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Below towering Clark Peak I paused on bridge crossing a swollen melt creek. As I leaned on the rail watching the the water rush swiftly away, I could see in it my life's past moments like a rushing river passing through me and vanishing never to be relived. At that moment I turned about to face the oncoming deluge of foamy water. Here was the future! It was the part of the river flowing from who knows where. I knew I couldn't really get to its source but would have to wait for each wave to pass through and then it would swirl off to someplace just as illusive.

Sign of the times!

This the face of the people who want to destroy Donald Trump and his campaign to end illegal immigration. This is who you enable when you support Ted Cruz who has no chance of winning the general election. Trump is the only one who can reach out to disaffected Democrats and independents and flip enough states to beat the Democrats. Cruz and Kasich and the GOPe and the #Nevertrumpers are doing everything they can to make America Mexico again. Not because they want that to happen. But because they lost and they won't give it up and come on board and try to defeat Hillary. Cruz I can understand. He will always do whatever he can in service of his ambition. Kasich agrees with untrammeled immigration. The GOPe like Ryan want unlimited immigration to satisfy the  Chamber of Commerce. Trump brought this issue to the fore. He is the one who wants to stem the tide. He won the nomination in the face of 17 rivals. When he wins Indiana they will still keep on trying to steal the nomination. Regardless of how many votes Trump will have won.

rough question

Why can't admit you wrong why?

The Real Housewives of New York is just like real life only made up TV baloney.

I know you sophisticates and bon vivants don’t waste your valuable time with reality TV. But luckily you have me to watch it for you so I can clue you into the cultural zeitgeist.

The basic premise of all of these shows is that there is a bunch of women who are friends who interact in a particular city. Of course over time we have found that they are not really friends. They are cast by production and every year they add a new woman to the mix. The older women get fired or have contract disputes and there is a lot of turnover. They just need to keep a few basic people to have some continuity.

New York Housewives is a special case. They brought back one of the originals Bethenny Frankel to hype the ratings. The problem is that they are loading the dice to make everything from her perspective. Her talking heads frame the production and everything is gauged to flow through her skewed perspective.

Trump is like Nixon? I hope he learns something from him.

At one of the lowest points of his life Richard Nixon made a speech after he had resigned the Presidency. He talked about his family and his supporters and the people who worked in his administration and believed in him. One of the things he said is often quoted and discussed:
“Always give your best, never get discouraged, never be petty; always remember, others may hate you, but those who hate you don't win unless you hate them, and then you destroy yourself.”

I think about this quote when I see the reaction to Donald Trump. We have seen many vitriolic responses to various political figures in the past few years. Bill Clinton got it pretty bad. George W. Bush got hit with the ChimpyMcHitler stuff and plenty of over the top hate. Obama was slammed everyday by Republicans and conservatives in a very rough way. I know because I did it myself.  But I think Donald Trump is unique in that he is getting from both the liberals and the conservatives. The far left and the far right are united in attacking him in the most personal and vitriolic terms. Calling him Hitler and his supporters Nazi’s are just the starting point. The recent protests in California are just the tip of the iceberg.  The level of invective and personal upheaval just seems different. At least to me.

Live feed view of Earth from the International Space Station


Dead Sea from the Israel side (Link)

‘Ghostbusters’ remake is the most disliked trailer of all time on youtube

"The Ghostbusters trailer currently has 507,610 dislikes (555,076 as of the time of this post) on YouTube. To put that in perspective, The Fantastic Four trailer from last year has only 20,175 dislikes. The Ridiculous Six trailer, which has an impressive 0% on Rotten Tomatoes, has only 5,803 dislikes. Could Ghostbusters be that much worse than either of those two movies? It’s seems unlikely knowing what we know about both Fantastic Four and Ridiculous Six."

ISIS hackers release hit list of 3,600

"Police have been making attempts to contact the individuals to inform them of the threat by Caliphate Cyber Army, which includes names, home and email addresses."
The list reportedly targets government employees within the state department and security, but the details of regular people have also been leaked.
Intelligence experts believe the 3,600 names may have been chosen at random because they are several years old, according to ABC7 News.
Elsewhere, the Russians continue to harass our military planes... "Defense official: Russians buzzed a U.S. plane in Baltic Sea"
The aircraft flew along the U.S. aircraft and then did a 'barrel roll' over the top of the aircraft, closing within 100 feet of the RC-135 plane, the official said, who was not authorized to speak publicly on the incident.
The United States has expressed concerns of these dangerous maneuvers because they can lead to mishaps or lead to heightened escalations between the two forces.

