Sunday, September 20, 2015

"A New Service in Japan Rents Out Hot Men to Wipe Away Your Tears"

"The service was developed by Hiroki Terai, who is also responsible for creating "rui katsu" ("public crying events") and releasing a photo book of hot men crying. Terai is a big proponent of crying for stress-relief, which explains why this new service sends the "couriers" directly into peoples' offices. Once there, the "courier" (a good-looking man, or "ikemen" in Japanese) will watch sad videos with the client until she cries, using a handkerchief to wipe away her tears and gently touching her cheek."
Ikemeso Danshi currently offers six different options to choose from, all with different looks for equal-opportunity tastes. The company lists their fee as ¥7,900, or about $65, but they do not indicate how long each session with your personal tear-wiper is supposed to last.
Transparent tears matter. You reddit here first ;)

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Synova said...

Japan is crazy. Hostess clubs are a big thing, too, including ones where there are "hosts" instead of hostesses. Having a hot guy come to your office and cry with you sounds like about the same thing but without the over priced drinks. It's all sort of, oh, emotional prostitution where all you get from it is someone pretending you're beautiful and funny and a big alcohol bill.