Friday, July 28, 2017

Republican healthcare bill fails

High drama.

And American Senate is nothing if not purely drama. This national ordeal demonstrates United States Senate exists for show. Presently, Americans do not have a disputative governing body, rather, Americans have another Era of Good Feelings, of the sort that Senators like John McCain can abide. They see themselves ensconced in their own exclusive club, and not gladiators sent up to do battle.


They have no intention of allowing Obamacare to collapse. Against voter's wishes they intend to buttress the Affordable Healthcare Act with whatever it takes to seal their own expansion. 

Observation: Our exalted ruling class is terribly slow on the uptake.

Prediction: They're going to be made to pay for failure of representation. 

The force that overturned nearly a thousand seats across the United States, that turned both houses and the executive branch against all predictions, is not going anywhere. The long march by alarmed voters to turn back the growth of government has been ineluctable and each slight delivered has rebounded to make that force stronger. 

Senators like John McCain rebuff the people who sent him to Washington and those voters will return the snub. The Senate honestly believes that it rules the country while voters know otherwise. Anger among voters will increase even more when the ballooning cost of Affordable Healthcare takes effect that's built into it by its disingenuous design. This is not the usual voting pendulum swing that's been understood for so long, rather, this is a new voting force long derided and termed populist that grows with each affront delivered by their arrogant elected representatives. 

McCain specifically exemplifies this. Everything to be read through his recent condition and his return, all the articles and all of the hundreds of comments to them are exceedingly negative withouit a single bright spot. One way or another he's out. Along with others who imagine they've fooled their own voters with high drama while lacking results. This abject failure to represent voters is seen by voters as crime.

Thursday, July 27, 2017


Seems like ages since I've posted anything here. We're in the midst of moving -- leaving Oceanside for Irvine.

I heard this song today and it reminded me of so many regrets. I've always admired that band, and what they overcame and how they kept plugging.

@Sixty: Here are the stairs. I lovingly restored the rails, but I haven't put them back up. We love the open look too much.

A good question!

Father Martin Fox asks:

"Exit question:

Can a people live together in harmony if they do not agree on fundamental reality?"

That seems something that a lot of people are asking these days. Fake news. MSNBC. CNN. Brietbart. Maddow. Hannity. 

Each side has it sources. Each side has it's facts. A fact is a fact but how it is interpreted  determines what you believe. Take this trans-gendered nonsense.

President Trump has announced that it is his policy to not allow trans-gendered members of the armed forces. As usual with Trump it all comes down to money. He doesn't want to pay for some psycho to enlist and then demand a addadicktome. I doubt he cares all that much about trans-gendered. I doubt that most "normals" care either. Live and let live. We think about them about as much as we think about paranoid schizophrenics. Which is not at all unless you put them in our face on the subway screaming at us for loose change. That is the fundamental reality. 

"Utah man says he killed wife because she laughed at him"

AP: Kenneth Manzanares was charged with murder after he was found with blood on his hands and clothes and blood spread throughout the cabin on the Princess Cruises ship Tuesday night, according to a criminal complaint by FBI Special Agent Michael L. Watson.

Kristy Manzanares, 39, had a severe head wound, but authorities have declined to release other details in the case, including how many people were traveling with the couple on the 3,400-passenger Emerald Princess that left Sunday from Seattle.

A man and others went into the room before medical workers and security officers had arrived and saw the woman on the floor covered in blood, according to court documents. The man asked Manzanares what happened, and the suspect said, "She would not stop laughing at me."

Manzanares then grabbed his wife's body and tried to drag her to the balcony, but the man stopped him, Watson wrote. A ship security officer handcuffed Manzanares in a nearby cabin.

While the FBI searched him, he spontaneously said, "My life is over."

(Link to story)

Video: The Real Reason Hospitals Are So Expensive

Link to video

Via Reddit

"Wasserman Schultz kept paying tech expert suspected of stealing House computers"

Via InstapunditWhen a computer expert who worked for congressional Democrats was accused of stealing computers and data systems in February, members of Congress cut him loose within days, leaving Imran Awan with no supporters five months later.

Except for Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

The Weston Democrat has not explained in detail why she continued to employ Awan until Tuesday when she fired him — after he was arrested on bank-fraud charges at Dulles International Airport in Virginia attempting to board a flight to Pakistan.

And she has not elaborated on what work Awan did for her after he lost access to the House computer network.

She declined to answer questions about Awan in Washington on Wednesday, and her spokesman, David Damron, accompanied her to the House floor while instructing a reporter that Wasserman Schultz would not take questions about her former employee.

(Link to more)

"Scientists dim sunlight, suck up carbon dioxide to cool planet"

Via Instapundit: Scientists are sucking carbon dioxide from the air with giant fans and preparing to release chemicals from a balloon to dim the sun's rays as part of a climate engineering push to cool the planet.

Backers say the risky, often expensive projects are urgently needed to find ways of meeting the goals of the Paris climate deal to curb global warming that researchers blame for causing more heatwaves, downpours and rising sea levels.

