Thursday, December 31, 2020

Have A Nice Year!

Yeah, probably not. But we don't know that for sure yet.

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

On Disbelief and Synchronicity

 On Nov. 3, I sat down with MrM around 10pm to start watching the televised election returns. We stayed with FOX as Florida and Ohio were called for Trump, and began alternating between FOX, CNN and NEWSMAX after FOX's early call of AZ for Biden.  At that point in time, Trump was still trending ahead of Biden in Michigan. On the visual models presented, Kent County, which houses the city of Grand Rapids (a traditionally Republican stronghold where Trump held his final rally of the campaign with thousands braving the cold to attend) was showing up red and the county situated above and to the left of Kent (a traditionally blue Democrat leaning county with a large African American community) was also showing up red, along with most of the rest of Michigan,  including a equally surprising number of counties in and around the Detroit area.  

After MrM went to sleep at midnight with the belief that Trump was in the lead,  I continued to watch into the small hours of the morning with a growing sense of confusion and disbelief forming.  I saw the mystifying slowdown in counting and reporting take place, and watched the Trump lead suddenly vanish to the point where, at 4am, Kent County unexpectedly flipped blue for the first time in fifty six years!  I wondered how that could be possible and when I finally went to sleep just before sunrise, it was with the belief that  something unusual and untoward seemed to have taken place with Biden receiving just enough votes in MI  to overcome the lead Trump had been holding.  I spent the next few days (and weeks!) in a state of surprise and disbelief, unable to reconcile what I’d seen with what I knew from lived experience to be true regarding the values, work ethic, commitments and voting history of a city/county/community that had consistently voted Republican since 1964. 

Though it took me a while to figure out from online reading what the reporting delay was about, and how the inexplicable turn around I’d witnessed in one particularly strong Republican county may have been managed,  the greater question of how to handle the disbelief I was carrying and what perspective to take going forward, left me stumped.   

I decided to stop watching cable news and focus on the “chop wood and carry water” aspect of daily life. To address the sense of incongruity, confusion and overwhelm I was feeling I began drawing mandalas during the time I'd previously devoted to listening to and watching the news; and I started with white colored pencil on black paper (using the Light in the Dark technique spelled out in Judith Cornell's books) adding more color to later work.  Over time I was able to piece together an awareness and understanding of what may have happened and what I experienced that made sense to me. And I began praying for a “return to balance” for myself and all involved.  

On Nov 15,  just prior to Trooper York’s post on old man Coyote as Trickster, I read about and ordered a book that sounded intriguing called The Trickster's Hat: A Mischievous Apprenticeship in Creativity  by Nick Bantock (author of the Griffin and Sabine Series).

On Nov 19, I responded to TY’s post with the following comment/quote regarding the role Trickster plays: Trickster alternately scandalizes, disgusts, amuses, disrupts, chastises, and humiliates (or is humiliated by) the animal-like proto-people of pre-history, yet he is also a creative force transforming their world, sometimes in bizarre and outrageous ways, with his instinctive energies and cunning. Eternally scavenging for food, he represents the most basic instincts, but in other narratives, he is also the father of the Indian people and a potent conductor of spiritual forces in the form of sacred dreams. 

On Nov 20, SixtyGrit’s post on the sculptor/author Bill Reid, and the bad ass Raven Who Steals the Light, provided another example of the connection between tricksters and the creative force. 

On Nov 23, The Trickster’s Hat arrived, and I opened it to find this as the first exercise: “Draw a 2” x 2” square.  Inside the square, draw as many animals as you can in five minutes. Now draw a second 2” x 2” square, but leave one of the four sides open.  Then draw as many animals as you can escaping out of the square. Again, you have five minutes.   Hint: this is not about drawing skills.  It’s about doing something relatively lighthearted that gets you moving.  But mostly it’s to remind yourself that you need to enjoy what you’re doing”.

After following those instructions and letting the all the animals out, I went on to draw and fill several additional boxes, filling one with  money and another with ballots before letting it all loose with the ballots following the money.  And for the first time since the election, I felt a momentary sense of lightness and fun return, strong enough for me to marvel, first at the power of the creative force in the midst of disbelief, and secondly at the presence of tricksters and synchronicity to encourage, reinforce and invite me forward into whatever the future (and year ahead) might hold.  

Friday, December 25, 2020

Merry Christmas

 Merry Christmas to everyone who posts here and most of all to everyone who reads and comments. 

God bless you and your families. 

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Rules Is Rules


A friend of mine took this picture several years ago while on a road trip, somewhere in the Southwest. No doubt they've added a “Mask Required” sign by now.

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

My Dinner with Andre the Giant

I just don't think I feel the need for anything more than all this, whereas, you know, you seem to be saying that it's inconceivable that anybody could be having a meaningful life today, and, you know, everyone is totally destroyed, and we all need to live in these outposts; but you know, I can't believe---even for you. Don't you find it pleasant just to get up in the morning?
Professor: I disagree. I never had a meaningful life. In fact my life has been and continues to be a waste. Nothing I have ever done has ever had a positive effect on anything in the world.
Andre: I think you are too hard on yourself. What about all the lonely Jeffrey Tubin types who correspond with you? Surely that means something.
Professor: Don't call me Shirley. And none of it means anything.
Andre: Is there anything I can do to make you feel better.
Professor; Well yes ....there is...can you body slam me?
Andre: I think that be arranged.

