Sunday, March 31, 2019

Rice cultivation

No more little old grandmas completely bent over from a lifetime working the rice fields.

They start out the same way as microgreens then transplanted into rice paddies.

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Victorian ascot

They're long silk scarves for men in various shapes, precursors to modern ties. They're broad and tied in front with the collar up they show all around the neck, and frankly, they're better, classier, more stylish than modern ties.

How to tie them:

Step one: Cut off your head.

Step two: Wrap the scarf around your neck and tie it in front however you wish and tuck it into your closed jacket.

Step three: Put your head back on and keep your mouth shut.

No really, keep your mouth shut.

Friday, March 29, 2019

Louisiana bees

Cat minder

"I saw obvious discomfort in the women’s faces" or "Why is the vice-president of the United States smelling my hair?”

Fresh off The Cut:
Imagine you’re at work and a male colleague who you have no personal relationship with approaches you from behind, smells your hair, and kisses you on the head. Now imagine it’s the CEO of the company. If Biden and I worked together in a traditional office, I would have complained to the HR department, but on the campaign trail, there’s no clear path for what to do when a powerful man crosses the line. In politics, you shrug it off, smile for the cameras, and get back to the task of trying to win your race.

After the event, I told a few of my staff what happened. We all talked about the inexplicable weirdness of what he did, but I didn’t plan on telling anyone else. I didn’t have the language or the outlet to talk about what happened. Who do you tell? What do you say? Is it enough of a transgression if a man touches and kisses you without consent, but doesn’t rise to the level of what most people consider sexual assault? I did what most women do, and moved on with my life and my work.

Time passed and pictures started to surface of Vice-President Biden getting uncomfortably close with women and young girls. Biden nuzzling the neck of the Defense secretary’s wife; Biden kissing a senator’s wife on the lips; Biden whispering in women’s ears; Biden snuggling female constituents. I saw obvious discomfort in the women’s faces, and Biden, I’m sure, never thought twice about how it made them feel. I knew I couldn’t say anything publicly about what those pictures surfaced for me; my anger and my resentment grew.

Had I never seen those pictures, I may have been able to give Biden the benefit of the doubt. Had there not been multiple articles written over the years about the exact same thing — calling his creepy behavior an “open secret” — perhaps it would feel less offensive. And yet despite the steady stream of pictures and the occasional article, Biden retained his title of America’s Favorite Uncle.
Sample from the internet, not the woman in question.

House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence confrontation

Eh. Insufficient emotion. Too scripted.
He piled upon the whale’s white hump the sum of all the general rage and hate felt by his whole race from Adam down; and then, as if his chest had been a mortar, he burst his hot heart’s shell upon it." 
Herman Melville, Moby Dick

Had all that been internalized then it would spew unimpeded like an exploding volcano and his paper in front of him useful for bullet points at most to assure he didn't miss anything so his head would never be down reading it, but even that isn't necessary when your umbrage is ruminated. Any alcoholic in dudgeon does this naturally. It's what they do. 

Here's how alpa male does it: 

Trump tags Schiff with name "Pencil Neck." And boy that's going to stick. A guy like Schiff gets into politics to get back at the boys who bullied him and here's Trump doing it again. But Trump is returning the bullying he's received from Schiff and all other Democrats. 

From hereon you will not be able to look at Schiff and not think of that. (I cast back to my own teenage pencil neck. Just try finding dress shirts in size 14.5" neck, 35" length sleeves.) 

And he refers to Democrats delivering "bullshit." 

Trump's crowd waited decades for representation plainspoken as this. Conaway is delicate and uncertain, legal and parliamentarian compared to Trump rudely calling back those who made themselves his enemy and behaved even more rudely. They really have hurt our country. 

Schiff responded to the satisfaction of his tribe but I have no interest in that. 

Trump in Grand Rapids, Michigan:

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Mission Accomplished (Update 5)

Link to original post. (Update 1, Update 2, Update 3, Update 4)

I have good news.  I've purchased a minivan.  Now, I need to get it registered and insured, get an interlock device installed and take a road test to get my drivers license back.
There's only one problem however.  I have no idea what I need to do first.  I'm planning to get up early and wait in line at a number of places.  I may not be able to do it all tomorrow.

This is the minivan I got.

Link to more pics
My sincerest thanks for all your help.  I couldn't have done it this quick without you.

This ones for Lem!

I couldn't bear not acknowledging you my brother!

The Babe Abides

"So keed what are we gonna do. Go rowing,"
"Sure Babe. Welcome to Hawaii. I want to teach you to row the catamaran. Surf the big wave. You are the Big Kahuna my friend."
"Thanks anyway chief. But I only want to take a couple of publicity shots and then I am going back to the room. Send me up a gallon of whiskey, five dozen oysters and a couple of those hula girls. You can get Gehrig to row for you.  He is into punishment. You should meet his mother. Book the room Danno."

WKRLEM TV: Back in the Day

Back in the day all of my friends were Mickey Mantle fans. We didn't know about how he drank and how he abused his body and hurt the team by not taking care of himself. It seemed that everybody loved Mickey. Except for me.

My Dad was a big time Mets fan. He hated the Yankees but he still took me to the game all the time because I loved the team. He never liked Mantle. But he was a big Roger Maris fan.

You see he told me Maris was a working mans hero. He went out and did the job. He was very successful even when his own fans hated him because he beat out the golden boy for the home run title. Because he beat the great Babe Ruth's record. He was what was an ordinary talented guy who reached greatness in one unforgettable season. He was sort of the underdog. So my Dad rooted for him. So did I. It was the beginning of my rooting for the scruffy Yankees and not the classy Yankees. The Bad Asses and the Assholes. Billy Martin. Johnny Elllis. Thurman. Sweet Lou. Ricky Henderson. Jim Leyritz. David Wells.

