Thursday, January 31, 2019

Melania Trump's Diary

I am sorry that I have not been writing to you Diary but I have been so very busy the last few months.  Donald has been so busy trying to get the wall built and shutting down the government that I am my wits end. The laid off the kitchen staff and I actually had to cook. Now we could have sent over some of the staff from the hotel but there are all kinds of ridiculous rules that would lead to an ethics complaint that we thought the easiest thing was if I cooked.

I need your help (update 2)

Link to original post.

It occurs to me I've missed sharing with you how much exactly I need to raise, in order to (1) get my Drivers License back and (2) purchase a vehicle. (actually, it's the other way around, I have to have a vehicle with a tracking device installed in order to get the license back.) 

I need approximately $5,000 in total. So far I've got $1,000 in savings and $716.50 in PayPal thru your generous donations. I texted my brother two days ago, but I haven't heard back. He's a good man. He gave me his old iPhone, I can't complain.

Did I mentioned I caught my employer shortchanging my pay, a few moths back? There is a good chance they were frequently doing this and I wasn't catching on because I was naively trusting that nobody would do something like that and... I'm lazy about keeping detailed track of my finances. I have to do better.

Below are phone screen captures of my PayPal account detailing the help I've received since I asked for your help my last update 1.

La Cabina

This 1972 film gave nightmares to a generation of Europeans.

Don't like it? Before giving up, try the comments to it on YouTube.

It's similar to a scene in an earlier film, The President's Analyst

Trump gives Daily Caller an exclusive interview, explains Paul Ryan lying about funding for the wall

Interview here. The meat of it is Vince Coglianese and Saagar Enjeti with Daily Caller are asking President Trump if Paul Rayan lied to him about promising to fund the wall.

Daily Caller: Did he lie to you? Did he play you?
I don’t want to say he lied. I think he probably meant it at the time, I guess. I hope. So I don’t call that lying. But when he went lame duck, meaning, he said he’s not running again — and it was very unusual because usually they’ll do that sometime after an election and he didn’t want to do that because it’s somewhat misrepresenting and I understand that too. But maybe you don’t run, okay? Maybe you just don’t run. And he had an excellent person taking his place in Congress, he ran a really great campaign, did a really good job. 
So Paul said, please sign the omnibus bill. Now, in all fairness to Paul, I may have signed it anyway because it was so much more money than anyone ever thought possible for the military and equal to the wall, and maybe even greater than the wall was my promise to refurbish the military.
LIES! All lies. Ryan did lie to Trump, and Trump know full well Ryan lied to him and here he is padding the whole thing with cotton balls. Trump is such a big fat stinking liar. He lies everyday. Every word out of his mouth is a patent straight up lie.

*ventriloquist voice* "He still has to work with these people."

Oh, shut up, Ventriloquist Voice.

Comments at Daily Caller are wild.

More at Daily Caller.

The interview is posted in separate parts. Another portion in another post is about President Trump being appalled by a series of religiously bigoted events within the Democrat party.

* Antisemitic leanings of Women's March leaders.
* Sitting Democrat members of Congress expressing antisemitic beliefs
* Attacks on Karen Pence for teaching at a private Christian school
* Attacks by Democrat lawmakers on Catholic judicial nominees including one for being a member of the Knights of Columbus
* Attacks on Covington Catholic High School boys attending the March For Life and wearing MAGA hats.

Not mentioned, attacks on Christianity are up now because of necessity relating to Ruth Ginsburg dying. Democrats are going out of their minds. And it shows quite clearly all over the place. Laws restricting abortion are based on Christian teaching, as such, antithetic to Democrat aims of zero personal responsibility and inherent eugenic propensity.

When I was ten years of age I leaned the Spartans killed babies born with imperfection. Physical imperfection was not tolerated in their culture. So the author wrote in a book. Their civilization did not support members in need that would burden their civilization with no contribution. The parent took the child and dropped them off a cliff. A specific cliff for a ritual.

An illustration of this has haunted me ever since, and gravely for years.

Through childhood I kept rolling over in my mind asking myself if this was a virtuous practice while horrified at the prospect of growing up and killing my own physically imperfect child. Even in High School when the subject of abortion came up I would think back to the earlier book.

The  book had an accompanying illustration.That is the thing I would see and still do. A line drawing of a woman dressed as a Greek, with Greek hairstyle, holding up a baby over a cliff. Readers were left to imagine the pile of baby bones at the bottom.

Democrats read the same book or something similar, or thought up themselves, and concluded, yes, that's a good solid practice. Plus, women are freed from the burden of childrearing and can immediately resume the same practices picking up unimpeded where they left off without missing a beat.

Truly blessed are the children that are wanted having survived this gauntlet.

For our future is in old people.

Who want children.

That grow to be old.

And want to have their own children along the way.

One day my sister said to my mother, "I didn't ask to born, you know."

I sat there thinking, "This twisted sister is bold. I think that same thing sometimes but I'd never actually say it."

Then my mother shot back, "I didn't ask for you to be born either."

And that made me think, "Holy shit! My mum's got an answer for everything!"

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Ralph Northam endorses post birth abortion

Virginia governor is walking back his statements due to the tremendous pushback he's received from his horrified state only to mention a disgusted nation. But then, Democrats are themselves horrified with the prospect of President Trump nominating another Supreme Court Justice after Ruth Ginsburg




She must die three times over a period of three years, become mummified and entombed before Democrats will finally accept that she's gone. When she does die if she hasn't already.

That is what this is about. They are horrified with the prospect of conservatives overturning Roe vs Wade and by the way telling us how tenuous they felt that ruling was this whole time, so they're coming out of their minds doing everything that they can no matter how outrageously murderous.  Even to the point of killing babies that are newly born when their mothers consult with their doctor to protect the woman's right to control her own body.

While having that control all along.

That's right. Kill a living child to protect a woman's right to her own body. There's a visible mental polemic disconnect going on there right in front of us. The pushback was so immediate and powerful that even worked up Democrats see it, quite out of their Godless amoral disturbed minds.

And New York is no better.

It's believed the Democrats will push impeachment with the aim of preventing Trump from nominating another S.C. Justice. "A president cannot nominate anyone while he's under impeachment process" goes the thinking, but I don't think that will be successful.

I haven't watched this video even though it's been pushed in front of my eyeballs some fifteen times today. The commentary tells its disgusting content.

Don't watch this. It will only make you disgusted and cross.

Democrat party has forfeited any claim to morality whatsoever. They are worse than the Aztec human sacrificers, the worst of all the Mesoamerican cultures, thankfully conquered by a better civilization.

I Heart Denver

The mailers from Yelp are outstanding. They tell me more about my area than anything else. I recommend them. I think that they're sent to everyone who posts a review on Yelp because that's the only contact I've made with them.

