Saturday, September 26, 2015


That does it. This is where the program is closed.

An app. What the heck. It's a good one too. It offers puzzles from some twenty places, several are doubled on the list. The best, of course, will be NYT, only a few classics of those. I expect they will be the only ones with themes and themes are the only thing that makes these worthwhile.

This one is from a place called Universal Crosswords, never heard of them, it's titled "turn around" so, with a title it very well could have a theme, a long entry is filled in "flip side," that goes, thematically, if so then it's a lame theme with only two thematic entries and the list says on the front before reentering this puzzle is saved at 58% completed before being abandoned as unworthy. Because of the yellow word.

It's a bummer when solvers are smarter than constructors. It's not supposed to be that way. Dummkopfery like this wrecks the whole thing and not just this puzzle, the whole Universal Crossword collection and their editors. This is a junior high school error. Another thing, at twenty, don't correct anyone twenty years your senior on this word at an outdoor patio dinner or the label "smartass" attached to you will take decades to outgrow. This puzzle, one word clued so poorly put me off the whole thing.

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rhhardin said...

Liberté, enormité, fraternité