Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Emetic of liberal elites

The first word tells you that professor Jacobson wrote the post at Legal Insurrection.

I made a card for the word emetic. It means a substance that induces vomiting. Jacobson means liberals are ridding themselves of a poison. Jacobson wonders, after holding it in for so long, why now? He thinks it might be because of an honest build-up of resentment among liberal women who have been victims of predatory liberal men. They were expected to keep quiet for the liberal cause and not call into question the icons of Democratic Party history, the Kennedy's, Clintons, key funders in Hollywood.

Then, Trump's victory over Clinton freed liberal women in a way that was not possible before. There was no way to escape the Clinton grip until Trump won.

Jacobson continues, that doesn't explain why media is so eager to air all this so something else must be going on. Media has an interest in the success of the Democrat Party and it knows that Trump cannot be defeated until there is a change of the Democrat guard so the traces of the Clintons must be purged and there is no better way to clear the decks than to face past abuses of Bill Clinton that were covered up by Hillary. So media is behaving as "truth and reconciliation commission." The Clintons are entrenched even in defeat. Purging them is necessary for the more progressive Democrats to take over.

Having the abuses among them prevents the resistance from effectiveness in pursuing its chief goal of attacking Trump.

That seems perceptive to me. Jacobson says it better than I recapped him here. Still, his astute commenters do not agree. They are more cynical than he is.

They think all this will come to nothing because the women complaining are swamped by the number of female supporters. The abusers still give the non-complainers what they want. Another thinks the whole thing will be viewed as a victory for the women's movement because they only see patriarchal men, not necessarily Democrats. They think Democrats started the witch hunt with the thought that it will take down their enemies but are now horrified that it's taking down their friends.

Just read all they say. I cannot recap it all. What do you say?

I don't say anything. Instead I'm thinking in pictures. One time I made an animation of Henry VIII wives. Their portraits pass by a buzz saw on an arm. Some pass by the saw unaffected while others get their heads sawn off. My animation is gone. It was saved on a site that kept raising their cost and I didn't re-upload it to Blogger. Now I have to do it all over again. Luckily, I just now saw a site that has all the portraits lined up. I don't even have to dig up the portraits.
How convenient. 

I keep seeing pictures of present day sexual abusers in Washington and in Hollywood every day and I keep visualizing their heads being sawn off but I cannot bring myself to photoshop them because every day there's a new name.

Must I wait until it stops? Will it ever stop?

Buzzfeed had the latest on John Conyers. He settled a complaint from a woman who claimed she was fired for not accepting his advances. Buzzfeed has four other signed and notarized affidavits from former staff members alleging Conyers repeatedly made sexual advances and made requests for sexual favors, and otherwise being gross by caressing their hands sexually and rubbing their legs and back in public. And Conyers is all, "I can't believe what I'm reading."

I don't care about any of these people. I'm happy their troubles caught up to them. While all this is overlapping with dishonest attacks aimed at Republicans for political purposes. I think that is backfiring too. So much cynicism pervades that cynical attacks are out-cynicized in reaction.

Singer Morrissey blasted Merkel for destroying Europe

In an interview Steven Morrissey, who rose to prominence as lead singer for the Smiths but now a solo artist with ten top ten hits on the UK Singles Chart, said in an interview with Die Spiegel, "I want Germany to be German. I want France to be French." Adding, "If you try to make everything multicultural, you will not have any culture in the end." And, "All European countries have fought for their identity for many, many years." And, "And now they just throw it away. I think that's sad."

Somehow this is considered controversial.

What a sensible fellow.

Say, what do you think about this? Sway me with your opinion.

Until then, I'll be thinking about other things.

As soon as I read the name Morrissey I thought how bummed out I am that the TV series Charmed on Netflix does not open with the Love Spit Love cover of the Smiths How Soon is Now. Plus, the witches are girlish. Instead of that excellently weirdly reverberating guitar they use some other goofy song that's not even mysterious. And although the Love Split Love cover is intriguing, it does not improve on the original. I must erase all that from my mind and overwrite it with the Smiths original.

I want to show this song.

How to make root-beer

Let's make root-beer.

Step 1. Watch six or so YouTube root-beer videos and become an expert.

This guy kills me. He does very well. He's good and charming besides at explaining and comments to his video show his viewers greatly appreciate what he's done. He's made a lot of batches and tweaked his recipe to suit his preferences and now he's sharing what he knows.

What gets me is his opening video art display page reminded me of the Tea Party protest signs when they first appeared on the political scene, the day I saw them walking past the front door on Broadway near the state capitol. Their signage veritably screamed that none of them took any art classes that covered graphics. As compared with, say, the homemade signage put together by the thousands of San Francisco residents that came out to cheer along Bat Kid that all look like every single citizen majored in graphic design. That was awesome. There's this thing about lettering and spacing and wordage, and messaging, color and font choice. Steve Allen chose a different font for each line. If you have a sense for this sort of thing then you find that basic error hilarious. Because your eyeballs go goofy reading it.

Here's the thing. You make a tea out of strange botanic ingredients that you never even heard of, like a witch over a cauldron, and let it steep for over half an hour up to an hour. Then you add various sugars of your choice and your own amounts, honey, molasses, brown sugar, refined cane sugar, regular beet sugar, maltodextrin.

If you use brown sugar that includes molasses. Dark brown sugar has more molasses than light brown sugar. Maltodextrin is included to change mouth-feel, to make the liquid thicker. Too much maltodextrin affects flavor negatively.

The sugar is to make the herbal tea sweet to your taste and as importantly it feeds yeast that provides carbonation.

I know from aquarium hobby the potential for disaster. You can put one speck of yeast in each bottle and the sugar loaded inside will cause the yeast to multiply exponentially and keep going until the sugars are gone. Then your liquid contains the remains of dead yeast cells. Your root-beer will be filled with actual living cells, and yeast-death.

When I mentioned that to Jiva, a longtime Hare Krishna friend, in relation to making sourdough bread, he cracked up laughing. I didn't intend to amuse him. There was something about bread being filled with yeast-death, and eating it, that Jiva found lastingly funny.

