Thursday, September 30, 2021

Go down to Columbia Street for Grandma Jamesy


When I was a little kid I didn't just run around in the street and play stickball and scully. I had to do chores. Throw out the garbage. Go to the stores. I went all over the place even when I was in the second grade. When I was old enough to cross the street I was sent on errands all the time. My grandmother especially sent me out shopping. Why not when she was supposed to be in the second grade she was already working in a shirt making factory. So she didn't take any bullshit.

She would send me to Columbia Street where the push carts were. They had a bunch of stuff that came from the docks. Legal and otherwise. I had particular people I had to patronize. Friends of my uncles who made sure I didn't get ripped off.

I miss those days. Now I go to Stop and Shop.

Men are talking here

Many Saints of Newark comes out tomorrow.

I am going to watch it as soon as it comes out. Can't wait!

Is the Governor of South Dakota a Stupid Whore or what?


The excellent political website American Greatness has posted an article that alleges that the popular conservative Republican governor of South Dakota Kristi Noem is having an affair with noted half a retard Corey Lewandowski. You remember Corey right? He was the former Trump campaign manager who got in trouble for pushing some bint on the campaign trial. He is a political operative and was on tour with governor as she tries to burnish her credentials if the big guy decides not to run or if the VP slot is being set aside for affirmative action for a minority or woman. 

Now I don't think it is fair to dog her because she is an attractive woman in politics. It happens all the time. So a lot of it is misogyny which is normally fine with me because I am a dyed in the wool misogynist. But still that's not a reason to destroy her career. We need to destroy her career because she is a phony populist. She proved that with her response to that trans gender bill in South Dakota. She blew it there so to speak. So if she is blowing Corey it is just icing on the twat so to speak. 

We need to clear the field if the big guy opts out. Ron Desantis and Josh Hawley and even Frank Sinatra Jr....err I mean Don Trump Jr are the way to go. Not some mid west governor who is only on TV because she doesn't look like a dog. She is a creation of the media and needs to go away. Anybody that fucks Corey has forfeited serious consideration of serious people. There are men talking here.

The worst scene ever in the history of television

I think about this scene all the time. To me it is the essence of government. It is what government does. It is a small step from mask mandates and vaccination passports to the burning of daughters for "the greater good."

I can see Biden and Schumer and AOC and Liz Chaney and Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy doing this. Australia is a canary in the coal mine. Our liberty is at risk. Our Constitution is on the fire just as this poor little girl is in this harrowing horror scene. And we turn and walk away like the soldiers in this scene. We avert our eyes. 

It gnaws at me.

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

When I'm Sixty Four

It sucks but it beats the alternative.

Sunday, September 26, 2021

September at Long Beach

 Scenes from a September visit to the beach!

It’s still warm enough to go to the beach!

Saturday, September 25, 2021

Buck Fiden's really, really, really, superbad, doubleplusungood week

Idiot has been really taking it on the chin. Blacks whipping blacks on horseback, AZ audit showing the state was stolen, Fake News polls showing him even deeper underwater than Chlamydia, his UN debut turning out as expected.

But, if I were to pick the absolute worst thing right now, it would be the released "insurrection" videos. You know, the ones the show people just milling around.

Kinda kills the image Pelosi Galore wanted. Also tends to put Michael Byrd, fall guy that he is, in a very bad spot in terms of criminal matters. Not the hero he said he was.

Kinda gives Uncle Joe Stalin's favorite word, purge, a glow and patina it didn't ever have.

AZ has already given a lot of states and interest in an audit. Stop The Steal is still trying to litigate. This could put some vigorish in them.

Stay tuned.

New podcast up!

 Ou newest podcast is up in which we tell stories about all of the celebrities we have met over the years.

You can get it on Spotify:

Let me know what youse guys think?

Thursday, September 23, 2021

I got your rice bowl right here!

I have made three out of four of these recipes and they came out great!

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

You want to share my rice bowl!

You just have to put out!

The People are Revolting

Clueless Joe is just finding that out! The Fuck!

Sunday, September 19, 2021

Saturday, September 18, 2021

What the fake news doesn’t show you!

 Finally the commie cunt tells the truth!

