Tuesday, September 22, 2015

"Selfies Have Killed More People Than Sharks This Year"

"Around the world, 12 people have died while trying to take a selfie, while eight have died from shark attacks."
So how are people dying while taking selfies. By Mashable's count, four died from falling, and some were hit or injured by trains. Plus, one man was gored to death while taking a selfie at the running of the bulls in Pamplona, and one woman who died in a car accident was taking selfies before the crash.
Taking risky selfies is becoming such a problem that one Colorado park had to completely shut down because people were taking selfies with bears close by. According to Reuters, governments around the world are issuing PSAs warning people about the risks of taking adventurous selfies. "A cool selfie could cost you your life," a Russian campaign warns.
Then again, ​not ​taking that selfie could cost you some valuable likes on Instagram. There are always pros and cons to anything.
It seems to me that "clock inventor kid" and "anatomical anomaly" woman make more sense in a selfie obsessed society... Get off my lawn?

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Can Of Cheese for Hunter said...
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Can Of Cheese for Hunter said...

Thinning the herd. Selfie takers are probably the same people who watch day time TV, the emmey's - and HBO.

I heard you the first time.

I did get my sales tax paid.

bagoh20 said...

NO! You get off MY lawn...and pick up that mess you dropped, ya damned hippies.

ricpic said...

Darwin Award winners all. Who sez there's no justice?!

Lem said...

Driving selfie?

Lem said...

I know we are not suppose to judge but it seems like the most ridiculous way to die.

edutcher said...

I heard people on their phones caused the most accidents.

I guess this is a granularization.

Aridog said...

I normally an not for more arbitrary laws and arbitrary enforcement. However, I do favor the "Click It or Ticket" one where I live....it doesn't require another violation to make a stop and then ticket the non-seatbelt wearer. You can, and will be, pulled over for not using your seat belt.

I am even more interested in a no cell phone use per se, of any kind while driving, law and would support stops for that violation alone....and encourage stiff fines of $500 or so. You just have to yap while driving, then buy a vehicle with hands free in dash cellular features. Even that is distracting however. I'm the troglodyte who refuses to even turn on the radio if I am driving...to the dismay of a passenger now and then.

We have the no use of cellphone while driving part here, but it is seldom enforced on its own. In short, it is toothless law. I wish it were strictly enforced as it is far greater threat to highway safety than just speeding or failure to signal a turn. If I'm driving down I-96 (70 mph zone) south of Brighton and some guy or gal blows past me at 85+ mph while having their cell phone plastered upside their head or even in front of their face for text, it scares me a bit. I'm not afraid of the speed...hell I am the guy who blew past a police car over a yellow line at 120 mph in a 50 mph zone (didn't "see" that sucker in front of the car in front of me)...but I was an idiot in those days (long ago now). Yeah, I was caught and got hammered. So should cell phone abusers today.

bagoh20 said...

I used to take selfies on my bicycle riding in rush hour traffic through Compton from work. Why? Because I could, and I don't want to die of old age. It also gave me a feeling of having incredibly good luck when I got home.

Which reminds me of a question I have: Why do people always say they don't want to die alone. I do. I don't want to have people around staring at me, or God forbid take anybody with me. I like when you careen off a cliff and are not found until you are just bones, especially if nobody can figure out why it happened. I'm not gonna try and make it happen. That ruins it, but if it does by chance occur, consider that I nailed the landing.