this friend Cynthia and her thing was to make a plaster cast of rock stars dicks. She did all the big time guys. Jimi Hendrix. Van Morrison. He was Irish so it was tiny so we saved a lot on plaster. Jim Morrison. Mick Jagger. I was able to help get started by introducing her to the Beach Boys. Aunt Lily was great friends with Dennis Wilson who was also buddies with Aunt Lily/s good friend Charlie. We were able to sneak into a jam session and Cynthia was able to cast a bunch of them. Dennis. Mike Love. Even Brian which was surprising because he was catatonic at the time. Still it was harmless fun. None of them held a candle to my Uncle Herman.

I still take the cast to bed with me every night. You can understand why.

The Best and Worst Little Debbie Snack Cakes

I don't care what this crazy bitch has to say!

I luvs you Little Debbie

Overheard: ricpic

Ricpic: "Rossini's great great great great great grandchildren. Which kinda makes sense seeing as how his operas were 1840's rock."

Rossini wrote the William Tell Overture. Who knew? Thanks, ricpic!

Friday, January 24, 2020

WKRLEM: Raise you hand........

You might get elected!

Where is everybody?


I can't do it like Chip.  I have a life.

ee cummings on Abe Vigoda

let’s live suddenly without thinking

under honest trees,
                        a stream
does.the brain of cleverly-crinkling
-white tunics pursues the angry dream
of the shore. By midnight,
                                a moon
scratches the skin of the your healthy hills

an edged nothing begins to prune my shorts

let’s live like the light that kills
and let’s as silence,
                            because Whirl’s after all:
(after me)love,and after you.
I occasionally feel viagra how
viagra idon’t know tenuous Now-
spears and The Then-arrows making do
our mouths something red,something tall

if it lasts more than an hour

call my doctor. 

And your sister.

What? You didn't have a freakin London Broil?

“I Was Trying To Get Him Off Of Me”: Weinstein Violently Raped Me, Sciorra Tells Jury

They met at a party in Los Angeles. She was an up-and-coming actress at the time. He was a young producer. As they got to know each other over the next four years, there were, she said, some “inappropriate” gestures: a care package of popcorn and Valium, a box of chocolate penises.
Then, Annabella Sciorra said on the witness stand on Thursday, Harvey Weinstein raped her.
Fighting back tears, Ms. Sciorra testified in excruciating detail to a rapt courtroom about the night she says she was attacked. After shoving his way into her Gramercy Park apartment, she said, Mr. Weinstein took her to a bedroom, forced her onto a bed and, as she sought to fight him off, sexually assaulted her.
“I was trying to get him off me,” a tearful Ms. Sciorra told the jury. “I was punching him, kicking him.” But Mr. Weinstein held her down, she said, adding: “He got on top of me and he raped me.”

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Impeach This....The History of Impeachment

The fourth President that was in danger of impeachment was President James Garfield. Installed as a compromise candidate because of the schism in the Republican Party between the Stalwarts and the Half Breeds. He attempted to bridge the gap by having Stalwart member Chester Arthur as his Vice President. However the political rivalry added to the push for impeachment as the disloyal Republicans joined with the Democrats to demand his removal.

The real reason was Garfield's attempt to institute civil rights for blacks, reform the civil service  and build up the Navy that had been sadly neglected by the previous administration. However his opponents could not argue his policies so they used his sexual proclivities as a pretext.

When a TV show uses a real persons name for a fictional character.

So last night I was minding my own business watching the stupid Chicago shows when I burst out laughing. You see on Chicago PD  they had a character who played a corrupt drug dealing cop. His name?

Jake Gibbs..

You know the old Yankee catcher from the 1960's. He was the transition between Elston Howard and Thurman Munson. I remember talking to him on the first base line one game in the late sixties. Just like the kid in this commercial. I got one of his bats at Bat Day.

Jake was a great all around athlete. A star quarterback at OLe Miss he was named to the All American team and was SEC player of the year in 1960. He is in the college football Hall of Fame. Jake decided to play baseball even though he was drafted by both the Cleveland Browns and the Houston Oilers of the old AFL.

