Sunday, May 30, 2021

Food X


A relative sent me a link to this Fox News story: it appears there is actually a demand for chocolate-covered cicadas. The treats pictured above are made by Chouquette, a local (Washington-area) upscale chocolatier.

MamaM cited a recipe for cicada linguine in a comment here. At least that dish has a lot of things to distract you: garlic, pepper, lemon juice, pasta, and probably a lot of wine. This here is just chocolate and bugs. I don't know what it would take to get me to eat one, but I wouldn't even think about it for under a hundred bucks.

That time when Trooper took his new Pontiac LeMans for a Sunday drive


Driving under the BMT can be scary, especially when you don't have a drivers license.

After that last impact his eyes got bulgy and he earned his nickname.

I prefer sweet potatoes.

Saturday, May 29, 2021

Overheard at Lem's

  CL wrote "It's becoming a real social life which is something I badly need."

I hear ya, bro. Today for the first time in a very long time I returned to a market I have been attending since back in the '90s. I have truly become institutionalized - I struggled being out amongst so many humans. The Shawshank effect is real. It was overwhelming after a year and a half of solitary confinement. But I managed to purchase the necessary foodstuffs, and I have to tell you what - I have no idea that that simulacrum bread-like substance I have been eating since 2019 is made of, but today I bought the bread I remember from the before-times. Remarkable stuff. Actual flavor and texture. 

Hung out with some old friends, discussed current events, nutrition, health, you know, the usual old-guy subjects. A good time was had by all. I think I will do this again - I went out, was changed, and came home. That is the very essence of a Joseph Campbell hero archetype. Yep, that was me all over.

We all need angelic singing to accompany us on our journey.

Notes From A Broad

Back from the Sunshine State (and you didn't even miss me).

A lot has happened and it may be time to take stock. First, it was interesting to see what states are doing well. FL, as I said, is booming. Construction, hardly any Closed signs, everybody out (nice to see people with faces again). TN doesn't seem to to be all that bad, although we mostly saw the countryside.

KY, with its Oliver Cromwell (or is it Lavrenti Beria?) governor leans a lot on its white Stephen Foster heritage, but its pretty grubby once you get away from the plantation houses.

GA, with its crooked Whig government, is a mess. Motoring through Hotlanta (not for the faint of heart) all you saw is its memorials to the Left - Andrew Young Blvd, John Lewis Freedom Pkwy, the Carter Center - and the crooked, racist Left at that (is there another?), but the state itself is still the same mix of po' white trash and overfed, equally poor, blacks its been since Sherman marched through. This is supposed to be the City Too Busy To Hate.

Would have been for the best if Uncle Billy finished the job the Rebs started and nuked the damned place.

The people in both states are nice, but they're the ones who voted for Trump.

One thing you get, driving around, is a lot of Fake News TV inflicted on you. ESPN opens its shows with a 5 minute Justice For George montage. All the morning shows can't wait to tell you how important masks are and how the whole world is getting vaxxed; Today even brought out the brood mare herself, Chelsea, to tell the world of her wonderful experience. Everything else is all black, all the time (you may see a white female on occasion) except for the Orientals telling us they're part of America, too (most of us knew that since grade school when we heard how the coolies dug for gold and built the railroads), but won't tell you it's the blacks who are trying to kill them.

I recall an episode from The World At War where one of the people in the resistance in Germany said he was so glad when he got drafted because the level of propaganda had gotten absolutely hysterical. It's just that bad.

Don't get me wrong.  Blacks on TV have never been an issue with me. I loved Cos in I Spy and Raymond St Jacques as a buffalo soldier who was Mr Yates' ramrod in the last season of Rawhide. If they're good enough, good on them, but, if many high-rated companies think they are going to make money excluding the white race, my best advice would be to talk to the kids at Coca-Cola.

I can understand how the number of households with a TV keeps decreasing.

Which is why the 'Net is so powerful.

Which brings us to the reasons why there is cause to be optimistic.

One of the grimmer ones is emergence of a new video showing cops firing on peaceful protesters on January 6. Before anybody went into the Capitol (and there's vid of them being shown in and shown around by the cops).

CDC has had to admit social distancing and masks were always a crock. Chalk that up to people being fed up and the facts coming out. The Feds have also had to concede that the Sino Sinus Syphilis did come from a Red Chinese lab and the Deep State Dwarf  is up to his nose in it. Then there's the nasty little reality that the number who died from it was nowhere near the half million claimed.