The United Nations says the targets are way off track and will not be met simply by reducing emissions for example from factories or cars - particularly after U.S. President Donald Trump's decision to pull out of the 2015 pact.

They are pushing for other ways to keep temperatures down.

(Link to more)

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Beware the Walking Dead 3

Beware the Walking Dead Part 2

John McCain Backs Transgender Ideology, Slams Donald Trump’s Policy

by Neil Munro Brietbart News July 26, 2017

GOP Senators John McCain and Orrin Hatch are objecting to President Donald Trump’s forceful rejection of the progressives’ demand that the Pentagon help some service members live as members of the opposite sex.

“Any American who meets current medical and readiness standards should be allowed to continue serving,” said a morning statement by Sen. McCain, who appears to accept the claim that a person”s gender identity” should be respected by the Pentagon and enforced on other soldiers.
There is no reason to force service members who are able to fight, train, and deploy to leave the military—regardless of their gender identity. We should all be guided by the principle that any American who wants to serve our country and is able to meet the standards should have the opportunity to do so—and should be treated as the patriots they are.

"Newly declassified memos detail extent of improper Obama-era NSA spying"

Via Instapundit: The National Security Agency and Federal Bureau of Investigation violated specific civil liberty protections during the Obama years by improperly searching and disseminating raw intelligence on Americans or failing to promptly delete unauthorized intercepts, according to newly declassified memos that provide some of the richest detail to date on the spy agencies’ ability to obey their own rules.

The memos reviewed by The Hill were publicly released on July 11 through Freedom of Information Act litigation by the American Civil Liberties Union.

They detail specific violations that the NSA or FBI disclosed to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court or the Justice Department's national security division during President Obama’s tenure between 2009 and 2016. The intelligence community isn't due to report on compliance issues for 2017, the first year under the Trump administration, until next spring.

The NSA says that the missteps amount to a small number — less than 1 percent — when compared to the hundreds of thousands of specific phone numbers and email addresses the agencies intercepted through the so-called Section 702 warrantless spying program created by Congress in late 2008.

“Quite simply, a compliance program that never finds an incident is not a robust compliance program,” said Michael T. Halbig, the NSA’s chief spokesman. “…The National Security Agency has in place a strong compliance program that identifies incidents, reports them to external overseers, and then develops appropriate solutions to remedy any incidents.”

(Link to more)

"Ex-House staffer busted for bank fraud while trying to leave U.S. for Pakistan"

Via Instapundit: A fired House staffer was arrested on a bank fraud charge while trying to leave the U.S. for Pakistan, according to reports Tuesday.
Imran Awan, who most recently worked for Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.), was busted Monday at Dulles International Airport, Politico reported.

Awan and his wife, Hina Alvi, were accused of lying about a housing equity loan to pilfer $165,000 from the Congressional Federal Credit Union, according to documents filed in the District of Columbia. The couple obtained the loan for a rental property — rather than a primary residence. That money was then wired to Pakistan, documents allege.

Prior to the FBI probe, the couple worked under several House Democrats.
flashback: Wasserman Schultz Threatened Capitol Police Chief For Gathering Evidence On Her IT Staffer’s Alleged Crimes.

Journalism today

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Beware the Walking Dead!

He wants to start one more war before he shuffles off of this mortal coil.

Maybe Russia. Between him and Lady Graham and the media and the Democrats they will have us in a shooting war before you know it.

balcony garden inside views

This garden is at its teenage stage.

The fountain isn't even filled with water yet.

The largest containers at both ends had the most planning to them and they are the two with the most mistakes and they are doing the worst. They've both been corrected three times and all three corrections did poorly. They look terrible.

This largest container shown first tucked into a corner I tried to protect because last year elephant ear plants burned in the afternoon sun. This year the elephant ears defy their protection by growing wildly around it. On both sides of the balcony. Back to drawing board, back to square one. More plants in this container are obscured by caladiums than show. Vines are growing a lot more poorly here than in full sun. 

I can rightly call this garden The Garden of Stupid Mistakes.

Then hanging vines growing well in full sun are seized by rapidly growing morning glories climbing upward and the morning glories obscure the hanging vine foliage with their larger morning glory leaves. So after all that it looks like the downward vines are not even there. I directed things away from each other at first to have distinct layers so the morning glories will climb the railing instead to form a wall of leaves to shade delicate shade flowers, but the plants have their own imperatives and I lost that battle. Morning glories are rampant and they'll do what they do. These all grew from a tiny portion of the seeds that were collected from blooms last year after the plants died and dried out. The seeds drop like black rain.

The rest of the morning glory seeds collected were given away, a small amount scooped into sandwich bags. The same amount as I planted here. The women who accept them and planted them love them. They give me enthusiastic updates as they grow. For they are horticultural dummkopfs like me.

But that still left 3/4 of seeds collected and those were tossed around the neighborhood randomly in cracks, near fences and poles, and in other people's window boxes, planters and side gardens. It was a mischievous activity to take up. I'm a grown man for Christ's sake. I see them here and there throughout the neighborhood growing to varying degrees of success. If those manage to bloom, die, dry out and drop, then the plants will run rampantly on their own. They're an invasive species.