This commercial brings back a lot of memories. Jake Gibbs. Steve Hamilton. Roy White. Hector Lopez. All of my favorites from the old Yankees of the Horace Clarke era. They were losers but we still loved them. It was inbetween the Mickey Mantle Yankees and the Billy Martin Yankees. The commercial is amazing too! Imagine promoting a boy and his Dad flying away to see a ball game! There would be a revolt and a protest because it wasn't a girl or the kid wasn't gay or transsexual. Simple traditional love of the game would be demonized. Along with a gasoline company. Retarded Swedish girls would run into the commercial and scream "How Dare You!"

The world was a simpler place when Jake Gibbs was squatting behind the plate. Why did some dumb ass TV show have to soil his name? Is nothing scared?

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

The Babe Abides

"Babe I want to introduce you to Professor Abraham Erskine who has invented a new Super Serum. He has created the Super Hot Dog."
"Hello Mr. Babe it is great to meet you."
"Hey you sound like a Kraut. Are you a Kraut? I am half Kraut."
"I am German Ya. I want you to sample my new Super Dog. The biggest hot dog in the world."
"I thought that was Ty Cobb? All right I will give it a try."
"Hold it above your head Babe we want to get a picture."
"Sure Keed. Hey Kraut get me some kraut. And mustard."
"Sure thing Babe."

The Captain Abides

The Captain became the second of the Core Four to be elected to the Hall of Fame today. He was a first ballot inductee but he still got screwed. One moron didn't vote for him so it wasn't unanimous as was the ballot for the great Mariano.  Along with Larry Walker in the regular ballot and Ted Simmons in the Veterans Committee bullshit. Another deserving nominee Red Sox asshole Curt Schilling was denied again because he is an out conservative and most sports writers are communists.

The voting for the Hall has always been screwed up as there was a big movement to not put players on in the first year of eligibility. Which is bullshit because you are a Hall of Famer or you are not. You don't magically become more of a Hall of Famer in one year. The other is that people who are definitely Hall of Famers but are denied for reasons other than their performance. Curt Schilling. Pete Rose. Now it is Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens. Now I hate Roger like the Arabs hate the Jews but I have to admit his performance demands that he be elected unanimously on the first ballot. The same for Bonds and Rose. Look they always do comparisons with players that in the Hall already.  You have to let in this outfielder or that because Harry Heilman or Reggie Jackson have much worse stats. There are a bunch of people in the Hall who did terrible things including murder. You have to go by their performance not their moral character. At least that's what I think. I would have to swallow letting Clemens in and Rose as well Their performance demands it. You are not in their because of you character. You are there because of you performance on the field.

Now we can wait for Spinelli's rant about how they should never be in the Hall.

By the way I hate that I have to stick up for famous Red Sox assholes like Schilling and Clemens.

Because you know one important fact that negates all others.

Boston Sucks.


Last night I did something I don't usually do. I turned to regular TV instead of a streaming service. I don't normally watch regular channels but the wife was doing something so I was waiting for her to come back. We generally watch our stories together so I didn't want to start a new episode of something we were watching. I turn to ME TV which specializes in old TV shows. What was playing?  The Twilight Zone episode "The Grave."

What is great about watching old TV shows is seeing great old actors in the beginning of their careers. You even can get to see big movie stars slumming in TV dramas that you don't really see today. In this episode you get Lee Marvin a big star. Plus Lee Van Cleef one of the best Western Stars from Spaghetti Westerns. One of the best character actors of all time Strother Martin. An all star cast.

It was very well done and very engrossing. I think the best part of the whole episode was Elen Willard who plays the fey love interest of the murdered gunslinger. She is a grade a nutjob and pretty scary. She is an interesting case. A bit player in a bunch of television shows in the early sixties she quit because "acting was too draining emotionally for her." I find that very interesting.

All in all it was a very interesting episode.

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Hey Troop, when're you gonna post the post to end all posts on the lovely Meghan?

Ok here is my second try.

9-1-1: Lone Star : The wokest show ever on national tv

They had two explicit sex scenes in the last episode. Both of them homosexual.

The only marriage is interracial.

This is what they are shoving down your throat in 2020.

Luckily it is so bad it will be cancelled after one season. is always with us!

So it appears that Lem got another notice from Google about objectionable content. Probably from the Meghan McCain video. He sent me a copy of it and it seems to be generated from Google Ads. I think Google Ads is just about the only way Lem can monetize the blog. I never got a notice on my blog because I never used Ads so they didn't care, Of course that could change. If you use certain buzzwords that the algorithm picks up you can get on a list and be banned.

