Monday, September 21, 2015

That Face! Who is gonna vote for that face!


Trooper York said...


A POKER PLAYER!!!!!!!!!!

chickelit said...

Melissa's career kinda tanked after her mom died, proving that she was just taking her mom for a ride.

chickelit said...

Joan syas it in that distinct dialect:

A Polka Playa!!

A Polka Playa!!

ndspinelli said...

Good to see the Emmy's included Rivers in the Memorial of people who died. The Oscars snubbed her. I'm afraid PC is going to become mandatory for comedians to get work. Rivers was a walking/talking anti-PC juggernaut. If we lose the comedians to PC, we are FUCKED!

Chip Ahoy said...


Oooooh *flashback* The foot thing did it. She wants to storm but she cannot even properly storm handicapped by the foot thing so incongruent with with evening dress, furs, expensive bags and bitch argument.

Not much worse than insensible heels on marble floors but the thing does clunk around and it does stick out.

The flashback was we were ALL similarly wounded and went out to breakfast together. My whole family hit a low point health-wise we were all nursing serious shit and it showed ALL of us had bandages and help walking. At the time if I recalling this right, I might have even been using a walker which was the worst just above wheelchair. Mum had a large bandage on her head. James nearly lost a thumb to a table saw, Dad's arm in a sling. No wait, the other way around. Dad drove. ALL of us were afflicted somehow but we went out for our regular breakfast together. "You look better." "You do too." "How's the arm?" "Better." We were all better. We go clattering in to a tight hole-in-the-wall place advertising for chili hotdogs mostly. They make that kind of breakfast, say, eggs coated with east-coast type chile. I don't know. It's a weird place on Santa Fe, and there's another downtown, I think. A weird little place. Packed with people who eat gigantic piled breakfasts of multiple things. We gather around the table the waitress comes up like from Mel's and addresses us all at once, "Jesus Christ! Was this all the same accident?"

I saw her for a bit on switching places show. She switched with the younger Palin with a misbehaving child. She seemed brittle then too and preloaded with presumption that was largely confirmed while she did teach the boy some good manners and she did impose some expectation with reward. While the young Palin is inserted into an exceedingly stiff dinner at the River's household. The young master pretentious as hell and usually right about most things they discussed. Palin was made to feel uncomfortable and that's never nice.

Pretentious people are easy to get because they're edgy, rule-bound, haughty, and yes, brittle. When they spell out the rules to everyone there, your clue to all this, the point is to prove how masterful they are at graces and better than the hapless non-grace having target. Accept all that point out the rule they are breaking while delivering it. "Yeah. Like not have your elbows on the table." And see them jerk their arms back. And if nothing like that is readily available, no delicate rule being broken to embarrass them by, like switching their glasses, or tapping their plates, or holding a glass to be filled, or handing the person their plate, whatever, then say something overarching, "I know! All this so we can be nice."

That's how that dinner at River's was. The bit that I saw.

Trooper York said...

If the Donald can handle the rapacious demon that was Joan Rivers I am sure he will do just fine with Putin.

Trooper York said...

I do think Ivanka should be Secretary of State or something. After all the only requirement is that she has a vagina.