Thursday, October 28, 2021

Are you a member of the Continental Breakfast?


We have a new podcast up on Spotify where we talk about our visit to Fraunces Tavern and the paranormal!

We went to celebrate our anniversary and they happened to have a paranormal event where they looked for spirits!

Check it out I think it is pretty funny!

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

I mean if OJ can play golf?


Lori Loughlin is coming back to Hallmark.

Fired after the scandal where she paid $400,000 to get her idiot child into USC she did her time and is ready to be rehabilitated. Formerly a star of Hallmark Mystery Movies and a regular on the flagship TV series "When Calls the Heart:" Lori was dropped like a hot potato when the scandal hit. The squeaky clean network didn't want to upset their fans with her on their channel.

But is seems enough time has passed and crime doesn't matter anymore. I mean if shoplifters are not prosecuted and Antifa and BLM looters get a free pass why can't Aunt Becky get her rice bowl back?

She will start out on the spin off "Where Hope Calls." Soon enough she will be back on WCTH.  I doubt that she  get here series of movies back but you never know what will happen if money is involved.

Maybe Alec Baldwin can guest star.

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Santa needs his downtime

 He's like me. He loves the beach. The sound of the waves. The sweet sweet warmth of the sun.

At the beach every day is Christmas.

She was a woman with a Virginia Ham under her arm complaining about not having any bread.

Nick called me out on my bad review of the "Many Saints of Newark" in that I didn't compliment the performance of Vera Famiglia as Livia Soprano. He was right. She did a great impersonation of Nancy Marchand who played the original role. She used some of the phrases and dialogue that Nancy used in the series. But more importantly she channeled the attitude and the hurt that was at the base of that character. She was spot on in her impersonation and should have been a model for the rest of the cast. The other actors were really doing something else. Well except for the guy who played Silvio. He also had it down. But the others were big disappointments. 

I didn't have a problem with young Gandolfini as I knew he was very limited as an actor since I saw him in "The Deuce" so I didn't think he was up to the task. But Corey Stoll who played Uncle Junior was a bitter disappointment. Considering how vital he was to the plot it was a bad miscasting. I think he was chosen because he was bald. He was good in other roles but he was terrible here. 

When you a doing a prequal and portraying beloved actors you really have to work at getting the character right. Vera did that. The others really did not. We will see if the actors playing the Ricardos and the Mertz family can do better.

They better not fuck up Fred. 

"You got a lot of splaining to do!"

I am very interested in seeing this show. I know a lot about the Ricardos as I have read several books about them as well as their co-stars. So if they delve into some of the real issues they had it will be very entertaining and interesting. 

Of special note that great actor JK Simmons is playing my hero Fred Mertz! 

I hope I won't be fooled again.

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Superman gets woke....and another hero falls

Did you hear that DC Comics has decided to sign on to the hate America agenda and repudiate the 80 year old history of the Man of Steel?

From Bounding into comics:  In one of the most audacious, yet unsurprising moves from DC Comics in recent years, the comic book publisher has announced that they will officially be dropping “The American Way” from Superman’s iconic catchphrase in favor of a more inclusive alternative.
As announced by DC Chief Creative Officer and Publisher Jim Lee during the October 2021 edition of DC FanDome, the Man of Steel’s iconic catchphrase will be updated from “Truth, Justice, and The American Way” to “Truth, Justice, and a Better Tomorrow” in order to “better reflect the global storylines that we are telling across DC and to honor the character’s incredible legacy of over 80 years of building a better world.”

You see the woke globalist millennial generation hates America and everything it stands for and will do anything they can to destroy it. They are not interested in the American Way. You see the American way is steeped in "White Supremacy" and must be destroyed at all cost.

Comics have been destroyed by the woke  The sales are so abysmal that both Marvel and DC will soon be scrapped and strip mined for movie fodder. The losses on the comic book publishing is so great that they are not sustainable. They have alienated their audience in order to appeal to a woke gay trans audience that does not exist. So another America institution goes by the wayside like the Boy Scouts or the public schools. Globalism, critical race theory and pro LBGT propaganda have combined to destroy the comic book industry.

The American Way has been driven underground. 