This week has a photograph header not part of their recommendations but I clicked on the photo anyway because that's how they get their photographs for their reviews. The photographs used in Yelp's mailers are provided by people who made Yelp reviews and sent cell phone photographs. Sure enough, the email header was a link, and this one went to a souvenir shop on the mall. One I had been in decades ago. All the souvenir shops were crap places selling junk trinkets. The best things offered were rough-hewn things made of buffalo, sketches burned into wood, fake Indian clothing, headdresses, moccasins and jewelry and the like.

I worked at the FRB on 16th St. when the mall was built. When I first started I could sail down 16th, turn left on Arapaho and right into the bank parking lot. Then they built the mall and the whole street was turned to mud. For years! Then, right as they were finishing, they tore up what they built and re-built it and this went on another few years. Then finally, after half a decade of mud the mall was finally finished. Now it's mature, the trees are grown out, and the whole thing is beautiful. And now beyond that is all quite beautiful. The bus terminal, the train station, the sports arena, new skyscrapers and tall apartment buildings, restaurants and businesses, the confluence of Cherry Creek and Platte River, the parks, bike trails, the whole area is beautifully redeveloped.

The best souvenir shops, gift shops actually, are the one at the base of Dinosaur Ridge and the one in the carriage house behind Molly Brown's house a few blocks away on Pennsylvania St. between 13th and 14th.

The boys went nuts in the Dinosaur Ridge gift shop that has a lot of unusual dinosaur-related things along with Colorado mining related things. You can even buy dinosaur coprolite.

"Uncle Bo, what's coprolite?"

     "Fossilized dinosaur poop."


Both boys at once.

And the Molly Brown gift shop has an unusually large amount of Egyptian-related things and Titanic related things because those are connected to Molly Brown. They had one of the best model boats that I've seen. It could actually float. A replication of a Titanic lifeboat. With oars and a rolled up sail (I didn't know the lifeboats had sails). Elaborately detailed and large. Four feet long. It could have fit nicely on top of my aquarium. And only $100.00. But I already had too many model wooden boats. So many I had to give some away. Very good models. But I had just whittled it down to my two favorites. So I didn't buy it. And I kind of resented not snatching it up ever since. I still think of that thing. The ladies there got tired of seeing it so they marked it down to a ridiculously low price.

They pack a ton of stuff in that carriage house.

Some of the souvenirs are pot-related. A hand-thrown ceramic pot with "A little pot from Colorado" etched into it. 70% of sales go to some Colorado artist or designer. I guess we get quite a lot of weed tourism. I suppose that will change as more states follow our lead.

This Yelp issue is about adventures.

* DAGAR 2000 Lawrence St.

Lawrence St. is 1 block beyond Arapaho, and 20th is obviously 4 blocks beyond 16th. Maths!

“Just throwing the axes is fun, but the real fun begins when you start doing competition among your group to see who can get to a certain amount of points. We had a blast.”

What? Throwing axes? Okay, now I have to go there.

* Denver Art Museum

Golden Triangle, 100 W 14th Ave

“I'm blown away by the enormous amount of activities provided for children... if you're bringing along a kiddo, it makes the trip so much more fun when they have things they can create and do along the way.”

Blessed are the little children for their angels see in them the face of God.

This is half a block from my apartment and there are a lot children being escorted to and fro. The various programs really are excellent. While frankly their gift shop is wanting. Some unimaginative adults gave it the short shrift. While the gift shop at the Museum of Natural History is far more interesting with a million things that interest little kids. It's up there with the top three.

* Dark Side of Denver Ghost Tours

1701 Wynkoop, Lodo. This is the redeveloped area beyond the mall near the the confluence of Cherry Creek and Platte River. This particular area is a like a refurbished cowboy town. The original old buildings are all restored. This was brilliant redevelopment instead of tearing down everything. It really did revitalize the whole area.

"All of us had a great time listening to the stories... learning about Denver's past. He is an amazing story teller who kept us engaged the whole time and was able to show us parts of Denver that I would have never otherwise been able to see."

Before Yelp, the Botanic Gardens also emailed with upcoming events. And this time it's not just some dud performer.

* Bumblebee Jamboree

Family-friendly concert is the perfect winter escape for children ages 0-12 and their parents. Sing along and dance to original and traditional songs by Doctor Noize.

* 60th Annual Colorado Garden & Home Show

Find inspiration from the latest ideas in landscaping, gardening and more. Stroll through more than an acre of professionally landscaped gardens. Two people gain free admission to the show upon showing current Gardens’ membership card.

* Volunteers Needed for Art Installation

This spring, help create an art installation with artist Patrick Dougherty at Chatfield Farms. We are now accepting applications for volunteers to work alongside the artist, weaving flexible saplings into a large-scale architectural sculpture.

The Botanic Gardens itself has outstanding displays. They have a spectacular greenhouse, a splendid Japanese teahouse and pond, and an incredible cactus garden, lily pond, outstanding seasonal displays, dedicated staff, art installations, fountains, home garden training area, children's programs, yearly rose displays, orchid displays, and the like, summer outdoor concerts on their lawn and endless perennial courses on xeriscaping, spring gardens, vegetable gardens, tulips, and the like. The Denver Botanic Gardens is a valuable living outreaching educational civic asset.

The Smiley Face Madison Wisconsin

With all of this talk about going to Hell I want to share on of my favorite podcasts. It is called "Tim Dillon is Going to Hell."

Tim Dillon is a pretty funny comedian who actually occasionally offers a conservative take. He has to kiss ass and offer a ton of caveats so the SJW majority in comedy world doesn't ostracize him but he actually does understand the working class perspective because he is a mook from Long Island. His podcast is often pretty funny and even informative. The one curveball is that he loves conspiracy theories. This episode is about the Smiley Face Killers operating in Madison Wisconsin.

Hmmmm. A weird couple abducting young college guys in Madison Wisconsin. Killing them. Then leaving a weird art project. Hmmmmm.

Dave Janda's take on Trump shutting down government

He's interesting. He speaks slowly. Skip the first few minutes as he pimps his other activities; radio show, podcasts, other websites, cost of subscriptions, newsletters, etc. The end also. In the middle he offers a unique take that I haven't seen anywhere else. Trump using the shutdown as a trial run. He went into this one more prepared than I knew and he learned during this one and made changes during during this shutdown to better handle Federal employees for the next one. Janda explains all that.

I looked for a list of airports with private security but didn't find one. Apparently the numbers fluctuate as airports experience unacceptable long lines, also trial programs of various methods take place at airports across the country like SPOT (Screening Passengers by Observation Technique) that is used at some big airports. Wikipedia has an interesting writeup. They must be learning from the Israelis. Denver International uses this system along with several others. 