This is part and parcel of the political correct bigotry and extremism of Google, Facebook, Twitter and all the big social media companies that are controlled by radical progressives. You can't joke around or bust balls or even talk seriously about things that don't fit the woke template. If you do they cancel you. It has become ludicrous in the extreme.

I like to post on TV blogs. Lately is what I do the most. Of course I have banned five times already for having an alternative viewpoint. Just  post the phrase "It's ok to be white" and watch yourself get banned. You just have to set up a new account with a new email but that is just a big pain in the ass. 

Monday, January 20, 2020

Sunday, January 19, 2020


Overheard at Lem's:

deborah said...
I finally got around to (binge) watching Justified. Came for the Raylan, stayed for the Boyd.


Killer guitar solo at the end.

Full lyrics after the jump!

Saturday, January 18, 2020

I like Eggs!

Did you ever think about how many eggs you have eaten in your life?

We go through 2 dozen a week. Just today I used six. Two scrambled for me. Two for the french toast I made for the wife and the mother-in-law. Two for the Swedish meatballs I made for dinner. I am always using eggs to bread eggplant and chicken cutlets or for an egg wash for the apple pie I made yesterday.

Above is a photo of the simple scrambled eggs I had for breakfast with scallions. garlic and cheese on gluten free toast. I can't photograph it as nice as Chip and I don't have a great recipe like he would have to share with us.We miss you Chip come back soon. You are a good egg.

Friday, January 17, 2020

Batman is the king of subtext

One of my favorite sites Ace of Spades HQ  has a hilarious compilation of funny comic panels where the words in the panel have a totally different meaning. You should check it out.

It's really hilarious you should check it out.

Cameltoe Corner

I said no
No no no, a no no
No no, that's a no no
No no, I said no no
No no
You came so close
You just don't know
Irregardless of what transpired
It ain't even worthy of a slick reply
Even if I was the last woman alive
I would be like Ginger, you ain't Gilligan isle

Poet Laureate Corner

"You blew it"
The man said to himself
While checking another meaningless book out of the library
And then went on his way
Still - needless to say - full of self-love.

(Ricpic ...Our Poet Laureate)

Impeach This...The History of Impeachment

It is a well kept secret of American History that the second President to be impeached was the ill fated James Buchanan. Long regarded as the worst President until the advent of the peanut farmer from Georgia, James Buchanan was in fact an able diplomat serving as both an ambassador and Secretary of State. A secret homosexual he lived as a closeted gay man with his love the  Vice President William Rufus King until he unfortunately died from the precursor to the AIDS virus.

This was not the reason for his impeachment because King had been long dead before Buchanan was elected President. The actual charge was witchcraft. It was alleged that President Buchanan participated in a Black Mass in the White House performed by a Russian Orthodox priest he had met when he was Ambassador to the Tsar. Along with his fondness for cats and his refusal to wear anything other than black it was enough for John C. Calhoun to denounce him and accuse him of being  witch. Happily the move to impeach him was squashed when Senator William Breckenridge proved that Buchanan was not a witch but was in fact a "Silly bitch." Buchanan's gratitude to Breckenridge led to his endorsement in the election of 1860 which of course led to the Civil War.
(Impeach This... The History of Impeachment by Doris Kearns Goodwin)

Thursday, January 16, 2020

WKRLEM TV EL Ministerio del Tiempo

One of the best things about Netflixs is that they have TV series from other countries. I know that most of you have seen some British shows since they are often on PBS. But you seldom get to see stuff from France or Germany or Sweden. Lately I have been watching some of them with English subtitles. I saw a pretty decent cop show from Denmark and an interesting show about a terrible fire in 1880 in France. Currently I am really enjoying a Spanish show called "El Ministerio del Tiempo" or the Ministry of Time.

It is a basic time travel story. A secret division of the Spanish government has a means to go back in time to make sure that no one tries to change history. It is basically a series of doors. Simplicity is best. There is no big tech or spaceships or crap like that. Just a door that you walk through, So one minute it's 2019 and then it is 1492. They set up a team of three who back in time. A hidalgo soldier from Flanders. A modern day paramedic.. A female college student from 1885. What is most interesting to me is that they are dealing with Spanish history. Spanish art and literature. Stuff that I am vaguely familiar with so when the wife turns to me to ask what it is about and I have to think about it for a minute. Usually when she turns to me for an explanation I have the knowledge at my fingertips. Spanish history not so much. So it is very intriguing to me.