If George Reeves were around and wearing his Superman underwear he would kill himself.

It's sick out there and getting sicker.

The architect of the destruction of the military has passed!

 Colin Powell the proto-type of the political general has passed. He was the most politically active general since Douglas MacAurthur and the shame of it was that he was a dyed on the wool Democratic butt boy. Sure he pretended to be a Republican but he was one of the biggest Rhinos of them all! He endorsed Obama, Hillary and Biden. The Republican Bush establishment embraced him because they wanted a high profile moolie on their side.

The Republicans were stuck with him as he lead us into the beginning of the endless wars that are still going on. The Neo-cons and the Rhinos betrayed our country for financial gain and to get promotions and status.

Yes he served his country and we should honor his service. But so did Benedict Arnold who was responsible for our victory at Saratoga. So I say let’s treat him the way we did Arnold. As an unpleasant footnote to the American experience.

We have to stop the involvement of the military with partisan politics. I think that is the most important issue we have to deal with in the aftermath of the Trump years.

Thanks Big Guy!

This is what gas looks like in Manhattan last week. It has already gone up from there.

We drove a couple of miles to go to Costco to get cheaper gas. I don't know if it cost more in gas to go there but it was thirty cents cheaper so it was worth it I guess.

Now the supply chain is broken. That's what you get when you rely on China for some much of your products. When I go shopping I look at everything to see if it is made in China and then I don't buy it. When you actually look it is amazing how almost everything comes from there. 

We had to buy a new flag. I fly a giant flag every day but when you look on line a majority of the American flags you can find come from China! Can you believe that shit.

I tried to convince the wife to get a "Fuck Joe Biden" flag instead but she wouldn't go for it.

It's sick out there and getting sicker.

Sunday, October 17, 2021

Damn it Jim….you’re an octogenarian not a Space Cowboy!

 Fuck you Bones!

I am the gangster of Love.

No get those red shirt losers and let’s go!

Friday, October 15, 2021

On Boat Parades, Logistics, Conditions, and Organizational Structure Dictating Outcome

When it comes to having eyes and ears that are open, and years of experience observing in volatile situations and participating alongside with boots on the ground, Michael Yon is someone whose thoughts I am willing to regard with respect and take into consideration.  Today’s post from him brought the following prediction:

"PanFaWar: Pandemic, Famine, War — traveling buddies from Hell.

When one arrives, the other two soon roar in.

They also are recursive and incredibly unpredictable. Recursive in the sense that big pandemic leads to more pandemic.

...War is coming. And it’s not about sparks, but Conditions. Logistics are part of the higher-level matrix that is Conditions. Amateurs talk sparks. Professionals talk Conditions.

Production and Logistics are high-level aspects of Conditions...

And as Al Johnson Senior tells me from time to time, “Organizational structure dictates outcome.” Retired Army Colonel. This is one of those things that first time you hear it, truth of the statement flashes. Basically, we get the product of the assembly line we create.

The plant management has created an assembly line of PanFaWar components."

While I continue to hope and pray the two traveling buddies from hell will somehow be met and conquered on the road before they arrive, and what Yon is predicting, based on history and experience, does not come to pass; what plant management is creating is indeed a fearsome thing.    Actually it goes beyond fearsome (frightening, especially in appearance) into the territory of willfully deceptive and destructive evil, a reality mentioned in an earlier post here this week.  Evil that accompanies the taking of lives and the spilling of innocent blood.  

Though I'm still mulling on what evil is and when a person is acting or reacting out of human hurt, need or fear, and when evil is involved, I currently go with the definition received from a mentor several years ago who said, "Darkness is an absence of light, knowledge, and understanding.  Darkness itself is not evil. True evil interferes with the free will and the choices of another soul.  Evils manifests when someone would end the life of another so as to take away their free will, or force them into an act or a situation where they have absolutely no ability to extricate themselves from it."   

As an aside, the price of a shipping a container from China was halved this week to the $15,000 range (still double what it was pre-pandemic) by China, fearing loss of contracts and commitments for 2022.

Thursday, October 14, 2021

RIP Ray Fosse!

