Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Flu season tips from the nurse

Our pathetic television news

Because of Trump's State of the Union address, very much worth watching, I allowed a few moments of national and local news and they used those few moments to mislead, mischaracterize and misinform. So, off they go back to exile.

Trump wisely avoided mention of the Nunes memo because it contains intelligence that is incredibly damaging to Democrats and using that damage in his speech would interfere with his message of unity which Democrat leaders flatly rejected by their obnoxiously childish behavior during the speech.

Were Trump so impetuous and wildly unpredictable so mentally unstable as he is depicted by our news agencies then he would have lobbed that grenade directly at the Democrats as they sat there grimacing and sulking. But Trump didn't. So people who know the astoundingly damaging intelligence Trump is withholding as he delivers his message of unity that is flatly rejected, know also precisely how restrained and how stable and steady Trump actually is. 

NBC coverage of the speech includes a panel that poisoned Trump's speech before it was delivered by mischaracterizing the Nunes memo twice, that I heard, first a female panelist, then a male panelist hastily getting in his last words before shutting up for the speech.

Local news mentioned the memo twice today that I heard in the moments before shutting them off. They both described it as, "The memo about the Russian investigation." 

No, the memo is about FBI abuse of power. It's about high-level agents wrenching and distorting due process in support of Hillary Clinton and again against candidate Donald Trump and later against President Donald Trump. The memo is about creating a multi-tiered justice, about DOJ corruption about treason and about a failed coup. It's about political party and Fusion, a company that compiled a dossier using Russians against Trump and creating a narrative that's still used and funded by Democrats and by FBI and it's about Fusion paying media to spread this misinformation that news agencies are still doing right now. The news agencies narrative stinks up the whole country. The framing of their reporting discredits them each time they push it.  

And worse, they are too thick to know they're digging the grave for their credibility. Their viewers do not comprehend the Nunes memo lifted the separate elements out of the confinement of its separate compartmented ownership. Each of the four investigative groups does not know what the others possess and cannot know by law. This compartmentalization is what protected the corrupted principals at the FBI and the DOJ. Nunes and his group consolidated the intelligence for a much more complete comprehension. They had to find a way to show it, to make it public. But the memo is only summary. Shocking as the findings are in summation, rattling, shaking, and disturbing as they are such that agents have already been demoted, already reassigned, already retired, and already wild-eyed and trembling in their aggressive rebuttals, it's only the tip of the iceberg. 

When the memo is made public in a few days, process allows time for challenge, then it's out there and tremendous damage will be inflicted upon the Democrat party for behaving so despicably inside and outside of government. Damage will be inflicted upon the reputation of the Obama administration, himself, his departments, and upon Secretary of State. They will challenge along predictable lines. They will claim it is a Republican memo by Republicans for Republicans that omits important exculpatory information, that it exposes intelligence that should be kept secret, and that it outs agents doing important work, that it damages the United States in an effort to damage Democrats. They will project all that they do themselves onto Republicans, not just as psychological tell, rather, they must, it's how they think. They have no other means to process. It's not so much "This is what I would do so this must be what they do" rather, it's the only thing possible, the only thing they can think. It's not possible to think people are behaving honorably. Their neural channels do not flow that way. They don't know how that even goes. They cannot see it. They will claim the memo leaves out "material information" such as a regular prosecutor withholding exculpatory evidence. 

The Nunes memo that our news agency characterize as memo about the investigation into Trump/Russia collusion is only the tip of the iceberg with Democrat party, FBI, DOJ, and all American media the Titanic. 

Allowing Democrats to challenge the Nunes memo, allowing them to discredit the memo, then allows Nunes to offer, to insist, that all the information between various intelligence and investigative groups be made public, and that is the iceberg underneath that doesn't show and that rips them to shreds.

It's too much information to spring at once. The material that Nunes memo recaps is far too much information to spring at once. Too much to read in one sitting. This is nothing short of an actual coup. By our news providers a coup that is still in progress. As the Mueller investigation peters out to nothing, and soon to be discredited entirely, our news providers persist. 

The intelligence had to be freed from its compartmentalization. It had to be lifted out and above its compartments and consolidated. It had to be introduced. It has to be challenged. The media must be forced to face the contents correctly or perish. Citizens must be primed the right way to see the thing correctly, to understand they are being misled, and then the bulk can be revealed.

Recall the Watergate bluebook. I was not politically aware at the time. I had no interest in reading that book, but I understand people more serious than myself did have tremendous interest. I heard segments read over news and on the car radio. Personally, I was sick of hearing about Watergate, I wanted fun things instead, but that publication flew off the shelves. A very thick book of very dry material that held tremendous interest for the whole country except for young goofballs like me. It's where we learned Nixon swore like Andrew Jackson's parrot. None of us understood how base conversations were in the White House. We thought the Oval Office was some kind of temple and Quakers could never use such foul language. We were shocked. Readers wanted to know what was on the White House tapes that had to be torn from the White House as government property and not Nixon's private possession. Nixon had the recorder installed to protect himself and it turned out to be used against him.

The material that backs up the Nunes memo is much worse than that. And our news reporters behave as the thing in front of their nose is all that there is, that the memo is an extension of their year-long narrative that they have so much invested. Their credibility is on the line and they refuse to face it. They're not smart enough to see they are in danger by their own distorted narrative. When they are forced to acknowledge, as Nunes is forcing them to do, then their viewers will wonder why they trusted them the whole time before they were forced to perform a one-eighty. Their viewers will not be so vapidly flexible. 

And then, maybe they will be that flexible. After all, they've stuck with receiving news from them this far. Maybe their viewers are vapidly flexible as media will be forced into. I quit the Democrat party because I cannot be so skateboard-y flexible with ethical and moral values. I'm not that emotionally / intellectually / morally gymnastic. Maybe network news viewers, late-night comedian viewers are that flexible. 

The Nunes memo and bulk of intelligence behind it are only one tip and iceberg imperiling Washington establishment. Sally Yates, a lawyer for DOJ (also for FBI) did her best to prevent FBI and DOJ from being audited. Imagine that, "You cannot audit us." The stop was challenged in court and she lost. The departments were audited. Inspector General Horowitz's report on his findings is well over a million pages. This report is scheduled for release, the date keeps being moved back due its bulk and the difficulty of synthesis. You cannot just plunk 1,200, 000 pages on Congressmen and women's desks and expect their staffs to read it. It has to be organized. It was supposed to have been delivered January 15 but the date is moved back into February. 

And these two icebergs are only part of the investigations running currently. House and Senate have their own commissions and their own investigations into various aspects of nefarious activity. These investigations are exposing the coup against candidate and president Trump. They're exposing the illegal protection provided Hillary Clinton. They're looking at how Democrat party distorted government functioning, within government and by private companies, to wreck our political system and to benefit Democrat Party, to shield Hillary Clinton from due process and deny due process to Donald Trump, to lead to a one-party system where government departments call the shots and where elections are made useless, and this is the very real news story that our news agencies refuse to acknowledge and report. This is what Nunes is working with to get these depressing facts out to the public.

