Sunday, September 30, 2018

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Help get Gosnell Movie into more theaters

Years ago I made a small go-fund-me contribution to help make a movie about the abortion butcher Kermit Gosnell and now I'm pleased to announce the movie has been made.

Now, however, I've received an e-mail asking for my help in getting the movie played in more theaters. I'm posting this plea for help here, so maybe you can help them too.
Dear Supporters,

Sorry to write to you so soon again but we need your help with getting the Gosnell Movie into more theaters. It's time you called your local AMC, Cinemark or Regal theaters and ask them to show Gosnell when it opens on October 12th.

We are having pre-screening across the country and the Gosnell - The Trial of America's Biggest Serial Killer is playing to packed house and captivated audiences. Check out our Twitter feed and Facebook page for the reviews. Everyone loves it.

But we need your help to make sure the film is a success when it opens natiowide on October 12th. At the moment we are fighting to get the film into theaters. Right now we have about 180 locations booked and you can find them here. We plan to have it in 600-700 theaters so that most people in the US will be close to a cinema showing Gosnell on opening weekend.

However theater chains need to be persuaded to show Gosnell. They need to see the demand for the movie at a local level and to be convinced that the theater will be full on the opening night. So we need you to phone your local AMC, Cinemark or Regal theaters and urge them to have the Gosnell Movie on opening night October 12th. Our distributor says that the theater chains really pay attention if enough people phone and demand a movie and they open up screens. So you can make a huge difference.

So please, as soon as you read this, phone your local AMC, Cinemark or Regal theater. Almost 30,000 people funded the Gosnell Movie. We have created a great film starring Dean Cain (Young Superman) and directed by veteran actor Nick Searcy but we don't have to tell you that a large part of Hollywood and the mainstream media don't want this film to succeed. But we've been assured that if these local theaters receive the calls from customers that they will open their screens to the film.

The establishment want this film to fail. Don't let them succeed, please call your local AMC, Cinemark or Regal theater today.

Thank you,

Trump energy

Are you sick of these?

Because I never tire of them. Even though they're somewhat repeat-y. It's the sort of thing that usually turns me off, but this is the first time in my life that I've ever found a politician interesting. Lastingly so.

I have never seen any President enjoy giving speeches like this man. He is in his element when he is out and talking to every day normal citizens. He thrives on it and it keeps him young! Gives him energy. He feeds off our support. And he always talks about God. 
Response to comment:  
IMO…that is because President Trump gets a re-charge from every rally he schedules. For the same reason #MAGA watches his rallies……he get’s the same from us.
Oh man. I had that happen once. Only once in my whole life. It went like this:

There I was minding my own biz wax, as usual. And the people who run the annual United Way campaign approached me with a request. They knew I had sold a couple of paintings in the Egyptian style to the Federal Reserve Bank, Denver, and they knew I had painted several in previous years for their United Way campaign. It had become a regular thing, and here they are again.

I went straight home after work and did it. It took half an hour.

This time I painted the loveliest simple thing. At the time I was curious how Egyptians would paint the fingers on a flute, if Egyptians had a modern flute. They did have a double reed flute and I knew how they painted those fingers, all ten fingers for both flutes. But what about a modern flute, or a piccolo held sideways at the mouth. Their fingers would look like exaggerated long boneless worms both covering holes in the flute and lifted upward from the holes.

So, I poured a plaster with shredded currency in it, the plaster dries very quickly and I paint on it still wet, and drew the flute and the fingers with a fine paintbrush. Attached the hands to arms, attached the arms to a torso, then drew a head, filled out the necklace.

But it looked stupid.

So I drew another one on top of it in the opposite direction and another one in the opposite direction below it.

Now it has a sweeping back and forth musicality to it. And with a pixie haircut it doesn't look all that Egyptian except for the style, the eyes and the necklace, the antiquing, and the layered matting and framing that makes it look like a museum piece. As usual. It's a style that's consistent.

In the weeks preceding the drawing, the bank put the framed picture on an easel outside the elevator in front of the cafeteria.

The cafeteria is like an elegant downtown restaurant that's subsidized. The bank prefers their employees to stay put for lunch. They also offer breakfast. And employees take their two breaks there too. So each employee filed past that painting a few times each day for two weeks.

I loved seeing that thing there.

The drawing had prizes more significant than this; a trip for two to anywhere in continental U.S. with airfare and accommodations, car rental, etc. 

The day of the drawing the cafeteria was filled to capacity with employees standing all around. Packed, actually. Almost everyone was there. Some 400+ employees, I think. 

There was a lot of applause for the winners for each thing, the drawing for this painting was last, but when the winner for this painting was called every single person in the room said, "Oh." 

"Oh," in different ways. All kinds of "Ohs" 

Oh, it's not me, and Oh damn, and Oh I know her, and Oh, she's lucky, and Oh, I missed it and Oh, she's going to love it, and Oh, I never win, and Oh, hurray and Oh, shit. 

That "O" sound in all different voices all at once formed an energy that filled the large room passed through it, through me. I was standing on the outside rim observing. The O-energy was in a very literal sense a physical thing, a palpable thing that came at me, hit me, and passed through my body. I know what I felt. Don't even question me, I know what I felt. Accept my truth, sound has energy, and this was positive energy. Very positive energy,  and momentarily it filled my entire body to capacity as it passed through, and in that moment and the moments after I had enough energy to paint ten more paintings in sequence. For me, that was very rewarding. 

Turns out the woman who won it was not present. She was upstairs working. 

Her co-workers rushed upstairs to her and told her that her name had been drawn for the painting. They told me that she put her hands to face, put her head on the desk and shook crying. 

The next day going about the bank doing my biz wax again my path crossed her work area and she approached me and told me that she had told her close coworkers that she wished she could win that painting but knew that she wouldn't because she's never wins anything. She was pessimistic, still she imagined if she would win it she'd know exactly where to put it.

"In the garage?" 


"The attic?"


I was teasing.

"Front and center in my living room."

It was a very high compliment. So I agree with this commenter who says Trump gets energized by the crowds he attracts. I can see that. I can feel that. I feel that single event all over again.