 Remember that All Star game when Charley Hustle ran into Ray Fosse and knocked him ass over teakettle to score a run in a meaningless game? All the old timey announcers praised Rose as a throw back to the old days of spit and vinegar. He played the way the old timers did. Plus he bet on the games like Hal Chase and Ty Cobb and Tris Speaker so Rose would fit right in with the Black Sox.

Still and all he really fucked up Ray Fosse. He had a rookie of the year season but most of that was before the All Star Game as he never quite recoverd. He was one of the bright young catchers of the 1970's but he never rose to the level of Thurman Munson or Carlton Fisk. He had a serviceable career though and was the announcer for the A's for a long time.

He passed at age 74 from cancer.

RIP Ray. I think you are heading upstairs because playing in Cleveland was punishment enough for you sins buddy. 

Chucky tells it like it is!

 You know who I am talking about right?

Former Oakland Raiders Head Coach Jon Gruden who got fired for committing truth. You see they leaked some emails where he told some home truths that the woke public can not let stand. From Outkick:

Jon Gruden and Las Vegas Raiders owner Mark Davis met at the team’s training facility minutes ago and the two agreed the coach would resign effective immediately.

“I have resigned as Head Coach of the Las Vegas Raiders,” Gruden said in a statement released to various national media outlets, including OutKick. “I love the Raiders and do not want to be a distraction.

The latest uncovered emails Gruden sent contained comments in which Gruden referred to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell as a “f—-t” and a “clueless antifootball pussy.”

Gruden also said that Goodell should not have pressured former Rams coach Jeff Fisher to draft “queers,” in reference to Michael Sam, a seventh-round pick of the team in 2014. 

The New York Times story came after last week’s revelation that Gruden had sent an email containing comments regarding NFLPA head DeMaurice Smith, who is black, as having lips the size of “Michelin tires.”

I am glad I don't follow football anymore. It has become the province of criminals and perverts and pussified woke cocksuckers. They have an animal who is accused of rape and harassments of 20 women and he didn't get fired. You have criminals who have stabbed people and robbed people and committed multiple felonies against people and property and they are in the National Felons League no problem. But you mention that one guy has some big ass lips or that you shouldn't have to be forced to hire finoicks on your team and you get canned even thought you are a coach who won the Super Bowl.

Vince Lombardi is turning over in his bed in Hell so he  can get roasted on the other side from this one.

Why would any right thinking patriotic American watch these animals and losers is beyond me. I just hope we get some Congressmen who will end all of the tax breaks for sports teams that have bankrupted so many cities over the years just to keep these mooks in town. 

Its sick out there and getting sicker.

Monday, October 11, 2021

What was it Uncle Saul said?

Something about ridicule.

First, it was just people refusing to go along. Lockdowns, masks, CRT, drag queens in school. Then there were audits, which started showing, no, the lying dogfaced pony soldier could not have taken AZ, all public and out in the open. Now the idea that every state should be audited (insane last Spring) is taking hold in many quarters. Then people were coming forward saying Rosanne Boyland's death was also murder by Capitol cop. There were, and are, work stoppages because of mask mandates.

All serious stuff.

Until Buck Fiden became the dance sensation that was sweeping the nation. Even in Baaston. At a Yankees-Red Sox game, no less.

Then Deep State tried to do damage control. Our sorehead AG started calling parents who resisted local school boards domestic terrorists. Then somebody found out his son-in-law owns the company providing CRT programs to school boards. 

Some idiot reporter tried to tell the world, no, it's actually, "Let's go, Brandon".Which has become the biggest political laugh line since, "There you go again". There's even a song about it.

Then Donald Trump gets up in an Iowa cornfield and reminds the world, "Hillary conceded. I never conceded".

We are in for some rough times, to be sure. Steve Bannon warns of  the bleakest, darkest Christmas in living memory, and he just may be right. Gas prices were exactly a dollar lower this time last year. Goods to keep the supply chain running are stacked up at ports on both coasts. It may be the grimmest Christmas since 1941.

But, when the people are openly trolling first the entire Democrat party and then Fake News, you know we're winning.

We're winning because our spirit has not broken. When General Douhet talked about fleets of bombers breaking a people's will to resist a hundred years ago, he forgot one thing. All those people were in it together. The Blitz could not break Britain, and Harris' Lancasters and our B-17s could not break Germany.