The root-beer brewers cannot control the yeast development by limiting the sugar because they need a lot of sugar for taste.

Most of the videos show the brewers adding minuscule amounts of yeast to each bottle. It seems to me the yeast can be dissolved more evenly for each bottle by adding yeast to the pot and not to each bottle.

Except for Kurt Dresner. The shirt he is wearing indicates he brews his own beer. He makes root-beer by the keg intended for regular beer. He carbonates mechanically so he uses much less sugar than the others. His root-beer also tastes like crap. Because of the hops he put into it.

One of the brewers, KDORVY, I think, likes the balance of vanilla and honey that he tastes in A&W root-beer. If I'm recalling correctly. He's the only person I've ever heard recommend vanilla flavoring over vanilla extract and over vanilla beans. And he adds a lot, 1/2 cup. (I'm surprised it isn't 3/8 cup, given his non-standard measurement fixation.) Martha Stewart would frown. She's a vanilla elitist. She'd insist Madagascar vanilla beans are the only way to go, on principle. Or else Thai vanilla beans for their floral quality, again, on principle. And Steven Allen added a vanilla bean but he didn't cut it open to expose the goo and the seeds. Everyone who uses vanilla beans knows you slice them lengthwise and scrape them out to use the sludge inside them.

It seems the sort of thing you'll want to do in small batches because the bottles go into the refrigerator after a few days to retard yeast CO2 production to near stop at 3 days, even then results are unpredictable. The bottles can explode. The bottles can foam all over the place when they're opened. It's not an exact science.

Here's a spreadsheet showing the range of ingredients. Tiny House doesn't go so far as the others. Theirs is an incomplete effort. This brewer omits a lot of ingredients the other brewers consider essential.

KDORVY has a fixation on amounts just under 1/2 cup and just under 1/2 teaspoon. Somewhere along his arc he concluded that 1/2 of cup and ounce is just a little too much so his recipe states, 3/8 this and that. He takes a very long time to explain his ways. While he is singular in recommending a source for ingredients. And I appreciate that. He never did mention the total amount of water. He did state amounts but in fractions. He'll take out 1 gallon and treat it separately, He'll add back 1 + 12 gallon to double the original tea and cool it. So then, 3 gallons.

Monteray Spices at Herbco.com

They really do have the best prices. And they really do have everything except wintergreen leaves.

Doesn't this sound like fun? What could go wrong?

I might have missed something or messed up on this spreadsheet. I had technical difficulties between Text Edit and Photoshop, and I had to follow along the videos to put it together. I might have something in the wrong place, or omitted something. Lines shifted as I went and the program locked up. Still, I think this chart gives a good idea of the range of ingredients and the range of amounts and the range of techniques. It shows you have a very broad margin for error. And it shows in the end you must develop your own recipe to suit your personal taste.

Kurt Dresner put hops in root-beer because he grows hops at his home. And he brews beer. Who would even want that bitter ingredient in their root beer besides a regular beer brewer? He has a room in his home devoted to brewing beer. This root-beer diversion is mere goofing around from his main interest. He's sipping one his own pilsners as he does this, and that's how we know that it takes him exactly 1/2 hour to drink one of his own beers.

When we brewed beer downstairs we did a similar thing. We brewed a wheat tea. Then changed the temperature and brewed hops into it. Before the hops we tasted the wheat tea and after the toothpaste taste disappeared the wheat flavored tea was very nice. That gave me the idea of just steeping cracked apart wheat berries, steep them in hot water that's not boiling and drink it as tea. It has an excellent taste. 

Then they wreck it with two types of hops and alcohol and carbonation. 

Actually, I liked the beer very much. Best beer I ever tasted. But the wheat tea at the first stage was better. More peaceful. More serene. Whoever discovered fermentation and made it a thing was one of humanity's original crackpots. Not saying that's a bad thing.

And come to think of it, CO2 is a product of yeast consuming the sugar and so is alcohol. So if this goes on for more than a few days then your root-beer will become increasingly alcoholic. 

Monday, November 20, 2017

The art of the insult

Mark Tapson begins his piece on Front Page Magazine about a new documentary by Joel Gilbert titled Trump: the Art of the Insult by stating it's been a full year since Trump was elected and the left is still trying to comprehend what happened. How did matriarch of the Clinton crime syndicate riding the promise of an historic victory as the country's first female president lose the White House to a brash and rude and unprepared by focus group TV mogul with no political experience. They were convinced that Trump was the single Republican candidate that Hillary couldn't possibly lose to. And that turned out to be exactly wrong. Trump was the single Republican candidate who could possibly prevail.

Cute, isn't it? So cynical it's blistering. First American black president, who could vote against that? Only a racist could. Followed so naturally by first American female president that you can actually say "it's her turn" without a trace of surface guile. You can actually say that and actually believe that and actually expect everyone else to believe that's all there is to it. Simple as that. And who can vote against such historic and natural sequence of events except for a misogynist.

The filmmaker compiled ninety minutes of campaign and interview footage of Donald Trump mowing down the entire political landscape cutting the knees off of Republican candidates, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders to stunning upset victory.

And it's exceedingly messy.

There is no narration. Just footage of Trump speaking with no political filter hurling aspersions at opponents unaccustomed to dealing with opponents on that level of discourse. Including the media interviewers. One after another in series we saw journalists approach Trump with a pie in their hands to smash in Trump's face and then we saw Trump dismiss them rudely and turn the attack and smash their own pie right back on them. Splat. And we saw them stand or sit there stunned at what just happened to them, their ever so finely burnished professional image smeared in custard and broken pie shell. It's no wonder they all hate him to their core. He destroyed them on the way to office and they're still destroyed spinning their broken down wheels trying to get traction while sensible people no longer bother watching, not giving them any attention. Their onetime viewers already cut their cable, they click past all news networks. Truly, they've moved on.

Mark Tapson continues reviewing more details of the lain wasted American political landscape in Trump's wake getting to this preview, all review actually, of Joel Gilbert's documentary film.

That's fun.

But so what.

