Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Nicolas de Santo: In my free time I combat terrorism

Pssst pssst * jab, jab, jab *  Minus ten bonus points. The capital of Burundi moved from Bujumbura to Gitega this year, 2019. 

That's the thing about Africa, so-called cradle of civilization; they're not steady.

My little sister is Nana


At first I thought, eh, baby-blob. They're always ugly little pink prunes at first. 

And then I looked closer and my heart melted.

Epicurious: 3 levels of grilled cheese

Apologies. I have cheese sandwiches on the brain right now.

We see, start with good bread and good cheese or you're just not even trying.

I grew up in a household of not even trying. Everything was kids stuff. But I did not know that. Turns out everyone did. Some still do. Wonder bread, that's not even real bread, and mass produced near-cheese that's wrapped in individual slices for convenience. Not that it's bad. Rather, that is American industrialized culture. Certain sacrifices were made. 

Compare with croque madam. That is a croque monsieur with an egg on the top.

I chose the shortest video.

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

I might be out for awhile.

And maybe I won't.

Yesterday I was scheduled for a lab test. This time the issue is kidneys. Distressingly, this required a 24-hour collection of urine. That was to be kept stored in my refrigerator.


How gross!

Right next to my chocolate milk and leftover pizza and lettuce.

But that also meant me unzipping right there in the kitchen and like a perv whipping it out and peeing into a large orange plastic jar.

Don't tell my dead mother or she'd slap me silly.

And that was the one single thing that made it fun.

It snowed and was still snowing. I looked out the window to Acoma and saw it had not been plowed. Surely Broadway will be plowed to the pavement. Outside, no such luck. The street was coated with ice and and with snow, cars were slipping and all drivers were freaking the f out. Five lanes became three lanes, some drove between lanes and the truck behind me rode my butt bumper the whole way down Broadway. It's a straight shot to the lab.

Sign on the door: "Due to the inclement weather appointment might be delayed."

I walk up to the kiosk and enter my phone number. "Check-in complete."

I walk back to the reception desk to regale the woman with a Halloween-related story.

One paragraph into my lengthy story my name is called. So much for inclement weather delays. I was ushered right in within seconds. The lab assistant is an attractive young woman who is sexually inappropriate towards me by calling me "Babe" and "Gorgeous" and calling me "Handsome" instead of my name. I'd sue her ass off but I like it too much.

I test my own blood pressure machine against theirs. It fails. I test it again and it fails again. It's killing my arm but I test it again and it fails again. I switch chairs to the blood-draw chair. She attaches her own blood pressure machine, the same brand but theirs is a lot better, mine is a toy compared to theirs, and theirs fails too.

"Maybe I should take off my shirt."


She tests again. The reading is lowest so far. That means this 3rd high blood pressure medicine is finally working. I'm filled with glee.

Let's test it again. A similar low reading but different.

Let's do it again to average them out. A similar low reading but different.

"These things are bogus."

     "Small changes affect them. Like you talking so much."

Yet another way to tell me to shut up. I add it to pile of 500,000 unique ways that people have found to tell me to shut up. This is one of the better ones by involving a high blood pressure reading. "Shut up so I can get a good reading."

The kidney specialist insisted I get one of these machines so that I can keep track for him. I have no interest in it myself. I cannot feel any difference between alarming low and alarming high numbers. What I feel is different: energy and acting on impulses contrasted with laziness and exhaustion. That's what it feels like to me. He told me that home-readings are helpful because they are done in stress-free environment. While my home-readings are all terribly scarily high and this last set of readings on two machines following an incredibly stressful drive to their lab is the lowest so far.

And that right there is a paradox.

Or else it means the new medication is working very well.

The lab wanted a fresh random urine sample to test separately from the bulk but I had already donated to the orange jar right before driving over there. I tried. Standing there for several minutes holding my dick aimed into a jar. It makes you feel really stupid. But it simply wasn't in me.

What are you doing, just standing there holding your dick?

Why yes. That's exactly what I am doing. Shut up. Leave me alone. I'm busy.

This morning I was awoken by a phone call from the kidney specialist telling me they have the lab results from yesterday and potassium is alarmingly low. I must hasten to hospital emergency to have the potassium level corrected.

"Can't I just eat a banana?"

     "No. You must go to emergency right now."

"I don't want to do that."

      "I am informing you that your risk of heart attack is critical. The decision is yours."

"I'd rather die right now than go to emergency."

     "The choice is yours. My duty is to inform you."

"So we're done then?"

     "No. I must reiterate; stop taking the new blood pressure medication immediately."


The first blood pressure medication caused my feet and legs to swell to gigantic proportions. It was ridiculous. The second blood pressure medication interfered with liver function. This third one apparently affected potassium level dangerously enough for them to suggest emergency room. Each of these pills is so tiny they can barely be seen. And each one very low dosage. Yet each one had powerful repercussions including lowing my blood pressure very well.

It's a mystery to me how such tiny things can be so effective in both bad and good effects.

This is the second time in as many weeks that I was told to go to hospital emergency. But I'm afraid that they'll keep me there and admit me to hospital for more testing like they did last time. And that was miserable. The reason it was miserable was the ambulance technician inserted a needle into my arm. At that moment I thought she was starting to administer some kind of fluid. But she didn't. She simply inserted a needle and taped it flat against my arm. Then at hospital, once admitted, not in emergency, they inserted another needle into my other arm. So then I had two needles in me and that prevented me from moving around. I was literally captive in the most horrible way of not being able to move. And it drove me out of my goddamn mind. And I promised myself to never let that happen again. And if it does happen again, then pull one of them out myself.