No different now. We will get through this and we will win. We have beaten them ideologically, as Mao once said.

We played cowboys and Indians for 200 years. Then we played cowboys and Nazis and then cowboys and Moslems. We even played cowboys and Communists and won.

Time to play cowboys and evil.

Let’s go Brandon!

 Some people can’t read the room!

Meat and potatoes 🥔 what could be better!


I am making this recipe this weekend!

It sounds delicious!

I am going to make a hash of it!


I am obsessed by the hash recipes. There are three pages of them.

I am definitely making the corn beef hash soon.

Sunday, October 10, 2021

“It’s a Cook Book!”


We went to our storage unit to visit some of our shit and to pick out some of it to sell at a Yard Sale this weekend. Lo and behold I came across my favorite cookbook of all time.

I bought in an old book store in Canada for fifty cents. I have had it for about twenty years. It was published in 1903 by the Julia Child of her day. She described everything a young housewife needs to know to have a successful marriage! The being obedient to your husband was particularly amusing. Still the absolute best is the recipes. Everything from roasts to vegetables to desserts. Here is a tasty one:

Yummy. You learn the proper procedure to roast a Moose or a potato. Even one of my favorites: small birds!

The only thing she cooks with is salt, pepper, butter and lard.
Simply heavenly!

I am particularly looking forward to trying some of her home remedies for sickness and common complaints!

I am endlessly fascinated by this book. I have been reading it for hours. I am definitely going to try some of these recipes! I wonder if Stop and Shop has Crisco?

Those fucking sparrows that chirp outside my window and wake me up at dawn better watch their ass!

Friday, October 8, 2021

What’s wrong with this picture?


I was looking to buy a confirmation card so I went to a Party City Store.

Everything in it was made in China!

Sometimes things are lost in translation.

It’s got a great beat and you can dance to it!


The Summer is finally over ....


Sarah Jessica Parker has to put away the pool toys and get ready for the fall.

"The Many Saints of Newark" is not a Mafia is a horror movie!

 Or  more accurately a horrible movie.

I can't express how disappointed I feel about this movie. How much it let me down. I thought David Chase would give us a return to the glory days of the Sopranos. He was going to give us a glimpse into the younger versions of Tony and Silvio and Paulie Walnuts and Big Pussy. We get to meet Johnny Boy Soprano and Uncle Junior in his salad days. Plus Christopher's father the legendary Dickie Moltisanti. .

Instead we get warmed over Black Lives Matter bullshit

They waste most of the movie on a subplot about a conflict between Dickie and one of his numbers runners.. The story telling is so bad there is not even a payoff to the conflict. In a shoot out they kill a couple of people and then just stare at each other and then walk away! No payoff in the final act for the premise of the whole movie.

Plus there is the Ray Liotta issue. A little of this overbaked ham goes a long way. He gets killed off in the first few minutes of the movie and comes back as his twin brother in jail that Dickie goes to talk to throughout the movie. I heard David Chase talk on the Talking Sopranos podcast about using twin brothers being soap opera bullshit and the cocksucker uses it in his movie! What a Mortadella! 

The impersonations suck balls. The only guy who nails it is the one playing young Silvio Dante. But that raises another question. He was always portrayed as a contemporary of Tony who came up in his crew. Now he is about ten years older around Paulie Walnuts age. Where is the continuity? In the fucking dumper that's where!

I am very sorry but I can't recommend this movie at all. You are better off going to the original series and watching an episode like "Long Term Parking" or the "Pine Barrens." This bag of shit is a waste of time. It was made to satisfy the contemporary demand to kowtow to BLM and the ultraliberal mindset of Hollywood. It is not for fans of crime fiction or Mafia Movies. 

Give it a pass if you can. 

I can't tell you how much it pains me to say that.

Sure now you tell me!


 Thank you Dr Fauci!

Thursday, October 7, 2021

Some have expressed concerns about how reactive I am towards communists who took over the legal profession and used their position to subvert the justice system into a two tiered system where results are solely based on race. I mean it's as if some two bit whore from up north is living in my head rent free. 

