Monday, September 28, 2015

The inventor has another invention

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Can Of Cheese for Hunter said...

When Bill Maher becomes the smart guy in the room, it's time to panic.

Can Of Cheese for Hunter said...

Is that John Cleese sitting there?

I've grown to detest him.

Can Of Cheese for Hunter said...

All GOP candidates should let Bill Maher answer all questions relating to Islam. (as an aside)

Can Of Cheese for Hunter said...

autocorrekt bah.

Can Of Cheese for Hunter said...

An indictment of how stupid and mindless ABC, NBC, CBS morning shows are.

He removed the clock guts and called himself an inventor. All the adults swooned... ooooo Isn't he smart!

It's a Potemkin clock, you morons.

Methadras said...

mmm, S.E. Cupp. Reagan was acting like the little fag he is. Cleese looked constipated as always. I'm always waiting for Palin to pop out from behind and proclaim to "Bring out the comfy chair!!!"

ampersand said...

Cut the kid some slack, He is the first Muslim ever to invent a clock, exactly like previous Islamic inventions. Much like the Tsaernevs invented the first Islamic pressure cooker.

Can Of Cheese for Hunter said...

For Chip!

Here's a REAL invention.

(I just met this guys parents-in-law. Bee Keepers)

Aridog said...

What April Apple said...seriously, why is kid a cause de celebrity...seriously...he "invented nothing" but yet MIT and others clamor for him? Media celebrates him? Please. Big whoop...he can make something out, by disassembly or whatever, of what is already invented. Not impressed.

He really is a "Potemkin" fantasy...however curious he might be. I was once curious like he was/is, took apart telephones and radios and invented diddly squat...but I learned as I went what my limitations were...and never thought I was special...just a pain in the ass of my parents. Which gave me a kick...nothing more...especially when I couldn't get the device(s) back together. Now "invent" something unheard of previously, young dude, and I'll be impressed...but your clock thing is a sham...and he/you know it.

deborah said...

I invented a letter holder yesterday:

deborah said...

Too cool, April. That is big.

Can Of Cheese for Hunter said...

deborah! Its' a time warp today. Hiya!

deborah said...

lol hiya back!

Methadras said...

Aridog said...

What April Apple said...seriously, why is kid a cause de celebrity...seriously...he "invented nothing" but yet MIT and others clamor for him? Media celebrates him? Please. Big whoop...he can make something out, by disassembly or whatever, of what is already invented. Not impressed.

He really is a "Potemkin" fantasy...however curious he might be. I was once curious like he was/is, took apart telephones and radios and invented diddly squat...but I learned as I went what my limitations were...and never thought I was special...just a pain in the ass of my parents. Which gave me a kick...nothing more...especially when I couldn't get the device(s) back together. Now "invent" something unheard of previously, young dude, and I'll be impressed...but your clock thing is a sham...and he/you know it.

Ari, in the age of FB, YouTube, and Twitter, the mundane is now celebrated. It's the era of putting mediocrity on a pedastal. A muslim kid who dismantled a clock and put it in another case is now popular because he was picked on by zero tolerance leftist bullies.

Bleach Drinkers Curing Coronavirus Together said...

ampersand's comment is interesting. While the Muslim emperor subjects did advance some science, what they seem to have gotten the most renown and appreciation for is for preserving Western knowledge (Aristotle, etc.).

And then, it must be remembered that even the religion that defined their empire and civilization as just some recycled stuff as well - apart from the innovation of Warlord Muhammad spreading it to the Arabs and in their language and with almost none of the proverbs or peace love and forgiveness thrown in.

chickelit said...

Hey, deborah's back! Wahoo!

Lem said...

In Spanish when somebody habitually lies, like Hillary, close friends say to them half joking, tu siempre esta inventando. = You are always making up stuff.

Inventing is synonymous with lying.

Lem said...

Why is that?

Why is Inventing synonymous with lying?

Lack of genuine invention my guess.

deborah said...

Thanks chick!

deborah said...

Lem, maybe because it's a form of creating something.

deborah said...

(A falsehood.)

Lem said...

em, maybe because it's a form of creating something.

I think Althouse agrees with that...

We need the President to be a good liar. We need him/her to lie FOR us some of the time. We need a liar we can trust to be for us. Gotta have both. It's not easy to find that! Especially when you're talking about getting a good liar. That liar could lie about being for us. That's what some people think we got in Obama.

Ahmed 2048

Chip Ahoy said...

Our alphabet is Arabic origin, isn't it?

Our numbers are, no?

Real questions. I assumed it.

They gave us 0.

What did humans ever do before 0?

What did they do? They have ten fingers but they don't have 0. Let me think about this. Maths is my worst thing. 10 was probably 91

I realized something yesterday and yet I cannot express it because it's so trite yet the impact it had upon my soul is not trite.

