Sunday, September 27, 2015


More plus sized musicians:

Leslie West -- good to see him still out there kicking ass even if he only has one leg!


Lem said...

I just this on tv, paused it so i could tweet it, and then saw this plus sized post here ;)

"People who lived during the stone age ate organic food, breathed fresh air, worshiped mother earth and exercised regularly – So why did they all die before 30?"

ndspinelli said...

I watched a doc last night on the 7/4/70 Atlanta Music Festival and Jimi Hendrix last night. Leslie West was interviewed.

Some Seppo said...

True story: In the mid 70's around Christmas time I was at a friend's listening to music downstairs. The Dad came downstairs asking to "Turn it down. We have the Messiah playing upstairs" My friend's reply "But we have Mountain playing downstairs".