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This song has been part of Halloween since I can remember. It was on a 1963 Disney children's album that my parents had. Sung by Thurl Ravenscroft, this version is better than the original Bing Crosby song in the Disney animation of the Washington Irving story. Ravenscroft also sang the songs in The Grinch Who Stole Christmas (not Boris Karloff who narrated) and also voiced Tony The Tiger (They'rrrrrr, Greeaat!).

Hillary email server

The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe - Read by Christopher Walken

A long long time ago.....

I can still remember

How those babies used to make me smile.

And I knew if I had my chance

That I could make those puppies dance

And, maybe, I’d be happy for a while

Great Moments in Mets History Volume Six: Dwight Gooden Rapes David Cones Ex-Girlfriend

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. April 9— The three New York Mets players who were accused of raping a woman here last year will not face criminal charges, a state prosecutor said today, because the case lacks corroborating evidence and comes down "to the word of a victim against that of three individuals."
Bruce H. Colton, the state attorney of the 19th Judicial Circuit of Florida, said the case against the players, Dwight Gooden, Daryl Boston and Vince Coleman, was not strong enough to bring before a jury with much likelihood of success.
Officials in Colton's office called the case "vulnerable" after a monthlong investigation by the police.
"After painstaking analysis and receiving input from the victim and the Port St. Lucie Police Department, we have concluded that our duty in this case is to decline prosecution," said David C. Morgan, assistant state attorney in charge of the St. Lucie County office.
He said the decision was "not easy," but that it would have been hard to prove that any sexual relations the woman may have had with the players was not consensual.
After learning of the prosecutors' decision, the three players offered muted statements of relief, but suggested there was little that could undo the damage the case had had on their reputations.
"We've all been hurt, especially me," said Mr. Gooden after the Mets played the Cardinals today in St. Louis. "I'm happy it's over. But I was confident throughout." [ Page B16. ]
Mr. Colton said the woman was informed of his decision on Tuesday. Her lawyer, Bernard Dempsey of Orlando, called her "deeply disappointed" and said she understood that the state had "a difficult task."
"On the other hand, my client is comfortable in the knowledge that she told the authorities the absolute truth," Mr. Dempsey said. He said that he and the woman would discuss "what other relief is available to her," a suggestion, possibly, that she was considering a civil suit.

The Babe Abides!

"Here you go kids. Cigars for everyone. Now you only get one because I don't want to stunt your growth."
"But Babe the doctors tell us that cigars are no good for us."
"Don't listen to doctors kid. They will kill you before you are dead. It's every Americans right to enjoy a stogie. They ain't never gonna stop that. This ain't communist roooshia or nothing like that there. These came all the way from Cuba. There ain't no commies there. One at a time now."
"Thanks Babe!"

You know when you read a story you visualize the people in it.

So when we read about the three lesbians getting married in Brazil you all know what you imagined that they looked like:

Then we find out what they really look like:

Heavenly signs

Link to larger image

'I do, I do, I do:' Brazilian female trio get hitched

The happy trio, who reportedly have shared a bed for years and say they want to raise a child, took an oath of love in early October in the presence of Rio de Janeiro notary public Fernanda de Freitas Leitao.
"This union is not just symbolic," because it defines "how they intend to have children," attorney Leitao said.
The lovers -- a businesswomen and a dentist who are both 32 and a 34-year-old office manager -- have been together for three years and wish to remain anonymous. Despite salacious media speculation about their supposed love life, they are in fact shy, their lawyer said.
I predict a thorny cake issue.

Marco Rubio schools Charlie Rose

That is how this clip is promoted most places, parts of it are everywhere. Most clips are half this length. The first portion is interesting I think by the two women doing what the CNBC debate moderators did. The exact same thing. They cannot help themselves. Their questions are typical attack questions. Statements as questions. Questions that include statements. The "people say... and the newspaper prints..." form. And they do say, and they do print. There is nothing inappropriate with the question, the point is they are always framed as if approaching a Republican with a ten foot pole and poking it, contrasting so sharply with any other guest, take randomly, say, Roman Polanski, and compare. Notice also Rubio ignores the first woman's question and answers something else, what he wants to talk about.

She repeated Bush's failed attack and repeated a local paper agrees. Is it a fair question? He answers he's not going to attack anyone.

Other female voice, like a squeaky cartoon mouse, "But did you make that a personal attack against Jeb Bush?"

See? That is all these people are capable of. It's childishly ridiculous. Obvious and plain to all. So commonly unhelpful the portion is snipped off for being too incidental. This part doesn't contribute to the point at hand, this first part only shows PBS limitation, it shows PBS is capable only of this, it cannot be anything else, PBS doesn't even know what you're talking about, it does not compute, "What is this bit about us fish being wet? Why do you discuss strange ideas like that with nonsensical foreign words?" So they just clip it out in favor of the good part, the juicy part, Rose not comprehending Hillary's pant suit is on fire and spawning brushfires as she passes. It doesn't matter what Rubio says, Rose is impenetrable. His mind will refuse what that horrible Rubio face is saying, a million mental fibers spring forth and overwhelm the invading virus to engulf and expel it.

So the two women's questions combined are a mess, in the exact same way the debate is a mess. In miniature. So common it's usually snipped out of the video when presented. Then Charlie Rose messily wedges his way into the mess, the mansplainy way wavering, "We-e-e-e-ll you did call Hillary Clinton a liar."

