Monday, October 31, 2022

On Decking Out the Tree of Liberty & More Spin


Or, Squirrels Abounding While Hammering Down the Homestretch to the Midterms.  

Saturday, October 29, 2022

On Spinning Dials and Shaking Things Up

I came upon the cartoon of JB's Moral Compass last week, while suffering through a chest cold.  At the time, I didn't have the energy, focus or will power to post it, as I saw it depicting something more dangerous and real than I could take in and handle while attending to my own reality.  I found it jarring, portraying too much truth to be funny, finding the only glimmer of humor present in it to be the small ping of the loose screw zinging off on the left.  However, that along with the Made in China designator, directional indicators, and lie markers at every turn intrigued me and brought up a sense of appreciation for the artist's craft and insight in taking on and addressing this repellant subject

While I'm now back on the road to my own recovery, I pulled an chest muscle coughing and have that additional misery to contend with as I sit, stand, walk and breathe.  To top things off, the oaks in the forest surrounding us turned brown and started papering our yard and drive with thousands of dropped leaves.  So far, we've one round of leaf removal completed and most likely have another two yet to go as we head into the swirl of more November election drama, and the manipulation and spin that will accompany that.  The big hand reaching in along with the "Noooo!" in the leaf globe cartoon from Powerline's Week in Pictures was enough to make me pause, nod, and smile in appreciation of the feeling conveyed as we attempt to live in and work through this next season of life.  

The Babe abides

 “Babe? What the fuck?”

“Everybody makes mistakes. The trick is to not persist in them.”

“I mean I ate a salad once.”

You doubt the great and powerful Oz!!!!

 You do so at your own risk!!!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

The President welcomes new British Prime Minister

 New York Post October 26. 2922

President Biden butchered UK Prime Minister Snp name on Monday while calling the new leader’s achievement “outstanding” and “groundbreaking.” 

Biden’s very noticeable mispronunciation of the new PM’s name came during a White House event celebrating Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights.

“Just today, we’ve got news that Snookie is now the prime minister,” Biden said, mangling Rishi Sunak’s name

“Pretty astounding,” Biden continued. “A groundbreaking milestone. And it matters, it matters.  A simple Jersey Girl who was DTF could become Prime Minister is a miracle. Let's get ice cream!”

Sunak is a Hindu and the first person of color to be the UK’s prime minister. He is quite olive skinned but nowhere near the tanning bed perfection that is Snookie.

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Remembrance of things Pabst

I guess I am feeling nostalgic these days. We were driving down the road and the wife spies a yard sale that we whizzed by, so we had to turn around and go check it out for crystal stemware. We get out and as usual we fall into conversation with the people running it.

Turns out that they were originally from Brooklyn and had in-laws that came from my old neighborhood, and they knew some of the old spots. Court Pastry. Esposito's pork store. G & G. Sam's restaurant.

I had a checkered history with Sam's. My Mom had her bridal shower there in 1956. The owner's kids grew up with me on Tompkins Place which is a very obscure street in Brooklyn. Wouldn't you know it these people at the yard sale relatives grew up there too! They knew the owners. Especially Louie who took over the joint and runs it to this day.

Now Louie and I got in a beef in around 1989 or so. Actually it wasn't me but my best friend Vito who did and in loyalty I didn't go there for about twenty years. But one day I took a stupid pizza tour and the bus ended up there. Louie was standing out there with his arms folded and goes "So you live around the fucking corner, and you had to come here on a bus." I go "look you strunz I can turn around and take these people to the House of Pizza for a better pie if you want." "No no let's let be gones be be gones or some shit like that there." So we did. For a while.

We went for dinner a couple of times. Louie was famous for throwing people out of the place if he didn't like their face. He hated the liberals that had infested the neighborhood and delighted in torturing them. They came for the authentic cuisine and Brooklyn attitude. Until it was turned against them but waddayagonnado?

Of course, we go in another stupid beef over something, and I stopped going. But I did see where he rented out the place to the FBI show as a location. Imagine seeing this place show up on TV? He must have been hurting for money. I mean he owns the building but who knows. 

Still and all I enjoyed going down memory lane with the people at the yard sale.


Tuesday, October 18, 2022

You got to know how to make an entrance

On Rising Above and Dropping Below


"…The closures disrupted the flow of newly harvested grain from Midwest farms to export terminals at the U.S. Gulf Coast, where some 60% of corn, soybean and wheat exports exit the country. Northbound shipments of road salt, fertilizer and other goods were also stalled by the closure."

“Historically, shipping along the Mississippi River and its tributaries has been less expensive than other forms of transportation, but with fewer boats and barges able to transport goods, prices have skyrocketed. The cost of sending a ton of corn, soybeans or other grains southbound from St. Louis to southern Louisiana reached $105.85 on Oct. 11, according to data compiled by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. On Sept. 27, the cost was $49.88. On Oct. 5, 2021, it was $28.45.”

Saturday, October 15, 2022

On Sniffs & Riffs

In a world where the Gropensniff managed once again to find another subject in the crowd, another sweet young shoulder for his Royal Hindass to squeeze from behind, this collection focused on dogs, sniffs, a puppet, and royals that aren't (from Powerline's Effing-Biden Edition) caught my eye and made me smile this time around. 