Is that fun or what?

I'm figuring this out as I go. 

I learned several important things this year through fairly stupid mistakes. How not to plant caladiums, for example, right side up and not too deeply, not to leave a box of bulbs out there in the dryness and hot sun for a week unattended, not to buy live plants online again, not ever. 

There's something about buying live plants online that clues the delivery service to be sure to mess up. How they manage to single out live plants to go completely out of character is beyond me. It's all quite remarkable. It's happened with aquarium plants before too, always the same kind of mess up involving a weekend, and this year it happened with an expensive shipment of unique petunias with hearts in the center, and a variety of hosta plants. This one single time UPS bizarrely delivered to a locker that is not so near to me instead of directly to my home. An experiment of theirs to service customers whose working hours conflict. They made no effort to deliver to my home. I was at home waiting. On a Friday. So the plants would be in the dark locker somewhere I've never been for an extra three days. I had to find the locker, another bizarre location in a cafe inside a maze of hallways, and then drive there and get them myself. I paid for delivery but did not get it. And that only happened once. With live plants. That was the day I blew a gasket in my mind. UPS assumes I can find them, they assume I have transportation, they assume I can walk. They were correct in all that, but still, they assumed all of that. So that's it. New rule. No more live plants online.

Except I'm still considering buying starter clones for the aquarium. The plan to have plants without snails.

The blue ceramic container has an unbelievable number of caladium bulbs in it that did not grow. It's a major disappointment. My fault. If only I knew what I'm doing. 

Immigration update....these are the people who the Democrats want to protect in Sanctuary Cities!

Read this story and understand what they mean when they say that local governments will not inform ICE of illegal immigrants they arrest for crimes. Why isn't this the lead story on every TV station.

Illegal Alien Arrested for Allegedly Raping 12-Year-Old Girl ‘Multiple Times’ over a Year

By Warner Todd Hustson Brietbart News July 25,2017

An illegal alien was arrested in New York and charged with the serial rape of a 12-year-old girl, allegedly even committing one attack in front of another child.

Police in Geneseo, New York, arrested Fernando Alvarado-Perez, 37, after accusations were made that he repeatedly raped the girl over at least a year’s time, the Livingston County News reported.
The paper reported that Alvarado-Perez was “was charged with first-degree rape, a class B felony, rape in the second degree, a D felony, criminal sex act in the second degree, a D felony, and four counts of endangering the welfare of a child.”
Authorities said that during interrogations Alvarado-Perez told them he even raped the child once in front of an infant.
The suspect is being held without bail at the Livingston County Jail.
During the investigation, the suspect also reportedly told authorities that he came to the U.S. illegally about a decade ago. The department then alerted Homeland Security (DHS) about their investigation.
But news of the referral to DHS brought Geneseo Police Chief Eric Osganian to the defense of his officers and department. Chief Osganian made pains to note that turning Alvarado-Perez into federal immigration authorities is not his department’s general policy.
Osganian insisted that the suspect’s immigration status “wasn’t a priority to us” as they investigated the crime.

"The meaning of Dunkirk"

Via Instapundit: The release of Christopher Nolan’s film “Dunkirk” provides a welcome reminder that there have been bigger disasters in British history than last year’s referendum vote to leave the European Union. We have made the best of worse jobs.

May 1940 was, as Winston Churchill said at the beginning of his peerless “finest hour” speech, a “colossal military disaster.” Nolan’s film is a powerful and moving work, but it still understates the magnitude of the calamity. The German newsreels of the time are more chilling for their black and white sobriety. For once, Joseph Goebbels had no need to exaggerate for propaganda purposes: Hitler’s forces really had inflicted a crushing defeat on Britain, not to mention France and Belgium. So chaotic was the retreat of the British Expeditionary Force that the shattered survivors had to be quarantined on their return for the sake of civilian morale.

The key point about “Dunkirk,” however, is that it could have been much, much worse. In a fateful decision often wrongly attributed to Hitler himself, Field Marshals Gerd von Rundstedt and Günther von Kluge recommended that the German forces around Dunkirk should halt, at a moment when their marauding panzers might well have finished off the encircled BEF. The killing or capture of around 338,226 Allied troops — the total number evacuated in Operation Dynamo, of whom roughly a third were in fact French — would have been a devastating blow from which British morale might never have recovered.

(Link to the whole thing)

"'Don't get shot by police'"

" goal of new advice in Arizona driver's manual."

Via Reddit:  The provisions tell motorists what to do if they’re pulled over by a police officer. They also provide specific warnings about what not to do, like reaching around in the vehicle or getting out.

The goal is pretty simple, said state Rep. Reginald Bolding, a Laveen Democrat who helped write the section.

It’s designed to keep drivers from getting shot by police.

Bolding, who is black, said the record shows that victims of police shootings during traffic stops are more likely to be black or Hispanic.

“When you look at what’s taken place across the country, you have seen a majority of individuals who are people of color that have had higher incidence of interactions with law-enforcement officers, particularly in shootings,” he said. “Hopefully we can get to a place where that’s not the reality.”