Still and all everybody loved the Mick.

Play Ball

Today was opening day at Yankee stadium. I once had a consecutive streak of going to 36 Yankee opening days back in the days of my youte.

My first opening day was in 1964 in the old Yankee Stadium. The great Yankees were making their last hurrah that year with Yogi as the manager. Mickey. Roger. Whitey. Tommy Tresh. Elston Howard. I took the subway and carried a sandwich in a paper bag. The only problem was that I had to sit behind a pole that blocked my view. That Tommy Kolwaski was one fat fuck.

Then it was the bad times. Horace Clarke was the symbol and the curse. Roy White and Bobby Murcer tried their best but they just couldn't do it. Every year they brought up young kids who were supposed to turn it around. Frank Tepedino from Staten Island. Johnny Ellis. Rusty Torres. They just never panned out. Still and all I was there for opening day.

Then we started to see some light. A tough talented barrel of a catcher called Thurman. A few decent pitchers starting with a fire balling Cajun. A slick fielding third baseman named Nettles. A few good trades. A crazy speed demon named Mickey Rivers. We made it back to the series only to be crushed by a Big Red Machine. Then craziness with Reggie and Billy and all the rest of the circus. Still and all I made opening day.

Back to treading water. A classy first baseman with the kid from Indiana. The greatest base stealer of all time with Ricky. Dave Winfield to give herpes to a seagull. Mel Hall. Free agents. Turmoil.Still I made opening day.

Finally the classic run. The core four. The Captain. Pettite. Posada. The great Mariano. The unprecedented run. The greatest team of all time! I had season tickets for the fifteen years and still and all I made every opening day.

Then I got married. The wife and I made four or five opening days. But life got in the way. It got more and more expensive in both time and money. We were saving up to start a business. So I gave up opening day. The smell of spring. The sound of the crack of the bat on a ball. Hot dogs. Beer. Summer of my youte. Gone now. Just a memory.

The Yankees won today. I listened to it on the radio. I am very happy. I still follow them religiously. I just can't get to church. I know they don't miss me since the pews are filled with rich fucks and loser cucks who pay the freight these days.

Still and all Opening Day is one of my favorite days in all the year!

It means summer is here.

WKRLEM: I needed a trim too....but I stayed in

Even though he only gets his hair cut twice a year.....

He is still a sharp dressed man.


Trump gives Hannity a forty-five minute interview

Hannity asks Trump if he intends to declassify the FISA records held back because it would have been seen as interference with the investigation and Trump said, "Oh, you bet your sweet ass I intend to declassify those things."

Maybe I'm paraphrasing a little bit.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Glenn Greenwald, an honest reporter

Is Glenn Greenwald the only honest liberal reporter there is? It seems so. His Twitter timeline has been on fire since the Muller report was handed off to Bill Barr. Watch Greenwald take on David K Johnston.

Much as I dislike both of these people, Amy Goodman and David Johnston, they both must be watched to have the contrast between Johnston and Greenwald. Goodman is just a little bit too impressed with the liberal award Pulitzer Prize and just a little to well chuffed with the intellectual dispute she created by bringing the two men together. Her smile is a thing of real horror.

Watch Johnston spew all that he knows about Trump. Then watch Greenwald make Johnston look small.

Johnston is distracted, Greenwald is on point.

The thing is, though, Greenwald's concern is about journalism's reputation, not about the success of the United States. He doesn't seem to care about the corruption of the Democrat party, nor their corrupting American government,  just the corruption of media.

OMG, Amy Goodman's voice alone is enough to drive you right up the wall.

Here's another video on Greenwald's Twitter feed. Here again, to appreciate it you must actually bear with all the people you actively avoid for all the reasons they show now compressed into just a few minutes. It's not enjoyable.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Tracking dog finds missing children in fifteen minutes

When I read on Instapundit the headline to this Powhatan County Virginia story I thought the dog could have done it in five minutes had there not been a hundred people messing up the scene before they brought in the dog. I recall a tracking instructor complaining about that over four decades ago. They never do bring in the dogs until the people start losing hope. And sure enough.
Deputies said parents and neighbors had been searching the woods for two missing 8 year olds for 45 minutes -- as daylight faded -- before they called the Powhatan Sheriff's Office.
More deets at the link.

Shepherds, Malinois and the like are fairly good as any breed, but they're sheepdogs, not hound dogs. The best breeds are designed for this. Literally.

I convinced my older brother to help me train my German shepherd in tracking. What the heck. Why not? We joined a group of like-minded people amounting to about ten vehicles. We'd get up early on weekends and meet up at odd places all parked in a row with our own area of open field before a cluster of trees.  Heres' how you train your dog to track.

This is your aim: Dogs other than hounds naturally sniff the air. Your job is get the dog to sniff the ground.

Trackers like early mornings because they're most like an erased blackboard. Best of all times to do this is after a rain. There will be less animal tracks.

To begin with the secondary partner holds back the dog while you depart in a straight line and hide behind something. The dog sees this and can go straight to you. The dog finds you and you and you make a big f'k'n deal out of the dog's tremendous ability. Game over.

The next time, same set up except the dog does not see you. The dog sniffs the air for you. The secondary handler holds back the dog hoping to notice the dog putting their nose to the ground to get a handle on your direction of departure. The dog finds you and you make a big deal out of your joyous reunion.