The Babe Abides

 "Time to go on the field Babe."

"Be whicha in a minute keed. I just want to sit a minute."

"No problem Babe. The fans are waiting is all. Everybody loves you."

"I know keed I know. That's the problem. That's always been the problem."

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Stop Staring at my Tits


"Sorry you are not feeling well Kahn. Is there anything I could do to help?"
"If I was looking for that I would call Kildare. He is the fruit. Plus you are too old."
"Look just because there is snow on the roof doesn't mean there ain't a fire in the furnace."
"You know what I want Doctor."
"What's that Kahn?'
"Okey dokey."
"And stop staring at my tits."

Monday, December 21, 2020

Please start staring at my tits


"I just don't understand."
"What don't you understand  Robin. These are my tits. You are a red blooded teenage boy. You are supposed to stare at them."
"But Batman says I should only stare straight ahead when we climbing up a building with our Bat ropes. Otherwise it is not polite."
"He just wants you to stare at his ass. Don't you get it. He's a fanoik."
"Never mind. I am going to give the Penguin a call. That little freak is always horny."

Edutcher Western Theater


"Why did you ask me out Marshal? I thought you were a homo?"
"No that's Doc Holliday. He likes gladiator movies. I swing both ways. I am an acrobat."
"Well that's nice but you can put me down now."
"But I like to show off my muscles carrying you around like this."
"That's fine but I want to walk on my own two feet. And one more thing."
"Stop staring at my tits.

Sunday, December 20, 2020

My Dinner with Andre the Giant

Andre: What does it do to us, Professor, living in an environment where something as massive as the seasons or winter or cold, don't in any way affect us? I mean, we're animals after all. I mean... what does that mean? I think that means that instead of living under the sun and the moon and the sky and the stars, we're living in a fantasy world of our own making.
Professor: Yeah, but I mean, I would never give up my electric blanket, Andre. I mean, because Wisconsin is cold in the winter. I mean, our apartment is cold! It's a difficult environment. I mean, our life is tough enough as it is. I'm not looking for ways to get rid of a few things that provide relief and comfort. I mean, on the contrary, I'm looking for more comfort because the world is very abrasive. I mean, I'm trying to protect myself because, really, there's these abrasive beatings to be avoided everywhere you look!
Andre: But, Professor, don't you see that comfort can be dangerous? I mean, you like to be comfortable and I like to be comfortable too, but comfort can lull you into a dangerous tranquility.
Professor: I agree that's why I married a gardener. That is as uncomfortable as you can get. The smell alone.


My favorite Carol

"When you get to the cutoff.....cut off your Slawson."

"Oooh that sounds painful."

"Shut up and stick out your tits."

"Ok I can do that."

"Don't be a wiseass."


My Favorite Carol

This one goes back half a millennium. It's been sung in Gothic cathedrals and country churches. These days it's a favorite with Bluegrass groups. There are many, many different versions, but always at the heart is this story:
Joseph and Mary walked through an orchard green
They saw berries and saw cherries fair to be seen
As Joseph and Mary walked in the wood
They saw cherries and berries red as any blood

Oh, then bespoke Mary so meek and so mild
"Pluck me one cherry for I am with child"
Oh, then bespoke Joseph with words unkind
"Let him pluck thee a cherry that brought thee with child"

Oh, then bespoke the babe within his mother's womb
"Bow down you tall tree and give my mother some"
Then bowed down the cherry tree to his mother's hand
Then she cried "See, Joseph, I have cherries at command"
A wonderful little story, barely a hundred words. Always embedded in standard doctrinal lessons, no doubt to allay any misgivings the parish priest or minister might have, but a nice, funny little story about human nature. A joke, in fact.

Its scant three verses are full of humorous tropes. Not refined humor, either, but earthy, farm-and-village stuff:
  • The old man who marries a young wife
  • Pregnant women with odd food cravings
  • “Cherry” as slang for virginity
  • The jealous husband who thinks he's been cuckolded
  • And that old favorite, “Be careful what you wish for . . .”

Nor is the story itself particularly refined:
  • Mary picks the breeziest, most flippant way to tell Joseph the news: “Get me a cherry, honey – I'm pregnant.”
  • Joseph replies with sharp sarcasm: “Whoever got you pregnant can get you your damn cherry.”
  • Jesus thinks, “Whoa, dude – that's how you talk to my mother? Watch this!”
  • God, no doubt chuckling in His beard, delivers the punchline.
  • And Mary can't resist a last little dig: “Oh, look, Joseph – cherries!”

So every character in the story, including God, is a wise-ass. Which means that every character in the story, including God, is acting distinctly human.

And there's your Christmas Message.

Thursday, December 17, 2020

I knew there was a reasonable explantion!

When I was a kid my dad had to work extra jobs to support us. One of them was in Brownsville deep in the heart of Jungleland. We would take the GG train to the Flushing Avenue stop. When you got outside it was like you were in postwar Germany or something. Like Dresden without the schnitzel.  We had to walk about three blocks to Broadway to a furniture store where this old Jewish guy would rip off the moolies by making them buy stereos on lay away. My dad did the accounting. Anyhoo the only reason we were able to go there was because Pfizer had a plant there. You see they put the chemical plant in a bad neighborhood because what the fuck were they going to do about. Oh the smell. Man it was the worst thing I ever smelled times ten. Think Elizabeth New Jersey. Rotten eggs. Hillary's twat. It would make you gag as you walked. The only thing is they had armed guards with German Shepard's patrolling the perimeter. They would often walk us to the store. They were good guys. But the smell!

