Saturday, February 29, 2020

Whose that girl?

She has got to be one of the hottest chicks on television these days although she is not talked about a lot because she is in a science fiction series. But she has some impressive assets and is quite the babe.

She should have a better Agent to get her more high profile gigs and shield her from anonymity.

Whose that girl?

I hope Sixty takes precautions

You see the coronavirus hits the older folks with bad health first. So lets all be sure to follow the CDC advice and not shake hands, go outside or vote Republican. At least that's what Rod Rosenstein sister said to do.

She even distributed these masks to all registered Republicans. What could go wrong?

Panda sex with Charles Bukowski

Is a pillow a disciplinary form of some metaphor?
Any way I'm the one who's quite dead now
so please you wear the mask.
I have two to hide my head under?
Mumbling in her nasty girl hole some come calling sleep.
It was not long, after that, it became even longer.
Rolling over the moon and I found the arrow.
It rattled yet but still I found it broke.
And I hummed a song, from first to end,
I found it for the second time in the center of the friend.
It was virus that did the deed
but not the one I thought would be.


"Oh no Mr Burr Godzilla is coming and he has the Chinky Flu"
"WHAT? Fuck that shit. I survived AIDS and spent ten years in a wheelchair and I be damned if I let the Hop Sing Crud get me. Get the fuck out of my way I am flying back to Key West."
"So sorry Mr. Burr but Godzilla is Japanese not Chinese."
"Iceberg Goldberg I don't give a shit. Get me a ticket to get the fuck out out of here you sushi sucking slant."
"So sorry Mr Trump say no airplanes from infected areas. You shit out of ruck whitey."
"Thank God I am dead already so this doesn't make any sense."

Thursday, February 27, 2020

WKRLEM The second most fake Indian of all time!

Talk about your cultural appropriation.

Tom Jones thinks he's a black guy! Jeeez!

Marilyn's Diary

We never went to restaurants as a family very much. It was difficult. You see Grandpa was a vampire and Uncle Herman was a seven foot tall monster with bolts in his neck. So we kind of caused a commotion if we went out and we didn't like to cause any commotion or draw attention to ourselves. That never worked out well as my parents proved in that unfortunate episode with the townsfolk with the torches and pitchforks back in the old country.

The only exception was the once a year that Grandpa and Uncle Herman with go out with their banker. You see he was the one who gave us the mortgage on the Munster Mansion and the car loan so we could buy the Munstermobile. The only problem with them was that they were swingers. Now at this time Aunt Lily wasn't into that and they had to come up with something. So Uncle Herman would satisfy the wife and Grandpa would take the husband aside and suck his neck. Or something.

Anyhoo they were always upset when they came home. As soon as they came home Uncle Herman would grab me and take me to my room and start to prove why he was considered a cunning linguist.

You see the only time he like to eat out was when he was eating me out.

What can I say. I loved my Uncle Herman.

Aunt Becky gets F@cked really hard!

Lori Loughlin is in the news again as her attorneys are asking for discovery that might clear her. You remember her case? She was arrested for spending $500,000 to get her idiot kid into USC. Now she didn't do it like the old timey protestants or the Kennedy's did by buying a library or something. Instead she paid a hustler who couched it in the form of donations when it was really payoffs. What the scumbag FBI did was arrest the parents and made sweetheart deals with the scam artists and coaches and administrators who took the bribes. They just wanted some big names for the perp walk. It is just further  amplification of the degradation of the FBI.

I can't believe we are wasting our resources on this bullshit. Like the Roger Stone prosecution it is just a political process meant to destroy what makes America great! Aunt Becky!

It's funny. Hallmark dumped her immediately from their show "When Calls the Heart" and from her ubiquitous mystery movies. Well now the ratings for WCTH are in the toilet and they sort of miss her. I guess they have burned their bridges and can't bring her back. So I say they pump up the ratings and bring another famous aunt on board.

