Thursday, May 22, 2014

Questlove Gomes: i think Paris Gray is brilliant

"A Georgia high school student’s clever use of the periodic table may cost her a seat at graduation."
The senior class vice president used the names of elements in her yearbook quote that when abbreviated to their atomic symbol spell out, “Back that ass up.”

“When the going gets tough just remember to Barium, Carbon, Potassium, Thorium, Astatine, Arsenic, Sulfur, Uranium, Phosphorus,” Paris Gray wrote.

“Basically, it was me just saying start all over again,” Gray told WSBTV. “You have to go back and start all over.”

Gray’s mother, Zarinah Woods, thought the quote was funny.

“My first reaction was, ‘You are such a nerd,’” she said.


edutcher said...

If it's stupid, but it works, it's not stupid.

Lem said...

Is that video on auto-play?

I can take it down if it is.

sakredkow said...

It's on autoplay.

Lem said...

Flash Auto-play can be disabled... if you are so technically inclined.

You can Google it, there is a step by step video.

Amartel said...

She's adorable!

sakredkow said...

Great quote from her mom. What a contrast to the self-important Barney Fife of a vice principal who had to make this a felony offense.

Well, maybe he needs some forgiveness and compassion, too.

ricpic said...

I wasn't a gang banger or a drug user and no one ever called me an inspiration! The only thing I ever heard was "Why didn't you get an A?" when I brought home a B. It's enough to make me think my parents may have abused me!

edutcher said...

Do you need the Flash player to do it?

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

I thought it was funny and certainly not something to punish her for (other than perhaps a very mild rebuke).

chickelit said...

Gimme a fluorine!
Gimme a uranium!
Gimme a carbon!
Gimme a potassium!

What's that spell?
What's that spell?
What's that spell?*

*Most likely some KF, some UF6, and some CF4, given fluorine's hyper-reactivity.

Rabel said...

Lem follows Questlove Gomez?

Lem said...

Is that a bomb?

chickelit said...

No Lem. It's a chant. Like the Fish Cheer. You must have that on iTunes.

Amartel said...

It's spelled ?uestlove.
Because ?uestlove is better than the alphabet. And you. And me. He's on a ?uest for love. (Maybe.) And is not going to be bound by the patriarchal racist normatizing (it's a word ... esque noise) restrictions of the alphabet.
Ya raaaaacist.

Lem said...

no but i do have Tom Waits

Town With No Cheer

Synova said...

She is adorable. She'll do great. Right now it matters a whole lot, because when you're in high school, especially if you're a good student, it's your whole world.

I remember my high school graduation and some of the guys (yes, the guys) who cried and I'm all... whaa??? Who does that?

But I did care if I was skipped over for no reason or punished in an arbitrary or capricious way... but in the end, that's all High School was.

Chip Ahoy said...

I read that as Lovequest Gnomes and thought it was about the garden gnome with another statue inside. A joke gnome that gets passed back and forth, the woman dropped it, yeah right, and discovered a production accident.

Titus said...

she has huge tits.