Monday, September 30, 2019

Happy Rosh Hashanah

There has been a huge increase in anti-Semitic attacks in Brooklyn. Not by imaginary white supremacists or right wing militias or alt-right Proud Boys. Black and Muslims have been guilty of these attacks. Over and over again with no publicity. Notice in the clip above there was no description of the attacker. I wonder why?

Any way Happy Rosh Hashanah! Next Year in Jerusalem.

Sunday, September 29, 2019

You're invisible (prank)

This is a prank that takes the whole family to pull on their youngest member. Kids want to be invisible -- until they are. Kids need to be seen. They require attention. A lot of it. The thought of actually being invisible to their family is mortifying. They are 100% dependent on their family recognizing them. Take that away, and they're devastated. Instantly.

It's not even funny.

Then on the other hand, a loving family in fun gently teaches their children not to be so trusting of others, even their own family. They're teaching to trust only themselves. Trust is one thing, and total trust is another. In one way it's psychologically damaging and in another way it's psychologically strengthening.

They're just so tender, and lovely and wonderful. It's awful to mess with their minds, their security.

They fall to pieces nearly instantly.

The child is struggling to figure out reality. They don't know the difference between magic and physics. They're trying their best to sort magic, and miracles, and science and religion. It's all a big mess to them. Anything is possible.

They're sat in a chair and covered with a blanket. Some simple ritual is performed. The blanket removed, presto, the child is invisible. The whole family acts like they don't see the child. Some families are better at this than others. They act like they see the effects of the child, things moving in space, impressions on the bed, they can feel the child touching them, but not see them.

The family had already taken a cell-phone photograph of the main conspirator giving a "V" sign while holding an invisible child.

They pretend to do that again with the child then show the child the first actual picture arranged the same way but without the child. This proves to the child that he/she is invisible to the camera and their whole world dissolves in an instant. Some children break down in tears instantly.

It's cruel!

This appears to be a racial joke. I haven't seen anything like this where white families haven't yet discovered the joy of totally breaking their children through fun. The family fixes it and hug their child and tell them it's all a terrible joke. There, there, everything is alright. But now the child knows to be wary. Forever.

OMG, they're adorable. So precious. So tender. So sweet.

In a very strange way, the love that you see, siblings and parents to child, the roughness you see, is the same love that Jesus taught about God. We are to children what God is to us all. That's what I see in this prank. It's quite extraordinary.

Recovering from coma into Trumptopia

In which conservatives take up the art of satire.

Intrusive cucumbers

He was home!

And that's great so I don't have to leave the stupid cucumbers at the door.

A young male answered the door sitting low in regular non-motorized wheelchair. Shirtless and black shorts. A good looking young man of negroid persuasion. He was not happy. A woman is sitting in the farthermost spot in front of a television. They're watching football together. 

I told him my cucumber plant intruded into his space and he shrugged pfft, so what, he hardly goes out there anyway, the plant is way up there in the corner and he is way down there in a chair.

That rolls.

Ew, I hate those things. They're too close to home.

The guy in the wheelchair answered the door, not the woman with legs that work. Presumably. Then, maybe she's more of a mess. She is not a styled woman unless you take Buckwheat for a style. 

I feel sympathy for people in wheelchairs. The wheelchairs always bum me out. 

I was confined to one for a very long while and I can assure they are nothing to roll home about. They're not the slightest bit fun.

And you'd think they would be; all the tricks you could do. But that's not the way it works out. 

I told him it's nice to meet him. He said likewise, and that's it. 

Mommy freaks out her kids with fake tongue

Saw this on Imgur on my phone and laughed so hard my sides hurt. I love seeing mum punk her kids heartlessly. It's usually the kids scaring their distracted mother by hiding and going,"boo!"

This is a cold-blooded mother right here.

Then found it on YouTube and laughed all over again. I love this woman. 

Then stretching it for maximum effect. Hilarious. 

Why else have kids if you can't freak them out once in a while? Kids are fun. They're so tender and vulnerable. 

Saturday, September 28, 2019

cell phone solicitations

The older I get the worse I get and now that I'm quite old I'm perfectly terrible. We had a large nuclear family, my dad had a commanding officer, it could be anyone for any one of us. We were each taught to be polite because of so much unknown.

My parent's would be appalled with my telephone manners today that run 180° counter to all that they taught me. They would be appalled with my language that is opposite to anything they allowed.


"Hello, this is the Ahoy residence, Chip speaking. May I help you?

Became: "Hi. This is Chip." Pause caused by computer-dialed reconnection to human voice somewhere else on earth while displaying some hijacked Colorado number, and following the introduction, "Well you can fuck right off."

Pleasant sounding old lady voice purporting to be some public researcher is told the same thing as ...

Toxically masculine powerful voice that sounds like it could be a policeman calling for the purported mysterious "Policeman's Ball" that cannot even be visualized. Are you kidding me, a ball! The police force putting on a formal ball, and one they need help to put on? "Mr. Overly Masculine Voice posing as policeman, you can just fuck right off."

You called me three times and left messages about my 20-year-old truck's warranty telling me each time this is the last chance to upgrade, "You can just fuck right off."

An insurance outfit connected me to some guy in India with an incomprehensible accent who reconnected me to a woman in heavy London-accent who was told to fuck right off and stay fucked.

It's my new policy to be rude as possible to discourage every contact from staying in this disgusting wantonly intrusive computer-dial sales business.

Now I'm primed and ready for maximum rudeness with each call that comes through as  "Colorado" or "California" or whatever.

Which means I must also be 100% flexible because I answered primed for bear when my brother called, always delightful to hear from him, and when my new housekeeper called to make contact, and when a new medical specialist who is incalculably helpful to me called to confirm an appointment and give instructions how to get there.

President Trump at the Hispanic Heritage Month reception

Trump works the crowd and invites various speakers, all rather nice, while Pence stands there like a mortician.

And everyone pulled out their cell phones and recorded in portrait so when they upload to YouTube they'll look like this:


Emmy mentioned she cuts her scallions on the day that she buys them and uses the pieces as needed and that sounded like a great idea to me. I'm surprised people don't use the bottoms because I've always considered them part of it. And I don't like throwing them away.

I also saw people plant them and thereafter snip off the the tops as needed. And that seems like a great idea too.