Silver Linings

Pope Francis has cancelled some activities after falling ill after he had expressed his solidarity with the sufferers of the coronavirus. There have been over 400 cases of the virus reported in Italy with 12 deaths reported. He had not come in contact with anyone specifically but has I am sure been in contact with many illegal immigrants in his audiences. He is a big proponent of unrestrained immigration which of course spreads disease like wildfire. Unlike the God Emperor the authorities in Italy did not close their borders and have a big problem on their hands.

All I can say is.....God moves in mysterious ways.

Just sayn'

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

To continue the meme... a couple of great puppies.

You have to sit through a minute of some dot head stuff but it's worth it!

WKRLEM: Mexicans just hate walls!

The original Jewish Mexican.

The Coronavirus is coming!

"Why have you come to our village Senor Calvera?"
"Why you ask stupid gringo? We come to infect your towns. My compardes and I have come to take all the jobs. The lawn mowing and grocery bagging and bakery jobs that teenagers used to get are being taken over by my people at half the cost of you gringos. No entry level allowed anymore so a teen can learn to be responsible. We are infecting the body politic. We are the Coronavirus!"
"But what do you do?"
"We deal in snot!"

On Unexpected Goodness, Coming and Going

After a family with two little girls decided the chocolate lab they’d purchased as a pedigreed puppy was too rambunctious for them, Action Jackson came to live with us. But not before MrM’s brother, who worked with a friend of that family, heard about them wanting to find their dog a new home.  Since the brother lived by himself and was missing the quiet old dog that had been his companion for years and did little but eat, sleep, pass gas, and quietly wait for him to come home, he decided to give Jackson a try.  Unfortunately for him and luckily for us his work required him to spent long hours away from home and he’d leave the young dog outdoors in his fenced-in back yard when he was gone. And there the action part of Jackson’s legacy was realized through barking, chewing on things and finding new ways to escape the fence and run.  The last time J managed to get out he was taken into custody by the local police and put in their holding tank after running around downtown (a mile from the house) and jumping up on one of the local police officers (from behind!), knocking him down.  When they finally managed to collar and contain him, they called the  brother (whom they knew from the coffee shop and previous escapes) and told him in no uncertain terms that something needed to be done with his dog.  A plan to take him to the pound was already underway when we received a call from MrM’s mom, who’d all along kept insisting he was a “lovely dog”, asking if we’d be interested in taking him.  We said yes and she made the two hour drive up to our house to deliver him that same day, (Feb 28, 2001) with MrM out of town and only myself and the Msons home to receive him.

That night, after he’d chewed up a brush, bit a hole in a bottle of shampoo and destroyed a shoe while temporarily confined to our utility room, I broke my ankle attempting to take him for a walk.  He was not accustomed to heeling and I knew nothing (yet) of how to encourage a dog to listen and walk alongside, so I put on my boots and we went flying off into icy darkness with the leash taut and him in the lead.  We’d made it past the first house and were rounding the corner on the slightly inclined sidewalk of the second when I hit black ice, slid into their driveway and fell, hearing and feeling my bone snap as I went down.  Unable to get up, but thankfully still holding the leash of an anxious and rambunctious dog who’d finally decided to sit,  I called home and reached the older SonM.  Although he hadn’t yet taken driver’s training or driven our van before,  I asked if he thought he could back it out of the garage and come find us.  When I saw the headlights heading straight for us,  fear kicked in with an “Oh Sh*t,  what if he doesn’t know how to stop in time and runs me over?” moment, but he did fine.  With his help I managed to get up and home to return the dog to the already decimated utility room before going to the hospital where the fracture was set with a stabilizing plate screwed to the bone.

 In time I recovered and so did the dog, who eventually learned to heel, loved being indoors and rarely left my side in the months that followed.  He turned out to be as lovely as promised and a good fit with our family.  We had ten wonderful years together. Recently, while going through the last of the boxes I’d packed for the move, I found the following written the day he died nine years ago. 