Trump MAGA rally in Wheeling West Virginia

Saturday, September 29, 2018

What, another post?

Colorblind me saw this display of peppers at a friend's booth at the market this morning and thought "Those look colorful". So I took a picture. Then I told everyone I know to go do the same. 

This bowl is white oak. It is not popular.

Windbag made me do this:

Mon coeur s'ouvre à ta voix

Trump granted one week for Flake's insistence on FBI to investigate allegations against Kavenaugh

FBI has already investigated Kavanaugh six times. And there is nothing to Ford's story to investigate. So this demand is not about discovering truth.

Trump concedes limited FBI investigation, Democrats respond immediately the investigation must be open ended and "this is only one step in the process."

They've made themselves clear. It's not about truth, it's about delay and that delay is about power. Power they don't have so they'll get it back by other means, flying over, digging under, blasting through, bringing forward crackpots in series from their endless catch basin of political crackpots, bringing the crazy, bringing the straight up insane, bringing the liars, bringing the paid, creating chaos by all means possible from literally endless possible means from an infinite catch basin of mentally emotionally worked up perturbed. Exactly as our thoroughly corrupted media prefers.

My own views are irrelevant to this situation; physical attacks are a police matter. No police report, then so far as law is concerned it didn't happen. Make your police report when the victimization happens or stfd and stfu.

So what do other people presumably smarter than me say? I see two opposing views.

First, a man (group) whom I've come to rely upon for insight. Sundance:
The Democrats are smart.  They have now positioned the investigation such that any perceived interference by the White House will be weaponized.  The public narrative will be to demand “independence” for the FBI; this allows them to manipulate the investigative parameters from within.  Their operatives are already in place.
If President Trump, or any executive branch official acting on his behalf, attempts to set limits on the FBI investigation of a supreme court nominee, the President will have established the legal grounds for his impeachment.  I know these people.  I know their playbook.  As Mr. Bromwich and Ms. Katz stated this is “a step in their process“.
Ms. Ford will avoid being available for an interview for as long as possible.  She will then provide a name of a critical witness…. who will also avoid being available for an interview for a long as possible…. who will eventually also give a name of a corroborating witness, perhaps with recordings,…  who will avoid being available for an interview for as long as possible…. And so it will go, and so it will go.
Within each step, each day in the process, the insider narrative engineers will be leaking “explosive developments” to the media; who will engage their readers with constructs of wide-eyed interest.  Everyone will be enthralled; thousands of leads will be developed; the nation will be absorbed… Democrats will control every nuance.
Here's the link if you care to read more along these lines. 2,000+ comments tend to be perspicacious.

Contrary to the above view Dov Fisher writes for The American Spectator; Why One More Frustrating Week Helps Kavanaugh and the GOP. Subtitled: Lots of good will come this November from hanging in there.

It's a short few typed pages that can be expressed in bullet points.

* The Resistance regularly portrays Trump as bull-headed irrational authoritarian who listens to no one.

* This will be the 7th FBI investigation into Kavanaugh's background.

* There is a huge tug-of-war between parties over the suburban white female voter.

* Democrats wanted the nation's women to be appalled by the harsh treatment the hoped would unfold brutally as Republican Senators tore into her story's inconsistencies and uncertainties.

* By being harsh on Ford, the GOP would lose undecided voters, particularly reasonable openminded women.

* GOP avoided that trap by using Ms Mitchell to do the uncovering and justify non-Resisters moving ahead with Kavanaugh selection and voting Republican in November.

* As Democrats saw their early gains disappear they gathered around their last desperate tactic to demand for an FBI investigation to "clear Kavanaugh's name."

* Half the country sees through the mendacity and nonsense.

* But half the country does not.

* Republicans lose little but gain a great deal by demonstrating to middle-road and fair-minded women voters that the gang-attack depictions on CNN and MSNBC and other media are false and that Republicans are fair and reasonable by going along with one more pointless FBI investigation and background check.

* Democrats cannot admit that what they really want is not an FBI investigation but actually a song without an end Robert Mueller style investigation for the nex two years, or thee years, or four years, of a party whose location is not identified, date unknown, one that Ford cannot explain how she got there nor how she got home.

* ABA, Jeff Flake, Alan Dershowitz will be satisfied, Kavanaugh will have his 7th FBI clearance, Susan Collins, Joe Manchin will be covered

* Republican tip-toeing past the pitfalls that loomed before the Ford inquiry and elicited some key inconsistencies in her accounts without leaving her sobbing which is what Democrats were counting on.

* While offering Kavanaugh a forum before a riveted nation to clear his name for those open to hearing his narrative without pre-judging the judge.

* Many in the Republic base are now energized as they were not before.

That's basically it. The rest is further elaboration of these points.

Too many of the points appears arguable. Presuming ABA will be satisfied, for example. Assuming the Democrats are not already digging up more victims from their infinite supply of willing victims, for example. Ignoring all signs of delay as trap. The Very first comment to this article on the Spectator goes back Sundance's main point.
Do you actually think the Democrats are not, at this moment, desperately looking for new "victims" of Brett Kavanaugh? Certainly there are more 50ish women SJW types out there who lived within a hundred miles of Kavanaugh willing, if not eager, to claim he abused them. As soon as they pop up we can be sure the Democrats will have them on the lefty cable news channels demanding that the "investigation" be again extended. This will give Flake, Collins and Murkowski all they need to refuse to vote for Kavanaugh.
Trump is much better at all of this than I could ever be. His concern is the midterms so much as it is getting Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court. My pov is narrow. Trump's pov is broad. Trump is thinking about those suburban women, and I am not. Trump is thinking about all possible voters and time available to use to convince them while I assume everyone's opinion is already chiseled in granite. Trump senses he has nothing to fear from Democrats digging up more victims and Democrat underhanded plans to handicap him. But I do. I fear the depths and extent that Democrats are willing to sink and to go, but Trump does not. I think that Trump is counting on this time to get Republican voters worked up to assure that that they get out and vote.