Now these guys are making to covid vaccine.

Hard pasadena on that one boys.

Sunday, December 13, 2020

Winter's Here


Ezra Pound's response to “Sumer Is Icumen In”:

Winter is icummen in,
Lhude sing Goddamm.
Raineth drop and staineth slop,
And how the wind doth ramm!
Sing: Goddamm.

Skiddeth bus and sloppeth us,
An ague hath my ham.
Freezeth river, turneth liver,
Damn you, sing: Goddamm.

Goddamm, Goddamm, 'tis why I am, Goddamm,
So 'gainst the winter's balm.

Sing goddamm, damm, sing Goddamm.
Sing goddamm, sing goddamm, DAMM.

Here's another (rather bizarre) picture from the site where I swiped the one at the top.

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Love in Winter

I translated the first stanza of this poem for my Fall's Here post, and noted then that the poem was actually about winter. Now that it's winter, here's the whole thing.

          De ramis cadunt folia,               The leaves fall from the branches,
          nam viror totus periit,              The green world fades to brown. 
          iam calor liquit omnia               The warmth of summer steals away
               et abiit;                                      and goes to ground.
          nam signa coeli ultima              The sun seeks out the farthest signs 
               sol petiit.                                    upon his round.

          Iam nocet frigus teneris,           The days are short and bitter,
          et avis bruma leditur,                And wound each tender thing.
          et philomena ceteris                 The nightingale and all his kin
               conqueritur,                                refuse to sing
          quod illis ignis etheris                Now that the day-star's fires are hid
               adimitur.                                      from everything.

          Nec lympha caret alveus,          The stream is full: it tumbles
          nec prata virent herbida,          Through fields once green, now white.
          sol nostra fugit aureus               Since from our land the golden sun
               confinia;                                      has taken flight,
          est inde dies niveus,                  Now winter sends us snow by day
               nox frigida.                                  and frost by night.

          Modo frigescit quidquid est,      Though all that is, is frozen,
          sed solus ego caleo;                   A fire burns in me:
          immo sic mihi cordi est              My heart is kindled by desire
               quod ardeo;                                  and misery.
          hic ignis tamen virgo est,           All for a girl -- the girl I love
               qua langueo.                                 most desperately.

          Nutritur ignis osculo                   That fire is fed by kisses,
          et leni tactu virginis;                  By touch, and by the light
          in suo lucet oculo                       That shines upon me from her eyes,
               lux luminis,                                   supremely bright.
           nec est in toto seculo                Nowhere in all the world is such
               plus numinis.                                a heavenly sight.

          Ignis graecus extinguitur             Greek fire can be extinguished
          cum vino iam acerrimo;              By bitter wine, it's said.
          sed iste non extinguitur              This fire of mine, alas, cannot,
               miserrimo:                                     for it is fed
          immo fomento alitur                   By fuel that grows abundantly
               uberrimo.                                       in winter's bed.
             --Anon. ca 1200 AD                                        --Transl. Mumpsimus 2020 AD

Helen Waddell says the notion that Greek Fire could be extinguished by vinegar is "nonsense," and I agree. (You can read her translation here.)

WKRLEM; Let it be

I have been listening to a lot of Iris these days.

Friday, December 4, 2020

WKRLEM: It's a big old goofy world.......

Hit List

 I am a member of Kindle Unlimited. That's the Amazon program that lets you download ten free books if you pay an monthly fee. It is a pretty good feature since you can change the books as much as you want. I read many more that ten books a month so I get my monies worth. I simply read something than delete it when I find a new book that interests me.

The books on the feature are of two varieties. One is new books by unknown authors. You can sample someones work without investing too much money into it. The other books are the earlier or more obscure work of established authors. This is what I usually download

Lawrence Block is one of my favorite authors. In fact I have to say "When the Sacred Gin-mill" closes is just about my favorite book. Block's hero Matthew Scudder writes about the drinking life. In that book he discusses the type of people you meet hanging out in a bar. It is scary how on the money he is as I recognize myself in one of his characters.

Another of his series revolves around Keller. He is a hit man and a stamp collector.. I know it seems crazy but it all seems to work. I ended up reading about eight of his novels or novellas that were on Kindle unlimited. I guess it is the Netflix effect. You just binge on something ready or watching five or six in a row. After all who wants to wait?

These books are excellent. A quick easy enjoyable read. A good introduction to Block. When I was reading it I wondered who I would get to play Keller. I do that all the time with characters. For example I always saw Paul Newman as Travis Mcgee. Tom Selleck as Spencer. Sam Elliot as Tell Sacket. Sometimes they are cast that way. Often they are not.

For Keller I see the guy who plays Pope on "Animal Kingdom." He is pretty ordinary looking and very calm with a distinct lack of effect. But I can see him being a hitman. 

Check out the Keller books if you can. Or the Scudder series. It will be a great way to spend some time if you are stuck inside because of our new communist overlords.

Marilyn's Diary

 I really never got along with my cousin Eddie. He was a lot younger than me and we had different interests. I loved music and dancing and I admit I was boy crazy. Eddie was pee crazy.