It was one such shooting of a black man — the 2016 killing of Philando Castile by a Minnesota police officer — that prompted Bolding to seek a rewrite of Arizona’s driving manual.

(Link to more)

A tip from Ed.

Did Former CIA Director Call For A Coup If Trump Fires Mueller?

Via Drudge:  In the most vocal opposition to president Donald Trump yet, former CIA Director John Brennan said that if the White House tries to fire special counsel Robert Mueller, government officials should refuse to follow the president orders, as they would be - in his view - “inconsistent” with the duties of the executive branch.

"I think it's the obligation of some executive branch officials to refuse to carry that out. I would just hope that this is not going to be a partisan issue. That Republicans, Democrats are going to see that the future of this government is at stake and something needs to be done for the good of the future," Brennan told CNN's Wolf Blitzer at the Aspen Security Forum, effectively calling for a coup against the president should Trump give the order to fire Mueller.

The exchange is 43 minutes into the clip below:

"The Era of Tort Lawsuits Is Waning"

Via Drudge:  Lisa Rickard, president of the U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform, an arm of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, says that while state measures have “weeded out some frivolous lawsuits,” litigation abuse remains a problem. “The American public wholeheartedly agrees there are too many lawsuits in the country,” she says.

At the same time, the falling number of tort filings, coupled with the broader decline in civil jury trials, has some judges concerned that Americans with garden-variety cases no longer see courts as an affordable way to seek redress for their injuries.

“People are just not filing cases like they used to. They are not seeking trials like they used to,” says Senior Judge Gregory Mize of the District of Columbia Superior Court, a local trial court. “It’s so expensive and time-consuming.”

(Link to the entire WSJ article)

balcony plants

Would you like to see my balcony plants from the outside? I took down a cart full of empty boxes to toss directly into the dumpster on the first level and took my camera with me. It's an odd thing to do and not such a great idea to aim a zoom lens at the balconies. When that's noticed people wonder who's privacy I'm invading.

The inside is beginning to look like a real mess. Just what I want. Plants are invading each other's space, vines are criss-crossing over each other so that they grow up the stems of plants in nearby containers, upwards, outwards and inwards so that soon the railing won't be available to hold onto for balance while watering.

The vines are morning glories and they haven't yet begun to bloom.

Maybe it doesn't seem like much but the other balconies are starkly bare. Except for two people to one side who are imitating what I have done. In my way, copying what I saw at an acquaintance's home, and not knowing anything at all, nothing, I at least showed a few things that can be done by a horticultural dummkopf in a challenging spot. More plants died than lived.

Remembering Japanese wood carver Susumo Ito

Let's get ourselves culturefied for a few minutes. Thirty minutes, if you have that many to spare.

David Bull reminds Americans viewers of Bob Ross who are nevertheless impressed with his engaging story telling. I saw this video on a British site where they have no such comparison to make. My favorite part is his laughter at the end. It's cute, the things that strike him as wrongly funny. While portions I honestly wondered how he managed continuing dredging up details without breaking down in tears.

He describes these Japanese craftsmen as particularly unique kind of jerks. When the carver refused a ride in the rain I was wondering first if he was having some physical difficulty and didn't care to stink up the cab. And secondly if he sensed his time limited and wanted to be in the pouring rain.

Sometimes it feels really good to be in the wind and the rain, to feel the wind raise the hair on your arms sending chill through your bones and feel the drops hitting your skin, wish for a lightning strike to connect you directly to God.

Less so when you imagine a thousand more of them to you and would rather be warm and dry. Like everyone else in the van. Go away, go away, grumph, get out, just go already. Leave me alone.

Lastly, what a shame the old man bequeaths a few of his tools to another aging man. How long can the new guy have them to appreciate? He chanced on the perfect and persistent man to give them. Still, a bit of a shame that special someone isn't a lot younger. To have the objects longer. I guess it doesn't make any difference one way or another.

If you decide to stick with this, I hope you enjoy it as much as we do, the British site where this video is a favorite, and YouTube viewers to whom it was suggested, and against their own instincts actually liked it, and me.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Whose that author?

HE CALLED the place Pappas and Sons Coffee Shop. His boys were only eight and six when he opened in 1964, but he was thinking that one of them would take over when he got old. Like any father who wasn't a malaka, he wanted his sons to do better than he had done. He wanted them to go to college. But what the hell, you never knew how things would go. One of them might be cut out for college, the other one might not. Or maybe they'd both go to college and decide to take over the business together. Anyway, he hedged his bet and added them to the sign. It let the customers know what kind of man he was. It said, This is a guy who is devoted to his family. John Pappas is thinking about the future of his boys.

The sign was nice: black images against a pearly gray, with "Pappas" twice as big as "and Sons," in big block letters, along with a drawing of a cup of coffee in a saucer, steam rising off its surface. The guy who'd made the sign put a fancy P on the side of the cup, in script, and John liked it so much that he had the real coffee cups for the shop made the same way. Like snappy dressers got their initials sewn on the cuffs of a nice shirt. John Pappas owned no such shirts. He had a couple of blue cotton oxfords for church, but most of his shirts were white button- downs. All were wash- and- wear, to avoid the drycleaning expense. Also, his wife, Calliope, didn't care to iron.