Thursday, September 16, 2021

Buck Fiden

Strange as it may seem, I do believe we're winning. "You must be joking", you say.

"Not hardly", says I.

"How can you say that?", you ask.

"Easy",  says I.

First, of course, there's the chant, the dance sensation that's sweeping the nation. When was the last time a line just swept the country, young and old alike? Maybe, "U-S-A". This is the sort of thing that unites people. It's not a fad. Fads are manufactured. This has just come unbidden from the people.

Second, even the Fake News polls have Idiot not just underwater, but underground in approval. 38%? This guy was put in office by 80 million people, they say, and yet here he is, hated after only 8 months. His tough guy act seemed like it cowed the hecklers, but trying to push an unpopular (and dangerous) vaccine on the country by telling us he was losing his patience went over like a lead balloon.

Then there's all his policy disasters, A-stan, infrastructure, inflation, illegals, and Flu Manchu masks. Nothing is to the public's taste and the arrogance of the Deep State in trying to push this on a free people makes for a dangerous situation. Newsom may have had his recall in the bag, but throwing in the usual vote fraud just because he could tells people all the talk that '22 and '24 will make everything right is so much hot air.

There's going to be a march Saturday to protest the treatment of people arrested for the "insurrection", as the Ice Cream Queen calls it. Does anyone else think her way anymore, if they ever did? They're talking, but the people aren't listening, so anybody gets shot or thrown down a flight of stars after being beaten by one of the SA, like Rosanne Boyland, and it's on them this time.

Follow this with the country's contempt for Milley's unmistakable act of treason. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs. Marshall must be spinning. And all the other people who were supposed to protect us, judges, police, election officials, aren't. And we know it.

And we don't like it.

The real reason, however, that I think  we're doing better than it seems is the people paying the freight, the boys in the Forbidden City, are sinking by the bow. The real estate crash long predicted looks like it's just around the corner. There's massive unemployment over there because the kids see no point in working. Countries, and companies, are getting out of there as fast as they can. Everybody's wondering if Three Gorges dam will survive. Evergrande, the biggest real estate firm in Red China, has the same kinds of problems Lehman Brothers had.

Only lots worse.

Without Red Chinese money, the whole thing collapses.

The irony here is the Chinese people may end up saving us.

And Trump is sending out those mean tweets again.

People are standing up to school boards and petty officials. This is how it starts.

Grass roots.

All the world over, so easy to see
People everywhere just wanna be free

Seven Days in January


"So General let me get this straight. You informed the head of the army of Communist China that you would warn him if America was going to attack. Is this correct?"

"Yes it is. I had to put my judgment above that of the duly elected political leadership because I did not agree with him."

"Don't you think you should resign for violating your oath as an office in our military/"

"Not at all. I am a hero. I am a hero to the Democratic Party and the news media. That is all that counts. Oh and stopping racist white people from dominating the military. Plus being nice to transsexuals' and other deviants."

"All I can say is that this country has come a long way since 1945. It is all downhill."

Something even Mets and Yankee fans can agree on!

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

It seems like so long ago......and far away

RIP Norm.

OJ did it.

But that seems like a century ago.

Saturday, September 11, 2021

THE MANY SAINTS OF NEWARK ......coming soon....get ready

I took Uber this week.

 I was “Crying.”

Never forget?


As I sit here listening to the reading of the names of the victims of 911 I am reminded of how far we have fallen. 

My wife said to me that she remembered how united we were after 911 and I had to correct her. We weren't united. It was a false unity especially with the liberals and the Democrats.

For the months before 911 the precursor to Black Lives Matters were protesting every day in front of police headquarters. Led by Al Sharpton and David Dinkins liberal cunts like Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins and Jane Fonda were arrested every day protesting a police shooting. I think it was Sean Bell who was shot outside a strip club by an anticrime unit. Every day they protested the police and the rule of law. Then 911 happened. They had a big fund raiser at Madison Square Garden to honor the first responders and bunch of these liberal cocksuckers tried to go on stage to "honor" the first responders. They were booed off the stage. They didn't care about the cops and the fireman. They only cared about their liberal policies and controlling the populace who by and large rejected their insane woke ideas at that time.