UK Telegraph forced to publish apology to Melania Trump

Plus pay her a couple million of dollars which she'll probably give to some charity. Expect that not to be covered by American media. Here's the story on the Right Scoop. They have the full message from the Telegraph that sounds like something Melania's lawyers wrote, not something the Telegraph wrote themselves.

Here's video of their apology.

Oops. I got mixed up again. Oh well. Close enough.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Sometimes a new show can "trigger" a weak minded person....

Just Sayn'

Lioz Shem Tov, mentalist, America's Got Talent

Mentalist because he's mental. The judges didn't like him until they realized the real nature of his act. They're such duds sometimes. The audience is way ahead of them.

The guy is hilarious when he said, "This is not comedy" when Simon Cowell told him "I thought this was stupid, then I thought this is really stupid, pause, then I thought, this is really funny, keeping up the act all the way through never coming out of mentalist character.

Two things. 

1) A high school friend in Louisiana was the most unique student in school. It wasn't that hard to stick out in the small school, but Gary Hennigan stuck w-a-a-a-y out beyond everyone else in talent and imagination. 

He had this thing about magic and mystic powers from television shows Bewitched and Dark Shadows. So he faked them. For example, I never saw him turn on a light the usual way. Instead, he'd back up to the light switch, draw attention to himself, then stare intently at the light fixture and dramatically reach toward it and snap his fingers at the light fixture while simultaneously snapping the light switch behind him. 

He especially liked magnets.

I adopted some his ways for fun with my nephews. I took them downtown and parked at the FRB where I worked. Upon leaving the parking lot the unseen guards inside the building watch on cameras and open the gates when the car approaches the exit ramp. They never miss you. They are ever vigilant. I acted like I'm magic and said dramatically and powerfully addressing the gate, "Open sesame" with power coming from my fingertips. The gate opened and the boys went nuts. The older boy knows about electronic eyes and he wanted his brother not to be misled, but come on, there is no electric eye, that would defeat security, and I had just opened the gate with my psychic telekinesis power. 

2) In Shirley Maclaine's book Out On a Limb, I think, I read two of her books and they're both oddly interesting. Like candy is interesting. She describes a drive in Peru to a mountaintop with high UFO activity. On the way up the mountain in a van a Peruvian woman got ahold of Maclaine's box of tissues and pulled one out as Lioz does in this video, instantly replaced with another tissue. Fascinated as a child would be, the woman kept pulling out tissues one after another trying to figure out the magic and Maclaine just sat there and watched as the woman emptied the whole box of tissues.

Hot Ones with Gordon Ramsay

First show of their eighth season. This is the most entertaining episode that I've seen. I like Gordon Ramsay a lot, but I've never seen him this cooperative or this sportsman-like or this fun to watch. The host, Sean Evans, prepared as always, does an excellent job getting the most out Ramsay. Warning: abundant creative swears.

Monday, January 28, 2019

Report card

I have to do better

I haven't posted much here because I have been busy with other things.

I am going to try to do better.

Mark Levin with Sidney Powell

Ew, Lordy, she's good. It's enough to make me buy her book. But then I'd be reading about terrible things that terrible people do that would alter my naivety permanently and there would go my boyish innocent charm forever. I've yet to develop mature unflappable equanimity such as Sidney Powell shows. 

She talks about Andrew Weissman's role in the prosecution of Enron and the destruction of Arthur Anderson in which just being indicted destroys the auditing business. Thousands of jobs lost just by being accused, then prosecuted for crimes that do not exist by combining two accusations that were later overturned, but after the business was already destroyed. What happens to Weissman for doing such evil? 

Promoted, of course. Duh. It's government, not private business. 

Here's Louie Gohmert discussing what he discovered about Weissman. It's terrible. Don't read it. It will certainly ruin your pure precious attitude. The page leads to this PDF file where Gohmert lays it all out, until he stops for it becoming too long to enumerate all the evil he's found, and that you must also avoid lest you become tainted with cynicism. 

I'd say read the comments instead, to spare your beautiful smile that comes from your bliss, but comments at are useless. 

Waking up angry

This is absurd. I think. Why did it have such profound emotional impact?

I had an unhappy dream and woke up angry. It took hours to recover from something that didn't happen.

It took that long to realize it simply is not relevant. I think.

Nothing relevant that's obvious.

In the dream a policeman stopped me and cited me. "For what?" I asked sharply. I didn't like this guy. He was predatory.

"For standing there when a woman closed her umbrella behind you. Here. I have you on tape allowing it."

The policeman showed me a recording of a woman closing her folding umbrella behind my back as I'm standing there innocently. It's fascinating, actually. The whole thing folds into itself from a hang glider size stretched fabric and tucks neatly into a black cloth cylinder with sturdy but exceedingly
thin metal bones like pterosaur wings except even better. Much tighter. All by itself. A very useful device. Brilliantly engineered.


"That's illegal in Colorado."

"So? It must be an antique law, Stupid. But you know that. Some vestige. Probably. Something insanely stupid that you've taken up as real and valuable. Something that should be off the books."

"But it's on the books. And you are guilty."

"But that was a year ago!"

"I know. I waited until I saw you again. So now you're cited."

"You pounced. On something senseless. You are senseless. Have you nothing better to do than trap people with antique laws?"

I could pay the fine or go to court. I went to court to expose the predatory policing. I was fined even more for challenging and court costs. The whole thing was another scheme like property seizure maintained as income stream to the state. The judge was working with the police to grab money from innocent people using bizarre laws from which citizens have no protection. And that meant living in Colorado totally sucked because of their ridiculous laws and insane police and judges.

And I woke up angry about that.

But IRL there are no such laws that offend me so gravely. Colorado is actually lovely and supportive.

So my waking thoughts shifted immediately to arguments against Planned Parenthood to compensate for the absence of any real grievance. To allow the anger to crest and flow out of me.

And my argument against an imagined interlocutor was that I used to have a strong interest in Inca and Maya and other ancient Central American cultures because their pyramids matched somewhat with Egyptians, until I went there and climbed on them and learned of their blood lust.

The story about the massive sacrifice that left so many dead bodies rotting in the streets such that the whole city of Tenochtitlán at the center of present Mexico City had to be evacuated for weeks put me off Central American history permanently. The visual image of piles of sacrificed bodies is unthinkable. What horrible cultures. Especially Aztecs. And now my culture is even worse than those. As a modern civilization we insist on a veritable mountain of dead baby bodies. To our god of independence. And worse, they must be diced up and sold in pieces!

My culture actually profits from killing unborn babies.