Five short- sleeves for spring and summer and five long- sleeves for fall and winter, hanging in rows on the clothesline he had strung in the basement of their split- level. He didn't know why he bothered with the variety. It was always warm in the store, especially standing over the grill, and even in winter he wore his sleeves rolled up above the elbow. White shirt, khaki pants, black oilskin work shoes from Montgomery Ward. An apron over the pants, a pen holder in the breast pocket of the shirt. His uniform.

When you hire get about what you would expect.

Fake street signs warn of ‘easily startled’ Twin Cities cops

New York Post By Chris Perez July 24, 2017 

Fake street signs have been popping up in the Twin Cities — warning people of “easily started” cops — following the fatal shooting of an Australian bride-to-be by a Minneapolis police officer.
At least two signs were spotted over the weekend, one of which was still standing on Sunday night, according to the Star-Tribune.
To drive the point even further, they each featured an image of a cop — wildly shooting a pair of pistols in each direction.
One of the signs was photographed in St. Paul and the other was reported in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood of Minneapolis, the Star-Tribune reports.
The sign in St. Paul was later removed after pictures of it began circulating on social media.
“There’s a side of truth to the sign,” local resident Joe Morino explained after taking a picture of the one in Minneapolis.
“That tells you there is something wrong with the system.”
The signs appear to be a direct reference to the July 15 killing of Justine Damond at the hands of Minneapolis police officer Mohamed Noor.
The cop’s partner, Matthew Harrity, told investigators that they were both “startled” by a loud sound just before the shooting occurred.

AllenS reported traveling to the Hamptons......developing!

Christie Brinkley is open to finding love with the ‘right person’

by Lindsey Kupfer July 24, 2017

Christie Brinkley is single and ready to mingle.
“I’m loving my summer and [I’m] kind of really too busy [to date],” she told “Entertainment Tonight” at Social Life’s St. Barth Hamptons Gala this weekend. “But I’d slow it down a little if the right person came along.”
At the end of last year, the 63-year-old supermodel was spotted out with David Foster, but a source later said the pair were just friends.

Whose that Author?

He was born with a gift of laughter and a sense that the world was mad. And that was all his patrimony. 

His very paternity was obscure, although the village of Gavrillac had long since dispelled the cloud of mystery that hung about it. Those simple Brittany folk were not so simple as to be deceived by a pretended relationship which did not even possess the virtue of originality.

When a nobleman, for no apparent reason, announces himself the godfather of an infant fetched no man knew whence, and thereafter cares for the lad’s rearing and education, the most unsophisticated of country folk perfectly understand the situation. And so the good people of Gavrillac permitted themselves no illusions on the score of the real relationship between Andre-Louis Moreau—as the lad had been named—and Quintin de Kercadiou, Lord of Gavrillac, who dwelt in the big grey house that dominated from its eminence the village clustering below.

Now the speech police are going after small talk?

Via Instapundit: What’s everybody’s big problem with small talk?

There are memes about hating small talk, articles about dodging potential landmines in casual conversation and a move to end the practice altogether. With a new season of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” on the horizon, the biggest hater of small talk, Larry David, is inspiring pieces on how to avoid it altogether.

David has said on the show that he tries “to elevate small talk to medium talk” and he’s really not a fan of the “stop and chat” with an acquaintance. He’s not alone. This month Cosmopolitan UK described people who would “rather walk up five flights of stairs than endure 45 painful seconds” in an elevator with someone they know from work. And a Wall Street Journal article from May promised tips to “Save Yourself From Tedious Small Talk.”

Small talk is filler, that’s true, but is there anything really wrong with that? How else can we get to the deeper stuff unless we start with a less intense line of questioning? Do we really want conversations to begin with “how was your relationship with your parents?” or “describe your worst heartbreak”? We also seem to keep limiting what we’re allowed to say to each other, and that’s unfortunate.

(Link to more)

What is your "never again" story?

Reddit top voted answers...

I worked as a tower hand for a construction company. I used to take of my lanyard and move between booms(500-600feet up.) I also would slide down the outside legs untethered because it was faster than climbing down the ladder. I cringe when I think about that there was zero chance of survival if I fell.

Timeshare presentation. I now know what hell is like. 8 hours of my life I'll never get back.
And of course the "free trip" was impossible to get. "We will call you on Monday sometime in the next two months, then you need to fly out on Tuesday and come back Wednesday."

Back in the days before soft contact lenses you were supposed to clean them with hydrogen peroxide and then use a special neutralizer tablet afterwards.
I forgot to use the neutralizer before I put my contacts in. Hydrogen peroxide in your eye HURTS!

Asking a woman when her baby is due.
Doesn't really need a story. It went as imagined.

