Friday, April 29, 2022

Dick loves Pat and Pat loves Dick

 “We have a great idea for a new business venture Patel” 

“Very good sir what would that be”I

“I want to set up a central location where you could answer customer service calls and frustrate white people until they hang up!”

“That will never work Pat. Shut up!”

Monday, April 25, 2022

Fuck You Elon Musk

 So I go to my local Stop and Shop and what do I find?

They changed five of the handicapped spaces to electric car recharging stations! 

So now it is a lot harder for me to find a space and I have to walk a lot further to get my groceries!

I don’t give a sit about Twitter and Elon Musk can shove a Tesla up his ass!

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

On Carpet Posing & Glass Ceilings


How well do you suppose a carpet pose like this would work to celebrate a 57-year-old woman/female/genetically determined-XX person's promotion in the corporate world?   


Not to mention the fact that the Ukraine launders the billions we give them and gives it to the children of our politicians. But post your little Uke flag on social media and be part of the in crowd.

Even their propaganda sucks.

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

De Santis makes his move


Governor Ron De Santis has announced that he will recommend that the Florida Legislature look at revoke the special status that Disney has for its theme parks in Florida.

See the article in the New York Post where he announces he will seek to end the special status of Disney after they attempted to stop the Parental Protection act that is stopping the groomers in the schools of the Sunshine State.

Why should they get special tax breaks and no governmental regulations when they are a den of pedophilia? Their own executives were caught on video saying they have a gay agenda and want to indoctrinate children who view their products. This law merely states that teachers cannot talk about sex with kindergarten children. Disney opposes it because it is in conflict with their ultra-liberal agenda. 

We need to burn Disney World to the ground.

Ok groomers.

Trump did that.

 This was the price at the pump right before the election.

Friday, April 15, 2022

On Shift & Burden

Clip from the Dark Horse Podcast on Demented president and bald-faced lies, with the transcript below of Heying reading a comment received and Weinstein responding:  

Heying: "It disturbs me when someone openly lies (Biden’s dementia, Hunter’s laptop).  They stare me in the face their eyes tell me they can see I know they’re lying, but they lie anyway."

Weinstein:  "I think this is why the term “gaslighting”, which is frankly not perfectly, it’s not precise for most of what people use it for, but there are very few things that properly connote the way somebody shifts the burden that comes from seeing reality onto the person who seeing reality. And so the person who will lie to your face and basically leave you in a bind:  You know, do you really want to be accusing an old man of having dementia?  Well no, nobody does.  The fact that is, this is fricking inhumane that someone put him in a situation in which we in the public have to say, we’re entitled to a non-demented president.  Right. That’s not a nice thing to say.  As much as I think Biden is corrupt, political operative, a hack, I don’t want to be saying about an old man that I think he is demented.  I want to be able to have the polite fiction that he’s as sharp as he ever was and not to have to do that.  But you put somebody like that in a position of power, we have to talk about it.  

So anyway, somebody is using the rules of polite society against us.  Where we become mean jerks for pointing out that our president has dementia.  So you’re just damned if you do and damned if you don’t.  The person who lies to your face knows that you can see they’re lying and is putting, is basically trusting that the complexity of calling them out is so great that you won’t do it. Right?

The person who does that, they have availed themselves of an illegal tool kit and I agree it is particularly galling, and so you know the problem is we have very few things that really evoke it. And Gaslight, this movie that I think most of us have never seen, gets there because the idea is, your powers of perception are going to be used against you, they’re going to get gamed and you will not know which way is up.  And we all face analogs of that too frequently now."

Thursday, April 14, 2022

You really can't escape it.


We are really down to a very few regular TV shows that we follow on the traditional channels. Which is a shame because I remember well how I used to love to watch all my favorite shows. Like on a Sunday night when we would watch the Wonderful World of Disney and then Bonanza. Or when I Dream of Jeanie and Bewitched were on. Or Mary Tyler Moore and All in the Family. Good Times. The Jeffersons. Cheers. Friends. Seinfeld. NYPD Blue. Hunter. Mannix. The Fugitive. Have Gun Will Travel. The Rifleman. All of those great shows.

It's all over now.

Every show is a politically correct suck fest. One of the few that we still watch is Chicago Fire. Mainly for nostalgia as my father-in-Law was a fireman and like to see them in action saving people. But the last episode just killed that. 

In this episode there were no fires. No rescues. Not even the soap opera relationship bullshit that they throw in for the broads. It was all about coddling criminals.

The fire chief goes to a supermarket to get some spices because they were going to barbeque and a mook drives a car through the front of the store. Jumps out and starts shooting at the cops pegging about ten shots at them and getting return fire. He takes a bunch of people hostage and threatens to murder them many times. The fire chief talks him down and praises him and tells him they can negotiate so he won't go to jail for the rest of his life. One of the hostages is retired lawyer and promises to defend him, He brings out a badly injured hostage and negotiates a plea deal for a reduced sentence which is just bullshit because the cops don't have the authority to do that. In the end they find a dead body in the market who was killed in the opening salvo. No telling by who but the fire chief claims it was the cops because they are always to blame in Chicago.  The skell knows that he is facing murder charges, so he walks outside to commit suicide by cop. The chief runs out and tackles him and all of the firemen surround them to stop the cops from shooting. Because you have to protect the criminals at all cost.