We've seen it all before. Many times. It's just so much fun seeing it all again crunched together like that. It feeds the joy in my heart that the rot in our captive system is steadily being cleared out. Similar to Conan the Barbarian except this is real as Genghis Khan. We really are seeing our country's enemies within and without crushed and driven before us and hearing the lamentation of their women.

[The Genghis Khan quote has several versions online that go something like this: The greatest happiness is to scatter your enemy and drive him before you. To see his cities reduced to ashes. To see those who love him shrouded and in tears. And to gather to your bosom his wives and his daughters.]

That's what it feels like.

That's fun but too short. How difficult could it have been to gather this footage for a 90 minute documentary? We've all seen every single scene. Repeatedly. Who would this movie be for? Judging by the preview (review) it cannot possibly have anything new.

I realized watching them all crammed together that Trump is actually the best natural comedian that I've seen in a decade. Whereas all the nationally recognized so-called comedians that have their own late-night shows are clicked right through, not given a single second of attention, and actually resented when brought to my attention by YouTube trending, or any blog in my tranche that I allow specifically to weed out leftist propaganda, Trump actually cracks me up with his expressions, his mannerisms, his plastic facial expressions. He's genuinely funnier than all of the rest collectively. Their politicization of humor falls dead and flat and tattered while Trump's humorization of politics is hilarious.

When this video is finished YouTube displays an array of recommendations. The one in the bottom left corner that shows "Absolute Best" when you run your mouse arrow over it, is the same thing except 35 minutes long. It has all the same scenes as the documentary preview (review) and a lot more. And we've already seen all of that too. It's all review. And it's all fantastic.

When it finished I was exhausted. I realized Trump has 10X more energy than I do. It's embarrassing. When Trump talks about low energy Jeb, he's also talking about me. When he talks about Ben Carson being even more low energy, I sympathize with Ben Carson, because I am even lower energy than he is. When Trump talks about Hillary Clinton giving a 15 minute speech then taking a nap, I too fall asleep. I hate myself for being so low energy but I just am. And the old man Trump puts me to shame. He's a maniac.

Trump calls Elizabeth Warren Pocahontas, where right wingers commentariat call her Fauxahantas. 

Perhaps these name-calling videos are not your cup of tea.

These videos do not mention, cannot mention, that Trump just now shut down Elizabeth Warren's most malevolent achievement and it's driving her insane with rage. She had this one bagged. And it takes someone like Trump to destroy her greatest leftist unAmerican achievement.

With herself in mind for the position of Director, Elizabeth Warren refashioned the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to be autonomous from U.S. government, free of government oversight, beyond control of Congress and separate from presidential control or interference. The president would be able to fire the Director but only for cause. Elizabeth Warren redesigned Consumer Financial Protection Bureau such that the Director, herself, would wield complete financial control of the entire country, as czar, and to be untouchable by anyone or any portion of government.

Elizabeth wanted herself to be Director of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau,  she wanted to have complete control. And she wanted to be untouchable. And she very nearly achieved it. That is one wild grasping woman right there.

When you look back over Elizabeth Warren's career, what she did and how she did it, and the obsession that carried her though it all, if anything you must be impressed. In the way that one is impressed with Rasputin, having come so far from nowhere through such means of positioning herself along the currents of power, money and influence. And by being so capable.

The Consumer Financial Protection Director has the power to regulate pensions, mortgages, bank loans, retirement investment, credit cards, basically, every aspect of consumer financial transactions. 

Elizabeth Warren couldn't pass Senate confirmation so she was forced to drop out. Obama appointed Richard Cordray in her place.

Too bad for Elizabeth Warren that she couldn't isolate the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau from American courts. And she, a law professor.

Later, due to legal challenges by Credit Unions and mortgage providers the DC Circuit court of Appeals ruled that such power placed in a single individual is unconstitutional. 

Later Trump's people were positioned to use the power of the CFPB Director to eliminate himself, and that's what they're doing. Faced with insurmountable legal challenges and unhappy with turn of events Obama's CFPB Director, Richard Cordray, resigned. President Trump appointed OMB Director, Mick Mulvaney as interim head of the agency with no rush for permanent replacement. Until a permanent replacement is found Mulvaney will hold both positions. 

Mulvaney opposed the creation of the CFPB and all it can do. He described it as "one of the most offensive concepts in the U.S. government. A sad, sick joke."

So now Trump has in place a person who can be relied upon to take apart Elizabeth Warren's plan to control all U.S. financial transactions by fiat.

Good enough, and cause for real celebration.

But wait, there's more.

This disassembling of Elizabeth Warrens construction is just a part of Trump strategy to create a financial market for smaller banks and credit unions that is secondary to the too big to fail conglomerates.

A result of Dodd-Frank was to have large banks hold more in reserve as protection. To do that they consolidated to even larger banks and fewer of them. So now instead of a few too-large to fail financial institutions, we have even fewer much larger, far too large to fail institutions that cannot serve small businesses with loans because they're required to hold so much in reserve for liquidity. 

Trump and Secretary Mnuchin are working on a parallel financial community of banks and credit unions that are smaller and not subject to Dodd-Frank legislation that will be able to service small and mid-sized businesses.


I always liked that sculpture, I have seen it a couple of times, and as the father of sons I thought - hmm, whatever dude did, I am going to try to avoid that!

From wackipedia "The most famous account of these is now in Virgil's Aeneid where Laocoön was a priest of Poseidon (or Neptune for the Romans), who was killed with both his sons after attempting to expose the ruse of the Trojan Horse by striking it with a spear.[4]
Virgil gives Laocoön the famous line "Equō nē crēdite, Teucrī / Quidquid id est, timeō Danaōs et dōna ferentēs", or "Do not trust the Horse, Trojans / Whatever it is, I fear the Greeks even bearing gifts." This line is the source of the saying: "Beware of Greeks bearing gifts."

This work,  Laocoön and His Sons, was attributed by Pliny the Elder to the Rhodian sculptors Agesander, Athenodoros, and Polydorus. Them there boys knew how to chip them some marble, just sayin'.