So I have a call to my primary who hasn't had time to respond. To tell him that the specialist he sent me to told me to stop taking the third blood pressure medication he prescribed. (But not all the other crap about emergency room or yet another lab.)

Meanwhile the kidney specialist's office contacted the head honcho and he was informed of my recalcitrant attitude about sending myself to emergency room and he told them to tell me to eat a banana.

And tomatoes. And potatoes. Leafy greens, orange juice, apricot juice, cucumbers, sweet potatoes, cantaloupe, raisins and dates.

Nurse Ratched was markedly more pleasant this second call.

See? Now, given a choice between eating a banana and going to emergency room, which would you choose?

And be sure to go to the lab again tomorrow or the next day.

What a massive pain in the ass.

The more precise the specialist, then the more acute the pain in the ass. He wants to see lab numbers just days apart. Without enough time for anything majestic to actually happen. I do not see how any significant or noteworthy change can happen in so short of time. But then, I'm not a kidney specialist.

But look at me: eating a banana and driving to the lab again, peeing in another jar again and getting jabbed in the arm again, taking my own blood pressure at home, to cooperate and make a numbers-guy satisfied.

If the disease doesn't kill you, the specialists certainly will.

Collin's Halloween candy haul (last year)

I'm looking for the candy that kids like best so I can buy it for them. For candy bars full size is best. Duh.

But what other things do they like that I don't know about?

I swear I saw Collin in 1930's Little Rascals. He's older, almost too old for Halloween, and he's very good with his video, yet he's still a boy and it shows. If you stick with it to end you'll see his top rated candy.

Amazon white candy corn. Good Lord. It's $36.00 for a box of 24 bags.

It's white chocolate.  Seventeen reviews. 4.5 stars.

Let's read the worst reviews.

★ Box was wet. Bags were okay and candy was okay.

★★★ Too sweet even for kids.

★★★★ Rich in sugar.


Candy that's rich in sugar? Tell me it isn't so.

Man, sometimes reviewers sure can be dopes.

Nobody complained that $1.50 a bag is too expensive.

Monday, October 28, 2019

President Trump tweets picture of hero dog used in Baghdadi raid


Just messing with you.

Here's the real dog.

And the whole time the dog was just playing his favorite games. The ones where his handler keeps telling him how great he is and keeps rewarding him with his toy and with reliable direct personal attention. 

The dog's name has not been declassified. They allowed the photo because, come on, these Belgians all look pretty much alike. Not really, but mostly. The brass will undoubtedly award the dog the purple heart because, knowing Trump as we do, as much to make a bigger deal out it and rub salt into an Islamic wound as to honor the dog. That's how Trump rolls. Trump picks the specific elements to emphasize and maximize.

Look how well this dog is groomed. The hair trimmed around his ears. His nails. The hair that grows in tuffs on his feet. You can tell by looking this dog gets a lot of specific attention. 

Pumpkin throwing up

There are a million of these in browser images. 

You could mix some Halloween candy into the pumpkin guts and seeds to show why it's so sick. Candy wrappers all over the place.

It's a great idea because you're usually careful about cleaning up the inside mess and disposing it, or baking the seeds, but this way you get to use the mess.

A friend of mine, John Gruenzwik, now dead, used to enjoy Halloween quite a lot. He always had some kind of party. He'd invite a house full of people over for drinks and to decorate Halloween cookies. But one year he told me that he would be visiting a woman in a nursing home. Or some kind of upscale group-place for retirees. She lived in her own unit but there was a community area attached. She was widowed. I never met her before. Somehow she was important to him. He told me he intended to go over to where she lived on the other side of town and carve a jack-o-lantern for her. 

I told him that I have an idea. He was always open to my ideas. One of the most flexible people I knew. I wanted to go with him and carve a suicide pumpkin. But be amusing about it by using a ridiculous gun. 

The pumpkin will have a regular face. Triangular eyes and nose with a snaggletooth smile. But with a plastic ping-pong gun shoved into the side of its head. And the other side blasted out, the chunks pulled out by hand, and with the pumpkin guts spilled out the blasted hole. 

At that time the ping-pong ball guns looked like regular guns. Not so today. Nowadays the guns all look stupid. 

But these would still work.

We had a lot of fun carving the pumpkin. The pumpkin looked perfectly sinister and ridiculous and brilliant and stupid, terrifying and funny all that same time. We loved it. The woman hated it. And I mean hated it. What a strange and negative reaction. I don't know what her problem was. That joke-suicide pumpkin was her first and lasting impression of me. She hated the pumpkin, she hated the gun, she hated the inner membrane and seeds and the mess, everything was wrong and she strongly disliked me. Because of her negative reaction I must say altogether we had a poor time. Except John thought it was hilarious. Her not liking it and not liking me added to the hilarity for John.

Fly Cemetery

For Halloween. It's a Scottish thing. Seasoned currants between pie crusts.

Katie Hill congressional Democrat resigns

Sundance warns to beware anyone in DC selling cheap 'slightly used' congressional office furniture.

Silly Sundance. He knows full well that would triple the price.

Steve Bannon on PBS

He has so much to say it takes two interviewers.

Present-day history in the making through Bannon's eyes.

Sunday, October 27, 2019

The insufferable Chuck Todd with NBC who fancies himself smarter than Trump interviews Robert O'Brien of NSA who responds brilliantly to asinine malevolent questioning

Care to see it?

Of course not.

Here it is anyway.

Democracy strugles at the Washington Post

They gave it another try...

Final analysis...


Now that I'm officially retired my insurance has changed.