You see Eddie was a werewolf. Now they get off on their sense of smell. They were always sniffing around and the stronger the scent the better. It got to be very embarrassing when he was smelling peoples butts in elevators while we were doing our Christmas shopping at Woolworths.

Eddie was obssessed with the smell of urine. He would wander all over the neighborhood peeping in windows. Not to see women naked. Only to see them pee.

This led to him getting arrested all the time. He was a junvile so he didn't get a record. But it was getting close to the time he would be put in kiddie jail. So we had to come up with a solution.

It was Grandpa that did it. He always liked to putter around in his workshop. It reminded him of the old days when he used to hang out with his friend Viictor the Doctor. He decided to come up with a contraption that would help Eddie.

You see it was a urine robot. It had a complicated task. It would seek out urine soaked clothing and steal it by stuffing into it's giant cylindrical head. There was one problem. It just didn't work.

So little Eddie had to back to stealing soiled panties out of the hampers of all the locals. Until he got arrested for the last time and had to go to juvie.

Eddie was a pervert. 

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

I was told there would be no Dylan


Every morning when I wake,
Dear Lord, a little prayer I make,
O please do keep Thy lovely eye
On all poor creatures born to die

And every evening at sun-down
I ask a blessing on the town,
For whether we last the night or no
I’m sure is always touch-and-go.

We are not wholly bad or good
Who live our lives with Morning Wood,
And Thou, I know, wilt be the first
To see our best side, not our worst.

O let us see another day!
Bless us all this night, I pray,
And to the sun we all will bow
And say, good-bye – but just for now!

A Christmas Carol Sung in Latin with a Cockney Accent

. . . in case you've been wondering what that would sound like. Gaow dey tey, everyone!

Here is the version they sang 35 years later, on their Anniversary Tour. The accent is toned down almost to BBC Standard.

Lyrics and translation can be seen here.

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Did you enjoy your Thanksgiving?

 Did youse guys enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner? I know I did.

We had the family over. No masks. Lots of food. Fun times with the kids running around all over. No football as we have all given up on the game. So we had good conversation.

Google was nice enough to send me other video where they picked over my photos to show some of the home cooked food that I have made over the years.

It's a good thing that I don't take any dick pics. Just sayn'

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Giving Thanks Grudgingly

Well, I'm thankful I've finally got a new Windows 10 box that can talk to Blogger. On the other hand, I still can't access my old email account, despite having talked to half the Yahoo techs in Mumbai (and paid $4.99 for the privilege). Grrr. I'll try again tomorrow (Round 7 or so), after another inexplicable 24-hour lockout expires. Also, there's the whole Ongoing Coup thing.

Nevertheless, I saw a rabbit on my walk today, and got the back yard raked; so I'll ignore the Doubtful Guest and enjoy the day. I hope you all will do the same.

[edit] Hey, what happened to the Blogger "Labels" list?

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

WKRLEM: When you ask about what's happening these days.....all I can say is "That's the Way the World Goes Round"

Que rechula es Katy

I think you get what Marlon, Ernie and Louie saw in her.

Do you ever feel that way?

Pat Garret and Billy the Kidd is one of the least popular of the great Sam Peckinpah's movies. Introducing the soporific Kris Kristofferson and the execrable Bob Dylan favorite of dried out twats everywhere. It did have several excellent actors including James Coburn, Slim Pickens and LQ Jones. With one of my favorite actresses of all time Katy Jurado.

Katy was one of the best actors to ever come out of Mexico. She was praised for her performances in such films as High Noon and One Eyed Jacks. Well all right she got the role because she sucked Marlon Brando's one eyed Jack but still. She even denied Jesus in Barabbas. She was in that because she was married to one of the stars. Ernest Borgnine.

Yes that's right she was married to Ernie. What is even more impressive was that she was the long time lover of Louis L'Amour. Many of the firey Mexican characters in his novels were based on her.

She must of been a piece of work.

The studio took the film away from Sam and it was a dismal flop. He had his own cut which came out many years later which was voted the 126 best film of all time which is quite unbelievable. The thing I most remember is the song that came out of it.

Do you ever feel like you are "Knockin on Heavens Door?"

Thursday, November 19, 2020


In the history of American Indian tribes, the myth of Old Man Coyote is one of the most prevalent and most beloved. He is the trickster who takes many forms. He teaches lessons to the tribe by way of his words and deeds but he is not to be trusted because things are never as they seem. Here is a story of the Coyote:

A long, long time ago, people did not yet inhabit the earth. A monster walked upon the land, eating all the animals--except Coyote. Coyote was angry that his friends were gone. He climbed the tallest mountain and attached himself to the top. Coyote called upon the monster, challenging it to try to eat him. The monster sucked in the air, hoping to pull in Coyote with its powerful breath, but the ropes were too strong. The monster tried many other ways to blow Coyote off the mountain, but it was no use.

Realizing that Coyote was sly and clever, the monster thought of a new plan. It would befriend Coyote and invite him to stay in its home. Before the visit began, Coyote said that he wanted to visit his friends and asked if he could enter the monster's stomach to see them. The monster allowed this, and Coyote cut out its heart and set fire to its insides. His friends were freed.