Loaning money to a friend.
Lost the money and the friend. Not a very good deal

Rode an Amtrak train from New Orleans to Washington DC. I thought I was a prodigy by choosing coach seating over a sleeper car or flying as I was saving some money by doing so.
Jump forward to 25 hours in the same seat, dude next to me pulling a Germany VS Poland invasion of the armrest, baby screaming all night in the back of the car and I couldn't sleep. The Toilet situation had deteriorated onboarrd to the point where I would use elbows and my boots to open and close the door and flush the toilet as my fellow riders were baffled by the concept of flushing and utilizing a trash bin for paper towels.
I've been awake 25 hours by this point and it's 3:45am.
If I ever do this, it's gonna be in a sleeper car, fuck the savings.
Murder on the Orient Express had the right idea.

"FBI Seized Smashed Hard Drives From Wasserman Schultz IT Aide’s Home"

Via Instapundit:  FBI agents seized smashed computer hard drives from the home of Florida Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s information technology (IT) administrator, according to an individual who was interviewed by Bureau investigators in the case and a high level congressional source.

Pakistani-born Imran Awan, long-time right-hand IT aide to the former Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairwoman, has since desperately tried to get the hard drives back, the individual told The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Investigative Group.

(Link to more)

Sunday, July 23, 2017

"Wisconsin Company To Implant Microchips In Employees"

Via Reddit: "It's the next thing that's inevitably going to happen, and we want to be a part of it," Three Square Market Chief Executive Officer Todd Westby said.

The company designs software for break room markets that are commonly found in office complexes.

Just as people are able to purchase items at the market using phones, Westby wants to do the sam thing using a microchip implanted inside a person's hand.

"We'll come up, scan the item," he explained, while showing how the process will work at an actual break room market kiosk. "We'll hit pay with a credit card, and it's asking to swipe my proximity payment now. I'll hold my hand up, just like my cell phone, and it'll pay for my product."

(Link to more)

"The Secret Life of Time"

Via Twitter:  In 1917, the psychologist Edwin G. Boring and his wife, Lucy, described an experiment in which they woke people at intervals to see if they knew what time it was; the average estimate was accurate to within fifty minutes, although almost everyone thought it was later than it actually was. They found that subjects were relying on internal or external signals: their degree of sleepiness or indigestion (“The dark brown taste in your mouth is never bad when you have been asleep only a short time”), the moonlight, “bladder cues,” the sounds of cars or roosters. “When a man is asleep, he has in a circle round him the chain of the hours, the sequence of the years, the order of the heavenly bodies,” Proust wrote. “Instinctively he consults them when he awakes, and in an instant reads off his own position on the earth’s surface and the time that has elapsed during his slumbers.”

It may also be a simple matter of induction: it was 4:27 A.M. when I last woke at whatever hour this is, so that’s what time it is now. The surprise is that I can be so consistent. William James wrote, “All my life I have been struck by the accuracy with which I will wake at the same exact minute night after night and morning after morning.” Most likely it’s the work of the circadian clocks, which, embedded in the DNA of my every cell, regulate my physiology over a twenty-four-hour period. At 4:27 A.M., I’m most aware of being at the service of something; there is a machine in me, or I am a ghost in it.

And, once the ghost gets thinking, there is much to think about—most of all, how little time I have in which to do all the things I’m thinking about and how behind I am. Until very recently, that included a book about, of all things, the biology and perception of time, which had preoccupied me since before my kids—twin boys, Leo and Joshua, now ten—were born. In its wake is everything else: the melting ice caps; the cost of orthodontics; the rise of demagoguery; the gutters I have to clean before winter, if winter really comes. The end of the year is nearly here, and still my schedule is scattered across four productivity apps.

As worried as I am in these waking moments, I also find them oddly calming. It’s as if in falling asleep I’d fallen into an egg and woken as the yolk, cushioned and aloft on an extended present. It won’t last, I know. In the morning, the hours and minutes will reassert themselves and this seemingly limitless breadth of time will seem unreal and unreachable—the dream of boundless time, dreamed from the confines of an egg carton. But that’s a thought for tomorrow. For now, it’s now, and the tick of the bedside clock is the muffled beat of a heart.

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What's your best non-swearing insult?

Reddit top voted comments...

You're impossible to underestimate

I envy people who haven't met you.

I dont know why you're playing hard to get when you're so hard to want.

You haven't been yourself lately. We've all noticed the improvement.

I hope the rest of your day is as pleasant as you are.

If drunk, Churchill's one is pretty good: "in the morning I shall be sober, but you will still be ugly"

A retaliatory insult:
"I've been called worse things by better people."

Your grades say marry rich, but your face says study harder.

"8 found dead in trailer at San Antonio Walmart"

Via Drudge:  "We're looking at a human-trafficking crime this evening," said San Antonio Police Chief William McManus in a video posted on the department's Facebook page. "Homeland Security is working with us."

The eight dead are believed to have died as a result of heat exposure/asphyxiation, according to an SAPD press release, but an official cause of death will be determined by the Bexar County Medical Examiner's Office.

Officials said about 30 more people were found inside the truck at 8535 S. Interstate 35 and Highway 16 and transferred to area hospitals for treatment.