I did not know they would grow so fast. These were all cut evenly two days ago. They all grew about a quarter inch the first day. This is from just being watered. They haven't been planted yet and all the nutritional energy is from the bulbs.

I'll put them in a pot of soil enhanced with same things as the pots outside and without any chemical fertilizer. And I'll continue to buy them and do the same thing until the pot is filled with them at various stages. 

Get in the bag

Friday, September 27, 2019

Paqui one-chip challenge

Sauce & Shram ran this challenge on their sports/talk show so I looked it up on YouTube. Sure enough a large number of bloggers put up videos. I watched two. This is the more mature one, a bit toned down, and they did call the EMTs afterwards.

Another video are kids and I liked theirs a lot but I don't think you'll appreciate it as much because they're a bit overly demonstrative and I think you'll discredit them for acting. Still, I found them delightful to watch.

86 things Democrats said Trump could be impeached for, article by Tom Elliot.

1) For potentially ignoring court orders on his travel ban, Joaquin Castro

2) Because "we have to," Maxine Waters

3) For "creating chaos and division," Maxine Waters

4) For potentially supplying damaging information, Jerry Nadler

5) For trying to "undermine Hillary Clinton and therefore undermine our democracy" Maxine Waters

And so on to 86 similarly serious, sullen, devastating reasons.

As the list goes on it gets funnier and funnier until finally it's hilarious and I find that I adore this man even more.

Trump delivers remarks on arrival at Joint Base Andrews, MD

Awesome. Trump walks up to a group of reporters and treats them as stenographers. He finishes and says "thank you" and walks away as they all fire off questions on top of each other.

Done easily from memory prearranged in his mind spilled out all at once. And then nothing.

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Well, well, wonders never cease

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told reporters that House Democrats had discussed passing Trump's trade deal with Mexico and Canada.
We're moving ahead on the U.S.-Mexico-Canada agreement. We're again hoping to be on a continuing path to 'yes.' 
They had been on a continuing path to delay agreement until after the U.S. election with the hope that Trump will be defeated and then Canada and the U.S. could trash Trump's signature agreement and persist in their ways of handing global economic dominance to China.

Okay, Jesus I will.

Here goes.

* It means they realize, as we realize, that Trump will not be defeated. 

* Pelosi sees the future well as everyone else does and she's currying favor with Trump.

* The Justin Trudeau / Nancy Pelosi delay-tactic was holding until Justin smeared dark shoe polish all over his face and pretended to be ... something. 

* Nancy will take credit for getting it passed.

* Pelosi is trying her best to get her rowdiest most socialist portion to behave with the "inquiry."

* She's trying to help Trudeau win.

* She's trying to have at least some kind of accomplishment. Because so far her party has been worse than useless. 

* Trudeau's opposition has recently pulled even. He needs help with some tangible accomplishment.

* Because Trump wins either way. If this agreement fails then the situation reverts to pre-NAFTA situation. And for the U.S., no-NAFTA is better than NAFTA and better than no-USMCA. 

*  USMCA gives the Dems a chance at holding the House.

* Pelosi's corporate masters do not like the idea of no-NAFTA without USMCA

* They're moving forward to counter accusations that the House isn't doing anything.

* Democrats are aware that impeachment is not wanted by the general electorate and that combined with no USMCA spells doom for their party. 

* After the Ukraine fiasco, Pelosi is desperate for something that makes Democrat look at least normal with United States interests at heart.

Jesus, is that cynical enough?

     Yeah, sure. Politics really isn't my bag. Miracles are. 

The Deuce: The Final Season

I have been following this series since it began and I have to say it is very accurate. I worked in Times Square during these times especially in the 1980's. The show the Wall Street culture and how the big money guys came in and took over. They show Jack Marple and Giuliani and the beginning of the taking back of New York. Best of all they show the big changeover in the Mob when Gotti killed Castalano and it all went to shit.

Best of all is the music. Man that brings back memories.

My buddy had a video store in the 1980's. Remember those? The independent video store that rented tapes before Blockbuster took over. Well he had a back room where he used to keep the porno tapes. He had this woman we called the Porno Lady who would come by with a bunch of tapes she would sell from the trunk of her car. Some were bootleg. In fact he eventually got a visit from the FBI. This series reminded me of those days.

Memories man. Memories.

Catch this series. It is very well done. Pelecano's is a great writer. I have read all of his mysteries. He is the real deal and knows what he is talking about. Highly recommended.

WKRLEM Getting into the Hustle

You just need the right partner..

I remember dancing at the Disco in the 1970's.

Go with the flow.

Getting away from the hustle and bustle

Finding a moment of solitude.

A very long moment.

President Trump participates in press conference

Bon Appétit; upgraded Hot Pocket

This is a long video, forty-five minutes, and very goofy. If you choose to watch it, nothing is missed by skipping through.

Apparently all employees at Bon Appetit are hipsters. Clogs, painted nails, etc.

A friend of mine is Hare Krishna but without the saffron robe and he's always hooked up with goth women. His previous girlfriend had long black hair with a single silver streak. I referred to her as Morticia and the guy cracked up laughing and whenever he spoke of her thereafter he used Morticia instead of her real name. How delightful to not be offended and just go with the thing that is funny. 

And then his third girlfriend is the exact same thing. This third one is a very good artist. She doesn't like me. I don't have any tattoos. There is nothing sufficiently weird about my visage. I'm too ordinary to interest her.

Morticias all over the place. Except Morticia doesn't have a gray steak. That's bride of Frankenstein. It takes some poetic license for the joke to work.

I don't know why they never say the word "calzone."

It just shows how you can make them a lot better with natural top ingredients and none of the chemicals that make Hot Pockets marvels of science.

Natural sign language


Lenny Kravitz surprises boy drummer Justin Wilson

Boston Dynamics, robots do better tricks

Shows short legs are good for gymnastics. 

Trump: Pelosi no longer Speaker of the House

During the interview with Volodymyr Zelenskiy Trump was asked if he had tried to strike a deal with Nancy Pelosi about their plans for impeachment.
No, she’s lost her way. She’s been taken over by the radical Left. She may be radical Left herself, but she really has lost her way. I spoke to her about guns yesterday. She didn’t even know what I was talking about. 