In the first episode they go back to the Napoleonic era and the next they visit a famous Spanish author, Each week they visit a different era. Franco's Spain in WW2. Queen Isabella in 1492. The Spanish American War. Interesting stuff. At least to me.

The other amusing thing is that the producers of this show sued the producers of the American TV show "Timeless" for ripping off their concept. In "Timeless" three characters go back in time to make sure that the timeline doesn't change. A soldier. A professor. A pilot. They changed it slightly but it is still a rip off.

Anyway if you can stand subtitles I recommend it highly. If you are a history buff like me.

Via Con Dios.

Rand Paul is my kind of Senator.

Rand Paul has advised GOP Rhino weenies that if they call John Bolton he is going to call Hunter Biden. Now we know that Pierre Delecto and that Alaskan cunt want to give the Democrats everything they want but simple fairness would dictate that if the Democrats get to call witnesses then so too can the President. He can call anyone he wants. The Senate will not get to dictate who is "relevant" and who is not.

Paul states: Paul says if four or more of his GOP colleagues join with Democrats to entertain new witness testimony, he will make the Senate vote on subpoenaing the president’s preferred witnesses, including Hunter Biden and the whistleblower who revealed the Ukraine scandal — polarizing picks who moderate Republicans aren’t eager to call. So he has a simple message for his party: end the trial before witnesses are called.
“If you vote against Hunter Biden, you’re voting to lose your election, basically. Seriously. That’s what it is,” Paul said during an interview in his office on Wednesday. “If you don’t want to vote and you think you’re going to have to vote against Hunter Biden, you should just vote against witnesses, period.”…
If “some Republicans help Democrats get witnesses and there are no witnesses for the president, I think the end result is a revolutionary tide against those people,” Paul said. “I can’t imagine that [Trump] will let it go by if someone votes to bring in witnesses that his administration isn’t interested in.”

A "revolutionary tide." Now that's a nice turn of phrase.

I think if there are witnesses they should call them all. Bolton. This new asshole from the Rachael Maddow show. The whistleblower. Hunter Biden. Pelosi's kids. Kerry's kid. Every kid sucking from the government tit. Lets put it all on the table and let the people decide.

If they think they can only call pro-impeachment witnesses they have another thing coming.

Revolution indeed.

The New York Mets.... the Democratic Party of Baseball

So the Mets have a big press conference to announce Carlos Beltran as their new manager. Seemed a good fit. He had a long storied career and played for both the Yankees and the Mets so he knows New York and the media he would have to face. Suddenly reality intruded.

It seems that good old Carlos was part of the sign stealing by the Astros that has resulted in their manager and general manger getting fired even though they had won the World Series in 2017 and beat out my Yankees to go to the series last year. In addition the Red Sox manager Alex Cora was also fired as he was going to be suspended for a year for stealing signs. So the idiot Mets fired Beltran before he ever managed a game even though MLB brass said he would not be suspended.

What an utter load of politically correct bullshit. Sign stealing was a part of the game ever since Abner Doubleday first rubbed a ball on the mound. Or rubbed a mound with his balls. Or something like that there. Now they made it a federal crime and are suspending and firing people for it. Jackie Robinson was famous for stealing signs. Also stealing stuff out of the white guys lockers but that's another story. Ty Cobb stole signs in between beating up black porters and disabled people. Babe Ruth never stole signs but that was only because his belly was too fat for him to see the catcher. Still and all there is nothing wrong with stealing signs. This political correct crap has to stop.

That's why the Mets are like the Democrats. They want to cater to the politically correct and stay on the right side of the bosses. Do you think George Steinbrenner would have fired Billy Martin for stealing signs. He only fired him for beating up mash-mellow salesman. But he would give him a raise for stealing signs especially if he had won the Series two years ago and went back there this year. The Mets are so stupid that most of their audience will be felons who got released without bail and were given Mets tickers to encourage them to show up in court. Imagine your sitting there next to guy with prison tats and MS13 t shirt and he says "Hey chico how you get you tickets man?" "Why stub hub my good man. How did you get yours?" "I stabbed a bitch."

Just another reason to prove that the Mets suck.

Oh yeah and for my good friend Lem.


His real super villain name is ..... The Waddler!