I'm unhappy with it. I don't understand why I'm seeing so much mail telling me to pay for things when I have supplemental insurance. Why isn't the second one picking up where Medicare leaves off? Why are all the labs and specialists nickel and diming me to death? Why so much mail?

The bills are infuriating. Not that they're so expensive, rather, that there are so many of them. They're ridiculous.

A lady at one of the doctor's offices told me to contact another lady who specializes in this sort of thing. "Several other people spoke to her. She really is good at this. The other people told me she's great."

I want a third insurance that pays everything and makes it all go away.

The whole time I worked at the Fed they bragged about how their insurance policies were the best available. All those extra benefits were part of their pay package. They never stopped reminding us how important they are and how splendid. But now that I'm actually using them, my experience is pure crap.

Why is everyone vexing me so much? Why so many demands? I have to put up with this same enrollment shit every year. Why so unsteady?

Why does AARP assume they own me? Why send me a gigantic package when I turned fifty, then another gigantic elaborate and expensive package when I turned sixty-five? How presumptuous! How amazingly stalking. Why would I want anything to do with a group that has stalked me based on my age, merely a number to them, and didn't take the hint I gave them at age fifty to go f themselves?

Good and hard.

How rude!

They have no idea how offensive their marketing behavior is. Combined with their lobbying. I have no use for them.

Where they are getting their information is beyond me, but that information is available globally. I have people from foreign countries calling me to tell me they're from Social Security and they noticed illegal behavior on my account.

Social Security doesn't call anyone. They have no time for that. You report to them, not they report to you. And when you do report to them for anything you can expect an elaborate automatic menu-driven system that lists the entire legal history at each step. They do things by mail. By computer. They do not call you and tell you that they noticed activity on your account. They are impersonal as possible. And when they do speak personally they speak with American accent.

Not Mexican accent, not Indian accent, not British accent, not Timbuktu. Go f yourself, Fraudster.

Good and hard.

I need help. So I'm seeking it. I have a housekeeper but she is insufficiently thorough. So now I have two housekeepers.

I have good medical insurance. But it's not good enough. So I'm looking for a third medical insurance that duplicates what I had previously.

In my previous incarnation I reached the end of my line.

At that exact moment a man appeared at my door selling insurance.

Usually I had no time for that sort of thing, although I had nothing but time, and my time had run out. I invited him in. He was from Secure Horizons an insurance that picked up where everything else left off. It paid everything and did all the paperwork for the other two insurers. I would see nothing.


Plus it was free! Even more perfect. Unbelievable, actually. How do they expect to stay in business?

After a few years they could no longer continue without charging a fee. Fine.

After a few more years their fee increased. Fine.

After a few more years the FRB picked them up as part of their package. Fine!

After a few more years they were acquired by United Healthcare. Not fine.

Now I'm right back to where I was fifteen years ago.

The FRB still uses them but as United Healthcare, for their supplemental insurer for retirees.

So now I am visiting the lady who is excellent about figuring out the best kind of insurance. To pick up where United Healthcare leaves off.

Something so easy as that is presently the biggest hassle for me. I must get myself presentable. I must drive to another unknown place. I must be on time. I must not have a wreck. I must have fuel in the truck. I must drive between the lines. I must merge with traffic. All the simplest things are presently challenges.

I practiced in Google Earth. And things are matching up pretty well.

Right at the critical moment of locating the building behind a Disneyland of curving and splitting driveways, choosing which stoplight to turn at to get me back there, the phone rings in my backpack. Surely it's her confirming our appointment. But I cannot deal with a phone and driving at the same time. I have to stay focused on the challenge at hand; making my turn. And I am nearly there anyway.

I park the truck, pull the phone from the bag and return the call.

It was another of those g.d. m't'h'r f'k'n bogus foreign spam callers who pulled my number from someone else's @ss and stole someone else's number to make the call. By computer.

Man, oh man. My culture gives some other cultures computers and phones and the low-lifes use them to extort me.

I pack the phone back up and enter the building for our meeting.

The directory is electric and it is turned off.

I'm recalling what I read in her email. Suite 400.

I'm guessing. I go to the 4th floor. It should be the first door. They are not marked.


But the door opens and there she is! She was right there waiting.

The place looks like a modern museum.

We walk together way to the back.

W-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-y to the back.

Like a mile.

To a tiny intimate office.

I brought everything with me. I dump it all on her desk. She sorts through and lifts out one single booklet. She reaches behind her desk and produces another booklet. She says:

"This is the next best thing to what you have. It has a maximum co-pay of $4,000. Your policy has a maximum co-pay of $1,000. Your policy is better than the next best thing. There is insurance that does what you want. But those premiums are more than your maximum co-pay. You really do have the best policy that is available."


"You already have the best policy that is available.'

     "So let me get this straight. You're telling me I should be happy with what I already have."


Major attitude adjustment occurs instantaneously. Suddenly hundreds of piddling envelopes doesn't sound all that bad. I can deal with those.

     "Thank you. You just now changed my whole attitude. I can live with this nickel and diming me to death, given what you explained to me. I just now experienced a major attitude adjustment. Did you notice it?"

"Not until you told me. No."

We chatted the rest of the time. I enjoyed her and she enjoyed speaking with me. I told her dreadful stories and she loved them.

I went downstairs to my truck, reached into my pocket for my keys but my pocket was empty.

My keys were hanging in the ignition.

The bogus phone call at the critical moment of finding the building, and my wanting to tell the woman I'd be right up, and all the extra things I must account for, my laptop, phone, papers, glasses, sun glasses, two canes, anticipating my meeting, my planning what comes after the meeting, the whole doing things well out of my comfort zone caused me to leave my keys in the truck and lock it.

