Thursday, March 31, 2022

Tales of the FBI

"Come here baby you know you're Uncle Edgar loves you.......smooch, smooch, smooch,"
"Oh that's gross Uncle Edgar with you're tongue and everything. I am just a little girl."
"Don't fret darling. It's all ok. In fact one day there will be a Supreme Court Justice who will work to make our love legal. Just wait and see."
"Can I go now? I want to go out back and play with Lassie."
"Sure sweetie. Just know that Uncle Edgar loves you."


Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Where’s Robin?

 The first robin of the spring.

Oh the answer to the question of where is Robin?

Probably on Batman’s sick.

At least if he is a Disney character.


 Went to a charity golf outing on Sunday. It was at a driving range and honored one of the wife’s friends husband who died ten years ago. It was a cancer charity that his daughters organized.

I didn’t play but the why decided to swing away and ended up hurting her neck. Her friend actually broke her hand.

I told her at our age you have to realize your limitations.

That’s why I stuck with hot dogs and beer.

Monday, March 28, 2022

A Scorpion will always be Scorpion.

A scorpion wants to cross a river but cannot swim, so it asks a frog to carry it across. The frog hesitates, afraid that the scorpion might sting it, but the scorpion promises not to, pointing out that it would drown if it killed the frog in the middle of the river. The frog considers this argument sensible and agrees to transport the scorpion. Midway across the river, the scorpion stings the frog anyway, dooming them both. The dying frog asks the scorpion why it stung despite knowing the consequence, to which the scorpion replies: "I am sorry, but I couldn't resist the urge. It's in my nature."[1]

Thursday, March 24, 2022

I am not a furry


But the wife dragged me to the Psychedelic Furs.

You might remember that I told the story that the wife and three of her girlfriends got tickets to see this eighties band in November, but they canceled because one of them broke a hip or something. One of the band not the girls. They rescheduled for St. Paddy's Day since Christmas wasn't available. Two of the bitches are from Jersey so they punked out because they didn't want to come in on Paddy's Day so I was stuck going.

Now the wife's main partner in crime brought her new boyfriend who is a bit of a chore to get along with. Someone that Mama M would describe as a malignant narcissist. You can't tell her this because it is a new relationship and she is all into it and shit. This is a sixty year old guy who is into Tick Tock and is always on his phone like a twelve year old girl. I mean the guy is an asshole which is fine since I am an asshole but he is not my kind of asshole. So I can't be myself and have to edit so as not to get punched out by the wife or her friend. 

Anyhoo we went to an upscale Mexican Restaurant which sucked because who wants upscale Mexican food. You want messy burritos and tacos and chili rellenos. Not fancy shit. I was not happy. I got a skirt steak that was well cooked but lacking in flavor. In fact everything lacked in flavor. I didn't want to bitch too much because the wife loves the place because they had a bunch of gluten free dishes. So I ate my bland meat and shut up.

The concert was ok I guess. I am familiar with all of their songs since we have been playing them nonstop for the past few months. Oh the opening act sucked moose balls. He was like the retarded Elvis Costello. He stalked around the stage with a guitar and a cowboy had. He was a fucking Limey for fucks sake. Not a cowboy. Sam Elliott would have kicked him in the balls.

The wife ran down to the mosh pit to relive her days as an eighties chick. Along with a bunch of other sixty year old's. You might see her in the video batting around a balloon. She missed at one point and smacked another women in the head. They just laughed it off as they were reliving their misspent yute. 

I am just glad she had a lot of fun. 

Now she wants to go see the Pet Shop Boys and OMD in the Garden next month.


Spring has sprung......I think

 At least I got the first indications of spring being on the way.

The daffodils are out and growing nicely in the window box.

I can't wait for the full bloom of spring.

It can't happen soon enough.

I am going to Costco

Not to buy art.