Dude, why do you get so worked up about the destruction of our nation? What does it matter that the brilliance of the Founding Fathers is now being destroyed by Affirmative Action bints who attend Alcoholics Anonymous? It will all be fine. Who cares it they want to murder the unborn - that's just them being honest about how little they value life. Millions of unassimilable illegals streaming in - diversity is our strength, just not in her lily white gated community.

So I talked to a trusted advisor and mentioned that it makes me angry when Marxist millionaires who haven't even done an honest day's work or drawn a sober breath in decades are currently blathering away about trannies, faggots and gigolos, and that's just her immediate family.

Trusted advisor said "I totally get it - that cunt is an insane commie whore! Your anger is righteous!"

He then pointed out some comments on a website:

After years of cutting and pasting from liberal “blogs” like NYT and WaPo, 

Vanity Fair etc., without comment (with agreement?) and pretty much nothing 

else this penchant for periodic halfway middle of the road effluvia gets tiresome. 

She lost me after she waved the rainbow flag after, like the US embassy 

in Kabul, after Obergefell. I got taken in by the “cruel neutrality” schitck.

The now completely irrelevant A** A******. The comments on her blog were the 

only good thing about her blog.

I always caught a whiff of genocide in the air at A******'s blog.

This see you next Tuesday has the gall to split hairs on murdering the innocent. 

Do the letters F and O mean anything to you Ms. A******?

A** A******: “I support abortion rights...

That's disappointing.

  • "I support abortion rights..."

    You support the murder of innocents. There is no evil you can't be talked into 


    If A******, or anyone else for that matter, wants to support a woman murdering

    her unborn baby in barbaric fashion before it's even had a chance to breathe 

    because letting it live would be 

    inconvenient for the woman, well, go ahead, just don't try to pretend you're 

    supporting something 

    other than that.

    I mean, I support hanging violent criminals who pose a danger to society 

    and am not afraid to 

    make it clear that I realize the criminal is D-E-D dead afterwards. Can 

    supporters of Mothers-Killing-Their-Babies be as honest?

    A lot of women out there were utterly failed by their parents.


        Except that they were still given a chance to live and breathe air.

    Just another piece that demonstrates how little of value she really has to say.

    Saying “I support abortion rights" is entirely similar to saying 

    "I support slavery". They're both based on dehumanizing people and 

    denying them basic human rights.

        brainy435  D W And both deeply-held Democrat Party ideals.

    She is OK with killing babies as long as it's not done with a coat hangar

     in a back alley. What about the rights of the baby?

    Does anybody pay attention to that dingbat A****** anymore? I guess 

    Professor R******** does.

    "I support abortion rights"

    Anyone here shocked A**'s OK with killing babies? Anyone? 

    No? Didn't think so.

  • I imagine A******* is pro-abortion in theory, that is, she hasn't 

    funded any 

    abortions herself and won't, but wants the public to bear the 

    cost of her whims. 

    That's pretty much painless virtue 

    signaling to the crowd currently and tenuously in power. 

    I assume she is quite morally flexible 

    should those power arrangements change.

      • Avatar

        Why would you assume that? I assume that as a 1970s 

      • femniazi she had

      •  several before and after Roe v Wade before her looks faded.

      A****** supports murdering babies.

      But she holds herself above the baby killers who want to celebrate 

      baby killing.

      Which is nice.

      • It’s a grim matter of death and destruction

        Yet A****** supports the "right" to inflict death and destruction on an 

        innocent unborn child.

        Cowards support abortion, and evil scum.

        Which are you A**?

        A** A****** - she supports abortion and she's got a sodomite son who 

        'married' another guy which she also supported. A mental midget 

        if ever there was one.

        And G**** links to her regularly which speaks volumes to his intellectual prowess.

        And so on for hundreds of comments. I guess I am not alone in my loathing for that 

        murderous piece of shit and I, for one, am pleased to see that others do not worship 

        her rapidly decaying remains and pickled intellect.

        So when you contemplate the hell that is now Afghanistan and the hell that will soon 

        be visited upon us here, remember, that stupid broad could not bring herself 

        to vote for Trump. 

        And I post this because the low IQ minion she brought to prominence on her 

        site cannot stop commenting here.