AAA took over an hour. And that's very unusual for them. But there I am way out there waiting. Once they arrive they break into my truck within thirty seconds it's all over and I'm back in business.

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Corn flakes

This is a cross post to another of my sites. 

The thing is, I'm re-doing all the photographs over there. Twelve year's worth. It's a tedious job. Actually, I'm hoping it puts me to sleep. But I won't get sleepy until right before I must leave for a meeting. 

I clicked the box to tell the browser not to count those page views because they are not authentic. Still, the stats continued to rise. This post rose to the top. And it's from way back in June 2012 and I haven't got that far in my re-do. It's still 4 years away. 

Why are people looking a this page? Who is doing this? Where do they come from? Why are corn flakes interesting to them? What kind of fer'ners are they? It's so stupid. It doesn't even have any fruit. 

I have a perverse sense of humor. Apparently. Looking back as if somebody else wrote this I don't know what to think of myself. It's a joke. But it's real. It's a real joke. 

Americans think they invented everything, arrowheads, teepees, totem poles, but this time they actually did invent something, corn flakes. 

Two American brothers Will and John Kellogg discovered corn flakes by smashing together ears of corn and sugar cane with great force then sweeping up the pieces and toasting them. So it is a three step process. 

Now they smash corn and sugar beet and get the same thing. 

They sell their product for $4. 00 a box for they are Americans and use that insular currency. This is a noncompetitive price for something so simple as smashing together two commodity crops so competition arose to undercut that sharply at $1.00 a box and still be profitable.

I almost forgot to mention, the value people prefer the cost to stay at $1.00 but commodity prices fluctuate so the size of the box fluctuates too. Pursuing that policy eventually will lead to the boxes being the size of an individual portion. 

The people together cannot decide which language to use so they carry on in any language at all switching back and forth between them, you get used to the sudden jolts and eventually it comes naturally. Very often you will see the same thing in multiple languages on the same document, like the Rosetta stone. 

Alpaca blanket

Those alpacas must be the softest animals on earth.

The red quilted throw on the sofa is not long enough. And the pockets of down are not spread perfectly so it allows cold air through the thin fabric. I love it, but it's not working for me. The red is a nice contrast to the dullness of everything else.

I wanted a blanket with red stripe accents and I found them but there are all sorts of other weird things about them. Too heavy, too short, mixed textiles, too much white, stripes too broad, too goofy, too hospital-like, unwanted fringes, bad reviews, too thin, too expensive, it's always one thing or another. 

Thank you Peruvians. Thank you alpacas. Thank you Amazon. I love this blanket. It's the softest blanket I've ever owned. And its light weight belies its warmth. 

Available on Amazon for one million dollars. 

I meant to say a hundred dollars. 

I get mixed up with those zeros. 

If this had red stripes on the ends it would be perfect. 

A light color with red strips on the ends would be ultimate. 

The thing is, all the other color choices are weird in this style. Apparently Peruvians just have a weird sense of color. It was a matter of selecting the least of the worst. 

Maybe their natural dyes are limited over there in Peru. I don't know. 

See? Just weird. 

Thursday, October 24, 2019

I thought I was nice.... Godfather Of Harlem .....Another scene that is full of shit (NSFW)

Here is another scene where they get it all wrong. They have Costello negotiating with Joe Boannao played by one of our favorite phony Mafia actors Chaz Palmentiri from "The Bronx Tale." Now that was a good freakin' movie.

Still they have the Chin saying he gave Joe Banana's the docks in Brooklyn. Well everyone knows that the docks and especially the Union were controlled by the Gambinos. If anyone else had any pull it was the Colombo's.  So the scene where Costello is the go between out in the open with the Chin and Joe is just a big bag of bullshit.

Still it is well acted.

We need more Mafia shows not less.

Godfather Of Harlem .....check it out.

Check out our pal Evi's review at his excellent blog "Evil Blogger Lady."

I agree with most of his review except for the fact that he doesn't give Vincent D'Onofrioi his due as the Mafia's Vinnie the Chin Gigante.

They get some of the details right such as The Chin confessing to his brother who was a Catholic priest and politician who was actually elected to the City Council to run the  Mafia's business with the city. They make a big thing about Frank Costello working as a go between Chin and Bumpy Johnson. In fact the last time Costello saw the Chin was when he shot him in the head. The Chin was Vito Genovese driver and got the contract to put the hit on Costello who was a rival for power in the family that was originally controlled by Lucky Luciano. Subsequently they had no dealings. In fact Costello was officially retired and seldom left his apartment. He didn't influence Tammany Hall anymore. If the Mob wanted something in those days they went directly to Carmine Desapio who was in their pocket.

The other thing they screw up is the influence of Fat Tony Salerno who was the official boss much the way Junior was in the Soprano's with the Chin as the real "street" boss. He had to at least have a cameo and if anyone was to be approached as a go between with the other families it would be him not Costello.

Anyhoo I know a lot about the Mafia part and not so much about the black part. The only thing I do know is that the "Fruit of Islam" was just as tough as they show in the scenes with Malcom X. I know a couple of guys who hired them to be bouncers at various clubs in the city. Nobody fucked with them. That was some serious shit.

Check it out on EPIX or better yet the Amazon Firestick. As Evi says it is worth the look. As is Evi's excellent blog especially his continuing Rule 5 segments. Support our fellow bloggers!!!!

Gutfeld: The better Trump does, the more insane the left acts.

Too many Democrats saying the same thing. If your policy is actively avoid them then you'll find that segment nettling. Skip-skip-skippity-skip there.