But hot dogs might be involved. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

On Pettifoggers, Pillocks and Ninnyhammers


Seeing the snow melt and feeling the heat of the sun, while enjoying the return of more evening light, has been stirring a sense of dormant hope in me.  Our neck of the woods is once again waking up for spring. The birds are calling to secure mates and boundaries, and the warm days and cold nights have set the stage for the sap to start running, with maple sugaring underway in MI for the next three weeks.  I’m looking forward to the 100 plus bulbs we bought at the end of season sale (and managed to get in the cold ground the day before the first snow fell), poking up, along with the arrival of what could be termed a host of daylily-starts, on their way from Smokey’s Garden. 

All in all, it’s a time of blessing and goodness made real, even more so by the fact that I’m now able to be out and about again after living through The Two Weeks to Slow the Spread–Turned into Two Years of Cluelessness, Withheld Information, and Convoluted Vaccine, Mask and Mandate Propaganda.      The fear I carried for two years (of being unable to breath, put on a ventilator and dying a dreadful death from Covid, or losing loved ones to it) and the anxiety I contended with over conflicting and limited information, unsure whether to risk the vax or risk the virus, has finally eased with our survival from Omicron.  What I’m feeling now, however, in the midst of this burst of life, is a deep vibration of anger.  

To the point, where I’ve found myself looking for a word description to hold and convey the revulsion I feel for the three who are currently bumbling around, flapping their hands, and floundering in their attempts to effectively lead and govern our nation from the highest held positions in Washington.

 A Trio of  Mendacious Ninnyhammers was the best I could do without resorting to cursing, with Two Dotards and a Shyster (or maybe a pettifogger?) coming in as a close second.  I found the synonyms for ninny telling as well, with half or more of them a fit for one or the other in that trio, as a goose, loony, madman, nut, featherbrain, scatterbrain, boor, cad, churl, clown, creep, cur, heel, jerk, skunk, snake. stinker, villain.  

Beyond anger over their obviously compromised abilities and their ongoing willingness to tell and promote lies, is my disgust with the media who cover for them, overlooking and hiding what is clearly present and there to be seen.

This, by Joe Concha from The Hill today, goes back to Leslie Stahl's interview of Trump, in which her cool contempt for him stood out as I watched the interview unfold, fostering the impression that he was a bumbler who was misled, foolish and misspoken and she was the calm, cool, person in the know.  When in reality, he was the one in the know; and in place of him today we have foolish, corrupt, bumbling, misspoken, mendacious shysters, pettifoggers, pillocks and ninnyhammers misleading the nation with pretense and lies

"And then there was this incredible exchange between President Trump and CBS’s Lesley Stahl during a contentious “60 Minutes” interview regarding the anchor's refusal to broach the Hunter Biden story: 

“This is the most important issue in the country right now?” Stahl condescendingly asked Trump when he broached Hunter's laptop. 

“It’s a very important issue to find out whether a man’s corrupt who’s running for president, who’s accepted money from China, and Ukraine, and from Russia,” Trump replied. “Take a look at what’s going on, Leslie, and you say that shouldn’t be discussed? I think it’s one of the biggest scandals I’ve ever seen, and you don’t cover it.”

“Well, because it can’t be verified,” Stahl retorted. “I’m telling you —”

“Of course it can be verified,” Trump retorted. “Excuse me, Lesley, they found a laptop." 

“It can’t be verified,” Stahl repeated. 

It couldn't be verified back then, of course, because almost no outlets bothered to use their resources to verify it.  

Instead, most of the media relied on 51 former U.S. intelligence officials, many proven to be partisan actors on cable news, to declare in an open letter that Hunter Biden's laptop and its contents appeared to be the product of Russian disinformation. The signatories of said letter included anti-Trump former intelligence officials John Brennan (former CIA director, current NBC/MSNBC national security analyst), James Clapper (former director of national intelligence, current CNN analyst) and Jeremy Bash (former CIA chief of staff, current MSNBC analyst). 

So, did these former intelligence officers have proof to back up their claim?  

Of course not."