The whole party is taken over by the Left. They’ve been taken over by a radical group of people, and Nancy Pelosi, as far as I’m concerned, unfortunately, she’s no longer the speaker of the House.
You get his meaning. She is no longer effective Speaker of the House. The crackpots speak for the House. Not Pelosi. Now Pelosi must be a crackpot too no matter how much damage she knows this brings to her party.

And American media applauds because Trump is stomping them into the dirt like bugs. And the people stupid enough to keep relying on American media for their information unfiltered applaud them too. And by doing so they all reveal just how depraved and empty they are. You really must read through for the full vacuity of it.

Zeke Miller, Associated Press, White House reporter.
Click through if you care to see how his silly asshole followers see things.

Chris Cillizza, CNN, this dope

Click through if you're in the mood for hopeless idiots.

Josh Dawsey, this slob for Washington Post, CNN, WSJ, Politico.

Click through if you care to see followers much smarter than he is.

Judd Legum, some random crackpot who writes a political newsletter, Popular Information.

Click through if you care to read endless bumbling blathering idiots.

And that's being kind. That's being gentle.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Anti-Trump "whistleblower" had political bias in favor of 2020 rival

Tornado in Phoenix

I saw this in Spanish. I didn't hear the word "tornado" nor any video of the funnel, just a lot of water and high wind. And all that water is unusual.

The shapely newsreader has hips out to there (← ∙ ∙ ∙ ∙ →) !

Trump @ United Nations

YouTube [trump, u.n.] filter [today]

* NBC News 37:00  Slow, low key, rather standard and bit boring.

* Trump speaks to reporters 4:09

* With British Prime Minister Boris Johnson 7:04 interesting but too short.

* With India's Modi 10:21 too long, standard platitudes and a bit boring.

* Meets with Iraqi president 10:20

* With Bolsonaro
* The future does not belong to globalists
* On India and Pakistan
* Some awful teenaged harpy
* Trump calls out China over trade policies
* Trump's speech puts Secretary Ross to sleep (about a dozen of these)
* Speech includes warning on abortion
* Trump calls out Iran

And much more at the link.

Pat Cross


A million.

Tuesday, September 24, 2019


Scott Presler's team cleaned a homeless camp in Van Nuys

Much more information and videos at NoQ Report.

I kept hearing one man can make a big difference. Jesus said faith can move mountains. Scott Presler proves it. I get emotionally spazzed out when I see this in action. Presler's voice is not one of an action hero. Yet his actions are truly heroic.

William Jacobson: How long before Trump rebrands Sleepy Joe as Ukraine Joe?

That's a great idea.
The more Ukraine-gate drags on, the more it hurts Biden. Oddly, that jives with Trump’s goal of damaging the person he sees as the most dangerous general election opponent, so Trump outwardly seems to be enjoying this.
Jacobson cites an NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll.

A poll!

Fine. What were the results of the poll?

* A significant share of Americans say they're losing confidence in his ability to lead the country.

[I feel a laughing fit coming on. Losing confidence. That's hilarious.]

* 1/3 of voters say they've lost confidence in recent weeks.

[Good Lord, 1/3 of the voters are mental for having any confidence in Biden to begin with. For even listening in the first place.]

* Those who lost confidence cite his debate performance, his age, and an over-reliance on Obama's legacy.

Okay, I've had enough. All of you just shut up. Begone. *click*

There is a lot more but I no longer care.

Skip down to comments for some fun.

* CNN, accusing Trump of what they’ve been doing all along.

  ** It’s great how they telegraph it, isn’t it? Saves a lot of time and energy.

[My sister did this same thing. We always knew what she was up to by the things she accused us of doing. Things we'd not think of. She constantly taught us the perverse way she thinks. It was extraordinarily obvious. We told her that. And she was incapable of changing it or disguising it. The Democrat are my little sister. When she was ten.]

* “Ukraine Joe” may be premature. His corrupt family deals with China is much worse. More money for the Biden Family International Crime Syndicate while enabling theft of critical US national security secrets. Maybe “Shanghai Joe”?

* How about getting started with “Ukraine Joe” and having Trump come out stating that he thought about that but we’ll be calling him “Shanghai Joe” soon enough. One of them will stick eventually.

* I agree. I have been on record for months that it should be “China Joe Biden”.

At the end of the day, most general voters don’t really care about our Ukraine foreign policy …

… but everyone could understand that China Joe would be fatally compromised when it comes to China, and that China matters.

Especially swing state manufacturing industry voters.

* There’s also a shady China deal with Hunter.

The more interesting thing will be if NO candidate wins on the first ballot. The Democrats may go the way of the Whigs. A corrupt crony – Hillary again? A Socialist Green? Probably not Tulsi who has a chance.

[No. Democrat party is the great catch basin. It is immortal. But that can happen to the Republican party.]

Many more great comments at Legal Insurrection.

Being Trump

Steven Mnuchin with Lou Dobbs

Mnuchin is part of Trump's economic team. He is Secretary of Treasury in Trump's cabinet. Here he reiterates the current status of relations between U.S. and China.

Monday, September 23, 2019

Despite warnings from President Trump, American media steps on the rake once again

While reading this latest post at the Conservative Treehouse I was experiencing that weird temporal lobe epilepsy déjà vu thing happening all over the inside of my brain. Schwinga-zinga this whole thing happened before. Then the cow said, "HAY! This is a re-post." The whole thing is repeated. It's not me, it's you. Doing the same thing all over again.

o-o-O-O-O-o-o-o-h you must think this is important.

Okay, fine.

I'll commit it to memory. Test me later and I'll ace your test.

* reported by John Solomon, on-the-record officials in State Department and Ukraine.

[Applies mnemonic device; John of the synoptic gospels writing about King Solomon]

* completely opposite from American media reporting. LIES all LIES!

* Two separate Ukraine presidents attempted to deliver information about Obama officials attempting to cajole Ukraine to interfere with US 2016 elections.

     1) President Petro Poroshenko
     2) President Volodymry Zelensky

[Applies mnemonic devises to impossible foreign names because I want to get an A on this imaginary test. It's a thing we crackpots do. We're mental.


Oh, no. No can do.

Why not? Because it's personal.

And because it's insane.

Okay, fine.

1) Peter the rabbit pours pork shanks and forms a company from them.
2) Voldemort is uncharacteristically merry and two boys play with handmade sail boats in the sky.