I'm getting very good at skipping through videos. Fox purposefully includes annoying segments constantly. It's their modus operandi for ridicule and to build contrast for their story and it's annoying as H-E-Double cattle prods where they could just say it and not show it fifteen million times. So you're given every Democrat candidate saying, "Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump" and you see all their faces and hear their voices all over again when you had already avoided watching them.

Shown here for its other excellent elements. Trump wisecracking a French reporter and Tom Shillue as Adam Schiff. They make it all worthwhile.

Top sleuthing

These chocolates make a fantastic gift.

It's such fun.

Because the recipient can hog them or share them. And they're probably sinfully bad for you but that's only temporary. And since they were given then that forces them to eat a few. At least one. Possibly all of them.

They're gift-wrapped and you don't even have to do it.

My experience is women love these things.

It was the weirdest unfortunate irony. 

I ordered a bunch of crap for myself that arrived in a large box. Knock on the door. By the time I get to the door the delivery guy is already gone. I yell, "THANK YOU" but nobody answers. There is a note. From the office. It said that the office will not accept packages. They will not store them. Please make arrangements for delivery. They're saying that they don't want to be involved with our packages. That's fine with me. I assumed it was Amazon who delivered it. Apparently the office had someone else bring it up.

They're passive-aggressive that way. It's bossy notes all the time. Everything through notes on the door. It's always "rules for everyone -- applied to you." It's an odd way to communicate. Always hiding behind universalities. 

At the same moment the office is receiving this box of chocolates I sent them. 

And they're flipping out trying to discover who sent it. 

It was driving them nuts. 

I had it sent to the queen of the office. Another woman down there will get her own later. A different kind. 

But for now both of them are wracking their brains trying to figure out who among a few hundred people might have done this. 

That kills me. They can't just accept it. They have to know who.

They found a phone number on the outer box label and called it.

I answered. 

But they had nothing particular to say because they didn't know who they would be talking to.

She had to wing it. 

"What's the matter with you? Why did you call me when you don't have any business?" 

     "I do have business. I called to thank you for sending me the chocolates. How did you know that I can't resist them? How did you know they're the perfect thing?" 

"I didn't know. In fact, I was doubtful. I had to really think about it. Because I know that you're careful about watching your diet. And I know you don't want to grow BIG FAT HIPS LIKE AN ELEPHANT. " (So share them already. With everyone. So you only eat one.)

     "Yeah, that." 

"How did you know that I sent them? I would tell you tomorrow anyway in our meeting." 

     "I found a number and called it." 

"Top sleuthing." 

     "Yeah. That's us. We're top sleuthers." 

Take that! Now they have a change of attitude about resent of helping me out with Amazon deliveries. 

We did have our meeting today. I found out that I am the resident who's been here the longest. 

"Did everyone else die?" 

I don't know why that was so funny. A few of them actually did die. 

Photographer Steve Fines using his own drone locates missing six-year-old boy, Ethan

Way to go, Steve, you big honking stud.

Lots of people in a line out looking so they don't miss a trick, boy alone and lost with his dog, an individual uses his own resource differently from its intended purpose. Happens all the time. I don't know why I get so verklempt when they show what the camera sees, the officers in the night following Steve's instructions, the splotch showing the dog running around all happy when the officers approach. But I do. And maybe theres a chance it will affect you the same way.

Probably not.

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

The ultimate cheese sandwich

If you can stand it.

I know three minutes of it is hard to endure but I have confidence you can manage it. The impediment, the slobbering, the weird words, the reference to and implied respect for royalty. There's a lot one must look past to get at the core of it.

Frying cheese directly on a non-stick pan hardens it and changes its flavor dramatically. Cooks use this to lift fried or baked cheese off a non-stick surface to wrap around a wine bottle or a tiny ramekin to form a cheese-basket or another type of salad decoration or plate decoration.

It's very tasty.

The fried cheese turns into a thin cheese cracker with surprisingly addictive qualities. You can see the oil split out of the cheese as it fries and that leaves the surface oily. So the sandwich has an oil-film surface and must be eaten with a napkin.

So you have that on both sides plus the gooey melted cheese center and the flavor is pumped up to whole 'nuther level.

Then add to that smoky applewood bacon bits stuck in the gooey center and the flavor profile is astronomic stretching from earth to the sun and to Jupiter.

Even without a dusting of capsicum heat.

Toast one side of both pieces of bread so the soft-bread inner sides face the soft melted cheese.

Use great cheese. A variety of two or three with differing qualities. Not cheap-ass pre-sliced sandwich cheese.

Great bread. Great bacon. Great cheese, cooked two ways, and you cannot go wrong.

(Lie. You can blow the whole thing by burning it or by starting with inferior ingredients.)

If you decide to add jalapeño then fresh is best and that gets fried too. Blistered. Fresh jalapeños are unripe and charing them changes them dramatically. You give yourself the short shrift when this step is omitted. And most Americans do skip it. It's one of the differences between Mexican and American cuisine.

And there I was thinking there must be a way to get fresh tomato and lettuce inside without wilting it for the best BLT with cheese on earth.

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Call 911.....this show is killing me!

"Smile for the camera Bobby we are supposed to be a couple."
"Who thought this is a good idea? We never display any warmth or affection during the last two years. I mean I thought these shows were supposed to be about bullshit fire calls like when the medic got a steel bar through his head and was back to work two weeks later."
"Under bylaw 265 of the Villains, Thieves and Scoundrels Union of AFTRA...all hetero couples have to be interracial. No normal couples of the same race are permissible except for minorities. If you are a whitey you have to go for the dark meat."
"Oh I thought they hired me because I am used to acting with a corpse,"

Grilled Cheese Scene - and tomato soup....perfect for a cold rainy day!