Japanese potato salad

Did you know Japanese make potato salad? This looks really good. They use Yukon gold potatoes, and lighten it with a near equal amount of pickled vegetables. Pickled with salt. To get the sting out of onions and the water out of cucumbers.

The mayonnaise they use is a brand called Kewpie. It's both sweeter and tangier than American style So, to compensate for this shortcoming additional rice vinegar and scant sugar is added. And right there you notice the sweet/sour quotient is kicked up a notch.

The cucumber they use is smaller than our favorite type and much similar next to English cucumber that can be used to substitute.

Onion and cucumber are sliced thinly. Salted then rinsed and the water squeezed out.

Boiled carrots are also added.

50% of the potatoes are smashed and the remaining cooked potato cubes left whole.

This woman smashes all of the potatoes and she salts her onion and cucumber separately unnecessarily.

She also adds corn (another American ingredient) but the others do not. And that tells you that you can add pretty much whatever you want. Like peas. Or bell pepper. Or jalapeño. I'm going to add celery. And herbs, what the heck. Tarragon has become one of my favorite herbs. Speaking of licorice, fennel would be good too. A whole world of possibilities opens up. Sake and mirin and wakame.

You can also use better ham. Or possibly chicken or fish.

I watched 4 videos and they are all fairly obedient to ingredients while they each have their own style.

This is cultural appropriation right here. They're a rice country not a potato country. But it's what we do. We blend into each other. They adapt our food like we adapt their food. We learn from each other. We end up making coleslaw out of their cabbage. And put raisins in it. It's all good. I'm going to make this. And as this boomerangs back to America there are no rules that we cannot ignore. They're not the emperor of us.

Trump, State of the Union speech 2018

This is an impressive speech. If you care to watch it, allow me to suggest Right Side Broadcasting on YouTube. They have a great deal of commentary, longer than the speech as they wait for it, that you can skip past. The other videos are from legacy networks with their own narrative to propound on top of their presentation. For example, NBC informs twice that Trump is under investigation for obstruction of justice with the investigation to his collusion with Russia to get elected. Misinforming, mal-informing their viewers right to the bitter end, even as all that is exposed for coordinated coup that it is, even as the other more important investigations about real corruption that they are part of boil over to public awareness behind these scenes. They are simply intolerable.

If you don't care to watch it and would rather read it instead here is the full text on Bloomberg.

If you don't care to watch it, nor read the full text, please allow me to describe what I saw. In no particular order.

First, whoever wrote this is a poet.
Over the last year, we have made incredible progress and achieved extraordinary success. We have faced challenges we expected, and others we could never have imagined. We have shared in the heights of victory and the pains of hardship. We endured floods and fires and storms. But through it all, we have seen the beauty of America’s soul, and the steel in America’s spine. 
Each test has forged new American heroes to remind us who we are, and show us what we can be.
My favorite parts of Trump's speech are the people Trump introduced to the nation. We met them before online and now we see them honored by being invited to Trump's speech. Just standing there with the eyes of the world upon them gives us insight into how these remarkable people behave, how they are. They are gorgeous.

For viewers accustomed to hearing "me, I, me, me, me, mine, myself, I, I, I, I, I, me, me, I, I, I, myself, me, me, me, mine, you didn't build that, it's a blast of fresh air having attention directed outward onto the country. To the people who make up our country, who do such amazing stupendous outstanding things. Oh, my God. I love this so much. My country is populated with the most amazing people. It's humbling. They make me feel small. Small, with more gratitude than my smallness can hold.

Immediately, Trump mentions the Cajun Navy. Strangers shielding strangers under gunfire in Las Vegas. Coast Guard Petty Officer Ashlee Leppart who braved live power lines arriving in Houston to help save forty lives. She stands up. Firefighter David Dahlberg who also stands up to applause, who rescued sixty children.

Trump acknowledges people are still recovering in Texas, Florida, Louisiana, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, California and assures them we'll pull through together.

Trump acknowledges the work of emergency responders in specific places and he expresses his gratitude.

* American exceptionalism
* 2.5 million new jobs, 200,000 in manufacturing. (And this, by contrast, after we were told otherwise fatalistically by previous administration, "Those jobs are gone. They're not coming back.")
* After years of stagnation, finally seeing pay raises.
* Unemployment at 45-year low.
* African American and Hispanic unemployment also at record low
* Small business confidence.
* Stock market smashing records, $8 trillion gain in value.
* As promised, biggest tax cuts and reform in American history
* Repealed the individual mandate.
* Slashed business tax rate.

I wondered, hey, where's Barron? That kid sitting up there standing near Melania is too short to be Barron. Turns out to be Preston Sharp, a twelve-year-old who organized to have forty thousand flags placed on Veterans grave.

I'm humbled all over again.

* Sought to restore bonds of trust between citizens and government
* Appoint judges who interpret the Constitution as written
* Defending Second Amendment
* Serving veterans with healthcare choice and decisions, landmark VA Accountability Act.
* Ended war on clean coal. Now we export energy.

Clean coal? I climbed around a coal bin onetime, and boy, was that ever filthy. I get it. But come on. Coal itself will never be clean.

* Something about car manufacturers building plants.
* Something about access to new generic drugs and medical devices

Oh! I meant to mention this. Last week I had to see the doctor for a stick (that's euphemism for sticking a needle into your elbow and drawing out five vials of blood. Just seeing it is enough to make you pass out. So I don't ever look.) I must do this every fourth order of bulk medication to guarantee I'm not running some sort of scam. I guess. My co-pay for ninety day supply has gone up steadily over the years. But this time, for the first time in history, my history, the cost went down by twenty dollars. Not much. But it's a first. And that's just the co-pay. The total cost went down a lot more. I'm not so sure Trump had anything to do with this. But it did overlap with his administration.
One of my greatest priorities is to reduce the price of prescription drugs. In many other countries, these drugs cost far less than what we pay in the United States. That is why I have directed my Administration to make fixing the injustice of high drug prices one of our top priorities. Prices will come down.
So, how 'bout them apples?

That is the biggest communist thing that our country does; prorate the cost of prescription drugs based on the numbers behind a nation's ability to pay for them. Naturally, we pay the most. So that drugs that cost my insurance company $2,500, cost an African country 5¢. I'm making a point, okay?

On to goals of this administration.

* Re-negotiate trade deals. For now on, we expect trade deals to be fair and to be reciprocal.
* Rebuild crumbling infrastructure.
* Reduce time fro permits.

Here's where the speech bogs down. The poetry evaporates. It's all this serious stuff about lifting citizens from welfare to work, independence, shifting from poverty to prosperity. Tax cuts, vocational schools, crafts, reaching full potential, support for families, extending opportunities, prison reform, struggling communities, immigration policies, borders, low-wage competition.