"Those With High Scores On A Psychopath Test Are Better At Creative Thinking"

"A new study by researchers at De La Salle University in the Philippines suggests those with psychopathic tendencies are often very creative, suggesting the ability to think boldly and ruthlessly can help with the development of great ideas."
“We argue that emotional disinhibition, in the form of psychopathic boldness, is actually integral to some creative personalities and functionally related to the creative process,” the researchers wrote.
In controlled quantities, psychopathy can be a good thing. Numerous studies have shown a lack of empathy can be advantageous in the business world. Interestingly, the new study shows that uninhibited psychopathy can boost the creative spark, something different from carefully applied Machiavellian plans.
In addition to suggesting that a bold, uninhibited approach may be best for creative thinking, the research provides more evidence that psychopaths shouldn’t necessarily be marginalized.
“It could turn out that the price of human discovery, whether we like it or not, is to give the trickster more credit,” the writers conclude.
Link to article

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WKRLEM. This is why Donald Trump will win

He is the only who will give someone like Jamiel a platform.

The rest of them are afraid.

guess the American

He will not be enlisted for president, generally speaking, his type does not fraternize with enlisted. 

Peggy Noonan: Patriotism Trumps Ideology

Wall Street Journal:  In my continuing quest to define aspects of Mr. Trump’s rise, to my own satisfaction, I offer what was said this week in a talk with a small group of political activists, all of whom back him. One was about to begin approaching various powerful and influential Republicans who did not support him, and make the case. I told her I’d been thinking that maybe Mr. Trump’s appeal is simple: What Trump supporters believe, what they perceive as they watch him, is that he is on America’s side.

And that comes as a great relief to them, because they believe that for 16 years Presidents Bush and Obama were largely about ideologies. They seemed not so much on America’s side as on the side of abstract notions about justice and the needs of the world. Mr. Obama’s ideological notions are leftist, and indeed he is a hero of the international left. He is about international climate-change agreements, and leftist views of gender, race and income equality. Mr. Bush’s White House was driven by a different ideology—neoconservatism, democratizing, nation building, defeating evil in the world, privatizing Social Security.

But it was all ideology.

Then Mr. Trump comes and in his statements radiate the idea that he’s not at all interested in ideology, only in making America great again—through border security and tough trade policy, etc. He’s saying he’s on America’s side, period.

Via Instapundit  h/t Michael H (The article is behind a paywall, but, if you want to read the whole thing, copy and paste a sentence of the article to a google search box and click on the return google gives you)

Late April afternoon, Denver

The snow melts soon as it hits, 34℉. 

And that means soon as the sun disappears within minutes the temperature drops to freezing and traction goes with it. Especially wet overpasses with cold air flowing beneath them. It is particularly dangerous driving situation. 

What does this picture say to you?

Airport security checkpoint.

Wall Street Protest Experiment

About That Costa Mesa Rally...

There's much more over at LL's blog Virtual Reality. He actually was there. Costa Mesa is a bit far north for me, but I'll be interested in future rallies.

Trump said something very odd.

About General Pershing. When Trump mentioned the name I thought, "Oh no, here comes that chestnut." Right then the connection dropped so I didn't hear him mention the bit about bullets dipped in pig blood. Moments later when the connection returned  I did hear Trump speaking about Pershing lining up 50 Islamic captives and shooting 49 of them and releasing the last with the bullet intended for him with instructions to tell all that he's seen.  And there were no more Islamic attacks after that. I missed the full myth of the pig's blood. I'm assuming now that Trump mentioned the pig's blood. Surely his team should know the story is false before relating it to his extended audience of hundreds of thousands.

I was hoping Trump didn't mention pig's blood in his myth. Turns out he did. And now I must face the fact that Trump will relate a story well known as myth because it sounds good and he doesn't care. The story is too tidy, too perfect, like the photograph earlier of the wild garlic in the wood with the light stabbing through, it's precious mise en scene that's perfect for commercial use, but this Pershing picture is false on its face yet related to thousands as true. Too bad.

Is it just me now thinking this? I didn't notice in the live stream comments that flew by somewhere here near the end of this video and the thousands of running comments to the side. I stayed twice as long after the rally finished to watch coverage of protests nearby from helicopter, one of three flying around.

Let's look. [trump pershing]

Donald Trump cites dubious legend about Gen. Pershing ... politifact

WKRLEM:Ted Cruz needs a new campaign anthem!

Where the heck is Garage Mahal when you need him?

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Hell Needs a New PA Announcer

(Lucifer strides into Hell in shorts and a Hawaiian shirt smoking a cigar and scratching his balls. He does that a lot. That's why they call him old scratch) 
Lucifer: How the hell are you Forcas? Ah who am I kidding I don't give a shit. I'm back from vacation so let's get to work. 
Forcas: Vacation? I thought you were sick my Dread Lord. You seem to have lost a lot of weight.
Lucifer: Well I was sick. Shingles is no fun. I had to stay home in my burning pit argue with little Nicky on the Internet. But I am better now. That Emuaid cream really works. So what’s happening?
Forcas: Well we have a few new people in the pipeline. First there is a perverted Wrestler.
Lucifer: What Denny Hastert is here? Cool he’s a dick but I can use him to run one of the fire pits. It’s just like the house.
Forcas: No actually it is not a dick. It is a chick with a dick Chyna the sort of lady wrestler.
Lucifer: Oh I don’t care about her. Send her over to Andre the Giant and let him sit on her face. Next.