That is our culture. Because of you. I'm re-imagining old arguments with individuals. There is a duality occurring in my mind. Because you want women to be allowed irresponsibility for their own actions. Irresponsibility for their lust. And you do this by creating your own language that changes genuine life to clusters of cells, even as those clusters in other circumstances are given transfusions, and heart surgery, operated upon inside the womb even quite early and even as photographs show them to be people with audible measurable heartbeats.

I became infuriated again recalling old arguments in which a girlfriend at the time argued U.S. must allow abortions because she is uniquely challenged to give birth. She told me she could die if forced to give birth. Therefore America must allow piles and piles of dead babies. Each year. Year upon year. And she told me this in the same way she told me to leave out garlic from our spaghetti sauce because she suffers heartburn from garlic. Henceforth, all garlic is banned. Because she is uniquely disabled. While abortions are demanded.

Then I think of the class of people for whom this service is performed and think further there just might be something there to your straight up eugenics. And then realize again there are people eager to take over the job of raising your unwanted children born with such poor genetic makeup as yours.

Living children precious when seen on video talking to Google trying to work out a bargain of intellectual exchange, the boy trying to get Google to agree to accept unique 4-year old boy-information for Google teaching the boy ABCs, and Google not understanding that's a proposal not an inquiry, and his father being so charmed by his boy he giggles in hiding and uploads what he sees to share the charm that he feels, and a little girl showing her two signs for native people actually teaching adults. Delightfully charming on sight. Gorgeous children when permitted to live and to thrive in love.

And all the previous argumentation comes back as discourse with the devil himself. That leaves me with two options, run from the devil or smash you across the face with a board.

So I stayed angry way after the dream evaporated to nothing rehashing something related only tangentially and not applying directly to me. Satisfied my culture really is rotten. Much worse than Incan and Mayan that killed only 50,000 at once for their god and not a mountain of dead babies each year as we do. Statistics so bad they cannot even be stated in absolute terms, rather, percentages of live births are given instead to ease the pain of reading them.

All that because of a dream about a woman closing a folding umbrella. By law I am not permitted to allow that intriguing technological tightening into a tidy package of black fabric and excellent thin bones to occur behind my back.

I need your help (update 1)

Link to original post.

Below are phone screen captures of my PayPal account detailing the help I've received since I asked for your help yesterday.

Once again, thank you to all of you.

Yellow vest protests

Let's see what there is on YouTube.  I expect tons. Things that are recent, not weeks or months old.

YouTube [yellow vest protests]

* Yellow vest protesters clash 2:08 2 days ago
* Tear gas used as police clash with  2:06 1 day ago
* Yellow vests stage a "yellow night"  29:52  1 day ago
* Act XI Yellow Vests protest in  4:43 1 day ago
* France's yellow vest protests  2:10 3 days ago
* Yellow vest protest in Paris turns  4:25  2 days ago
* 11th round of 'yellow vest'  0:46 2 days ago
* Tension after yellow vest protests 3:09 3 days ago
* ... 1 month ago
* ... 1 month ago
* ... 1 month ago
* Yellow vest protests: French  1:46 5 days  ago
* ... 2 weeks ago
* ... 2 weeks ago

* Picks one*

If we had real news services and not curated propaganda then we would see this covered every day. We'd have explained to us that many French police have joined the protestors, and the riot police we are  seeing are another European force brought in to crush protests that can be applied to any European country. We'd have explained that we are seeing nationalism re-emerge and with Brexit we're seeing united Europe coming apart at the seams. We are watching in real time Macron lose it as president but first become something else less attractive. But it's too similar to Trump being elected in America, except a lot uglier, so it cannot be shown to the extent that it should. Too dangerous for themselves to feed by covering it.

So we don't see it. I'm guessing here. Because I don't watch American or British news anymore for being sick of hearing all those people. I could be wrong, maybe they do show it, I'd have to watch them to know, and I gave up on all that a long time ago.

It's like that strange thing that happened with cardboard.

At work I handled so many cardboard boxes that my fingertips developed an aversion reaction. An actual physical response. Just touching it sucked out all the moisture in my fingertips and the sensory nerves sent the very strong signal to stop touching cardboard. Like the cardboard contains poison that I must not touch. But I had to keep touching boxes. I had to open them, and stack them, and deliver them and cut them up and fold them and dispose of them. They were coming and going every hour of every day. So I bought these really cool thin leather driving gloves and that fixed the problem of touching cardboard. Plus they looked super cool with anything I wore, open shirt and jeans, sport jacket, or suit and tie. The gloves became part of my image. Picture it. At a bank. Now the same thing with news. Exactly the same.

Zak Korvin draws a mandala

Doreen Ketchens with Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra


I was reading the comments to the article on Legal Insurrection about Trump administration seeking Supreme Court review of Census Citizenship Question case and going along with my other mind interpreting the comments as you do then I encountered the word "tribe" and was stopped cold. The system for a word like that, some kind of encompassing group, already has double "t" configurations put togehter, detaching and circling around reconnecting forming a circle for the word "team" so I looked up the sign for "tribe." What a loser. I have to look it up. How have I missed it this long?

Ew, man I f'k'n hate it when I open the page and they fingerspell the word instead of showing the sign. I'm all, thank you very much for showing me how "tribe" looks when fingerspelled. I click off disgusted with them before they finish spelling it. That happens a lot. Because the signs I look for don't exist. Or else I'd most likely already know them. Why did they even offer? Why did it show in results? Why did they make a page for it? It's a sign dictionary, not a how-to-spell dictionary.

Second dictionary same thing.

I kept looking and found something new.

Care to see the most adorable thing ever? It's a new sign proposed by native Americans a few years ago. This is more interesting than the legal discussion about "all persons" being counted on the census. Coincidentally, a Constitutional matter written specifically for native Americans. There are two suggestions for new signs on the page.

Aw, bless.

I love seeing cute little kids showing signs. Obviously both are referring to face paint. The first shape, a flat "F"  at the cheek is already assigned for "cat." But the second one, a "V" shaped smudged backwards on the cheek is available. Therefore I'll use it for now on, boom, just like that, instantly internalized. Because it's so perfect.

Sunday, January 27, 2019

How to make $100 K a year, if you wanted to


John Kohler kills me. He's a force of nature. And his tautology takes an hour for something that can be expressed in five minutes with more redundancy than Egyptian hieroglyphs across videos and within videos.

Perhaps run on double speed would be better for internet viewing.

But he does explain everything. Everything. My first paper in college for a class about writing papers for college was similar to this video. I was pleased with an A on the paper, the final actually, to write our first college essay paper, and the professor wrote, "Good but a bit long."

And I sold five copies of my paper to fellow students.

It was about how to grow pot hydroponically. Way before all that became an industry. Years before companies offered hydroponic setups, developed new lighting and new micronutrients. Way before dedicated pot heads took all that to another whole level. Several levels actually beyond what I wrote.