Trump introduces the parents of two teenage daughters killed by immigrant gang members. They're very sad. The women cry. The whole place is brought down.

And the whole time the Democrats sit like stones. Throughout the whole thing they're thinking, "God, I hate this guy. I'd impeach his ass in a New York second. He's tear-ing my world A-P-A-R-T !11!!11"

The vibes from the room are bizarre. Half the room people jump to their feet and clap after every sentence,  Metaphoric balloons float from the ceiling and confetti floats around in the air. Inspiration shines as light upon them and crisscrossing like Hollywood Kliegs. Their collective vibes radiate outward in pulsating bands carrying  joy, and love for all mankind, while the other half of the room has a pall cast over it edge to edge with clear boundaries. Their half is grumbling, they listen half-heartedly and for the wrong things, their facial expressions are pained, They groan among themselves in zombie intonations, their vibes are malevolent and dark and foreboding, their thoughts are in shade and poisoned. Their worrying and their disordered plans are like gears, mismatched and not oiled, not working smoothly and grinding down their psyches more as millstones. They are heavily weighted with foreboding and their hearts filled with revenge. They wear black to match their dispositions and their mourning. Their  looking-glass world is cracked, it's being exposed to their horror, they do not like the unreflected world that's not their creation. So much is lost to them in this speech. They ponder to themselves, as we all do, why are they even there?
Evelyn, Elizabeth, Freddy, and Robert: Tonight, everyone in this chamber is praying for you. Everyone in America is grieving for you. And 320 million hearts are breaking for you. We cannot imagine the depth of your sorrow, but we can make sure that other families never have to endure this pain.
No they're not. Over half the people in that room don't pray. And if they do pray it's for themselves and it's to a government god. Not everyone is grieving for them. More millions of hearts are hearing this for the first time than are breaking for them. Let's be real. Dislike being contrarian but that is simply not real. That is a political move.

* Trump wants loopholes closed that allow MS-13 and other criminals to break into our country. He wants specific legislation.

Trump introduces ICE agent  Celestino Martinez who has four hundred arrests.

Trump presents four pillars to his plan for immigration reform.

* committed to fighting drug epidemic.

Trump introduces Ryan Holets with Albuquerque police, and his wife, the couple who adopted the child of heroine addict.

Trump keeps showing these people and I keep being humbled. If this goes on any further there'll be nothing left of me. I can't take it. They're beautiful.

Trump continues with his plans

* He wants Congress to end the defense sequester.
* Rebuild nuclear aresenal
* Continue the fight with ISIS until they are exterminated

Trump introduces Army Staff Sergeant Justin Peck who did something unspeakably heroic. He went into a booby trapped hospital and rescued a fellow soldier by extraordinary means.

* Keep Guantánamo Bay open

Off of plans now, highlighting accomplisment

* Recognized Jerusalem as capital of Israel.
* Use vote against U.S. in the U.N. to re-appropriate U.S. aide away from countries who do not support us.
As we strengthen friendships around the world, we are also restoring clarity about our adversaries.
And right there is more clarity.

Trump rags on Iran and on North Korea.

Trump mentions Otto Warmbier the student who died shortly after his return from being tortured for stealing N.K. propaganda poster. Trump introduces his parents.

Trump introduces Seong-ho a North Korean citizen with the most gruesome story ever describe in a State of the Union address. (That I know of.)

The poetry returns. We sense the conclusion. It's a long conclusion that describes an idealized United States as a special place with unique history and extraordinary citizens that light up the world.
Atop the dome of this Capitol stands the Statue of Freedom. She stands tall and dignified among the monuments to our ancestors who fought and lived and died to protect her.
Michelle Obama would remind us that statue was put up by a slave.
Monuments to Washington and Jefferson -- to Lincoln and King.   
Memorials to the heroes of Yorktown and Saratoga -- to young Americans who shed their blood on the shores of Normandy, and the fields beyond. And others, who went down in the waters of the Pacific and the skies over Asia. 
And freedom stands tall over one more monument: this one. This Capitol. This living monument to the American people.
This received great applause from the gallery. Well, half the gallery.

Tremendous speech. Very well done. He left out all the stuff about to explode. Such tremendous restraint.

The speech is concluded.


I understand the Democrats put on six of their own contrary State of the Union addresses. I suppose to fact check and to poke holes, and to contradict, and to offer their own points of view. As they do every minute of every hour of every day, year in and year out. There is no shortage of Democrat points of view.

Immediately after this speech ended the networks aired some guy named Joe Kennedy from some historic American family or other. A ginger with Irish genetics. I listened to him very carefully and concentrated on the things that he said. Here is Joe Kennedy's rebuttal. I took careful notes.

The guy looked exactly like this. And I mean exactly.

One congressman at the State of the Union: I love this guy, oh, wait. Wrong team

The congressman instincts, by the way, appear to be correct.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018


Sefton writes this morning at Ace of Spades,
In any case, the Democrats are now scrambling like a gaggle of filthy cockroaches when the lights come on in the kitchen to try and come up with their own narrative that deflects the damage of the FISA memo and smears Devin Nunes and the rest of the GOP.
Ha ha ha. Gaggle of cockroaches. Like they're geese. That's funny. Everyone knows the collective noun for cockroaches is "an intrusion."

What else does everyone know about cockroaches? Let's see what children ask.

* What is a baby cockroach called?
* What is the study of cockroaches called?
* What does it mean when you call somebody a cockroach?
A disgusting creature I want to f***n step on. 
Come now. It means they can survive the apocalypse.

* What do you call fear of cockroaches?

Oh man, I just now transported mentally really hard. Wow, is that ever trippy. I just now relived it. I'm small. I don't even know where this is. I'm not geographically aware. It will be either Raleigh, or Winston-Salem, or Cape Charles. We just moved in. The neighbors moved out and now there are bugs. My mother is freaking out, disturbed by this unexpected intrusion. But why? They're not doing anything. I see one. It gets away. It's big. It climbs up the wall in a corner. I cannot reach it. I push a kitchen chair to the counter and climb up on the counter and reach for the bug in the corner near the ceiling but I still cannot reach it. It flutters right past my face at an angle to the floor and scampers off. I was not expecting that! I'm shocked.

Cockroaches can fly!

Sort of. And now I am really fascinated.

I've got to get my hands on one of these bugs and I'm not going to stop until I do.

Eventually I catch one and it's the most amazing thing in the world. I love the way it's legs wiggle around upside down. I like the way its underside looks, how everything is connected and compact like an airplane. I want to see its wings. They're tucked under its shell. I love everything about this bug, the way its legs spread out in different directions, its antenna, its little mouth clamps, its shell, its hidden secret wings under there, its eyes. You might say that I'm studying it but that's ridiculous, I'm playing with it. I'm seeing it. Like it is seeing us. I'm touching it, like it touches us. This is a relationship that I'm having.