If it weren't for pain I wouldn't know I'm alive.

Anderson Cooper and his mother are promoting a book about themselves that they wrote together. The book is called The Rainbow Comes and Goes: A Mother and Son on Life, Love and Loss. There is a companion HBO documentary.  This video pushes my buttons, like five all at once but I flicked off my button control panel and ignored my impulse to offer Charlie Rose a discount on industrial kneepads and resisted my impulse to tell the This Morning interviewer to give back my stained glass window because those stem from my own shortcomings and none of those impulses are helpful. I stuck it out and I must say I have a newfound respect. Anderson has a really cool mum. And so did I. This video makes me appreciate my mum even more. All my friends knew my mum is the best.

Comments to this video on YouTube are unkind. I like both these two people more by seeing it.

BBC food photography contest

There you go, that sounds a bit interesting to me. Let's look at that. I saw this on BBC news. Here's the winner.

If you're interested in this you should go over there and look at it. Their site allows much larger photos. BBC gives them their due respect. Here's what they say about their winner. It is quotes within quotes:
With plumes of flour jumping high into the air, this image of a baker kneading dough has, says food critic and chairman of the judges Jay Rayner, "a lovely structural element to it". 
"It's a scene that gives you the smell of the bakery before the ovens are turned on."
I don't smell a thing. Bakers don't do that. They don't slap around flour. They have to breath in there. They have to clean up their own mess. The photo is unrealistic and speaks of play and not to the actual food experience. From a photographer's pov it's bad for the camera, bad for the lens.  The forty contest judges would kick me off their panel for being difficult.

The following photo won the cell phone camera category. All the judges liked this one a lot.

This is what the judges say about this photo: 
"The one thing we obsessed about was how high above their heads this photographer had to get - because there is quite a lot of distance. I am almost suspicious they were on a stepladder. But it works."
The photographer is on a balcony and the table pulled underneath it. There is no room for legs of a ladder. When you examine the plates you see the meal is not real. Nobody is touching their salad and nobody cares for potatoes. A crab pliers on each plate but no shells. The gent has two toys or corn cob holders on his plate.

Two people submitted octopus photos. The panel is over seeing more octopus photos than octopi used for food. They say as these contests mature themes appear and become certain. So then, "Cream of the Crop" is the category, and the winner is a very good octopus photo. It's cream of the crop of expected octopus photographs.  They say of the second octopus photo, a smaller creature tangled up in black ink pasta, they didn't know if they'd care to eat it or wear it as a hat.

It tries too hard to be art by using food but does not not actually speak to reality of food experience. They think it's funny.

My favorite is near sepia winner of category "Bring Home the Harvest,"a photo of a head down tired shepherd man and his flock on a dusty road returning home from the fields, all their backs to the camera. There is no food in the photo, no harvest, save for the sheep and that upsets some of the judges and participants and viewers. The real beauty of this photo, is the smaller sheepdog still with enough gusto to spin around and challenge the photographer, still on duty to the end of the day.

The judges say this about a photo of a stack of melted cheese sandwiches with a fancy handle knife sticking through them.
"This does look like a classic piece of advertising photography," explains Rayner. "It's beautifully, beautifully done. The cheese is oozing, it's glossy. 
"It's hilarious in its outrageousness. It's voluptuous. It's like some sexy model of the food world."
Winner of the "Food in the Field" category.
"This image, again, divided the judges. Technically, it is possibly the best photo in the competition," explains Rayner. "A woodland glade on a slope, the sun cutting through the trees, and a forest floor of wild garlic in flower." 
"Some of us wondered if it was too gorgeous - the kind of thing you might find on a greetings card which says 'sympathy for your loss' 
"That's not to take away from the brilliance of it. If you see a photo which seems to immediately suggest a commercial use, you know they have got something right."
Going through these photographs opened my eyes to what judges look for and approaches other photographers attempt. Their aims are not my aims. The wild garlic photograph especially. I didn't see how it related to food at first.  The scene is the sort of thing that arrests everybody's imagination when they're in those forest situations where apparent monoculture takes over naturally, waves of wildflowers always get people and the random architecture of trees is awesome. The judges description of light stabbing through the trees and then their reaction of the whole thing being too precious did not surprise me. The photograph is too perfect. Their reaction to the riverside picnic, and why, is telling. From a photographer's pov  telling. They set their finger on why the photo strikes them as overly staged, its not apparent at first, all wearing wool hats, a globe artichoke on their table. Even having such a setup at a river is staged. "Let's take our board and our baskets and our wool garments down to river for extravagant cool weather carry along lunch." Winner of the "Food for Family" category.