Then there's the economy. I know, going down the tubes. Commodity prices are up 3.5% and paychecks are worth 3.1% less than a year ago, this according to (are you ready?) Bloomberg 

Even better is the audits. They can't be ignored. And everybody can see the gyrations the Demos are going through to stop them. Too many of these revelations are already all over the Interwebz. Demos and even Dominion Voting are trying to threaten officials from carrying on, but to very little avail.

And, yes, batfans, it really does get better. The Eminent Mr Surber (or somebody who writes some of his posts) has been sounding rather wishy-washy the last few months since the rule of law didn't prevail under SCROTUS. That seems to be changing. Consider these words of wisdom, "the biggest problem for the Democrats is they cheated to win in 2020 by getting states to violate their own election laws to make it easier to stuff the ballot box with mail-in votes.

If Democrats do not codify those mid-election rules changes, Biden could be their last President".

This is the guy who was telling us we needed to ballot harvest. How do you ballot harvest ballots emailed from Red China, one might ask, but the defeatism seems to be gone.

And, yes, rebellion is breaking out. You see the masks disappearing whether state governors "allow" or not. People more sane than I are talking about bringing back Trump. Not just miss him, but reinstate him.

And then there's the great man himself.

"I think there’s gonna be a big problem because when people find out that all of these states are gonna flip, does that mean you go three-and-a-half years with somebody that is destroying our country?…"

Does that sound like a man who's waiting for 2024?

UPDATE: Looks like more people are now talking reinstatement.

The trolls have been pushing the Yes, but what can we do? line, trying to get the FUD to stick.

I guess we're just not snowflake material.

Friday, May 28, 2021

WKRLEM: Feech don't step on anybody's toes!

You know what's fucking sad?

I am really starting to look like Feech.

WKRLEM: Sixty calls it the old country

We finally got a bit of rain

 Not much, just enough to damp down the dust and give the trees a drink of water. 

That's a nice break from the heat.

Rain, rein, reign...

The Media is as corrupt as ever.

 Unaccompanied minors reached 19,000 in March which was a record. The Biden administration has them stuffed everywhere. They are shipping them from the border illegally and dumping them on the children relief services of red states in the middle of the country. The press is not covering it. They are hiding it in plain sight.

Luckily some of the Republican governors are refusing to take these illegals in. This is putting unpreceded pressure on the social services and charity organizations who have enough to deal with in our own country with our own people.

I think they are going to handle them the way a certain professor in Middle America handled her children.

It's not going to be pretty.

Trooper York's Word of the Day



  1. without suffering any punishment or injury.
    "the people who kidnapped you will get off scot-free"
    unpunished · without punishment · unreprimanded · unscathed · unhurt · unharmed · without a scratch · uninjured · undamaged · safe · scatheless
  2.              being able to walk in the woods without ending up with a dude in a skirt on top of you.
  3. synomyms: Sixtyless, no haggis in the baggis, me bonnie lies over billy ocean

Thursday, May 27, 2021

Oh happy day

 I had been seeing them crawling around on various surfaces here at Rancho Deluxe and just now I saw them flying around for the first time this year - lightning bugs!

Edwin Hawkins et al.

Backyard in evening. Black walnut tree I planted in the foreground, alliums just beyond.

Paul Ryan and Liz Chaney want the Republican Party to be Civil


 Ace has a great post where he talks about the Quislings Paul Ryan and Liz Chaney who want to go back to the days where Republicans were civil and let the Democrats run roughshod all over them. From Ace of Spades HQ:

"Social libertarians like Paul Ryan -- and 90% of the Conservative, Inc. media -- fight for the left's social and cultural agenda, but not honestly, not straightforwardly by proclaiming their belief in the left's socio-cultural agenda.

No, the do so crookedly, sneakly. They advance the left's goals not by explicitly supporting the leftwing cultural agenda -- that would be too honest -- but instead by attacking conservatives for fighting back in the culture war.

They never have a damn thing to say about the left's constant cultural aggressions -- and do not propose to do anything about the left's nigh-unbroken string of culture war victories -- but they always have something critical to say about conservatives merely resisting the cultural left, or trying to push back on fronts where the left has recently seized ground."