From that day to this everything has gotten worse. Animals protest and loot in the streets and demand we defund the police and not arrest shoplifters and thieves. Soros district attorneys free criminals and end bail proceedings. Liberal censors ban tweets and posts by conservatives or basically anyone who disagrees with their corrupts and degenerate policies. The senile piece of shit in the White House goes on TV and demands everyone get vaccinated or else. Churches and small businesses were shut down by the government where you could get arrested for going to Church. '

How has it come to this?

Do you remember the days after 911? The burst of patriotism and the desire to protect our homeland. The tragedy of 911 was horrible for the families of the victims. I knew several of them. It destroyed the FDNY. We should never forget. But sometimes it feels like the Alamo and Pearl Harbor it is fading in our memories. 

Can we honor the memories of the dead by destroying our enemies? Not the ones in Afghanistan. The ones at home. The ones who are ultimately responsible for the failure of our society.

Make America Great Again. Put America First. End the domination of the liberals and the Democrats or we will truly be lost.

Friday, September 10, 2021

Revolt in the ranks?


I have just spent one-hour-and-a-half
handicapping tomorrow's
when am I going to get at the poems?
well, they'll just have to wait
they'll have to warm their feet in the
where they'll sit gossiping about
"this Chinaski, doesn't he realize that
without us he would have long ago
gone mad, been dead?"
"he knows, but he thinks he can keep
us at his beck and call!"
"he's an ingrate!"
"let's give him writer's block!"
"yeah!& quot;
the little poems kick up their heels
and laugh.
then the biggest one gets up and
walks toward the door.
"hey, where are you going?" he is
"somewhere where I am
then, he
and the others

Charles Bukowski

Everybody eats and it's gluten free


We found ourselves in Brooklyn going to a wake and we had to find somewhere to get some gluten free food Not only for the wife but for our niece who we have just found out has celiac disease. So we decided to visit a little store on Third Avenue called "Everybody Eats." 

It is run by this dude Pedro who bakes up a bunch of gluten and dairy free bread and cakes. I have to tell you that his stuff is the best gluten free stuff I have ever tasted. It is a simple place right off the Avenue You walk up a dilapidated stoop to a filthy foyer. On one side is the kitchen where he bakes and on the other is the office. We bought two of everything and had a great visit.

If you ever need to get gluten free stuff order from him. You will not be disappointed. 

Thursday, September 9, 2021

Meghan McCain has a new job

Meghan McCain may have left The View, but that doesn't mean the conservative TV personality isn't hard at work. On Thursday, McCain, 36, announced that she has taken a job as a columnist for 

"It’s a privilege to join the team as a columnist. I’ve been an avid reader of the website for many years and have been impressed by its global influence and reach. It truly is a juggernaut," the daughter of the late Sen. John McCain said in a statement. "I’ve always respected the way tackles issues across the entire political spectrum and I’m looking forward to sharing my own opinions without fear or favor on the important issues that matter to our readers across the globe."

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

He was a good man

The Great Game


Unto whose use the pregnant suns are poised,
With idiot moons and stars retracting stars?
Creep thou between -- thy coming's all unnoised.
Heaven hath her high, as Earth her baser, wars.
Heir to these tumults, this affright, that fray
(By Adam's, fathers', own, sin bound alway);
Peer up, draw out thy horoscope and say
Which planet mends thy threadbare fate, or mars

(Kim by Rudyard Kipling)

There really is a man with a gun over there

Saw this piece on Strategy Page, which is pretty good IMHO, and it makes several points to which I've alluded as how what we're told by Fake News and Fake Government is not the situation on the ground at all. The piece itself is a somewhat long read which I urge anyone interested to read completely, but another point of view if the smoke and mirrors we see doesn't ring true

Despite a growing number of inaccurate claims of victory against the resistance, the opposition is often public, with daily cell phone videos of anti-Taliban and anti-Pakistan demonstrations still taking place in major cities. If this was mentioned anywhere but Gateway, I missed it. There was a large women's protest Sunday with many of the participants held in a parking garage (just the way Pelosi Galore treats the soldiers who came to put down the "insurrection"). This is that doing things against their best interests that FICUS said they wouldn't do.

