Friday, September 25, 2015

The real Gone Girl

"German 'Murder' Victim Petra Pazsitka Turns Up Alive 30 Years After Disappearance"
The cold case was officially closed in 1989 — but heated up again two weeks ago when police in the western German city of Düsseldorf were called to reports of a burglary.
The woman who reported the burglary initially identified herself as "Mrs. Schneider" but when asked for identification confessed that she was Pazsitka, according to Düsseldorf police spokesman Andre Hartwich.
Pazsitka, now 55, told police she had been living without any official documents under a false name in several German cities for the past three decades, Grande said.
"She did not even have a bank account and paid all her bills cash," Grande said, adding that Pazsitka appeared to have been making a small income through illicit work.
According to Grande, Pazsitka would not elaborate on why she was living under a false name or why she disappeared in the first place...
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