This Dan Bongino video (of a radio show) is indicative of the fierce counter-Resistance that I think Trump is relying on to develop in the weeks before the election, and stringing out the Kavanaugh confirmation helps that. I couldn't listen to the guy's voice for more than five minutes. I couldn't take being yelled at any longer. Along with the fair-minded open-minded suburban females presumed to exist, this is the counter-chaos known to exist that I think Trump seeks to engender.

Friday, September 28, 2018

My big day out, or Sixty goes to Capital City.

I set out this morning to travel to Capital City where some friends were set up and selling at a bluegrass festival. I had a big day of it, traveled far and saw many things, some of which I photographed. Here is my photo essay of my journey.

To start with, there I was walkin' down the street and I saw a guy who looked like Ricky Skaggs, only thinner and older. What do you know - it was Ricky Skaggs. 

Then I saw the sign at the concert hall:

That pretty much tells the whole story.

This sign left me puzzled - what an odd list of prohibited things - rickshaws and drones? Where was I, in Mos Eisley or something? Sure, the place is crawling with lawyers, politicians and other wretched scum, but come on!

Here is a sign you don't see every day:

I can't even...

This is the street scene:

That's the capitol building in the distance.

Downtown has changed over the years - this is one of those sky scrapers filled with luxury condos that seem so popular these days. 

This is the view from the parking deck - you can see why the folks who live here are called flatlanders.

This is my favorite view of the big city:

Raleigh in my rear view mirror. Buh bye.

Theory: Christine Ford

Today I read a theory in comments elsewhere about Ford that's not entirely whacked.

It began by puzzling why she spoke in a child's voice. Other commenters convinced she was being manipulative with her vocal fry and others noted her oversized glasses purposefully made her face appear childlike. They joked with photos of children wearing oversized eye glasses.

But one commenter said she had a relative who suffered dissociative syndrome, the commenter put in parentheses (split personality), who showed these same extremely manipulative tendencies and odd age inappropriate behavior switching between selves where one or more really is a child. What the commenter saw on television matched what she lived with for decades with this close relation, all the tribulation that this mixed bag of personality traits presented, where one really could be fearful of flying while another one isn't and where one really doesn't remember important things in the past both distant and near that everyone else knows, and where one side is aggressive political activist and another personality cluster is victim.

At any rate, her voice and her odd behavior of giggling inappropriately did not match her aging face and deep neck lines. We've seen real victims of sexual abuse. They never laugh when describing their ordeals. Never. Certainly not in front of a Senate Committee. Yet Ford did. Her behavior was odd to say the least and it's no surprise she pursued a profession in psychology and engaged in personal therapy.

Alecia Cara keeps up with professional Bon Appétit test kitchen chef

The video title says "tries" to keep up, but she does keep up and with no nonsense.

Almost no nonsense. She plays delightfully without having it distract. When she's cracking the lobster I realize in the physical sense Alecia is very close to being a child.

Who is Alecia Cara? 

She's a singer/songwriter from Canada.

Did you notice? Chiffon is a boy.

And the name proves it.

Yesterday I saw a clip of The Crying Game for the first time, the one where she's singing in a bar, and I thought, I don't know how anyone could not know right off that Fergus is a dude with those sausage fingers trying too hard to be femininely alluring. Now I've got that song stuck as an ear bug.

Hillary Stories, Bad Lipreading

This is #14 trending on YouTube.

Hiking for glory

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Deaf people teach us how to flirt.

No they don't.

They answer questions about how people flirt with them, and we're not taught anything about flirting. Still, it's fun. And instructive otherwise.

I've seen it in action, flirtation between hearing and deaf. It's even easier now with cellphones and texting. At the time, when we went out, the deaf kept a small tablet and pen, and people approached them from all angles. Especially Jeff, but others as well. After a party at my house I'd have to go around and clean up and pick up the all the little pieces of tablet paper that showed flirting. Yes, I read them. What the heck, if they were signed, I'd see them. If spoken, I'd hear them. As it was, they left their crap all around for me to pick up.

"Would you like to go up to Breckenridge?"

"Who's driving?"

That sort of thing.

And I saw for myself that people actually did learn sign language just so they could talk to Jeff. The first guy in this video with strawberry hair and wearing a blue and white t-shirt reminds me of Jeff, they look alike in a basic way. Jeff is blond though and looked like a surfer back then. Now he looks like a tough cowboy. Cowman, actually, he's no youngster, and no longer anything cute about him. And better dressed. Now he's a lot more rough.

I'm surprised this video has 4,056,00 views on YouTube with 4,800 comments. I'm not done reading them, but here is my favorite comment so far.
I learned sign language just to ask a girl out who I worked with. She's hot as f but everyone was intimidated to ask her or even joke around her. Im a solid 6 maybe a 7, but I said f it after learning basics I approached her, "look I think your gorgeous, I learned sign language so I could ask you out and you clearly are impressed. So we'll go out this weekend right?". 
Not the prettiest line but the tutor I had for signing showed me how to sign it to her. She blushed and actually smiled and gave me a hug. She's been with me ever since (years now) He shoots he scores.
I listened to and watched the portion of the heavyset man wearing a loose black shirt six times, and saw the man spell "slutty" while hearing the woman say "floody." The recording is not that hi-res. Then finally on the seventh time I heard the woman say "slutty."

*schedules appointment for hearing test.*

The black woman with red hair signs, "One. Tap on shoulder. Hey there." Is interpreted, "The first thing you wanna do is make sure you tap them." And so it goes throughout the whole thing. If you are looking for English within the signing, it's not there. What you see instead is closer to a wordless movie.

It's a very instructive video, but not about flirting.

Kavanaugh hearings are over

Yay \o/

Worst theater ever. And I mean it. I tried watching it live. I tried watching videos. I tried watching snippets. And every time I did, I had to shut it off for being too obnoxious, too ridiculous, too repetitive, and worst of all, too boring. The Democrats are appalling throughout, and even the Republican's best moments are nearly as bad, and Kavanaugh himself is not that impressive. That's my singular point of view.

Others believe that Lindsay Graham gave the best questioning, testimony, performance, whatever. But he turns to Kavanaugh dramatically asks, "Are you a gang rapist?"

Awwwwwww, COME ON! How many times does the man have to answer that? Are you all so retarded that you must have the exact same answers twenty-five times as journalists interrogating Trump do?  *click* I haven't a clue what was said after that.