There's also a civil war within the Taliban (anybody hear about that from Lester Holt?). By 2017 it was obvious to the Pakistanis that about half the Taliban leaders in Afghanistan were anti-Pakistan and most of them acted on their hatred of Pakistani efforts to manipulate and control Afghanistan. The fighting lasted a few years and ended in a ceasefire, not a reconciliation.

Pakistan installed trusted Afghans (mainly from the Haqqani Network) to run the Taliban with some neutral Taliban clerics as replacements for Mullah Omar. Now Pakistan is being reminded that many, if not most, Afghan based Taliban leaders oppose Pakistan loyalists being part of the new Taliban government. The Taliban do still need Pakistan and China, which exerts enormous economic and political power in Pakistan. China is offering the same arrangement to the Taliban government and most Taliban oppose being in the pay of the Chinese. Up until now China had accepted Pakistani assurances that Pakistan would continue to control the Taliban leadership when the Taliban had defeated the elected government.

We tend to think of the country as it was in the days of Alexander. And that's very inaccurate. Another factor is that Afghanistan is a much different place than it was in 2001. There are now 32.9 million Afghans, an increase of 57 percent. One of the more obvious examples of this is the national capital; Kabul. In 2001 it had a population of half a million but twenty years later that has increased ten times to five million. Despite the population growth, over two-thirds of the population still lives in the countryside.

GDP has grown continuously since 2001 with average family income increasing noticeably each year until 2020 when GDP declined 5 percent because of covid19

So there is a base for resistance more than before, which brings up another point.

In 2001, when the Americans intervened, they did so to assist the NA (Northern Alliance), which was largely Afghan Tajiks and Uzbeks and still holding out in the north on September 11, 2001. While Pushtuns, mainly in the south, are 40 percent of the population, Tajiks are 24 percent, Hazara ten percent, Uzbek 9 percent and various other non-Pushtun minorities in the north comprise a majority of Afghans.. So we have a ball game much unlike the last time. 

Some may not like Lindsey Graham's statement that we may go back there if terrorism rears its ugly head again, but leaving so precipitously has left a bad taste not only in most Americans' mouths, but the worlds. Another 9/11 or something worse the likes of Team America's 9/11 times 10,000 might not be avoidable.

What a field day for the heat

A thousand people in the street 

Singing songs and they carrying signs

Mostly say, "Hooray for our side"

Stay safe

Monday, September 6, 2021

On Labors of Love and Grapes of Wonder (Part 2)

 A month ago, on Aug 5, I happened upon a post at American Digest that brought me up short.  At that time the Olympics were about to wrap, Delta-V was the focus of the day, and “Who gives a cluck?” was going on at Levity. The folly behind the Afghanistan debacle was yet to be revealed. Grape thoughts had already started to loosely roll around in my mind.  What caught my eye and attention that day was an arresting painting by Conor Walton of a young child holding a key, with a link to an essay about it posted under the heading: “Noted in Passing: Conor Walton: ‘The Key’”  

As the essay explained, the child portrayed was the artist’s son who’d undergone a bone marrow transplant to survive leukemia.  Following the link opened the door to Walton’s website, where I found among his paintings a grouping entitled, “Bunch of Grapes”  Beyond the interest of finding grapes as subject matter and seeing before my eyes what I’d been thinking about and picturing from another perspective, what I appreciated most about the grape link was the way his description of process paralleled my own experience with painting and life.

The canvas and cluster are placed side-by side so that I can apprehend both in the same glance.  Painting at arm’s length with long-handled brushes, I quickly flesh out the form of the cluster, trying to get the painting to match real grapes in overall visual effect. 

There is a moment, maybe ten or fifteen strokes in, where the little painting has the potential to be something marvelous, a miracle of atmosphere, economy and truth.  There usually follows a prolonged panic as I struggle to advance the painting without undermining that early promise, and I have to hope that the god of painting will lead me not into a floundering mess but deliver instead a sublime improvisation--a glorious ‘accident’.  In the end there are quite a few messes (though you’ll never see the worst of those), and none fulfil their early promise, but occasionally something happens that’s still a positive surprise--to me at least.  How did that happen?  Can I do it again?  I’ll have to try.”   Conor Walton, 2009

All of which made me wonder:  In the presence of prolonged panic, life gone seemingly awry,  real clusters observed and endured, and a political and social scene on the verge of becoming a floundering mess, what positive surprises have I recently experienced?