It had to do with the sun slipping under the clouds thing again. I was observing the light change from the sun illuminating the clouds from the top to illuminating the clouds from underneath as it sank and as the color changed.

This took some time.

I decided, take a long moment and watch this. Settle yourself. You will not regret taking a moment and keep doing this. This is a very good show. I sat on the edge of the sofa and snapped a photo every few minutes and contemplated what I was seeing far in the distance beyond the mountain range past Utah past where the upper layer of clouds bends around and I thought, "Holy shit, this is what all those ancient guys did. This, their entertainment, their connection with cosmos. In this same way, by observing sunsets and sunrises in series and seeing the effect on cloud cover as the sun apparently sinks opens their minds to accept the picture of how celestial light and heat emitting / light and heat absorbing orbs produce such a scene as viewed upon one of them. Seeing the clouds change lighting from atop, then through, then below, following the strata far back as it goes, doing this over and over through seasons, making a meditation of it, the scene becomes what it is not, an ocean, an orange ocean and the sun is sinking behind it, but the sun is not going anywhere, rather, the orange ocean out there is turning away from it. It is not an orange ocean, it is clouds, and the clouded orb is turning away from it.

Oh Abd al-Rahman al-Sufi you are fucking tripping again.

Cool shelf. It looks professional.

Thanks for showing the glove. Seems even clunky telephones like my Blackberry would be handy for short messages.

Last night I was practicing and notice I pained to form signs ridiculously clearly. People don't talk like that. It's what made Geraldo Reys so hilarious, the slow down precision for clarity. For me. As if speaking to a retard. Because he was speaking to a retard when it came to discerning their unclear signaling amongst themselves. Don't you hate being lost?

So even the word "perfect" is formed with ridiculous perfection intended for comic effect. It's two "P's that touch at the tips, (all dictionaries do this differently without P's" but Geraldo would do that so carefully so clearly formed in space, touch fingertips then stamp them like two staplers for stapled perfection. Then laugh at how cleverly he speaks with the retard that needs things painted in detail.

And it really is clever.

We contrived all kind of clever things for clarity to assist the sign-retard (me)

That caused met to recall an employee giving me a great deal of trouble. For a meeting I asked for an interpreter because she was just that much trouble. I don't know what her bag was. She was problem from the start. She was total no class. During the meeting with the interpreter she said, "Well his (mine) sign really isn't that good."

And I'm sitting there thinking, "Bitch, your signs are all so incredibly poorly lazily formed."

That glove would have forced her to spell properly with well-formed signs.

See, I'm pissed off all over again.

But it would have done nothing for her poorly formed signs.

I get shit like that all the time.

I heard constantly my accent sounds native but my grammar is childish.

Chip Ahoy said...

Then I told the joke about ¿que hace un pesca? Nada. And the one about el estudiante le pregunta al maestro si su corazón tiene piernas. Oyó que el padre le dijo a su madre abre tus piernas mi corazón and the Mexican guy paused, leaned in and told me, "You know, your accent really sucks."

Corrected all the time for stupid things. Buenos dias not buenas dias even though they don't match. More of that most common things being the irregulars. I suppose because sun is masculine even as day is feminine, who knows, all that's cis normal oppression of the patriarchy anyway.

deborah said...

I think Althouse is right. Politicians at the base are liars. They must be to get votes. But at the heart of it, I think they must love America and care about her people, also.

Chip Ahoy said...

Today two separate residents here at two separate incidents asked me about terrace container gardening. Both times I told them I didn't know what I am dong. Both times we talked awhile and we discussed fail. What I see is massive fail. Each container is serial fail in one season. Expensive heartbreaking fail. What is seen is the survivors and it looks great. But it is not the jungle of my vision. I'm nobody's teacher.

Then I realized, I need to tell them which plants to buy.

Because, just like school, its graded on the curve, and idiotic as I am compared with everyone else in the building, and I mean EVERYONE else in the building when it comes to this stuff I am genius. "A" for me.

So. Not just suggestions. TELL them what to buy. Give concrete directions.

They asked me as eager students and I failed them. Suffer the children to come unto me and I will TELL you which terrace plants to buy.

William said...

Bill Maher in his hostility to organized religion doesn't give Muslims any special slack. So give him that. Ron Reagan would be my first choice to sniff out an underwear bomb. He seems obstuse about other forms of explosive mechanisms, however......People are always dumping on Christians because of the Crusades. The Crusaders only held Jerusalem and a few coastal cities for a brief blip of time. They didn't have much impact on Islamic societies. The Mongols, on the other hand really did a number on the Islamic societies they conquered. When they overthrew the Abbasid Caliphate they didn't just murder everyone in Baghdad. They burned the libraries and destroyed the irrigation system that allowed their civilization to flourish, The Abbasid Caliphate was considered by many to be the high point of Islamic civilization but it perished after the Mongols passed through. But good luck suing Inner Mongolia for reparations.