Third time same setup. Except this time you make a 90° turn and hide. Shuffle off and really rake through the grass. Leave a good strong scent trail. That is, don't leap over the grass, rather, take more footsteps than necessary. Leave a good trail. The secondary handler with the dog on a leash lingers at the spot where you made your turn and this is the critical point that the dog must sniff the ground. The dog finds you and you repeat your overly joyous reunion routine. It's all a great game where the dog does what comes naturally.

You repeat these exercises adding 90° turns and by then your dog is using its nose quite well.

Then you change it up to find the toy.

You get a toy and jazz it up in front of the dog's face. "This is the thing we're playing with." Back and forth between hands. Then give it to the dog. Then take it. Then hide it. Roll the toy on the ground, or kick through the grass to a hiding place.  Repeat the pattern of straight line to a hiding spot in the dog's sight. "Go get it!"

Remember to make a huge f'k'n deal about the dog's success. Oh, the joy of finding the toy. It's the only thing on earth that counts.

Increase the difficulty with 90° turns as you did with dog tracking you.

Depending on how fun-loving your dog, this whole series of lessons goes fairly quickly.

Now your dog is ace at finding its toys. Or anything that you make a big deal about finding.

Because the dog wants the joy of your joy.

There are dozens of people out there doing this with their pets every weekend. No kidding. No exaggeration. These classes are running continuously. It's a thing they do with their dogs to have fun and keep their pets mentally challenged and provide them an opportunity to do something great and receive earned praise.

So there is really no reason to wait for a police dog.

This article assumes police dogs are the only qualified animals to do this. Not so. There will be trained dogs in the immediate area, certified or not. And they should be called in first before the whole neighborhood starts looking around.

Search groups should contact their local dog tracking groups immediately, not as last resort. The dogs work best when the ground is mostly clean slate. Doing it backward as they do increases the challenge for the dogs greatly. They have to sniff through a million additional scents, all the soaps the people used, all the shampoos, all the laundry detergents, all the various body odors and perfumes, all the food they've had on their laps and crumbs fallen on their clothes, all the car scents, garbling the scene.

The reason the dog could do it so easily through the scent-clutter of all the other humans is because little kids are often so stinky. To dogs.

Okay, detour right here.

Monday, March 25, 2019

Shoe laces

The million videos on YouTube on this all have terrible music so this one's from Twitter.

Bonus video: The self-tying shoelace is a punk.

Roller coaster

The Eloquent Peasant, Episode 2, Setting Out

For a peasant the guy isn't all that bad off. Although I'll admit the stuff he's packing seems a bit odd. This segment is basically a list of things that he packed on his donkeys.

It's also an odd portion of the book. The text is derived from five papyri but only the most significant are used. But not all of them are translated, and there are portions that are translated but missing in the book as hieroglyphs. There is a long horizontal sentence and a tall narrow column of items. It's actually easy to read but tricky to put into a video. It had to be chopped up.

* The guys comes from an oasis called Oxen-Land, 200 miles west of the Nile Valley.
* He's packing stones. Probably smooth ones used in slingshots.
* The resin is probably something like amber
* Probably packing sparkling minerals.
* One of the plants is "earth hair" probably some kind of grass.
* Some of the plants are unknown.

I drew a donkey for you to compensate for its shortcomings.

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Power without consequence

Reagan Forum: Victor Davis Hanson

I hadn't realized how funny he is.

Ed Sheeran, Shape of You, ASL

This is Libby Ketterer who goes by the handle, thedailysign. She's self-taught. Then again, aren't we all?

See that backhanded claw motion back and forth when the singer goes aaaah, or makes any non-word sound like eeeeee, or ewwww? It's standard but it gives no clue to the sound the singer is making.


Kale near top of 'dirty dozen' produce list

Uh oh. The vegetable pushed so obnoxiously as the superfood. Now in trouble for having too much pesticides. Ranked third after strawberries and spinach.

What a bummer!

Now we have to switch to mustard greens and chards.

Or you can grow kale yourself.

Here's the thing, you prepare an area of loose ground and bury a few seeds and water them, boom, kale garden.

And you can get extravagant as you like with amended soils, compost, worm castings, organic fertilizers, what have you.

This is the shortest video I could find. It says exactly what you expect it to say.

Buy seeds here. MIgardener has unusual heirloom seeds as Baker Creek does except at 1/3 the cost.


Woman laughs at Maddow for crying

This video triggers Twitter SJW NPCs so hard they're suspending Twitter accounts for showing it. Apologies for inflicting Maddow but it necessary for the schadenspooge.

(Who can even listen to this woman? I tried several times but cannot make it past 45 seconds.)

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Chicken Saltimbocca

Sounds salty.

Means "jump in mouth"

Shouldn't it be pollo saltimbocca?

Aaay, shutupa you face.

Trump, Russia, possible collusion

Everybody dance!

Trump March 22, 2019

Mueller Drops

"The illegal effort to destroy the 2016 Trump campaign by Hillary Clinton campaign’s use of funds to create, disseminate among court media, and then salt among high Obama administration officials, a fabricated, opposition smear dossier failed.  So has the second special prosecutor phase of the coup to abort the Trump presidency failed. There are many elements to what in time likely will become recognized as the greatest scandal in American political history, marking the first occasion in which U.S. government bureaucrats sought to overturn an election and to remove a sitting U.S. president."

Link to more from "Autopsy of a Dead Coup" by Victor Davis Hanson via Instapundit.

Kids react: cameras

Friday, March 22, 2019

China industrial explosion believed to be so strong it caused an earthquake (Video)

Link to NYT brief story.

