Sunday, September 20, 2015



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Related because the the original lyrics for "Peace Frog" was a Morrison poem called "Abortion Stories."

I like that version of the song because it preserves the seamless link between "Peace Frog" and "Blue Sunday" that was present in the original vinyl release; it's lost in the digital version which has an audible gap.

I think one of the original points of the combination was sin and redemption. Not that Jim Morrison was a Christian. But if you think about it, he was obsessed with morality.


Chip Ahoy said...

Oh! The music is Spanish. Grito de Dolores, doesn't that sound terrible? Griito, Dolores. Sept 16th, even though today it the 19th, now 20th.

Man, Dolores sure cried a lot.

Dolores is pains. Grito your teeth and cry. Actually, Dolores is a place. The cry of a place, a place named for pain. Grito de Dolores, cry of a place named Pain.

And that's what all the RACKET is about outside. I should have joined them. I could have had a burrito by now. I'd be drunk and well jolly by now. But it's 12:04am, time to knock it off. Civically speaking. Noise ordinances and all that.

The empty pews are reserved for media at Goznel's trial indicating graphically exactly zero interest by media in a top story of importance of the year. This is where Carley alone is kicking all the other candidates asses presently in representing conservative interests.

Lem said...

The ministry of truth.

Chip Ahoy said...

They suddenly went silent in an instant. It went like this: NOISE NOISE NOISE NOISE NOISE NOISE silence, just like that. As if the racket producing parties involved received a visitation, an authoritah so persuasive tribes silently disbanded.

We used to joke the sidewalks roll up at 12:00 and now they did just that. But that was for Sunday clubs and this is Saturday and the whole town isn't rolled up, just the art museum and public gathering at Civic Center. It's still kind of funny how fast it gets quiet.

As for the song, I looked at lyrics for Peace Frog expecting it to not match the lyrics playing, I thought the song playing is based on the song but missing a critical correlation, but they printed lyrics I was reading matched perfectly and I cannae make head or tails of it.

I tried harder to understand Morrison's intent with those printed words as guide to Morrison's thinking. It dosn't sound so much like Morrison, it sounds like Dylan, but it's Morrison so what gives? There is a lot of blood.

I tried so hard I became drunk. No really. To match up the vibes I channeled so earnestly I became alcoholic. Rye is my favored drink and I don't even know what that is, bourbon, whiskey, whatever. I channeled so hard I realized that actually I looked like Adonis for about five minutes more or less and only after that one thorough shampoo and only at a specific 3/4 angle body shot with full face. Every other time my hair looks like shit. That combination. That one time. It was a lucky thing that day. All other times I'm a mess. A fallen down mess of a sloppy drunk and my lyrics show this. Except for a couple of other times. But that's all. Ten minutes after this photoshoot I promptly began putting on pounds steadily until I ended up a fat drunk dead slob in a bathtub in france. *shakes head* Man. Morrison's a trip.

I'm suddenly stricken with a mad hunger for a chocolate malted milkshake and I have everything. I can even add banana and peanut butter if I want. Or almond butter.

And the next thing I want is a simple bowl of miso with a single scallion chopped and floating on top.

And after that, it's a blank slate.

I mentioned in passing to this dude who I never met that I am starving and he goes, "I KNOW" and I'm all, "that happens to you too?" and he goes, "Yeah, I'm ALWAYS hungry." And I go, "ME too, it's like a... like a... DAILY thing. It's CYCLICAL!." As aliens just realizing a regularity to dietary physical functioning as humans at a late point in adult life.

Lem said...

My brother and I went to see Black Mass with Johnny Depp. The movie is about the true story of a Boston gangster James (Whitey) Bulger. As we came out we thought aloud Depp was a shoe in for an Oscar. But after coming home and looking it up I'm not so sure anymore.

All those surviving victims are not going to like the idea of immortalizing a man who did so much evil and mayhem.

And yet, there is no denying that there is a story to tell. Ditto abortion king Gosnell. Which, btw, there is a movie project in the works.

What does the telling of the story, the gruesome Planned Parenthood story, do?

We maybe too numb to find out.

Lem said...

We numb ourselves with the kid and his clock story and push Gosnell and the PP horrors under the proverbial rug.

Lem said...

You know how in criminal cases evidence illegally obtained get's thrown out, it cannot be used against the defendant.

Planned Parenthood apparently found a way to use the evidence... not to throw it all out.

Where Am I going with this?

I'm trying to rationalize the irrational.

Turn water into some kind o wine for Chip ;)

Lem said...

Dolores had me thinking about a favorite verse a favorite gal in Massachusetts.

Isaias 53:3... in Spanish sounds better to me... could be on account of the gal I mentioned above.

Despreciado y desechado entre los hombres, varón de dolores, experimentado en quebranto: y como que escondimos de él el rostro, fué menospreciado, y no lo estimamos.

King James...

He is despised and rejected of men; a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief: and we hid as it were our faces from him; he was despised, and we esteemed him not.

Lem said...

Dolores is also a common name for a woman. That is to say, it's not uncommon for a woman to be named Dolores in latin America.

In fact, and totally by coincidence with regards to how I came upon telling you about what I am about to tell you, I was married to a woman whose second name is Dolores.

I did say it's common.

Lem said...

No. the marriage was not common law... but, that's not important right now.

The question is why would a somber name like Dolores be so common?

You wont believe what Dolores first name is.

Maybe that's what prompted me to put the phone down and get on the computer.


Needless to say I cant go into more details, on account of peoples privacy and all that.

Lem said...

Back to trying to rationalize the irrational.

If we aren't defunding the horror show, and it looks like we are not, don't we need to come up with a rational that may allow for the story to be at the very least told without having to avert our eyes, or chance the conversation.

You know how we use, for example, "my body my choice", to come up with the notion that it's OK to abort (in the minds of some people) at any stage of the pregnancy.

What is the rational for ... i don't know what word to use... reclaiming, recycling, fetal tissue?

Give me something to hang my hat. Well, not my personally, but... you know what i mean.

If taxpayer money is going to continue, aren't the people owed at the very least that much?

Lem said...

We need a rational for the war on the fetus to continue.

No blood for...

You know why the media might be "hyping" Fiorina?

It just occurred to me that they think they can turn her impassioned prolife speech against her if she gets the nod to go up against Hillary.

The left and the lapdog press is convinced abortion on demand can hand Hillary a victory.

That they can Palinize Fiorina with abortion.

Lem said...

They saw Fiorina's passion and it literally translated into 'nut-job' in their imagination.

Easy to put down, she's knockeable. (if there is such a word)

She is the female Huckabee... in their mind. Not that I'm a mind reader ;)

Methadras said...

The Doors are one of my favorite all time bands and I have this very picture on my Humidor Box.

chickelit said...

It doesn't really matter what your opinion of abortion is in the latest PP case. You can argue that abortion has always occurred in past and will always occur in the future. Those are essentially both Trump's and Fiorina's positions. What's new here is the government-funded parting out of humans. This wasn't happening 10 or 15 years ago -- probably because there was no demand for the tissue. It's new. This business can actually be ended without ending abortion.

To make an analogy with slavery, PP is charting new territory, much like the proposed expansion of slavery into new states in the 19th century. Moral midgets like Hillary and Obama do not dare speak a word against all this because they are beholden to the PP women who support or deny the atrocities. That goes double for the men who pretend to support or ignore the atrocities because they need to get laid by such women.