Rubio restates what all conservatives say repeatedly as if chipping at granite with copper tools. They are asking about the previous night debate. Rose's greeting to Rubio included the debate. Rose's first question is debate-related the ladies' two debate-like questions are debate-related. Rubio's answer is debate-related. Rose, being liberal in possession of a fluid liberal mind reaches here and there pouring, pooling, it flows to the low spots and collects there he cannot stay on the debate. His mind flowed to Clinton. Rubio said he intends not to attack rather to tell voters what he is about, and Rose's mind pours beyond the debate, he cannot focus. Rubio said he won't be critical of other candidates. He attacked my candidate. Attack Rubio. "We-e-e-e-ll. (repeats) Well, you did call Hillary Clinton a liar... Senator. You called Hillary Clinton a liar." Rose repeats.

Rose is gravely offended by that and it shows on his face and that is good.

Imagine greeting a guest angrily, Welcome to PBS.

Skip to 1:25 for Rubio delivering the goods. He holds forth solidly undistracted throughout while Rose persistently interrupts, as liberals do when they're hearing something they don't like hearing, they shut it out, resist, vocalize their resistance sentence by sentence, they see where the sentence is going and STOP it as psychological defense and Rose cannot help himself as liberal debate moderators cannot help themselves either, as no liberal can help them self. They don't interview, they interrogate, they poke and jab, but with eye protection and ear protection and helmet and hazmat suit because none of the three PBS panel can accept the words coming out of Rubio's mouth. Their ears cannot hear it. Their brains will not process it as real data. This face on the screen is not even a person. It's foreign material, too dangerous to accept honestly, thus Roses' pure resistance.

"You know CIA was changing their assessment during that time ... zone.

If you're calling her a liar, that she perpetuated a lie, then why would she do that? What was her motive?

So you are saying that Hillary Clinton LIED because she wanted to help Barack Obama with his reelection campaign

Do you deny the CIA was sending different information as they assessed it, that they provided different information to the leaders of our government?

Without violating

David Petraeus..."

Sputters to an end with conservative point of view delivered excellently unheard and unprocessed by the PBS panel. 100% rejected.

This interview fits precisely the template of that CNBC debate. Considered a template, this video is Banksy sprayed across every conversation of my present day life. Everybody I know is liberal and this is how they think and speak.

For your pleasure: Charlie Rose Pushes Back Against Rubio's False Claim that "Hillary Clinton Lied About Benghazi." To whomever, thank you for uploading this to YouTube, bless your heart, you're helpful.

What should Apple do with its more than $205 billion in cash?

"...Apple should buy a university and rebuild it from the ground up.

Apple is a for-profit corporation not a charity but there are plenty of ways to make money from a non-profit university. Aside from the tax breaks and other deductions, Apple University would be a proving ground for educational technologies that would be sold to every other university in the world. New textbooks built for the iPad and its successors would greatly increase the demand for iPads. Apple-designed courses built using online technologies, a.i. tutors, and virtual reality experimental worlds could become the leading form of education worldwide. Big data analytics from Apple University textbooks and courses would lead to new and better ways of teaching. As a new university, Apple could experiment with new ways of organizing degrees and departments and certifying knowledge. Campuses in Delhi, Seoul, Shanghai, Berlin, and Sao Paulo could provide opportunities for studying abroad. Apple’s reputation would attract top students, especially, for example, if it started with a design and business school. Top students would lead Apple University to be highly ranked. The more prestigious Apple University became the greater would be the demand for Apple University educational products.

...More than a century ago Stanford, Carnegie, and Rockefeller used their industrial-age fortunes to build some of our best universities. Isn’t it time for another great university built for the information age?"

Friday, October 30, 2015

Melissa Harris-Perry has a problem with the term "hard work"

It reminds her of slavery. Melissa Harris-Perry keeps a picture of slaves working in a cotton field to remind her what hard work really means.

She makes a thoughtful point.

A very fine point from a pinched perspective through polarized sunglasses peeking through leveler window slats while wearing horse blinders and holding a toilet paper tube up to one eye with a kaleidoscope extender and a prism taped on the end, the other eye pinched shut. But a point.

Harris-Perry told a Republican Latino to be careful using the term when he spoke about  Paul Ryan. She presumed to lay out precise terms Republicans can and cannot say and why that is so delivering the customary critical race theories with added sexist positioning.

Crackpot. I think something rude and dismissive and move on.

But no, conservative people find this interesting. They actually respond. And boy, do they. Thoughtfully so. More thought than it is worth, actually but nonetheless thoughtful. Mike Rowe delivers an excellent rebuttal, unfortunately published on FaceBook. I'll summarize so you don't have to click over there.

He displays a photo of his face leaning on wall next to another photo of himself scrubbing a horrible toilet.

No longer a limit to what people can be offended by.

She's put off that hard work is linked with success. And that hard workers are not so successful as Paul Ryan. There is inequality between hard work and realized success introducing the term "relative privilege" and then introducing unfairness in sexes and hard work using an example of woman without healthcare.

 She says we call them failures
 She says we call call them sucking from the system.

Mike Rowe responds that Harris-Perry having pictures of slaves to remind her what hard work really looks like is the same thing as hanging pictures of rape and bondage to remind one of the true nature of human sexuality looks like.

Rowe thinks a few things are glaringly obvious to anyone other than a Wake Forest professor type so he must back up and point out a few fundamentals.

There is a difference between regular hard work and forced labor. There is a big difference between modern options available and concomitant choices made regarding career paths, marriage and divorce, child bearing and family rearing, contrasted with what went on back then in history.

Conflating hard work and forced labor minimizes the importance of decent work ethic while diminishing the horror of slavery. And we do this all the time with phrases like "my boss sure is a slave driver" and my paycheck is a "slave's waves." Melissa comes corkscrewing in from the back side of things by seeing certain hard workers not prospering as other hard workers so be "super careful" about overly-praising hard work.