Faraway explosion from r/gifs

Drone picture

My savings and your donations, thanks (Update 4)

This post is meant to inform you. I don't want a misimpression to take hold, because I'm neglecting to inform you, that I'm on the path to saving enough money to do what I said.

I transferred your PayPal donations to my bank account.

Below is a screen capture of my bank account showing both the help I've received and what I've managed to save since I started asking for your help to purchase a vehicle and reacquire my license.

Link to original post. (Update 1) (Update 2) (Update 3)

Labrador retrievers most popular dog for 28th year

According to AKC so that would be most popular in America.

And AKC, being an elitist club, isn't counting dogs that are not purebred.

Come on! They're sporting dogs in the US and gun dogs elsewhere. By the uploaded videos you'd think they're nothing but layabout goofball dogs. They're excellent assistance dogs, therapy dogs, screening and detection dogs and they're prized for sporting and hunting and they are fantastic swimmers with an affinity for water. They retrieve.

And that means they are willing to run out there and get something and bring it back gently without tearing it up and present it without playing keep away. And although all that is in their genetic makeup it still has to be trained. 

I just now watched a video of a hunter whose Labrador refused to retrieve. The dog behaved as Belgians do, like the whole thing is meant for some other breed. The dog swam out to the duck then just looked at his handler. His handler knew that the dog knows what the handler wants but still resists playing that game and that is very odd for a retriever. Frustrating. The handler asks in the video, "What can I do?"

Here's what you do: You get another retriever and take them both out. Keep the uncooperative one on a leash nearby while you play with the cooperative one. Oh what joy you have together playing the game you can do. Get the uncooperative one good and jealous. Then unleash them for a contest and watch them blast into action. Show them the joy of cooperation.

Japanese carpentry

This Japanology segment begins by explaining Japanese carpenters a thousand years ago observed trees growing differently on north and south sides of mountains and they kept that orientation in their gates and their buildings. This is one explanation as to how their wooden structures survived so long.

The main point of the segment is about the various complex wooden joints so much like puzzles and without nails and how they are made. The most fun part of the segment is near the end at 23:25 when the host, ever gracious Peter Barakan, tries his hand at planing a long board. Needless to say he doesn't do so well as the master carpenter.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Shipwreck of the Unbelievable

Documentary on Netflix.

An immense collection of an ex-slave, Cif Amotan, was put on ship, Apitos (Unbelievable) destined for a new museum to house his collection but the ship sank off the east coast of Africa.

Treasure hunters bring up objects they've found mostly encrusted in coral. On hand are anthropologist who explain, "the dinosaur skeletons became the basis for early myths. They didn't believe in monsters, they believed in cyclops and unicorns.

As viewer, you go, hmmm. Curious.

They bring up a statue of a man with hooves and the anthropologist says, "Human features with bestial traits. Characteristic of the Mesopotamian demon. The question is, could this be the so-called Pazuzu demon?"

That's the demon that opens the movie The Exorcist. She continues, "Stylistically they both seem to be of a piece." (No, they are not stylistically similar. This has musculature in later Greek style and Pazuzu is boxier, clumsier and with two sets of wings.)

As viewer, you go, hmmm.

The Egyptian pieces are outstanding. The unknown pharaoh has African features and that would put him at the first intermediate period and after. All those pharaohs are known. All the Egyptian pieces mix periods of Egypt, the headdress worn by Nefertiti is shown and her singular unusual features are similar to the excavated statue except this one with snakes in places where snakes do not belong in any Egyptian period. Beautiful, but wrong.

Egyptian Bastet cats are actually a bit ugly often with strange human noses and eerie gangly skeletal structure. That's part of what makes them fascinating. This Bastet looks too perfectly cute like an eBay replication.

And as viewer, you go, hmmm. The cat, the faces, the forms are too strikingly attractively modern.

They raise a large gold solar disc that is too excellent, too pure, too undamaged, too unlike anything known in ancient art. The face in the center is not archaic, rather, the face is hauntingly modern and the style is modern. A different anthropologist says, "Sun discs have been used by many civilizations and cultures ... The Egyptians and Incas used them, the Japanese and the Kurds."

And as viewer, you go, "So did American natives. So did all the Mesoamericans. Greeks honored Helios. The followers of Persian Mithraism worshiped fire and the sun. The sun held central position in Sumerian and Akkadian religions although not included among their top three deities. Surya is glorified in the Vedas. Indian Vivasvant corresponds to Iranian Vivahvant. Sun gods and sun kings are worshiped all over the place and throughout time from the beginning of human history, the solar solstice is crucial to early human settlements but none of that necessarily means they believed in the sun as god. Those are stories and myths.

As viewer, you go, hmmm. They're putting a lot of emphasis on belief. They're talking about believing too much.

We have no idea what early people actually believed in their minds and their hearts while we do know what was in their culture, we're familiar with their myths and their stories, their language, and how they arranged their thoughts and speech through available mythologies, but we cannot be certain about what they actually believed nor how deeply they felt them.

The story of Christ would not have got off the ground had ancient people of his day believed deeply what we are told they believed. They didn't deeply believe in much of anything to the point of worship beyond simple superstitions, their real beliefs were faltering or shallow or nothing could come along and dissuaded them off their beliefs to a better more solid religious formulation. At that point in historic time they were spiritually starving and open to better beliefs and improved forms of worship. The Jews at the time had the only real religion around. Everything else was goofball crap.