Monday, March 21, 2022

Why We Really Are In Danger

OK, for all those people hearing the Wag The Dog, that's one part of the story, but there's others. Russia needed Shih's consent to invade the Ukraine, so anything that happens is going to be closely studied in the Forbidden City. Brandon has somebody to blame for inflation, although it appears nobody is buying it.

Now you have the Give Peace A Chance crowd crying for WWIII and blacklisting Russian opera stars. If only William Ayers was alive to see this, he'd turn over in his grave (apologies to Victor McLaglen).

Actually, the global situation is far worse. If you want to know how bad things are in Old Cathay*, this vid is excellent and explains quite clearly how all those Potemkin cities in Africa and elsewhere are a ticking financial time bomb. War in Europe would be a dandy way to bring things down, if any of us are still alive. War in Asia would also do the trick because the Nationalist Chinese are better prepared than the Ukes. An economic collapse could mean even wider war.

The real issue is this: None of the major countries in the world are being run by responsible, intelligent individuals. Many appear to be senile old men.

Many of the conditions that led to the French Revolution are starting to be visible. People get mad when they're hungry. They get madder when their kids are hungry.

*This YouTube channel is excellent, one of several telling the truth.

Sunday, March 20, 2022

Spies Who Lie......and the Media who loves them


That parakeet cage filler the New York Times finally admitted that the New York Post story about Hunter Bidens laptop was correct in every jot and tittle. Yes, he took money from the Chinks. Yes, he did deals with the dirty Yukes who are demanding we start WW3 to save their corrupt asses. Yes, he had a set aside of 10% for the big guy who is the corrupt perverted nincompoop Slow Joe Biden. All true. All covered up by media before the election.

Read about it here.

We all know that the mainstream media is hopelessly corrupt. That they are agents of the progressive elements of the Democratic party and are at the beck and call of the globalists and the Deep State. They attack normal Americans and try to outlaw our basic values. They have been very successful. They shut down churches for a phony scientific precaution for a virus that was a direct attack on our country by China abetted by elements of our own nation. They free violent criminals who loot our stores with impunity but hold conservative protestors for months with trial or indictments. They are running roughshod over our constitution, and we are letting them.

That is why we must look very carefully at this situation in the Ukraine. The war mongers and the neocons are beating the drums for war. Biden wants to hide his incompetence and corruption by wagging the dog at this regional conflict that is really none of our business. When the mainstream media and the Deep State Intelligence services are united in praise for Zelensky then I know it must be bullshit. They are always wrong. You can't believe a word that they say. We need to stop for a minute before we poke a madman with nuclear weapons. 

Have we learned nothing from Richie Aprile?

Monday, March 14, 2022

Sixties Sitcom Subtext Theatre

 "Listen Betty I don't care how much you love animals. I know I was Catwoman but doesn't mean I need you to save my pussy. It is doing just fine on its own. Go away why don't you. Move to Florida. Or move iin with Mitt Romney. That's a pussy you can save."

"And stop staring at my tits."

Tulsi tells the turth again

 Tulsi Gabbard on Twitter 

There are 25+ US-funded biolabs in Ukraine which if breached would release & spread deadly pathogens to US/world. We must take action now to prevent disaster. US/Russia/Ukraine/NATO/UN/EU must implement a ceasefire now around these labs until they’re secured & pathogens destroyed

After she said this that moron Mitt Romney called her a traitor and those stupid cunts on The View demanded she be investigated by the Justice Department. Is any member of Congress going to ask why we are in bed with the Ukraine and spending millions on germ warfare as we pour money into these labs the way Fauci did in Wuhan? How many billions were spent on bio research when so many Americans are suffering here in America?

I stand with Tulsi even though she is a hard core liberal in a lot of areas that we really disagree. She is one of the few clear seeing politicians on foreign policy and we need to listen and ask a lot of questions.  

I mean you all know why I support Tulsi.