This is exactly right. This is what is behind the attacks on Marjorie Taylor Greene for a little hyperbole that is par for the course on CNN or MSNBC. How many times had we heard talking heads call President Trump Hitler and his fans Nazi's? Now they vote to throw her off of her committees and there is even talk of expelling her from Congress.  Meanwhile vile anti-Semites like that Muslim piece of shit from Minnesota get off scot free. Where is the outrage  by McCarthy and Scalise over the Squad and the shit they pull? 

It's nowhere.

I say fuck them and the hobby horse they rode in on. We need to purge them out of the party. There is no place in the MAGA Republican Party for the likes of Ryan, Cheney, Romney or even McCarthy.  You say we need people like to take over Congress. For what? They will never vote for change. Meaningful change. We can grow the party with working class people who are socially conservative. There is a boatload of socially conservative Hispanics and Asians. You need to be out there pounding the fact that Asians are being attacked by black criminals who are the base of the Democratic Party. You need to pound the fact that their children are being denied educations because of affirmative action. You need to pound the fact that the Democrat's have become the party of the corrupt  big business monopiles like Amazon and Google. 

Screw these Rhinos. Lets get the Party where it needs to be. These weak ass bitches need to be terminated.

No more Mr. Nice Guy in our Neighborhood!

Same Bat action


"Say Bat Girl how are you doing?"

"Great Batman. Can I see what you have between your legs?"

"Oh sure. In fact I can give it to you. I usually let Robin use it but you can have it tonight. Just one thing."

"What's that?"

"When you are finished can you chain it up?"

"Damn Catwoman was right. You are a freak."

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

WKRLEM: Feech Talks About The Old Days

Hipster Holocaust

Hipster Holocaust Chapter Seven

Vincenzo “Slappy” Aiello sat in a lawn chair in front of his club on Carroll Street between Columbia and Van Brunt. Just as he had for the past sixty years. The location of the club had changed over the years. It had originally been on President Street when he ran with the Gallos. They had come and gone. Shot across the sky like a comet. The Kid was still around but he stayed in Manhattan these days. Albert was a capo just like him and they were sort of co-equals in their crew. Of course they were both sort of semi-retired. Which happens when you get into your seventies. Your late seventies. Still life was good. 

Vincenzo had a routine. He liked to have his breakfast at the little coffee shop on Court St. One of the various cash businesses he owned in the neighborhood. He had the coffee shop. A wine and cheese bar. A laundromat. A couple of bodegas. The bagel store. He was the owner of all of them. Or at least a partner. A silent partner who spoke loudly when it conflicted with his interests.

The sun was warm today. He sat back in his chair. Nothing much was happening today. Just the usual. He sipped on his sixth cup of espresso. Put it back on the small table that sat next to his chair.  He nibbled on a biscotti fresh from his bakery. One of the young kids came out from the club. Kids. Ha. He was thirty if he was a day.

“Do you need a refill Mr. Aiello?” “No thank you Geno.” “Got a question?” He nodded for him to go on. “The Arab down at the body shop didn’t make his vig this week. I wanna know what you want me to do?” Vincenzo looked up at him. Squinted actually as the kid had the sun over his back. He shook his head at him. The stunard didn’t know that he never talked about any of these details. Especially with a low level mook like Geno. Not out on the street where the feds could have a mike set up to wire tap him. There was reason why he was not in the joint like most of his peers. He handed him his cup and motioned with his thumb over his shoulder pointing at the inside of the club. Geno looked at him. Nodded. Took the empty espresso cup and walked back in the club to get him a refill.

Vincenzo looked out at the traffic on the street. What little of it that there were these days. The neighborhood had become very quiet. Not like the old days when he was kid before they built the expressway and cut off the waterfront from the rest of the people. Then it was all pushcarts and commerce. All of the old Italian businesses had moved away. The pork store. The vegetable stores. Even the bank. Now it was all brownstones owned by people with money. There had been a tough time in the seventies and early eighties with a lot of crime. The moolies had come out of the Red Hook Projects. His manpower was limited so he could only protect a couple of streets. It took that asshole Giuliani to clean it all up. The only good thing that worthless fuck ever did.