We let Jackson go at noon today.  The end came in a way I couldn't have imagined.  It flowed and included a measure of grace and dignity we were not expecting.  As I was heading for bed at 2:30 am, MrM was getting up saying he couldn’t sleep, so we sat together listening to J’s rapid breathing in the darkness, acknowledging the hard reality that we’d come to the point where we needed to do something soon, that day or the next at the latest.  What we weren’t clear on was how to go about the process of seeing it through.  We had an appointment scheduled with the cancer specialist for 11 and talked about not going before deciding I would try to get some sleep and MrM would go to work early, take off at ten, and we’d go together to the cancer doc to see what she had to say.

Yesterday, after DrD (our vet) made the lymphosarcoma diagnosis, he told me about a cancer vet who was tops in her field.  I was skeptical, not wanting to be talked into chemotherapy or more tests and intervention.  He assured me she was compassionate and very good at what she did.  He thought going to see her might help us have more clarity about what to do.  He even went so far as to schedule the appointment for us, which I let him do, though I wasn’t sure it was a good idea.  I didn’t want to needlessly spend more money or feel more guilt if we decided not to commit to treatment.

Sunday, February 23, 2020

WKRLEM: This is where I learned my best dance moves!

I break it out at every wedding.

Until the wife punches me.

Did you really think that Bloomberg had a chance against the God Emperor of the Cherry Blossom Throne

Did you catch any of that debate the other night? Mini Mike Bloomberg got bitch slapped by the likes of that Dog faced Pony Soldier Pocahontas. He mumbled and stumbled and appologized. He couldn't explain away his NDA's with the women he had abused over the years. He couldn't debate with the losers in the Democratic Primary. How the hell is he going to debate Donald Trump

I am looking forward to this campaign. I think we are really going to enjoy it this time.

I remember back in the day at Yonkers.

You have no idea how many times I went through this scene at Yonkers. Or the Meadowlands. Or Aqueduct or Belmont. Now I liked the trotters more than the flats. The flats were more of a science. You had to learn how to read the racing form. What all of the abbreviations and data meant. How the horse ran in it's last few races. If it ran good in a sloppy track. What it's normal times were and how it ran at this lenght. Was it stepping up or down in class. You had to study that shit like it was the SAT's.

Now the trotters were just totally corrupt. Everybody knew that it was fugazy. But you never knew what was up so you had just a good chance at hitting a long shot because the fix was in. Sometimes we got tips but then if we got it everybody else did and it drove the payoff down. Here if you picked a long shot and the fix was in you made some money. I saw some shit that was just as blatant as this clip from Easy Money (one of my all time favorite films), I had some big pay offs from the dumb luck of picking a trotter that was fixed to win as a big long shot. A lot more fun then going to school on the horses at Belmont.

I periodically watch "Easy Money" to remind myself that I modeled my life after Rodney in that movie. That was the old me and let me tell you it was a lot of fun. I still wear the same clothes but I toned down the gambling and the drinking and the pizza. You know. All the fun.

Now the racetracks have all wound down. It's not like it used to be. They have been turned into casinos and the living dead are at the slots and it is depressing as hell. You can't go and get a hot dog and a beer and hang out at the rail with your buddies yelling at the jockeys anymore.

They took a lot of fun out of the world when the Mafia stopped running it and the government took over.

The Many Saints of Newark

I always have to multitask when I do something. Write while I am listening to music. Listen to a podcast while I am doing the laundry. Most of all I have to have something on to listen to while I am cooking.

Sometimes it's music. But sometimes it YouTube videos. Almost always I get caught in a Soprano's loop. One clip after another. To the point that I have the series almost memorized. Still it is still fascinating and I can watch it over and over again. The reason why I like it is that it gets these guys right. No Martin Scorsese or Coppola bullshit but the down and dirty assholes like I used to know.

The reason they get it right is of course the writers. David Chase and Terry Winter to be precise. Now they had the great idea to do a prequel. A movie set in the years before the series when the Mafia really held sway. The years that I grew up. The sixties and the seventies. The new movie is called "The Many Saints of Newark" and it will be out this year in September.