Chip Ahoy said...

I mean it.

A guy gets into the elevator with me and go the same floor. We take separate doors out of the elevator lobby on our floor but he reconnect with me by turning to walk down my hall.

He should hasten ahead.

His mobility is superior. He could easily dash down the hall. But he does not. This makes me uncomfortable. He looks like a biker. Or else buys clothes at Walmart. I have no f'n idea. He walks with me, next to me, all the way down the hallway at my pace, incredibly slow. IT'S FREAKING ME OUT. Why would a neighbor do that?

I still don't know. He must be the husband of the woman asking me plant questions. She must have told him I'm nice.

Today it really did feel like Jesus like that. People behaved as if they wanted to be around me. The only thread through all them I can think of is plants. The plants did it. They want sluff-energy from the Nebuchadnezzar water slave guy. Get some hints on tumbling vines.

Chip Ahoy said...

William, I did not know any of that.

chickelit said...

Kudos to Maher for getting this right. And negative kudos to Althouse for continually getting this wrong from the get-go.

But WTF does Althouse know about science or invention, especially in a legal sense?

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Islam in those few centuries after the prophet died had a brief intellectual flowering. Some Islamic scholars saved some of Western Civilization, but hardly all of it (Irish monks saved a lot too). And while the Middle Ages were bad, they were surprisingly more complex and sophisticated that many realize. It is not like life in Classical times was so great, they still suffered plague, crippling wars, famine, and a host of other problems.

But then Islam started looking inward. So btw did the Chinese. The Crusades were a gift to the west (were it not for that the Renaissance and Age of Discovery would not have come when it did).

We are about to throw it all away.

Orrey G.Rantor said...

Islam can claim to saving science all it wants but it was also the cause of the so called dark ages. Not barbarians at the gates of Rome.

Crusades? They ended in 1350 AD. Muslims were in Austria in 1683. Why are the Balkans so balkanized hmm?

Some interesting reading:

Chip Ahoy said...

These are all tremendously interesting points you guys bring out. What a pleasure.

While we're on crusades, middle and dark ages, who's zooming whom and whatnot, there is one other somewhat related point I'd like to make regarding comparisons of civilizing advances by contributing cultures we always hear,
a-a-a-a-a-l-w-a-a-a-a-a-y-y-y-y-y-s hear
How brilliantly Mesoamericans built pyramids and monuments, studied stars and maths and created a calendar while Europe languished in Dark Ages.

Languished in dark ages darkly, a period when classic knowledge is lost and Western civilization arrested, that period when cathedrals went up like nobody's business, that took entire towns generations over a hundred years to build, churches that rose so high in the air with naves so cavernous so high interior spaces so open and grand one thinks they've entered heaven and with stone walls so impossibly thin, domed ceilings impossibly high and with WINDOWS! Colored glass that tells the the entire Christian story in pictures for all those poor illiterate bastards who cannot count past their fingers when all knowledge stopped.

Compared with an utterly craptastic pile of rocks. That's what Central American indians were good at, piling up rocks. Rock pilers. And their cultures were pure shit with no redeeming characteristics. Their stone interiors were made for midgets. Their economies based on plunder. Their understanding of the cosmos was pure crap. European scientist were trying to turn lead into gold and understand how planets ruled their lives as they do seasons, Native Americans were sacrificing neighboring tribes by thousands to appease their f'd up ideas of deity while Dark Age Christians accepted deity as a heavenly father, a father with good characteristics.

I did finally climb around the structures at Chichen Itza because it's so close to Cancun and interesting as all those carvings are, the whole site doesn't come close to what was achieved during so called European Dark Ages.

Small point. Unrelated to Islam vs Western culture but the same thing, exactly the same thing cept differ'nt.

William said...

Cortes used Marina, an Aztec woman, as his translator. She is viewed as a traitor to her race.. Marina had been sold into slavery by her mother. She had no reason to feel loyalty or kinship with the Aztec civilization........We judge the Spanish conquest by the cruelty and greed of Cortes, but his conquest was enabled by the cruelty and greed of the Aztecs. When given a choice, the various Indian tribes chose the Spaniards over the Aztecs. They may later have regretted their decision, but that was their decision at the time. At any rate the Spaniards treated the vanquished as a cheap form of labor rather than as a cheap form of protein. So that's a kinder form of cruelty........What made the Spanish conquest so horrible and devastating was not the tactics of the Spanish but the diseases they brought with them. Even if the Spaniards had dressed up as Santa Claus and had come to the New World to deliver Christmas presents, they would have wreaked the same amount of death.......The Spaniards are judged by their cruelty and greed. The Aztecs are judged by their pyramids and astronomical skills. It's an unfair judgement..

deborah said...

The movie Apocolypto demonstrates your points beautifully, William. Have you seen it?