Then Coyote decided to make a new animal. He flung pieces of the monster in the four directions; wherever the pieces landed, a new tribe of Indians emerged. He ran out of body parts before he could create a new human animal on the site where the monster had lain. He used the monster's blood, which was still on his hands, to create the Nez Percé, who would be strong and good.

Some times you go into the belly of the beast like Coyote.

Fred Mertz is my hero


Fred Mertz iis my hero.

I think Fred is the perfect role model. He hated kids liked to drink and had a great sense of humor. He is my kind of guy.

I model myself on Fred.

I ever wear my pants up under my armpits just the way he did.

I can't wait to learn what to do to be more like him. I already have the making fun of the beaner's down pat.

WRKLEM TV: Where is everybody?

Sunday, November 15, 2020

WKRLEM: Two of my favorite things....John Prine and Hawaii

Whose that girl?

 She hated Diana because she was more popular than her. She had to marry the dumber guy but at least he had a good gig working in a casino on TV for Sonny Corleone. Still and all she was pissed. As she did in her pants on several occasions.

Whose that girl?

Saints and Sinners

Mother Theresa gets up to heaven and starts looking around, when she sees Princess Diana in the corner with this enormous fucking halo, especially compared to hers. Mother Theresa immediately goes up to St. Peter, grabs him by the balls and squeezes, "You sons of bitches! I fucking lived and gave my life to the fucking lepers! What has she done except live a life of privilege and riches? Why does she get a bigger halo than me?"

St. Peter looks over, and gasps back at Mother Theresa, "That's not a halo, it's a steering wheel!"

To Choose a King?

 The BBC show "The Crown" starts tonight. It is pretty decent history of the last 60 years of the life of the British Royal Family. They have some excellent actors playing the various royals. Olivia Coleman is particularly good playing the Queen. They even found an actor that can humanize that commie piece of shit Prince Charles.

A curious thing happened with the last season. Prince Charles popularity grew as he was portrayed as a dutiful son who was stymied and controlled by his role as the heir. He even went up above 50% approval for the first time in decades. The drive to have his son bypass him to get the throne when the old bat croaks was even dying out. Not so fast you jug eared dofus.

This season will portray his marriage to Princess Diana and he will get slaughtered. A whole new generation will fall in love with that nasty twat and he will be hated and ignored again. His chances of being named King next year are going up in smoke. The Queen is quietly thinking of stepping down next year when she is 95. The chances that she is going to pick her grandson is going up exponentially. This show will be the final nail in the coffin for poor Charlie. 

Couldn't happen to a nicer Commie.

Thursday, November 12, 2020

There's a couple in Wisconsin celebrating today....

There is a couple in Wisconsin celebrating what they think is a Biden victory but don't  believe the hype.

Know that the God Emperor will leave no stone unturned in his quest to fight the fraud and remain as our leader.

Keep the faith.

Things you can't do on Television anymore......

Everything is so woke and politically correct. This would cause the network to be cancelled. 

My phone is spying on me

So this happened. Today my phone sent me a movie about all of the food that I ate out at restaurants through the years. It took photos from my phone and made a movie set to music. It was quite depressing.

You see almost every one of the restaurants I ate in is closed. Every single one. Bistango. Red Rose. Casa Rosa. The Greek Diner on Second Avenue. The Grocery. Saul. The Bras Rail. The Blarney Stone. The Pig and Whistle. 

The only ones still around are Marco Polo and Ben's Kosher Deli.

Plus I am forbidden to eat most of the foods portrayed in this video.

What closes a restaurant? Most last about ten years. People move on. The Chef moves on. Then came the corona. Cuomo and De Blasio have combined to destroy every restaurant in New York State. Now they have tightened up the restrictions today and all of these joints have to close by 10pm In the City that Never Sleeps?

What a bunch of bullshit.

Whose that girl?

She is the woman who is famous in political circles but is someone that no one has met. Or admits that they know.

She was formerly a featured performer but she retired to raise her child.

She is the only person less likely to be in the White House than Joe Biden.

Whose that girl?

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Happy Veteran's Day!

I would like to wish a Happy Veteran's Day to all of our Veterans and thank them for their service.

You know it is not only those who served during major conflicts like Vietnam or WW2. There are millions of patriots who served in smaller conflicts all over the world that the globalist Deep State always seems to squander American lives in for their own nefarious purposes.

One of the earliest debacle was the Boxer Rebellion in China where the peasants revolted because they refused to stop wearing their traditional boxer shorts and change to tidy whities. Fought at the behest of the Haynes Company of Cleveland Ohio it was one of the first examples of the Deep State using the lives of Ameican Boys to line their pockets.

I only hope that the recent moves by the God Emperor to fire the Secretary of Defense will lead to the removal of our troops from Afghanistan which the Deep State has slow walked the past three years.

No more endless wars! 

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Marilyn's Diary

 In the sixties we were all very worried about the Russians attacking us and dying in a nuclear war. We were constantly doing drills to prepare for the Big One. Putting our heads down on the school desk and covering up. Getting under our school desks and doing the duck and cover. Praticing by going down to the bomb shelter during our nuclear bombing drills.

Uncle Herman was very serious about it. He would set off an alarm and we would have to drop whatever we were doing and run down to the air raid shelter in the basement of the Munster Mansion. Uncle Herman would be there with his helmet. He loved his Helmet.

Of course I loved his little German Helmet. You see even though he was sewn together with about 1000 separate pieces he was uncut. Where it counted.And he was always getting me ready to take the Big One.  