This transition and these conversions nicely explain why so many Roman soldiers practiced Persian Mithraism and why so much of Mithraism's religious ritual forms carry over to Christian rituals that have nothing to do with the actual teaching of Jesus. They're added to the teaching of Jesus to assist in early conversions. The Roman soldiers needed their rituals or they wouldn't convert.

So listening to these anthropologist citing superficial believing while presuming to discuss ancient  beliefs and attributing so much belief to ancients that we cannot honestly know, and leaving out more than they include, while watching the treasure hunters lift things out of the water in ways no archaeologist would dare, and seeing so many objects unaffected by time, while others are heavily affected coated with coral completely, and other objects affected just so, just so artistically graced with coral that it's cute. Coral to object to art, just so artistically that its beautiful, makes the viewer go,

"F'k'n hmmmm."

This is fake.

The whole thing is fake.

Beautiful but fake.

And that's why all the discussion about believing.

The producer wants us to believe the unbelievable. They are upfront about that by naming the imaginary boat "Unbelievable."

And that's why we see coral incrusted Micky Mouse. That's why the female forms have Barbie doll dimensions. That's why we see a Star Wars droid. That's why we see coral covered Mowgli and Baloo. That's why we see Damien Hirst's own self-portraits in sculpture and Damien Hurst saying, "Handsome fellow."

You lying bastard, your art is gorgeous but a little too cute.

The documentary is 100% false. *buzzer sound*

Damien Hurst sunk a million dollars into this exhibit and with a French millionaire collaborator fashioned this fantastic fantasy. It really is gorgeous and very well done. You're expected to suspend your disbelief to enjoy it.

Organic Solutions

A YouTube organic garden legend, John Kohler, ran an experiment on his home garden peppers using two different types of worm castings. The Organic Solutions brand won the contest by doubling John's yield of peppers.

Brian Spangle, owner of Organic Solutions saw the video and invited John Kohler to his operation for John to produce another video explaining how worm castings are harvested.

John is all over the place like a kid in a candy store. He explains every aspect of the operation as if to show you how to get into the business. At an hour and a half the video is too long for anyone not specifically interested in organic gardening. It has specific information valuable to all gardeners. It involves explaining composting because that's what the worms live on and in, and it explains what goes into the compost to create the best environment for worms, and it explains how the castings are separated from the worms.

The key is six elements added to regular compost to improve it to maximum potential as food for worms. To get their castings. That are in the improved compost.

That is what makes the product premium.

Subsequently, the best additives for the best compost and subsequent to that, the best additives for the most fertile soil.

They seek to improve 1) fungal activity 2) general microbial activity 3) range of trace minerals.

In small amounts, Brian Spangle adds to fine grain basic compost:

1) Biochar (charcoal, carbon)

2) Coffee grounds

3) Kelp

4) Rock dust (feeds microbes, makes them more efficient, 70 trace minerals)

5) humates, humic acid (organic compounds important components of humus, the major organic fraction of soil peat and coal)

6) Chitin. (exoskeletons of insects, hair, fingernails, crab shells)

His percentages are proprietary but you can use common sense based on your particular situation. For example, you know that compost is 50% nitrate such as food scraps and 50% carbon such as tree branches and cardboard. Knowing the composition of your compost, and knowing the composition of these additives helps you decide what is best to balance out your compost if it out of balance. Otherwise all of them can improve it.

All of these soil additives are available at garden centers and online. To get an idea what each additive does the reviews on Amazon are helpful.

People buy these things separately and add them directly to their soil. Or they dissolve them in water and spray it directly onto their plant's foliage (much better intake than through the plant's roots). Or they water their plants with it.

Used as fertilizers, the humates and the chitlins get the strongest responses.

Amazon reviews:




Rock dust (this one is near black like in the video, all others are light tan)

53:30 John introduces Brian, the owner, who speaks about worms with palpable fondness.

Duckduckgo [red wiggler worms

Perhaps local is better, [Denver red wriggle worms]

50 people try to poach an egg

Fifty people act silly. Skip to 3:50 to a cook showing exactly how this is done.

I am not a chef but I do like catering groups of people.

It's very easy to blow the minds of your peers by serving eggs Benedict for twenty people (40 poached eggs) with the ease of serving one. The nerve, the nonchalance, the breezy éclat is just not seen in regular cooks. That's not what I think, rather, that's what they say when you do it.

You poach the eggs four or five at a time and transfer them to a large bowl of cold water. For serving, lift them out one or two at a time and dip them back into simmering water for just a few seconds still holding them with a slotted spoon.

Eggs cook within a range of temperatures because the yolk and the whites denature at different temperatures. The white albumen is actually two different substances and those also cook at different temperatures. The range is 140℉ - 165℉ or 170℉ thereabout. Well below the temperature of boiling water. And it doesn't go, 170℉ boink cooked, rather, the eggs begin to cook at 140℉ and time is another factor. The egg will not be cooked if you dip it in 170℉ water. It will need time. So you have to stand there and watch them, sometimes up to a few minutes.

When you dump your room temperature egg into the water, if the white doesn't tighten up within the first few seconds then add more vinegar. Don't worry about the egg tasting vinegary.

While dipping it into cold water will arrest the cooking immediately. And dipping them back into near boiling water will re-heat them nearly immediately.

In the meantime you prepare your Hollandaise sauce, and again technique makes a large batch simple as making a small batch.

Start with egg yolks at room temperature. Whisking them in a bowl over simmering water, they will begin to thicken when their temperature reaches 140℉, very far below the temperature of simmering water. This happens fairly quickly. Then drizzle butter preheated to that same temperature and it thickens even faster. In less than a minute your egg yolks have become extremely rich cooked mayonnaise. Then lemon juice and cayenne s/p, and in a flash you've made a large batch of Hollandaise as if you knew what you were doing and your friends who are observing you are all, "F'k'n what?"