Top FIve Movies about the American Revolution


Every once in a while, the wife comes up with a good idea about a TV show to watch. I usually pick what we watch as she doesn't understand the remote control and I am more in tune with our entertainment choices. However last year she suggested we start watching the bosom heaving romance "Outlander" and she was right.  Now her sister is obsessed with the show to the point that her husband gets pissed off.  I took the recommendation with a grain of salt. We binged watched it and you know what it wasn't so bad. So much so that I got one of the novels that it was based on and read it on my kindle.

Currently they are up to the American Revolution. I was excited as it is so seldom that you get a good movie or TV show about the Revolution. It is so bad that most people think the Alexander Hamilton and the founding family were moolies because they saw that abortion "Hamilton." Nobody wants to watch a movie about what actually happened, It's a sin and a shame.

Normally I would list the top ten movies but there actually aren't ten good movies about the Revolution.

Number Five: The Patriot.

A half ass rendering of the life of Francis Marion the Swamp Fox it is limited by political correctness by Mel Gibson of all fucking people. Still and all the uniforms and the attitudes were spot on and you get a basic understanding of what it was like as far as the atrocities of the British against the Americans. Many of which were never reported. What people forget is that much like the Civil War it was brother against brother with the loyalist and the patriots being savage in their behavior. Gibson loads the dice but why not. The Brits suck. We need to be reminded of that more often.

Number Four: Johnny Tremain

A Disney movie when Disney was about family entertainment and not helping groomers molest young children, this movie covers some of the basics like the Boston Tea Party and the battles at Lexington and Concord. A typical product of the fifties it is good entertainment suitable for the whole family. We have lost so much in the evolution of entertainment when Mickey Mouse has to be transgender and the rides at Disneyland went from it's a Small World to it's a Wet Ass Pussy. Still enjoy it as the cultural artifact of what America used to be.

Number Three: The Crossing

A stirring retelling of Washington crossing the Delaware it is a shame that they had to use the source material of that commie fuckwad Howard Fast. Still he wrote about American History and this is a pretty straightforward telling of what happened. Done before political correctness as  Alexander Hamilton is still white and Washington is still a hero. Enjoyable on its own terms and the history is spot on.

Number Two: Benedict Arnold A Question of Honor

A TV movie that actually shows how Benedict Arnold was in fact America's best general until he turned traitor. The whole episode with Peggy Shippen and Major Andre and Arnold is laid out perfectly and it is very well done. It almost had a fatal flaw as they cast Frazier as George Washington but I guess they did that for financing so I am willing to overlook it. I bet you have never heard of it ed so you should check it out.

Number One: Drums Across the Mohawk

One of John Ford's best starring Henry Fonda and Claudette Colbert. It is not strictly about the Revolution but it does portray the war in upstate New York and the rag tag nature of the battle against the Brits. A well done and historically accurate portrayal it is a classic and I highly recommend it.

Outlander is covering the years leading up to the Revolution with the bonus of portraying the importance of the American Indians in the war on the frontier as the Rebels and the Loyalist vie for the support of the Cherokee. The second episode was pretty well done if you can get over the soap opera elements. The amusing thing is that it is a time travel show but the time travelers didn't know enough about the era to make good choices. That's true about most of our people who are almost totally ignorant of history. Check it out. I think you might like it.

Saturday, March 12, 2022

On Humor and Coping Tools

From Robert Malone's substack: two of the Friday Funnies he posted, along with a link to his article on: "Science News: Ivermectin Is Associated with Decreased Mortality as well as improved outcomes, more data on myocarditis after vaccination.  Not holding my breath for apologies from medical boards, legacy and social media".

Hard to pick a favorite from this week's Powerline cartoons, as there were many I liked.  Oddly enough, the one that made me laugh isn't really funny, but captures how I felt looking at the three taking up space in top leadership positions at the SOTU.  

In keeping with this I suppose:  "Using Humor as a Coping Tool: If used in the right way, humor is a way to take depression down a notch, a way to tell the truth and a way to cope."