Now vote, assholes. However it goes I'm satisfied that Democrats, to a person, showed themselves for the sewer rats that they are. To everyone but Huffington Post readers, Hollywood, Politico, Move On and the like, and Democrat islands such as Denver, however populous, in a sea of sensible clear thinkers. Clear to everyone except even my own friends and acquaintances.

Up to today, the people I read have been calling this guy Miss Lindsay, likening him to a southern belle.

Better analysis at Legal Insurrection by William Jacobson, here. He calls it a home run. His commenters have only just started.

Seal slaps kayaker with an octopus

Something you don't see everyday.

Seal slaps a kayaker in the face with an octopus

Link to Imgur thread for comments always amusing, sometimes insightful.  


Peach season has ended but the nectarines taking their place are ripe, juicy and full of flavor. They're blowing my mind.

I wasn't sure the things that I bought are called nectarines. What a great name. So I looked it up. Right at the top of results, yesterday but not today, Wikipedia showed peaches.

Why do peaches show when I look up Nectarines?

Here's what I learned yesterday. Peaches and nectarines are the same species.

How can that be? They taste like different things.

Native to China. Thank you, China.

But known to us through Persia (Iran). Thank you, Iran.

Belongs to genus Prunus that includes cherry, apricot, plum, and almond. In the rose family.

Classified with the almond in the sub-genus Amygdalus. Here's the kicker, the stone inside peaches tastes so similar to almond that peach stones are used to make a cheaper version of marzipan, known as persipan.

I had no idea.

Much more peach information at the link.

Shemeka Michelle spells it out

I wanted to post this earlier but I was in a fugue state triggered by recovered memory of Brett Kavanaugh and his bully buddies cornering me and pinning me against the wall and groping me really hard and tweeking my tits super hard at a party somewhere mysterious a long time ago in 1981 when he was sixteen and I was twenty-seven. That was possible because they were all football players and I was a tall skinny dude. And it was debilitating because it was many years until I could wear button up 501 Levi jeans again. 

Before Shemeka, you should see this conference Trump granted with global reporters. It's charming. You'll like it. The conference shows Trump at this best handling exceedingly aggressive questioning. A whole room of reporters in antagonist mode. Marred only by American reporters obsessed with pushing the Democrat crapfest dragging down the whole thing by bookending the session with their questions constructed to trap Trump into their preconceived headlines: Trump calls Kavanaugh victims liars." But Trump doesn't allow it. He plays their little games efficiently and with tremendous patience. "I want to hear what she has to say before I make up my mind." 

Right. His mind is already made up that they're all Democrat operatives organized and paid for by low life types, but he cannot call them liars.

I can. They're all liars. 

Here's Shemeka who I saw in a  comment section commenting on the latest Democrat operative. She says, "Help me figure this out" while she has it already all figured out. 

My aig sammich

See, I done tol' ya my sammichs look exactly like Chip's. Not one bit different. 

It's weird to photograph one's food, just sayin'.

Baseball, luck, skill, seeing into the future

Click through to the thread on Twitter for better commentary in Spanish. 

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Ted Cruz and his wife Heidi were assaulted inside a D.C. restaurant by an organized Democrat mob

But minutes later the Cruz family returned and finished their meal.

Fine. But what is the name of the restaurant?

The name is Fiola.

What's it like?

Let's see. Their online menu is too fancy-pants to be useful. Too tiny script font to read. Prices not listed. Expect to pay quite a lot.  But then, Sunday family dinners are $55.00 per guest. That's not so bad.

Here's Yelp, more helpful with 1,184 photos and I must say they all look luscious. We see the outside of the restaurant, the inside seating and their entire menu over a few years. I should never do this when I'm hungry. Everything looks great. Everything looks too small. I'd need at least two or three of everything. This is why longtime pols are so fat.

Most photos show the chefs like to stack food.  Height is the aim. You get something tall with a lot of blank plate area. As framed art.  Then swimming in sauces and sprinkled with bits of micro sprouts, tiny flowers and herbs. They're big on edible flowers. Their tableware is very nice. Their chefs are artists at heart. Everything is a tiny self-contained masterpiece of visible flavors and colors you can taste.

Except when it's not.

The lobster ravioli is popular, and it's something that can be made at home nothing more artistic than chopped chive dots and unusually pinched ravioli.

Here's another great idea we can steal. I meant to say "adopt" just now. Roasted Brussels sprouts with  pancetta and butternut squash in crema. All shoved in a cup instead of spread out on a plate.

Side dish of Yukon gold potato puree and pane fritto, let's say, breadcrumbs and bacon. We can do this. Make mashed potatoes more wet than usual with butter and cream. Consider the addition of roasted garlic or horseradish, or both. Then serve in a small bowl instead of a mound on a plate.

Come on. We can do this.  

Lobster bisque. 

two fried eggs with sourdough toast

I ate this seven years ago.

Posted back then and it zoomed ahead today in page views. Something random, no doubt. I'll never understand it, but I like when it happens.

I wrote "eggs fried in salt-free butter, toast spread with salt-free butter. Know what salt-free butter needs? Salt, that's what."

Then someone anonymous left the most obscene complement I've ever read and I laughed all over again seven years later.


Social snub straight up.

In a longer and fairly uninteresting video with chatter but no dialogue (until speeches) we see how Trump socializes with other dignitaries, greeting them graciously, turning, greeting another, then another, then another. He holds their shoulder, looks at their face, smiles graciously, shakes their hand. Interesting too observing a woman attracted to power like a magnet. Then in the end it's simply sitting down to an elegant dinner. Trump rises from his chair to greet another dignitary that drifts by behind him. Then again. And again.

But not for Trudeau.

Trudeau glides in behind seated Trump and taps Trump's shoulder. Trump glances over his shoulder to see who tapped him then ignores the signal and resumes talking.

Interesting too is the Secret Service man with silver hair watching the left side of the room like a hawk while doing an amazing job of disguising his prosthetic left arm.

All that in this video where the snub is so subtle that it doesn't show.

