Monday, September 21, 2015

girl with Pelosi balloon

It's stupid, I know. Somebody else started it by putting her face on another image. They were talking about something else. The vertical line of Pelosi's neck looked like a sting that aligns with the cowl edging, both being more or less centered. That's all. The girl could have been tiny and the cowl edging used as string. But the string should be tight, should be strait, or curved, not irregular because science.

This means I think Nancy Pelosi is an airhead and her supporters are little girls with balloons unaware of the menace they hold aloft. No. It means that thing in Pelosi's neck in this image looks like a string, and it aligns with the cowl edge, it's stupid, and that's all. 


Methadras said...

This woman is a cunt.

Methadras said...

Sorry, let me rephrase that, this woman is a deplorable, soul-sucking cunt.