This show was all about making a stone ass criminal sympathic and protecting him. The wife was irate. She really hated that they spoiled her fireman show with this politically correct tripe. So we are crossing this off of our list.

The only thing we have left now are the Real Housewives and cooking shows. 

It is sick out there and getting sicker.

Nits make lice

 Damn any man who sympathizes with Indians! ... I have come to kill Indians, and believe it is right and honorable to use any means under God's heaven to kill Indians. ... Kill and scalp all, big and little; nits make lice.

— Col. John Milton Chivington

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Was Little Phil Right?

I've had this in the back of my mind for a while.

Most people think Phil Sheridan, who hated Indians with a passion, said the only good one was a dead one. He didn't, of course, It was honed down into that familiar quote.

A lot of people felt that way, from the days when the Wild West was west of the Hudson River to the islands of the Pacific in WWII. Many had reason. And, yes, decimating the fighting men of one side helps the winners prevail all the more completely.

Many of the South's leading commanders (Stonewall, JEB, Van Dorn (granted, shot by a jealous husband), and Albert Sidney Johnston, etc.) and sizeable portions of its troops were killed in action. The best the unreconstructed Confederates could do was the Klan.

We know how the Commies obliterated anybody who could be a nuisance any chance they got, to the tune of 130 million dead. Hitler achieved the same with the Night of the Long Knives and other vehicles of civic enhancement. The French citoyens wiped out the nobility and the Good Ol' US of A didn't have much trouble with Loyalists because the American Revolution was also a very ruthless civil war at the end of which a great many Tories departed for more congenial outposts of royal Albion. Many returned, but any resistance was DOA.

So consider this point. We all know the enmity between the ever-shrinking (and it is) Left and real Americans continues to gain in viciousness. The Brooklyn shootings Troop mentioned are the latest example. A lot of people think we'll see a second (third, actually) civil war.

If so, will we have to decimate the Left unto the third and fourth generation or, as Andrew Jackson did with the Five Civilized Tribes, drive them from the United States?

I ask this because we all know the Lefties are in it for the long run. We've beaten them before and they've always regenerated. It took the Democrats 50 years to bounce back from the Civil War and another 20 before they were able to control of the government. What we call the Deep State is merely the way the Left used civil service. The Roosevelt Reds stayed for their 20 years in the bowels of the government and many got another Federal job for another 20 years. The old New Dealers became so entrenched, it took someone like Reagan, who was willing to wage war on them, to change things and the old Reds passed the torch to the hippie dippy types trained by more New Dealers, tenured in colleges all across the country.

And that's where we are today.

So, we'll play a new round of Dorothy Thompson's old parlor game, Who Goes Nazi?.

Can we live with these people or is it them or us, to the last man, woman, and child? They've always had it in the backs of their minds. What William Ayers dreamed 50 years ago is being proposed today under the rubric of Flu Manchu. They would if they could.

Where do you come down?

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

RIP Gilbert Gottfried

A great if supremely annoying comic.

You need to escape from New York…. Just don’t take the Subway

There was a shooting in the Sunset Park section of Brooklyn. It looks like they used flash bang grenades. 15 people were wounded and no announcement of fatalities yet.

I often rode those trains and transferred at that stop. Sunset park is primarily Spanish and Chinese. They must be really scared because they announced that the suspect was a black guy in an MTA style uniform. Maybe somebody who got fired because a vaccine mandate. Normally they never announce the race of the criminal. So they must be shitting their pants.

Take a long walk off a short pier

 We have started a new exercise regimen yesterday. It was the first really nice day of spring so we started walking. We walked a few miles to a local park. We want to do that every nice day.

Of course my big toe is swollen like a bratwurst and I can’t walk on it. But hey it’s the thousand guy that counts.

Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Another reason the Rhinos want us to go to war with Russia

Ukrainian forces filmed shooting dead wounded Russian soldier

NY Post April 6, 2022

Grisly video footage emerged Wednesday showing Ukrainian forces shooting and killing a wounded Russian soldier on a road west of Kyiv.

The footage, verified by the New York Times, shows two bodies — apparently Russian soldiers — lying on the road in a pool of bright red blood.

The closest soldier, whose jacket is pulled up above his head, can be seen twitching and is heard struggling to breathe.

“He’s still alive,” a man’s voice says. “Film these marauders. Look, he’s still alive. He’s gasping.”

A man to the right of the camera raises his rifle and fires two shots into the gasping man’s torso.

The wounded Russian gasps again,and is shot a third time in the back before he stops moving.

(Look I don't believe anything that comes out of the NY Times, but it is just another reason not to get involved)


Trooper Yorks Word of the Day


[ˌpādərfəˈmilēəs, ˌpädərfəˈmilēəs]
  1. the male head of a family or household: Compare with materfamilias.
    "at the meal, the story of the Passover is told by the paterfamilias"
    male parent · birth father · biological father · begetter · patriarch · adoptive father · foster father · stepfather

Merry Christmas


"And stop staring at my tits!"

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Julia Child Cooks On TV For The First Time | Julia | HBO Max

Check out this series on HBO!
It’s really great.