I always liked how the sons were carved as miniature adults rather than using the actual proportions that youngsters have. Kind of like Greek folk art made to last a long time. And for the record, I always recommend puttin' on one's pants prior to fighting serpents of unusual size.

I am a big fan of the work of Hector Berlioz, but I won't link to "Châtiment effroyable"  from his opera Les Troyens as it is just too early to listen to that ottetto et double chœur.

Cathy Griffith isn't funny

She manages very well to stay in the spotlight even as her career appears to be crashing. Now she's complaining she's blacklisted. Blacklisted means your name went out that you're not to be hired and that's different from not attracting a crowd. She has been offered club work but she feels that she's beyond that at this point. And she adds that she wants the same pay as men.

I just came from a PJ Media site that is not sympathetic. And commenters there even less so.

But they were never fans to begin with.

I have a confession. I like her. I like her whole sick bit. She does have her supporters. Say what you like in comments, what you think, what you feel. I sense she'll pull out of this just fine. She takes as good as she dishes.

And I respect that.

A few of the commenters called her carrot top. They don't like her looks. They say that she's ugly. They showed a photo of her sagging butt. While other commenters say the real Carrot Top was actually funny and he made his own props.

I forgot how amusing he was at his start.

Fine. Let's go back to the past and look at Carrot Top back then instead.

Street food tour, Bejing

Want to see something really gross? Stick with it. Actually most of it's fine.

I cannot get over how much this guy looks like my friend whose BUTT HOLE ITCHES when he eats MSG accidentally. Oops. I was supposed to whisper that in light gray and small print but it came out bold again. And it's surprising how well he speaks Chinese. Got me. I wasn't expecting that. If you decide to stick with the video all the way through you'll love these two by the end of it. Pay attention to what his companion says. She's a doll. And there isn't that much actual street food. Most of it is in restaurants and I wonder if they ate all this in one day. It gets a bit raunchy but they do recover by the ending with something pleasant and interesting. I'm fascinated with how facile he is with breaking the ice with each vendor. It's his manner that wins each one over. He sticks with standard greetings and platitudes and it works minor wonders in each encounter. They seem delighted this white guy treats them with respect. I learned from this.

LaVar Ball downplays Trump's role in UCLA freshmen's release

LaVar's son, LiAngelo Ball was one of the three basketball players arrested in China for shoplifting and faced years in jail.

It ain't no big thing.


Playing stupid when asked by ESPN about Trump's involvement with his son's release.

 "What was he over there for? Don't tell me nothing. Everybody wants to make it seem like he helped me out."

Daddy, it's not about you. It's about your son's sorry ass sitting in jail for years. Chinese don't make the distinction between small personal items of theft, and they don't engage the racial political world constructed around  you and where you abide.

As for not telling LaVar Bell nothing, we will tell him something whether or not he cares to hear it. What was Trump over there for? Certainly not for getting three basketball players out trouble they brought to themselves.

Here goes:

* Trump went to Japan first then South Korea and China, their discussions dominated by working out what to do about North Korean nuclear program.

* Underline the alliance with Shinzo Abe. North Korea is top of Japan's list of concerns and Trump already has a great relationship with Abe. His stop there is intended to build on their relationship and reaffirm U.S. support.

* Assist Japan in developing a new constitution from the one the U.S. imposed to allow for their own self-defense.

* Build rapport with China leadership. To communicate to Xi Jinping that he either stop N.K. nuclear weapons program softly by asserting their economic leverage and make clear if that fails the U.S. will do it the hard way.

* To show up in person and present himself to American forces stationed in Japan and in South Korea and on the three carrier groups positioned around North Korea to reaffirm they are foremost and center and that America has their backs.

* Discuss missile defense system with South Korea.

* To discuss trade issues with Japan and South Korea

* Discuss trade and regional security with the leaders of Viet Nam and Philippines.

LaVar, since you said not to tell you nothing. Since you're willfully ignorant of what Trump was doing over there. Notice there's nothing about basketball players.

The basketball players were caught at a high end store. They were Louis Vuitton sunglasses. To put it racially, since that's where LaVar abides, his son lacked the paternal parenting common among families in the larger American culture lately characterized by racially oriented as white advantaged, when not characterized as white supremacist. That's saying LaVAr failed his son. And it shows in both father and son. They both make it show. By stealing high end sunglasses in a foreign country and by characterizing stealing and as no big thing that a full on president of the United States got his son cleared of that woeful dire situation.
UCLA athletic director Dan Guerrero said Wednesday that the players stole from three stores. They were released from custody after posting bail early Nov. 8, on the condition that they surrender their passports; they had been staying at a lakeside hotel in Hangzhou prior to flying home.
"As long as my boy's back here, I'm fine,"

Well that's the point, Mr. Ball. You're fine because your son is back and your son is back because Trump intervened on his behalf. Not yours. Your son would be sitting in a Chinese jail for y-e-e-e-e-a-a-a-a-a-r-s had Trump not intervened. And you would not be fine. But there is something inside you, surrounding you, that makes it impossible to acknowledge what Trump did for your son and indirectly for you.

Instead Mr. Ball blabs incoherently and irrelevantly.

* I'm happy with how things were handled.

That will do. That should end the conversation right there. That's enough right there. That works. But no. There's more to LaVar's world.

* A lot of people like to say a lot of things that they thought happened over there.
* They try to make a big deal out of nothing sometimes.
* I'm from L.A. I've seen a lot worse things happen than a guy taking some glasses
* My son built up enough character that one bad decision doesn't define him.
* Now if you can go back and say when he was 12 years old he was shoplifting and stealing cars and going wild, then that's a different thing.
* Everybody gets stuck on the negativity of some things and they get stuck on them too long.
* That's not me. I handle what's going on and then we go from there.

All probably true. All irrelevant. He flails like a child. Trump just spared Ball's son's sorry ass from being locked up for years in a foreign prison and with no way to fight their system of justice. Trump cut right through all that on his son's behalf. And he did that as incidental to vitally more important objectives on his agenda. The basketball player realease was a tiny side deal. An item sufficiently insignificant that it can actually make it to Reddit. It behooves LaVar Ball as his father to acknowledge that in the very least. But he cannot even do that. His world is too clouded. Too bad that is not possible for LaVar.  The racially clouded world that he lives in and moves through does not permit that simple ray of light to shine to illuminate his thick muddled head.