Happy? I told you it was weird. But I get an A on the imaginary test and you don't.

*  Both presidents tried and failed to get information to U.S. officials. U.S. State Department officials in Ukraine refused to give visas to Ukrainian emissaries because they did not want damaging information to get to Trump.

* Ukrainians kept trying. They hired a U.S. lawyer to hand documents directly to U.S. Department of Justice. He hand-delivered them to U.S. DOJ in New York.

* But nothing happened. Now the Ukrainian president changed to Zelensky. The new president thought the silence meant the U.S. was upset with them. Out of concern for their relationship with us, the Ukrainian officials made a personal request to the U.S. State Department for assistance.

[Notice back and forth between State Department and DOJ. DOJ isn't doing things right.]

* U.S. State Department reached out to Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani and asked him to meet with Zelensky's lawyer, Andrei Yermak.

[Applies mnemonic devise to impossible foreign name because I want to get an A on this imaginary test. It's a thing we crackpots do. What? Oh, no. No can do. Why not? Because it's personal. And because it's insane. Okay, fine.

Prince Andrew wears a yarmulke. Yes, but what year and make?

Look, I told you it's insane. Okay? That exactly why it works. And it's why I get an A and you don't. La la la. Bite me.]

* Giuliani agreed to act as diplomat and met Yermak in Spain.  Giuliani then debriefed State Department on all that had transpired. Now State knows everything.

* All this happened before the phone call between President Trump and President Zelensky.

This is the phone call overheard by the so-called "whistleblower" who obviously had no knowledge of the background and why the subject discussed was framed as it was. The information the Ukrainians tried to convey included the former VP Joe Biden.

This is the part that President Trump is reported to have told Zelensky that it was okay to proceed with their internal investigation of corruption in Ukraine that might include former U.S. officials and that would include Joe Biden.

This is what the "whistle-blower" overheard. Apparently. He/she/it might have mis-con-screwed having heard only half the conversation and not knowing the full matter, and on the other hand he/she/it might be an ordinary Democrat partisan hack, also trying to block information from Ukraine damaging to his/her/its utterly corrupted party.

Sundance then lists four questions he/they consider significant but that I don't care about. But since they'll be on the imaginary test that I'm conjecturing since this whole thing was posted twice, here they are.

* Who in U.S. Department in Ukraine embassy blocked Ukrainian officials?

[F it. Fire them all. Throw out the baby, the bathwater, and the tub, the soap, the washcloth, the towels and the baby powder. And the little rubber ducky too.]

* Who was the official at NY DOJ who took the records and sat on them?

[Fire the whole f'k'n lot.]

* Why were those records never tuned over to Main Justice?


* If they were turned over to Main Justice, why didn't they inform the Trump administration they have them?

[Double duh.]

More at the Conservative Treehouse. Including Trump answering American reporter's questions all barking up the wrong tree. They're all stuck on stupid. Too stupid for their questions to appear on the imaginary test.


They want to know if President Trump asked Ukraine about (their precious warped and fatally wounded candidate) Joe Biden. As if Biden is innocent of any and all wrongdoing.

They want to know if Trump knows who the so-called whistle-blower is.

They keep asking about Biden and who in the administration knows anything about Biden.

They want to know the exact date of the conversation.

They're all hopelessly malevolent dopes.

Here is a sample of one of Trump's responses.
It’s another media disaster. The media has lost so much credibility in this country. Our media has become the laughingstock of the world. 
When you look at what they did to Justice Kavanaugh and so many other things last week, I think this is one of the worst weeks in the history of the fake news media. You have been wrong on so many things and this one will be — I wouldn’t say it will top the list, because I think you can’t do worse than some of the stories you missed over the last week or two, but the media of our country is laughed at all over the world now. You’re a joke. 
Okay, what else?
Through all of this don't make the mistake that Trump supporters get their impression of American media from Trump in the same way that Democrats repeat the mantras their elected leaders deliver them. My own friends are too stupid to think up things like "our healthcare system is broken and needs to be repaired," and "Iraq is a quagmire," and "Bush lied, people died." Trump supporters already thoroughly distrusted media well before they elected Trump. But Trump is the first (non-politician) person they elected who has voiced their opinion so consistently and  so forcefully. They do use his words, "fake news" and "lock her up" because he has focused them so acutely and for once they are loving it. To the horror of everyone who hears them behaving as Democrats do.

President Trump in Houston, Texas with India Prime Minister Modi

Billed at the Howdy Modi event.

Well, huh. The original video I bookmarked is removed by the YouTube member.

This is another video.

There are other videos much longer than this one.

He's reading.

St. Louis Hot Brown sandwich

It's an open face sandwich loaded with sauce that cannot be eaten as an actual sandwich. Nothing is sandwiched between bread. In chef-terms it is similar to a croque monseur (crispy mister) and that suggests you could add an egg in semblance to a croque madame. But those are with sliced ham and the St. Louis hot brown is made with sliced turkey.

But not pre-sliced sandwich turkey such as you buy for convenience.

No. It's made with sliced turkey breast such as left over Thanksgiving turkey. Or a turkey breast purchased separately.

If all you have is Wonder bread then just forget the whole thing.

The bread has sliced turkey breast, tomato, mornay sauce and bacon.

There are dozens of videos about this on YouTube and no two are the same while each one is problematic in some way. It's like sandwiches as handwriting. Sandwiches as various ASL styles. Sandwiches as personal accents.

The best one is advertisement for Tillamook cheese. The second best adds an unnecessary step of grilling all the ingredients. The third best is two goofball arrogant chefs who do not explain the basics and brag about living a drunken lifestyle. Most neglect freshly scraped nutmeg which is fairly crucial.

This video is the chef who speaks in a sing-song voice with truncated locution and cheesy humor. He is the only one who includes cayenne pepper but he doesn't bother toasting his bread. He is also specifically particular about his choice of cheese and that is not necessary. There are a bewildering number of great choices.

That means, in the end, do whatever you want to.

Crossing two strips of cooked bacon is authentic and IMHO a bit weird.

Those will be the first things you lift off and eat separately.

Because it's a pain the butt to cut them with a knife to include a bit of bacon with each bite.