There is a continuing meme on the internet that President Trump is Batman and his various adversaries are super villains. Adam Schiff for Brains is often presented as an effeminate Riddler. Drunken Old Nancy is portrayed as a transsexual Two Face. But the one that is the most apt is the depiction of that fat bag of shit Jerome Nadler as the Penguin. If the lap band fits!

The Penguin is the second most famous of all of Batman's villains. Born Oswald  Chesterfield Cobblepot the Penguin was abused as a child because of his fat gross weird appearance. His only friend was his mother and his only solace was the birds that he cared for in her shop where she sold exotic pets. He eventually grew up to be a ruthless mob boss aligning himself with the Mafia and other gangworld elements by using murder and intimidation to profit and build his fortune. You know. Like Hillary Clinton.

Most of us associate the Penguin with the classic portrayal in the old sixties TV Batman where he was played by the inimitable Burgess Meredith. This version was relatively benign and the affection we feel for Mr. Meredith due to his work in the Twilight Zone and the Rocky movies gives his performance a forgiving glaze. Not as violent as in other versions this is the one that the Waddler aspires to become. A less criminal henchmen to the main villains such as the Joker or Nancy Pelosi. But he can not carry Burgess's jock. In fact he would probably eat it.

The Penguin as portrayed by Danny Devito in the Batman movie is a different kettle of fish. His backstory rips off Moses as he is the deformed son of wealthy parents who throw him down the sewer. You know. Sort of what Joe Biden should have done to Hunter and saved all of us so much trouble. Anyhoo he plots revenge as he is planning to kill all the first born sons of Gotham. Very biblical. His version is the one that most accurately approximates the Waddler's physical appearance. Although Jerry is of course grossly obese. Speaking as a fat guy he gives all of us fat guys a bad name. The simple fuck pulls his pants up under his arms. He looks like a fucking blimp in a three piece suit. How anybody thinks he has any credibility is beyond me.

The recent Gotham TV series had a different take on the Penguin, Portrayed by Robin Lord Taylor he is much closer to the classic origin story with his symbiotic relationship with his mother and his eccentricities. Of course they made him gay because every character in TV these days has to be gay or in a multi-racial relationship but he is still the classic gang lord. A gay lord gang lord if you will. Now that is something the Waddler could get into and use to his advantage. When the socialists primary this time as they have said they would he can come out as gay and pick up a few votes. Why not. We know he would do anything to get elected.

This dissertation seems to have wandered all over the place. I guess I lost my point. Oh now I have it.

Jerome Nadler is a villain. A super villain. The Waddler. His attempt to reverse the election and overturn the constitution puts him right up there with Benedict Arnold or Ethel Rosenberg. We need to fight him the same way. I want to see Cocaine Mitch punch him in his fat face when he brings the impeachment articles to the Senate. I want to see "BAM" and "KABOO" splashed across the screen as he is beaten down like a dog.

The God Emperor of the Cherry Blossom Throne is just the man to destroy him.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Eat an Impeach


You're my blue sky, you're my sunny day.
Lord, you know it makes me high when you turn your love my way,
Turn your love my way, yeah.

Impeach This....The History of Impeachment

The first President to face a serious chance at impeachment was Thomas Jefferson. The real reason was of course the Louisiana purchase which upset the Federalist and the nascent abolitionist movement who feared the new property would be used to create more slave states. Since they were politicians they couldn't tell the truth and impeach him for that so they had to pick another pretext.

They chose the fact that the President was having sexual congress with his slave Sally Hemmings.

They main motivator for this was an unholy alliance of Abigail Adams and Dolly Madison. Normally Dolly was busy with her invention of ice cream but she was appalled at the fact that many of her circle began to ape the Presidents attitude and began to have sex with their own apes. That would not do. Abigail Adams had always had an unrequited crush on Mr. Jefferson so the green monster forced her to lead the charge as well.

Mr Jefferson was at his wits end and did not know what to do. At the advice of his Vice President Aaron Burr he called the main proponents of his impeachment to the White House so he could explain himself. His words to the group echo down to this very day when he exclaimed in his high pitched girlish voice "I did not have sex with that black women." Since they were gentlemen they took him at his word and the impeachment movement fizzled.
(Impeach This...the History of Impeachment by Doris Kearns Goodwin)

Monday, January 13, 2020

The Dems don't understand Bernie is probably unelectable

The snows of the Tyrol, the clear beer of Vienna 
Are not very pure or true.
With my gipsy ancestress and my weird luck 
And my Taroc pack and my Taroc pack
I may be a bit of a Jew.
-Sylvia Plath, Daddy

As we grew up, my maternal Grandmother was such a worrier and reminderer, we would jokingly wonder if we had Jewish roots.