Your own homemade English muffins are better than the ones that you buy. It's simple yeast bread dough balls, smashed to a thick pancake then fried instead of baked.

Lavish your friends with thick slices of top deli ham. Tell the guy to slice it thick as a quarter coin. They're uncertain about what you mean so they'll go, "this thick?"

You go, "Thicker."

     "This thick?"


     "This thick?"


     "This thick?"


     "This thick?

"That too thick! What are you crazy?"

Use a fork to separate halves of your English muffins and toast them all at once or in batches under your oven's broiler. Have them ready. Have the sliced ham at room temperature. Poach your eggs and have them chilling in ice water with a fresh pot of simmering water.

Once plated scrape nutmeg over the sauce, or sprinkle cayenne or maybe chipotle powder (smoked roasted jalapeño.)

And the whole time you're assembling you'll be thinking, "Damn, these eggs Benedict are basically egg sauce served over eggs. Whoever thought of this must have been quite mad."

Enlist one your guests to help you assemble plates. Prepare the Hollandaise. Begin assembling plates, dipping poached eggs into hot water, placing over toast with a slice of ham, and spreading the Hollandaise over them. Call the rest of the guest to get their plates RIGHT NOW before they go cold. They always take their time to respond and that gives you time for an assembly line.

This is very rich and loaded with fat.

A nice side would be a pile of freshly cut fruit; pineapple, kiwi, peaches if in season, mango, and berries. Have a huge bowl of that and just pile it on the plates. Top with sprigs of something green; mint, basil, microgreens, whatever.

Skip over people being silly to 3:50.

Worm farm

Got a few minutes? Care to see something weird?

Here's the thing: we juicing types produce a lot of scrap vegetative pulp and it's a crime against nature to send all that bulk down the sink disposer. It's perfect food for worms. And worm castings are perfect food for gardens. Otherwise the scraps are perfectly perfect for composting. It's wet food mush and fiber.

The comments to this video are highly appreciative, much more so than you'd imagine. And the whole time I was thinking, "Dude, what's going on with your teeth?" I bet he chews tobacco or something. None of the commenters mentioned that. His channel has a lot of garden related videos along with canning and other self-sufficiency things. He also has a short rant video about police being overly decked out compared to unarmed protestors but I dropped it 1/4 of the way through. He has a strange YouTube channel with a few off-the-wall things.

But still more grounded than mine.

Commenters think of dozens of alternatives for each element using this as basic idea.

I think my juicer's scraps would be even more worm-accessible than his large chunky scraps. And fruit flies can slip right through his burlap screening.

So far, composting at home in an apartment seems impractical. (Impractical as his glass containers for worm castings.) This could be an alternative to composting. But then what does one do through the winter, bring it all inside? I'm not sure I can be that dedicated.

Executive order protecting free speech on college campuses

Ew, don't watch the video. It's ugly and you already saw it.

Dad's deployed

No sound.

Trump has the version with sound.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Trump at Lima, Ohio

He is talking to Army tank manufacturers and the setup is like one of his rallies and Trump is in high rally form.

The introductory song goes, "And their ain't no doubt I love this land God bless the USA" and I was interpreting it as it goes as you do and suddenly realized, "Hey! Exactly what is the difference between 'doubt' and 'blind' anyway?" Because you could easily get those two things mixed up. You know how people do everything their own way, their own handwriting, there is no significant difference. It's another of those things, you just have to accept when you're seeing it, they could be saying either "blind" or "doubt." You'll have guess which one they mean.

Mizu Izkaya

Izkaya means bar in the Japanese sense with the meaning of "meeting place" and would equate with British pub or old time American saloon. So then, "water bar." 

Yelp did it again. Their theme this week is "Ramen bowls" and they pointed out three places in my area that I didn't know about. One is in my old neighborhood in walking distance from my previous apartment and previous house in the same Baker neighborhood. This restaurant and another ramen bowl place are within blocks of each other in the Highlands neighborhood. They've got a lot of really cool places up there on a hill overlooking downtown. It used to be called Little Italy then became mostly Latino and now it's been ... oh, how do you say ... what's the word for it ... gentrified. 

With white people and Asians all over the place. The whole area is lousy with them. Up and coming ambitious youngsters. Just look at 'em. 

They're gorgeous!

Of the three places that Yelp highlighted for me, Mizu Izkaya is mas autentico. I meant to say, "homono no, " that is, real, authentic.

And it's just so slutty

Hey, bud.

Three segments of dragonfruit from an independent vendor on Amazon came with no roots.

So the segments had to grow those first. 

It's been a month, it seems like, but only watered three times. They like to dry out between waterings, but not for too long like regular cactus do. The last time I watered them I thought, "Hey! Why not give it some organic fertilizer even though its roots are only just started?" 

The bud showed day before yesterday as a mere bump. This is two days growth.

For me this is exciting as seeing plants come out of the dirt. It gets me every time.

I bet my other self $10.00 that the remaining two segments grow buds within a few days. I figure, either way how can I lose? 

Window washer

Indoor cannabis

Comments on YouTube indicate this is a favorite episode for followers. They enjoy seeing these two people together. Obviously the information applies to all gardens and the offer at the end really is valuable. I went to Boogie  Brew site and viewed the page for John's subscribers and compared with Amazon prices. Best to buy the most because the savings per increment are near exponential. John is featured on the Boogie Brew page mentioned at the end of this video. (John really does take a lot of guff in his comments. His followers tease him a lot.)