The professor said we could write about anything, to choose something that we want to learn about. And that was the only thing outside of college that I did want to learn about back then at that time. But I checked with her anyway. When I asked the professor for permission to write about that she said, "Sure. Don't let the fact that my husband is a cop interfere with your thinking."

Okay. I won't.

I wrote about the plant, about it being a sexed plant, about horny female plants, about the stressing the plants, about seeds, soil, nutrients, altitudes and arid climates of original stocks,  the history of the plants, about light, about the nature of light, theories of light, artificial lights, before LEDs were invented, about photosynthesis, and containers watering, and nutrients and hydroponics. Apparently I went way overboard. The paper was nearly a book, a very thick pamphlet, just short of fifty pages. And now the subject has advanced light years beyond the material available to me back then. Now, true maniacs have taken over and do this legally inside rows of warehouses that stink up entire neighborhoods.

John is like that. You have to be interested to bear with him. He details every aspect of Larry's setup for microgreens.  Comments to his videos say, "You talk too much." Still, it's his nature and he doesn't change anything. He has over 1,000 videos on YouTube. I think he makes a video everyday.

Then after all that, viewers are offered the chance to set themselves up with everything needed to begin their own business for $1,200 when you've just had explained how to do all that in tremendous detail.

I'm not interested in starting a business. I just want to grow microgreens here for my own consumption. Another little hobby perhaps. One tray. Not 100 trays. Just a little thing for myself, not a business.

And in this video I see for the first time near the end when John interviews Larry that John is actually emotional. It's sweet when Larry says the thing that John has devoted his life to for the reasons John holds himself and his eyes turn red and glisten. What Larry said got him. This is their religion.

I think this video is interesting just to see the catechism of their shared religion.

I need your help

I was going to lead this post with some "factoid" I picked up on YouTube claiming there are more people alive today than have ever died. Upon further examination (googling), however, that interesting soundbite appears to be factually inconclusive. Link

So, never mind that right now.

I’m writing to you because I hope you can help me with something. I’m trying to raise enough money to One, get my drivers license back*, and Two, purchase a used mini-van so I can take co-workers back and forth to work**. This may eventually help me leave warehouse work, which is getting harder and harder for me to do***.  I believe I may be able to do Uber later on, after the tracking device is taken off the vehicle****.

I’ve asked family members for help, but that’s going as well as it could be expected. My mother in Florida sent me a little money but she’s on a fixed income. I’m lucky she was able to help me at all. I've asked two of my three sisters and they are helping as much as they can. I'm reluctant to ask my brother and littlest sister.

I would really appreciate your help. If you can help, please use the PayPal Donate link to the right.

Thanks. Yours trully, Lem.

* Post 2nd DUI costs in NJ are exorbitant.

** I have about 6 co-workers living near me using mass transit like myself. it take us over an hour for a 20 min ride because we have take two buses.

*** I almost broke my leg when I took a false step into the gap between a truck and the gate. I assumed there was a ramp when there wasn't. I was lucky I was able to recover in time to only get away with a painful scrape to my shin.

**** It might look strange to a fare, to see me blowing a tube connected to a sobriety tracking device.

Newfoundland parent records his boy talking to Google

Google, how should I hold the cell phone when recording video for YouTube, portrait or landscape?

Hummingbird tries to suck the brains out of a young hunter through his hat

And fails.

I thought it was a MAGA hat, but it's actually orange. And when the boy turns his hat reads "Colorado" on the front. So the hummingbird is not necessarily a Never-Trumper.

But it could be. You never know. And those little birds are proper bastards.

Michael Jackson voice twin

These talent shows like America's Got Talent, Britain's Got Talent, Blind Auditions and the like, have a lot of imitators in other countries. I do not know the name of this talent, nor the name of show nor even the country but he sure has blown away the audience and the judges. So it appears.

Yes, it's a show and it's scripted, and yes it's acknowledged that Jackson wasn't that great of a singer, and yes, he was an obvious kiddie fiddler, but there is no denying he was also an international star, a superstar in fact, and he was loved by a lot of people worldwide if not by you. This video has over twenty million views and it's just a guy who is not Michael Jackson yet when he sang he brought people to tears.

I take it from YouTube comments that he did poorly on his second audition. His choice of trainer drawn from this show had him get off the Michael Jackson thing and sing something else.

Like him or not, can you try not to be a jaded cynical old fart and just appreciate it for what it is? An American talent was loved. Globally. And people, maybe not you, still hold his memory dear in their hearts.

If you would like to compare.

Saturday, January 26, 2019


Liz Taylor. 2007 interview.

There I was in my parent's den where the t.v. was on, innocently watching a film called The Sandpiper. Not my sort of thing at the time. The scene looked like a beach house in Malibu. The camera angle is from a man's height, as if from a man's eyeballs. It goes up the wooden stairs from the beach, enters the house through a back door, turns to go into a room where Elizabeth Taylor is sitting on the floor looking up at us and we're looking down at her. She seems to be wearing a man's sweater and no bra and she fills out the sweater exquisitely and our view is directly into her bossom, busom, boobs, and the most beautiful face in the world, and I sat there stunned.

Truly stunned. So, this is why she's so famous. I finally understood Elizabeth Taylor.

Wake me up

When it's all over.
When I'm wiser and I'm older.
All this time I was finding myself
And I didn't know I was lost.

I just now watched a million translations of this song. Possibly five translations. And they're terrible. This one's the worst. They only partially approximate the song.  Don't watch it. Although, if you do watch it then you'll get some ideas on how to express some things like "life passed me by" and "I don't care" to substitute for "that's fine by me."

The one with four schools signing the song is possibly worse. There is just no way to get that many kids to do the precise thing all at once. They all stray too far afield such that without the music you wouldn't recognize the song.

This attractive woman has well-formed signs but she's like my Belgian sheepdogs that do two or three things where one thing is called for. She overly defines the poetry so misses the meter, ignores the beat, and abandons the melody. She is sign-loquacious where the song is pithy. Still, if you care to see how to be overly precise and see multiple ways to say the same thing then it makes a very good study.

Let me say a few things about clarity.

"Understand" and "dream" are similar in that they both occur at the forehead. "Understand" is a ping with the index finger upward at the forehead. And "dream" is a "d" hand configuration with its index finger stem dreamily inching away from the forehead. I notice signers do "understand" as if there is no connection with the head. And "dream" is sometimes a whole world blooming in front of the forehead. I also notice people using "see" for "understand."

"Old" is like a King Tut beard pulled down from the chin. So then, "older" has an "R" added to "old" in the SEE that was popular when I leaned it and it's a rising upward "thumb up" in regular sign. So the, "old" (pulling down) + "thumb up" (rising up) for "older." I notice the interpreters throw the thumb over their shoulder instead of upward and that motion indicates something in the past.