Such a well crafted tweet. Which of the other Republican candidates would have ushered communication about this, like this? Which ones would have provoked an acknowledgement from the three players, or smacked back at the short shrift by one of their dads? I can't see any of them doing this, except maybe the fat guy from Jersey. The rest of them would be constricted to projecting a proper presidential image defined from the outside, trapped in a role of appearances. 

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Le Vie En Roses

I transplanted several small roses today:

The previous owner loved roses and grew them here, there, and everywhere. I wanted them out of the area where I intend to grow herbs and vegetables. I dug holes, threw in some compost and transfered as much root ball as I could.

I gave away two to a woman up the street who makes bonsai. She really liked the look of the gnarly wood.

WKRLEM: Hey Trump...you can't fire me...I'm dead,


Too soon?

Second Line...

One needs to be played off stage properly. All too soon it seems, sometimes, but we all get our closer walk...

Music of the American south.  Ali Jackson's drum solo makes this piece work.

Fastest knockout ever

Zolani Tete knocks out Siboniso Gonya in six seconds after the bell rang. Tete retains his WBO bantamweight title. A bout so short the 2:18 minute video shows it 4 times. Camera switch right at the critical moment.

What's the truth about the first Thanksgiving, Prager University

Oh yeah? Well Emily with Bite Size Vegan has an entirely different perspective. She tells us she's not aiming to spoil our holiday or invalidate our family traditions but Thanksgiving is actually about the celebration of genocide with genocide and I'm afraid that's as far as I got with her, forty-three seconds.

Plus I don't like her breast tattoo on prominent display on her flat chest open on purpose to view it, her stringy lifeless limp hair nor her schoolmarm glasses, her aggressive sorry ass attitude nor her apparently pinched and sanctimonious diet. Emily, you suck.  

Her commenters love her.

MTV News also has a giant bug up their ass about our family traditions not matching precisely historic facts.

And their viewers are immensely grateful for finally being shown plain simple unattractive unvarnished truth.

YouTube is loaded with truth. 

Native American girls describe the REAL history
Teen Vogue

The real thanksgiving story
Chidi Jude Ugoh

Thanksgiving Day truth behind the lies (30 minutes)
M. Mitchell 

The TRUTH of Thanksgiving
Yaban Israel

Thanksgiving myths busted
American Heroes Channel

What you didn't know about Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving: A politically incorrect guide
Steven Crowder

Professor Griff - Truth about Thanksgiving (45 minutes)

Skipping Thanksgiving -- The truth on Thanksgiving

And many, many more. Too many to list.


Shut up. Shut up. All of you just shut up. 

Because I'm busy thinking about soaking a bird in buttermilk. 

I did that one time and it made the moistest turkey ever, and I mean it. Had I taken more care and dried it off more carefully, perhaps buttered the skin, then it might have even been attractive. Mine turned out unattractive but incredibly moist. 

See, it didn't actually soak in buttermilk like swimming in buttermilk, rather, a towel was soaked with buttermilk and the turkey was wrapped in it.

Turkey bottom. ↓ It was roasted upside down so the moisture inside settled into the breast.

Flipped to finish. The top did not roast so attractively as the bottom did. ↓

Well, there you go. Live and learn, innit.

But check out how moist the breast is. The moistest I ever tasted. The whole time I was freaking out about how moist the meat turned out. It's actually liquid.

Hillary Clinton speaks at Clinton Foundation

Apparently the Clinton Foundation still exists. Apparently people still go there. Apparently people still listen to Hillary Clinton when she speaks.

Who knew?

She takes a dig at Trump tweeting making the same mistake that all Democrats make in supposing that communicating through Twitter means Trump isn't getting anything done. Twitter = no work. But then, she's speaking to people who don't see what Trump gets done because their media doesn't spoon-fed it to them. They need it processed to pap first so it can run on Reddit.

To everyone else she's hilarious.

Make that hysterical.

Per The Daily Caller, who listens so that we don't have to, she was talking about the peace process in Northern Ireland. No small feat. I forgot about that, actually. Maybe Wikipedia can be useful in helping to refresh memory. [control F, Bill Clinton] Wikipedia mentions Bill Clinton twice. Bill Clinton gave a speech in Northern Ireland  and he made a few phone calls.

That's okay. Her fans eat it up.

And boy, is Trump getting things done. 

Much better than I had imagined. I did not fully perceive or appreciated the full depth and breadth of the problem Trump faces. It's not just Trump against GOPe as I envisioned the challenge. It wasn't just making the non-representative Republicans go where Whigs went. It was amazing to see him sweep past the entire array of very good solid Republican candidates, except for that one fat guy, and then beat the Democrats with all of government and all of American media arrayed against him, but also the entire unofficial world government and non-government global entities geared for Hillary Clinton to win. All those international corporations that hold virtual monopolies in their areas that control markets to the point that there is no such thing as free markets anymore. That is a naïvely outdated conceptualization. That is the extent that international banking and international companies control global markets internationally. 

They control markets globally. That's why HIV medicine costs thousands of dollars for Americans and much less for Canadians and even less for Mexican citizens and far less for Africans. The individual global markets are squeezed for whatever they're worth. International entities actually control supply across countries to maximize price.  Everything was in place for Hillary to win and now that Trump won instead he throws a massive sabot into their global gears. Banking, financing, climate, pharmaceuticals, electronics, automobiles, food. Everything.

It's no wonder Hillary Clinton still questions the validity of our last election. The entire thing was rigged globally for her to prevail, but American voters screwed her, and both parties and the entire global controlling structures that operate in areas larger than most nations. 

Got a few minutes? 

Sundance wrote a fantastic piece on Legislation and Lobbyists. It's brief and very good. He starts out with a tweet by Fox.

Lobbying Congress
1965: $51 million spent, avg $113,700 per lawmaker
2016: $3.1 billion spent, avg. $5.8 million per lawmaker

In fifty years we've become an entirely different country.