Friday, October 14, 2022

Things that I that I am all healthy and shit

Did youse guys order Chinses food in those cardboard cartons? 

We used to get them all the time. I would order up a big mess of stuff when we decided to get chinks. Dumplings. Egg Rolls. Spare Ribs. Beef with Broccoli. Szechuan Chicken. Beef in Oyster sauce. Chop Suey. Chow Mein. Lo Mein. The list goes on.

The stuff is horrible for you. Too much salt. MSG. Not so clean in their kitchen practices.

But that shit tasted great. Especially with a couple of beers.

Now that Lisa has to be gluten free, and we are careful about what we eat I haven't had any of this for about fifteen years. Still when I see somebody on TV getting takeout, I get jealous.

I do miss it.


Wednesday, October 12, 2022

On Begging and Turning Over the Goods


Add labor shortages to the list, along with the as-yet-untallied loss of skilled, trained, productive workers and service members due to Covid vaccine mandates. 


Tuesday, October 11, 2022

I have longed to move away


I have longed to move away
From the hissing of the spent lie
to florida or some warm place
And the old terrors' continual cry
pf liberals beaten on the F Train
more terrible as the day
Goes over the hill into the deep sea;
I have longed to move away
form liberal pieties
and excuses for the savages.
From the repetition of salutes,
For there are ghosts in the air
And ghostly echoes on paper,
And the thunder of calls and notes.

One of the "Green Goblin Gang" is released without bail


An alleged member of the neon-cloaked “Green Goblin” gang accused of pummeling two 19-year-old women on a Times Square subway train was released without bail Tuesday — with her lawyer insisting she didn’t do anything wrong.

Mariam Issouf, 26, was cut loose on supervised release after being arraigned on a second-degree robbery charge in the Oct. 2 caught-on-video assault — one day after she turned herself in to cops with her defense attorney at her side.

“She did nothing wrong,” lawyer John Russo claimed as he walked out of court with Issouf — who covered her head with a leather jacket to obscure her face.

A couple of points about this story. 

We all know she was going to be released without bail.

Look at the perps and look at the victims. I am willing to wager they are bleeding heart hipster liberals who support Black Lives Matter and probably protested for them. You know what they call that?

Poetic justice.

Friday, October 7, 2022

On meeting your heroes

The wife and I were talking about autograph shows for some reason and she asked a great question. If I had a choice, who would I like to meet at a show or a Comic Con or something like that? It sort of took me aback. Because most of the people I would want to meet are dead.

We were talking about how many of the people who were on sit.coms or TV drama’s go to conventions and make a good living meeting and greeting fans who loved their shows. They bask in the love that these people have for their characters and even if they are long out of show business, they still make some coin. I think of people like Burt Ward who was Robin or Buzz Patrick who was Eddie Munster. They go to autograph shows every other weekend. Lisa has a friend who goes all the time and has tons of photos and stories about meeting some of these stars of yesteryear.

So, I came up with my top ten list. In reverse order

The Warriors- The Baseball Furies

It is like looking at a live feed from NYC.

They are so confident that they will not be punished they dress in Neon so everyone can see what they are doing!

A group of women dressed in identical neon green jumpsuits terrorized straphangers as they robbed and beat two women stealing their purses and phones.

From the New York Post:

"Four members of the “Green Goblin” gang who brutally attacked two 19-year-old women on a Manhattan train have been identified by cops and are being sought, authorities said Friday. 

Emily Soto, 34, and Mairam Cisse Issouf, Ciante Alston and Dariana Peguero — all 26 — were among the group of suspects who wore full-body neon green leotards while punching and tossing around two 19-year-old women on a Times Square subway train around 2 a.m. Sunday, NYPD Chief of Detectives James Essig told reporters. 

All four identified suspects live in NYCHA’s Queensboro Houses, according to Essig. 

Peguero has the most extensive criminal history with nine prior arrests, followed by Alston, who has been cuffed three times, Soto, arrested twice, and Issouf, who has been busted once before, the chief said.

The caught-on-video attack “originally stemmed from an apparent bump on the platform and spilled into the subway car,” Essig said,"

There is no rule of law in NYC. This micreants know that they will be let out with a desk disappearance ticket and not have to worry. They dressed to be identified not to be secret. Because there is no Law in NYC.

You know what this reminds me of? The classic Walter Hill film "The Warriors." In the movie gangs dressed in outlandish costumes to define themselves as bad ass. The Tin Lizzey's. The Baseball Furies. Each had a neighborhood and each attacked civilians with impunity. 

We thought it was just entertainment. It was prophecy.

It's sick out there and getting sicker.

Wednesday, October 5, 2022

You Ain't Woman Enough....But she sure was

Goodbye to the Coal Miner's Daughter.

She was true country royalty. The direct heir of Pasty Cline. 

Her kind will never be replaced!

Saturday, October 1, 2022

What the Republicans need to do in the Midterms...

One of the top ten fight scenes in any Western ever made.

On Dangerously Loaded & Asleep at the Wheel

 What can I say?  Some stuff is so strange and awful it's hard to laugh at even the best attempts to nail down truth or invite humor, but this one, in the midst of all else going on hit me as just right!