Rush Limbaugh: Proof ObamaCare is designed to fail

"Damn tranny in the men's room"

Oil rich Venezuela embraces 2-day workweek to save power

Yahoo News:  The socialist administration began imposing a four-hour daily blackout around the country this week to save electricity. Then, Maduro announced that millions of officials will now work only Mondays and Tuesdays, taking the rest of the week off in a bid to save electricity.

On Wednesday, more than 1,000 police fanned out around the western city of Maracaibo after a night of riots. More than 100 people were arrested there for looting that damaged dozens of businesses, according to local governor Francisco Arias, who supports the Maduro government. Venezuela is among the world's most violent countries, and crime generally spikes here when the lights go out.

Some Venezuelans complain that the country is starting to resemble the dystopian series "The Hunger Games," in which districts suffer for the benefit of a heartless capital city.

Venezuela's economy is projected to contract 8 percent this year, according to the International Monetary Fund.

People working for the state, the country's largest employer, will be paid for the days they stay home. Some have been using their Fridays off to wait in lines to buy groceries and other goods. Others have been going home to watch TV and run the air conditioning, leading critics to say the furlough is not an effective energy-saving measure.

"John Boehner talks election, time in office"

Ted Cruz:  Boehner made a face, drawing laughter from the crowd. “Lucifer in the flesh,” the former speaker said. “... I get along with almost everyone, but I have never worked with a more miserable son of a bitch in my life.”

Donald Trump:  “[T]exting buddies.” for the most part accepted Trump as the presumptive Republican nominee, though he did express his surprise at the candidate’s success. While he did not praise Trump’s policies, the Speaker did say he would vote for Trump in the general election if he becomes the Republican nominee. The former Speaker said he would not, however, vote for Cruz.

Bernie Sanders:  While stating that he disagreed with Sanders on all the issues, the former Speaker also called Sanders a nice guy and the most honest politician in the race.

Hillary:  Early in the talk, the speaker impersonated Clinton, saying “Oh I’m a woman, vote for me,” to a negative crowd reaction. Later, he added that he had known Clinton for 25 years and finds her to be very accomplished and smart. Boehner also speculated about surprises that could come closer to the Democratic National Convention if Hillary Clinton’s emails became a larger scandal. “Don’t be shocked … if two weeks before the convention, here comes Joe Biden parachuting in and Barack Obama fanning the flames to make it all happen,” 

h/t twitter follower

Overheard At Lem's

ndspinelli said...
For Trump fans, Herr Goebbels has posted his newest propaganda piece and the circle jerk has commenced.

 My reading is that the Trump=Hitler meme is still alive and thriving. How widespread is it still?

Denver socked in

Clouds climbed atop one another building up actively all day and dramatically through the afternoon lowering the sky until by dark the atmosphere was packed tight with clouds and smothered until all movement stopped.

15M file

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

"Black students connected in SU racist drawing"

USA Today College:  The image, found April 10 on a whiteboard in Blackwell Library, showed a stick figure being hung and labeled with a racial slur. Underneath was the hashtag “#whitepower.”
The university confirmed Tuesday, April 26, the students involved in the incident were black, spokesman Richard Culver wrote in an email. The university would not provide names of the students, citing the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.
Instapundit asks; without fake hate crimes, would we have any hate crimes at all?  

Melania Trump's Diary

Yaaaaawwnnnnnnn!!!! Sorry. I had to open my mouth really wide. Donald loves when I do that. Not that I need to do that with him. Unfortunately Little Donald is not all that big. But he likes to put his whole head in my mout.....errrr wait that might be TMI!

No I am yawning because it was five primaries and five wins. Most over 50% and some over 60%. We even kicked butt in Pennsylvania where they said that Cruz had all the delegates picked out and stuff. We won all the states and almost all of the congressional districts. I mean I know you wouldn't think that if you watched FOX news and listened to the porcine fucker Karl Rove tell you how this was actually good for Ted Cruz. No wonder the Bushes loved that guy. He sure knows how to turn chicken shit into chicken salad. I haven't seen a performance like that since Kim Richards was high on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and made chicken salad with her hands and actually mixed shit into it.

This is why you gotta love Trump!

The Donald made a big foreign policy speech today. He was great. He told you that we have to put America first.

Some quotes:
It’s time to shake the rust off America’s foreign policy.  It’s time to invite new voices and new visions into the fold, something we have to do.”
“We have made the Middle East more unstable and chaotic than ever before,” Trump said. “Our actions in Iraq, Libya and Syria have helped unleash ISIS. And we’re in a war against radical Islam, but President Obama won’t even name the enemy! We’ve let our rivals and challengers think they can get away with anything,” he added. “If President Obama’s goal had been to weaken America, he could not have done a better job. The nation-state remains the true foundation for happiness and harmony. I am skeptical of international unions that tie us up and bring America down… Under my administration, we will never enter America into any agreement that reduces our ability to control our own affairs."