(Link to more about this story)

"Trump Ruined Bisexual Wedding … By Winning"

Via Instapundit:  Author Beth McDonough told readers about her idyllic life and how President Donald Trump wrecked it all. “I came out as bisexual just over two years ago when I fell in love with the woman who is now my wife. My conservative, Christian family from small town West Virginia were nothing but open, loving, and supportive.”

So far, so good. Then the most awful thing happened -- the election. Our political neophyte who had never even voted before turned into (turnt?) the family member determined to annoy everyone. “I became terrified, and I got vocal about it. I attended rallies, I sent articles to my parents, I pleaded on social media for everyone who loves and supports me to please put their taxes and guns aside and stand up for human rights.”

Election day came. The libpocalypse. “I woke up in a stupor of shock. We lost. How could we have lost? The future was supposed to be bright and fair, not dark and hate-filled.”

Then came the betrayal! “One November 9th I saw an Instagram post from my cousin of he and his wife on a plane, celebrating the victory of President Donald Trump. He wasn't just happy, he was gloating, captioning the photo with hashtags like #Killary and #Hillaryforprison, exclaiming his excitement for Trump to make America great again.” Even more, an “ultra conservative, Christian cousin” of her wife to be didn’t approve of her gay wedding. Horrors. Or as the French would say, “Zut, alors!” (Who said I’m not multi-cultural?)

Naturally, she did what any newly woke, radical, alt-lefty, bisexual would do. She attacked her family. On the internet. “I wrote about the destructive election results, how I wasn't going to stay quiet about my discontent, and the dismay and sympathy I felt over my family, who all had to sit across from one another for dinner on Thanksgiving so soon after this historical event.”

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Trump, America's Got Talent 2017

Stop it with the fake boos.

The audience responds negatively. They don't like the whole setup. Mel B hits "X" the instant she see him. She's not having it. 

But he wins over the audience and the judges get the joke. It's a fine well done joke. Simon Cowell gets the humor immediately. 

He comes back for a second audition and by then all the audience is entirely won over. They know what to expect and they want to see more. I think he progresses to a third round. If you care to see them, the rest come up in sidebar over on YouTube. 

I think his imitation is hilarious.

Scaramucci: I've seen Trump throw a dead spiral through a tire.

First, love the name.

If a novelist used the name for a character in a fiction about a Trump administration member you'd think it a bit too contrived.

Speaking about Trump on Friday
He’s the most competitive person I’ve ever met, I have seen this guy throw a dead spiral through a tire. I’ve seen him at Madison Square Garden with a topcoat on, he’s standing in the key, he’s hitting foul shots and swishing them. He sinks three-foot putts. I don’t see this guy as a guy that’s ever under siege. This is a very, very competitive person.
Come on, help a brother out. "Dead spiral" has me stumped.

It's a football thing. Isn't it? Okay, I bet $10.00 it's a football thing. Because of "spiral." What other sport has that?

I also don't know what "swishing" means. I assume it relates to baseball. Because "foul shot" relates to baseball. Doesn't it? Maybe golf.

It looks like Scaramucci is  talking about Trump being competitive in football, baseball and golf. But that takes two assumptions.

You know, for a communications director you'd think he could speak in such a way that isn't so coded in sports lingo. If I'm understanding this right, it's taken a long time to get it.

Oh! Through the "hole" in the center of a tire. Not through the rubber of a tire like a bullet or a nail. Okay, now it makes more sense. "Dead" must mean like "dead on."

Sports people sure do speak weirdly. No wonder I never know what they're talking about.

No link. This is all over the place. Search "dead spiral" and all the results are to this Scaramucci statement. Apparently the phrase is unique.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

"US Urges All Nationals In North Korea To "Depart Immediately", Bans Tourists From Visiting"

Via Instapundit: Dennis Rodman will be disappointed to learn that the US is set to ban all citizens from traveling to North Korea, according to two agencies that operate tours there. Koryo Tours and Young Pioneer Tours said the ban would be announced on 27 July to come into effect 30 days later, the BBC reported. "After the 30-day grace period any US national that travels to North Korea will have their passport invalidated by their government." The ban comes one month after US student Otto Warmbier died following his imprisonment by the Kim regime.

China-based Young Pioneer Tours, which had taken Warmbier to North Korea, and Koryo Tours said the ban will come into force on July 27 - the anniversary of the end of the Korean War - with a 30-day grace period. Koryo Tours added that the Swedish embassy in Pyongyang, which handles consular affairs for the United States in the North, informed it of the ban, but did not say how long it would last. The U.S. embassy in the South Korean capital, Seoul, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Rowan Beard said that the 30-day grace period would "give leeway for any [Americans] currently in the country as tourists or on humanitarian work". Simon Cockerill, of Koryo Tours, said: "It remains to be seen what the exact text is, but the indication is it's just a straight up ban on Americans going." Mr Cockerill told the BBC the agency would still conduct tours and take Americans until the ban came into effect.

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Daddy's Home!