Same thing with "wiser." It's a "q" hand configuration cranked a quarter turn like a gear at the forehead, with "r" or with "thumb up" added onto it for "wiser. But instead of thumb up, I'm noticing interpreters throwing their thumb back over their shoulder.

"Travel" or "journey"  is two bent legs circumnavigating a flat area in front of the torso. Not two eyes seeing an area.

"Wake up" or "wake me up" is both index fingers at your eyes going ping. Not your ears going ping, and not your cheeks nor your neck.

"It's all over" is the sign for "finish" The sign is both hands held in front of the torso both flipped at the same time. It's showing "everything that I have is dumped." Compare that with "die." One of my favorite signs. In each of these videos I see "finish" executed various ways.  "Lost" is similar. The sign starts with the fingers of both hands brought together upward as if holding peas or marbles in the fingertips to display them then flipping both hand downward, fingers apart and dumping them. Whatever you had is gone. Whereas, "lost a game" is two legs of a person falling onto the palm of the opposite hand. The girl in the video below makes "lost" look like "large" or like "growing" not "dropping."

But this sense of being lost is conveyed by "search" or "looking for something." And that is shown by a "C" hand configuration circling in front of the face, and really lost and really searching is double that with two "C" hand configurations alternating in front of the face with an inquiring facial expression, with head moving looking around behind the obfuscating rotating "Cs".

This girl is the best of the other million videos. I meant to say five videos. Despite a few idiosyncraticly formed signs. We're praying for her recovery from severe cyanosis.

Blue lipstick.

Subject change right here.

About 35 years ago I was staying overnight at a house in Breckenridge with a bunch of other people to ski the next day, when Annie Lennox came on the television that night. Her video showed her dressed as a man, then made up with a black wig, then made up with a blond wig, then made up with startlingly short hair and bright orange eye shadow, and shocking as that was it forced me acknowledge bright blue eye shadow is equally ridiculous, while blue is conventional and orange is not. And both rather clownish. It made a lasting impression. Come on. The idea is to have it appear as if you're not wearing any makeup; that all that unblemished purity is natural. Lies!

Unless you're a girl, of course, then it's all just for fun. I think the original bright red lipstick was to make the labium superius oris and inferius oris imitate the swollen aroused state of labia majus and minora. But what do I know of sexualized exaggerated bright red lips?

The girl with bright blue lips does a fine imitation of instruments suggesting guitar, keyboards and drums instead of lamely signing "music" in those passages like everyone else does and that takes a bit of guts and imagination. She does very well throughout.

Friday, January 25, 2019

Today President Trump delivered a speech that allowed the government to be reopened.

Here is his speech if you care to hear it. It's mostly about border security.

Within four hours Democrats in the House passed a bill that reopened the closed portion of government.

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, the most awesome political team since Mark Anthony and the seventh Cleopatra, delivered a joint speech in which they express their hope that President Trump learned his lesson. Here is their speech if you care to watch it.

I do not pretend to understand President Trump nor his particular vision of statecraft and brinkmanship, but I think he is positioning himself as a man who cares for Americans more so than Democrat leadership who would be just as satisfied with government shut down and the lives of government workers disrupted, and wide open borders with no checks on illegal immigration.

But I really don't know.

I do know President Trump trusts Pelosi and Schumer to do the most malevolent things politically possible and reliably so. They are predictable. He did tell the story about not trusting the snake repeatedly throughout his campaign. So he's allowing government workers to be paid temporarily, allowing the contrast between himself and Democrat leadership to display, then within one month back to the same border issues again. And nobody trusts Pelosi or Schumer to learn anything. They're both old dogs with limited old dog tricks. And they're both dealing with someone new to their experience not limited to typical Republican imagination. Democrats are all spit and venom, hellfire and ruthless revenge confronted with  Trumpian chaos. While speaking unscripted, Pelosi shows indications of dementia and Schumer is broken down and busted, while at his age, President Trump appears top of his game. 

Fake @ss news for stupid people

Like every person I know IRL. They eat this up like processed homogenized pasteurized Gerber pap spoon fed to them, then spit it all out onto their bibs as general received wisdom. Without ever questioning how CNN happened to be there in advance, nor if they would find this acceptable were it not their own Party doing it. The only way they'd acknowledge Gestapo behavior is if it were done to them and then have it explained by their Party's media branch, or perhaps read it on some random bumpersticker.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

WKRLEM: Even though we ain't got money>>>>

I just got the Echo Dot for the house. Two of them in fact. It is part of the "Alexa" series by Amazon where all of your thoughts are collected by Big Brother. But it plays tunes and I hooked it up to my Ipad for when I want to watch Hulu at the Kitchen Table.

All you have to do is say  "Alexa  play so and so." Then it plays a selection of that person or groups hits. Now I am an old bastard so I call out a lot of old shit. Sinatra. Louie Prima. Anita O'Day. Julie London. So I had to come up with some new stuff because the wife is complaining. But while I am cooking I call out my old faves. I don't want to listen to rock and roll so I often pick weird shit.

Ann Murray is a fave.

Plaster Caster

Meet Cynthia Plaster Caster, The Groupie Who Made Molds Out Of Rock Music’s 

Most Famous Penises

When it comes to groupies, there’s no doubt that rock bands have some of the craziest. Some collect autographs, some collect t-shirts, some even collect locks of hair and used tissues.

And then, there’s Cynthia Albritton, known now as Cynthia Plaster Caster, who collects a somewhat different kind of keepsake: plaster molds of famous rock and roll penises. Since 1968, Cynthia has cast over 48 famous rock singers’, guitar players’, and managers’ penises.

(hit the link for the rest of the story at All That's Interesting)

Marilyn's Diary

I was always interested in art when I lived with my Aunt Lily and Uncle Herman. Painting. Music. Sculpture. I remember when Uncle Herman let me make a bust of his head. He didn't want to do it but I reminded him of how much he liked to play with my bust and he agreed.

Even Aunt Lily and Grandpa thought it was pretty good. Of course this wasn't the best sculpture I made of Uncle Herman. You see a took a plaster cast of his penis. It took twenty pounds of plaster but it sure was worth it. 

It became a hobby for me. I used to go and make plaster casters of the dicks of famous rock musicians that used to hang around with my Aunt Lily. Dennis Wilson. Mick Jagger. Jim Morrison. Jimi Hendricks. Peter Tork. All the greats.

I still have some of them that I didn't sell on Ebay. I would never sell the one of Uncle Herman. Sometimes I sit around looking at it. Sometimes I look around while I am sitting on it. I just love to take it out when I am missing my Uncle Herman.

I love my Uncle Herman.