I love my Uncle Herman


 I have created a monster. Well two monsters. Through out this election cycle I have been educating my wife and mother in law about the perfidery of the main stream news media. How they lie and slant the news and make up stuff. Of course they get irate. My mother in law spends all day shouting at the TV and shaking her fist. I slowly introduced them to alternative news sights. Brietbart. OANN. Newsmax. What has been really disheartening is the decline and fall of Fox News.

Ever since they got rid of Roger Ailes and Bill O'Reilly and all of the sex harassers the channel went to shit. They took Ailes business model of big tittted blonds reading the news while nerdy guys analze it and destroyed it. The opinion people bring the viewers and the newsroom sucks up to the liberal mainstream so they can get praise and invitations to cocktail parties. Uber liberal Chris Wallace trying to take the President down in the debate. A liberal Democrat in charge of election results. Not calling Florida until long after it was clear that the President had won. Calling Arizona for Biden when it is still not clear who won. Canceling Judge Jeanine when she was going to talk about the election fraud. Finally cutting  off the Presidents press secretary because they didn't like what she was saying.

Fox is dead to me. It is dead to millions of others. Their ratings are in the dumper. CNN and MSNBC are beating them. Don't tell me you are only going to watch Tucker and Hannity. That is helping them. You need to turn them out and build up Newsmax and OANN. We need to pivot to true conservative sites that will not toe the liberal line.

Time to move on. Dump Fox. Cut the cord. Newsmax is free and available without cable. Do it now!

My phone is spying on me

 You know not everything revolves around the disputed election. I have faith that the God Emperor will do what he needs to do to ultimately triumph. So I put this aside to live my life and I hope youse guys do the same. I have no fear.

What is scaring me these days is how social media and the mega corporations have corrupted and controlled our lives. I am bound to Amazon like an impressed seaman tied to the mast. I have a fire TV and it is linked to my Amazon account which is linked to my phone When it goes to screensaver it started putting up photos from my phone. I freaked out. I don't want that on my screen. 

Then I get a message on my phone. The phone went through all of my photos and made little movies. They even added sound. WTF? Is nothing sacred? Doesn't anything belong to you?

Amazon, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram know everything about you. I merely have to talk about something and my phone starts giving me advertisements about whatever I was talking about. There is no privacy. There is no escape.

We need to rethink this.

Anyway here is the movie they made about all of the dishes I had on my phone of food that  I prepared at home. It is truly frightening how much they have intruded into my life.

Saturday, November 7, 2020

You've probably heard

 Fake News has declared Gropin' Joe the winner.

They had to.

The forces of justice are gathering and they have to run a psy-op now to get people thinking Joe and the Ho have really been elected. 

They haven't. 

Fake News media makes "projections" (interesting word choice) all the time. It has no standing unless there is an official count, legally certified. This is why we have provisions for recounts. Until now, a lot of recounts always went the Demos' way because they always came up with miraculous finds of ballot boxes loaded with all D votes.

The God Emperor of the Cherry Blossom Throne saw them coming. The Catholic Church near us used to have a sign of a quote from the New Testament, "I knew you even before you were formed in the womb"; this is a little like that.

Lean back and I will tell you a tale.

Last night, it was reported that a "glitch" was fixed in the computer of an MI county and suddenly Trump had 6000 more votes . That was no glitch, that was programming. It was part of a system called HAMMER. Along with its attendant software SCORECARD, it was developed by the CIA to observe foreign elections.

Then Zippy got his hands on it. He turned it into a vote-stealing system*. SCORECARD is on the computers of every one of the swing states and guess what?

It uses Red Chinese components. Wotta coinkydink!

It gets better. Superlawyer Sidney Powell thinks 3% of the total vote was changed in the pre-election voting ballots that were collected digitally.

Along with ballots with birth dates of 1850 or 1/1/1900 (the default date in SQL, a database programming language) and the fact heavyweight Joe Frazier, died 2011, voted for Gropin Joe.

Documents show Gropin' Joe got 140,000 votes in MI at 4 am, but Trump got none. A statistical impossibility.

All of the swing states show more votes for Joe and the Ho than for Congressional Demos. You've heard about the gains the Rs made in Congress. It would require a lot of people voting D for the top spot and R for Congress. If any crowd votes straight ticket, it's the Demos.

So we're talking extreme statistical unlikelihood.

Now I mentioned Trump saw all this coming. He's been appointing Federal judges since he got in. Did you know all 3 of his SCUS appointees worked on the '00 recount?

A former DOD analyst posed the question on Twit, what if the Feds had created a system to tell if a ballot was faked, the way they do with your driver's license or paper money?

The Leftosphere went insane. Interesting, no?

Now some Constitutional things.

Did you know SCUS can force states to discard fraudulent votes? Did you know SCUS has ordered PA to segregate all ballots received after closing time on election day? They can also nullify all those 100% D ballot dumps since they also arrived after the election?

Did you know, if the election goes to the House, it doesn't mean Pelosi Galore's House. It means a rep from each state House meets in the House chamber to vote. How many state Houses does the GOP control?

So I say unto you yet again.

It ain't over. Truth is on our side. The Law is on our side. The Federal bench is on our side.

Trump is on our side.

* Some of you may recall me swearing the '12 election was stolen and a few saying, step away from the keyboard for a while. That's how it was done.