Prices for the combination boxes that includes all the products shown in the video.
3 LBS. $70.00
6 LBS. $100.00
16 LBS. $140.00 (See? Two 6 LBS. would be $200 + 3 LBS. at $70.00 would be 15 LBS. @$270.00. This forces you to buy 16 LBS. to save $130.00. It's like they're telling us to stop bothering them with small amounts.)

Free shipping.

16 LBS of Boogie Brew alone on Amazon is $120.00. So directly from Boogie Brew you get all the other products for $20.00, (4 LBS. Primo, Hydrolysate, 4 LBS Frass, 4 LBS Rainbow Mix).

We're talking about turning your stupid old dead dirt into living microbe-rich black soil.

Paul Rugg: How I relax


101M views on YouTube, so there must be something to this.

Trail bike

Click on the little bird. It's a good thread. The cat coming off the top bunk is my favorite.

Wallace and Gromit

George Conway

Tuesday, March 19, 2019


Hanna & Barbera had it figured out decades ago:

Speaking of Jonny Quest, here is the cool theme song:

It's from 1964. I wonder if Hal Blaine played drums for that song?

Yeti coolers

Cooler envy.

Two videos show hacking regular Igloo coolers to  challenge expensive Yeti coolers.

First, the man is joking. He fills the hollow bulges in the lid with expanding foam while leaving the depressions uninsulated. You can see how the lid can be made even more insulated by filling every depression and shrinking the inner dimensions with additional foam core.

Second, the man sounds country and his truck is a mess but don't be fooled, he's actually well dressed and well shod and that changes everything.  He'd discussing how far he has driven and for how long before showing how the ice has lasted. He's filled every molded depression for maximum insulation for a very large cooler at great savings. His hack is well crafted.

Third, this guy is showing how he arranges flexible insulation to hold dry ice on the bottom separated to keep regular ice frozen longer above it. He neglects insulating the lid. (We know he doesn't know what he is doing by recording in portrait.)

Cement planter

Video best on speed X2. You can skip, skip, skipity doo dah for a 3 minute video and not miss anything.

* They don't show forming the base or making the hole

* They press the natural leaf pattern into the cement leaves then erase the faint patterns by smoothing the cement leaf onto the cement bowl. They could have used the natural leaf to press the cement leaf onto the cement bowl to reinforce the natural pattern. 

* She missed a leaf scratching in the vein patterns.

* Could have formed branches in distorted "Y" shapes to break up the pattern.

* Could have formed a cement lizard.

* The bowl needn't be pure cement. The material could be lighter hypertufa. 
     * 3 parts perlite
     * 3 parts peat moss
     * 2 parts Portland cement
     * cement pigment
     * water

* Check out these projects people have done. I suppose it's like anything; you have success with something simple then try something different. Next thing you know, you're putting faces on cement pots. 

Come on, be a sport. Try your hand at being creative. Don't mess around. Make something big.

David Nunes discusses his $250M suit against Twitter and Twitter members

He is saying that he's just getting started. He also answers about Mueller investigation.

Monday, March 18, 2019

Benjamin Clementine

I stopped by the Sartorialist and saw this photo on the front page. The photo received double the comments of photos around it. They like the color, the style, the combination, his complexion and bone structure, five people identified him as the pianist, Benjamin Clementine.

photo by Scott Schuman

So I looked on YouTube. 

Gay Eye

The third season of the new show is available on Netflix.

The new team has dropped "for the straight guy" from their title because they makeover as many women as men and they're not always straight.

I'm hooked on this third season. They're picking their subjects with greater care toward people who are psychologically stuck. I must say it is fun watching the team inhabit the lives of their subjects and get them out of the spot that they're in. They're a lot better than previous seasons at getting people to see how they're holding themselves back. Most have suffered some kind of psychologic tragedy that clipped them. Through play and by challenges the men pull their subjects out of their rut and push them forward into the unknown. Seeing the observable changes in people really is touching. One senses the changes are lasting. They each say, "you changed me."

Then again, a large part of the change has to do with changing the environment and that would not be possible without the production budget that is considerable. It's enough to upgrade every room of their homes. They upgrade their yards and their whole restaurant. When comparing with what these subjects could have done for themselves without the crew, there isn't much without serious loans and nothing without expert advice. So it's not all just snapping someone out of their slump.

They're great at showing people their own worth, getting people to care for themselves. They show people how to do that; how to dress, how to pick out clothes, how to apply personal hygiene, how to cook, how to socialize.

In one episode they played back a recording of all the instances of the man speaking about himself. Self-depreciating humor is one thing, self-awareness of one's shortcomings another, but this guy was made to realize that he was actually being self-abusive. He broke down hearing himself talking about himself. He's too kind to do that to another person. Hearing himself changed him. He stopped being so cruel to himself.

In another episode the same crew member (who's the most serious and bit of a drag) had his subject stack crates representing things that he thinks have held him back; my mother died, crate, I'm overweight, crate, I'm shy, crate, my self image is low, crate, and so on until a he had constructed a wall of crates. Now the psychologist is one one side and the subject on the other and the camera peeks through the slats of the crates. "I can only see a sliver of your face." The psychologist had the subject build a physical wall that showed the subject the psychological barriers he had build between himself and the world.

The subject is twenty-one year-old black male who had his older sister worried he was boxing himself in. And he was. The crew broke him out and got him socializing confidently with people who share his interests and that required changing his environment, his hygiene, his wardrobe, his cooking skills, his diet, and his willingness to face challenge and socialize.