It is going to be really interesting how they cast the characters with new actors. The focus of the show is not going to be Tony Soprano. He is a background player and what is interesting is that he is played by James Gandolfini's son Michael. He is pictured with Jon Bernthal who played the "Punisher" on Netflicks who has the role of Johnny Soprano who was Tony's father. Here he is with Vera Farmiga who plays Livia Soprano:

I am really looking forward to it. It should be a lot of fun.

It takes me back.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

WKRLEM: There are no words!

I was going to post it in Camel Toe corner....but I figured that Ed would correct me and tell me it belongs in Moose Knuckle Alley.

Tina was a hot piece of bacala back in the day.

Pardon me? Part Deux

President Trump was responsible for several people who were unjustly punished by a corrupt judicial system used by the Deep State to victimize ordinary Americans.

Clinton Stewart was a church going programmer who was part of a company that was marketing a program to the Justice Department. He was imprisoned by a corrupt deal to allow another company to get the gig along with several of his coworkers. A blatant and disgusting abuse of power. Read all about it in the blog Red State which has improved since it fired a bunch of Never Trumpers some time ago.

This video is amazing and I hope that the Trump campaign gets it out there for people to see.

The President has to issue pardons and do whatever he can to reverse the corrupt excesses of the Deep State.

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Pardon me?

President Trump has announced that he is commuting the sentence of Rod Blagojevich a former contestant on Celebrity Apprentice. Oh yeah and he was a governor or something.

The President also pardoned former NYC Police Commissioner Bernard Kerick, Eddie Debartolo the former owner of the 49er's and Michael Milken the stock fraud guy from the 1980's. All three pardons are making the liberals and the media (redundant) shit their pants. These pardons were all made for different reasons,

Milken and DeBartolo had done their sentences and paid their dues. As had Kerick. The President has commuted the sentences on non violent offenders like Alice Johnson so what if he does it for a couple of rich white guys and a cop. It's ok to be white.

Blago is a whole different kettle of fish. The media is losing it because he had written a Pro Trump editorial a while back. Plus the fact that he was a contestant on the Celebrity Apprentice where he was one of the most impressive lickspittles I have ever seen. Now the contestants all kissed Mr. Trumps ass but he really excelled at it. I think the President just likes the guy. He had threatened to pardon him before but was talked out of it by the pussies and Never Trumpers at the Justice Department. After seeing how Trump friends and loyalists like  Roger Stone and General Flynn are getting hammered and criminals like Andrew McCabe and other leakers and liars are walking. The God Emperor has had enough. The Deep State, the FBI and the CIA take care of their own. The President needs to use his power to take care of his own just the same. The Deep State and the media wants to destroy and bankrupt anyone who supports the President. He needs to pardon all of them as soon as possible. Manafort. Flynn, Stone. All of them. Put the case to the American people that they are targeting these people while others who do the same thing walk away laughing at the rubes in flyover country. Fuck that noise. Just one thing.

Don't pardon Sinbad. There is no excuse for those parachute pants.

WKRLEM: What are the chances he boned her in the dressing room?

Just about as good as the God Emperor's chances of being re-elected President.

You got to stop complaining about cooking gluten free dude!

I am really enjoying the new reality show called "Below Deck Sailing Yacht" that just started on Bravo. It has all the familiar shenanigans of a reality show plus sailing! You know. Work conflicts. Messy hook ups. Nasty guests. Big tips. A shit storm of the first mark.

Unlike the original yachting shows where they are on motor yachts these mooks actually have to know how to sail. Now it looks like only the Captain and the engineer have a clue how to do it but it is still fascinating to me. Add in the beautiful scenery of the Greek Islands and I am hooked.

The part of the show that really intrigues me is the Chef having to cook for a bunch of pains in the ass who all have special requirements. I do that shit every day. I have to cook gluten free for the wife and extremely bland for the mother-in-law. When you do vegan or gluten free you want to put in a lot of flavor. Spices are gluten free and can help to make a dish tasty when you are not adding a bunch of butter or cheese or salt. Oh did I mention that I am not supposed to have a lot of butter, cheese and salt because of my bum ticker. Still and all I find a way.

