Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Google self-driving car

Google Maps is great. Just so. 


Chip Ahoy said...

At 128 colors the file is 1.2 M
at 64 colors the file is 811 KB
at 50 colors the file is 579 KB

The sacrifices made for efficiency.

deborah said...

My daughter just got a Windows 8 computer and hates it. I looked it up in wiki an found it's unpopular because it awkwardly combines touch screen with mouse and keyboard, with the endgame of Windows becoming an app store like Apple. China is boycotting it because of the withdrawal of support for Windows XP, and are also concerned about security issues.

"Peter Bright of Ars Technica wrote that while its user interface changes may overshadow them, Windows 8's improved performance, updated file manager, new storage functionality, expanded security features, and updated Task Manager were still positive improvements for the operating system. Bright also said that Windows 8's duality towards tablets and traditional PCs was an "extremely ambitious" aspect of the platform as well, but criticized Microsoft for emulating Apple's model of a closed distribution platform when implementing the Windows Store.[152]
The interface of Windows 8 has been the subject of mixed reaction. Bright wrote that its system of hot corners and edge swiping "wasn't very obvious" due to the lack of instructions provided by the operating system on the functions accessed through the user interface, even by the video tutorial added on the RTM release (which only instructed users to point at corners of the screen or swipe from its sides). Despite this "stumbling block", Bright said that Windows 8's interface worked well in some places, but began to feel incoherent when switching between the "Metro" and desktop environments, sometimes through inconsistent means.[152] Tom Warren of The Verge wrote that the new interface was "as stunning as it is surprising", contributing to an "incredibly personal" experience once it is customized by the user, but had a steep learning curve, and was awkward to use with a keyboard and mouse. He noted that while forcing all users to use the new touch-oriented interface was a risky move for Microsoft as a whole, it was necessary in order to push development of apps for the Windows Store.[149] Others, such as Adrian Kingsley-Hughes from ZDNet, considered the interface to be "clumsy and impractical" due to its inconsistent design (going as far as considering it "two operating systems [touch and mouse] unceremoniously bolted together"), and concluded that "Windows 8 wasn't born out of a need or demand; it was born out of a desire on Microsoft's part to exert its will on the PC industry and decide to shape it in a direction—touch and tablets -- that allows it to compete against, and remain relevant in the face of Apple's iPad."[153]"


Chip Ahoy said...

I have never used a mouse.

AllenS said...

I have a mouse that doesn't have a tail, I mean cord.

I miss Windows XP. It's taking a long time for me to figure out Windows 8. I'm not that impressed with it.

AllenS said...

Self-driving car has no steering wheel or brakes.

What could possibly go wrong?

Chip Ahoy said...

Google maps can get you there, and I suppose they can provide it sensors to avoid deer jumping out, children in the city jumping out, but you'll sit inside it stuck while it creeps around for a parking slot. I suppose it can communicate with other vehicles nearby, it just seems like a lot of frustration. Being stuck inside that train reminded me, once you are in it, you're captive until the vehicle gets things sorted. Like bait car.

deborah said...

It seems wrong to withdraw support for XP. Or am I wrong?

As far a Google maps directing a car, I'd hate to be in it during satellite failure or a sun flare or something. It also makes for some pretty sharp turns. I looove my GPS, but sometimes it tells you to turn just as you get to the turn. Then you miss it and must go around the corner. A driverless car seems like a pipe dream when it comes to avoiding sudden obstacles.

Karen of Texas said...

Many drivers are mostly crap at avoiding sudden obstacles, too, Deborah. ;) Sister-in-law's car has cruise control that you can set to 'sense' other cars in front of it and automatically keep a selected 1, 2 or 3 car distance. Took a bit to get used to letting the car basically brake for you on the highway. Control freak here. Also, if you try to change lanes, if you signal, the car senses if you have enough room to safely do so. Will 'fight' you via a sluggish steering wheel and flashes a yellow light on rearview mirror as a warning to double check. Blind spot spotter for sure. Would still let you change if you decided the idjit coming up in the left lane going 90 needed to slow down. :)

Karen of Texas said...

But I'm with Allen. What could go wrong? And I'll keep my XP OS even with no support, tyvm MicroAssoft.

Dust Bunny Queen said...