The last couple of years I've switched to the Applewood smoked bacon. This is usually sold separately at the deli counter of grocery stores. Sometimes they have it pre-cut and packaged. It's almost always too thick to use as ordinary bacon. It's more akin to pork-jerky. Tough to eat. A bit hard on the teeth.

In nearly all cases I cut it up frozen and cook it as bits in a small pot on low-medium heat. It's amazing how evenly it cooks this way. Constant stirring and repositioning assures it renders evenly and as you watch it cook in its own oil it all turns crisp in an instant. The pot tilted so the oil collects. And that can be used in place of butter. After all, the oil is where the flavor is that you paid for. And you paid dearly.

These bacon bits can be processed to dust with flour using a coffee mill and used with the rendered oil to flavor crackers or cheese breadsticks.

I think that I just now talked myself into making cheese breadsticks again. They are light as balloons and veritably melt in your mouth leaving behind a small bread-wad to swallow and the lingering flavor of excellent bacon and excellent cheese. All because of the bacon, and the smoke-flavored oil.

I chose one of the videos on YouTube because this site, It's a Southern Thing, said, "If not for the Mornay sauce, the Hot Brown would be a remarkably simple sandwich – turkey on open-faced toast topped with bacon."

How silly. Mornay sauce is simple béchamel with added cheese.

If this is the video where the chef says don't pay attention to the quality of tomato, don't listen to him. If it is summer and tomatoes are in season, then pick good farm tomatoes while available. They make all the difference in the world.

St. Petersburg, Florida

September 17, 2019

Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned

     "Oh? What went wrong?"

"I yelled at a young woman today." 

     "I saw that, Son. No problem. You were doing the Lord's work." 



"Oh. Okay." 

Beautiful day today. The kind of day in which you wish all days could be. Stepping outside my apartment building to walk 2.5 blocks and back took some consideration. I'll risk it. This will be a test. 

Immediately a very long line has formed across the street. As I stand there, people walking past me on my side are wearing the full range of coverage, light jackets, long sleeves and short sleeves. I'm in the shade. It's a bit cool with a breeze. Judging the right clothes is a bit tricky and the weather can change on a dime. Judging by what other people are wearing is no help at all. 

This line continues for at least 4x the length shown at least to the end of the block. I have no idea what's going on over there. A music concert presumably.

My short-sleeve shirt will do. 

I walk south to Broadway Market where I have two delightful conversations with two different women. Both have excellent information they impart. Both are gracious and helpful lovely and kind. 

Along the way there and back I note the trash strewn about that will all be gone tomorrow. There is evidence of carelessness, of drinking, of partying and of living on the street. Contrasting the two women I also encountered are two men outside on the street. One down on his luck and engaging the people passing, rushing into a quick story possibly made up. Another scrawny male with some kind of disorder, filthy and dressed poorly and whispering to himself in angry violent tones. Every one must walk past him uncomfortably close. 

A third large black young male admonishes me in passing, "be careful." But I'm not sure about what.

Within another block I'm at home. 

No pain in the usual places. No elevated heartbeat. No exhaustion. No aching starved muscles. No discomfort at all. Things are feeling much better than they had just a few weeks ago. Those two new tiny pills really do work. It seems.

I should have eaten the sandwich at Broadway Market. Then the lettuce would be crisp on the sandwich and the fries would have been fresh. But for some reason I wanted to get out of there and back onto the street and back home. I felt no desire to mingle. 


Mind, every single person I speak to around here is receptive and pleasant. So it's not them. It's me. From the very start before going in. A guy pulls up and parks at a meter as I approach him and his car, while another car pulls up right beside me as I walk forward and it parks at another meter behind him. He looks back at her. They both get out and examine their meters. 

"It's free on Sunday."

     "Oh. Gee. Thanks." 

They both continue reading the meter to confirm it. Wisely. Good. Because I could be wrong.

Gracious throughout and to the end. 

"Can I go out this side door?" 

     "Yes, of course." 

Good. That means I don't have to walk the full length back to the front then back again to this spot. Except on the outside.

But now back home I decide I can use a 12-pack of Coca Cola. My little-old-man shopping cart is filled with boxes. I could throw them away downstairs directly into the large garbage bins then use the cart for the 12-pack instead of using my backpack. 

This is a handy little thing for apartment life. Women have remarked on it so I bought them as gifts and they really do work out for a lot more things than moving groceries from the car to the apartment. 

Now to the young woman I yelled at.

Even the guy in the bottle shop knows me and treats me with inordinate respect. All the people down there are respectful beyond the call of duty. Each one knows me and each one treats me like somebody special. It's awesome! I do not understand why. 

Upon approaching the back door to my apartment I notice activity in the shadows but with my sunglasses on I cannot see them until I am out of the sun and under the covering where cars are parked. Then I see a young driver and a young woman getting out of a car. They're talking to each other.

I open the back service door with a key and look back to the car. I can see a woman approaching more clearly. She is having some kind of difficulty. She is a gorgeous young Latina in a black one-piece bathing suit. Her fingernails are long and meticulously painted bright teal blue. Her skin is smooth and unblemished. Her face is without makeup and perfectly clear. Her hair is long and well kept, trimmed carefully and thick, young, vibrant and healthy. I open the door and invite her through.

She fumbles ridiculously trying to open the opposite door. It's a double door and only one side opens. She finally fumbles through as I hold open the door. Inside she spins and fumbles awkwardly toward the elevator button. She is drunk. And I am amazed she can stay standing without holding onto the walls. Each of her steps is automatic to correct balance thrown off. Each correction requires another correction.

She is a marvel of balance. She is a human top that will not fall. 

Handicapped by alcohol. 

Imagine having brilliant balance and damaging it purposefully so that ordinary walking becomes more like a roller coaster ride combined with spinning tea-cup ride combined with bumper cars ride. Yet she stayed upright. Her internal gyroscope never failed her. Even though she damaged it. I am filled with wonder observing her. Her body is a true marvel in overcoming all she had done to destroy it. 

Such is childhood. Such is experimentation in altered consciousness. 

Observing her makes me think about God, about evolution, about millions of years in fashioning a human body so profoundly resilient that it can withstand such self-abuse and still perform and a brain that can still function sufficiently to get oneself home. Even manage an elevator with its array of confounding buttons and the disorienting changing G-forces. 