Spirit Falls, on the WA side of the Columbia River Gorge

Link to pan and zoom

"Mike Rowe and our need to respect blue collar jobs"

Social Justice Warriors Get Owned In Epic Rant By Comedian (Steven Crowder)

Do not miss the close-up footage of the audience attendee who was heckling Crowder: “UMass Amherst students throw temper tantrum at free speech event...When one demonstrator complained about being treated like a child, Hoff Sommers told her to ‘stop acting like a child.’”

"Navarro tries to pull a fast one on Sale, but gets sold out"

Napolitano: The FBI has solid evidence to indict Hillary

Hillary Clinton is currently leading in the Democratic presidential race, but that does not mean the road to becoming the Democratic presidential nominee is a shoo-in. One issue that has repeatedly weighed down her campaign is her use of a private email server during her tenure as Secretary of State.

Clinton’s use of a private email server is the target of an ongoing FBI investigation, and it poses a threat to her political aspirations. In fact, Judge Andrew Napolitano said the agency has solid evidence to indict and convict her.

Napolitano said on The O’Reilly Factor that the “FBI knows a lot more about it than I do.” He said the “evidence of her guilt is overwhelming.”

The judge predicted that if the Justice Department protects Clinton from an indictment, Clinton’s candidacy will suffer and President Barrack Obama will have to face a crisis similar to one that former President Richard Nixon had experienced.

Napolitano further said he thinks FBI director James Comey will step down from his position and Obama will be confronted “with a crisis not unlike Richard Nixon’s during the so-called ‘Saturday Night Massacre’ in Watergate where people resigned rather than doing what the President asked them to do.” (link)


TruLaser Cell 3000

Comments on YouTube are amusing. Everybody wants one. 

There are machines designed for home use that do this with paper. The machines are marketed mostly to women doing crafts at home. The machines keep getting better based on customer feedback. Now the machines are capable of hairline cuts for extremely detailed silhouette cutting involving tens of thousands of cuts on tear proof paper (hospital wristbands). They can cut fabric, cardboard, emboss paper, cut and emboss leather and metal. There are videos for all of that. 

Scores of videos are available on YouTube most are poor quality. Several videos compare brands and this one compares two models of one brand. Of all the comparison videos, the Silver Bullet Professional always wins. The machine is for serious hobbyists. What I've seen, they produce mostly detailed cutout pictures that are used to set against another base of a different color for a silhouetted card.

The machines would be useful if you wanted to do ten or twenty of the same detailed project. It would take a lot of that activity to justify its $1,000.00 cost.  

Tuesday, April 26, 2016


The Pains In Baines Showed Vainly On The Plane

The following is an excerpt from Esquire magazine published a few years back. I was dumbfounded when I read it recently. The context is what happened on-board Air Force One just after President Kennedy was killed -- before take-off and during the flight back.
Jackie Kennedy, who had ridden in the back of the hearse with her husband's body, follows the casket up the steps and heads for the bedroom. She is shocked to find Johnson, Fehmer, and Youngblood inside it—with Johnson, depending on the account, either still on the bed or having just lifted himself off it.
In a 1969 interview with Bob Hardesty, Johnson seemingly confesses to the less graceful of the possibilities: 'He wasn't going to sleep in the bed, and I was trying to talk to [Robert] Kennedy and take pills and locate the judge and do all these things I had to do.'

In less than a minute, all four mortified people in the bedroom leave—Jackie retreats to the aft cabin, next to the casket, while Johnson and his company scurry forward, to the stateroom. Johnson finds Lady Bird and together they return to Jackie, convincing her to go back into the bedroom. 
Read the whole thing.

New Voices mean different Choices

I want to go back to the discussion of conservative voices in the media and the blogosphere. The old line conservatives seem to have imploded. Or at least they seem to have imploded to me who was a rabid consumer of their product. I listen to Rush and Levin every day. I would check out NRO and the Wall St Journal and FOX news.  But a funny thing happened with  the Trump candidacy. These guys totally lost their shit. They exposed themselves as being part and parcel of the "establishment" despite their claims to the contrary. There are many  valid legitimate reasons to oppose Trump. There are not such reasons to take it to the extent that they do with the Hitler compassions and the threats to vote for Hillary Clinton. Sorry it doesn't wash.

"Game Of Thrones Is So Popular It Has An Effect On Porn Consumption"

Game of Thrones, not just one of the most popular shows on television, but one of the most popular shows in history, has on Sunday once again confirmed its impact on the world! Incidentally, on porn industry… as it happened, the online porn consumption has decreased by 4% on Sunday. And if you think that 4% is not significant, think again!