I don't want a touch screen. I don't want to buy "Aps". I have a gaming computer for games. I don't ever plan to use a tablet or "Metro" environment. I'm not all that interested in an "incredibly personal" experience on my computer. (Not that I can't do it. I'm just not interested) I have a hard enough time just walking my husband through how to copy and paste in Word or how to delete old documents from the Recycle Bin. I dread dread dread it when he gets a new laptop to replace his old one. I'll be tearing my hair out and it WILL be frustrating for both of us.

Google Maps are a joke if you are not in a city. In our area if you want to leave or arrive, it doesn't matter WHAT address you put it, you either live at or want to arrive at a small church in the middle of our rather large valley.

Even in a smaller town it is stupid. The last time I used one to get to a County Building in the County seat, it sent me through some back alleys and onto dirt roads along side some agricultural fields. Instead of taking a bit longer route through paved streets. Sometimes the most direct way is not the best.

For the Cities. Cool and I use it all the time when in the Bay Area.

The EMP event is looking better and better all the time. /joking.

Paddy O said...

Deborah, get Start8 for your daughter. It's like $5 and makes all the difference. Returns the whole feel back to a Win7 style with added capability.

I have a Dell Win8 15" laptop and I really don't notice the differences anymore, except it tends to run better.

It's actually a touchscreen laptop, but I very rarely use the touchscreen. I forget it is touchable. Only really makes sense with the smaller convertible models.

Rabel said...

Deb, the update to 8.1 allows you to largely avoid the annoying Metro app crap and run a normal mouse driven desktop.

Dust Bunny Queen said...

This is good information. I will remember it when we get the new laptop.


Aridog said...

This post is proof I cannot write anything short and concise...even just to say thanks :(

Paddy O & Rabel...thank you for the information. I prefer Windows 7 Pro for business my case that is with Catholic Parish office business or US Army office business...both utilize Windows 7 Pro. Recently I had to assist my daughter in acquiring a PC in Win 7 Pro as well for her VPN work for the financial outfit where she works as a manager.

However I have a very good friend Judi & I bought a Win 8 machine for, allegedly latest and greatest, etc., at the the "Start 8" program will be helpful. Mostly he deals directly with the financial markets via IE11 or whatever it is for Win 8, but occasionally needs to deal with the rest of us on Win 7 Pro...including his own offices.

Next, I am "shopping" for another good friend for a laptop again in the latest crap for the best price for the application...e.g. not very complicated or resource intense. IMO an i3 Intel processor will be fine. Windows 8.1 Home sounds about right, based upon what Rabel has said...she's replacing an XP Pro PC with a new laptop....also she's a Yahoo customer which means A.) you must dance to Yahoo's tune or else, and B.) she's not as bright as she is pretty but married to a damn good guy, so what the heck? ;)

I am now comfortable with directly the young lady to a Win 8.1 machine and suggesting the Start 8 update for the other good friend.


Aridog said...

Karen of Texas...maybe you are separated at birth from my better half, who also insists she's sticking with Windows XP Pro, SP3 until they pry it from her cold dead hands. So far I've managed to keep it running happily, both home and office (Dell Precision 390 PC's) and double backed up (RAID 1, plus Acronis True Image to an external HDD) because no one wants to be anywhere near Ms Judi if her computer goes down. Really nasty.

Aridog said...

ON Topic...self driving cars are a pipe dream until (Godwin Alert) we are all Nazi's and forced to drive the same cars...e.g., ride in the same cars. In my neighborhood (mostly Arabic or Mexican just down the road) driving is a sport, literally. "Stop" = "Momentarily let up on the gas pedal and pause very briefly your iPhone conversation...then continue jabbering away and ACCELERATE!"

The Dude said...

Google is among the data collection arms of the NSA. Only goodness and sunshine will come from allowing the benevolent government to control our travel.

Amartel said...

If anyone has ever seen "Silicon Valley" there was a great episode a few weeks ago featuring the self-driving car which is supposed to be taking a passenger home but overwrites the original destination and reroutes to a shipping container which is being taken to the middle of the ocean.
Um, excuse me? Mr. Car?
It's a pretty accurate portrayal of the natives here.

The Dude said...

"Open the pod bay door, HAL."

deborah said...

I'm sorry, Dave, I can't do that.

Paddy and Rabel thanks for the info. I will pass it on to her.

Karen, some of those features do sound handy, though.

Bleach Drinkers Curing Coronavirus Together said...

Windows 8 is not the platform for a PC, AFAIK. It works awesome on Windows phones, which are massively under-rated (as far as market share goes). The camera features on Nokias surpass just about anything else and the apps Windows offers get better and better.