A nanny was pushing a stroller across the street. None of the rich women took care of their children. They left them in the care of a Mexican or Haitian all day long. Good only knows how those poor bastards would turn out.  The Chinese mailman was putting letters in the mailboxes at the top of the stairs in the condo across the street. Now a day’s most of the buildings were condos. Or rentals to Wall Street wannabees who couldn’t afford a brownstone yet. The longshoreman and their families who had lived there when he was a kid were long gone. The docks were all closed. All of the shipping had moved to Howland Hook and Jersey. All of the money and opportunity and moved on with it. There was still money to be made in South Brooklyn. Gambling. Loans. Drugs. He had a finger in all of it. It wasn’t what it used to be, but it still was a nice sum at the end of the month.                                                                                                                             

People passing by would say hello or acknowledge him in one way or another. Not the homage that he used to receive back in the seventies but still the old timers knew who he was. A couple of elderly widows passed by pushing their carts on the way to Court St to do some shopping at Esposito’s pork store or the IGA on Henry Street. It was a long walk but they were hardy individuals which is why they had outlived their entire families. Both widows nodded at him and said “Hello Vincenzo” in soft voices as though they were telling a secret. He nodded and said, “Good morning Ladies.”

A young girl in a stylish outfit strode confidently down the street. She was a beauty, and she knew it. She smiled at the dapper old man in the chair and said hello. He smiled at her and she smiled right back at him. Back in the day he would have pursued it. But he was past all that. Still he enjoyed the nostalgia of it all. 

The UPS guy walked by and said “Hello Mr. Aiello.” He looked at the girl who was up the block. “That’s a nice piece of ass eh?” Vincenzo looked at him with his eyes hooded and his grim face on. The big cuich's bowels turned to water. “Sorry Mr. Aiello. No disrespect.” “Get lost.” “Yessir Mr. Aiello.” 

The idiot kid next door was bringing his wagon down the stoop. He was a fixture in the neighborhood for as long as he had been alive. He was a half a retard and was always with his mother. That bitch on wheels had tortured the poor dummy all his life. She took him out of grammar school and kept him out of school since the seventh grade. They had money. She owned a couple of the brownstones on the block so they were well set up with the rents. He rolled his cart up to the club.

“Do you need anything Mr. Aiello? I am going up to the store and I can pick up anything you need.” “No kid thanks anyway.” “Sure thing Mr. Aiello.” 

He looked at him as he pushed his cart up to Hicks Street huffing and puffing since he was so out of shape and unhealthy. It was like looking at one of the last vestiges of the neighborhood walking down the street. The idiot must be sixty if he was a day. Probably be dead soon. Just like everyone else he had known. It was just getting old being old.

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Those dirty Scandi's are taking over my TV

 So do youse guys know what Scandinavian Noir is all about?

It's a type of film drama that thanks the atmospheric tropes of Film Noir and presents it in a Scandinavian setting. There are several TV series available on various streaming services that are part of this movement. The Bridge. Wallander. The Killing. Bordertown. Some of the Brit series picked up on the style like River, Marcella and Broadchurch. 

So what the fuck is Scandi Noir. It is brooding protagonists. Shitty rainy settings. Everybody is depressed. Life sucks. You know realism. Just the way the world is these days. Every day and always as a matter of fact.

The whole concept was inspired by the novels of the Martin Beck series of novels by Maj Sjowell and Per Wahoo. I remember reading them when they first came out. They in turn were inspired by the novels of Ed McBain another crime writer from America. I think all of the show runners grew up on these tales just like I did and used the inspiration to generate these new stories. They even made a rip off movie starring Walter Matthau called the Laughing Policeman where they used one of the stories. It sucked. But the new rip offs are much more engaging.;

This is all a long round about way of talking about a new series called Mare of Eastown. It's set in small town Pennsylvania where everybody knows each other. The performances starting with the star Kate Winslet are uniformly good and it has all the trappings of Scandi Noir. So I say give it a try. You might enjoy it. It's on HBO Max or you can steal it the way I do. 

Highly recommended. 


I watched a Rick Beato video on keyboard sounds in rock

He mentioned a lot of different groups and types of instruments, but for probably the first time ever I listened to ELP "Lucky Man" with an ear out for the specific Moog sounds that Keith Palmer used. You can hear the pitch bending, the excellent octaves and the incredible basso profundo, and I like all that. But the attack of each note and the timbre contained therein was new to me.

The Moog solo begins at about 3:15.

Scarlatti's K.141 is one of my all time favorites:

Here it is played on a harpsichord.

Here is the same work played much faster on a piano.

 Scarlatti on a Steinway.

I was stunned at the velocity when I stumbled onto this video. 