On Butter in the Mouth, "Simply Not True" & All That’s Left is the Shouting

Have you seen yesterday's clip of Joe Biden angrily shouting about inflation and how he’s “sick of this stuff”?  Stuff that, according to him, is  “Simply. Not. True!”   It’s a wonder to behold.  A wonder of deception, affirmation and revelation tied up and delivered in eight words that directly express what a great many people, regardless of political persuasions, have been thinking and feeling.  Left or Right, Deplorable or Woke, Pro Joe, Pro Trump or Otherwise, Vaxed or Unvaxed, For or Against Masking and Mandates:  Who isn’t sick of this stuff?  Who hasn’t taken in or made decisions over the past two years based on information, propaganda (or Science!) that they’ve come to believe Simply. Isn't. True?

While his response first appears to be “all Joe”, I’m wondering if there’s more going on behind the scenes than meets the eye, as the words themselves carry and deliver a canny and convincing clop of psy-ops.  On top of the dementia setting in, in addition to him being a liar and a politician skilled in saying things that are Simply. Not. True, he also appears to know how (either through coaching or learned savvy) to use and twist what is true to his advantage.  With the hell of it all being that what was said, and the tone of it actually matches some of the fury felt, while covering the feelings and thoughts of a large and diverse group of fellow Americans.  It resonates on a deep level, even when “Simply. Not. True." would be an accurate and telling epithet for the man standing there declaring it as if butter wouldn't melt in his mouth.

The post that drew my attention to shouting, which in turn led to subsequent thoughts on resonation, fitting epithets, and congealed butter, was Robert Spencer’s “Angry Biden Shouts, ‘I’m Sick of This Stuff,’ Lashes Out at Those Who Blame Him for Inflation” over at PJMedia.  With this as his conclusion:

"What’s happening to the American economy is entirely the fault of the old man who is shouting about how sick and tired he is of people saying it’s his fault and of the bright young Leftists with whom he has filled his administration and who are anxious to seize as much of the fruit of the labors of the American people as they can, so as to finance their various utopian boondoggles. It is perhaps a symptom of the deep crisis in American society, or at least of the malignant forces that are operating in America today, that a man so utterly frivolous and irresponsible as Joe Biden would become president and do so in his dotage, bereft of the glib and smiling veneer he put on his dishonest presentations in earlier days. All that is left of him now is the shouting."

Update:  The Other McCain has a post up with another take on Biden's simply-not-true statement at:   

Quote of Biden's words:  "So, I’m sick of this stuff. We have to talk about it because the American people think the reason for inflation is the government is spending more money. Simply not true. I don’t think we need any lectures from our friends on the other side about fiscal responsibility, for God’s sake. Look, we have an ambitious agenda. So let’s go get it done."

Tuesday, March 8, 2022

A Western Icon sets the record straigh.

Sam Elliot talks with Marc Maron on the What the Fuck Podcast. Sam talks about the gay western that some twat from New Zealand made which is up for an Oscar.

Maron is a good interviewer even though he is a commie cunt.

Sam is the real deal. He is great in the new Series 1883.

Hipster Holocaust- (Work in Progress)


Hipster Holocaust Chapter Eight

Lydia Vasquez closed out her window at TD bank. She was a teller now and she was enormously proud that she had advanced to that position. It had been a long struggle for the single mother.

She had worked at most of the stores on Court Street since she was a kid. She knew everyone and everyone knew her. She had been a head cashier and semi-manager at the Italian pork store on Degraw Street until they sold out to Koreans. Then she worked at Court Pastry until one of the bakers got too handsy and she went on to Key Food. Until they too sold out as it became a CVS. All the time she had been taking night classes at Brooklyn College and had finally gotten her associates degree.

Which had been perfect when the TD bank opened on Court St. If was about the twentieth bank in the neighborhood so they had to do something different to get people to try them. So they hired Lydia as a local girl made good and she urged people to get accounts at the new branch.

