Friday, May 30, 2014


Two versions of that 1970 single exist -- the "Coca-Cola" version and the "cherry cola" version. From the liner notes in "The Kinks The Singles Collection" CD:
'We recorded that twice', Ray Davies reveals. 'When we did it the first time at Morgan Studios, it began with this repeated guitar motif. But when I listened back, I thought, "This sounds like a Top 10 hit, but not a No. 1". So I remembered an old trick -- find a hook in the song that isn't the melody, and repeat it. I used the three-chord guitar riff that was between the verses, and stuck it on the front.' The result was a No. 1 single, helped on its way by Ray's transatlantic flight to overdub the word "cherry-cola" in place of "Coca-Cola", which averted a BBC airplay ban. 


The Dude said...

You rock, CL.

"It's a mixed up, muddled up, shook up world" he sang, with a devilish grin.

Rock on, my avian brother. You made my evening.

Lem said...

Cherry Cola is very refreshing.

edutcher said...

As long as they don't use prune juice for the flavor

chickelit said...

Check out Mick Avory beginning at 1min 15 sec: Traditional grip -- old school.

deborah said...

Again, insightful trivia. Fascinating that Ray Davies knew that introducing a middle riff to the beginning would make the difference. And adding cherry cola. Brilliant. LOVE this song.