I want to draw it. My crayons are right here on the table but blank paper is not, but at hand is a plate so I draw the cockroach on the plate best as I can. For I shall be true to this bug.  I discover that crayon on dinner plate works very well. Now, this right here is what you call a seminal moment. This moment is precious. This mental trip brought me here to re-live this precious cockroach related moment. The excitement of bugs, the disruption, the resolution, the art.

They saved the strangest things, move to move to move. If you were you to go into their basement and explore as my nephews do, open up boxes, box after box, you'd see the strangest things that were saved. I did that and wondered why they saved things inapplicable to anyone's future. Plates that came from soap boxes and collected as sets. Things saved from when my father's family was young. I saw a passport with all of us pictured together as small children and James a baby, wooden blocks depicting our family, each kid an Asian cartoon suspended by hooks that rattled whenever the door opened. Oversized carved wooden spoons once used as decoration. Fish that are like flags for Boy's day that never get flown anymore, art projects of children, decorations never put up anymore, toys that never get played with anymore, nicknacks, gewgaws, tchotchkes, salt and pepper shaker sets, waxed fruit, tools, vacuum tubes, old radios, clothing that nobody wears, dishes, service-ware, dolls, a kimono, musical instruments, Boy Scout memorabilia, an unbelievably large collection of H.O. scale train pieces that never get set up. Books. My books. How they ended up with my blown out Spanish textbook is beyond me. I haven't a clue how my books ended up in their basement.  I chewed up all my books. I devoured them. Nobody was interested in those, why they saved them is beyond me.  Mum and Dad's basement was strange as Dad's parent's basement was strange. Like a museum of strange things retained for remembrance more so than utility. A full cabinet of souvenir plastic cups. I wouldn't doubt that one of my sibs still has this plate. They retained the most bizarre useless things.

When my siblings cleared out the basement they re-packed everything into plain white storage boxes and stacked them along the wall farthest from the steps. James made a video of his last tour of the house and sent a copy to all of us. He is a natural comedian. He likes to fake us out best as he can, in return of us constantly faking out him. He was just so adorable you had to mess with him. He opened the coat closet near the front door. He said to the camera that he is holding, "This is where my brothers and sisters used to tie me up and stuff me."

I was horrified. I instantly became enraged at my three other siblings. I shot red with anger, I could knock all their heads together with one fierce smash. I am going to give them the dressing down of their lives! wanted to see blood, then just as fast I realized he's putting us on. The little bastard! He got me.

Before that, he showed us the yard. It too had never been so perfectly groomed and cleared up. He videoed from the farthest corner. His little spaniel was sniffing around the opposite corner. He called his dog. His dog perks up to attention and gleefully bounces toward him, like a cartoon, a bouncing mop getting bigger and bigger, up a hill, and bigger and bigger until it finally reaches James and licks and jumps and hops all around him in joyous reunion. It is simply the cutest recall that I've ever seen. That dog is cute! By contrast, my Belgian dog's recalls were Nazi-like, militaristically precise, but this is pure raw joy.

I had never seen the basement so clean and organized. A wall of white boxes stacked to the ceiling. My parents were never that tidy. In the video James approaches the stack of white storage boxes like approaching the Berlin wall, and zooms in on a label of one box.
"Books too Nerdy for Bo to Read"
How strange. Must be my dad's technical books. I cannot imagine what is inside. All of my books are sensible. All common down-to-earth interests. He pulls out the box and removes its lid. It's empty.

James deadpans without laughing, "There aren't any books too nerdy for Bo to read."

Son of bitch! He got me again.

That's what my siblings think of me. They were all in on this joke. They actually labeled an empty box. And they're just so funny. They joke about me.

Meanwhile, back in the camp...

I had a little bird, it's name was Enza
I opened up the window and in flew Enza.

So I got sick on Sunday, and given how bad the flu has been I went to Urgent Care yesterday. They now have a swab test that can quickly determine whether or not you have the flu. Who knew? Anyway, for as sick as I was, it was not the flu. 

I just cooked and ate my first meal since Sunday so I am well on the way to getting better. 

How about that super blue blood moon tomorrow? Anyone else psyched about seeing that? Speaking of Blue Bloods, I watched Quigley Down Under, mainly because I can't actually work. Laura San G - what a talent!

Tales of Amy's Garden

Hazel:  You are finally back Kehaar. Thank you for scouting over the heather. We need to know what is happening but it is too dangerous for us to send out the Owlsa. Some of them have gone back there never to return. Did you find out anything on your flight?
Kehaar: Nothing matey! Nuthing you would care about Mr. Hazel. There is nothing there for any good rabbit to think about. It is a bad place.
Hazel: Did you fly low over the old warren? Could you hear what they were saying? How are they doing over there?
Kehaar: Many rabbits. Too many rabbits. Ugly rabbits. Mean. Smelly. Gross. All of them fighting. But not like old days. Now they all fight with one rabbit who pretends to be a duck when everyone knows he is a rabbit. But you should not care even though they care too much about this warren. These rabbits talk about you. Even to this day. When have been gone for years.
Hazel: I am not surprised. They are so boring they have to reach back in time. It was always an evil place. It seems that whenever someone goes over there they change into something worse than what they are. They pretend to be something they are not. A rabbit pretends to be a duck. A gay blue jay pretends to be an executive. They are all false rabbits.
Bigwig: What do you mean Kehaar? They care too much about what?

Release the Kraken!

I meant to say, release the memo. Darn. I blew it again. Actually, I'm seeing that film clip all over the place. Oddly, I'm not seeing video of Patty Page singing, Please Release Me. Maybe everyone is too young for that. Here, have Patty Page

It's all so terribly complex. Not really. Nevertheless, partisans cannot see beyond their own nose. A past American president, who shall remain nameless but whose name rhymes with SnowBlama, politicized and weaponized two important American departments to use legal means obtained illegally to spy on American citizens, namely Trump, his family, and his associates, to frame a bogus narrative and to swing an election to their preferred candidate whom they protected illegally, and who would conceal their crimes when elected. In fairness, he didn't have to do much. They were eager to act on their own. Eager to use their positions within government to do what they thought was righteous. Just ask Samuel Wurzelbacher how that works, so obvious right at the start.

All commentary by Democrats scrambling to salvage honor from this straight up disaster for them describe everything in precise reverse. Everything. Everything must be reversed for their mirror-reality to work. So to listen is to step through the looking glass. For example, Trump is using this memo to distract from the investigation of his Russian collusion, where the entire Russian collusion investigation is bogus and intended to distract from this illegal interdepartmental collusion. And it works beautifully on Democrats. They still hang their hopes, hang all that they know, on the certain knowledge the investigation will nail Trump and he will certainly be impeached, refusing to accept there is nothing to find.