On Another Story Told by Arlo, accompanied with Another Round of Group Singing

Under the heading of Look What Popped Up When I Looked for______, I owe this find to Trooper York’s recent posting of Tom J’s rendition of Treat Her Right, which sent me looking for the original. 

What turned up in the sidebar during that search was a video containing a song I knew and a story I hadn’t heard before, coming from someone (two someones actually) whose music I’d sung along with and whose voices I used to harmonize with as I listened to 8’tracks in the car and records at home during the early 70’s.  This week, as I sat physically tap tapping on the mysteriously connected thing in front of me, ordering the Goo goo god to deliver me up a song from the past, I received the surprise of a Valentine arrow from the past, going straight to my heart with a story about what matters and brings us together, along with some sweet singing I could harmonize with at the end.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Walt Whitman with Mayor Buttplug

A noiseless patient spider,
I mark’d where on a little promontory it stood isolated
Next to the stapler thrower and the old babbling man
On a box to reach the crowd endlessly banning 
Only I might win not the money lending Hebrew
or the fake Indian shrew
Mark’d how to explore the vacant vast surrounding,
It launch’d forth filament, filament, filament, out of itself,
Ever unreeling them, ever tirelessly speeding them

I asked the lady on the phone and she told me.

Scenes at the breakfast table.

"Where did you hear that about the impeachment?"
"I asked the lady on the phone. Sarah."
"You mean Siri?"
"Yeah her."

I measure public opinion by my mother in law who is your basic uniformed voter. She watches a lot of TV and is bored by most of it. She flips from the Mass on the Catholic Channel to her soap operas to QVC to TMC with the old movies. Occasionally she flips on MSNBC or CNN and ends up watching some liberal blowhards spouting Never Trump resistance nonsense. So she comes at me with some of this at the breakfast table. Until we taught her about Siri and Alexa.

Now she asks questions to her phone. Or Alexa. Often the craziest shit. "When did Rossene Brazi die?" "How old is Ernest Borgnine's wife?" Now she can't hear so she shouts that at top volume. Sometimes at 2 in the morning as she can't sleep and is watching TV.

What gives me hope is that even she sees that Bernie is a communist and that the press and the Democrats wasted millions on a bogus impeachment. I don't want to get overconfident but I think it is going to be a landslide. A Trumpslide for the God Emperor of the Cherry Blossom Throne.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

New Hampshire Primary

Watched the New Hampshire returns last night online. Only 2000+ cheap bastards were on the NBC live feed I was watching. Fox News is in the catbird seat and doesn't need to livestream.

Joe, what the hell happened? But we'll always have lying dog-faced pony soldier.

Chief Liz, you are a scolding granny, and nobody likes that. Except possibly from their own granny.

Congrats, Bernie and Pete, good luck with the African Americans in South Carolina.

Amy! You sly minx with the winning smile. For any chance against Trump you had better possess an inner Roseanne.

Monday, February 10, 2020

On Modulation, Demodulation and Levity

Our modem went black late Tuesday night leaving us with no home phone, no television, no internet connection. A series of calls via cell to the cable provider the next day eventually led to the option of driving to their nearest store (fifty miles away) to pick up a new modem or waiting for a service tech to come Thursday to replace it. With none of the FamilyMtechs available to assist, I took a photo of the hook-ups on the back of the dead modem before disconnecting it, and drove it up to the provider’s store to receive another (in a two minute exchange) and returned home to try to set things to right. Although I eventually managed to get everything up and running again, I felt frustrated and confounded during my attempts to make it through the protocol required to communicate with the provider’s automated attendant, trouble shoot and confirm the problem, and work out the reconnect. Experiences like that with automated help and technology that is almost but not quite beyond my ken, remind me of a scene from the movie, 2001 A Space Odyssey (1968), that’s stayed with me since seeing it for the first and only time fifty two years ago. According to my recollection, it showed a group of primates standing around looking at a large metallic box that showed up in their midst without them having a clue as to what it was, or a tool sufficient to cope with or do anything to it. I feel as clueless as they looked when I don’t have the right key or four digit code (located on the electronic bill I can't pull up) needed to access a system and move forward. Before things went dark, I’d watched a video of Tuesday’s SOTU and the speech-ripping that followed, but missed most of Wednesday's news on the acquittal. Spent part of Thursday catching up and listening to the two speeches Trump made that day, impressed anew by his ability to express direct thanks and recognize support and help received, in a manner that came through as real, personal and appropriate amid a mix of asides and assurances about how good and big and great things are, that to my mid-western ears walks the edge between boilerplate and braggadocio. One of the videos I happened on that heartened me was the Episode 10 podcast of Verdict with Ted Cruz, in which Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham explained their approach and talked about how they worked together prior to the impeachment vote to relate in a reasonable and personable way with the two senators whose votes could prevent a tie and keep Justice Roberts from getting involved in the politics of the matter. Hearing them speak was a centering experience. What they said made sense. They sounded knowledgeable, positive, credible and invigorated, with levity coming up at the 23:45 mark in the question, “Was there any moment that was or that had some Levity to it, some foibles, some…?”