PornHub, one of the 60 most visited porn sites in the US, has released a statistic showing that 4% in terms of numbers is actually millions and millions of visitor a day! How about that for a 4% decrease?!  (via Reddit)

Not the Onion: Minnesota Parents Sue To Get Trans Classes In Kindergarten

Parents of a 5-year-old “transgender child” have filed a complaint against a St. Paul charter school, alleging it failed to protect him from bullying and refused to teach all the students their preferred transgender-awareness curriculum.
David and Hannah Edwards, whose child was born a boy but now thinks he’s a girl, has filed with the city’s Department of Human Rights, claiming their child “wasn’t able to take full advantage of Nova’s educational opportunities because of her gender identity and expression. This violated her rights.”
When the boy showed up at school wearing pink tennis shoes and wanting to wear a jumper like the girls in gym class, other children reportedly pointed and laughed at him. The parents contacted the school and wanted something done to protect their child from bullying, despite the fact that the school currently has an anti-bullying policy.  (Link)
Link to photo

"Germany Installs Traffic Lights In Sidewalks..."

"So That Smartphone Users Don't Have To Look Up"
When the officials in the city of Augsburg noticed how people never looked up from their smartphones and ignored traffic signals, they decided to do something about it.
Hence came the invention of installing traffic lights right into the sidewalk. The genius idea was based on the premise that pedestrians wouldn't have to tear their eyes away from their phones while crossing a road. They can continue using their phones and won't miss the lights in the sidewalk.
Somewhere in London

Finding The Good Eggs 2

Finding The Good Eggs

Human life begins in bright flash of light as a sperm meets an egg, scientists have shown for the first time, after capturing the astonishing ‘fireworks’ on film.
I had to read through the whole linked article to confirm conform what I suspected expected: this is just another example of fluorescence spectroscopy.  This means that the phenomenon is more akin to putting tiny mirrors in place on the egg which reflect shined light when zinc impinges them.  The lights and mirrors are introduced artificially. The technique is yet another example of work pioneered by Roger Tsien.

Not the Onion: Senator Carper claims Hillary works hard for the money

If you pay close attention, on a second look at the video, some people in the audience seem to be laughing the senator's invocation of the song in a peculiar and may I say not complimentary way towards the hard work of the former first lady. So I looked up the song and I must say I remain puzzled as to what was causing them to laugh like that.  
The song, co-written by the singer, told a story of a woman who "works hard for [her] money". It was based on an actual encounter that Donna had with an exhausted rest room attendant named Onetta Johnson (at the iconic Los Angeles restaurant Chasen's), who was later mentioned in the song and featured on the album's back cover.[5]
According to, the song is performed in the key of A minor, with a tempo of 136 beats per minute.
What am I missing?

60-hour test, Army Ranger

The Best Ranger Competition takes place over three days at Fort Benning, Georgia. The article begins, if you've ever wondered what it would feel like to win a 60-hour competition with nonstop physical challenges, this photo sums it up. A Staff Sgt. comforts his teammate after winning first place.

The article compares the competition with a ruck. Fourteen of those over three days with no scant rest between. It is an Iron Man for U.S. Army Rangers. It is not part of their usual training. 

Fifty two-man Ranger teams start out. 

The day is described, exhausting just reading it. Photos of men doing outrageous things like carrying a 135 LB cement ball on their shoulders and many other challenging if unproductive feats that all sound like fun one at time but strung together like that are more challenging than American Ninja, through frigid water, and through lots of mud, up walls, up ropes, swimming under walls, jumping through fires, shooting rifles, running through burning logs, from freezing to fire, heights to depths, slogging through one physical and mental challenge after another. 

Day two begins with twenty-six teams cut.

The photographs look like tremendous fun while the words describe hell. The hell of being so torqued with competition that you drive your body through destruction to prove you're better than everyone else. 

I am duly deeply impressed. 

While this one photograph from the whole lot sticks out from the rest. 

It gets me, pow, right in the heart.

This is what my older brother saw when he told me, "You throw like a girl." 

Bastard! It made me want to throw the rock in my hand at him.  


There are nine other videos of this pop-up book shown by adults slowly turning each page and carefully showing. They all last 1.25 thereabouts. Three are in Spanish, those get some discussion. One video is run through a filter so the whole thing displays as a cartoon. One is the official video that adds street sounds with increasing complexity and volume as the pages are turning until it's full on New York sounds at the end. 

I like this video because it's the longest. I like it because the woman is allowing the child to touch it and test its resistance. I like it because it's the only one that shows the book really working to stimulate the imagination like the official video supplies. The boy does not need the added street sounds to help his imagination. 

The thing that got me, though, is unrelated. This is Chinese and I do not know what these symbols mean used in the title.


However, a few of them stick right out from Japanese, and I mean jump out. Were this Japanese kanji then I could know what some of them mean, but they're not Japanese, they're Chinese and they say something else. 

The few in the middle really stick out because they were so common. 

立 means "stand" it's used in the place name of the Air Base we lived. My brothers and sisters will not recall this but the symbol along with others was on the sign at the front gate of the base. Tachikawa means "stand river city" The stand understood as one of those stacked stone lamps. The symbol looks like a stand.

子 "child," a common symbol you see this all over the place.