"Relative privilege" is a way of recognizing life is unfair. The term prepares unsuspecting viewers for the suggestion that slavery is proof that hard work doesn't pay.

His response receives its own mostly positive responses but FaceBook being Facebook there will be some expected uncomprehending. One commenter writes, "I don't see where Melissa Harris mentions anything about slavery. So Rowe's whole explanation is based on something Harris didn't say."

I have to get off FB and delete its tracking cookies.

Michelle Malkin also writes only in academia is the color-coding of one's work ethic seen as the apex of progressive enlightenment, while gender weighted too.

The center of Michelle's position is a recent trip she took to College of Ozarks, Hard Work U. It's founder, James Forsyth, received inspiration from a young boy who told him he had to drop out of school due to poor finances. Forsyth founded a private Christian four-year school for economically disadvantaged. 90% of students demonstrate financial need. All are required to work for the campus group or institution. The college carries no institutional debt and codifies debt avoidance into its character education. Michelle counters white privilege is a cynical construct of liberal elites dependent on grievance narratives to stoke controversy. She says she saw kids doing all kind of slave-labor-y things all over the college, mowing lawns, making beds, sweeping floors, washing dishes. Many are first in their family to attend college. And during that trip and making these observations it never occurred to Michelle Malkin to rank the industriousness of hard-working young people all around her by race.

Dear Mrs. Steve Philips

You might not remember me but I have written to you before. My name is Kim and I used to be married to a ballplayer. And he was not just a player let me tell you. Not any plain old Sorta-rican that they imported to play the beisbol. It was that piece of shit Art Shamsky who was a big deal with the piece of shit ass Mets thirty years ago. And he is still eating off of that shit if you can believe it.

You remember how it was when you were married to the General Manager of the New York Mets. It was a big deal. Well to the morons who follow the Mets. I mean regular people didn't give a shit. Being married to a Met is not as cool as being married to a sanitation worker  or a male prostitute or something cool like that. But it got you into Shea Stadium for free and you got free hot dogs. Well at least the ones they dropped on the floor.

You must have heard how Art divorced me and refused to pay alimony or anything. I thought I had him with his notes about how he was molesting my dog but the lame ass judge didn't care about that. You would think that a judge would have some compassion but he didn't give a shit. So I never go paid just like you are not getting paid.

I know Stevie was trying to get a new gig. I don't know why he didn't. He should call up the Red Sox. I mean after they hired Bobby Valentine as their manager  it is obvious that they are hiring all the Met's rejects to staff their team now that the boy wonder Theo Epstein has left. They want to hire ex-Mets to piss off the Yankees but since George is dead I don't think the Yankees even notice anymore. And it is getting ridiculous. I mean I can understand hiring Dwight Gooden to handle the Pharmacy and Darryl Strawberry to do your taxes but why would you hire Rusty Staub to give Big Papi a sponge bath. It is just too freakin' weird you know what I mean. Maybe Steve can hire on to run their sexual harassment seminars or something. It seems like something the Red Sox would do.

Anyhoo I figured I should give you some advice. After fighting all those years with Art I took my twat in my hands and decided to do something different with my life. I met this elderly garmento guy named Bobby. He owned a fabric store and I basically trapped him by having wild monkey sex with him a few times. I had a makeover and even changed my name. Now everybody calls me Jill Zarin. You have seen me on TV. You can do the same thing. I hear they are hiring on the Real Housewives of New York now that they fired....err now that I quit. So you can get a cool gig and lots of ink.

You can't go the way of our mutual friend Brooke Hundley. Well she is my friend. I know you hate her guts because she was banging Steve but I mean why hold a grudge. Steve would have screwed the Crack of Dawn after all. Poor Brooke had a short relationship with Peter Gaamons that old pervert Sportswriter from ESPN who likes to whack off in the jocks of old Red Sox players. I think the last I heard she hooked up with an assistant basketball coach at Syracuse University. I wonder how that turned out. Let me know if you hear from her again.

I just want to know that you have to let it go. That is why when I went to the author graph show and saw that Art was signing I didn't go over to confront him. I stood at my table with Kelly and Cindy and Danielle Staub and signed with them. That was the first time I met Danielle Staub. I asked her if she was related to Rusty and they are cousins. But they are very different. Danielle like girls. 

Ok I will admit that I did have Eddie Munster go over and give Artie a wedgie and knock over all of his books. They threw Eddie out but they do that all the time at these shows. All I had to do was pee in my panties and give them to that little washed up perv for a cum rag. Art never knew I was behind it. Just like I never knew he was behind me when he was trying to get it in. You should do the same thing.

Remember. Living well is the best revenge.

Your friend
Jill (Kim Shamsky) Zarin

The Babe abides.

"How ya doing Babe?"
"Real sore Keed. Can you get in those knots there. My back is aching."
"Sure Babe. Can I ask you something?"
"Sure Keed."
"Do you like gladiator movies?"

Fredo you broke my heart!

You know this is what W is telling his never do well brother. I mean it is all over. He is a dead man and he won't lay down.

The word is his Super Pac is preparing an onslaught of attacks against Ricky Ricardo Rubio. For no other reason than they don't want him to get the nomination. They want to hand the ammunition to the Democrats and their hand maidens and minions in the main stream media. This should be beyond the pale. I mean they have lost. Take it like a man. Like Scotty Walker did. Wish your opponent well and you will get the  respect that you are due.

Otherwise W should just have Al Neri take him fishing.

Rancid Rhino Priebus cancels NBC Debate!