Bonzoleum, the maker of the video, clowns around, but I am entertained. He notes the stamina required to play the 12 minute song. I know because I was captivated by that very song as a 15 year-old when it first came out. I still consider it peak Bonham. That song alone probably took a point off my high school GPA: I liked nothing more than to skip school, go home, and practice songs in the basement much like in the video. It was addictive. I especially liked the shuffle beat that Bonham laid out in the middle during Page's guitar solos and also the snare drum marching fill at 9m 55s which is the direct precursor to every anthemic drum beat by U2. Bonzoleum nails the cover with only a few errors. I recently tried "air drumming" the whole thing and I'm thinking of doing this as aerobic exercise; air drums are even more strenuous because there is no bounce there.

Bob Dylan recorded a cover of "In My Time Of Dying" on his very first (1962) album:

Dylan's version traces back to recordings by various black southern artists, notably one by Blind Willie Johnson. The song's refrain "Jesus gonna make up my dying bed" in turn goes back to Psalms 41:3:
The Lord will strengthen him upon the bed of languishing, Thou wilt make all his bed in his sickness.
Our word Psalm derives from the Ancient Greek word ψαλμός (psalmos), said to describe the twitchy twangy plucking sound made by a harp or zither.* The Greek word in turn is a translation of the Hebrew word מזמור (mizmor) which is also rooted in "pluck." Psalms were sacred songs, poems, or poetic compositions used by worshippers.

Sunday, February 9, 2020

WKRLEM: You know what this video taught me?

They didn't have herpes in the Sixties.

Michael Bloomberg will never be President.

It is amazing to me that anyone thinks that Michael Bloomberg can be elected President. Sure he has a shit pot full of money to waste. Which means he is spending in the billions as he has a gold plated campaign staff with consultants and fancy offices and sushi. They are all on the gravy train. Wait can you fill your rice bowl from the gravy train?

Bloomberg only became mayor because he ran as Giuliani's third term. He kept most of the same people and policies. Now there wasn't any significant racial strife under his watch. You know why?

He wrote a check. When there was a questionable shooting he would call Sharpton into his office and cut a big check to his "Charity." So Rev. Al wouldn't be leading protests in the street. As soon as he left the Mayoralty he went back to Democratic Party.

It is understandable that he thinks he can sneak into the nomination. Creepy Uncle Joe is a goner. Mayor Buttplug is a flash in the pan and the moolies will never vote for a poofter. Fauxahontas is a shrill nasty feminazi that is so phony even the phonies in the press can't take her shit. So that leaves life long Communist Bernie Sanders as the choice of the party that he has never joined.

Now you know they will do anything they can to stop Bernie from getting in. The problem is the Bernie Bros who know they got screwed the last time and are not going to take it again. Bloomberg thinks he can ride in at the end and consolidate the anti-bernie votes and super delegates to get the nomination. Not likely. Plus how can he win the general election? All of the commie Bernie Bros will never vote for a billionaire who stole the nomination from their hero. Is he going to appeal to all of the feminazi's in the pussy hats? No. I don't see it. How about the blacks? Sure he can write them all a check but I don't think that is gonna happen.