And so on, with every single detail. They all have a sudden concern for National security, even as they push for wide open borders and promote voter fraud, and distort FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton's secret private server located in a bathroom. Even as they conceal evidence that shows Obama communicating with Hillary over unsecured phones in compromised foreign territory after they were warned not to do that, and how communication must be handled. They're saying the memo that they didn't read is filled with lies, a strictly Republican memo for Republicans, while their own counter-memo is rushed and without proper process. They wanted Republicans to sign off for their own counter-memo while denying Republicans the opportunity to read it! Far less follow the process that Republicans so carefully achingly followed. Then blame Republicans for obstructing their message.

Twitter is an awful place populated by dummkopfs too arrogant too fierce in their shallowness to waste time reading. Not everyone. But so many, the place is ruined. Having said that, the following is lifted from Twittter #ReleaseTheMemo. Where you will find the most insanely ridiculous poorly informed rebuttals to this ever contrived in the history of politics. It's sad. Were it not so hilarious and schadenfreudelicious.

Eric Swalwell nerviously lying to Don Lemon. He's choking. He cannot control his eyes.

If someone with these crazy-looking eyes is saying the memo shouldn't be released, then that means the memo should be released. 

(Maybe I accidentally animated this photo a little bit.) 

A long time ago a friend of mine worked with mentally disturbed people and one day he went to work and a group of patients were gathered around the television watching a politician talking about something serious and they were cracking up laughing. He asked them what is so funny. They told him the man was lying ridiculously. He asked them how they knew. They all agreed that everything about him other than his words spoke very clearly that everything he said is untrue. Apparently, normal viewers take in the whole scene and consolidate all the parts before processing the message. Disturbed people see individual frames, so to speak. They skip the automatic consolidation that forms so much of our editing and that makes sense of vast amounts of input each hour. So then, pause the video wherever you like and behold the look of a liar. Disturbed people find this hilarious.

Don't mention this to anyone please, because come to think of it, so do I. The absence of eye contact as she contrives is telling.

That's enough. The hashtag is loaded, and I mean LOADED with a ton more of this. Along with very lame peeps of withered poorly thought through rebuttal not worth the effort of responding . 

Monday, January 29, 2018

Is the Pope Catholic?

As a conservative Catholic it seems that the only people who believe in the same thing as I do are in foreign countries. Especially the ones that are persecuted. Not the ones who are in comfortable places like the USA or Europe. Not the priests here in America. It seems the true faith resides in the ones who come from Africa or Asia or the Middle East. Especially the ones in China.

It seems that the Pope has asked two bishops who were serving the faith at great risk to their lives in China....well he is asking them to resign so he can consecrate the ones approved by the Communist Chinese government. The men who kept the flame of faith alive are thrown over for toadies of the government.

Whose that peach?

She said that the man in charge put his finger on it..... and it wasn't Harvey Weinstein. She was a child star and spent a lot of time in a bathing suit on TV but now all she does is accuse a conservative Hollywood type of sexual abuse when she was a child.

She has nothing left and is trying to recoup another five minutes but it is clear her time is up. If Joanie were still alive she would run her over with her trailer.

Whose that peach of a girl?

Netflix: A Futile and Stupid Gesture

I had no idea what this is. I looked at the Netflix promotion photo and imagined it'd be about millennials. The description is too small to read, and even if I did read it, the description does not mention National Lampoon. I had no idea the title is the same as a book written twenty-six years after Douglas Kenney died, one of the founders of National Lampoon.

The narrator is Martin Mull who always struck me as rather dull and flat. But I didn't recognize him at first and his opening to this film improved my poor attitude. He's discussing how to open the film. The opening sequence is a boy in the back seat of a 1950s automobile being driven to a graveyard. We learn later it's the funeral of his older brother and this element has an Ordinary People vibe to it. His parents were devastated, obviously, and Kenney cannot live up to their hopes for his brother.

Martin Mull cast as the older Kenney asks somebody off camera, "Is this really how we want to start this film?" The unseen person asks him how should it be started then. Mull answers, "Let's start at Harvard because that's where the fun begins."

They depict life in the party castle where Kenney meets his fellow writer and eventual business partner and where he also met his wife. Then after graduation Kenney convinces his pal from Harvard to abandon his idea of studying law to continue with Harvard Lampoon as National Lampoon. They show the frustration of publishers rejecting them with the line, "We don't want to waste any more of your time." Until there is only one publisher left. They b.s. him into accepting the idea through flattery and by lying to him.

They show all the key elements, the famous issues, the law suits, the books that were written, a radio show, the stress of overworking themslves and the films Animal House and Caddy Shack.

The film is interesting to me because I knew nothing of any of this. I was alive then, I lived through this period, and I heard of National Lampoon but I hadn't read a single issue. I was w-a-a-a-a-a-y too serious back then for any of this. I was aware of the cover of holding a pistol to a dog's head with the dog's expression of worry and questioning expressed beautifully with the caption, "Buy this magazine or the dog gets it." But I had no idea what the contents inside were like. I didn't see the issue about High School Yearbooks, nor understand that was based on a failed manuscript Teenage Commies From Outer Space.

Kenney is portrayed by Will Forte, another comedian I haven't heard of. Videos of him on YouTube are not interesting. He wears a deplorable wig throughout. Will Forte is about the age of Kenney when he died. I imagine a bit older. And Martin Mull is twice the age of Kenney when he died. So the ages of both comedian/actors do not make sense. But that's okay. I accept things not making sense.

Kenney dies too quickly. The abruptness is purposeful because he really did die too quickly. Drugs. It's hard to have sympathy when successful people die by the effects of outrageous drugs. Learning that Caddy Shack was written under the influence of cocaine is a bit of a bummer and now my opinion of a favorite movie is affected by knowing that.

I had no idea the creators of National Lampoon had such wild success. I did not know the effort made the creators millionaires. Douglas Kenney died at age thirty-four and that really is a bummer.

I learned Chevy Chase and Gilda Radner were involved with National Lampoon. The actors look similar and behave similarly but there is no attempt to copy them exactly. All the supporting actors do very nicely.

After Caddy Shack there is a funeral scene.

It took me awhile to realize this is the end, that Kenney had died. Because he's standing right there at the coffin. He's observing his own funeral. And Martin Mull appears and talks to Will Forte, Both Kenneys observing their own funeral. I had a moment. It brought me down. Way down. Way way down. My mind wandered away from the film. I thought about things developing unrelated to the film, but related to the subject being depicted. Things that are inevitable and on ineluctable course with one end, and I got so down my jaws jacked tightly. Then the film snapped me right back up and out of it.

The meaning of the title is resolved at the very end. It is the best ending for a film that I've seen in a very long time.

In real life Douglas Kenney fell off a cliff. Wikipedia entry for Douglass Kenney follows the script of the movie quite well. Wikipedia says Harold Ramos famously quipped that Kenney "probably fell while he was looking for a place to jump."

That's my kind of humor.

Man, did I ever miss a lot back then by being so impossibly serious.

There. If you watched this trailer you basically saw the whole thing right there. 