That clever engineering right there is why a piano kicked all other earlier keyboards to the curb. Repeat that 88 times for a standard sized piano, 92 or 97 times for a Bösendorfer.

I don't remember if Beato mentioned Leon, but I am including him here for purposes of mocking the maskholes who are hoping to maintain their tyranny forever.


He did mention this one:

The Doors.

The Beato vid in question.

Can you believe Gary Numan recorded "Cars" in '79? Holy schnike!

Monday, May 24, 2021

I am not reading these posts.....Just Browsing Scene

Brood X

The last few days, whenever I step outside or even open a window, I'm assaulted by Seventeen-Year Locust Surround-Sound. (They're officially cicadas, but I grew up with locust.) I have to say I like it, though I'm less fond of the crunch-crunch-crunch when I walk on the sidewalk.

They're all members of "Brood X," which sounds like a low-budget horror movie until you realize that the "X" is a Roman numeral. There are apparently XII broods, each with its own territory and on its own schedule. Plus III broods of 13-year locusts, which I hadn't known about until today. The parks people hung a helpful sign on a tree in our little neighborhood park:

Here's a better look at that map.

The National Park Service did a nice FAQ, which includes this note:

By coming out in huge numbers, all the predators that eat cicadas can get their fill and there will still be plenty of cicadas left to breed and perpetuate the species. It’s a survival strategy called prey satiation.

Sunday, May 23, 2021

You know how it goes...

You go looking for one thing and find another. Here is "Amadeus" condensed down to three minutes and change (including my close personal friend Twyla Tharp's great choreography):



Overheard at Lem's: 

Can Of Cheese for Hunter said...Definitely an animal face- I see a kitty.

The kitty is obvious in that Santana debut album -- but can you see others?

The story behind the cover art. 

Saturday, May 22, 2021

Music is good

 I am picking up a vibe.

The one and only Lionel Hampton.

I saw him in concert at my high school 11 years after this vid was made. He was 60 at the time and that seemed as old as the hills.


 Overheard at Lem's: 

...the chemical composition of wood, the many roles that trees and wood play in our lives,.. Link

Xylenes were in the air no doubt during that bake-off. And you probably caramelized all the xylose in that sap. Then there's xylophones:

Added: Can of Queso links to a new Femmes song in the comments:


Also, a concert poster from the 90's in Italy

Bowls...Smowls....I prefer Bowling!

Captain Cook FTW!

While sailing hither and yon in 1774 James Cook espied a forest of Araucaria heterophylla trees, and thought they would make good masts for His Majesty's ships. He was wrong, but over the centuries people did find uses for the wood, including wood turning.

A search just turned up this example:

From Wiki: "From the straight trunk, it emits its branches almost horizontal or slightly oblique, in number of five, forming floors; the plane of each floor is a perfect pentagon. If kept indoors, the tree remains smaller. The gray-brown bark falls off in fine scales. At the more or less horizontal to sometimes hanging branches, the branches are four to seven in regular whorls."

Having seen bowls like this in magazines I set about looking for suitable turning stock. Norfolk Island pines do not grow here, but white pines have the same growth pattern - straight, clear trunk with no branches, then a node of branches all growing out at the same height on the trunk.

Here is what one of my neighbor's white pines looks like:

Notice that the branches grow out horizontally from one node all around the trunk. That is an important feature for what follows.

But back to the beginning.

When I bought this place I built a fence around the backyard to keep my dogs in. Almost as soon as the fence was completed my neighbor's trees started shedding big limbs and squashing my fence. I would go out, cut off the downed wood, tip the fence back up and so long as the dogs could not escape, well we were good. 

I talked to him about maybe taking down or at least pruning the trees, he said he would, but he never did. So back in 2015 I went over and dropped one of his trees. Did it all by myself. As you can see, that is a large tree - the bar on my chainsaw is three feet long and the tree was probably over two feet in diameter. Needless to say my neighbor was surprised.

Here are my dogs sitting by the crown while I was in the process of limbing the trunk. There was a lot of wood, many limbs, and a ton of work involved. 

I hauled a big ol' mess of wood home:

I found a nice round with the branch node located where I could turn a properly shaped bowl with the branches fanning out and running up the sides of the bowl:

This is what the wood looks like before it is baked for weeks on end:

This is the inside when the sap was still gummy:

I let the rough turned bowl dry for a year, which is usually long enough for the sap in a hardwood bowl to dry and set, but conifers are different, especially a piece of white pine that has branch stubs in it. The branches are essentially sap collectors - they are a great source of sap, tar, pitch and gum. So as I would try to sand the bowl smooth the sandpaper would completely gum up in about a minute. Unacceptable and cost inefficient. So back to the books. 