This is a superb grilled cheese sandwich from the movie "Chef" which is pretty good. It is about a Chef who is obessed with his food and flies across country to pick up a food truck and all confusion that entails. Lots of good scenes about cooking.

Anyhoo today it was cold and rainy in New York so I decided to make my favorite. Tomato soup and grilled cheese.

Now this does not look anywhere as good as the one in the movie. I used gluten free bread and Trader Joe's Tomato and Pepper Soup but I enjoyed it. I sprayed the pan with Trader Joe's Olive Oil instead of using all that delicious butter. Yes I love butter. I just can't eat it the way I used to.

So if you are going to make a grilled cheese use Jon's technique and enjoy it for me.

Does the Pope shit in the woods....or just on the faithful?

The latest example of the egregious behavior of the Communist Pope is just beyond the pale. He set up an "Amazonian" Idol worship in the "Amazon Synod." No they are not worshiping Jeff Bezo's as a God. Instead they are bringing in South Americans to revel in an orgy of political correctness and idolatry.  Here is the story at Instapundit.

The faithful have found a way to fight back. There was a statue of a pagan love goddess displayed in church. A group of the faithful went in and took it and threw into the Tiber. The hero's that did this said the following:

"This was done for only one reason: Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, his Blessed Mother, and everybody who follows Christ, are being attacked by members of our own Church. We do not accept this! We do not longer stay silent! We start to act NOW!

Because we love humanity, we cannot accept that people of a certain region should not get baptized and therefore are being denied entrance into heaven. It is our duty to follow the words of God, like our holy Mother did. There is not second way of salvation.

Christus vincit, Christus regnat, Christus imperat!

They were also referring to a South American Bishop who said he would not baptize an Indian because that would be cultural imperialism or some shit like that there.

We in America should take a lesson from these brave wops who took the Church into their own hands. We need to go into the Church and throw out the graven images. The homosexual priests who defile the fate and cause million dollar lawsuits in purist of their degenerate sin. Demand that our leaders fight for the Statue of Mother Carbrini and not bring pagan idols to the Sacristy.

This anti-pope has to go. 

Christine Lagarde

Would you like to see something hairy Larry ass?

Monday, October 21, 2019

New Poll: Who is the worst woman on Television?

Hey Lem doesn't allow us to set up polls on the site since he only likes to take a pole in the stalls at Fenway.....errr...sorry too much information.

No seriously we have to add the poll feature on the sidebar.  Lets get on that.

Anyhoo just put your answers in the comments.

Who is the worst woman in TV these days:

Kelly Dodd bimbo extraordinaire of the Real Housewives of Orange County. Accused of cocaine abuse and pulling a train with eight guys she is a real piece of work.

Well technically she is a woman right? Doyen of the Hate Trump network CNN she lies non-stop as she proffers fake news.

Joy Behar. No one on earth is more misnamed than this harridan. Head talker of "The View" she is a scabrous pustule on the butt of America.

Tamra Judge the head shit stirrer on the Real Housewives of Orange County. I only used that franchise as that is what is on now.

So there you are. Two from news and two from entertainment

Who is the worst. Youse guys make the call.

Astros beat Yankees? How did George Jetson's Dog get into the American League?

So the Houston Astros beat the Yankees in the playoff's last night. They won fair and square. I still can't get over a team that was originally named after Billy Dee Williams favorite beverage. When I think of the Astos I just don't think of an American League Team. I think of the Tigers or the Orioles or even the hated Red Sox. But the fuckin' Astros. Stop.

When I think of the Astros I think of Harry the Hat Walker as the manager and the Toy Cannon as their best player. Yes Jimmy Wynn was the man back in the day. Of course he sucked when he came to the Yankees. He was past it. But back in the day he put up some impressive numbers.

The Astros had some tough series with the Mets back in the 1980's but I really didn't pay much attention to them. They were an obscure West Coast Team in the other league like the Diamondbacks or the  Dodgers. Who gives a shit about them.

Anyway congratulations Astro guys. Take the mantle of self righteousness of the American league and defend our honor. Against Washington. Hey who is the manager of the Washington team. Ted Williams?

Nah. That can't be right.

Dear Queen of the Warmongers....

Dear Queen of the Warmongers, embodiment of corruption and personification of rot,

Look you misshapen hag. I understand that everyone is afraid of you but you don't scare me. Hawaiians and most importantly Samoans don't scare. I mean I let  Junior Sea butt fuck me when I was thirteen years old so a washed up old bag of pus like you don't mean shit to me.

I know that you are the fat gross embodiment of corruption that has put a permanent stain on the soul of our party. You are like every feminist hag who hates the pretty girls. They are your supporters. These lesbian harridans and their fourteen cats. Face it bitch you lost to a con man carnival barker with a really bad hair cut.

Just like your fuckin' pervert husband.

So either come out to play and run in the primaries or shut your fat yap. Don't fuck with me you worthless cunt.

Hoping you fuck off very much,
Tulsi Gabbard American!

World of Warcraft

It's a video game.

That I don't care about.

The videos about the video game do not look interesting.

I saw a notification that Matthew Reinhart produced another pop-up book so I bought it without hesitation and without knowing anything about the subject. It was rather expensive. A million dollars for one book for pre-order, but I didn't care. Possibly $45.00. I imagined it would be about warcraft and probably about the whole world of it.

Reinhart would put the whole world of warcraft in a book that pops up. Because Reinhart is just crazy.