Sunday, January 28, 2018

California woman sues Walmart for racial profiling

A woman in California noticed that products marketed targeting a specific race are locked in glass cabinets at Walmart while similar products nearby marketed for other races are not locked up.

The story was seen on Moonbattery, a site with crazy political things, that links to Breitbart who did the original reporting.

Moonbattery suggests Walmart has three options:

1. Remove the locked cases and let thieves help themselves with law-abiding shoppers picking up the tab for theft through higher prices for everything.

2. Lock up the other products too, inconveniencing everyone because of the lawlessness of a minority.

3. Issue a statement that those who don't want to be treated like thieves should refrain from stealing lawn flamingos. 

Moonbattery concludes, since #3 is the only one that make sense it can be ruled out immediately.

Such nonsense. Those are not the only options. 

That doesn't address the law suit. Walmart can also go to court and prevail. Or lose. They can increase prices on lawn flamingos and leave all other products unaffected. That still affects innocent lawn flamingo purchasers but it goes with the territory of that particular product for its unique theft problem. 

The thing is, we have a word for this phenomenon and it's hurtful, "profiling." And it  is actual forensic profiling. The numbers indicate this specific item is most frequently shoplifted, so this specific item is protected specifically. By the numbers, not by bias and not by ill feelings, one type of person most often buys lawn flamingos and all marketing targets this type person, so easily identified by sight, really is genuine profiling. So what? It's how we make sense of the world. No apologies if by no fault of your own you find yourself in the profiled group. Fact: you are profiled in a group with a strong tendency to nick lawn flamingos. Perhaps out of embarrassment. Perhaps due to being short of cash. Perhaps because lawn flamingos are overly expensive due to constant theft. Whatever. Too bad for you. The world is not fair. 

One last thing, since the term profiling is used in its hot button political sense in the lawsuit, we can look at the political cause of the profiling. This group targeted and profiled for marketing and for protecting against theft is also targeted by a specific political party with their own marketing and with tremendous success over generations, to receive lagniappes from government so long as there is no man in the household. So long as a woman is straddled with raising children without the assistance of a husband for support. So this group, by the numbers, by the targeting, is well know to have adapted to take advantage of these benefits, so that over time they've become the most fatherless family of all the other groups so well tracked and studied, and that is straight up sensible professional profiling. Genuinely profiled. So there is a history through generations where there is no father to discipline and train and show how to exist without stealing. 

Maybe it's best to read the articles yourself. I have a tendency to mix up crucial elements. My reading comprehension is poor sometimes.

Memory Lane

It's Sunday. And lovely.  And we traipse down an inviting lane fixed forever in memory where the sun always shines and Spring flowers bloom as we pass as if we are in a Disney cartoon. The birds are singing as our bare feet feel the softness and warmth of the earth and the air is fragrant with perfume of trees blossoming. Our hearts fill with love for all life. And we hear the dulcet intonations of a woman we know speaking softly in the distance and we burst into laughter so intense with pure joy that we collapse into a heap holding our sides from exploding rolling ourselves through the clover. This is our prayer answered.

Train plows

Maybe best to turn down the sound.


I had fourteen messages piled up on the phone and it didn't ring even once. It is my family suddenly burst into conversation. Only a few of them identify with a name, the rest show only as numbers so I don't know who's doing the talking until they fit into a pattern,  but I see they are talking about Daniel being adorable. Whatever they're referring to isn't showing. I resist pressing buttons to explore and dig deeper because when I do the phone calls people right up and I cannot make it stop once it's started. I end up calling my sister at 3:00 in the morning.

Then today on my laptop this message showed up. Twice. This must have been what they were talking about. Daniel made a card and sent it to his relatives.

So I made one and sent it to Daniel. 

The boys are learning this at their school. In the van, they showed me what they know without any prompting. They imagined they'd have me stumped with their secret language by springing it on me. And my brother never mentioned it. This is not how you say "I love you back." The real way is too easy, at this point, too universal. As you know yourself, it's the letters "i" and "L" and "y" all at once. And "back to you" is to push that configuration forward. Very eloquent. Very simple. 

And I never spell "b.a.c.k." in your direction. For the word "back." Right or wrong, I copy what I saw the first time decades ago. A finger tip touching the base of a "b" and pushing it back to the shoulder. With exaggerated mouth saying "back." So the plosive bilabial  b and the voiceless velar stop k can be easily lipread.  I also saw the index fingers of both hands reach over a shoulder and touch the top of the back in the same spot, but that is rebus in English and done by a deaf man from a large family of mixed deaf and hearing and the most knowledgeable in English of any deaf person I know. He mixes a lot of English for advantage when talking to hearing people. He knows it will work even though "Go back (to Houston)" has nothing to with your scapula. 

I just thought it would be fun for Daniel to puzzle this out.

But about children. I love young people to death. They prove themselves everyday. Within minutes. Within a single half block. Three times. Allow me a simple anecdote that repeats what I've said often involving a very tight area. 

It's nighttime, near closing, and I cross Broadway to the bodega for a gallon of milk. On the sidewalk at the corner where sidewalks meet, I intersect a dark male in shadows concealed by his hood. I turn my head and say "Hi." He does not respond. 

As I reach for the large heavy wooden door, without me seeing, the man had rushed forward swiftly, spun around in a sheepdog maneuver behind me, his arm juts forward beside me and pushes the door, the young man slips past me and in front of me to step inside the store and pull the door open. I pass him inside the store and he departs. "Thank you for that." 

"You're welcome." His business is in the opposite direction to this. All that stepping up and speeding just to help me with a door. And I don't need any help with doors.

Although steps are a problem. There is nothing anyone can do to help with those. I'm on my own with steps. 

Then, back on my side of Broadway, into the bottle shop for a 12-pack of Coke. I have a gallon of milk and 12-pack of Coke in my backpack. The weight of it shoves my heels into the floor. The first time this day I can actually feel where the floor is. I like it. The doors back out onto sidewalk along Broadway are two sets of large double glass doors. Again, a young woman races though the set behind me to open the set in front of me. She holds it open, I go through and another man follows. The woman and the man step ahead of me. They're going to the same place as I am but they're well ahead of me. They're well within their rights with no social faux pas against them to ignore my coming and going. They could act like they don't even see me. They could be in the elevator down the hall well ahead of me. Instead, the woman yells back at me, "Are you coming through here?" I answer "Yes," and they both wait in the cold with the door opened until I catch up. 

I say to them as I pass through, "and there I was thinking, those two people shot ahead of me by their superior mobility." They cracked up laughing behind me. It wasn't that funny. Their mobility is not superior, it's normal, but it's superior to me, and apparently admitting that is funny to young people. My point is, my physical situation being visible affords young people to be spectacular citizens. And they show this to me directly every day by simple things like this, just crossing the street. And that's why I adore them. Again, nothing that I read online about young people matches my daily and intimate experience. 


Saturday, January 27, 2018

Hail agin the barn door...