She is spinning inside a box that is moving and her body is automatically correcting even though it's been damaged.  

I'd have done better for myself had I closed the door behind me and left her outside. She'd still be out there trying to get in. She had no purse. No keys. Just slippers and her one-piece bathing suit. And a cell phone. She dropped her cell phone on the elevator floor. 

And it still worked too. 

She pushed "1" and that kept the door open. I pushed "5" for my floor so that button was lit. She pushed "7" for her floor. Then she pushed "3" and that will delay both of us. Now that whole row of lights is lit. She pushed "1" again so the door opened again. Finally the door closed and we moved. 

She held onto my cart and looked straight down into it examining its contents. 

It held a 12-pack of Coca-Colas and a bag of potato chips. 

She has the look of a drunk who is about to throw up. 

But she also needs help with her balance. 

The door opens on floor 3. But neither of us live on floor 3.

She pushes the buttons again. She pushes "5" already lit, she pushes "7" already lit. She pushes "1" again. 


I said loudly and sharply as speaking to a misbehaving child.

     "They were ... I'm trying to ... I was ..." 

The door opens on my floor. 

Gorgeous. Self-abused. Girlish and a bit zaftig. Ripe. For the picking. Pure and clean. Glowing, in fact.  Fresh as a daisy but drunk. Good luck stumbling down the right hallway and reaching the right door. Her adventure is only half done. Good luck someone is already inside waiting because she doesn't have a key. And I cannot help but think who would drop her off in such a condition. I assumed the driver was a guy. But a guy wouldn't do this. That driver must have been another woman. And too drunk herself to know any better.

And I pray to God, how do you even put up with us?

And he answers, well, that's life. In your ways you see to yourselves. 

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Expensive mistake

This happened in 1989. Ronald Reagan was president and even then we had such poor communication with USSR.

Seminary students ritualize confessing their sins to plants

Confessing your CO2 emissions to plants that thrive on CO2 is ridiculous, and making a religion of talking to plants is empty theology. (It feeds your present day sanctimony while abandoning you at salvation.)

Australian PM Morrisson lauds Donald Trump's "mateship" and Melania's attention to detail

Pasquale Sciarappa makes traditional tomato sauce

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Melania Trump reopens Washington Monument

The monument has been closed for three years for repairs.

Story at NY Post. 

At the top of the monument looking out the window Melania said, "Hey, I can see my house from here."

They built a new entrance designed for tourists and to appeal to children.

The article has photos but doesn't have video so I made a gif for you. It's like a 100% accurate.

Except for the parts I made up. 

CNN: Democrat strongholds in Minnesota turning to Trump

10-year-old auditions surprisingly well

She sings a song about parents listening to their children but she sounds much more like a woman refusing to be dismissed.

102-year-old dancer sees herself on film

Alice died in 2016.

Grandma and a chef make chicken soup with matzah balls

I like how both are so gracious and admit to learning from each other.

I'd pick the one with the most color. 

Parsley root sounds like a pain in the butt to find.

Friday, September 20, 2019


This kills me. Because it is so bright green.

I am attracted to it because it is so bright. I'm thinking that will work well in my aquarium, piled up as junk down the center. The pieces I have in there so far look great, interspersed and leaning against the row of sunken Chia rams with plants throughout. The differences in tonal value of the various statuettes are turning out rather artistic, pale green, light gray, dark gray, and so on.

But I'm afraid this bright green will blow the whole thing.

It will be coated with moss eventually and the bright green toned down, but it is a color from an entirely different palette. Too bad. Because it's charming.

The other thing that kills me is this is listed under Kek, Heket, and Pepe.

See? Too brightly green. Yeah. I just talked myself out of it. 

I'll have to pick something more muted.

I love that the hieroglyphs are correct. 

You gotta appreciate that.

Read backward right to left this time. You can tell because the seated person is facing right.

The twisted rope is an "h" sound. But you do that Semitic and Gaelic gargling thing with a regular h. I think. 

The cutaway hillside is a "q" or a "k". 

The small bump, a semicircle is "t". 

The seated person indicates this is a god.

The first three signs are phonetic, the person is determinative.

But why even say that on a statue? It's like a crucifix with the name Jesus under it. Still, it's correct and it's a lot better than a crucifix with the name Gezus under it. 

Notice the frogs are not the same. These are from different molds. 

Over on eBay when you enlarge the picture of the green one you see texture of flat horizontal lines indicating 3-D printing. And that will not do.

For we are little-frog-statue elitists and we don't have to put up with that crap.

It was a fun idea but it won't work.

Over on eBay some of these little frog statues go for as much $2,000. Presumably they're real and ancient, but honestly, from Egypt, who could trust that? Their whole idea of fair business is different from ours. 

Trump trains his snarling Rottweilers

And his dobermans and his pit bulls and his noisy yapping Chihuahuas.

It's fun!

Joint press conference, President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Scott Morrison

Who's that?


When you are President of the United States eventually you meet all the world's finest people.

It's a good presser. Apparently the journalists were all given a sedative before attending because they're all uncharacteristically well behaved. Maybe they're all foreign and were taught manners as children.

Sheldon Riley

It's fun watching entertainers come up. We see stars being made from their beginning. The good ones burst up through the floorboards one way or another. Sheldon Riley appeared on the Voice of Australia and he chose Boy George for his mentor. There are several videos of him on YouTube and they're all a bit bizarre and theatric and great, except for the duet with Boy George who brings the whole thing down, Annie Lennox's Seven Seas.

Candace Owens Congress testimony

Tropical Storm Imelda

Video selected because it has dogs in it.

CBSN 7:14 Parts of Texas and Louisiana face major flooding from Tropical Storm Imelda.

NBC News 1:07 Rain, flooding to Texas

Bloomberg TicTock .22 Galveston under water: tropical storm Imelda soaks parts of Texas

CBS This Morning 2:29 Imelda spawns tornadoes and brings life--threatening flooding to Texas

Bloomberg TicToc  5:54 Imelda: Texas officials give shelter-in-place warning amid catastrophic flooding

Much more at YouTube [houston flood]

Thursday, September 19, 2019

WKRLEM: We got company!

You won;t believe this crap!

So what is the latest thing that ultra woke Hollywood has come up with?