There is no other way around it. But now I know why. He's a military brat and all those kids are a little bit crazy.

Then as the release date approached I saw this .45 second video.

And that put me off the whole f'k'n thing.

I don't want a thing that spreads out over the whole dining room table.

The book arrived several days ago and I haven't even looked at it. I don't want to work at figuring out how to spread it and then put it all back together again.

Step 1: clean off the dining room table.

Everything I ate nine years ago.

I stopped uploading to Photobucket and they smacked an unsightly label across all my images and put them out of focus.


They say that I exceeded my limit but that is not true. 

So I'm going through them one-by-one and downloading the originals and re-uploading them into Blogger. This has turned into a massive chore. 

Or, I could just pay them their extortion money. Forever.

It restores them beautifully. They're fantastic when they all come back into focus and without an unsightly obscuring banner that says, "This schmuck hasn't paid his extortion money to us for insisting we own his photos just because we offered to host them for free then changed our minds as time went by because the whole thing got way out of hand with billions of photographs." 

Along the way I discovered this video in January 2011 recapping 2010 and at first I was all, oh crap this is goofy, and then I was all, hey, this is fun.

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Jude the Obscure Theater

She ain't dead yet but it looks good.

Youse guys figure it out.

Hee, hee.

Pasta with Broccoli, sun dried tomatoes and mushrooms

Here is a simple gluten free dish to warm you up on a brisk fall day.

It is pasta with Broccoli, sun dried tomatoes and mushrooms.

This very simple to prepare. You need

2 heads of broccoli
10 cloves of garlic
2  boxes of mushrooms
1 jar of sun dried tomatoes
1 box of gluten free macaroni
   olive oil

Chop up the garlic and put half of it in some oil in a frying pan. Clean and cut the broccoli so the florets are not too big. Saute the garlic until soft and enjoy the delicious smell of garlic in the morning, it smells lick victory. Put in the broccoli and cook until crispy. Take out of pan and reserve.

Put the rest of the garlic in some more oil and then put in the mushrooms that you have sliced thinly. Saute until they are cooked but drain the moisture that the mushrooms throw off. Then throw in the sun dried tomatoes. Now if you are using tomatoes that were in oil you will have a lot more liquid and enhanced flavor. For a "cleaner" less oily taste get sun dried tomatoes that are sold loose and dry. After the mushrooms are done add the broccoli and get everything nice and hot.

Serve over gluten free pasta. I prefer brown riced based pasta but it is up to you.

Simple. Gluten free. Delicious. Enjoy.

Oregon coach disarms student with gun

Saturday, October 19, 2019

The Babe Abides

"Smile for the camera there Suzie Wong."
"Me Japanese not Chinese Mr Babe-san."
"I dom't care kid as long as you ain't slanty where it counts."
"You funny Mr Babe-san. You come back to my pagoda and I show you what is under my kimono."
"Oh baby that sounds great. I fell in love with a slant-eyed lady by the light of an eastern moon,,,,,hey that sounds like a song. Lets go keed. And bring a couple of your friends, I think in a half an hour I am going to be horny again."

Memories.....Misty water-colored memories of the way we were!

 I used to love Bat Day. Remember those? That was when you went to Yankee stadium and they actually gave you a bat. It was inscribed with the name of one of the players. The first one I ever got was an Elston Howard bat in 1965. That was a real bat. It was heavy. To heavy for a young Trooper York to use in the softball games we used to play in Carroll Park or Red Hook field, You see we used to go to the park with a team made up of kids from the block. We would bring our gloves and bats and a couple of clinchers and get into a game. Sometimes it was almost a tournament. You kept the field if you won. It was usually a triple header. 

I always would bring my Jim Lyttle bat that I got in 1970. It was perfect. It wasn't too heavy and I could whip it around like a wiffle ball bat which is what I had the most practice using. I loved that bat.

Friday, October 18, 2019

I don't know but I've been told

I don't know but I have been told that a change in the comments moderation policy has led a lot of people to stop commenting at some place we used to know. I got a couple of emails from people bitching about it and all I can say is suck it up buttercup. The control freaks had always wanted to control the comment section and the so called devotion to free speech was always bullshit.

I am sorry that we don't get as many comments here as we used to back in the day. I think we get sampled but we don't put up enough controversial content. There is a lot less rancor and hate. Which is a good thing. A very good thing.

All in all its for the best.

Thanks to Chip and Sixty for carrying the ball. I don't think a lot of the lurkers comment but I think they appreciate all you do. I know I do.

Remembrance of Things Pabst

Those of youse guys who were readers of the old Trooper York blog might remember this series. Where I would detail all of the many joints I might have bounced around to for dinner or drinks. Those days are over now. Due to my health requirements and Lisa's dietary limitations there are not many places we can eat out. There are very few places that offer decent gluten free options and I really can't eat salt and everything you get in a restaurant is salted up the wazhoo.

So gone are the days of Marco Polo or Casa Rosa or The Red Rose or Mezcal's or any of the other places we used to frequent. But some days call for eating out and our recent anniversary called for just such an unusual night out.

We went to place called Meta Osteria which actually has a gluten free menu. They don't have a separate kitchen so I can't be sure there was no cross contamination but Lisa seems to get by all right there so it was the only nice alternative.

Here I am channeling Joe the Boss Masseria before Benny Siegel walked in and whacked him in Coney Island. I am enjoying the superb veal cutlet parmigiana that they serve here. Check it out:

That is a nice thick cutlet not a chop since there is no bone in it. Still and all it was dredged in flour and breaded and covered in mozzarella and a delicious sweet marinara sauce. Now this is a portion that is made for a man. Plus it comes with a side of spaghetti. So I was happy. It was really, really salty though so I paid for it for a week by filling up with water and having some heart complications. But it was worth it. Take a closer look:

See Chip doesn't document his delicious meals by posting photos of when he was half way through!
It takes a Brooklyn gavone to do that!

