Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Video: What Your Fridge Says About You


Amartel said...

"Close the damn door, food desert dweller."
That's what my fridge says about me.

Eric the Fruit Bat said...

Made it to 50 seconds.

Narrator voice.

That is all.

Narrator voice.

Trooper York said...

I don't know Lem.

Your fridge only has plantains and Crisco.

What does that say about you?

Trooper York said...

On the other hand we know what is in your freezer.

Guildofcannonballs said...

My fridge says "fuck you" to me, so I can't reckon what it says about me.

Guildofcannonballs said...

How about: "What your beverage fridge in the garage and kegorator in the basement say about you."


"What your walk-in freezer says about you."

"Here's what a walk-in, temperature and humidity controlled (naturally) 1000 bottle wine cellar says about you."

"In your 7th plaza, visited one time in 1987, employing 38 person year-round staff with a monthly upkeep cost approaching some seven figures, certain things about the way you remember your forgotten possession say something... about you."

Rabel said...

I could use some advice.

My favorite Tupperware container is in the back of the fridge. It has been there - a while. It contains whatever beets turn into after nature has had an extended time to work its magic.

So should I just throw away the whole shebang and sacrifice my favorite piece of plastic or should I open it and try to clean it up while risking an environmental catastrophe? I just can't seem to make the call.

In a related note, it's amazing what a cucumber does when left untended in the rear of the vegetable drawer. You might think it would just dry out, but instead it turns into a - well, use your imagination.

Chip Ahoy said...

My biological father liked those chocolate pudding cups too. Bought them by the dozen.

They're disappointingly small.

That's another thing that is easy to make, even without a box of Jell-O pudding with instructions. You add milk to a sack of power. So what's in the powder? Sugar, cocoa, salt, cornstarch, with two other chemical thickeners. Those clever chemists, they have the thickness thing nailed.

What's in real Pudding? It's a custard. Milk, egg, sugar, cocoa, vanilla, cornstarch (optional for thickening assurance)

Use your imagination, a touch of almond extract, chile, cinnamon, coffee, what have you.

Make six cups, cover with cling film, boom, fridge full of pudding.

I like it warm with cold milk poured over for that hot/cold thing going on. In fact, I can make some right now!

I feel sorry for those refrigerators. They got no door storage.

XRay said...

Sorry, Lem. But that video was a waste of 3+ minutes of my short time on earth. Not that I haven't wasted more on even less, in the past, or hell, the present, but as one gets older the minutes mean even more. No one here old enough to appreciate that perspective, but you'll learn, puppies.