When the Shepard's feed the Sheep to the Wolves

The saga of the Catholic School boys from Covington has continued with various appearances on The Today Show and other venues. But one thing hasn't changed. The failure of the Catholic Church to protect and defend their students. Their customers if you will.

An excellent post was put on American Thinker a couple of days ago by Monica Showalter

Baker Creek heirloom seeds

One of the videos by John Kohler mentioned the Baker Creek catalog so I ordered one. He said it would make a good coffee table book. You can also download a free pdf file.  Oh! It just now opened. It's bee-you-tee-full.

The catalog shows lots of kids tickled with the outrageous vegetables they grew.

I bought some seeds from them. Most everything is a little bit weird. Like pink celery (actually purple). Don't these look fun?

Atomic grape tomatoes.

Reisetomate tomato

Nonna Agnes' blue bean

Borlotto Di Vigevano Nano 

Pusa Rudhira red carrot

And many more beautiful oddities. Along with other tried and true heirlooms that are possibly hybrids from previous centuries but not GMO. The thing that you plant is the thing that you'll get.

They also sell live plants. 

I've been thinking about starting plants indoors. 

I already did start dragon fruit seeds and pomegranate seeds but it's been over a week and nothing is happening. 

Then I realized they need heat. And warm as it is in here, it's not warm enough. So I brought out the electric blanket. 

Here's what's so stupid about that electric blanket. I bought it ten years ago to start seeds. And that's all it's ever been used for. But it didn't occur to me to buy the smallest one. It's a queen size, ridiculously oversized. So it's folded in fourths and engulfs the seed packages like a layered clam. And it shuts off every eight hours. It works very well, but a proper heating pad would be better.

And that made me think about starting regular seeds. 

I've had very good luck with that. 

The petunias I started months in advance were better than all the rest that I bought from nurseries.

I started tomatoes in an Earth box. I built a wooden scaffold from thin slats to clamp on lights and move up as they grow. At the time, regular 100W light bulbs. A friend came over while I was making the scaffold and asked me what I was doing. When I told him he laughed like a lunatic. 

He is a laughing lunatic. He laughs in all the wrong places.

How rude!

"Positive thinking," he said.

"F.Y." I said back. 

Perhaps I started a little too early. The vines totally outgrew their scaffolding. I had to extend the whole thing with thin bamboo poles, first for the lights and then for the vines, and they grew beyond those so that I couldn't fit them through the doors to take them outside. I had to cut them in spring to put them outside. Then, although the terrace does not get full sun through the day, only seven hours of straight on sun, they grew like crazy. The lady who swept the parking lot below used to laugh at finding little tomatoes that had fallen.

They were grown from seeds of regular tomatoes that I like from the grocery store. But they were not true to seeds. The results were much smaller than the original hybrid tomatoes. 

Zucchini is a spectacular patio potted plant much like elephant ears. But they leave open space underneath them that can be filled with other shade type plants, so it doesn't look so naked underneath them. The problem is planting too many seeds. You'd want only a few plants or the whole thing gets out of control. 

Did you know that you can buy a bag of dry beans and plant them and they will grow? For a couple of dollars you could have a whole bean farm.

One of the most interesting plants last year was a white eggplant. I made the mistake of planting it in the shade. They grow tall and somewhat conical with large lovely leaves. The eggplants hang inside them. Like a Christmas tree decorated inverted. 

I'm excited already about starting a small garden. We gardener types like to start early.

Discourses of the Eloquent Peasant, Episode 1, Departure

This work is considered second of importance after the Story of Sinuhe. Which we've already covered. There are several copies extant all written in hieratic on papyrus.

One is missing the beginning and the end, by the same scribe who wrote one of the Sinuhe papyri.

The second has the end, and the only one with the very end, written all in vertical lines on the recto.

A third has the beginning except for the opening lines. Also written in vertical lines.

A fourth has the beginning but not the end. Written horizontally except for a few columns.

The first is dated to the coregency of Senwosret III and Amenemhat III. The next two are dated about the same time. The fourth is dated to the first part of Dynasty XIII or slightly earlier. The original was composed during the first half of Dynasty XII. It is a blend of two genres; stories and wisdom texts. It begins and ends as a story while the bulk of the middle is devoted to the nature of Maat, its reason for being. It is the most consciously literary of Middle Egyptian writings, filled with metaphors and carefully crafted sentences.

In James Allen's book Middle Egyptian Literature we are on page 230 of 451 pages. But the last 68 pages don't count because those are the consecutive translations in English of all the previous stories, the same thing all over again. So let's say, page 230 of 381 pages. That makes us 60% completed already. I have no idea how those consecutive English translations are useful. Except I can copy from the back of the book for this:

There once was a man named Khueninpu.
   He was a peasant of Salt Field,
   and he had a wife named Meret.
So, that peasant said to that wife of his,
   "Look, I am going down to the Blackland
   to get provisions there for my children.
Now, go measure for me the barley
   that is in the storehouse as the balance of yesterday."
   Then he measured for her six heqat of barley.
So, that peasant said to that wife of his,
   "Look, I will give you twenty heqat of barley
   for income with your children.
And you make me those six heqat of barley
   into bread and beer for every day,
   and I will live on it.

The notes that are placed in the back, I moved to the front. Instead of placing them before the lines where they occur because they cross over lines and mess up the way I mask the hieroglyphs. They really are useful in comprehending the wackiness. For example, the numbering of heqats was deduced from hieratic. The scribes did not use the hieroglyphic system of numbering. Modern scholars did this by calculating the time required to travel back and forth from the salt flats to the delta and back. One month. And how many heqats of barley would be needed for bread and for beer.

Barley bread must have been more like crackers. Barley bread made a month in advance? I'm not seeing it. And the beer is not as I'm imagining it. I'm just not getting this picture visualized.

At any rate, the notes tell us how experts translated crucial passages. Often contrary to dictionary definitions. The notes also tell us that the eloquent peasant was also rather well off, judging by his storehouse of heqats of barely and other provisions mentioned later.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

The greatest album covers of jazz

In the early 60s Blue Note's signature look captured the sophistication of Jazz. Video by Vox.

Mike Pompeo delivers a message by video to Davos summit defending disruptive politics

Pompeo touted U.S. economic strength and claimed foreign policy successes. Speaking to the Davos globalists deciding which global issues are the most pressing Pompeo is all in your face with the nationalist case.

Macron bailed on Davos one day after Trump did.

However, speaking from Versailles to a group of executives of international corporations Macron said he would not follow the path of guillotined French royals and would continue to reform the French economy despite a violent popular revolt.

Read more about what he said, if you like, at Reuters.

Whatever. His reforms will also have to follow Trump's lead in properly reading Trump supporters, by acknowledging la France périphérique. Of course, in France that would mean become more socialist.