My paternal uncle doesn't care for Jews. Not high-level hatred, but more the Jews-killed-Jesus level. Hilarity ensued when his genetic profile came back with some Jewishness in it.

My sister, whose favorite picture from her trip to Israel was of her in front of the American Embassy in Jerusalem, came back Jew-negative on her profile. But that doesn't signify, considering my uncle's results.

My dad was not a Jew-hater, but low level 'they own the banks,' etc.

Once at a family gathering my paternal cousin said, "Bush is a secret Jew, Cheney, is a secret Jew." My eyes and my son's met across the table. He still brings it up humorously from time to time.

Friday, January 10, 2020

WKRLEM: My heros have always been Cowboys.

It's true.

Now we don't get any more Westerns. Just Superheroes.

The Rifleman

Lucas McCain and his son Mark rode into Norfolk on a bright sunny morning. Lucas liked to get up early as he was a farmer and a rancher so he had to get up early to get all his chores done. Plus if he finished early he could ride into town and maybe get to shot an Indian or a Mexican. Not that he had anything against them it is just that they usually needed shooting.

They tied up  their horse in front of the sheriffs office. Micah was a good friend. He had to be since Lucas was always coming into town to shoot someone Micah couldn't handle. Micah was past it. He kept forgetting things. He gets very confused. He will probably lose the next election. Everyone is mad because his son got a job from Wells Fargo just because he was the Sheriff's son. I guess they thought he would look the other way when they did bad stuff. Now the son had got one of the dance hall girls pregnant. It's a big mess. Micah had gotten really sad.

Doc Holliday must die!

Doc and Hardin walked over to the Drover’s Cottage to have dinner. They took a table at the back in the corner where each could put their backs to the wall and look out over the dining room. Both ordered the special. Fried potatoes. Beans. Huge steaks. Blood rare and juicy. Fresh Texas beef that had been driven up the trail to the railroad. So fresh they were still moving. Abilene was at its height. A short season in the sun until the railroad built a spur closer to the trail.
Hardin and Holliday had a great deal in common. Both were Southerners. Too young to serve in the Civil War they still had the attitudes common to young men from that section of the country. They had no love for the Union, Yankees, the government or blacks.  They sat quietly and enjoyed their repast. Two deadly men not afraid to break bread.
“What made you decide to ride up the trail John Wesley” asked Holliday? “I don't reckon riding herd would be something that would interest you.” “Why would you say that John. Not to say that you are wrong. Following a cows behind and eating his dust is not what I would call fun. I just needed to get out of Texas. It was getting too hot for me at home.” “I know the feeling. Sometimes that’s just the way the cards fall. You can rest for a while. Hickok seems to like you so that is something to hold on to. In another town the Marshal might just want to try you on to get himself a reputation.”

I'm Your Huckleberry!

A band of brothers? A special few?


We few, we happy few

Lem's is a funny place. A better name might be The Althouse Animus. Carl Jung, a colleague of Freud, coined the term animus for the male part of the female brain that analyzes, calculates, etc. But is also the inner male critic of every thought and action of the female. God knows I have it in spades, partly because of my ex-marine dad. But don't get me wrong. We were crazy about each other. I wonder if some cultures tend to have more daughter/father affection than others. I always felt my Scotch-Irish background accounted for the intense pride I had for my dad and his brothers. There were six brothers, and I think that led to the clan feeling I had.

The inception of Lem's was centered around a battle of the sexes and obviously, strong personalities. So now we are a sex maniac with mad writing skillz, a man with a chainsaw in his pocket, a man with chemical attraction, a man of machismo, a woman who didn't like to play with dolls, a woman who has a way with words, an ex-Army chick who digs foreign policy, and of late, a cipher of a man.

Here's to us!

Thursday, January 9, 2020

See ya later Muslim agitators!

Check out this great article from Roger Kimball about President Trump where he lays out the position that the whacking of this Iranian piece of shit is President Trump's farewell to the Middle East. He basically says that the God Emperor is not invested in nation building with a bunch of sand monkeys and is looking for an excuse to leave.