But it does show in this shorter video shot from another angle. Incidentally, while looking for a better video, I noticed on YouTube tons of videos [justin trudeau ignored] at G20, at U.N. all over the place. Whereas Trump owns every room he walks into and people gravitate toward him, Trudeau flits around like a butterfly looking for people to talk to.

Click on the tweet for more angles of this that together show the fast interaction clearly.

Trump holds bilateral press conference Ivan Duque Marquez of Colombia

This is a remarkable video. It begins prosaic enough with both presidents congratulating each other in standard form on the work the two countries are doing to stem the drug trafficking between nations. The President of Colombia adds that new legislation targeting kidnapping and drugs confiscated on the street. 

Questions continue about Venezuela, somewhat related to Colombia, so, until five minutes in the Colombian President is still included.

But at about 5 minutes the press asks Trump questions unrelated to Colombia, and Trump turns to Duque and touches him and asks if he doesn't mind him continuing. The Colombia President graciously concedes. 

Notice Trump's feet square on the floor as he delivers his crisp responses about Venezuela, North Korea, and Iran, while Duque, at ease, has one foot on its side the whole time. Trump's pauses are interrupted with new questions he ignores as he finishes his geopolitical sweep in everyday language on everyday level of understanding, things the press should notice but don't. Things their audience could appreciate. For example, how the language with North Korea changed within a year, from lobbing missiles over Japan with threats to United States and in return, Rocketman diminution, to a beautiful reception of North and South Korea not seen before, and how Iran has shrunken in influence, pulling in their agents and giving up on controlling the Mediterranean, struggling economically. Trump insists it was Trump himself who denied Iran negotiations, not Iran, just another mistake made by our press, minor relative to their other mistakes. Trump tells the press what he thinks of them as he answers their questions.  Trump is telling us without saying it explicitly that Trump is controlling the timing of negotiations with Iran until they're sufficiently diminished and desperate to make a deal easing their pain. This confab is loaded.

Trump jokes around. He's having fun. He includes the Colombian president even as the press ignores him.

Back to Venezuela, a journalist asks about military intervention. "I don't want to talk about military. Why should I talk about military? Obama used to say what he intended to do. I don't do that." The Colombia President laughs

Observe how Trump speaks to press as children. He tells them to calm down, quit screeching questions, that he'll get to them. Then reverses and corrects their perception. One unseen journalist asks, "I hate to get back to military, but how important is it to national security?" Trump answers, "It's important to their security. It's a regime that could be toppled very easily by the military if the military decides to do that." Then Trump jokes about how the military spread when the bomb exploded. "They ran. I don't think our Marines would run. Hey Mattis, would our Marines run?" Mattis answers, "They don't know how to run." The Colombian President laughs. Trump beams. 

Then, twelve minutes in and to the end for five minutes, Trump delivers the most definite defense of Kavanaugh possible. He describes what the Democrats are doing with acute brutal honesty describing them putting on a con game. C.O.N. game. Tenderly, touchingly he describe the shock on Kavanaugh and on his wife and his children. How lives are carelessly ruined for their political goal. Even here the press continues to interrupt him with nattering irrelevant questions, their voices poking as darts, as he's on his roll describing with intense disgust what Democrats are doing to Kavanaugh and the effect all this has on our system. 

None of the comments I've read mention this. Trump's impulse is to fix what he sees is wrong. As with all their other questions, at the end Trump is telegraphing what to expect in terms of executive action and  future legislation that he'll support to correct this gross ugly ridiculous misapplication of government process, what he would have corrected, but they are not hearing it. This process is allowed to be sadly woefully damagingly wrong. Expect Trump to attempt to repair the process that Democrat party abused so woefully.

And the Colombian President, Ivan Duque Marquez, is sitting there thinking, "Bloody hell." 

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

4 Chan trolls: How to mess with a porn lawyer

That's not how they phrased it in this post to today.

Surprising what can be seen posted to Twitter without having an account. The good (bad?) stuff comes bubbling up elsewhere, over and over and over. And while Twitter captures leave off the best part at the end, the original post on 4chan is surprisingly easy to find by its number (186910048 seen on Twitter) entered into 4chan search.

They're terrible people.

Their swears are unholy.

You must be psychopathically personality disordered to belong. And racist besides.

Still, they're amusing sometimes. They do these horrible things for amusement.

Avanatti switched his Twitter account to private today to block interference and from embarrassment, but mostly from embarrassment.

A 4chan/pol member set up a trap for Vannatti, and being of similar mind he walked right into it. They fiddled with Vannatti like a Stradivarius, speaking his language, using his own method of operation.

He used his stripper girlfriend with a tale too juicy to dismiss. So over the top with gutter talk that it warms the heart and resonates through perfectly tuned chords. For a perv.

The 4chan-er announces his deed this way: Gather in FAGS ... It's STORY TIME !!!!

Read it for a solid laugh. And now, I must shower.

Amazon return box haul

This couple jumps into what for me is a nightmare; other people's junk.

Amazon passes off their returns to an auction house, unless the returns are like perfectly new. assembles them in boxes of fifty items with a manifest, then offers the lot for auction. A blogger thought it would be a good idea to buy a lot just to see what they get.

I hated every second of this video, yet, much like a car accident I couldn't stop watching it. And the whole time at the end when they're unpacking I'm thinking, you guys have a nice garage.

Trump addresses United Nations General Assembly

Starts at 21:30 (approx)

One of his brags got a laugh. That's what most reports lead with. And that's where some reports begin and end, that being the only thing that they heard worth reporting, having heard it then able to dismiss all the rest. It's something that works very well at his rallies, less so to a world audience. 

Then it occurred to me his rally audience laughs too, and that's one of the things that makes those rallies fun to attend and to watch. You would think world leaders listening might think again if there's there's something behind such bold brags, if there's there's something solid behind what's amusing when spoken outright, something they might do themselves, something to emulate like lower taxes, possibly reduce overbearing regulations, possibly repairing bad deals. Hmmm, maybe ... just maybe ... n-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-w. 

7 year-old Malea Emma Tjandrawidjaja sings Star Spangled Banner

More here.