In the 70's we watched Schoolhouse Rock, the civics lesson cartoon inserted between regular cartoons that showed kids how a bill gets written and passed through Congress. Sundance emphasizes and reiterates that no congressperson writes any bill today. They're all written by special interests and sold to Congress through lobbying. Some non-profits depend entirely on Government financing who then spend the money to pay congresspeople to support the bills that they write. Corporations, Banks, Financiers, for-profit special interests, non-profit special interests, foreign governments, are all stopped dead in their tracks because we elected Trump. All of those billions of dollars grinding through our economy completely jammed up. Because we elected Trump instead of who we were supposed to. It's not just that they're miffed at losing an election. For them it's an existential catastrophe. It's not just that they're being recalcitrant, it's that there is nothing else they can do. All that money jammed to a halt, means all that money and time for resistance. There is nothing else they can do.

Why doesn't Hillary Clinton just STFU? There is nothing else she can do. 

Saturday cartoons should insert Sundance's essay where Schoolhouse Rock used to be. Our kids need to be updated. 

He has a cute cartoon of a minuteman picking up and dragging along an elephant and a donkey both wearing suits. 

He shows a photograph of Paul Ryan doing a selfie with his staff of 100 or so mostly young people. They're all seated behind him and smiling and leaning into the frame, so cheerful with their victory. It's captioned, "Staffers with nothing to do." 

Thunderstruck, 2Cellos

AC/DC Malcom Young tribute.

Suggestion: turn up your sound.

Navy apologizes

The Daily Caller. The story goes like this.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Trump to announce decision on North Korea's place on the State Sponsor of Terrorism List

Experts believe that re-designating North Korea would represent another rung up the ladder of pressure options on North Korea.
Good thing we have experts around to explain things.
Scott Snyder, Senior Fellow for Korea Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations, believes that there are grounds for this designation in light of the DPRK's assassination of Kim Jong-nam, the eldest son of North Korean leader Kim-Jong Il.
Rockets launched over Japan and threatening Guam and threats to attack the U.S. with "tremendous muscle" might be another. I'm guessing.
“The past use of the list as part of denuclearization negotiations with North Korea under the Bush administration suggests that redesignation of North Korea as a sponsor of state terrorism should also come with a more explicit explanation of the conditions and performance — or grounds for executive waivers — that would be required for North Korea to be removed the list in future,”

I'm finding it hard to care. North Korea is boring. And so are watchers of North Korea. And so are watchers in North Korea. And so is the demilitarized zone, an odd term for a highly militarized no-go zone.

I'll be frank. I must be shallow. The only thing I find interesting is the photo of North Korean watchers. They crack me up. They're eminently Photoshoppable. They'd be straight up comical were they not already straight up tragic and that combination would make you think that they're doubly dramatic but instead they're just pathetic and there's only so much drama available in 100% pathos. The entire country is certifiable. You read this week where a South Korean doctor is reporting one the last defectors, shot while defecting, has worms inside him the likes of which he'd never seen except in medical text books.

Maybe one day China will send a second pair of binoculars. 

What an incredibly boring job, waiting for South Korea and the U.S. to attack them. 

One time in Cancun our little traveling group drove over to Puerto Juarez to the Gran Puerto Cancun ferry dock to ride a creaky old boat to Isla Mujeres. We could have flown. And we could have taken the modern air-boat, hydrofoil, I think. But what fun is that? We have all day, after all. What's the rush? The boat ride was interesting as the island famous for its coral reef. Actually, our own rented house has its own jetty with its own built up coral life abounding. Not quite as colorful as the fish at Isla Mujeres. And wouldn't you expect to see a lot of women at a place named Isla Mujeres? Just saying. It was all tourists. 

The boat ride was wild. People were carrying live chickens in small wooden cages. They were carrying everything across to the island. 

That was the time while waiting on the top deck of the boat that I noticed two men on the dock talking animatedly in sign language. I thought, "Oh goodie gumdrops! Two of my favorite foreign languages at once. This is where the two shall meld." 

I sat there and studied their language and for the life of me I could not discern one single word. Not one. Not "house," not "eat," not "food," not "chicken," not "box," not "boat," not "water," not "time," not "noon," not "air," not "brother," not "mother," not "come," not "return," not "money," not any basic usual expected word not one single thing came through and I sat there totally dismayed at how useless everything that I know is, at how I don't know anything at all. All my skills = 0.

Right before we got to the dock we passed a very nice looking area shaded with palm trees and standing at the edge facing the water stood a Mexican Army soldier watching guard of... 

I don't know. The whole gulf, I suppose. He was guarding against invasion from Cuba. And all I can feel is pity.

Know what's more interesting than standing guard in North Korea against invasion from South Korea, or standing guard in Cancun against invasion from Cuba? Watching oxygen bubbles rise in steady stream from a plant leaf. That's what.

WKRLEM: Call of Duty Bob Kelly (funniest video ever)

That's not to say making fun of Bobby Kelly is not hilarious. I enjoy his podcast a lot and the best ones are when guys like Colin Quinn are on and tell him he looks like a fat Japanese Lesbian.

This is one of the funniest bits ever on Opie and Anthony where they mock Bobby's trip to Iraq with the USO.

Louis CK was always a jerk off ......Louis CK on Robert Kelly....Very Not Safe for work

I had to laugh about all the sanctimonious shits pontificating about Louie CK and Judge Roy Moore. I always thought Louie CK was a dick. Here he is on the Opie and Anthony show trashing Bobby Kelly. Bobby is a generous guy who helped a lot of the new comics to get exposure on his podcast "You know what dude." He is sort of a mentor to a lot of the younger guys. But to the comics of his own generation like Louie, Rich Vos, Jim Norton and Colin Quinn he is just a punching bag.

Mind of a Chef, David Kinch, Éric Ripert

Brace yourself for hating this whole thing.

I've been going through the episodes of Mind of a Chef and the main thing I'm learning is there really isn't that much going on in the minds of chefs beyond disturbance. Most of what they have on their minds, as depicted in this show, is incredibly mundane.