I had to replace my computer a year and a half ago and went with an Apple for the first time in 20 years.

As long as Apple retains competent engineers I'll continue to be fine with my current set-up for both computers and phones.

Whoever told Ballmer that Touch was going to be the go-to everything interface of the future was probably a bit too excited. In the late 2000s it was awesome to see what they envisioned in retail settings with "Surface", and probably figured combining that with the user interfaces of Minority Report made jettisoning the mouse inevitable. But people in their daily functions are not simply beta sites for science fiction.

Bleach Drinkers Curing Coronavirus Together said...

I saw the first Mike Judge Silicon Valley episode for free on YouTube and can't stand the fact that it's no longer available for that or subsequent episodes.

Enjoyed it much. But then, that's Mike Judge for you. Good thing he got some experience in that field as well for spoofing. Just what's needed in entertainment these days. We can't make fun of billionaires because right-wingers react convulsively to the premise. Nerdy computer-programming West Coast billionaires? That's fine.

deborah said...

I was talking to my computer guy about my broken laptop today and asked about Windows 8. He said it was excellent under the hood, but had a crap user interface, forcing users into touch. Similar to Paddy's recommendation, he said is a good way to get the start menu back.

Aridog said...

Deborah...use Windows 8.1 only...if you must use Windows 8 at resolves most of the I am told. I use Windows 7 Pro and will not move to 8 until I am dragged kicking and screaming to it.

An example of my retrograde mentality, I am at present, installing MS Acess 2003 on my Win 7 Pro PC (ignoring Access 2010) so I can by pass the nonsense (fixed stuff not broken) of Access 2010 and yee gawd 2013....which should bring most DB folks to tears....sometimes just leave shit works, why "improve" on it when the improvement requires dumb irrelevant shit?

And I still have a travel laptop (Dell Latitude 410) with XP Pro on it and will use it until it croaks.

Then I'll buy a tablet that lets me use FastStone Image Viewer for photographs.

Bleach Drinkers Curing Coronavirus Together said...

I just plain don't see a point for using any Windows OS on a computer. Not anymore.

On phones it works awesome.

Aridog said...

R & B .... the point of using Windows is compatibility in the vast majority of the working world of business and government. I use Win 7 Pro because of that reality. Work around software to make Mac PC's compatible are regressive to say the least. I adhere to the KISS principle when I an.

I will be trying your suggestion about smart phone and/or a tablet sooner than later...and for those it will be Windows 8.1 Pro if available for those applications. My XP Pro Dell Latitude 410 is long in tooth so to speak and the next step is a tablet with built in Verizon WWAN connectivity....for the places I visit (high mountains in the west) that's been the best carrier. Built in to the tablet it eliminates the need to carry a hot spot modem/router when you only need one connection.

I'd say you've sold me on a Windows smart phone rather than the iPhone my better half uses...her iPad is Verizon WWAN, but still Mac OS stuff...which doesn't suit me at all.

I used a MacIntosh first in 1984 or 85 in industrial applications controlling machines, similar to the HP and Compaq models of the day. Early "touch screen" version were out there, by HP first, and when adopted by the others it made control a hands on real time thing on a factory floor...on a battlefield at times.

I wanted a MacIntosh so bad it hurt in those days, due to its advanced features...but Apple refused to price a model actually aimed at ordinary consumers.

deborah said...

Ari, I've sent a message to my daughter about upgrading to Windows 8.1. But Paddy and my computer guy both recommend something (two different products) that will restore the start menu, in addition.

Aridog said...
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Aridog said...

I am no operating system expert...but everyone I've talked to says avoid Windows 8 and demand 8.1....or just stick with Windows 7 Pro, whihc I have done. I've also been told to avoid MS Office 2013 for a while...most of the desk top publishing houses can't/won't utilize the 2013 Office features. The small app that restores a "start menu" would be good as well.

Personally, I am running MS Office Pro 2010 and plan to install MS Access 97, 2000, or 2003 in place of the 2010 Access version. Too many things not broken were fixed...IMO. All I want is a simple ODBC funcitonaltiy that permits ananysis across multiple dissimilar databases. I do not need exotic "hidden" crap they keep adding on to the system.

deborah said...

Well, I can see that research needs to be done before jumping into something new. Good lesson. First my daughter got Vista, then 8 :(