Ben & Jerry tweet: Yo internet! We need ur help to come up with 7 amazing flavors for 7 amazing up & coming progressives

... who could be headed to Congress in Nov. To sweeten the deal, Jerry & I will personally make a small batch of each of the winning flavors.

Twitter obliged. Read some of the suggestions collected at Legal Insurrection. And commenters there are not outdone. They're a clever group.

Monday, September 24, 2018

Fun with fingerspelling

I learned of this site today - this could be handy (oops) for those of you who want to work in your ability to read words that are being finger spelled. I heard we had a lot of that around here when the governor was explaining the hurricane to us - he had a trusted ASL interpreter right by his side. Not some raving lunatic like Obama had, no, the one here was the real deal, not an escaped mental patient.

Here is the site - try it out. You tell it how many letters long the word should be, the speed at which each new sign appears, then you check your work.

In keeping with the general mood around here lately, here is a cheerful little ditty by the reigning king of New Orleans Jazz, Dr. John.

We need to go back to the old way of doing things

A pastor in a Catholic Church in Chicago was fired and sent to a mental insitution by a Cardinal who owed his job to the Sex Abusing Bishop McCarrick of Philadephia who the Pope favors.  Cardinal Cupich of Chicago is instrumental in approving Homosexuality in the Church and is in the entourage of McCarrick and other members of the Velvet Mafia who advance other Homosexuals and perverts over true Men of God.

The Pastor Father Paul Kalchick was fired and humiliated because he burned a rainbow flag that had a cross on it. His parish had formerly been an "outreach" parish that fostered and encouraged sinful homosexual behavior at the behest of the hierarchy. In the presence and with the full approval of his parishioners he burned this flag as a sort of "exorcism" to cleanse his parish of the taint associated with the homosexual abusers who brought shame and degradation to the Church. When the bishop found out about it he had him forceable removed and brought in for physiological evaluation. Of course the homosexual lobby protested at the Church which attempting to live out the Gospel by following the Churches teaching and not some new sexual liberation theology that allows priests to abuse alter boys.

This same Cardinal was the one who said the Pope was too busy to deal with the abuse scandals. Part and parcel of the gay cabal in the Church. He is the one who needs to be thrown out of office and sent to the loony bin.

Here is the whole story at Breibart.

Of course the main stream media is not covering this as they are protecting the homosexual agenda and covering up the homosexual abuse of young boys at the hands of the Gay Mafia in the Catholic Church.

That's election meddling

Paul Joseph Watson manages a few good points.

Maxim 25 -- An Angry Superior

Don't insert yourself into the moment of a great one,
don't vex the mind of one who is burdened.
His obstruction happens against one who contradicts him.
and the ka is released from the one who love him.
He is one who give sustenance along with the god;
what he loves is what is done for him.
So, turn the face back after a storm,
for peace is with his ka, and obstruction is with the enemy.
He is sustenance, which makes love grow.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

I Hate This Kind Of Football

How many times does Dr. Lucy Ford get to pull away the football?

My weekend so far

Friday evening as I was wrapping up the week's work I heard a loud cracking sound - a large branch had snapped off the large Bradford pear tree in my front yard and crashed to the ground. While I would have preferred to prepare my evening meal and retire for the night I decided to spend some time cleaning up the mess - no time like present to git 'er done.

How the broken limb presented:

And from the other side:

I went about my business and when I got home on Saturday I was able to continue sawing the branch into pieces and pruning the smaller twigs off:

Not wanting to run the chainsaw on Sunday I spent the morning using pruning shears to cut the branches into pieces that would fit into my cart. I hauled them back to the burn pile and piled them thusly:

This particular tree is not the usual cultivar of Bradford pear - for one thing, it produces thousands of tiny fruit:

Or maybe it is millions. Who knows? Another clue is that it is huge - that is the main group of trunks and the saw in the foreground has a 3' long bar:

My blackberry lilies were almost a complete failure this year - first it was too dry, then we had a prolonged rainy spell, then they fell over, but they produced seeds anyway:

As I wrote earlier my efforts to propagate them were not successful, but one new plant sprouted off of the underground bulb system, so maybe I will be bold and try to transplant that one. Fortune favors the bold, right?

There is still a ton of Bradford pear wood to move but I received a call from a friend and what do you know - I and my dog were invited on walkies, our first since June. So forget about hauling wood, let's go for a walk on a cool, overcast afternoon. During our jaunt through familiar but subtly changed areas I saw some flars:

M R purdy.

Later, after consuming mass quantities I shall resume my mighty labors. Much remains to be done just to catch up with where I was before the limb fell.

Rumor has it that TS Florence is reforming and heading back. I have no idea. But there is always a song, regardless of the possibilities.

Scottish Grandmother reads Wonky Donkey

Hillary's Make A Wish football play

Four witnesses and a nail salon

The political activist who accuses Kavanaugh of harassment in High School (emphasis on "high") in the last hour to derail his appointment to the Supreme Court listed four witnesses beside herself. All four have written letters denying knowing anything about what Ford is talking about. The letters are accepted and they stand as sworn testimony.

1) Mrs. Leland Ingham Keyser: "“Ms. Keyser does not know Mr. Kavanaugh and she has no recollection of ever being at a party or gathering where he was present, with, or without, Dr. Ford.”"

2) Mark Judge: “I have no memory of this alleged incident,”

3) Patrick J. Smyth: "I understand that I have been identified by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford as the person she remembers as ‘PJ’ who supposedly was present at the party she described in her statements to the Washington Post. I am issuing this statement today to make it clear to all involved that I have no knowledge of the party in question; nor do I have any knowledge of the allegations of improper conduct she has leveled against Brett Kavanaugh.

Personally speaking, I have known Brett Kavanaugh since high school and I know him to be a person of great integrity, a great friend, and I have never witnessed any improper conduct by Brett Kavanaugh towards women. To safeguard my own privacy and anonymity, I respectfully request that the Committee accept this statement in response to any inquiry the Committee may have.”

4) Kavanaugh himself denies any such incident

The party that nobody remembers was at no one's house.

In short, the woman is lying.