More on what that means at zerohedge, The Gilets Jaunes are unstoppable: now, the elites are afraid.

Madame Mayor of Albi

Tuesday, January 22, 2019


Well, it is his song after all. I first went looking for the Stone Pony's version and his popped up after I broadened my search. I was looking for some link to the Indian drummer and the ongoing effect that agent is having on the Democrat Party. I didn't quite find that. Yet

Watching Nesmith sing this song is like hearing Jerry Jeff Walker sing "Mr. Bojangles." Or Bob Dylan play "All Along The Watchtower."

The song is bittersweet breakup song, and Nesmith shows that it doesn't "belong" to either sex. There's a pony in there somewhere. I just know it.

Ptahhotep Maxims, conclusion 7 of 7

Finally! The end of the end. And what a long row to hoe it's been.

This segment was actually fun. Each line is short and sweet.

* Act until you master says about you,
* "How good is he whom his father has taught!"
* When he emerged fro him, foremost of his body,
* he had told him completely while he was in the womb;
* what he has done is greater than what was said to him.
* Look, a good son of the god's giving,
* who has added to what he was told.
* His master has to have been doing Maat,
* for his mind has acted similarly according to his steps."
* You will reach me with your limbs sound,
* the king content with all that happens,
* and you will achieve years of life.
* What I have done on earth is not small:
*I have achieved on hundred and ten years of life
* of the king's giving to me blessings beyond those before,
* from doing Maat for the king to the state of honor.

But wait!

There's more.

Additionally, because scribes just cannot stop writing, there is a colophon. 

What the heck is a colophon? 

Look it up! Do I look like a dictionary?

Monday, January 21, 2019

WKRLEM: Lets Hang on to what we got?

Just sayn'

Where we went wrong.....

Ever since I got the Amazon Firestick I have been checking out movies that are still in the theaters. Aquaman. Fantastic Beasts 2. Bird Box. Plus a movie that might win the Oscar this year: "Green Book."

Now this movie is actually pretty good for what it is. It is the story of how a Italian mobbed up bouncer from the Copa is hired to drive a gay black piano player in the 1960's as they did a tour down South. He needed protection and they could only stay in places that took Negros that were listed in the "Green Book." It is in the old Stanley Kramer noble black man can't we all get along style popular in the 1950's and '60's which usually starred Sidney Poitier. Still and all it gave a really good depiction of what living in an Italian neighborhood was like in the 1960's. This was the Bronx but it was just the way I grew up in Brooklyn.

I missed you ...sorta

So I sorta missed youse guys because I haven't been on the internet much these last few months. Various reasons. Health. Being busy doing other stuff like trying to write. Mostly I have been idling away my time on my phone. Most of the time I am doing Instagram.

Patriot vs Chief

That's how someone posed it on Instagram today. You are all familiar with the story. More fake news where the mob tries to destroy some kids for the crime of smiling while white. We have seen this before. Where the politically correct mob tries to destroy a bunch of young white men through lies and phony "hate crimes." The Duke Lacrosse Case. The Rolling Stone fake Rape case. Over and over again the media acts as the shock troops of the progressive elite who want to destroy young white men. They want to get them before they can even shave since we know how evil they are. Just ask the shitty razor company.

All of that is normal and expected. A scorpion is a scorpion. I think the more important story is the moral failure of the Catholic Church.

If you've got a pass thrown your way – you didn't catch that

Dan Bongino

This is dated late November last year. It's all recapitulation but still interesting, I think, when condensed into a tight narrative.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Radical evil, and the online lynching of a kid from Kentucky

This is an article by Roger Kimball posted to the subtitled: Will journalists apologize if their portrayal of the Covington students vs Indian Elder incident turns out to eh be been wildly wrong?

Ed Driscoll at Instapundit answers, "Total non-sequitor of a question. When is the DNC-MSN ever wrong?

I wouldn't know. American news is the absolute worst place for genuine news. Any and all things from them that are political are easily discarded with zero loss.

Here. Let the twins explain in their way.

Xanatos Gambit

Xanatos Gambit is explained at where Trent Telenko welcomes readers to day twenty eight  of the U.S. Federal government shutdown.

Telenko continues, these shutdowns are usually a game a chicken between Congressional and executive branches virtue signaling to their political base until media and public protest allow Congress to "compromise" on spending more money with limited blowback. But this time is different. President Trump's Xanatos Gambit political-media strategy tree looks like his 2015 GOP primary campaign from when he ran a high energy offensive campaign of free media by outrageous statements that sucked all the air time out of his GOP opponent's campaigns and established his street cred of a billionaire who cares more for the common man than D.C. politicians via anti-open borders and protecting Americans from illegal immigrants and Muslim terrorists.

Now, his fast food hamburgers served at the White House and grounding Pelosi's congressional  junkets on military transports  during a government shut down, and now and his proposal speech are all similar to that previous Xanatos Gambit framework. President trump is keeping the offensive so House Democrats and media cannot get off a shot over the shutdown without covering what Trump says and does. While simultaneously defining Democrats as being interested only in the perks of government power and not interested in the public good.

Search as you might through your lessons of Greek mythology, you will not find Xanatos Gambit there.

It's from a Disney Saturday cartoon of the 1990s named "Gargoyles" Xanatos is a character voiced by Star Trek's Jonathan Frakes loosely based on Donald Trump himself.
David Xanatos

Xanatos Gambit is a plan, an intuitive approach in the case of the real Donald Trump, for which all foreseeable outcomes benefit the creator including ones that superficially appear to be failure.

Many more drawn out examples given at the Chicago Boys link above. And more analysis at American Thinker.

Both places re-publish this diagram seen on TV Tropes drawn from the Saturday cartoon and using its language.

Trump proposal for ending government shutdown

Trump's speech is about border security and an offer to end government partial shutdown.

But first, Nancy Pelosi rejected the offer, having not heard the speech. So whatever Trump says Pelosi rejects it.

She's decided the safest way for her to deal with Trump is to not engage him at all. Rather, simply make demands and refuse everything else. No deal for you, Dealmaster.

Such patent nonsense that suits only the most rabid Democrats.

This allows Trump to present himself as the reasonable person contrasted with  Democrat intransigence. While media says the word "impeachment" 500 times each minute based on bogus debunked BuzzFeed reporting by Mueller no less. The wrongness of the reporting is irrelevant to the coordinated plan of "impeachment" dominating the national discussion. 

Trump had to have known Democrat leadership will reject any proposal. He's forcing media to cover him and his position and to cover Democrat responses. Apparently he's trusting over time people will see the nonsense on the Democrat side so far as he can force media to cover it. Hopefully he has a solid Plan B, C, and D.