Turns out, according to forestry experts, that if you heat pine to 140 degrees for an hour that will set the sap. Also turns out that experts are wrong. I tried an hour. Still gummy. Tried an hour at 200 degree, still no success. Tried 250 degrees for a day, better, but the wood still couldn't be sanded. At this point, I went for it - I turned the temperature up to close to 300 degree, left the bowl in for days, allowing it to cool off intermittently, and after three weeks of that treatment, what do you know - I could sand it like a regular piece of wood.

So after baking and sanding the peacock feathers appeared. They are the natural shape of branches growing out of the pith of the tree in a radial fashion, captured by turning a section of a log coaxially on a lathe - that is, ultimately hollowing the bowl by turning end grain, which I have to tell you, is my least favorite form of woodturning. 

Right around that same time I turned some other end grain bowls:

And just like that I got over it. Very rough, physically, and while the resulting bowls look good, I got tired of being beat up by the lathe. I finished all those bowls and sold them, including the very live edge cherry bowl in the middle of the bottom row - that's from flowering cherry that grew in front of Cameron Indoor stadium - I knew a woman who worked on campus and she got me that piece. I sold it to a UNC grad. Funny world, eh?

I also turned some regular bowls from that pine tree, but the wood was too sappy to yield much in the way of good products, so it went into the burn pile and fell gently as acid rain in Sweden. I believe in global warming and think it is a good thing.

There is much more to this story, but I will omit the rest for now. I admit this is a tedious subject, and I have barely touched on the subject of tree physiology, branch formation, tree growth, how trees fail, the chemical composition of wood, the many roles that trees and wood play in our lives, how green maniacs are wrong about every aspect of forestry, but as I say, it grows tedious and life is short. Except for trees. I am an old man who plants trees that I know I will never see mature. 

I planted the conifer in the foreground when I was young - it was our live Christmas tree. We are both much older now.

And because it has been so long since my original post, here is what the finished baked white pine bowl looked like, six branches from one node:


Not a moth, in fact, so many of my customers brought their own impression of what they saw that I called it a wooden Rorschach test:

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

The Case of the Disappearing Salon


 My dear Holmes,

It is your most humble petitioner, Inspector Lestrade. As you well know it has been many years since I have last requested your assistance in the troubling matter of the disappearance of Lord Douchebag and also quite some time since we examined the obscene affairs of the odious Lady Chatterley and her grass stained lover. Today I must ask for assistance with respect to these horrible people.

As you know we often review old case files in an attempt to discern if circumstances have changed or new information has come to light. It seems a remarkable transformation has occurred in the salon of the noxious Lady Chatterley. She has closed her salon and banished all the many miscreants out into polite society. These poor unfortunates who are barely literate and in need of our succor and understanding were left wandering the streets in search of some other false deity to flagellate them and torture their benighted souls. Bereft of the solace of their common herd they are bewildered and lost. I have no understanding as to why they were expunged except that the syphilitic psychoses of their host must finally have reached it's zenith. They could no longer cover it up and so had to loose their misbegotten acolytes on to our society. 
Pray tell have you any news about this most unusual occurrence? Perhaps one of your irregulars might have some insight as they are well acquainted with the dregs of society where these poor unfortunates dwell. The Yard has called upon me to prepare for any new vile plans that this most despicable couple might be planning. I am most desirous of your council and advice.

Please give my best to your brother Mycroft who I now recall has moved to countryside of Yorkshire to work on his art and his continuing acts of charity. I know that he felt moving to the country would be salubrious and conducive to his health. I hope his work with young orphan boys will assuage his loneliness and allow him to live a fulfilling and happy existence. 

I remain as always,
Your obedient servant,
Inspector G. Lestrade
November 12, 1898

WKRLEM: One Monkey Don't Stop No Show

Life was simpler then. 

But things have changed. Sonny was lucky with that tree. Just sayn'

One Monkey don't stop no show


So the black lesbo Mayor of Chi town has said she will only talk to black or brown reporters. No Irish need apply. Per Red State:

“As ⁦@chicagosmayor reaches her two year midway point as mayor, her spokeswoman says Lightfoot is granting 1 on 1 interviews – only to Black or Brown journalists,” NBC Chicago’s Mary Ann Ahern tweeted."