Rancid Rhino Priebus the head of RNC has canceled an up coming debate to be hosted by NBC:
The RNC has suspended plans to partner with NBC News for a February debate, citing a “bad faith” performance by CNBC in Wednesday night’s meeting of the candidates.
“The CNBC network is one of your media properties, and its handling of the debate was conducted in bad faith,” RNC chairman Reince Priebus wrote in a letter to NBC chairman Andrew Lack on Friday. “We understand that NBC does not exercise full editorial control over CNBC’s journalistic approach. However, the network is an arm of your organization, and we need to ensure there is not a repeat performance.”

Why did he do this? To cover his ass of course. There are unconfirmed reports that mid-debate the RNC complained that favorite son Fredo Bush did not get enough questions. So now they have beer muscles and are kicking NBC when they are already on the floor because of the burning dumpster debate. 

What the RNC should do is live stream the debate on Youtube or some other platform. Or get CSPAN to run it. They would get monster ratings. Screw the mainstream media. Pick your own moderators. Real experts in the field. How about General Peterus or John Bolton for foreign policy? Or right of center commentators. Larry Kudlow or John Batchelor? The Powerline Guys? Instapundit? There is a shitpot full of people they can get instead of the usual left wing commie liberal democratic douchebag journalists.

Grow some balls RNC. You have the power! Use it or lose it. If they don't the campaigns should go off on their own. Cut out the losers like Missy Graham and Pataki and stick with the five or six people who actually have a chance. Enough already!

Cruz live n C-SPAN

Apologies for the interjection, Troop has a post in draft, I don't know if C-SPAN is actually live or not. He's quite good.

Noticed via Protein Wisdom tweet remarking "Remember there are some putative conservatives who hate this guy.

Polls: You make the call?

Ginger or Maryann?

Hillary get's caught lying by 'what-difference-does-it-make' supporters

"There’s No Evidence In Clinton White House Documents For Clintons’ Story On Anti-Gay Law"
Over the past few years, some Democrats — including the Clintons — have offered a new explanation for why they supported the Defense of Marriage Act in 1996.
The threat of a federal constitutional amendment, these Democrats have argued, motivated them to support DOMA — a law that defined marriage for federal government purposes as between one man and one woman and said states could refuse to recognize same-sex couples’ marriages from others states.
“We were attempting at the time, in a very reactionary Congress,” Bill Clinton told an audience in 2009, “to head off an attempt to send a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage to the states.” Four former senators — including Tom Daschle, who madethe claim in 2011 — raised the idea in a Supreme Court brief in 2013. Clinton later cited that brief when, in a Washington Post op-ed, he called for the law he signed to be struck down by the court. Hillary Clinton just last week called her husband’s decision to sign DOMA “a defensive action.”
There is no contemporaneous evidence, however, to support the claim that the Clinton White House considered a possible federal constitutional amendment to be a concern, based on a BuzzFeed News review of the thousands of documents released earlier this year by the Clinton Presidential Library about same-sex couples’ marriage rights and the Defense of Marriage Act. In the documents, which include correspondence from a wide array of White House and Justice Department officials, no one even hints that Bill Clinton’s thinking or actions regarding DOMA were animated by the threat of a federal constitutional amendment.
Hillary Clinton repeated the DOMA spin to Rachel Maddow.

Link to video
“I think what my husband believed — and there was certainly evidence to support it — is that there was enough political momentum to amend the Constitution of the United States of America, and that there had to be some way to stop that,” she told Maddow.
“I was in on some of those discussions, on both ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ and on DOMA, where both the president, his advisers, and occasionally I would chime in and talk about, ‘You can’t be serious, you can’t be serious.’ But they were,” Hillary Clinton said. “And so, in a lot of ways, DOMA was a line that was drawn, that was to prevent going further.”
Back in the 90's, columnist William Safire called Hillary Clinton "a congenital liar", she appears still not cured of it today.

post-debate analysis

There is universal agreement among conservative pundits and observers that the CNBC hosted debates reflected poorly on CNBC and especially poorly on the moderators, that the questions and the whole setup is hopelessly biased. Observers didn't like anything about it. Campaigns complained to Reince Priebus as the debate was happening and Priebus was ready with his and their litany when the production ended. Observers are commenting even CNBC was so embarrassed by their mess that they cut short post debate production for a rerun of The Profit. Others noticed the three chief moderators have gone radio silent on Twitter except for the worst who lied twice regarding one of his questions. They hated it. All of them do. Ben Shapiro writing for Breitbart demonstrates the liberal bias in both question and manner of questioning. He provides a lengthy summary of questions they asked and his mostly negative analysis of all of them. It is a thorough summary. Ben Shapiro is nothing if not serious.

Everything I've seen on television today aligns with this view. Except Democrats and liberal media are dismissive to Republican complaints about media bias. Honestly, paying attention to them today review the debate is like listening to fish discussing how the dry weather is hard on their dry cleaning expressed through dry fish-wit over dry martinis.

Everything that I've read and heard today is at variance with my own perception.

These are all serious people. They want a serious discussion. They yearn to hear policy. They want to hear each candidate' s position on tax reform and on immigration. They want to hear specific plans of action regarding entitlement spending and the budget, national debt, Federal Reserve policy, foreign policy. They are very eager for the most boring debate on Earth: Republicans talking about policy.

Nobody else wants to hear that.

