Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tuesday Flower Afternoon

Full Bloom


Eric the Fruit Bat said...

Lovely photo.

We've gotten extremely good results from this product.

No black spot.

No powdery mildew.

No spraying.

No kidding.

Eric the Fruit Bat said...

"Gotten" is one of those words that seems like it shouldn't be a real word.

MamaM said...


Covers "gotten" along with the positive and forward effects of pest relief and health preservation.

Beautiful Roses, Lem. With the rest of the story told in the bud and seedpod (hip?) accompanying the full bloom.

Only thing missing from the picture is the long wait preceding this year's buds and blossoms, which set me up for celebrating the return of a Tuesday Flower Afternoon.

ricpic said...

The Rose is the Queen of flowers,
The Lion is the King of Beasts;
When Rose thorn pierces Lion paw:
Royal 'gainst Royal: Agonies.

chickelit said...

@Eric: Why not forsake got?

MamaM said...

Why not forsake got?

For got's sake, why?

As for the Lion and the Thorn:

Focus an oculus
On Mr. Androclus,
Attic Nights, and Apion's,
Tale of runaway slave,
Thorn, paw, and grateful King
At Circus Maximus
In front of Claudius.

All of which preceded
Inclusion of a mouse
The writing of a play
And showers of flowers.

Afterwards we used to see Androclus with the lion attached to a slender leash, making the rounds of the tabernae throughout the city; Androclus was given money, the lion was sprinkled with flowers, and everyone who met them anywhere exclaimed, "This is the lion, a man's friend; this is the man, a lion's doctor"

chickelit said...

For got's sake, why?

I for get...

...oh yeah: (see "other answers" at the link)