So as usual black racism goes unremarked and unpunished. A small caveat to that is one Hispanic Journalist canceled an interview because of this policy. Gregory Pratt ( a Hispanic name if I ever heard one) of the Chicago Tribune refused to do  an interview because of this new blatantly racist policy. Will any of the other ultra liberal members of the press follow through? Or will they brush it off as they did most of the transgressions of this idiot. 

I don't know. Maybe she can stop this show.

The Democrats are starting with their attacks on the Jews


Well it seems that all the work that AOC, Rashida and the rest of the Squad have been doing has not gone to waste. A roving band of Muslim terrorists went on a rampage in LA last night. They went to a restaurant and demanded to find out who were the "Jews" and proceeded to beat them. Now the savages of BLM had pioneered the harassments of innocent diners and their fellow travelers the filthy Muslims have followed suit. It is so bad that even the shitty mainstream media like Newsweek has to report it.

Of course they are attempting to minize it. There will not be any hate crime designation because white people can not be the victims of hate crimes. Which  I guess is good news for the Jews.

Now they are considered "White people."

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

The presumption of innocence

 That used to be a thing in this nation. Those days are gone. Now you are judged by the color of your skin. You all know the story, so I won't reiterate it. 

We also used to be presumed to be healthy unless proven otherwise. Now if one omits or eschews maskage one is treated like a leper. People literally leap away from you. I enjoy my newly discovered super power by walking right up to masked people and standing next to them. The expression of panic in their eyes is priceless. Does that mean I am cruel? Maybe. I am certainly fed up with having people yell "UNCLEAN!" when I walk through the world. 

Anyway, gubner Alice Cooper slightly reduced his unconstitutional and illegal rules and now some places have done away with the requirement that all customers wear masks. Today I went to the grocery store that is still strict about masks and as I was checking out the clerk asked me if I had a mask and if so, would I mind putting it on. Understand, I had already done all my shopping mask-free, wandering the aisles, free as a bird, breathing the air.

My response? "I can't hear you, you're wearing a mask and I am hard of hearing." I must have stumped that poor dumb sumbitch as he said no more to me. I am thankful for the small things in life.

Makes me laugh even now.

But moving on to random musings: 

Trooper posted his baby picture, and while I don't want to step on that item, I do have a picture of me taken when I was 4. Sneakers, jeans and a t-shirt. When you find a look that works for you you stick with it, so 67 years later I still wear the same style. But I can't find the picture. When it turns up I will post it.

There was some mention made of readers and that got me to thinking about writing. 

Cyril Connolly wrote: “Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self." 

I write for myself and am thankful to reach 100+ readers for any given post. That is a large audience. 

I went shopping for a stove today, found one at the nearby box store, alas, their delivery date for that particular model was never. I asked if I could buy the floor model. Nope, according to them that simply isn't done. Well alrighty then. A friend suggested another big box store, I went to their website, found a 30" four burner electric stove, decent price, and the amazing thing is they will deliver it to my house tomorrow - what? Such things are unheard of these days, assuming they actually do.

I am going to miss my old stove - it's a total POS now, but a few years ago I baked this large white pine bowl in the oven for 3 weeks at 300 degrees in order to get the sap to set. It paid off - the bowl is one of the finest I ever made, it sold for a great price and even now when I turn on the back burner I can still smell the scent of pine wafting up from the oven. That brings back nice memories. So long, old stove, we had some good times...

Pines, in the.

What about that new joint for the former victims of TOP?

 As you might know there was a meltdown at TOP a couple of weeks ago and the comments were shut down. A bunch of those poor saps who still followed that shit show set up a new joint to converse and perverse as it were. I joined up to see what was what and have mentioned our little joint to see if I can get some people to drop by.

I don't know how long they will be in business but I wish them all the success in the world. They have a few solid contributors but the format does not seem to lend itself to long term conversation.

It's all in the game my friend.

Whose that Girl?

 She knew that Lady Godiva was a freedom rider and was old enough to know her personally. She really hated her cousin's husband and had the sexist daughter ever on National TV. Later on she moved to Florida and became a real pain in the ass.

She cursed like a truck driver, looked like a truck driver and was a truck driver in World War Two. This is her military driver's license photo. 

Whose that girl?