Except serious people. Conservative pundits. Nobody else cares to hear it. They cannot listen. Those were the most boring parts of last night's debate. Face it, this is the idiocracy they aspire to lead. This is the idiocy they must deal with. From my point of view the questioning was perfect. This is what liberals talk about. This is what they write about on their sites. This is real life to them. This is the crap that must be dealt with. It's all they care about. The moment Republicans get serious then unserious people tune out and that is everybody. Everybody tunes out when Republicans start talking about taxes and fiscal responsibility.

I am well satisfied the candidates can handle any silly nonsense thrown at them. The things that people actually talk about, and they talk about liberal concerns interfacing with their cartoon version of Republicans. Now the candidates are battle proven and capable of delicately addressing and steering off the nonsense that circulates and into the space that they want to discuss. We saw a lot of that already last night.

It is not just liberal nonsense either. I see the exact same things circulating among the most strident Right wing commenters and especially Libertarians. They pick these up too and test them on Twitter and in comments throughout, all over the place. It may be unclear who their choice candidate is but they retweet these exact same attacks, and they are attacks. Challenges. Chances to persuade.

Republicans will use what they're calling disaster to contrive a format more suitable for them. Carson is attempting to subvert the stifling and rigid process from Priebus. I am glad this debate happened as it did. I was well pleased to see all these liberal-warped issues addressed directly and powerfully. It is still the best debate I've seen for the reasons given. Republicans didn't like it, and they'll get what they want for the rest and they want much more boring debates. Only serious minded people can tolerate that so expect viewership to decrease, nobody likes boring old numbers, those debates will satisfy Republicans only. These are the people after all who accept government adjusted figures and run with them, these people will recite debunked government and party supplied numbers and statistics until your ears turn to stone. No, best to have them present their liberal challenges as they did. Now go on and show us how grown ups will do it. We'll see how many viewers tune in for that. When the numbers diminish considerably we can say, "Well, people are familiar with candidates by now," when in fact only serious minded people can care about policy-driven statistics. It's a shame, but it's true.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Whose That Churl?

Squint your eyes, add a pair of designer eyeglasses, a baseball cap, and maybe a couple of chins and whom do you have?

It's just amazing what Hollywood does to some people.

Welcome back Lem!

There is always room for you in the Dominican Hot tub time machine!

Frank Cannon for President!

Reporter: Excuse me Mr. Cannon but how can you justify driving around in a gas guzzling Lincoln Continental. If you expect to be elected President? Don't you want to go green?
Frank Cannon: Well how am I going to fit the girls in the car when I am driving them down to Atlantic City.
Reporter: What girls?
Frank Cannon: Stella Stevens, Angie Dickinson and Charo.
Reporter: What do they want with a fat load like you?
Frank Cannon: Don't be a wise guy you little pissant. Anyone who can see their pecker past a belly like mine must have a real shlong.
Reporter: I would like take a poll on that.
Frank Cannon: I don't swing like that.  You don't get to take my pole. Talk to Barnaby Jones. He was a dancer you know.
Reporter: I still don't believe you.
Frank Cannon: What do I give a shit? The girls like to take the pole. I mean I admit I am a fat bastard so they are always on top. But they love it. They invented a new sport when we started doing this in the 1970's. They call it pole dancing. 
Reporter: What a crock.
Frank Cannon: Hey why don't you go chase down Richard Kimble or some shit like that? Or go to work for CNBC. They always have room for another pajama boy pansy like you.
Reporter: The people have a right to know.
Frank Cannon: Why can't I just eat my burgers?

Rub my Belly!

The Disney Studio was always in crises. You see it's first and greatest star was one of the most difficult people in Hollywood. Mickey was jealous of all the other characters. Even though he was the star and focal point of many, many movies he wanted to star in all of them. He tried to play the Daffy Duck roles but he couldn’t handle the accent. He demanded to star in the Lady and the Tramp but he couldn’t learn to suck the spaghetti. He even wanted to play Prince Charming but Walt had to lay down the law and let him know that the Prince couldn’t be a rodent. Or black. Things were different in those days.
(The Cracks in Magic Kingdom, The E True Hollywood Story of Mickey Mouse)

Everybody Loves Shamsky

Shaggy: Scooby-Doo, where are you?
Scooby Doo: Raggy, your rhipped.
Shaggy: I'm whipped oh yeah why don't you say that to my face, man.
Scooby Doo: NO, no Raggy, your rhipped. With ruscles! You juicing?
Shaggy: Who am I, A-Rod! Don’t be a dumb mutt.
Scooby Doo: Rokay, Oh yeah! Your rother eats rat roop!
Shaggy: No, Scooby-Doo! YOUR mom eats cat poop!
Scooby Doo: Well I’m reaving.
Shaggy: You’re leaving? Where are you going to do you dumb mutt?
Scooby Doo: To live with my new friend, Art.
Art Shamsky: Hey how ya doing? Ready to go Scooby? I got some Scooby treats?
Shaggy: What kind of treats are so good that you are gonna leave the Scooby gang?
Scooby Doo: Really Rood. Rooofies.
Art Shamsky: Heh, heh let’s just go Scooby (ushers Scooby Doo into his van and drives away)
Shaggy: Sure Scooby go ahead. I guess it’s true what everybody says, Everybody Loves Shamksy!

Black Lives Matter!

Breibart News. com by AWR Hawkins October 28, 2015

On October 28, the city of Baltimore posted official numbers that revealed there have been 775 shootings in the city–fatal and non-fatal shootings combined. This marks an 80 percent increase over the number of shootings at this point in 2014.

According to the city of Baltimore stats, the number of fatal shootings alone is at 275–a 54 percent increase over the number of fatal shootings at this same point last year. The number of non-fatal shootings sits at 532, which is an 80 percent increase over the number of non-fatal shootings that had occurred at this time last year. (Note: 275 fatal shootings plus 532 non-fatal shootings add up to a total of 807 shootings. But the official Baltimore stats have the total at 775, so Breitbart News is quoting 775 as the total.)