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

I'll Keep It Short

Same old, same old from "the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics".

From the God Emperor of the Cherry Blossom Throne.

“This is a fraud on the American public. We were getting ready to win this election. Frankly, we won this election. This is a major fraud on the election. So we will be going to the US Supreme Court. We want all of the voting to stop. We don’t want them to find any votes at 4 in the morning. We will win this and as far as I am concerned we already won!”

This is a long way from over. Don't give up.

If you're sick of all the political and don't want to comment, I understand.


Can't insert these cartoons, one's about the law and how it's on our side, the other's about how MI and WI are trying to steal the election. PA's doing the same thing, basically.

A little positive news, Trump took Maricopa and Pima counties in AZ. He overperformed in Pima, one of the Leftiest counties in the state. Don't lose heart. We are a long way from the finish line.

Monday, November 2, 2020


 Don McLean came up in recent threads. Here is my second favorite work of his:

The Next Few Days

 may be very strange. Some take the Lefties at their word and expect Armageddon.

Having been down this road a few times, I'm a little skeptical myself. It's getting cold. Snow, Ice Freezing rain. Everybody's sick.

Not just Fake News sick, but coughing, stuffy nose, fever, chills, and, no, I'm not talking about being in love.

What may be more dangerous is what Gropin' Joe called the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics. Early voting has blown up in their faces. So any close race is subject to tampering. And, yes, they're desperate.

They tried to put up a corrupt, go along to get along, senile old hack who would be replaced by an even more corrupt hardcore Leftist at the first opportunity. All they had to do was drag him across the finish line. And time was not on their side.

So here we are.

No matter what happens the next few days, consider a few choice words from a more stressful time.

As the lines of conflict roll forward to bring you within the zone of operations, rise and strike!

For future generations of your sons and daughters, strike! In the name of your sacred dead, strike!

Let no heart be faint. Let every arm be steeled. The guidance of Divine God points the way. Follow in His name to the Holy Grail of righteous victory!

They always worked for me.

IOW If you see something, say something. If you are inhibited from voting, call a cop.

You do have rights. Stand up for them.

Saturday, October 31, 2020


Lyrics after the jump. Pretty edgy for Van Morrison

Monday, October 26, 2020

On Who's Worse Than Book People?

I just finished reading the transcript released by Trump of the unedited version of the 60 Minutes interview.

The excerpts presented at Powerline were enough to make me look and I'm sorry/not sorry I did.  Silently reading through the full exchange that took place was one experience and reading parts of the transcript aloud was another.  Both experiences gave me the opportunity to  "see and hear" more of what truly transpired than the edited video version presented by CBS or the excerpts presented by Powerline allowed.  I needed to read the whole thing myself to take in the content and form my own opinion. 

All of which led me to wonder (after appreciating the previous post and point on book people), who might actually be worse than them?  

The first answer that came up was mendacious interviewers, followed by liars who posit and wax on about character, with those who are purposely obtuse, profoundly ignorant and willfully blind following close behind.    

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Book People Are The Worst

Back when I was a bookseller I knew an old couple -- I'll call them John and Jane Doe -- who were collectors. John and Jane were genuine "Cave Dwellers," members of Washington's old white aristocracy: Cosmos Club, patrons of the arts, friends in high places and all that. Also they were very nice, friendly and interesting people. Their home is the only place I ever saw a "Franklin Imprint" -- a book made at Ben Franklin's print shop -- that I could pick up and leaf through.

One day, probably at a book fair, a friend and I were chatting with John and Jane. Jane mentioned a disturbing dream she'd had: she had died, and was lying on her bed, surrounded by friends and family. "They were all talking to one another," she said sadly, "but I couldn't hear what they were saying." After an awkward pause, my friend said, "They were arguing over who gets your books."


Lots of talk in a previous post about smuggling and even cognac. I thought I'd add mine.  I smuggled a bottle of "Havana Club" rum back from Grand Cayman. That disappeared over time, but my globetrotting FIL replaced the bottle and I still have some of that bottle. But it's stuck back in Irvine which is no longer my home. The Hackman said that Havana Club rum tastes like cognac:

Actually, it tastes a little gamey to me and I much prefer the version marketed by Bacardi instead of the stolen Cuban version. Here's that story:

Unbeknownst to most Americans, there is an ongoing trademark battle between Big Spirits (Bacardi vs. Pernod and the Cuban government).  Long ago, there was a brand of Cuban rum called Havana Club. After the revolution, the distillery and brand were appropriated by the Cuban government. Bacardi also left Havana and set up business in Puerto Rico with corporate headquarters in Bermuda. The Cubans (with financial help from the Europeans, i.e., Pernod) built the international brand of Havana Club which was available everywhere but the US. I have a bottle, procured on my honeymoon in the Caymans, which I smuggled back to the US.

More recently, Barcardi started marketing their own version of Havana Club rum in the US. They claim to have gotten the rights and original formula from the family of the long-dead owner. They are currently engaged in high-stakes litigation over who has the legal right to sell rum in the US under that brand name. Currently, Bacardi does and wants to continue to do so. Bacardi is prohibited from marketing their Havana Club in the rest of the world.