The Sun by Lara Martin July 21, 2017

Khloé Kardashian has furiously hit back after being bombarded by trolls who claim old family friend O.J. Simpson is her biological father.
“The Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star, 32, was bombarded with trolling remarks on social media about her “dad” being released from prison after Simpson was granted parole on Thursday.
Khloé responded to the wave of abuse dominating her Instagram comments overnight by branding the trolls “a–holes” and “haters.”
She had her say after one concerned fan tweeted to say: “The comments under Khloé’s picture is sick. I’m so hurt she needs to deal with this all.
Robert Kardashian is her father. Leave her in peace.”
Khloé replied: “People are a–holes but I don’t care lol. I focus on the good.”
She added: “They are all f—ed lol such a–holes. Hehe oh well… I’m happy and they hatin.’”
Trolls commented underneath an image Khloé posted to Instagram on Thursday, showing her on a night out with a friend.
Their remarks alluded to old and unfounded rumors that it’s Simpson who is her biological father, not the late Robert Kardashian.
One wrote: “Dad’s on his way home from that vacation your mom told you about when you were a kid.”
Another said: “Your dad is out of prison girl, u must be thrilled.”
A third chipped in: “Are you excited about your daddy finally coming home?”
Another added: “The face you make when you find out Daddy’s home #oj.”
A fifth commented: “Is your dad gonna make an appearance on the new season of KUWTK??”

Houston man must pay child support for kid that's not his

Via Drudge:  A Houston man is on the hook for $65,000 in child support for a child that's not his.

Gabriel Cornejo, 45, took a DNA test proving a child his ex-girlfriend had 16 years ago was not his.

The test was too late. In 2003, a child support court in Houston ruled that Cornejo owed his ex-girlfriend child support because, she claims, there was no way he wasn't the father.

At the crux of why Cornejo must pay up is Texas' family code, chapter 161, which states, even if you're not the biological father, you still owe child support that accrued before the DNA test proves you're not the father, Cornejo's lawyer Cheryl Coleman told

"I've researched the records and found that there is an issue with the service where they served him back in 2002," Coleman said. "There are some anomalies with how this case handled by the attorney general's office. He was never served with those documents in 2002 when the actual paternity petition was filed against him."

(Link to more)
Via Instapundit:  During a routine morale, welfare and recreation trip, Citizen-Soldiers of the 45th Infantry Brigade Combat Team deployed in Ukraine found themselves in a dangerous situation that put their military and civilian training to good use.

“We were about to head back to base when we saw smoke coming from down the street, so we decided to investigate,” explained Sgt. Matthew Odom, of Norman, Oklahoma, a Soldier assigned to Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 1st Battalion, 279th Infantry Regiment, 45th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, also known as the “Thunderbirds.”

The smoke was coming from an apartment building that had caught fire.

Odom, along with fellow Thunderbirds Sgt. Nelson Deese, Spc. Vincent Humerickhouse, Spc. Kellar Jackson, Spc. Aaron Moore and Pfc. Kevin Polk, rushed into the burning building and evacuated the third floor before local firefighters arrived on scene.

“We kept asking if there was anyone still in the building, and finally we found someone who spoke English who said that there was,” Odom said. “Sgt. Deese and I just gave each other a look; it was like we knew what the other was thinking and we just stormed in.”

“Instinctively, we all just ran inside and started getting people out,” said Jackson, a native of Watonga, Oklahoma. “There was a lot of smoke. It was chaotic and intense.”

The language barrier made the situation even more difficult, Jackson said.

(Link to the rest of the story)

"Teens Laugh At Drowning Disabled Man In Disturbing Video"

Via InstapunditA group of teens, who filmed and mocked a disabled man as he slowly drowned in a pond, would not be criminally charged as no laws were broken in recording the video, Florida Police said Thursday.

Jamel Dunn, 32, drowned in a retention pond July 9 as the teens recorded his ordeal and did not bother to help him, or call for help in Cocoa, Florida. Dunn’s body was not discovered until three days, according to Florida Today, a part of the USA Today network.

The video that police called "disturbing" surfaced online after his body was discovered, and showed him in his final moments.

"He started to struggle and scream for help and they just laughed. They didn’t call the police. They just laughed the whole time. He was just screaming ... for someone to help him," Yvonne Martinez, spokesman for the Cocoa Police Department said.

(More and video at the Link)

Talking To Myself (Official Video) - Linkin Park

Link to video

Friday, July 21, 2017

State of Oregon decides to take children away from loving parents.

Eric Ziegler, 38, didn't do a good enough job teaching his son Christopher to wash his hands after going to the bathroom. So the State of Oregon put the boy in foster care.
That's not the only reason the government intervened. But a lengthy story by Samantha Swindler in The Oregonian doesn't shy away from the awful, outrage-inducing truth: The state has taken a couple's children away not because they're abusing or neglecting the kids but because it thinks the parents aren't smart enough to raise them properly.
Ziegler and his partner, Amy Fabbrini, both have below-average IQs—72 and 66, respectively—according to documents provided to The Oregonian. After Christopher was born in 2013, other family members (most significantly, Fabbrini's father, who has a troubled relationship with her) started warning the state's child welfare agency that there were problems.