小 "small"

天 "heaven" in kanji

I haven't a clue what the rest of them mean and I haven't a clue what they mean in Chinese, but these four symbols I saw every day and understood them in other contexts.

And then I realized, hey, I have this book. Really, you get like 1.25 minutes of reading enjoyment and that's it. There is no worthwhile pop-up mechanism to figure out, nothing mechanical to read. Owning the book has the same emotional impact as seeing the video once. Unless you're four years old, then three minutes will be filled out with your imagination. 


No, wait, what? 

I just now checked.  $35.00 for this book. More than that, actually. I was going to make a joke, I honestly expected it to be 1¢.  There goes the recommendation. Too expensive. Sorry. 

I'm going to start checking these more carefully before I pass them off to little bitty kids. 

WKRLEM: You know Trump promises us!

That's right plebes! Don't listen to your betters. What do they know?

"What Would Happen If We Just Gave People Money?"

What do you really want to do with your life? Are you doing what you really want to do? Whatever the answers, he suggested basic income was the means to achieve those goals. The idea is as simple as it is radical: Rather than concern itself with managing myriad social welfare and unemployment insurance programs, the government would instead regularly cut a no-strings-attached check to each citizen. No conditions. No questions. Everyone, rich or poor, employed or out of work would get the same amount of money. This arrangement would provide a path toward a new way of living: If people no longer had to worry about making ends meet, they could pursue the lives they want to live. (the article in long. here is the link again if you want to read it)

The article provides some ideas on how to pay for some of it. I doubt it would work.

There's No Business Like Monkey Business

But the truth, authorities say, was worse. According to police, McClain’s husband Nathan used the stolen money to fund a session with a sex worker, and offered the woman the exotic animal as a tip.

Monday, April 25, 2016

What do you think of your Moses now......seeeeee!!!!!

I had an exchange with ace commenter Amartel. I said:
If Trump is going to write off anybody it should be the far right conservative intelligentsia and the neocons. There are plenty of hard right alt cons like me or guys like Sixty who will support him.
The Mark Levins and Glen Becks will never warm to him because they can not deal with the fans following somebody before them. They think they are God and that Trump is a false idol that Edward G Robinson whipped up to fool the masses that they have been feeding off of all of these years.
The pivot he is making in the general will get him a lot more votes than kowtowing to the hard right. The hard right people will follow him. The hard right opinion makers will be crying in their beer."

Amartel said...
Right, that's totally it. They're all just JEALOUS. Of Mr. Tells It Like It Is. Sir Art of the Dealmaker. 
Currently experiencing a bit of a hiccup with the actual making of deals.
I replied:
I think that you have to realize that this is a big part of the #NeverTrump band wagon. The peasants are revolting so to speak.

Levin and Rush and Beck and Coutler and O'Reilly and Hannity and Savage are basically hucksters. They are selling a product. Books, radio shows or tv shows. Some of them are more honest about it than others. Rush is by far the smartest of them. He knows that it foolish to dis Trump and pick him as the hill to die on. He recognizes a huckster with a great rap. I don't deny that Mark Levin is a principled guy at times but he is also ultimately a media huckster just like all the rest. He knows what Trump is and he recognizes elements of himself in it. If he doesn't he is foolish. I don't think he is a fool.

As Michael Jordon famously said "Even Republicans buy sneakers." You don't need to insult and denigrate your audience or a large segment of your potential audience. That is what the fools at NRO and the Weekly Standard are doing. Same with RedState and HotAir and Ace of Spades. Trump is a phenomena. A shooting star. He might go all the way. He might not. But you shouldn't stake everything on defeating him. Because you sure didn't do that on defeating Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. Why is that? 

Margarita Checa

These three are Spanish.

Google Images [margarita checa]

Now you've seen her work and admired it. Your appreciation is right up there with the experts. You know she's carving ancient olive wood from trees planted by Spanish at the time of the Incas. You know she inlays her carving with silver and horn and other types wood. How do you describe her work? Say, you're writing a pamphlet for one her exhibitions. 

Here's how Bill Lowe describes her work for his gallery.
...epic in its eloquence, breathing new life into archetypal symbols and dreams. Her hauntingly beautiful figures are at once mystical and primal, conveying an emotional experience unbounded by time. 
Ew, good one.

I don't think I can top that. I'd say, "Her work all looks African except with elegant feminine lines."

Margarita Checa says of herself.
"I went to live in Costa Rica in 1992. There I had the strongest sensation that regardless of where I might find myself I carried with me my entire country - its culture, its history, like tattoos all over my body. It was at that moment I started to inlay woods in the different colors and hues offered to me in Costa Rica." 
An art critic, Carol Damian says,
Taking imagery from dreams, Checa's work is a manifestation of the collective unconscious, startling in its clarity. "The essence of human is captured in Margarita Checa's melancholy and sensuously provocative sculptures. Haunted by psychological and emotional undertones that are communicated through the decidedly organic nature of wood or rich surfaces captured in bronze, her figures have a unique and expressive power.