Lydia finished closing out her drawer and went and gathered her things. She was going home to her new apartment in Red Hook which had totally changed since she was a kid. It used to be a crack infested hell hole but now movie stars had moved in and hipster set up bars and restaurants. The giant supermarket had a lot to do with it as the jerk off who owned it had bought up a bunch of real estate and was instrumental in making it the new hot neighborhood. Luckily she had scored an apartment with one of the old timers on Coffey Street who didn’t trust the new people. 

The guard let her out and she started to walk home.  She was tired and didn’t rush. It only cost about eight bucks for an Uber or a taxi but her habits of frugality were hard earned and she didn’t abandon them just because she had a dollar in her pocket. It was a long walk, but the weather was nice and why not.

Lydia crossed over to the other side of the street so she could pass the florist. It was owned by two brothers who had both been crushing on her for about twenty years. She was never a beauty, but she had never had trouble attracting attention even when she was a kid. Short and compact she still had curves ever since she was 12.  Long brown hair that she kept scrupulously clean and straight. Lydia always dressed well even when she didn’t have a lot of money.

The two florist brothers had been among her many neighborhood admirers.  Ever since she was a high school girl. A very, very young high school girl. Mike the older brother was a Vietnam vet who was very proud of his service. He loved to stick it in the face of all the ultra-liberal hipsters who infested the neighborhood these days. He would take off his shirt and sit in his beach chair in the middle of the sidewalk and take the sun. He was not a big guy. But he was wiry and strong. He had been a tunnel rat in Vietnam, and it had really affected him. He came home all fucked up and couldn’t hold a job. Not even on the docks where they had plenty of pyschos. He eventually took over his parent’s florist shop after they passed. What hadn’t changed is that he had flirted with Lydia ever since she was a schoolgirl. He had a whiff of danger to him and as an older guy he was sort of attractive to her when she was about fourteen. But then she met her first boyfriend and she stayed away from the flower shop for a while.

The other brother was a whole different story. Alphonse was a thin short wiry guy who was really weird. He always wore a maroon smock and had an attitude when he waited on customers. He lost more money for the shop then he made. He was very creepy to all the young girls and always talked to them and gave them flowers. He was just too creepy to ever close the deal. The only thing he had going for him was that he was fastidious. He kept the shop spotless, and his personal hygiene was impeccable even if he had a 1950’s slant to it. You didn’t see someone styling their hair with Brylcreem much these days. Alphonse rocked it with the small black comb he kept in his back pocket to periodically run through his greasy locks. Or at least he was convinced he rocked it. No one could tell him otherwise.

Lydia wanted to get a small bunch of flowers to brighten up her apartment. He son Julio loved flowers and he was always cheered up when she brought them home. He as in a wheelchair these days because of the degenerative disease he suffered from. He didn’t have much to do every day. He couldn’t go to school so all he did was stare out the window every day and wait for her to come home.

As she approached the florist she saw that only Alphonse was around. God only knows where Mike was at as he had the habit of disappearing for days on end. She walked up to him and smiled. “Hi Alphonse. I was thinking of getting a small bouquet. For my house.” Alphonse looked at her with slitted eyes and years of resentment. Pretty girls never wanted to talk to him. Even less when they turned into beautiful women.

“Why do you want our flowers. Why don’t you get them from that spic Nestor at his bodega. You’re a spic so you can get the spic discount.” “Why you so mean Alphonse? I bring you some business and you want to insult me. If Mike were here you wouldn’t do that.’ “If Mike were here he woulda been making the googoo eyes at you like he always did. I ain’t like that.” “Sure thing Alphonse sure thing. Never mind about the flowers.” “Go ahead and go fuck yourself you dirty strunz.”