Well, actually, I certainly hope it never comes to that, but I needed to install a door in my living room and so I designed, built and installed a sliding door this week. 

I think it will do the trick.

It is made of Southern Yellow Pine, honey locust and Western Red Cedar.

Netflix: Eat Your Words

This is a great idea for a show. They look at the people who left a history of writing bad reviews for restaurants and invited them to cook something similar themselves and have it judged. One of judges is a chef or chef-owner who was subject of one of their reviews, another some kind of semi-celebrity, the third is the host of the show.

It's also annoyingly redundant in having the premise of the show repeated each episode and repeated within each episode as if new viewers arrive for each show and more new viewers arrive after a commercial break that doesn't happen on Netflix.

The contestants are inordinately gay and they show inordinate misplaced pride in it. It has nothing to do with cooking.  It's quite obvious without mentioning, and making one's identity central is not helpful and for gays every one of them are terrible cooks. They give gays a bad name. They fail to live up to their standard. The Asians have a similar conceit. There is no point to mentioning, we can all see your race and your sexuality. It's all very obvious. In both cases, making those identities central does not advance the task at hand. You don't make any choices in reviewing restaurants or in cooking because you are gay or Asian. And the gay Asian vegan is actually triply obnoxious. They are sexist and racist but don't know it because it is them doing it to themselves and not comprehending all of that brings with it its converse and its projection. They challenge along these lines obnoxiously and unnecessarily.

Many of these reviewers being challenged are food-bloggers, all of them rate their own cooking skills highly, and none of them can cook their way out of a paper kitchen. They all give food bloggers a bad name. They're arrogant about stupid things, like fair-food, hotdogs and such, or a bias against upscale restaurants, They blog about food they encounter, not about food that they make. On a scale of 1-10 they rate themselves 20 and you know you're in for disaster the moment they pick up a chef's knife. None of them have any knife-skills or even basic understanding of cooking. They make basic errors, chief among them are their untested adaptions based on their ridiculous self-limitations, such as creating a vegan pizza or preferring bite size fish and chips and their off-the-wall adaptions of standards such as home-made pasta and Bolognese and switching sweet potatoes for fries, baking them instead of deep-frying, and cooking the fish first instead of last. Generally, their timing is incredibly poor. They have no business even trying this.

They turn out a lot of truly disgusting meals. A professional chef who is successful, gets great reviews, and whose livelihood depends of turning out thousands of particular dishes each day, literally thousands of eggs, or thousands of soba bowls, must now sit there and watch idiots imagine they're improving their dishes. They observe mistake on mistake on mistake on mistake and then must eat the result.

One contestant "improved" pizza by substituting cheese with walnut spread but without toasting the walnuts, substituting tomato or white sauce with sriracha and mayonnaise, and substituting the pizza bread dough with purchased pita bread because, he asserts, pita is better for you than pizza dough. Oh? How so? They're the same thing except pita uses chemical leavening and pizza crust uses yeast. Pita bread is not better for you than pizza crust. That's ridiculous. His pizza was judged inedible.

The show is good advertising for restaurants. Especially in Los Angeles. The restaurant named Eggslut sounds fantastic. I had just mentioned to another cook that I started putting eggs on everything, even things where eggs don't belong. And that is the premise of this restaurant. The person I spoke to asked, "like where?" Then I had to think what I thought back then when I originally realized what I was doing at home for myself, "In soup, on sandwiches both fried and broiled, on potatoes, on top of noodles, and cornmeal and oatmeal. Fried eggs on steamed vegetables, poached eggs on toast, blended in sauces, hardboiled in salads, with hamburgers, on fries. I'll be making dinner, and that can be anything quick, and in the last minute decide to top it off with an egg. They're in fairly everything, including nearly all desserts, cakes, cookies, ice cream, so far everything except breakfast cereal."

The Japanese guy who runs a successful soba restaurant cracks open a thousand hard boiled eggs every day. It's one employee's full time job. He de-shells a hardboiled egg in seconds while the food blogger's friend who left poor reviews struggles with peeling one hardboiled egg for several minutes complaining the whole time.

The family team who tried making sushi were a straight up disaster. They hadn't a clue where to begin. How they felt qualified to judge professionals is a matter of extreme misplaced arrogance.

I'm going to re-watch the two seasons because I missed a lot of it and skipped past most of the redundant show-premise explaining. There's actually fresh content within the redundancy but I didn't have patience with it the first time.

The judges are too generous with stars. Frustratingly, they're too kind, too gentle on these assholes who write obnoxious reviews and need to be smacked down. Hard. They're charmed by observing them trying and experiencing failure, the contestants are entertaining to watch as they fail, and they realize their shortcomings once they are challenged, and the judges want the audience to think of them generously so they give them three stars when contestants don't deserve any stars. They never give minus fifteen stars when it so richly deserved, so you cheer when the two obnoxious arrogant hygienically filthy brats in the last episode finally get one star from each judge. Part of the fun is guessing how the judges will rate them based on their observations and commenting throughout. One star is the lowest they go.

The host wears too much makeup. In some shots the harsh lighting makes her entire face appear plastic. Then at judging, she really is sensible and guides the discussion wisely.

It's a great idea for a show and pulled off fairly well. The contestants react to judges remarks separately, as after the show was taped, then inserted into the show afterwards. They were working when the judges made their remarks, and now the contestants are sitting side by side and responding to judge's criticisms out of the kitchen.

Contestants have long hair that they flip around, long beards uncovered that are hovered over pots of food, they don't wash their hands, they double dip, they touch their hair, their faces, eyebrows, and nose, then chop vegetables or continue making dough, they show every unacceptable kitchen behavior imaginable. They're disgusting. I just wish the format could stop being so repetitious in explaining their premise for new viewers. Actually, I hope they continue with new episodes. It's fun watching arrogant complainers receiving their smackdown.

Matt Gaetz, "I believe there's been a criminal conspiracy."

I've been hanging out at the Treehouse all day and the party that is Sundance says this is a shift in language that elevates exponentially the political dynamic to a new level of risk for the conspirators. Then they give the U.S. code defining conspiracy.

"Suck it up to the head shed." I think that I know what that means. Handled by the higher level officers in the department. But when I look up the phrase all the results are pornographic. Don't look it up because it's naughty.

I told you not to look it up, and what do you do? You look it up. See? I warned you. 

(I dislike the photo of Page in the key frame. Half her smile is her gums. I cannot even do that without using my fingers.)

The place has been en fuego as all this is finally frothing to public exposure. The comments to each post are vast and a fantastic source of more information. This post for example has dozens of links with supporting material. You can lose yourself reading it, as I do. 

* In comments, a link to Forbes, Why was Obama's Justice Department silent on criminal activity by Russia's Nuclear Agency? With Mueller at the center of activity.