Wall beach journal

Water wall...

Sand sculpture... 

Jim Webb: We can celebrate Harriet Tubman without disparaging Andrew Jackson

Via the Washington Post...
One would think we could celebrate the recognition that Harriet Tubman will be given on future $20 bills without demeaning former president Andrew Jackson as a “monster,” as a recent Huffington Post headline did. And summarizing his legendary tenure as being “known primarily for a brutal genocidal campaign against native Americans,” as reported in The Post, offers an indication of how far political correctness has invaded our educational system and skewed our national consciousness.
This dismissive characterization of one of our great presidents is not occurring in a vacuum. Any white person whose ancestral relations trace to the American South now risks being characterized as having roots based on bigotry and undeserved privilege. Meanwhile, race relations are at their worst point in decades.
Far too many of our most important discussions are being debated emotionally, without full regard for historical facts. The myth of universal white privilege and universal disadvantage among racial minorities has become a mantra, even though white and minority cultures alike vary greatly in their ethnic and geographic origins, in their experiences in the United States and in their educational and financial well-being. (read the whole thing)

Would colleges play this movie today?

The most recent text you sent is now the slogan for your Presidential campaign. What is your slogan?

Reddit top voted comments...
"I am outside your door"
"Lol Sorry"
'Not sure I'm up for this tbh.'
"Yea, I can cover your shift tomorrow, what time?"
"Arrival of food imminent"
"Thanks for the invite, but I slept all day lol"
"I need your Hulu password"
"Hugs and kisses!"

Trump says he doesn't want to be boring. Are we bored?

It amazes me when people proclaim that they are bored. Actually, it amazes me that I am ever bored, or that any of us are. With so much to occupy us these days, boredom should be a relic of a bygone age – an age devoid of the internet, social media, multi-channel TV, 24-hour shopping, multiplex cinemas, game consoles, texting and whatever other myriad possibilities are available these days to entertain us.
Yet despite the plethora of high-intensity entertainment constantly at our disposal, we are still bored. Up to half of us are “often bored” at home or at school, while more than two- thirds of us are chronically bored at work. We are bored by paperwork, by the commute and by dull meetings. TV is boring, as is Facebook and other social media. We spend our weekends at dull parties, watching tedious films or listening to our spouses drone on about their day. Our kids are bored – bored of school, of homework and even of school holidays.
There are a number of explanations for our ennui. This, in fact, is part of the problem – we are overstimulated. The more entertained we are the more entertainment we need in order to feel satisfied . The more we fill our world with fast-moving, high-intensity, ever-changing stimulation, the more we get used to that and the less tolerant we become of lower levels.
Thus slower-paced activities, such as reading reports, sitting in meetings, attending lectures or studying for exams, bore us because we are accustomed to faster-paced amusements.
At a rally in Waterbury, Connecticut, earlier Saturday, Trump joked about how it's easy to be presidential, making a series of faux somber faces. But he said told the crowd he can be serious and policy-minded when he has to be.
"When I'm out here talking to you people, I've got to be different," Trump said.

Lord, bless his soul. He let me drive his cadillac to church, Lord, bless his soul again.

I've been reading all over the place the past few days here and there and beyond these shores, people wailing against 2016 being cruel, complaining of tremendously individual talent that we've grown up with that has become  part of us vanished. Too cruel so many at once. Who's next? People wonder. I've been reading in comments people taking macabre guesses, rock stars that people think are due.

How rude.

We would never do anything like that here.

They're all short like this
Pt 1.
Pt 2.

An emotional interview with Donny and Marie.


From palliative cleanser back to turd in the punch bowl:

Because we need to keep talking about Ted Cruz.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

WKRLEM. Palate cleanser

Grantchester poses some interesting questions.

I don't think youse guys have been watching "Grantchester" on PBS recently. It has a pretty interesting storyline that pulls the strands of a couple of important policy points without being overly preachy.

PBS or actually the BBC is running a full court pro-abortion press in several of their historical dramas. In last weeks "Call the Midwife" they had a whole big abortion plot. It seems this young teacher gets knocked by her married lover and hilarity ensues. She faints in the classroom and throws up on the tots. It is a big mess.

She gets thrown out of her flat by the very judgmental boarding house owner and goes to the nun's residence for help. She had struck up a friendship with one of the peripheral nuns who needed a storyline. Sister Winifred was speaking at the school when she picks up that this broad is knocked up. So when she is on the streets she goes to the Sister as the only one to help her. The nuns get her a spot in another less picky boarding house where she proceeds to go full wire hanger. The whole ten yards. In the hospital. Hysterectomy. Which happened all the time I am sure. I mean women had the babies all the time but other women did not so that is fair enough. But what is strange is how the Nun was blaming herself for it. She didn't get her knocked up. She did nothing but be kind to her and help her out. They just had to load the dice. It is very well done subtle propaganda. Planned Parenthood should take a lesson.