Lydia just shook her head and walked down the street. She picked up a cheap bouquet at the new Gourmet deli which was a glorified bodega anyway. She decided to take the long way home since it was a nice night. She went down Second Place and went to Summit Street where she crossed over the footbridge to go over the BQE. She then turned down Carroll Street. She knew that was safe because the Mob was still on that block. The old man was outside his social club keeping an gimlet eye on things so she was safe. Lydia nodded at him as she passed by. She was always polite to him since she knew who he was.  She walked onward past Columbia to Van Brunt. She would walk along Van Brunt to Red Hook. She liked this route because it took her past the new shops and restaurants that seemed to spring up for a while then die and then get replaced by something new.

She turned down Van Brunt and approached the corner. Suddenly someone grabbed her by her hair and put their hand over her mouth and dragged her into a small alley between two buildings behind some garbage cans. She tried to struggle. She screamed and kicked and dropped the flowers on the floor. But no one heard her because his hand was clamped on her mouth. She tried to bite but it didn’t seem to have any effect. She felt a warm wetness on her face and on her throat as she fell to the ground. She tried to scream but nothing came out but gasps. She wet herself and started to cry. She was so embarrassed. Her son would be so embarrassed. It was her last thought as she died.

The figure standing over watched her slip away and smiled. He dragged her further back into the alley where there was a small dip or hole in what passed as yard. It was filled with refuse and debris. He tossed her in and turned away. He saw the flowers on the floor. They were slightly crumpled but good enough to reuse. He picked them up. He turned to look back at his handiwork.


Saturday, March 5, 2022

Marilyn's Diary


I would sit on the stairs and wait for my Uncle Herman to come home from work. Uncle Herman had a lot of jobs. He had been a baseball player, played in a band, worked construction and at Disneyland. He only worked there for a short time. He really didn't like it. He started at the Frontier Land where he sold coonskin caps. Then he worked at the Its A Small World After All but he was just too big. Then he was at the Wonder Wheel where he got fired. You see there was a height requirement and you had to be three feet tall to ride. But they lost the yardstick, so Uncle Herman decided to measure the little tykes with his dick. Unfortunately, that didn't work so he lost that job.

For the rest of his life Uncle Herman always hated Disneyland. The trashed all the rides. There was only one ride he liked, and he rode it every night.


I may even forsake Liz Trotta

And, yes, I really think I love this broad.

Wisconsin has done some good work laying out how exactly the election was stolen and Emerald Robinson gives us the ghastly details in her latest Substack. She also links the original report in her article.

It's all what we've know for a year now, but we now have substantiation (we did before, but it only had eyewitness accounts and documentary evidence). The crooked judges, the corrupt cops, the treacherous politicians, and the companies and big money people behind it all have done their best to cover it up, but it's coming out.

This is why judges said there was no "standing". Because to have it on display in open court would hang most of the political class in this country. It's why politicians talk about a riot on Jan 6 and are trying to run a show trial today. And the irony is it was all done to install the most incredible crew of incompetents since the Roman Emperors, who have manged to get just about the entire country to oppose them (the rest will be along shortly once gas hits $5 a gallon and Poot decides to blow some Lefty paradise off the map).

Now I know some will say it all comes to naught because the powers that be, etc., but I'm sure that's what they were saying up in Canuckistan.

What you think is your business and I'm sure many of you see me as a pain in the ass and wonder why Troop made me a contributor. I just see it as my little bit to do something for this country. Like the Duke said, " hit a lick for what's right".

Wednesday, March 2, 2022

On What Was Cooked Up & Served


In looking through the work of Giuseppe Arcimboldo (Italian painter in the 1500's, best known for creating imaginative portrait heads made entirely of objects such as fruits, vegetables, flowers, fish and books) for another post, I came upon his painting of The Cook, posted atop the cartoon of Lies*.  What's needed to complete this SOTU grouping?  I'm thinking a vegetable-fruit composite of Pelosi gleefully clapping in the kitchen and clacking her dentures over burn pits and toxic smoke would be in order.   

*Cartoon drawn by Bosch Fawstin, presented at The Front Page with a post entitled, "Confused Old Man Yells at Nation for an Hours, 3,720 seconds of lies, fearmongering and malapropisms" by Daniel Greenfield