"When having someone follow you in their car..."

"... let them lane change after you start signaling. That way, they can let you in and you don’t risk getting separated."

Reddit top comments...
when someone if following you in their car, let them lane change after you start signaling. That way, you can lane change in the other direction and lose them more easily.
Whenever I see these posts it makes me wonder why people don't just give out addresses and let the other person use their GPS.
THANK YOU!!! I need to have 10 cars follow me tomorrow and I had no idea what I was going to do!
LPT - don't ever let someone follow you or follow someone else. Make sure each party has the directions.As an EMT, we routinely had family member tell us they would follow us to the hospital.
I cannot tell you how many times we had people follow us and would run through a red light because it was yellow when we went through. I do not want to be responsible for someone getting into an accident because they feel they have to mimic every lane change and turn I make. People get into a strange tunnel vision when they are trying to follow another vehicle and some how forget traffic laws and ignore all other cars on the road.

Claim: High CO2 Levels Are Making People Dumber

"First, United Nations officials label bacon and deli meats as carcinogens, and now scientists are claiming that higher concentrations of carbon dioxide are not only heating the planet, they’re making people dumber."
A new study by the Harvard School of Public Health claims “carbon dioxide (CO2) has a direct and negative impact on human cognition and decision-making,” according to ThinkProgress, a left-wing advocacy website.
Former Vice President Al Gore wasted no time tweeting out ThinkProgress’ in-depth article, trying to link higher carbon dioxide levels to lower cognition in humans.
Al Gore hardest hit.

"Judge Blocks Alabama From Ending Planned Parenthood Funding"

"U.S. District Judge Myron Thompson issued an order that temporarily bars Alabama from cutting off Medicaid contracts with the group's clinics in Alabama. Planned Parenthood Southeast and a Medicaid recipient filed suit in August, days after Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley announced he was ending the Medicaid agreements with the two clinics."
In his 66-page opinion, Thompson said Alabama did not identify a legal reason to cut off funding to Planned Parenthood and that the state's action likely violated a free-choice-of-provider provision of the federal Medicaid Act that limits a state's ability to bar family planning providers for reasons unrelated to quality of care...
Thompson noted Alabama's termination letter to Planned Parenthood did not give a reason for the ending the provider agreement that the organization could appeal through administrative channels.
The bulk of Planned Parenthood services is abortion, which seems to be somehow linked to "health". What does a woman's health have to do with abortion?

"I didn't know we were going to do the woman thing here"

Lindsey Graham is put on the spot asking which candidate he would date, marry, or make disappear forever. I am fond of Graham, but I wouldn't want him to take that 3:00 am phone call.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

CNBC Republican debate

Best debate ever.

I still think it is the best debate I've ever seen. Excellent responses all around.

Chris Christie is doing surprisingly well. I don't like him but I must admit he is practiced and appealing.

CHRISTIE: I don't see a lot of weakness on this stage, quite frankly. Where I see the weakness is in those three people that are left on the Democratic stage. You know, I see a socialist, an isolationist and a pessimist. [trained pause as we visualize the trio and match them] And for the sake of me, I can't figure out which one is which.

Fiorina gave a very solid defense of her record at Hewelett Packared CNBC's Becky Quick who cited by name the individual Fiorina only mentioned she had a dispute and who fired her, and who later remarked he was mistaken and that Fiorina performed excellently shouldn't have been fired. Quick, having interviewed the president who fired Fiorina knows the man says a lot of strange things, thinking this her zinger for the night she listed a few. Fiorina said, "thus our disagreements."

Ted Cruz, instead of answering a question directly, quickly summarized the questions asked each candidate to that point, all common liberal attacks and nothing of substance, the same things discussed on right-wing sites as well, pointing out the obvious media bias contrasted with tongue bath of Democrat debate.

Candidates are demanding they're allowed to finish.

Rand Paul, somewhat disgusted.
John Kasich much more aggressive than before.

Uh oh, talking about marijuana now in Boulder. Kasich blowing it, switches subjects.

Each candidate gets so little time they feel they have to spill it all out at once. It doesn't work well for most who each get into blabber battle with moderator trying to corral them, more interested in time management than in having a coherent message completed. Carson handles this very well. CNBC's Carl Quintanilla asked Carson a bogus question regarding his board associations mentioning one place where he only gave paid speeches. Quintanilla defended his question, time's up, audience boo's Carson says, "They know" and the audience erupts, yes, everyone there is aware of bias so obvious that is simply cannot be disguised by the lines of questions asked by them and the audience erupted applauding.

The candidates are doing very well, I think. They're representing a vigorous party. They're all doing well at addressing liberal bias inherent in questioning, "Don't you think government must do _____ (anything reasonable). Fiorina delivers great conservative position statements, moderators with few exceptions as it goes on, appear impervious to responses, more move on to the next item and less follow up as when listening.

Even Jeb seems reasonable and somewhat attractive. I'm impressed.

They're getting applause for contrasting with Hillary and with Democrats and with establishment Washington. There is a great exchange of ideas, two very separate approaches for addressing entitlements from Huckabee and from Christie both defended by various candidates. It's showing a lot of vigor and a good deal of intelligence and grasp. These are my perceptions so far. The thing is still going. Please comment.

"Britain' ministers finally realise vaping is rapidly killing smoking"

"The government now says vaping with e-cigarettes is such a good thing that we should be prescribing it and smokers should be rushing to take it up. It’s 95 per cent less harmful than smoking, it’s helping people to quit tobacco and there’s no evidence it’s a gateway into smoking: rather the reverse."