News consumers have had it up to their eyeballs with Democrat nonsense. Oddly, although impatient, Republican observers are not all that disturbed by McConnell allowing more time. That's because the longer this goes on the worse Democrats make things for themselves working up to the mid-term elections. The adage; when your opponent is digging a hole, hand him a shovel, comes to mind.

Here is a link to a Twitter thread. It's a story about a trip to a nail salon. It was crowded, and unusually people were talking openly rather than quietly to their technician. Eventually the whole place turned into an open public discussion that continued as people were leaving and new people entered. And it is not a discussion that any Democrat would be pleased to hear.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Been there...done that

Back when the Church was heterosexual.

We need to go back to the old way of doing things.

Long term readers of this blog know that I have been a fierce detractor of the Anti-Pope who is fraudulently sitting in the seat of Saint Peter. In post after post I have outlined how he has brought shame and dishonor to the Holy Mother Church. Now even the dim witted can see how egregious his behavior has become and why he must be deposed.

First we have the matter of the homosexual cabal that has prostituted the priesthood and brought shame and degradation to the Church. The current revelations about the Bishop of Philadelphia and the sex abuse scandals are being swept under the rug. The Pope knew about it. And he promoted this pervert. He allowed him to promote and elevate his homosexual cronies. After all "Who is he to judge." He knew. He didn't care. He is still covering it up. He tells us to be "silent." He says that people who uncover the sex abuse are "doing Satan's work." It is just unbelievable.

As bad as this is what he is doing in China is even worse. He is on the verge of a deal with the Chinese government to let the Communist name the bishops in China. Yes that's right. The same problem the Church had with Henry the Eight. Here the Pope is surrendering. He is throwing the true Catholic bishops who served under threat of death to the wolves. I can not credit how evil this is. It is just unbelievable to me.

Wait now the deal is complete. The Pope has agreed to accept seven bishops appointed by the Chinese communists. He is agreeing to allow the communists to control the Church in China. In the meantime the true priests and bishops who led the life of true Catholics under penalty of martyrdom are ignored and pushed aside. Or even defrocked as has been threatened.

Trump rally in Springfield, Mo

The purpose is to support Josh Hawley who is a good speaker himself, one of the very few who can follow Trump with the same ease and not sound stilted and who fills out a shirt like he knows the inside of a gym.

The other purpose is build enthusiasm for midterms. Trump keeps mentioning at these rallies that historic records show the incumbent looses the midterms in all examples except three, without saying this precisely, I think Trump is expecting to add another win to his long list of brags. I'm expecting to hear later,  "They told us we can't win the midterms, but we swept. You swept. You made that happen." Trump does tell his audience that enthusiasm passes after the great upset win, that by complacency voters do not follow through, but this time it's essential to keep the momentum, or else you'll get high taxes, debilitating regulation, no support for military and police and particularly ICE and zero border protection and more crime. He tells them directly, "This midterm you'll be voting for me."

This rally is more enthusiastic than the rally the day before in Utah and much more enthusiastic than the rally in Montana that commenters describe as a bit weird.

Most news networks including FOX Business have stopped covering these rallies. Too much win to stand. From my point of view they're most worthwhile news of all. Much more interesting than the resistance and distractions thrown up intended as news substitutions, filling the minds of the people still watching news with no value delivered with narrative with more omission than content, pushing out everything else of real intellectual value so that all that's left is ridicule and gripping, who then bring all that with them to my birthday party, reliably so, year after year for decades, but especially so right now such that the Democrat caucus begins immediately even before the steaks are put on. Idle conversation reveals that without any exceptions, politically speaking, all of my friends malevolently informed dopes. And that's a shame, because outside of politics they're all lovely exceptional people.

"A decade ago you told me your father reads the newspaper every day but still doesn't know what's going on in the word." He said that tilting his head and rolling his eyes.


"Well, guess what."

Friday, September 21, 2018

Jeni Britton Bauer compares ice cream

A long time ago my younger brother wanted to drive somewhere to get ice cream. A couple of times, actually. His idea was soft ice cream such as the type served at McDonalds or Dairy Cream. Not bad, but no that great either.

"Look, James, if we're going to make such a poor dietary choice for ourselves such as ice cream, and if we're going to trouble ourselves to drive somewhere to get it specifically then it must be top ice cream. The real deal, not frozen sweet sludge pumped from a machine into a swirl. And it must be served in a delicious waffle cone that's good by itself,  and not a disposable cup with plastic spoon."

It took me forever to get him to appreciate the differences.

My ice cream maker broke and I miss it.

It's possible to make ice cream with too much cream, too much fat that it coats your palate and ruins the experience like coating your whole mouth with frozen butter. It just sits there and doesn't dissipate.  It's also possible to use too much vanilla bean and too much chocolate so that you o.d. on both of those things. I'll add, the batch ruined by way too much couverture dark chocolate so that the cream was barely noticeable was deemed the best ice cream ever by a visiting friend, so I gave him the whole batch because I couldn't stand having it around. One time he told me that something is not a dessert unless it is chocolate. He'd have no use for any of these other flavors. A box of cold cocoa would suit him just fine.

There is a lot of information in these comparison videos. It's worth looking on YouTube to see what else you might like.

Trump pulls the lever

Psych! Trump reverses pulling the lever.

Why oh why did Trump reverse his directive to turn over all DOJ, FBI documents un-redacted? That was so good, so juicy, a solid win. And now it's gone. With responsibility handed back to the agencies who blew it in the first place. We cannot expect FBI to handle their own investigation into themselves, and to release the untampered documents to our satisfaction. They'll do what they've done all along. They'll protect themselves. To Trump supporters it seems like a terrible setback.

Actually, it's a very good chance to observe and to learn how the mind of genius-level deal maker works.

What Trump said was okay, you do the swamp clearing yourselves. Have your Inspector General have a go. But do all this quickly and do it well, because I still hold the right to issue the directive.

In Trump World, having that leverage is greater than wielding it.

So then, in real time we see the departments going out of their minds. To protect themselves they turn against each other. And all Trump has to do is threaten sunlight. They know he's crazy enough to do it. They saw him do it. They saw him use the excuse of foreign countries, Australia and Britain who had their own busy-bodies interfering with our election and our election results. How embarrassing for both. Now Trump has leverage over them as well. Play nicely, you pigs, or I pop with the directive exposing your actions against me. Trump savors the leverage. More so than the immediate incremental effect of declassifying the damaging documents. Declassifying the documents is Trump acting against the corrupted departments and foreign governments directly. Holding the leverage against all affected parties has them scrambling and shooting at themselves instead of shooting at Trump.

