Monday, May 26, 2014

domestic abuse

Vive la différence.


Shouting Thomas said...

5 out of the 7 killed in Santa Barbara were males.

All the political BSing was about violence against women.

Men don't count.

Lem said...

I've seen men get hit and the reaction is different in that perhaps people feel that when a woman hits a man it doesn't hurt as much as when a man hits a woman... or something like that.

I'm just trying to explain what I'm seeing.

Lem said...

Further... the different reaction to when a men is hit may intimate that men deserve it... which is tantamount to some kind of unpublicized hitherto prejudice.

Did I just use the word 'hitherto'?

I guess I'm done for the day ;)

Lem said...

I recall a late night/early morning incident in the NYC subway where a woman and a men where arguing and slightly pushing one another in such a way that gave the impression there was a sexual undercurrent to their seeming quarrel.

Then again, maybe I was seeing what I wanted to see. upon further review. I was not at my best at the time, if you catch my meaning.

Eric the Fruit Bat said...

I stand firmly against the recent trend toward the feminization of domestic violence.

Dust Bunny Queen said...

Wouldn't this be public violence/abuse.

Domestic abuse/violence would be at home....the domicile.


I can't wait until we get over all of this men verus women bullcrap and just get back to being normal people, some of whom are assholes and some of whom are mean to others. Glorifying women or protected them "just" because they are women is nuts. Men get abused as well, but I guess like Shouting said. That doesn't count.

I haven't seen much in the way of physical woman on men abuse, but I have often seen emotional abuse. Some woman making fun of her husband in public, nagging, berating, yelling, belittling on and on and the point that even "I" want to hit her to shut her up.

Shouting Thomas said...


In my personal life, I'm completely uninvolved with the "men versus women bullcrap."

Has nothing to do with me. My girlfriend is an old fashioned Filipina who concerns herself almost entirely with making other people happy and making sure everybody is fed.

I have zero interest in fighting the war of the sexes because I like women and they like me. I'll BS about it on the web. That's about it.

Chip Ahoy said...

The video is pointing out that witnesses find it funny when the male is being pushed around.

And there is no way to intervene without making the male look even more the pussy.

Convincing acting, though.

Dust Bunny Queen said...

@ Shouting.

Me too. Discussing this video clip and my comment with my husband, he concurs. If we have anything to say to each other we discuss in private and not public. Actually, I can't remember the last time in our 20 years of marriage that we had any actual arguments, small disagreements sure, but real arguing. Physical abuse....not ever.

That passive aggressive bull that you year some women and men do in public is really annoying and uncomfortable to listen to. Making veiled jokes, belittling comments, insulting remarks that might sound like they are trying to be funny, but they are really jabs at the other person's psyche. They do it in public, because the 'victim' can't or won't respond.

What people do in private is one thing. I don't condone domestic violence or mental abuse and personally, wouldn't put up with it and I don't understand people who do put up with it.

rcocean said...

The obvious difference between the two situations. In the first, The women is the weaker party and is attempting to leave but can't, in the 2nd, the man could simply leave or try to restrain her, but stays and takes her abuse.

The point applies to Domestic Abuse in general, where the feeling is that the man can simply leave, while the wife is often "trapped" either through threats or fiscal dependence.

rcocean said...

And of course the "sisters" come to her defense, but no man helps him out.

Many Women will cooperate, most Men can only compete.

rhhardin said...

Being a guy, he can take it.

Women fall apart.