He talks about how Julius Caesar had enough of the Germans raiding Roman territory so he just built a bridge over the Rhine and kicked ass and took name. Then they left. Because they didn't give a shit about this savages.

Whose that girl?

Back in the day they were all mad about her. A part time actress she was more famous because of her marriage. In fact they just made a mini-series about it.

She pioneered the style that is now in every commercial and TV show and got her just desserts for starting this trend.

I know you know who she is so just take a stab at it.

Whose that girl?

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

This is where I came in

My first post here (assigned by Lem) was "We are all Trayvon." Come to find out recently there were glaring inconsistencies everywhere. The tl;dw of this video, by the self-styled black guys at Bloggingheads, is Rachel Jeantel was not the real girlfriend of Trayvon. In this video, and/or the one that follows it up, Loury and McWhorter bring out obvious things missed or overlooked at the time; Rachel Jeantel could not read a letter she had supposedly written to Trayvon because it was in cursive; Trayvon 6'3" tall, and Zimmerman was short; etc. Glad the jury was on the case.

Monday, January 6, 2020

My favorite adaptation of the "Last of the Mohicans."

Forget about all of those movies. The best adaptation is "Hawkeye" from the 1990's starring the inimitable Lee Horsley and the sublime Lynda Carter! This schmaltz perfectly brought to life James Fenimore Coopers tales in the manner they deserved.

You had your noble redman. Your stalwart frontiersman.Your heaving bosoms. Your huge milky white heaving bosoms. Did you catch the scene were the mountain lion was mezmerized by Lynda's low cut wenches dress and her heaving fun bags? A classic I tells ya.

I do enjoy that period in American History and watch every movie, book or TV show that covers it. From classics like "Drums Along the Mohawk" to  like "Outlander" I am sucker for that era. I don't even sweat the foliage if there are Iroquois and Huron's and frontiersman. And of course heaving bosoms.

If you get a chance check it out.

Blog Business

I hope some of our other contributors will post now and again. Since it has been a lot of Sixty and Me I think we are reaching our full complement of curmudgeon. So maybe Chickie or MamaM can bring a little light and airy to the premises. To get away from the Dark Side.

Eddie and the Cruisers is an interesting little movie. It had some good songs and was a riff on Jim Morrison and other rock stars who died before their time. It had several hit original songs including the "Dark Side." All of them were written and performed by John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band.

Of course I always enjoy a film with a brown beaver.

Sunday, January 5, 2020

This is the kind of art I would hang on my walls

Right next to the dogs playing poker on velvet.

Unfortunately the wife picks out all of our art.

I feel stifled.

Saturday, January 4, 2020

WKRLEM: "Cross Eyed Mary"

Living in the past.

Not the tune.

The feeling.

The Expanse: another show I would recommend.

We are always looking for series to binge watch and we found a pretty good one in the Amazon Series "The Expanse." Originally a product of the SciFy channel it was picked up by Amazon Prime and is available for free. It is pretty good.

Based on a series of science fiction books it posits a three way conflict between Earth, it's militaristic independent Martian Colony and the slobs and lowlifes of the Belt who are people exploited by mining companies plundering the resources of the Asteroid Belt. It starts a little slow so you have to give it some time. But the political machinations and the real life parallels to human history are very interesting.

My favorite character is Amos who is a half a retard killing machine. Always brings it to any scene he is in.

Check it out. Highly recommended. Especially Season 3.

Every Picture Tells a Story

As you get older your tastes change. When a Yoohoo and a couple of Ring Dings was the height of culinary delight soon enough you graduate to a fine Malbac and a plate of figs and cheese. Nowhere is that more the case than your musical tastes. I mean who listens to Jethro Tull anymore?

I had always enjoyed Rod Stewart's music. In fact his maudlin ballad "Hand Bags and Glad Rags" was one of my favorite tunes. This was long before punk rock and disco when Led Zep ruled the airwaves.  I remember I played the album "Every Picture Tells a Story" over and over again on my turntable. Then disaster struck.

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Pope meets real Catholic woman.

We was asking him while he made a deal with the Chinese government to allow them to appoint the bishops of the Church in China. Why he abandoned those that were imprisoned and persecuted for their faith.

Happy New Year to the Devils messenger on Earth.