Another added benefit to vaping is the word sounds so cool. Have you ever vaped? What's did you think?

The Left's War on Comments Sections....Been There Done That.

The internet was born open but is becoming closed everywhere. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the rush to shutter readers’ comments sections at major news organisations. Cheered on by intolerant, snobbish cultural elites, news organisations from The Verge to The Daily Beast have, in recent months, informed their readers to take their opinions elsewhere.

There was a time when comments sections were seen as the next step in a golden age of democratised communication, particularly by the political Left. “For the first time ever, we are thinking aloud, unfiltered by mass media gatekeepers,” wrote a former Hillary Clinton advisor in 2008. “Never before has the global discourse been so accessible, recursive, and durable.”
In 2009, the former online editor for the Washington Post wrote that despite their problems, readers’ comments allowed readers to “complain about what they see as unfairness or inaccuracy” and remind editors that they “do not always agree with journalists about what is important.”

The first hipsters Brooklyn circa 1947

They hadn't figured out the baby carrying thing yet.

Let Me Rephrase That!

Let me rephrase that.

Maybe you can put baby in a corner.

Great Moments in Mets History Volume Five

New secretly recorded Planned Parenthood video

Yes, even more gruesome than the last. They've lost count. The video is headlined as the 11th and that number is already counted. It is the 11th major release. The gist of the video is this woman, Dr. Amna Dermish describing her usual procedure when the feet of the baby are presented, she's using hand gesticulations to demonstrate graphically her hand as a tool reaching in and upward grabbing and pulling down, reaching up, grabbing and pulling down, in repetition in honest earnest clinical description of human dissection.  Presented with the request for a full head, something she's not done, gives the doctor "something to aim for." Punctuated by forced laugh to brighten their sudden descent with a spark off grated flint. 

The video plays this motion that Amna Dermish makes of yanking something down repeatedly. At this point the baby is simply material. She makes the motion twice they loop her making the motion as they describe something else, along with another of a trainee discussing technique while eating lunch in a cafeteria, so the attitude of going in there and grabbing the baby is drilled into the viewers. Am I exaggerating? Oh dear, you must see for yourself to check if I'm stretching things. And if you did then your whole week will be ruined. 

This woman, Dawn Laguens a spokesperson for Planned Parenthood hastens to tell us, "Those are, actually, the people in those videos are amazing and compassionate and wonderful doctors and staff of Planned Parenthood." It takes a lot of money or maybe a little booze or maybe psychopathy to be this cool on national television with the White House displayed in the back. 

It takes a lot of money to pull someone so far from one's humanity. These people are industrialists.

Washington Examiner reporting by Paul Bedard

Bedard posits this latest video will apply pressure on three Republican holdouts to defunding Planned Parenthood federally.

Mark Kirk, Illinois
Susan Collins, Maine
Murkowski, Alaska

I don't know what Mark Kirk looks like.

Looks pleasant enough. Too bad. He has a mountain of dead babies weighing on his soul and you'd never know it by the photo. 

You'd never know by her photo Dr. Amna Dermish would make the best Halloween costume.

Although you might be able to tell by her photograph that to imitate Senator Collins you must stick your tongue into a beehive and speak slow ly and de lib er at ly e nun ci at ing ev er ry syl la ble and im par ting each pho meme with e qual im por tance. And to think any other representative from Maine would be worse. 

Murkowski we know as the entitled one. She was "owed" her position. Somehow she was raised for it, had to fight for it, and got it. There she sits corroding her party. 

So that's it, the liberal progressive element that allows this distortion through federal government infects Republican party from the Northwest to the  East and smack in the middle, like three pins holding up a map of the country. If harvesting the full heads of babies for their brains does not abruptly kill support outright for Planned Parenthood, also supporting mostly Democrat candidates lobbied with taxpayer funding, then nothing will affect this industry and corrupted representation, and serious challenges are in order all around.

Published on Got News by Charles Johnson who said he got it from a House staffer despite lawmakers vow to keep the videos confidential, even though a restraining order was placed a day earlier.

Oh, "It's cute. It's cute. It's amazing. It's sort of I have so much respect for development. It's just so incredible." She sounds nice (almost human and she sank beneath your wisdom like a stone.)

Yes, it is just so incredible, the whole thing is a wonder to behold and there you are now a doctor making sure it won't happen. 

Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Great guitar, bass, and drums in that track, as well as the vocals. I never got people's animus towards Rod Stewart. He seems like a straight-up guy to me. And so what if he had a taste for hot women...everybody did it (EDI).

Every Pitcher Tells A Story, Don't It?

"Milwaukee's Finest Beer" Plastic in Blatz Glass

I put a nice creamy head on that beer, just the way ricpic likes it.

The glass is a small tavern glass, just like they used to pour in Milwaukee taverns. Wisconsin people never used to say "bar" -- it was always "tavern."

Blatz was one of Milwaukee's first breweries, and was the first one to bottle and ship beer around the country. I have a large Blatz pitcher as well, which I picked up a yard sale in Wisconsin last time I was back:

You can't find that kind of stuff out here. The ubiquitous pitcher was the unit of beer you shared with friends. Do people still do that?

Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend

Toot’s Shor's Saloon, September 28, 1961(J Edgar Hoover and Clyde Tolsen walk into the saloon wearing crisp suits and flowers in their lapels)
Toots: Hey look at youse fanooks. How you doin' Eddie. And Clyde. What are you doing with this ugly mug.
Clyde Tolsen: That's for me to know and you to find out sweetie. Come on and give us a kiss.
J Edgar Hoover: Shut up Clyde. We need a table Toots. We just lost a bundle at Aqueduct.
Toots: Eddie, Eddie you got to stop betting like that. What is Jack gonna say? He is gonna fire you. I know Bobby hates your guts. He hates fanooks even more then he hates the  Eyetalians.
J Edgar Hoover: I know that you stupid Sheeny. I need to talk to Joe D.
Toots: Don't get your panties in an uproar there chief. He's in back. And he is with Marilyn. She just got out of the nuthouse so don't say nuthin about how she looks.
(Toots walks them to the back where Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe are sitting at a banquet. Joe is wearing two World Series rings. Marilyn is not wearing any panties. She is wearing a white dress and her makeup is mussed and her hair is disheveled. All of her hair so to speak. She is hot and sticky so to cool off she is queefing non stop. Sort of like a mallard with Tourette’s syndrome.)
Toots: Joe looks who's here. It's the campus couple Eddie and Clyde. Have a seat boys and I will get you a couple of grasshoppers or sumthin.
Joe DiMaggio:
Marilyn: ( stands up and extends her hand. Her twat queefs out the National Anthem. She leans forward to whisper in a breathy sexy voice) Hi Mr. Hoover. And look you brought your girlfriend. Nice to see you again. (She extends her hand shyly and tries to shake with J Edgar Hoover but he avoids it as he thinks girls are dirty, but Clyde Tolsen rushes up and hugs her) 
Clyde Tolsen: Oh Norman Jean. I love you. You are so fab. I feel like a candle when I break wind. I want to show you a photo of our rare clumbers. Clouds! Tits! Let me tell you about my bowels.
Marilyn: Oh that's nice. I love you fellas. I used to room with Wally Cox. Right Joe.
Joe DiMaggio:
Marilyn: Joe just helped me check out of the hospital and we are just hanging out.
Toots: Yeah he checked you out of the crazy house you bug house bitch.
J Edgar Hoover: I need to talk to Joe for a minute Miss Monroe. What's that smell? Is somebody eating clams? Is there a dead mackerel in the flower pot or something.
Marilyn: Please don't be angry Mr. Hoover. I don't want to go back to the crazy house.  I know you can do that. I mean you did it to Frances Farmer and Rosemary Kennedy.(She is starting to get anxious and starts queefing up a storm to the tune of the “Flight of the Valkyries.)
J Edgar Hoover: No seriously. Toots. What's going on? It's like somebody is molesting a dead hallibut. 
Marilyn: It's just very warm in here. It's Indian Summer and Toots is too cheap to turn on the air conditioner. 
J Edgar Hoover: Turn on the air conditioner Toots or I will have to send your wife a copy of that photo of you with your entire head in Joan Blondell’s balloon knot. That's enough to ruin your business right there. Nobody would be able to eat your food again.
Toots: Ok calm down. I will turn it up. Jeeez are you having menopause or somethin’ you old queen?
Clyde Tolsen: Calm down Mary. It's just Marilyn's lady parts. She is sweating a little and there is some dew on the bearded clam. Don't you know anything?
Toots Shor: Blleeaaaahhhh (spits out his drink he’s laughing so hard)
Marilyn: What’s so funny Toots? Why is he laughing so hard Joe? (Marilyn is getting more anxious and excited and she starts queefing even more furiously to the point that she is secreting and spritzing like Uncle Tanoose doing a spit take.)
J Edgar Hoover. Enough the whole of youse. Joe I can't work with this fucking Kennedy anymore. He is pushing me and the photo's I have of him with his dick in his retarded sister aren't enough anymore. I need to do something. I know you know who to reach out to so when you are throwing out the first pitch at the stadium to start the series I want you to slip me a couple of phone numbers. I need Santo’s phone number. Not his regular phone. The other one he does business on. Oh and get me Momo to come up to DC to talk. 
Joe DiMaggio:  (Hoover nods at Joe and grabs a protesting Tolsen by the elbow and marches him out of the restaurant)
Marilyn: (visibly calming down) Thank God they left. Angry queens makes me nervous.  That’s why Jeff Chandler always gave me the willies. So Joe do you want to get a bite before we go home.
Joe DiMaggio: Yeah a big smelly plate of Bacala just like my mother used to make. With black olives. You know I love the smell of that.
Marilyn: Oh Joe I love you.


Finesse is the name of the challenge for tattoo artists on Ink Masters Season Six produced by Spike.

I saw this show awhile ago and I was deeply impressed. It ran again today. Luckily the episode is uploaded to YouTube in three parts, and luckily it displays here as well. Thank you, Spike.

If you can overlook the unhelpful sound effects, and if you can overlook the counting backwards for "stop" instead of for blastoff then you can enjoy a spectacular episode that shows everybody in their best light. The episode shows how real and fun and direct Down Syndrome people can be, it shows how deep their relationships with relatives, it shows the hosts on the show in their best light, truly, they never come across so well as they do here, and the contestant tattoo artist all drop their internal nit-picking and their usual competition and concentrate of the task at hand.

Here is part 2 showing them working.

Here is part 3, working with results, if you care to see how their art turns out and responses to it all around.

I love that episode.

Down the list of search results are more Down Syndrome-related videos, among them one of a boy with Downs who would prefer not to be bothered. A large blond Labrador retriever gently insists they be friends. It is a sweet video with music added that goes on at length with no action save for a dog nudging a child, one wonders who shot it and why. It seems someone was minding the minder and recorded what they saw.

It has only two comments on YouTube. One says, "Poor dog." How rude.