Saturday, September 19, 2015

A room with a View

That vagina monologue crap fest  "The View" is on my radar these days. But only because one of my favorite actresses got a gig there and is afraid that she will be ripped apart. So much so that she went on Social Media to ask for support from normal people when the Social Justice Warriors start to swarm.

Candace Cameron Bure is starting on the show as a co-host. Now I don't follow her because of her old sitcom "Full House" but because of her Hallmark Channel Movies. The thing is that TV has become so horrible that I can't watch most episodic TV shows anymore.

I am a big fan of TV. Much more so than movies. But every TV show has become devoted to gore and serial killers. You can't even watch a stupid fun show like "Hawaii 5 O" without them showing a burned corpse or a woman with a screw driver stuck  in her eye. Look if you are watching an FX show about motorcycle gangs you expect a certain level of carnage. But if I am watching a show about Fireman in Chicago you don't want one of the regular characters to be abducted, tortured, raped and murdered. So I canceled HBO, Showtime and all of the movie channels. George Rape Rape Martin can peddle his wares elsewhere. What can be acceptable in a novel sort of bugs you when you see it on TV. If you have seen one incestuous rape you have seen them all. Now it is wholesome family entertainment for me.

Hallmark has a formula. There is always one of two situations. Either there is a single mom with kids who meets a fireman or a policeman or a  ball player. Or it is a career gal with a high powered job in media or law who meets a widower with cute kids. Or a dog. They meet. Are attracted to each other. There is some problem that keeps them apart. But they get together in the last reel and everybody lives happy ever after.

Now the stars of these movies are always one of four women. Lori Loughlin.  Alison Sweeney. Lacey Chabert. Or Candace Cameron Bure. One of them is in every one of these movies. It is familar as your bedroom slippers. Very soothing after a long day of nonsense to lay on the couch and watch one of these shows. So I don't want one of my favorite nice little actresses get brutalized by Whoopie or Rosie O'Donnell or Joyless Behar or Rosie Illegal Perez or whatever commie battle-ax they have running that crapapalooza.

Luckily it looks like "The View" is on the express track to get canceled. Last week they savaged a nurse who was a finalist in the Miss America contest who wore scrubs and talked about helping Alzhemier patients. There was a firestorm and several sponsors dropped them including some big time money. They are scrambling to do damage control but so far it is not working. So it looks like they are on the road to cancellation city.

Hey maybe they can replace them with reruns of some Hallmark Movies.

I think I am turning into a chick  in my old age.

GET OFF OF MY LAWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Trooper York said...

Candace is the one on the right.

William said...

I wonder if anyone has ever rubbed one out while watching The View? Is it even possible?

edutcher said...

The big reason I watch a lot of the old series, Westerns, especially.

You know what you're getting and you know you like it.

What's not to love?

bagoh20 said...

The View getting cancelled will be a great step forward in our respect for women. Daytime TV in general is an insult to women, but they do like it so....

rcocean said...

Yeah, what is it with George Martin and rape? I thought HBO put in all the Rape stuff to keep chicks watching but no, its even worse in the Books. GRM really, really, likes Rape.


rcocean said...

And mean who doesn't like a little Rape to spice things up, but Game of Thrones goes overboard. Hasn't every Chick on the show been raped? At least once?

Bleach Drinkers Curing Coronavirus Together said...

I stopped watching "TV" in 2007 after The Sopranos ended and I realized that making a corrupt price-gouging cable monopoly richer than Babylon in the wake of an HBO transition to its next most-hyped series of Big Love was way too much of a rip-off for me.

I got an internet-ready TV about two years ago. It's great. If I want to watch a YouTube documentary, it's there. If I want to watch a video my sister-in-law uploaded of my niece and nephew, it's also there. If there's a great series or movie I want, Amazon Prime supplies it. Or Crackle. Or Hulu. The whole point is that that cable providers and even networks (especially traditional networks) and even most cable channels (except HBO and every now and then a few others) are controlling the consumer through a losing game. People will watch what they want when they want and the demand for quality is higher than ever. Some of that demand will be for ridiculous, violent slashers, etc., but a great deal of it won't be. But the whole point is that "programming" is out the window. Most of us have zero interest in being programmed and now an internet-compatible platform finally allows us to avoid it completely.