Oh I didn't post the appetizer. Here are the rice balls:

I started eating them before I took the photo so pardon me.

We ended it off with dessert. I had the tartufo and Lisa had some gelato:

All in all it was a great night out and a Remembrance of Things Pabst. We can't party like we used to but we still can enjoy a night out now and again.

Dear Tulsi

Dear Tulsi,

Listen you lousy Hawaiian whore I am on to you. I know you are a Russian agent and are being supported by Russian Bots and internet trolls like that disgusting Trooper York asshole. Now I heard you are going to run Third Party to get the Orange Man elected as demanded by your lover Putin.


I am gathering my legion of cat loving nonshaving semi lesbians warriors who will take to the streets and throw their used tampons at your supporters. Don't think I forgot how you sucked Assad's dick. I bet that's how you got ahead by giving head like that other whore Kameltoe Harris. I hate pretty girls. They have been a thorn in my side ever since I was a little girl.

You better drop out of the race sister or you are going to regret it big time. Do you know where Fort Marcy Park is? Why don't we set up a meeting there one early morning. Near the cannon.

Now of course if you want to get together on a much more friendly basis I might forgive you and forgo any futher unpleasantness. Since you are from Hawaii I bet you love the fish taco. Even an older more wrinkled one. I haven't seen Huma for a while and I am kind of lonely.

Just listen to me and drop out of the race while you still can.

I am warning you!

The Real President

Trump in Dallas

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Good luck to the Yankees

I haven't been talking about the Yanks much these days. I have been following them but not in the obsessed way I used to back when I had season tickets. To be honest when the core four retired I sort of lost interest in the new guys. I sometimes listen to the radio at night to the games.

I think it is hilarious that we are playing the freaking Astros. WTF!

The world is upside down.

If only the Boss had lived to see it.

Happy Belated Columbus Day

This is the most memorable Columbus Day that I ever attended. The ILA rounded up all of us to go to the rally in 1970. The first protest rally. Or least they tried to in the second rally in '71 because the word had went out not to go there when Joe Colombo was going to get shot. Carlo Gambino had decided that he didn't want anyone to go so they backed off. Some of the rank and file didn't get the word but most of the clued in guys stayed away. Not because they knew what was going to happen but because the little man said to stay away.

Columbus Day - The Sopranos HD

Hey what can I say. I was busy on Columbus Day. The guys speak for me though.

I really don't care for frozen Meatloaf.....just sayn'

Meat Loaf, Should i Run for President

Even then the Meatloaf was right.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Last night I made a delicious meatloaf and ate it during an impeachment inquiry

Then I took my blood pressure readings on my little machine during an impeachment inquiry.

And it was the lowest so far even during an impeachment inquiry.

Then I took the readings again just now after not eating all day late during an impeachment inquiry

And it was the highest so far. Scary high during an impeachment inquiry.

It was a fifty point range but nothing feels different and that sure is mysterious especially during an impeachment inquiry.

So I ate another slice of meatloaf a few minutes ago even though I'm still not hungry during an impeachment inquiry.

And I'll take another reading later on to see if eating has any affect on blood pressure during an impeachment inquiry.

Because that's kind of mysterious during an impeachment inquiry.

Maybe this third type of dinky little high blood pressure pill isn't so effective as the first two that have other complications all during an impeachment inquiry.

Apparently Nancy Pelosi decided to be non-productive during an important meeting. Apparently Trump called her a 3rd rate politician. Apparently Pelosi and Schumer stormed out of the meeting and apparently told our corrupted press that Trump melted down.

Apparently Trump produced a photograph of Pelosi standing and wagging her finger at Trump sitting there. Apparently Nancy Pelosi likes the photograph so much that she made it the header of her Twitter account.

If you follow the Trump thread you will see his liberal Twitter-remoras all love it.

Similar to Merkel staring down Trump in Canada that liberal dopes like so much.

All that goes to prove there is simply no talking to bent out of shape liberals.

And when someone in the thread says something along the lines of "he should have grabbed her pussy" then you know for certain they're the infuriating type stuck on step 1 forever to the end of their days.

Trump supporters and Democrats face off outside debate hall

Debate attendees, leftists and Trump supporters square off outside Otterbein University in Westerville, Ohio.

Otterbein? Never heard of it.

They're not really squared off. They're on opposite sides of the street and everyone is peaceful.


The video is an hour but you get the idea in a just a few minutes. 

Signs tell a lot. When signs are clearly professionally printed and groups are carrying the same ones, that tells you the signs were handed out to them. It shows money used by top down organization.

Conversely, when the signs are all hand-printed and poorly done from the standpoint of graphic art design, poor lettering, non-contrasting colors, font selection or inconsistent handwriting, spacing, readability, impact, that tells you the people made the signs themselves. It shows no money used, bottom up self-organization. Grassroots.

Incidentally, that's the thing that surprised me in the film Bat Kid about Make-a-Wish granting the boy a day as Batman assistant with a man posing as Batman, shown on this site previously. The event drew out thousands of supporters through social media. It demonstrated one of the good things about Twitter. And all those people had homemade signs of very high caliber by regular people that did show great graphic art design skill. And that was entirely spontaneous. Whatever else you can say about them, the general citizens of San Francisco are collectively great natural artists. And that shows in their handmade signs.