A coming of age comedy about a kid in Hitler Youth who is dating Anne Frank and has Hitler as his imaginary friend. You can't make this shit up.

Well actually you can. These Hollywood douchebags did. I remember the outrage about "Hogan's Hero's" and how it was denounced as making the Nazi's seem funny and likable. Now this!  Who is the audience for this? Listen I like outrageous humor as much as the next guy but I just don't see it. It seems kind of lame and just to prove a point. It is in fact normalizing the Nazi's and making them cuddly and fun. Of  course that is the agenda of the Anti-Semitic Democrat party led by their Gang of Four. The continual targeting of Jews in New York City by blacks and Muslims is the most under reported story in the media today. This movie was made by a self hating Jew from New Zealand and I bet it will get all kinds of awards.

I just don't get it.

Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #7 (Jack Kirby art) 1964

Nick Fury and his Howling Commandos was one of my favorite comics when I was a kid.  In the early 1960's we had a bunch of TV shows and movies and comics based on World War 2. Like Combat and Twelve O'Clock High and the Rat Patrol. Our fathers and uncles had served and they would often watch these shows and just shake their heads. Of course it was Vietnam time so the more patriotic companies emphasized World War 2 which everyone thought was a just war.

So imagine my chagrin when Marvel changed Nick Fury to a black guy in the movies and cast that horrible racist Samuel L  Jackson. Marvel is great for that They are extremely liberal and politically correct. First they did this stuff in their comics and now it is going to appear in the movies. The next Thor will be a woman. Yes that's right the God of Thunder Thor Odinson will be played  by Natalie Portman who was famous for playing a ballerina. The new TV show about the Hulk will feature the She Hulk. Soon enough they will showcase Ms Marvell Kamala Khan who is a Muslim superhero. Political Correctness is all in the comics and the movies these days.


Furoshiki is the art of wrapping gifts in cloth.

I read this in a book one time and it made me realize, oh, so that's what they're doing." You see this all over Japan. Gifts are wrapped this way. The scarf is not a rag, it's art itself. The scarf becomes part of the gift. It's reusable. 

Some of the scarves are beautiful. Some of the art is awesome. 

The writer of the book said that she was always amazed westerners would buy a Rolex watch for a gift costing thousands of dollars then the gift wrapping is craptastic cheap-ass paper. 

And I thought, "Wow, she's got a point there." 

And we try to hide the present, or disguise it to fake out the recipient. 

Similar idea with fencing. 

Japanese do not necessarily want to hide the gift nor fake out the recipient. A bottle is still clearly a bottle, a gift of money is concealed but it's still clearly money. Likewise a fence isn't necessarily to keep a pet confined, rather, it's often to block something unsightly, or to create a sense of infinite space. For example, the opaque windows allow light but disallow a view of an industrial neighbor. 

The patterned scarf can wrap a gift or carry a baby. It can be used a belt or a purse. It can become a booty bag or a hat, a shopping bag or lunch bag.

Look at 'em, Lookaters. Amazon [furoshiki]

The graphic designs are mind blowing. The colors outrageous. The cost ranges widely from under $10.00 to over $30.00. 

The sizes vary. Obviously. 

There are standardized ways of folding and tying the knots depending on the purpose. Videos and books explain all this. Some videos show only one way to wrap and tie a box. 

Border Wall tour

Trump is not relying on American media to report progress on the southern border wall. No. He's doing that himself. 

Trump is builder himself so expect to hear some construction-type particulars. Elsewhere it's pointed out Trump describes the difference between compressive strength and tensile strength and I told my ears to listen for that but I was doing a crossword while this ran in the background and I missed it and I was all, "Oh Man, listen to the whole thing all over again." But then I was, "nah, nevermind."

No wait. I did hear him say the square pipes have rebar inside them then concrete poured in from the top through a funnel once they're standing. So steel, rebar, and concrete. I don't think he said the words "comprehension" or "tensile." Tell me if he does. Because I'm not listening again. Then he talked about the segments being wired for sound and the other guy told him to shut up. 

"Hello. This is the fence you are climbing on notifying you that your climbing activity has been noticed. Stop climbing on me right now or I'll call the cops. 

I said stop climbing on me.

Ok, fine. I'm calling the cops.

I said I'm calling the cops. 

Here goes. 

One ringy-dingy

Two ringy-dingies. 

Look at me, I'm calling the cops on you. I suggest you stop and get while the get'n is good. 

three ringy-dingies. 

Here they come ...

They've got dogs you know.

They'll kick your butts.

Right back to Mexico." 

Korea, fish cake master

The dough he starts out with is mostly fish processed to molecules and mixed with egg, flour and potato starch and egg. Some recipes use self-rising flour. His dough appears soft and foamy, so there is probably some baking power in it. 

The fish portion of the dough is usually a combination that includes some form of white fish 50%, and sometimes squid 25% and sometimes a third, such as shrimp 25%. 

Similar to hushpuppies except not cornmeal. 

Then, vegetables added to that to create infinite variations. 

Ed Buck

Gayer than a RuPaul television show episode using male models to play a word guessing game "hangman." Hungman, actually, and all the words have "ass" in them. It's more interesting than Ed Buck could ever be.

But instead of merely harmlessly amusing, Ed Buck is perverse in a seriously evil way.

This is his third similar episode in which he enticed a downtrodden black young man out of work and homeless and addicted and invites him into the comfort of his home then injects him with an overdose of drugs to watch him die.

Buck used to be a male model. But time was unkind. His soul expressed on his face in the form of pockmarks that no amount of money can sandblast.

Buck used to be a Republican until he realized Democrats were more plastic to his particular needs.

He is known to have done this same thing twice before but being so big, being so Democrat, being so protected, nothing could be done about it without ironclad proof.

Ellyn Santiago writing for Heavy lists five things you need to know. (You don't need to know any of them. You would do just as well not knowing.)

1) A young black man was wheeled out of Buck's apartment on a gurney.
2) Another black man died with Buck previously.
3) Buck is a political activist and a failed candidate
4) Buck was a millionaire by age 32 and a major donor to Democrats.
5) Former model, acted briefly, one LGTB group cut ties with him.

Lots of photos throughout and video.

Denver Art Museum remodeling

This is my back yard.

Side yard, actually. It's a block north.