Trooper York said...

I am with you. I have a smart TV and stick with Netflicks and Amazon. I gave up all the premium channels.

rhhardin said...

Daytimne TV is an insult to the 60% of women who are not soap opera women. The other 40% not only watch daytime TV but watch the MSM news, and edit its content with their tastes.

Trump perhaps will put an end to that news dominance through ridicule. The crap will still be there, ratings are ratings, but it won't be respected.

As for Hallmark, some of them turned up in my romantic comedy survey. The plots are a little thin but inoffensive. Sometimes too thin and the rest gets skipped.

What do you think of non-Hallmark

The Proposal (Sandra Bullock)
Two Weeks Notice (Sandra Bullock)
Notting Hill (Julia Roberts)
Erin Brokovich (Julia Roberts)
Laws of Attraction (Julianne Moore)

My genre choice is anatogonistic opposites find that opposites fit, which would be the first two and last.

Often you have to watch and translate a cop-out film difficulty like too much drinking to a generic difficulty, like in Words and Pictures, if the rest is interesting. Otherwise it can't be interesting. Find somebody who doesn't drink all the time, you idiot.

If the hero is taking a drink in the first five minutes, skip the rest.

Leland said...

For me, real life is dangerous and complicated enough. I watch videos and play games for relaxation and enjoyment. I understand drama, and I don't mind it from time to time, but I don't need it manufactured to "make me care". If you really care, turn of the screen, go out, and take care of business.

William said...

I like Game of Thrones. It's about so much more than incest rape. Take that scene where Peter Dinklage shoots his father with a crossbow while the father is sitting on the crapper. I'm sure that even Sophocles would grant that this is a more elegant resolution of the Oedipal dilemma than is found in Sophocles' works.

Trooper York said...

That's ok. I read the books. I don't need to see it on my TV.

I will stick with the pretty girl and the puppy.

Synova said...

Maybe they should have five women... a far left weirdo (could be Joy or Whoopie or Rosie, but not all three, just one) a sane leftist, a centrist, a sweet right winger like oh, Candice probably is, and then some farther right, maybe fire breathing libertarian chick.. or, you know, Michelle Malkin.

Balance it out a bit.

Because the "token" conservative just doesn't do it.

Synova said...

And it is a completely different experience *watching* something that reading it. Take some simple thing like... "She let her robe fall to the floor and walked to the bed." Sure, maybe you've got a good imagination but it's just not the same thing at all as video, the written version you can put in a book you hand your mother.

rcocean said...
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rcocean said...

"Balance it out a bit. Because the "token" conservative just doesn't do it."

Leaving aside the fact that the network suits are lefties and have no interest in "balancing it out", you have remember that most conservative women are too busy -either at work or taking care of their kids - to give rats ass about some TV chat program aimed at "Chicks".

As a kid, I remember a program called "Girl talk" with Virginia Grahame. It was ridiculed at the time by MCP's but from what I can recall it was like Oxford Union Debate compared to the View.

rhhardin said...

Sure, maybe you've got a good imagination but it's just not the same thing at all as video, the written version you can put in a book you hand your mother.

Recently (in an expanded-too-far-now search for decent romantic comedies) I've noticed tits in PG films, e.g. King Ralph. Apparently tits are family fare, which may be true.

I just let it go by. It helped the plot a little - the love interest is a beginning exotic dancer and this is what the girls did that she couldn't do and gave it up.

I thought the prudes had a strict ratings scorecard but perhaps context comes in now.

Mother wouldn't have been shocked either.

Explicit love scenes are wrong because they don't work the way films have to have them work, not because they show this or that part shown.

Love and Other Drugs (Anne Hathaway) would be the exception in that the sex action scenes were played for laughs and worked that way. The actual intimate moments wern't action but dialogue.

Probably porn everywhere has made the distinction possible in regular films.