As an aside, I should point out that rum used to be the most popular spirit in the US. Recall that Rhett Butler was a rum runner, not a whiskey runner. Whiskey -- and related bourbon -- dominate the US spirits market, but only became more popular during and after prohibition. In George Washington's day, applejack was the most popular hard liquor. Whiskey is presently losing ground to tequila as the number one spirit in the US, just as Bud/Coors/Miller is losing market share in beer to Pacifico/Modelo/Corona.

Saturday, October 24, 2020

New York is a ghost many ghosts

 The Nat Sherman cigar store on Fifth Avenue has announced that it will close after 90 years
. Yes Cuomo and DeBlasio have done everything they can to destroy New York and all of it's institutions.

Back in the day in 1980's when cigars were in their heyday I would be invited to Nat Shermans for events where they premiered new cigars. Actually my buddy was invited as he had a space in their humidor for his cigars but he was always invited to bring some friends who were into the hobby. I would always spend more than I wanted too and would buy a couple of boxes of cigars. We often went to other events like the cigar cruise around Manhattan that was pretty cool. It was a five course dinner with a cognac and cigar for every course. A lot of fun.

Fun that doesn't exist in New York anymore. They control where you shop. They control how many people can meet up in a bar. They have destroyed the only reason to live in a city.

Another landmark pulled down and destroyed. 

Coyote Waits.......for no one

 Did you hear President Trump explain to Slow Joe that many if not most of the unaccompanied children in federal custody were brought by coyotes and cartels and not their irresponsible parents. Many bad actors with records bring a child who is not their own when they sneak in because if they were caught they would get a catch and release ticket. Dump the kid off to human traffickers and go on their merry criminal way.

Now you have a bunch of moron liberals (redundant) saying how would a coyote carry a kid over the border. Anyone with half a brain knows that coyote is the nickname for the smugglers and human traffickers who capitalize on human misery and help illegals invade our country. What a bunch of ignorant assholes. That's why they are liberal democrats and social justice warriors.

The coyote is an important figure in Native American religious lore especially the tribes of the South West like the Navajo and the Apache. Coyote is the trickster. The boogie man. There are innumerable stories of how the Coyote tricks people and steals from them in one way or another. So it is a very ironic appellation to call smugglers Coyotes. Irony is lost on the woke.

As an aside I highly recommend the novel by Tony Hillerman called "Coyote Waits":

It is one in the series of his Lieutenant Leaphorn and Sergeant Jim Chee mystery novels set on the Navajo reservation. In fact I think it might be the best in the series.  You learn a lot about the culture and practices of the Navajo along with a solid crime story. Hillerman is one of the top crime writers that you should have on your kindle. Along with Robert B Parker, John D MacDonald, Elmore Leonard, George Pelecanos, Dennis Lehane and Loren D Estleman. Also Joe Lansdale and Michael Connolly. You can while away these quarantine hours with any of their novels and it will be time well spent.

So this happened .....again


I was minding my own business as I was washing my balls and all of a sudden a pin hole opened up in one of my veins. Since it was kind of serious because I take blood thinners I had to call on Lisa for help. She was upstairs working on her crystal show on Popshoplive. This is a home shopping app that we have been selling on since they first started a couple of years ago. I couldn't take my finger off it because I had to apply pressure to control the bleeding. If I did let go I would spew blood everywhere. I couldn't reach the phone as I was half in and half out of the shower. I called her on Alexa. What you do is call out an announcement on Alexa. "Alex announce: Lisa come to the basement I am bleeding out."

Which was not actually happening as I have been here before. You can't panic you just have to stop the bleeding. I just need the paramedics to come with a pressure bandage. After the requisite five minutes of panic she called them and they came down to the cellar and put on the bandage. Of course I was buck ass naked while he did that.

In the meantime the people on the app were freaking out. We have a little community that come every week and are used to our banter. So they were naturally worried and wondering what was going on.

Of course Lisa had to bring the fireman to guest star on the show and all of the women creamed their jeans because the dude was good looking. Those bitches forgot all about me.

I told them that he had seen my junk so he was off sex for a long time.

In the meantime we were losing sales. We have the ability to split screens so while Lisa was running around doing what I usually do for the show I was on the split screen. I told them that the only way I would feel better is if they bought more stuff. While I was saying that I went to Youtube and played the Sarah McLachlan song that they use on the ASPC commercials that play on late night TV were they show the pitiful dogs and ask for donations.

It worked and they started buying stuff.

You got to keep your eye on the balls. Ehh......the ball. You know what I mean.'

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Small Businesses that didn't quite cut it.


Many of the people associated with great inventors or innovators try to cash in on the inventions with products related to the great advances made by the works of genius of great minds.

Billy Edison set up a light bulb company that failed. Walt Disney's brother tried to interest some studios in a movie about a talking cockroach since the mouse was so successful. Henry Ford's brother invented electric car that could never make it out of the driveway.

The most unsuccessful of all was the secretary of Alexander Graham Bell who tried to invent a portable phone. Selma Goldstein tried to invent a portable phone which didn't quite work out. You see miniaturization was in it's infancy. Unfortunately the only phones available were big and clunky and would not fit your purse or your pocket. So she came up with the idea that it would be placed on your head.

Alexander Graham Bell invested a great deal of money and lost all. He had a lot of faith in Selma. You see she was an expert on head. After all that was why he hired her in the first place.

(Small Businesses That Didn't Quite Cut It by Doris Kearns Goodwin)