My favorite restaurant is closed inside the Denver Art Museum; a lovely place to enjoy a fine meal and watch the art-going people pass by. Mostly young people and it does your heart good to see them.

Would you like to see what I'm talking about? This is the parade of people who pass by through an hour or so.

And now that restaurant is ripped out and a new visitor center is put in. To the tune of ...

 twelve mill-yun dollars.

To be patronized by silhouette-people.

More deets at 303 magazine and Design Boom.

Lewandowski subpoenaed a third time before Congress

Lewandowski used the occasion to play with the conceits of Democrat interrogators. Apparently he made them appear stupid.

But none of that counts if you're too stupid to know you've been played.

Such is the case with House Democrats.

Because if they did know, then they'd have given up this nonsense a long time ago. It's hurting them, not helping them. Nancy Pelosi knows that while others in her party less savvy than her do not.

Fine. Cary on. Destroy yourselves. But our country isn't being helped either.

Details at Townhall by Matt Vespa who has more patience discussing Democrat idiocy than I do.

If you care to read it.

Vespa describes Lewandowski's bon mots to Democrat weariness.

Lewandowski Phil and Buster. He stalled for time. He was all, "Show me in the Mueller report where it says any such thing." And "I have no answer for your diatribe that has no question" and so on throughout the day.

¡No Pasaran!

Erik writes the left forcing Marianne Williamson to walk back her comment about the right being nicer to her than the left proves her point.

Except he phrases that as interrogative.

He quotes Jim Treacher describing the left as difficult.
Lefties are awful, especially to women. No insult is too cruel. No lie is too insane. Anything goes. Then lefties project their own behavior onto their political opponents, and congratulate themselves for condemning it. They're lunatics. Whereas conservatives, who don't agree with Williamson's policies at all, are decent to her because she seems like an okay person. They're able to separate the person from the politics.
Whatevs. That doesn't describe me accurately. I am awful.

More philosophizing at this link right here.

Jordan and Meadows discuss the House Dems after the Lewandowski hearing

It's fun.

Sort of.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

A car bashed through the front doors of Trump Plaza New Rochelle

The driver got out of the car and then sat on one of the sofas in the lobby. 

Come to think of it, what else is there for them to do?

Apparently police interviewed the driver right there on the lobby sofa.

And that makes people think this another of those elderly accidents in which one reaches the realization that it's time to give up driving.

If you click through the link you'll see more posts that get into details as they become available. 

The rise of Chick-Fil-A

I've never been to this chain but I'm interested.

Maybe I'll hop in my truck and go there.

But then I'd pass a Sonic on the way and I'd be tempted to get a few of their chile dogs. And that would blow the whole project.

Here's the thing that I think is *high pitched* s-t-e-e-e-w *low pitched* pud. 

An activist spray painted across their pristine building, "The taste of hate."

What a hateful thing to do.

Don't you think?

How can one do that sanctimoniously without sensing hatred within themself? 

Did Chick-Fil-A go to their house and spray paint, "the taste of cock"?

How good can a fried chicken sandwich be? 

It's breaded cutlet on bread. A cutlet presumably marinated in buttermilk. I'm guessing. So, two breads right there. One of the bread is deep-fried. Better for the cutlet to be un-breaded and to be ensconced within an interesting salad, then surrounded by bread. 

Or for the un-breaded cutlet to be part of a nice crispy salad with interesting varied unexpected elements such as apple or pineapple, mango, crispy cucumber or berries and nuts, and the bread to be in the form of crunchy croutons. 

It's just that there is so much that can be done with chicken cutlet that's better than slapping it on white bread with few pickles. The whole thing doesn't even make sense. 

Now I want one. To confirm my chicken-cutlet on bread bias. 

Hey, Christian dudes. Read me some scripture while I am here.

I'm telling you, I cannot overstate this: Ordinary people whom you might not regard as particularly religious, treat me so graciously that it blows my mind. And this happens every single day. Most noticeably when I step out in public. Obviously. There is something about my look that evokes a response that is usually characterized as Christian, but I believe it is simply human. 

It's like God is making angels on imperfect earth. We are being spiritualized. It starts with an internal question, "God, what should I do?"

I honestly don't think that I look that pathetic but apparently I do. 

I don't need, or want or ask for anyone's help but it comes to me. Like I am a help-magnet. People look for ways to be helpful. People train their kids on me. "Hold the door open for the man, Honey. Step out of the way, Honey, so he can get by." 

People inside of restaurants see me coming and they get up from their table to open the door for me. 

Inside they help me around.

Going outside, the same thing. 

I keep hearing how the workers at Chick-Fil-A are more gracious than other fast-food places, they smile more, they say the right things more, but from my point of view, people are gracious everywhere. Everywhere. 

For example.

My brake line went out at Red Rocks Park but I didn't realize how serious the problem until 3/4 the way home where Golden Triangle Auto Repair is nearby. The brakes got worse and worse by the block as I made my way there through intense traffic. I pulled up in the back to an open bay.

Vastly relieved. I thanked God for helping me get there safely without issues.

A guy came out of the garage to chase me away as I was getting out of the truck. He was cross and aggressive. I must move my truck.

"Oh man, am I ever lucky I made it. I just want to get down and pray. It was like an angel was with me the whole way. My brakes went out!" 

The young man switched personalities immediately. 

Boom, complete transformation.

I just needed to leave the truck where it is and give him the keys. I can walk around to the front myself. Nobody is allowed to walk through the garage. Because it's a complete f'k'n mess with crap all over the place. Literally all over the place. Not a single clear inch to step. I'd much rather simply walk around the whole building than shortcut through the garage into the office. 

But he thought I needed the shortcut. 

So he took my arm at the elbow and carefully led be through his clutter. 

Most uncomfortably. He was freaking me out. I don't like being handled. 

But I allowed him to lead me through the clutter. Step. Step. Steppy-step. Step. Step. Step. Like I'm a blind man. He saw me safely to the office where I gave them the keys. 

He took care of me. In his way. 

Everyone does. 

I attract this kind of assistance. 

So from my point of view, everyone has a Christian heart. Even atheist do. The maid service woman who came here today to set up the service is Ethiopian Muslim and she shows the same Christian heart. The direct one-on-one goodness of people blows my mind. And it took becoming decrepit for me to see this very real beauty in people.