Coming across this artist and affirmation filled the bill as one positive surprise.  Another arrived soon after in a poem found in a book by Wendell Berry that I’d left on the shelf for years before a friend’s mention of him invited another look.  

In the world forever one
With the informing Love
That gives its life to time

In the day of alchemy
Come round at last, transmuting
Corruption to pollution

Transmuting lies to blindness
And light to dark, the known
Destroyed in our unknowing

Under the sun that shines
Beyond evil and good
The goldeneye alights

On the cold river.  Grace
Unasked, merely allowed
Gleams round him on the water. 

 Wendell Berry 

There are days when it’s hard for me to believe informing Love and Grace unasked are present round me.  Yet there’s also times when they show up in unusual and surprising ways, as real as grapes of one kind or another.   

Sunday, September 5, 2021

FWIW, I Once Saw A Buffalo Springfield

Well not the Buffalo Springfield.  I did see an old Buffalo-Springfield steamroller years ago at the Antique Gas & Steam Engine Museum in Vista CA:

The parade MC said that the Buffalo-Springfield was one of just a few remaining working examples of something once so commonplace that it gave rise to a verb: "to steamroll".

And the band really did take their name from that machine. So there's this:

That's Neil Young plucking those harmonic pings in the background.

Friday, September 3, 2021

There's something happenin' here

And I have no idea what it really is.

Everybody's heard how the Justices put a stake through the heart of abortion in TX. The law bans abortions after about six weeks of pregnancy – a time when many people do not yet know they are pregnant – and allows private citizens to sue anyone who helps a patient get an abortion. What's fascinating is that, though Roberts remained true to form, Trump's picks all came through.

Demos are panicking that a full-on rejection of Roe may be in store next June. That would be a ruling on the order of Brown v Board of Ed if it happens and a major rejection of Demo agitprop.

A week ago, they blocked the administration from enforcing the latest federal moratorium on evictions and  rejected the administration’s plea for a reprieve from a district-court order requiring it to reinstate a Trump-era program known as the “remain in Mexico” policy. Both were 6-3.

This is the Court we thought we had. Why now?

Did A-stan make it safe to buck the Demos?

Is that revolution over the lockdown and CRT and a lot of other things making itself heard?

Even worse, is Trump planning a return?

As I say, think Fall is going to be fun.

PS A follow-up to the piece on Red China. You may or may not think that vid is a big deal, but here's a follow-up quoting the party daily essentially stating a return to the Cultural Revolution. I can't go with everything he says, he may be going a tad overboard in some of what he says, but he quotes the piece and it sounds like the Reds really may be contemplating war against the West.

Gonna keep my ear to the ground on this. And watch what the Lefties do. This, if true, is big stuff.

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

We've heard this song before

OK, I surf YouTube every now and again (bad, bad, bad, right?) and I look at the vids about Red China simply because I want to have a grip on how things are going over there. Granted YT is part of the enemy and does a lot of censoring, but, if even half the stories coming out of there are true, ol' Shih is in a heap of trouble.

I could rattle on for hours (no, anything but THAT!) about the water situation, how big a finance bubble they have, kids that won't work, buildings, roads, bridges, and dams all collapsing due to lousy construction, and lots of other stuff, but this vid caught my ear for one reason.

Apparently, teachers of foreign languages over there are losing their jobs.

What does that have to do with me, you ask?

Because the boys in the Forbidden City want to block out Western influence. Right now, what's being taught in schools is the Shih Jin-ping school of socialism. This is why companies are bailing on the Reds there as much as they are here.

China's tried this before. The Boxer Rebellion and all of Mao's Commie daydreams. Neither worked out too swell. 

If the Reds are turning in on themselves once again, what happens here? Doubtless, all the Demos expected the Reds to bail them out if the country turns into Venezuela due to their enlightened leadership. Now that may be coming to an end.

Life is about to get very interesting, I think.

PS This really has turned into a fun summer. The Fall should be good, also.

Can Trump out these guys into showing their true selves or not?