* HousatonicITService, Twitter thread of research of Strzok family is eye-opening. It's a very involved family and they're all over the place. They're positioned throughout government. This FBI Strzok is the least of them. His uncle was in Kenya when Obama went there and so were Nellie Ohr's parents. 

* A movie coming out soon reveals The Final Year reveals the Obama administration's Naïvety and arrogance. National Review.

* a commenter went to school with Ivanka Trump and posts a very long comment about his newly formed impressions. It's a very good post, you just have to go there and read it.  Control F rationalnational. Or just scroll for the long one. 

* Video of CNN anchor Cuomo vs Gaetz. Unable to prevail Cuomo feigns religious offense. 

* Gateway Pundit post on Strzok's wife, government attorney, wiping her facebook page of Hillary cheerleading.

* A discussion about the legal definition of treason, war vs peace time.

* A video discussing the military planning a coup against Obama but talked Trump into running and now they're doing a counter-coup that Assange tweet referenced. (Sounds like imaginative daydreaming, a thing more for fun.)

* This was turned into a new post at the Treehouse. Grassley sent out a batch of letters requesting information on a list of topics their investigation is interested in. A response is not expected but it does put the recipients on notice their communication is being investigated and they're exposed to criminal charges. Grassley Senate site.

There are plenty of other links too, some less relevant and others dropped by trolls pointing to contrary deep state pushback and counter narrative. 

I cannot find my favorite link, it's in another post, to a conversation between a group of FBI agents and members of DOJ, on the dark web, that portion of the internet that does not show in search results and that requires specific software, configurations and authorization and code keys to access. It is a discussion between 6 or so people in a group of 18, about things that happened days before they occurred. But that wasn't clear until after they happened because names are abbreviated. What happened to Paul Manafort for example. The group knew Robert Mueller would shake him down and it actually happened before the group expected. The point is principals were discussing this secretly beforehand.

And they're still blowing smoke up our butts. 

The story is Peter Strzok (FBI) and Lisa Page (DOJ and FBI attorney) were having an affair and that's why there are so many email messages between them on official phones. But that story is by WSJ writer Devlin Barrett whose source is Strzok and Page themselves. His sources are the subject of his articles. They're telling him what to write and he obliges. They are focusing our attention on weaker things and shaping our discussions. Now he works where democracy dies in darkness, the Washington Post. Perfect. Nothing more needs to be known about Devlin Barrett, the cooperative propagandist.

Why would his sources tell him to write they're having an affair? Because it's bad. But what they were actually doing was worse. They can tell their spouses what they're doing, the lie about the them having an affair, and their spouses cannot be made to testify against them. Their spouses can be in on it. While they proceed with their coup. 

We read there were 50 thousand messages in a few months but that can be divided in half. Each messages is counted twice, sent and received. And they're blabbing back and forth to each other in very short few-word messages all day, every day. And there is nothing among the emails shown so far that indicate conversation between lovers. No, they are co-conspirators. 

Although fiercely anti-Trump and criminally pro-Hillary they're still actually pawns, it looks to me like they're being positioned to be granted immunity. I think a lot of people who want to see these two prosecuted are in for disappointment when the seriously damaging memos come out to the public. Prosecutors are going to need them to spill their guts on their superiors and come clean to protect themselves best as they can.

Friday, January 26, 2018

This old earthquake...

Just because gold plated doors are popular these days.

I have had a good week - how about you?

CNN sends ther dumbest reporter to Davos

To ask the stupidest question imaginable to keep their dwindling audience who are still hanging on but just barely and their airport captive audience poorly informed as possible, and annoyed for as long as possible until their industry collapses.

Had Acosta bothered looking in on any of the discussions, Acosta would have his answer. 

For a selection of sensible videos by people with something of value to say, there is a long list of results. Have your pick.  [trump's team, davos

President Trump, dinner with European industrial leaders

Where no dinner is served.

I get it now. Seeing this provided an epiphany. A small one, but still, you take what you get. Ever since the age of ten studying Egyptian art I'd see paintings on walls of foreign diplomats paying tribute to pharaoh and the whole time I'd be thinking, "that's so s-t-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-w-pud. Why would you take an expensive gift and go groveling and bowing and elaborately salaaming and place your expensive gift at the feet of the guy who has more material wealth than you can ever attain? Better he give you a gift. One that will change your condition. He's the one with all the gold, after all. And now I see the whole world do this to my president. It's almost embarrassing were it not so fantastic. The Trump group is absolutely dominating Davos. All the questions of all the meetings are directed to Trump's plans. The entire world wants their hooks in America and it rattles world leadership as Trump unhooks while simultaneously re-engaging on more sensible more favorable terms. Plenty of videos to watch and they all say this same thing. The world needs to know where it stands with Trump's America. One man makes all the difference in the world. And that's literally. Truly, here is the world leader. And his team is outstanding.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Amazon delivery

Three packages were being tracked for delivery. Ping. Amazon tracking says one is in the mailbox and two are at the front door. I check the door. Nothing there.

I'm hoping all three are in the mailbox but I learned it's best to be pessimistic. If not, I'll have to go looking. Where would I start? My floor.

Within the short distance to the elevator I notice two packages in front of a neighbor's door. A black woman who knows me. We speak to each other. I hear her speaking behind her door. The packages are mine, and just bending down to read the labels makes me feel weird as if I'm snooping around someone else's bizwax. Do I knock on the door and tell her I'm taking my packages? Why?

Just take them. Leave her alone. There's no point in making her answer her door just to talk to me and bring this to her attention, from her point of view, for nothing.

Then I visualize her picking them up before I see them and opening them before reading the label and being confused and disappointed with wakame and bonito. I'm certain she'd have no idea what to do with them. I'm not certain she'd bring them to me.

Culture clash, right there. A black American presented with ordinary Japanese ingredients and nothing useful can happen. Not even imagined. And no point in discovering what these things are. It's likely she'd trash them, rather than admit she opened my packages. Because no one would know.

Oh man, I just now had a serious déjà vu thing happen like an intrusion from an alternate reality where she does return them and gets angry at me imagining otherwise in this reality.

Speaking of different cultures. Now I'd like to show something else. Change of subject.

This came through a group email today. Students studying Middle Egyptian hieroglyphs are presented with S placed in front of a word.

We put an S after a word to pluralize things and with an apostrophe to show possession. Egyptians wrote an S in front of a word to indicate causation. The word group caused something.

The emailer find this a charming example. He writes to the group: Note that Faulkner writes "caus." after the hieroglyphs and transliteration. He's pointing out that it's an S-causitive verb.

Me now: Ankh means life, as you know, a thing, and now it's a verb, and not only that, it's a verb now that causes something. I like this for its handwriting. I like seeing people's handwriting in hieroglyphics, as I like seeing people's handwriting in sign language. It's fascinating. And it's cute.

Faulkner is so smart. He sees that S-ankh means "revive dead" or "nourish, feed" or "perpetuate a name." And S-ankh-seated man means "sculptor." That's terribly intuitive. I'm impressed.