Tuesday, May 20, 2014


The younger (older?) Jeff Beck:

He's playing the Greek Theater this August: link  I'd like to go, but look at those prices!


Bleach Drinkers Curing Coronavirus Together said...

Penis penis penis!

(I just felt like saying that)

Lem said...

I have this song I like...

Girl From Mill Valley

Calypso Facto said...

Will there be a live album, ala Hot August Night from the same place??

Lem said...

The iTunes migration back to the hard drive is proceeding slowly.

The enthusiasm is not the same the second time around. I still want to do it, categorize every album and make sure they have the correct year.

Lem said...

I have to do the same with the tags here. Some tags are repeated with different letters, making them superfluous in that they take up the space that could used by another unrepeated tag.

a little house keeping.

Lem said...

no big deal

Lem said...

I see that fireplace post struck a chord.

Who knew, we have a bunch of pyromaniacs here ;)

Lem said...

That movie scene where the guitarist is having sound problems and out of frustration smashes the guitar. Imagine if a similar narrative started out the rock smash the guitar craze of the 70's.

One thing leads to another.

Along the lines of David Lee Roth M&M story. What started out as a way to get around the incertitude between a rock band and a cutting corners promoter developed into the riders singers ask for today. Or, it appears that way, I haven't goggled it. It's just my impression.

Lem said...


chickelit said...

That movie scene where the guitarist is having sound problems and out of frustration smashes the guitar.

Just an aside Lem:

The "guitarist" in that vdeo is the same as the one on the second. Did you notice that one video was in color and one was in black and white?

As for your observation. I don't really know if Pete Townshend starting smashing guitars on stage before 1966 when "Blow-Up" was made. I think he did. I recall reading a story about how it happened at an old club where The Who used to play very early on. There's some great video of that era (1964) that I posted here at Lem's link

So I think that the movie copied The Who.

Eric the Fruit Bat said...

(1) Not a very flattering appraisal of rock music going on there from Mr. Antonioni.

(2) The guy at the start of the movie fetishizes the airplane prop, laminated wood. Later on he scarfs up the guitar neck, laminated wood. A moment's thought and it's garbage.


(3) Pete Townsend was performing in a little venue where there was a very low ceiling above the stage. The band wasn't going over very well, and he was jumping around, trying to generate some excitment.

In doing so he put the peghead of his guitar through the ceiling and nobody noticed. He flew into an amphetamine-induced rage and the rest is history.

That's the story.