Not just regular mundane, incredibly mundane.

They get hung up on the stupidest things and their agonizing over their personal progress is flatly intolerable. They are simply not that interesting. A good number of episodes show the chefs using tweezers to place tiny flowers on precious little snack dishes treated as Fabergé eggs.

If I see one more g.d. pair of tweezers I'm going to... I'm going to... skip past you again!

And then they do something weirdly brilliant. Magnus Nilsson is one such chef. They all are in their own way. Agonizingly slow in discussing his food philosophy, psychologically damaged in his microscopic attention to insignificant details he comes up with ideas for his restaurant that aren't even food. Boring in his recollections. I watched three episodes with him wearing the same stupid sweater. I could smell his unwashed hair all the way over here in Denver. Then he steps out in the snow and describes the smell of leaves that are deteriorating under the snow for all winter. Dry leaves do not have the same smell. The smell creates an emotion. The next thing Magnus Nilsson is inside his Fäviken restaurant kitchen par-boiling leaves that have deteriorated under the snow the whole winter and serving them on a plate as a nest for some kind of little white egg-like hors d'oeuvre tucked into the leaves. He wanted the scent of the forest for his three tiny white balls of food. Possibly mushrooms. I didn't catch exactly what they are. And that's one of twenty tasting courses he serves at this restaurant over a two and half hour period. They serve very few people each night, and they serve them all night. His mind is not on restaurant commercial efficiency. He doesn't care about maximum return. It's all about him indulging his preciously private art. And when he gets tired of thinking up new things, or when people stop coming, then the restaurant will close.

All the chefs featured are this maniacal, simultaneously vacuous and deep, careless and precise, mostly emotional. Very very emotional. Grown up generals in charge of their kitchens and little children at heart, controllers of their own destinies and badly beaten and battered by life.

They often have red eyes.

I had to skip an entire episode of David Kinch as he agonized over the fire that burned down his restaurant. He drags viewers through every emotional aspect of the entire experience until finally he makes a drink that took 500 iterations to perfect while watching sunsets and matching the color and flavor of orange with the drink, while he uses the word "bitter" fifteen times in describing the ingredients. I skipped ahead, stopped, "bitter," skipped ahead again, stopped again, "bitter," skipped ahead again, stopped again, "bitter." I gave up and skipped to the end.


But look how beautiful these are and how much thought is poured into each molecule. Éric wastes his mussels and clams, he wants their liquid not their meat, while another chef devotes an entire episode on her life-philosophy of avoiding all waste and her insane degree of recycling water and broth and her self pride in recovering and preparing and eating basically garbage, breading and frying the bones of fish, for example.

Éric Ripert talks funny, but try not to hold that against him. He is an impressive individual and his restaurant, Le Bernardin, in New York is outstanding. He really is living the dream.

And what does Le Bernardin mean? Well, it means un religieux ordre fondé par Saint Benoît et réformé par Saint-Bernard.

"Do you trust people who don't like caviar?"

"I don't trust people who don't like food."

Well. With my mountain of biases set aside for the moment, I must admit this is impressive.

I love the vegetables that David Kinch presented. I wanted to eat those. Whatever else it may be, prissy, overly fussy, too precious, feminine, anal retentive, that really is art.

But what do other people who bothered to watch this have to say? Selected comments to both videos at YouTube. 

* For my taste they ruined nice fish with salt, vinaigrette and sesame seeds. :/
And basil? Nah.

[Your taste doesn't count! Go away.] 

* That guy have no idea even about definition of sashimi, as about Japanese cuisine. Fish is spoiled with salt and oil.

[This evoked a lot of response mostly in agreement. Others try to pry him off his narrow definition but he's not having it. The entire series is about how chefs think and create, not how they obey tradition with fidelity.]


[Ha ha. A puzzle! That first thing means beauty and the second thing means taste. The other scribbles mean sounds. The Japanese person approves.]

* Ok, I really don't like eating sashimi, but this definitely looks worth trying.

[For the second video]

* "And I'm generous with the butter, I don't care"

* hair on mackerel at 1:51

[Well spotted. He must have a large screen. I looked but all I see is a hair on my screen]

* This is why I dislike this type of food, what a waste of mussels and clams

[It's not certain they were wasted.]

* Caviar from china and cheap shit mackerel

[That's the thing. They're using their imaginations in combining textures and flavors of food, not matching the cost of ingredients. Objection rejected.]

* Another bullshit from people that have no idea what is really a sashimi.

[It's a good thing that you do so you can keep these professional innovators on the straight and narrow. Or else change might occur.]

* +Rambalac mental masturbation for these to nob heads here

[He shot into his hand towel.]

* Oil means ruined sashimi.

[Holding his ground on his precise immutable vocabulary]

Gene Simmons banned from Fox News

Daily Beast.
Kiss frontman Gene Simmons—until this week, a favorite guest on Fox News and Fox Business Network programs, which couldn’t get enough of his supposedly outrageous rock-star antics mixed with conservative politics—has been banned for life from the right-leaning cable channels.
I did not know that.
Things seemed to be going well enough when Simmons jumped up from the Fox & Friends couch to help meteorologist Janice Dean do her weather report—a delighted Dean later posted video on her Twitter feed—and then sat on a panel with Bartiromo, who asked his views on the Harvey Weinstein sexual-misconduct scandal.
I had no idea. I like Gene Simmons a lot but he seems a poor match for the chinos and top siders crowd. What were they thinking? Gene Simmons expressed conservative principles therefore Gene Simmons will be a good match for FOX culture?


Gene Simmons did other disqualifying things explained at the link but here is my favorite part of his un-corporation like antics. It kills me.
...and then bopped two employees on the head with his book, making derisive comments about their comparative intelligence according to the sound their heads made when struck.
That cracks me up all over again. He had too much fun and corporation types cannot take it.

The item at Daily Beast is updated with an apology from Gene Simmons.

Orrin Hatch blows a gasket

And it's a beautiful thing to behold.

I'll help you out here. Skip to 00:45 and avoid the entirely superfluous MSNBC nitwits. Their faces and their voices screw up everything. Mannequins with electronic voices would be better.