They finally found my Baby picture

 I don't know when it all changed. Well I do know. When I got the pacemaker.

Still I did enjoy myself until then.

I am off for some gluten free lunch.

Fuck you.

Monday, May 17, 2021

The Babe Abides

"Hey Babe don't point that thing at me unless you are gonna use it."

"That's what Dale said last night."


"Never mind. I just want some burgers. We are going to you new restaurant and grab about twenty burgers or I am gonna shoot your tassels off cowboy."

"No problem Babe. I would be happy to set you up. I could eat a horse."

"Again. That's what Dale said. Enough bullshit. I want to get the feedbag on."


The Playoffs are starting and nobody gives a shit


The NBA playoffs are starting to the immense disinterest of most of the fans in America. After their descent into hating America and celebrating Black Lives Matter the NBA has lost more than half of it's viewership. From being apologists for China's slave trade to calling for cops to be murdered like Lebron did they have lost a huge portion of their former fans.

As you might know I used to be a big basketball fan. I bought season tickets to the Knicks when Patrick Ewing was drafted by the Knicks. I spent many years going to two to four games a week. It was a lot of money and a lot of commitment. Now I wouldn't go if you paid me. Like football and now even baseball they have lost me forever. I just hope that they lose their TV deals and take a financial hit. I don't know if that will happen since the TV executives are as woke as anyone but can they justify it to their shareholders?

Trooper York's Word of the Day



  • a lump of phlegm or spittle.
"he sounds like he's trying to hawk up a loogie"

  • a German weapon made of spit used in World War 2

Sunday, May 16, 2021

Saturday, May 15, 2021

Parabellum, Molon Labe, and 2nd Amendment Sanctuaries

I spent the weekend turkey hunting with my son, my nephew, my brother, and his friend. This was the first time I'd been hunting in about 45 years. The last time was shortly after my dad gave me a .22 caliber rifle because, well, that's just what fathers in Wisconsin did back then. Rite-of-passage and all that. I went squirrel hunting with a best friend, we each shot a squirrel, and I felt terrible. So I put the gun away. Now I came from a gun-toting heritage as I explained in part back here

We didn't get anything both mornings, even though we could hear toms gobbling. So no animals were hurt. We did get to shoot some cool hand guns because my brother's friend is a collector. He brought along a 9mm German Luger and a .45 caliber 1911 Browning service pistol. Both weapons have storied histories on two sides of major twentieth century conflicts. The Luger especially intrigued me:

The 9 mm weapon first appeared in 1908 and was called the Parabellum Pistole. "Parabellum" is Latin for "prepare for war." What an understatement in 1908. I particularly liked the stamped engravings; the word "beladen" (loaded) appears when a round is chambered:

The word "gesichert" is revealed when the firing pin is safetied:

Of course we had many discussions of gun laws and the intentions of the Biden Administration and nascent Harris Administration. The locals are not convinced that the Fed's intentions are kosher. Universal gun registration followed by gun confiscation IS the ultimate goal. How do I know this? I know too many Dems on board with the notion that all guns are icky and need to be rounded up and destroyed, just like in the rest of the Anglosphere. Funny, nobody ever mentions Switzerland. The other side's attitude is best summed up by the defiant Greek expression μολὼν λαβέ (come and get them) first uttered in 480 BC.

There is another movement brewing called "2nd Amendment Sanctuaries."  The usual suspects in the media are calling this movement anti-common sense. That's a bit rich coming from the side that backed and continues to back Sanctuary Cities. I say turn about is fair play. 

Why you can’t trust the CDC...look what they did with the last big health crisis!

Friday, May 14, 2021

Warning, Will Robinson!

I'm getting a big red screen when I try to surf to Levity and Surber on Chrome. Something in Gargoyle's Safe Browsing, they say.

That, or Dr Goebbels knows where we live.

If you get said red screen, click the Details button and you can be taken to this den of iniquity forthwith.

I forget who it was 5 years ago when I was getting all wound up over Trump being accused of everything under the sun and people (Troop or Sixty, I think) saying, "Hey, we're just a little corner of the Blogosphere. We really don't matter". Could be we do.

Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to getcha.


UPDATE, Will Robinson.

Turns out it was a "mistake" by Blogger.

That, or a test run.


Not for any particular reason.

Just because!

Trooper York's Word of the Day



  1. harmful to health.
    "an unhealthy diet"