Plus the biggest reason why they will never elect him President.

He is Jewish.

Sorry ricpic but a Member of the Tribe will never be a Democratic President. Maybe a Republican. But the antisemitism of the left is such that he can never get their votes. Or their nomination.

The one silver lining is that this mook will blow a big piece of his fortune trying to win and it will all turn to nothing.

He should have known better than to try to destroy the God Emperor of the Cherry Blossom Throne.

You're a Lying Dog Faced Pony Soldier!

Crazy Alzheimer's Patient Creepy Uncle Joe pulled another one. No not someone's finger.

He calls a voter who asked him a question that he didn't like a "Dog Faced Pony Solder!"

What the fuck?

What kind of insult is that anyway. I wish I was a pony soldier. Riding with the Duke and Ben Johnson and Hank Worden while we are shooting minorities and banging Maureen O"Hara. I guess he must have been listening to Elizabeth Warren. She said that was an old family curse that they used to use around the wigwam. Then I realized why he did that!

He plagiarized it.

Friday, February 7, 2020

WKRLEM: Even Tom didn't want to hang out with them

You see he heard that Pete Townshend had molested the pin ball wizard.  He wasn't sure but he suspected him.

He would have checked his computer but they didn't have them in 1969.

The Scene when we get Romney out of the Republican Party

Starring Mitch McConnell as Tom Hagen and Lindsey Graham as Connie Corleone.

The Traitor Alexander Vndman was escorted out of the White House today!

The only problem is that they didn't do it the way they did to Jason McCord.

The big difference is that Vindman wasn't innocent. He was a leaker and a Deep State operator who tried to undermine the God Emperor and help the Resistance get him removed from office.

I would have advised the Greg Scarpa solution. Two behind the ear.

Thursday, February 6, 2020

WKRLEM Ok Ok....its...the....Gunfight at the O.K.Corral

With subtitles for Sixty.

Also in French is Chip Ahoy is watching. Just sayn'

WKRLEM TOWN WITHOUT PITY Lynda Kay featuring Savi Labensart

Check out the Pitt hair. Outstanding!

Kirk would have approved.

In fact I think he would have raped them. Just to be sociable.

Top Ten Kirk Douglas films

10. Champion One of his first big roles it was the movie that made him a star. He plays a heel even though he is the star of the movie. One of the first and most successful anti-hero turns that has often been copied. He plays a boxer who betrays his brother, his wife, his original manager who taught him everything he knows. In other words the story arch of just about every boxer who ever lived. The fights scenes are not that great but there is some entertaining scenery chewing. With Marilyn Maxwell in the Robin Givens role and Arthur Kennedy playing Mitt Romney.

9 A Gunfight   A tight little western that I really enjoyed because it has Johnny Cash as the other guy in the titular gunfight. An aging broke gunfighter (Cash) rides into town and talks the resident retired gunfighter (Douglas) into a staged duel in a bullfight arena. It was interesting as it explores some Western cliches and the bad guy Cash wins killing the supposed star. With Jane Alexander playing the woman who wondered why she wasn’t married to a black guy so she could win a Tony award.

There was a Crooked Man     Where Kirk plays a prisoner who has to break out to collect the proceeds of his last robbery. He conspires with the Warden and there are couple of jail breaks and a lot of cynical bullshit. Of course if it happened today he would have been out with no bail and nobody would have ever saw him again. With Henry Fonda playing the Hillary Clinton role

7 The War Wagon         A rousing old school Western and one of the minor films of the Duke’s repertoire. Several gay film critics have termed it the most homoerotic John Wayne films as Kirk struts around in a black leather jumpsuit in the whole movie. Lots of familiar beats without much new. Entertaining but routine. With Howard Keel in the Elizabeth Warren role as the fake Indian.