A seriously scruffy scrawny white dude cleans up his act, becomes a man, a genuine father and reconnects with his son. Viewers observe the man actually change. His posture, his manner, his appearance, his ways all change as he grows into a new person right before our eyes.

Another man lost his wife and is raising their two young sons. He became stuck in his situation and the sorrow that hung like a pall cast over his family. The crew broke him out and into his new home that gave rightful homage to his wife and the boy's mother.

A gorgeous young lesbian black girl was rejected by her adoptive family and kicked out of the house at age sixteen. Her place was a sad dump, her prospects slim. She had no connection whatsoever to her past. She had a sister who she kept at arm's length out of fear of rejection. The crew basically gave her a new life. They brought out her own genuine beauty and showed it to her. They reconnected her to her sister who was waiting for such an opportunity. The crew took the sisters to genealogy society and researched their history. They showed her how to host her new chosen family of friends. This young woman has it all together. She's strong and beautiful and cheerful, and hot. But she was stuck in sadness and self-doubt and the crew pulled her out and pushed her forward.

All this action is taking place in Kansas City.

Another case is two sisters running a bbq shack with a good deal of family history. But they could take it only so far then became stuck. They couldn't make enough bbq sauce to satisfy demand so they stopped offering it. They couldn't expand their shack or use their lot to its full advantage. Their hygiene and wardrobes were disasters and their socialization was nil. They were both stuck slaving away in their shack at a very low level but still filling a spot in their neighborhood. The crew descended on them and expanded their world in all ways possible. The key was having their secret sauce produced elsewhere and made available to customers. They gave these two women new expanded lives.

The woman who wears only camouflage is a great episode.

That's as far as I've got. I'm still watching. I'm going to be sad when I get to the end of this season because it's fun watching people allow others to help them lift themselves up. Kudos to their great selection of subjects. Apparently the show gets a lot of nominations and whoever does the selections is doing a fantastic job. They know what to look for in people willing to work to bring needed change into their life in ways that have viewers examine their own.

A different perspective on garden fertilizers

This is John Kohler again, this time a shorter video than usual. He has a great deal of success with his garden and his take on fertilizers is different from most the experts you'll hear. Even the other videos that mention Kohler as their online inspiration have not fully adopted his ways. John insists he does not even think about NPK fertilizer numbers, instead, he thinks in terms of his soil being alive and rich with a full array of minerals.

* fungal dominated compost
* microbes
* trace minerals

The NPK will sort themselves from that.

To keep his soil alive he warns about chlorine in municipal water. This is the first time I've heard any gardener mention that.

Sunday, March 17, 2019


Dick Dale has died. He was 81. I'm reposting an emotional post written several years ago after seeing him play after a bout with cancer: "You Are My Medicine."


A week ago my wife and I saw Dick Dale play a show at the Coach House in San Juan Capistrano. I dropped a few emotional tweets about the show here, herehere and here, and even wrote a comment over on Sissy Willis' blog here. I can't add much more. Dick Dale has his own long history and I feel very fortunate to have seen this latest show. According to this reporter, rumors of his imminent retirement are exaggerated. I hope so.

Dick Dale is 73 years old now and has been performing locally since 1955. When he first came onstage he gave a long spiel about fighting cancer and about having to cancel a bunch of upcoming shows, including a tour of Japan. He told the audience "No way could I cancel this show--you are my medicine."
He said that he was running a fever of 102. My wife, who has cared for a lot of cancer patients, could read between the lines and knew exactly what he was going through treatment-wise.  His weakness forced him to sit the entire show but it didn't matter--he played as well as he ever had. We were seated at a table across from a gentleman who has followed Dick Dale since 1961 and he was clearly enjoying this one as much as ever. I'm sorry I don't have a better photo of Dale. I felt drawn to him, wanting to get closer to him more and more as the show unfolded. But the very front was occupied by close friends and family and there just wasn't any way to politely intrude on their space and so I didn't.

What got me emotionally was the obvious bond between father and son onstage. Jimmy Dale, who just turned 18, has been playing onstage with his dad since he was little.  There were times when both father and son would be playing in unison and Dick would take his hands off the guitar as if to say "look no hands" while Jimmy just kept the riff going.  That's amazing.  Such obvious affection between the two.

Dick Dale has a reputation for eschewing drugs and alcohol. He says that he went through the treatments without pain meds. After the show his last words were again "You are my medicine!"  When he stood up after the show, he visibly grimaced in pain and he was helped offstage by his son and another man. We never saw him again.

After the show, Jimmy was hanging around the fans, posing for pictures and signing the usual autographs. I thought of a photo but it was too dark and I didn't have a flash. My wife took Jimmy's hand and told him: "You tell your Dad that he's a great inspiration for cancer patients." He said "I will."

Photo used with permission of Ron

Flooding in Nebraska

Many more videos on YouTube.  People are out with their drones. 

The brains behind AOC

I find the guy a bit difficult to listen to but the video is still worthwhile. Seems the DNC is experiencing the same thing that the Tea Party delivered to GOPe. And kept delivering until they had their president. The Democrat's Bernie Sanders base is fed up with antique Democrat party and wants socialism right now! So, a small group is fronting candidates like AOC.  Cortez is not so daft as she sounds but she is raw and presently her positions do not belong to her. She is coached. On everything. But soon enough all the talking points drilled into her will be internalized and she'll be more or less on her own. The group that is backing her intends to back hundreds more like her.

If you choose to watch, when you get to the part where AOC is talking, just skip though it, you won't miss anything and you'll be a lot less annoyed.