Sherrod Brown just flat pisses off Orrin Hatch who comes just short of telling Brown to STFU. But Brown is Democrat and that is not possible. Brown speaks over Hatch out of order, as they do. Brown knows his audience. They all live at Reddit. He doesn't even have to think anymore just repeat the same rote exercises.

Seen at Victory Girls where writer Toni Williams talks about several other related things. 

Colonel ratted out as thought criminal

An experienced combat pilot, Colonel Leland Bohannon was suspended from command and orders were handed down recommending he not be promoted following his refusal to publicly affirm the same-sex spouse of one of his retiring subordinates.

The colonel is Christian, and in the Christian belief system same sex marriage is not just sinful, it's blasphemous. Bohannon was about to be promoted to General but now that's not going to happen.

Bohannon declined to sign a certificate of spouse appreciation for a retiring master sergeant's same-sex spouse. He asked a higher ranking military officer to sign the document instead. A solution that would satisfy everyone. But the master sergeant wanted his commanding officer to sign it. And being so quick in employing the tactics they're so sensitive to themselves, the master sergeant took the opportunity to bully and sabotage the Colonel's career as punishment for refusing to behave contrary to his religious beliefs.

But hold on, you homophobic neck beard hillbilly troglodytes, intervention on Bohannon's behalf is on the way from a group of Senators including Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Mike Lee.

Item seen on Moonbattery, originally from Fox News.

The rule of law is back

Writing for Front Page Magazine, Daniel Greenfield pens a defense of Jeff Sessions citing Obama's cynical parting message to Trump urging Trump to protect institutions and traditions like the rule of law, then going through examples of Obama breaking with his own advice and noting the actions taken to reverse them and repeating rhetorically, the rule of law is back.  Greenfield has a knack for lining up all his ducks in a long tidy row.
Obama always had some great political crusade, from identity politics to international intervention, which trumped the rule of law. If Congress wouldn’t pass amnesty for illegal aliens, he would. If it wouldn’t cover ObamaCare subsidies, he would divert the money anyway. If it wouldn’t agree to bomb Libya, he would do it on his own while lying to Congress and to the American people.
Guns were smuggled to drug cartels to undermine the Second Amendment.

Nakoula Nakoula was arrested for uploading his YouTube video The Innocence of Muslims.

Robert Finicum was killed protesting federal land use policies.

Race riots were organized by the Justice Department.

Police officers were lynched while hundreds of drug dealers were freed.

Islamic terrorists were released while soldiers were locked up in America and in Iran.

Obama put his union allies in the National Labor Relations Board by means of illegal and fake recess appointments that the Supreme Court found unconstitutional but who had their place for two years.

Obama's auto bailout was illegal.

Obama blackmailed big companies to make payouts to Obama allies

Due process vanished from college campuses.

Obama had Congress and Trump officials spied on to protect his Iran nuclear deal.

But all that is changing around now.

Gang violence is the leading source of gun violence but Obama went easy on gang violence and freed drug dealers then treated the resulting gun violence as pretext for gun control.

While Jeff Sessions is going after gangs and not targeting legal gun owners. Obama failed to enforce existing gun laws and prosecutions dropped sharply under Obama.

Obama's policy created the Ferguson Effect. Jeff Sessions put an end to the Holder-Lynch black nationalists and their sympathizers in the Justice Department. Sessions declared they are making it clear that they stand with their law enforcement partners 100 percent.

Sessions shut down the slush fund that Obama used to divert billions in settlement money from banks and corporations to groups like La Raza and the National Urban League.

Instead, Sessions reached settlements with conservative groups targeted by Obama's IRS.

Sessions rescinded Obama's illegal alien amnesty. Sessions called Obama's illegal alien amnesty "one of the most dramatic erosions of the Congressional appropriations power in our history."

The ObamaCare birth control mandate cases were settled. Sessions said, "no one should be forced to choose between living out his or her faith and complying with the law."  The new Justice Department is standing up for the freedom of bakers and nuns, of small businesses and churches.

Sessions warned that free speech on campuses is under attack and the Department of Justice will enforce federal law, defend free speech, and protect students' free expression."
The Clintons and Obama had sixteen years in which to do what they liked. And the damage to our institutions reflects that. It can’t and won’t be repaired overnight. Not with so many activists from the opposition party embedded deeply in the DOJ, the judiciary and other government institutions.

That's all very good.

But it hardly satisfies the readers at Front Page Magazine. They want blood. They need to see people imprisoned, and they name who they need to see behind bars. They need to see Sessions fight Trump's political opponents.  They need a straight up straightforward, frontally attacking political fight.

They want to see a special prosecutor for Hillary Clinton specifically. They want a special prosecutor for Uranium One. Commenters believe that Democrats are playing Sessions for a fool. They want Sessions to resign. They don't see him earning his paycheck. Daniel Greenfeld did not convince Front Page Magazine readers that Sessions is doing a good job in restoring the rule of law. They do not see Sessions using the full power available to him to restore the rule of law. They do not like his recusals. They want someone who fights nasty the way they've seen Obama's administration fight for what Democrats want.

It's very odd to read such an excellent essay met with such vehement contrary response.

Much more at the link. Recommended. Just to have your mind blown.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Bill O'Neill

It's possible you haven't yet heard of Bill O'Neill.

Bill O'Neill is sitting Supreme Court Justice of Ohio also gubernatorial candidate who posted his sexual prowess on Facebook bragging about dating fifty incredibly beautiful women in his fifty-year public career. That's one gorgeous woman per year for you mathematically inclined. He went on the campaign offensive to get ahead of any possible attacks. All rather hilarious on its own given he looks like a doofus.

The story is everywhere while it's still possible that you haven't heard of him yet. Sometimes that happens.

I watched half a dozen Andrew Dice Clay videos before posting and I must say he had me in stitches. I was already recumbent so there was no falling down but I'm going to have the strongest abs ever. For some inexplicable reason having to do with ridiculous violation he was hilarious until suddenly he wasn't funny anymore. And just like that I understood the sudden drop in the arc of his comedy career.