Seven Days in May    A film ripped from today’s headlines where the Deep State decides to stage a coup. Kirk plays a heroic junior Pentagon staffer who is loyal to the President instead of the Deep State. You know its fiction so you have to suspend your disbelief. It was a retelling of the Cuban Missile Crisis with the military in the bad guy role and the heroic liberal politicians being for the people. You know bullshit. They do get the endless war stuff right but the rest of it is nonsense. With Edmond O’Brien as Mitch McConnell, Whit Bissell as Mitt Romney and Hugh Marlowe as Jim Acosta.

The Big Sky   The retelling of the classic A.B. Guthrie novels which one of the first “adult” books I ever read. It is basically the story of the mountain men who traded with the Indians for pelts. Great scenery and some compliant Indian maidens. With Hank Worden in one of his singular roles as a half a retard.

The Vikings   The story of the 1970 Superbowl in which Kirk plays Joe Kapp the only quarterback who went to the Superbowl by throwing every forward pass end over end. With Janet Leigh as Georgia Frontierie and Ernest Borgnine playing Helen Thomas.

Spartacus   A retelling of the slave revolt in ancient Rome. Written by famous commie Howard Fast it brought a bunch of blacklisted Hollywood types getting a paycheck. A vanity production it is a rousing tale full of action and thrills. And the delicious Jean Simmons. With Sir Laurence Oliver as Pete Buttigieg and Corey Booker's grandfather as the black guy who gets killed first.

2  The Gunfight at OK Corral      The perfect Western set to a Frankie Laine sound track. I watch it at least once a month just to get a Western fix. Lots of interesting little east eggs like Dennis Hopper as Billy Clanton and Doc McCoy from Star Trek as one of the Earps. Kirk is the best Doc Holiday in my humble opinion. With John Ireland as the best Johnny Ringo and Jo Van Fleet as my favorite whore.

Town With Out Pity   I know this is an idiosyncratic choice as the best Kirk Douglas film but I don’t give shit. Another film torn from today’s headline it illustrates how our troops overseas are not appreciated by the people we are there to protect. A bunch of US Soldiers are accused of Harvey Weinstein a Kraut and Kirk plays the fancy defense lawyer full of sleazy lawyer tricks. With Sergeant Carter as the sleaziest rapist and Robert Blake practicing for when he would beat the case after he beat his wife. And one of my all-time favorite theme songs. A must see and a perfect advertisement as to why we should bring our boys home.

These are my choices. I know ed will think differently but I will stick with these films. Most of them will be replayed on AMC the next few weeks. You should check them out.

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

What a C U Next Thursday ...

The Camera never lies.

I am glad the God Emperor did not shake her hand. I hope the next time he sees her he spits on her.

Class Act

To Rush Limbaugh: I and my family send our love and best wishes to you and your loved ones at this difficult moment in your life. May your hearts and minds be filled with and strengthened by God's love.

I know many of you have a problem with Tulsi's economic views but you have to admit that she was very classy in her response to Rush's news. So many liberals and media types wished that Rush would die. They have no simple decency. Tulsi is a worthy opponent. No wonder that Hillary and Democratic machine want to destroy her. She is just about the only viable candidate they have and they tossed her on the scrap heap.

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

The Original...Bob Grant

Bob Grant was the original talk radio conservative voice. Well at least for me. Rush acknowledged that in a roast of Bob back in the day.

Ricpic is right. I used to listen to Bob almost  every day. He was a hero. He would speak honestly with a working class no nonsense attitude. He would speak the truth and was brilliant during the Crown Heights riots where he called Sharpton and his ilk animals and savages. He didn't give a shit about political correctness and told it like it is. I often wondered what would happen if Bob Grant were to be elected President.

Then he was.

In the form of the God Emperor of the Cherry Blossom Throne. President Donald Trump.

Monday, February 3, 2020

Respect Fredo!

Don't dis him by comparing him to Chris Cuomo. I mean com'on people. John Cazale was a great actor.

He was able to portray fear and loathing and despair while still giving the scenery a good chew.

Compare that to Cuomo who is a unredeemable Democratic Liberal hack. It is just not fair to Fredo!