Thursday, May 29, 2014


Lem's "Cozy w/ Power" post reminded me of Cozy Powell (1947-1998) so here you have "Going Down" from 1972 or thereabouts.


ricpic said...

Jazz is close to unbearable for most. Me too. But many think they "should" dig it. So they "groove" to the cacophony. Fools.

chickelit said...

Was 1972 a bad year for you, ricpic?

Sixty Grit said...

I get the sense he didn't make it through the piano intro - the piano player went through all the idioms he knew - jazz, boogie woogie, ragtime, and assorted other riffs, prior to the caca-phony of rock and or roll starting.

Reminds me why I never liked Jeff Beck, whether he used his first name or not.

Also, that singer is the worst Joe Cocker impersonator I ever saw.

ricpic said...

I didn't dip my wick once in '72, that's how bad it was.

chickelit said...

ricpic said...
I didn't dip my wick once in '72, that's how bad it was.

Dick whipped McGovern in '72.

Icepick said...

Steve Ballmer is trying to buy the Clippers for two BILLION dollars. Holy crap! That, folks, is the definition of stupid rich.

Two fucking billion dollars for the worst team in American professional sports since 1980. Amazing.

I'm still holding out hope that Donald Sterling takes this through the courts. Discovery would be hilarious. Sterling is already trying to get the Orlando Magic prised away from the Amway guy for not being down with the butt sex. Michael Jordan has a shady past, not that anyone cares to mention it. One of the other NBA owners is a Russian gangster, for Christ's sake. Discovery, sweet discovery, would be absolute NBA Armageddon. Whatever was left of the league afterwards would be a shambles.

Also, I'm disappointed that a self-described [you can't say that, white boy] didn't get to buy the team. Because Dr. Dre owning the team would be a whole other level of lunacy.

Chip Ahoy said...

It sounds better when accepted as a jam season, just fucking around idly especially influenced by alcohol, being silly with friends, letting their skills do what they may. Not as a serious recording that is downloaded and paid for and occupies space on one's iPod.

If you had friends and you spontaneously did that when together just for the fun of it while partying and wearing your platform shoes, I judge people by shoes, then the whole thing would be great. One or a few of the group is patting their hands on the table for percussion if not timpani.

Then my musically studied music-snob friends that tried so very hard to impress when we were teens and into our twenties would say, "No. You have it all wrong for you know not whereof you speak. If only you possessed rich music education as I do. Mother used to make me play piano for guests you should know, she said if I refused she'd take my Beatles albums away. Jazz is complex as classical. When you read music as I do then you see there really is structure, and it really is complex and splendid and complicated and it really is moving and genuinely emotionally evocative. It has meaning. Oh. You wouldn't understand. All my vast knowledge is wasted on the likes of you all."

And we'd go, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Loon.

Then back up our distain with ridicule. "Let me say that Jeff Beck is one the... no thee, well one of the best... no, the best... no one of the best, no thee best jazz musicians of all time. No one the best if not thee best, no THEE best jazz musician of all... no one of thee best jazz musicians of all time." As if trying to rate an array of jazz musicians in her/his mind on the spot, thinking and rating in real time and unable to conclude because they are all so wonderful. Because that's what our musician-snob friends did.

deborah said...

Ricpic is a square, four corners,
Easy pickins for me, the scorner.

Lem said...

Althouse "skipped all the way down."


Lem said...

Not as a serious recording that is downloaded and paid for and occupies space on one's iPod.

I never thought people would pay a monthly fee for music, but, apparently they are. And it has enough purchasing power to make Beats worth 2 billion.

Maybe Ballmer figures a similar scheme for the Clippers.

Guildofcannonballs said...