I'm not smart enough myself to know this, to internalize such attitudes so that it comes naturally, but apparently to people like Trump leverage has much more usefulness than I had imagined.

No. It's not wishy-washy to halt the directive to declassify documents on the advice of swamp creatures claiming that would be too damaging.  Rather, it's part of his outrageous way. The way he uses his sword, pull it out half way, show his willingness to draw blood, and have everyone involved know his seriousness, then put it back in, and see and gauge the effect of his chaos. He told them speed is essential. That means before the election. Trump created chaos among the affected and now they don't know how far nor how fast they must act. He set off a stick of dynamite in their houses. With the promise of more of the same where that came from.

God, I love watching this man. The most fascinating individual of my lifetime.

I'm starting to see it now. It's like a cartoon. Leverage really is more valuable than immediate satisfaction. It's Trumps way of having the ugly but delicious cake and eating it too, of eating it entirely while freezing it for the future even as he is pooping it out, and having cake-poop fertilizing his garden. And having an empty colon ready to receive fresh portions of thawed saved cake. And having that frozen cake stay whole while pieces are removed for consumption, eating and pooping out portions. This analogy seems to have gone off the rails. Just like the chaos Trump creates to revel in, that nobody else can handle.

I see a picture but I'm too lazy to draw it. Trump pulling levers, people going insane, then shoving the levers back into safety position. But people not calming down from the threat. Then Trump pulling the lever again. People going more insane than before. Trump playing with people causing them to behave irrationally, making them reveal more than they would, becoming the irrational destructive clowns they claim Trump to be.

Poetry corner

This morning's poem, excerpted from the movie "Through Deaf Eyes".

The natural musical interlude for this would be John Cage's 4'33", but that is trite bordering on cruel, so rather I shall try something with a groove going on.

Ptahhotep Maxim 24 -- Emotion and Time

This maxim is 18 lines, 9 couplets.

If you are powerful, you should make respect of you
through knowledge and calmness of speaking.
Don't give commands except for guidance,
for defiance leads to error.
Don't let your mind get big, and it won't be humbled;
don't be inactive, but beware when you tread.
When you answer a speech in its flaming,
prepare yourself, control yourself,
for flames and hotheadedness dissipate,
but the seemly of tread, his path has been built.
The one who worries for the w hole day,
he will not be able to spend a good moment;
the one who is frivolous for the whole day,
he will not be able to establish a house --
the one fully shot,
like one who plies the rudder after docking;
the other preoccupied,
for his mind has listened to "If only ... "

In the book, the notes come at the end but I put them at the beginning because they clarify a few odd phrases, and the notes have a few literal transliterations that are even more strange than the odd translations. Weird phrasings like "make respect of you" and "but the seemly of tread" and "the one fully shot" signified with pierced skin and an arrow.

Know the difference?

Translation means, the meaning of a phrase restated in our language, and transliteration is a literal translation word-for-word leaving it to us to figure out its meaning, showing the original phrasing. For example, we know that "mooring" can be metaphor for dying, life as a river, the river central to life in Egypt, so then, "one who plies the rudder after docking" could mean someone controlling things in life after they're dead, but not necessarily because they haven't used the key word "mooring." It's just a possible interpretation because of that metaphor. And as we see for ourselves, he doesn't actually say "if only" that combination of signs is not listed in the dictionary I'm using. That combination does come close to things that are listed but with different determinatives, meaning "command" and "regulate" while "if only" is listed several times with different spellings, using different combinations of signs. The translation "if only " comes from the expert's particular expertise that I am unable to confirm.

The expert will say, "trust me."

And that never fails to cause me to distrust.

That happened one time in Spanish.

The lesson is a beginner restaurant scene. The pair walking into the restaurant says to the hostess, "Somos dos"

Shouldn't that be "Estamos dos?"

No. It's "Somos dos."

Are you sure?

Yes. I'm quite certain.

Positive you're certainly sure?

Yes! Trust me.

Scene two. Upscale tourist restaurant in Mazatlan called Loma Linda (pretty hill)


"Somos dos."

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, slaps knee, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, turns corner, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, leads us past tables, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, to the center of the restaurant that's actually outside, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, everyone's looking at us as we're seated, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, lovely place but I hate it already, ha ha ha ha ha ha, she's beautiful but I'm hating her guts, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, I'm conflicted before we're even seated, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. How embarrassing.

"Que es tan divertido?"

"Nada." Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Bitch. Thanks professor. Now she thinks I told her we're a couple of faggots.

Know what's funny? 

These things get such a strong reaction here, all the comments are heart-warming. I never expected them to get much interest. But the videos actually do get viewed on YouTube. That surprises me because how do people even find them? Six views here, four there, ten views for one video, then five for another. 

But then on Flicker they get even more views, forty-five for one, sixty-five for another, mostly within that range, but then, the one that opens with the famous statuette of a couple where I have the woman nagging the husband about her Honey-do list, a long recitation of chores for him to do, Maxim 20 -- Treatment of a Wife, the views shoot up to 541. Why in the world would that thing get so many views? It doesn't make sense. Flickr is really strange this way. I thought that album would stay fairly obscure, of interest to nobody.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

This just in.....Cartoon news

Drudge Cartoon Report...

It was reported that an unnamed cartoon character has sent a letter to Senator Diane Feinstein claiming that as a young schoolboy Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh had sex with said character while in High School. Although the person was not named it has been learned from certain anonymous sources that said cartoon character was in fact famous MILF Betty Rubble. This is almost certainly true as it was reported that they had a "Yabba Dabba Do old time."

It is thought to be be Betty Rubble since it is well known that Betty Rubble is a Dirty girl.

Also the fact that the second phrase was not present eliminates the other main suspects. They did not quote the full lyric "They had a Yabba Dabba Do time...We'll have a Gay old time."

Then it would be these guys: