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Be good Johnny (Open Thread)


"The song is written from the viewpoint of a 9-year-old boy who is constantly being told to be good, but prefers to daydream rather than concentrate in class or play sports. Johnny feels like he understands some of his instructions, but also that he is completely misunderstood by the adult world. The lead singer, Colin Hay, uses his voice in different ways throughout the song to imitate Johnny, Johnny's mother and father, and his teacher. The song also features spoken dialog by keyboardist Greg Ham as he tries to figure out what Johnny is like. The title of the song is a reference to Johnny B. Goode."

Looks Like Rand Paul is Listening

deborah said...
"Okay, I'm sorry, I can't handle his hair. It's weird. He needs a serious make-over."

I believe April Apple said something similar, about Rand Paul's hair, too, but I cant find it.

Contrition like this is hard to fake, I think

[Update: Mitt Romney accepts apology; asks to move on]

"the Stork Club: Old-School Nightclub Hand Signals Explained"

"Manhattan’s Stork Club, one of the most famous watering holes in the long history of American nightclubbing, was — from its opening in 1929 to its demise in 1965 — the place to see and be seen in the Big Apple. The slick, sexy, smoky creation of a native Oklahoman and ex-bootlegger named Sherman Billingsley, the Stork was, in the words of legendary (and notoriously Red-baiting) gossip columnist and radio loudmouth Walter Winchell, “New York’s New Yorkiest” joint."

"While a hands-on kind of guy, Billingley was also just downright handy — as in, secret hand signals sent to his staff when sitting with customers. The trick? The signals had to be discreet enough so the customers wouldn’t catch on, and clear enough, amid the din produced by a well-oiled crowd, that the staff wouldn’t screw it up."

"Not important people," or, "No need to pay attention to these folks."
"Here, looks back at the Stork Club in its heyday and, specifically, at some of Billingsley’s most frequently employed creative gesticulations."

Bright and airy, one annoying feature

This little house is very well done. I especially like how the cabinets are recessed into the walls. What do you think of it?

"Obamacare site can’t handle it when you have a baby"

"There’s another quirk in the Obama administration’s new health insurance system: It lacks a way for consumers to quickly and easily update their coverage for the birth of a baby and other common life changes.
With regular private insurance, parents just notify the health plan. Insurers will still cover new babies, the administration says, but parents will also have to contact the government at some point later on.
Mean cold hearted Republicans have added ObamaCare to their war on women arsenal? Unbelievable ;)
It’s not just having a new baby that could create bureaucratic hassles, but other life changes affecting a consumer’s taxpayer-subsidized premiums. The list includes marriage and divorce, a death in the family, a new job or a change in income, even moving to a different community.

Such changes affect financial assistance available under the law, so the government has to be brought into the loop.
It turns out Speaker Boehner was right when he said 'ObamaCare was not ready for prime time'. Now, we are also finding out, the laws rosy behavior cost savings assumptions are also less than accurate. People with Medicaid increased their use of both, primary care and costlier emergency room services.

Morrissy sees no difference between eating animals and pedophilia

But don't ask me what I think of you, I might not give the answer that you want me to. Duh doodle duh doodle duh do dum dee dum.

Now when I talked to God I knew he'd understand
Said, "Listen to something great by the Smiths without that man."
Duh doodle duh doodle duh do dum dee dum.
Duh doodle duh doodle duh do so I did

I have the Smiths but I do not have this, the Draize Train. Wow. I'm downloading it. It's like real instruments! They really get going there.

The independent reporting on a Q&IA on Morrissy's fan site.



tejo: alcohol and explosives

Don't you think you could throw the tejo puck overhand? Saw this on t.v. tonight. Looks like fun and now I want to go to Colombia.

Friday, January 3, 2014

'Breaking Bad' Contest Winner Breaks Bad... (allegedly)

"There's been a drug arrest connected to "Breaking Bad" ... and the culprit was as bold and prolific as Walter White himself."
Jesse Pinkman look-alike Ryan Lee Carroll was popped Wednesday after cops found a shocking 79,000 packets of synthetic pot ... with a street value of $1.25 mil.

As for the "Breaking Bad" connection ... Carroll is the dude who won the ultimate fan prize -- hanging with the cast during the series finale at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

Carroll ironically said at the time ... the show was "highly addicting, just like the meth they make."
I guess 'breaking bad' is not as easy as the show made it out to be.

Holy Moley!

This is a map with the forecasted wind chill lows for Sunday/Monday.  We haven't had wind chills this low in many decades.  The public and private schools have already announced that they will be closed Monday, statewide.

Blizzards are one thing, and snow can be cleared away.  But you can't shovel wind chill.

I just looked at the forecast for Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, on the north slope of the Brooks Range and on the Beaufort Sea.  The temperature there is forecast at 3F.  Downright balmy.

That -79F is up in AllenS's neighborhizzle.

It Was All Too Beautiful

Steve Marriott (1947-1991) got his start in show business playing roles like the Artful Dodger in the stage play Oliver! in the early 1960's.  Later on he would form the Small Faces who had a number of hits, including my favorite, Itchycoo Park:

Pick the Winners

The NFL Playoff games begin tomorrow. Pick the teams you think will win, and in the comments list teams you picked.  Lem has promised to cook dinner for the person(s) who choose the winning teams.

EDIT:  The poll below does not allow multiple choices.  Pick the winner of the game you are most interested in. 

Which Teams Will Win?







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"FLASH: Rand Paul to Sue Obama over NSA Spying"

"Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) is leading a class-action lawsuit with hundreds of thousands of Americans against President Barack Obama’s National Security Agency (NSA) over its spying on the American people, Breitbart News has learned."
Sen. Paul will be discussing the lawsuit in an exclusive appearance on Fox News with host Eric Bolling at 10 PM ET on Friday. Breitbart News has learned that Paul will file the class action lawsuit soon in the D.C. District Court and that he will be filing it as an individual, not as a U.S. Senator.
Snowball chance? What do you think?

Men With Tools - Custom Snow Blower Edition

Men.  Men with tools.   Men with tools, and a garage, and awesome fabrication skills.  In Canada, where it snows a lot.

Combine all that and you get this:  A custom built, hydraulically controlled, dual-track snow blower powered by a big-block Chevrolet engine with ram intake, custom exhaust and massive torque.

It throws snow 126 feet!  The radiator throws heat onto the operator.  The hand controls are heated.  It is easy to use, although the fuel burn rate may be a bit higher than your discount store Toro unit.

Meanwhile, New York City has a commie with an aluminum shovel.

Don’t Follow Leaders, Watch The Parkin’ Meters

Heh.  Out of all the symbols Mickey Kaus chooses to symbolize class inequality in NYC, he chose double-parked black cars of investment bankers. Read the whole thing.

Jack Muller was mid-century Chicago cop who got famous for enforcing parking laws against the rich and privileged. His memoir "I Pig: Or How The World's Most Famous Cop, Me, Is Fighting City" had numerous parking anecdotes. If I had the book on Kindle (if the out-of-print book were even on Kindle) I could word-search "parking" and find the best one. As it is, here is the first one (from 1946):
I remember the first ticket I ever gave. I was working the Argyle Street district on the north side, which was mostly a tough section then. I was sticking the ticket under the windshield wiper of the illegally parked car when a guy about forty ran out of a building and grabbed me.
     'Don't you know who the hell's car that is, you dumb sonfabitch!' he greeted me.
     The car was his, it turned out, and he was a petty local politician who acted like he was Harry Truman (I'll tell you about him later). I left the ticket anyway. The following week he tried to get it thrown out, but I wouldn't go along. So we came to court together the next month.
      And the judge threw it out.
      It was only a parking ticket, but it depressed the hell out of me. It was one thing to be insulted and manhandled if you were going to get your day in court. But if the judge was going to humiliate you and treat you like scum--that was something else.
Muller goes on:

The FDA is looking for a few gum chewers

"The Food and Drug Administration is seeking a small business to potentially supply the federal agency with a chewing gum tester. Despite the frivolous sounding nature of the announcement, the search is a serious one, and apparently a growing need. Chewing gum-based pharmaceuticals (such as nicotine gum) are already in use in the United States, and the FDA is looking for a way to measure the dosage and delivery (dissolution) of the medication in such products."

"The FDA is not looking for just any chewing gum tester, but the Erweka DRT-3 (or its equal), manufactured by Erweka, a German company that produces pharmaceutical and life-science testing equipment. The DRT-3 can be seen in action here:

I thought this was an Obama chewing ready job.     

"Check out Mayor DeBlasio's shoveling technique"

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Overnight Laugh Track

academic p.c. and butter

I was thinking, "Hey! Why not incorporate sex, race, and income equality awareness in my everyday activities in bending the arc of the moral universe toward justice, once in awhile, eh?" Let's give it a go.

"I have a present for you." 

"You do?"  She stops.  Face relaxes, eyes brighten, posture changes. We move toward each other.

"Yes. This is the type of candy rich white guys like. (dismissively) It's all butter and sugar."  But it is presented in a  Glad food storage container, déclassé as can be, another thing insouciant white people do, since I'm emphasizing race with my arc bending.

Arc bending and this whole time I was imagining it merely being a person.

Later I learn it was shared and they like it really super dooper well too, they said. It is average candy and most of that complimenting is being nice to me in return and encouraging but at least part of that stated satisfaction must be due to my sales presentation, don't you think? 

Apart from all that, this is what I want to tell you, this is the point of this post. Last night I discovered a way to quickly produce a sheet of butter used for flake pastry, and it simplifies things tremendously and makes the whole thing much easier to get to the business of moral universe arc bending  toward justice quicker, more easily and more efficiently this way, by spreading around the delicious attractive indulgent toasted butter flakes.

Rip a sheet of wax paper the size of the baking sheet. The size of the working surface used to size rolled dough and to transport a sheet of rolled dough back and forth between the freezer. I use a flexible rectangular cutting surface, not a cutting board, but a thick colored plastic sheet. They come in a set, as with kosher kitchens to keep things separate by color.

A space in the freezer is cleared to place the sheet of dough. That is just customary Boy Scout preparation. 

A cold stick of butter is smashed directly onto the wax paper  and felt as to  how it smashes. What it feels like determines how the rest is smashed, to wait for it to soften a bit or go on. The palm of the hand is used to flatten, the chunks separated  from each other, slide them apart, and smashed  separately until the bar is flatted and spread out and lumpy but fairly even, covered with another sheet of wax paper and rolled   to near-perfect flatness. It rolls easily in half a minute. I was surprised how easy this is, and how fast it freezes hard. The sheet of butter is useable in minutes. The paper peeled off. From stick of butter to flattened sheet in minutes.

It is not necessary to roll, chill, turn roll chill, turn roll chill, turn roll chill, all that is nonsense. In its workable state you can get at least two rolls and two folds and sometimes three, whether turning or not. All that turning and folding in half or in thirds is up to you as you do it to get a shape of a rectangle or square. And inserting the sheet into the freezer to chill it is determined by how flexible the dough becomes in the time that you do it by the warmth of the kitchen and by how fast you go and how cold your things are. It must not become too floppy. You do not want the butter to melt but it is not necessary to keep it ice cold. 

I used too much butter and knew that when I did it. I knew by the weights of both. The result melted while baking then rose up, lifting in layers out of the melted pile and baked into a thousand layers, maybe a hundred layers, okay fine! Twenty layers, but that is still impressively tall and  flakey and with surplus butter, so incredibly delicate the pieces fall apart while being lifted to your mouth and then dissolve completely once in there, so you go, "What just happened? Where did my apple turnover go? " You get little flakes all over the place and trying to get rid of them just makes them tinier until they turn into air and disappear. 

"Don't share with him, 'cause he's a boy." HA HA HA HA HA HA all around. A guy in the office just sitting there, I have no idea who and it doesn't matter. Being academically pc allows one to be openly sexist.

"California illegal immigrants can get law license, state Supreme Court rules"

"Citing a new state law allowing illegal immigrants to get their law licenses, the California Supreme Court on Thursday paved the way for a Chico man to fulfill his dream of becoming an attorney despite his not being a U.S. citizen."
In a unanimous ruling, the state Supreme Court determined there is no reason to block Sergio Garcia's bid for a California law license, now that a new law permits the state's high court to give such licenses to immigrants who are not yet citizens. State legislators, backed by Gov. Jerry Brown, pushed the legislation last fall as Garcia's case was unfolding in the Supreme Court.
It is sick and getting sicker.

"It's Sick and Getting Sicker"

"Veteran New York radio personality Bob Grant — widely credited with inventing the conservative talk-radio format — has died at the age of 84."
Grant began his career as a controversial talk show host in 1970 when he joined WMCA in New York and quickly bucked the liberal slant of many of the other hosts.

The gravel-voiced talker's in-your-face opinions and regular telling off of callers often got him in hot water.
The day the notorious NY attorney William Kunstler died, I called the Bob Grant radio program and I got Bob worked up enough to yell at me. I went on praising Kunstler a little bit too much for Bob's taste. He made me laugh, while telling me off. I used to listen to him and Barry Farber. Before there was a Rush Limbaugh, there was Bob Grant. I credit Bob Grant and Barry Farber with opening my eyes politically.

Bob had a great ability to connect with people. I remember listening to a woman brake down crying over a problem Bob was having with the FCC. There was talk Bob might be fired. One of the several times Bob got in hot water for saying, essentially, what a lot of people were afraid to say.

Bob Grant will be missed.

Extended adolescence

This excerpt from Slate ties in well with Haz's 9:30 AM Six Harsh Truths:
"Amy (not her real name) sat in my office and wiped her streaming tears on her sleeve, refusing the scratchy tissues I’d offered. “I’m thinking about just applying for a Ph.D. program after I graduate because I have no idea what I want to do.” Amy had mild depression growing up, and it worsened during freshman year of college when she moved from her parents’ house to her dorm. It became increasingly difficult to balance schoolsocializing, laundry, and a part-time job. She finally had to dump the part-time job, was still unable to do laundry, and often stayed up until 2 a.m. trying to complete homework because she didn’t know how to manage her time without her parents keeping track of her schedule.
I suggested finding a job after graduation, even if it’s only temporary. She cried harder at this idea. “So, becoming an adult is just really scary for you?” I asked. “Yes,” she sniffled. Amy is 30 years old.
Her case is becoming the norm for twenty- to thirtysomethings I see in my office as a psychotherapist. I’ve had at least 100 college and grad students like Amy crying on my couch because breaching adulthood is too overwhelming.
In 2000, psychologist Jeffrey Arnett coined the term “emerging adulthood” to describe extended adolescence that delays adulthood.* People in their 20s no longer view themselves as adults. There are various plausible reasons for this, including longer life spans, helicopter parenting [parents that hover, controlling all aspects of their child's upbringing], and fewer high paying jobs that allow new college grads to be financially independent at a young age.
Millennials do have to face some issues that previous generations did not. A college degree is now the career equivalent of what a high school degree used to be. This increases the pressure on kids to go to college and makes the process more competitive. The sluggish economy no longer yields a wealth of jobs upon graduation...
The big problem is not that they think too highly of themselves. Their bigger challenge is conflict negotiation, and they often are unable to think for themselves. The overinvolvement of helicopter parents prevents children from learning how to grapple with disappointments on their own. If parents are navigating every minor situation for their kids, kids never learn to deal with conflict on their own. Helicopter parenting has caused these kids to crash land..."

This is a first world problem, and if things are bad now, imagine this troubled generation moving up the rungs of power in our hyper-tech, socially net-worked society.

Blog: 'three of four playoff games, including Green Bay's home game, still not sold out'

"The legend of the waiting list for Packers season tickets in Green Bay has grown over the years. Newborns get put on the list, with parents hoping some day their offspring hits the top of the list."
Green Bay, as of Wednesday morning, was about 8,500 tickets short of a sellout, according to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel's Tom Silverstein. If the Packers don't sell out by 3:40 p.m. Thursday, the game will be blacked out on local TV from Green Bay to Milwaukee. That's almost inconceivable. The Press-Gazette said the Packers have sold out every regular-season game since 1959 (a playoff game in January of 1983, at the end of the strike-shortened season, did not). And yet they are having troubles selling out a playoff game a week after Aaron Rodgers returned from injury to beat the Bears for the NFC North title.
What's going on in Wisconsin? Where are the fans? EBL asks if the league has gauged the fans a wee bit too much.

6 Harsh Truths That Will Make You a Better Person

Excerpted from this brilliant essay by David Wong in Cracked magazine. 
Feel free to stop reading this if your career is going great, you're thrilled with your life, and you're happy with your relationships. Enjoy the rest of your day, friend, this article is not for you. You're doing a great job, we're all proud of you.
#6  The World Only Cares About What It Can Get From You.
If you want to know why society seems to shun you, or why you seem to get no respect, it's because society is full of people who need things. They need houses built, they need food to eat, they need entertainment, they need fulfilling sexual relationships. 
 Either you will go about the task of seeing to those needs by learning a unique set of skills, or the world will reject you, no matter how kind, giving, and polite you are. You will be poor, you will be alone, you will be left out in the cold.
#5   The Hippies Were Wrong.
You don't have to like it. I don't like it when it rains on my birthday. It rains anyway. Clouds form and precipitation happens. People have needs and thus assign value to the people who meet them. These are simple mechanisms of the universe and they do not respond to our wishes. 

Pajamaboy's First Day

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Lot's of news coverage today from Colorado

It's de Blasio time

“We are called to put an end to economic and social inequalities that threaten to unravel the city we love,” Mr. de Blasio said. “And so today, we commit to a new progressive direction in New York. And that same progressive impulse has written our city’s history. It’s in our DNA.”

“There are some who think that now, as we turn to governing – well, that things will just continue pretty much like they always have,” Mr. de Blasio said. “So let me be clear: When I said I would take dead aim at the tale of two cities, I meant it. And we will do it.”

‘Will Not Wait’ on Inequality, de Blasio Tells New York

"You, being a liberal, think you can change people more than I think."

"Robert W. Wilson, the hedge fund founder who committed suicide at age 87 over the weekend, was known as one of the most active philanthropists in the country. But his style of giving was radically opposed to that of Bill Gates, who asked Wilson to join his Giving Pledge for the ultra-rich — and was rebuffed in a series of caustic emails."
But let me make one comment. When I [Wilson] talk to young people who seem destined for great success, I tell them to forget about charities and giving. Concentrate on your family and getting rich—which I found very hard work. I personally and the world at large are very glad you were more interested in computer software than the underprivileged when you were young. And don’t forget that those who don’t make money never become philanthropists.

When rich people reach 50 and are beginning to slow down is the time to begin engaging them in philanthropy.

I’d greatly appreciate just leaving it at that.
Emails Reveal Deceased Hedge Fund Manager Refused To Join Bill Gates’ "Worthless" Giving Pledge

Polar Bear Plunge


I think this is the year all my training will pay off, big time.

"Easier to open in Siberia than California"

"Under the current U.S. business climate, regulatory and tax restrictions tend to curb otherwise dynamic entrepreneurial energy," Puzder said. "We'd love to see more growth in domestic markets. Unfortunately, it's easier for our franchisees to open a restaurant in Siberia than in California."

Fast food CEO: How govt regulation is driving us abroad


"It may have been the least productive year for Congress in history, at least in terms of passing laws – fewer than 60 of which made it through the House and Senate and were signed by President Barack Obama."

"Across the country, however, state lawmakers were busy getting more than 40,000 bills passed, ones that tackle everything from drones to food stamp benefits."

40,000 new laws take effect in 2014

Malt VS hops

I concluded I like malty ales and do not like hoppy lagers. That is my final answer, my o pin yun and I'm sticky with it.

Hey, turns out that's a thing.
I am frequently asked to clarify the difference between “malty” flavors and “hoppy” flavors in beer. Nearly every day someone stumbles upon this blog with the search query “malty beers vs. hoppy beers.” I find that people can often describe the flavors they taste, but aren’t necessarily able to attribute those tastes to one or the other source ingredient.
Ably answered at a perfect pint blog.

But they did not mention that malt is the flavor of malted milk shake vs regular milk shake, it is the flavor difference between wet Wonder bread and Malt-O-Meal, the difference between chocolate milk and Ovaltine, the difference between Newcastle ale and St. Pauli Girl lager. I think.

I did not realize that hops is like spice. That changes my attitude.

Sonia Sotomayor orders temporary enjoinment

From enforcing against applicants the contraceptive coverage requirements imposed by new healthcare law in the shortest Supreme Court order that I have ever seen.

From enforcing (stop a force)
against applicants (someone trying to do something)
contraceptive (something that prevents)
coverage (something that protects)
requirements (something forced)
imposed (straight up force)
by law (there ya go)

That's some confusing shit all packed up in one sentence. That's like a double negative with double positives with another negative, what three negatives, so in English that's back to being negative again, in this case meaning, "Stop it." I think. I'm not good at this at all because the dialect I speak is more like regular American English. Okay I admit, it's actually the first Supreme Court order I've seen. And I made up that word enjoinment.

She is protecting a Colorado outfit, temporarily, Little Sisters of the Poor Home for the Aged. Never heard of 'em.


Happy new year everybody good luck to you in negotiating the confusion created by this ideologic activism on a national scale utterly absent bipartisan support and I mean that, good luck, I do feel for the people cast into confusion, so many made innocent victims of economic uncertainty and that is bad.

Yesterday, the 31st, I had a doctor's appointment. Turned out to be a perfect day here for that. Lucked out, horrible day for that elsewhere. Arrived bright and early, no traffic, no lights, and two other patients there, clients, whatever, and while waiting together I forced them to engage me in conversation, I mean, they were  drawn to my naturally occurring irrepressible charm and wanted to be part of the happy little party in the air that occurs around me everywhere. *pause* It could happen.

I learned to my dismay the woman I've known for years who handles all details of my healthcare needs, makes appointments for me, calls all the time to confirm them, to check up time to time, sees to emergencies, runs the office, sets up the rooms for patients, draws blood, provides results of tests, straightens out problems arising with prescriptions, insurance, basically runs the whole place and aptly ably besides, deftly uses every piece of equipment in every room, presently has no healthcare insurance herself and has no idea what she is to do about that. The angle of her head tilts and she moves in closer across the counter, "It cost $791.00 a month!" Her eyes bulge. And that does seem like a lot for an RN to come up with.

Her boss, my friend, overt Dem supporter, that is, overt Rep detractor, is not nearly so good at covering his employees as he is covering his Party to whom his liege is sworn blindly. Mind made up. No need to think about that anymore. Focus!

I am so thankful the Federal Reserve has taken care of my stupid ass so well for so long. I could not have made out this sweet during this upheaval had they not been doing the hard work of keeping this straight all along. I AM paying for contraceptives and all manner of baby-preventing things, more so than with post natal and with no need for those things and have been paying for them all along. That is part our internally socialized deal. It is why my cost was so high all along. And now in the midst of all this confusion, my cost is actually lowered, my confusion nil compared to what others are experiencing now. Although I still dread seeing all envelopes in the mail regarding any healthcare matter. All those things I complained about over the years, like a big baby, the trouble of making choices each year, new cards all around for medical and for prescriptions all the time, re-making the same choices again and again and again, cycling through HMOs, forced learning about different healthcare coverage schemes, seem like childish complaints compared to what people are experiencing right now. It's all the same thing except now all at once like a ton of bricks falling on their innocent heads. Professional people too, not just ordinary low-infos like myself that waited to the last minute for everything to sort itself. Like I would have on my own. These are smart people in the field who take care of other people's healthcare needs every day and do not know just yet how they are to manage their own situations. I was shocked by that. For all that I paid all along, at this point is a bargain I am pleased to have paid.

I am so sorry this had to come about this way. It will work out. It must. It will work because it must. That is not fanciful thinking either, it absolutely must work so it will be forced to work, one way or another it will work, fully kluged and clunking, because the American people will fill in for the meanness and the incompetence, but I can never forget the perfectly dreadful unAmerican way it is forced, and it will be impossible to forgive the long list of infractions in dragging it through in this manner and delivered so corruptly and dreadfully while other cleaner clearer and less intrusive, less expensive alternatives available all along unexplored, all the while proclaiming repeatedly, "You got nothing."

Slippery People

My very first memory is of sitting in a tub. It was 1963 and I was 3.  I was in a hospital, having a tonsillectomy.

What is your first memory?

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

"Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in many languages"

How to wish people a Merry Christmas and Happy New year in many different languages with recordings for some of them. Omniglot

"California Crop Circle Sparks UFO Talk"

"An unexplained crop circle in Salinas, Calif., has captured the curiosity of alien enthusiasts and conspiracy theorists across the nation."

"The patterns were noticed by aerial photographer Julie Belanger, who told ABC News she was shocked to discover them during a flyover on Monday."
"Adding to the mystery is a video posted on Youtube that shows two friends coming across the patterns after seeing green lights emanate from a field."

ABC News via Drudge tweet

Bob Wright/Jim Pinkerton on Bloggingheads

If you're a little bored, you might listen to this. Over at Bloggingheads, Pinkerton is viewed indulgently as the crackpot uncle at Thanksgiving dinner, a lovable lug with a usually negative/alarmist outlook. Here, he foresees an expansionist China based upon their rising economic power.

"I know that you will fart on me"

"Nobody wants to sit next to a fat person on a plane. Don't think we don't know."

"I have, in my life, been a considerably thinner person and had a fat person sit next to me on a plane. I have also, more recently, been the fat person that makes other travelers' faces fall. Anecdotally, I can verify that being the fat person is almost indescribably worse."

Eric Posner: "The NSA’s Metadata Program Is Perfectly Constitutional"

"The other side is that criminals can use technology today in a way they could not in the past. There were no jihadi websites in 1979. It was harder for criminals to transfer money or communicate instructions across borders. Bomb-making directions were not available on the Web."
"There are also major differences in public attitudes about privacy. People can more easily find out things about each other today than in 1979, thanks to the Web, and so people now expect strangers—including potential friends, mates, and bosses—to know more about them today than they did in the past. People can also more easily share personal information about themselves, and rather than refrain from doing so in order to protect their privacy, they enthusiastically post photos and videos of themselves on Facebook and other social media sites. Thus, it is possible that people’s sense of privacy is also greatly altered, as if the whole country moved from a big city to a small town, trading in the benefits of anonymity and independence for the advantages of community and security."
I get the feeling were are not going to "recognize ourselves" in 10 years.

Salon via Instapundit's notice of professor Eric Posner's new blog


1.    Don't tempt fate
2.    Clear the deck
3.    Let the dog in
4.    Rock around the clock
5.    Throw caution to the wind
6.    Cut the cards
7.    Wise up
8.    Preheat the oven
9.    Lean to the left
10.  Lean to the right
11.  Stand up
12.  Sit down
13.  Fight fight fight
14.  Put your whole self in
15.  Pull your whole self out
16.  Do the hokey pokey
17.  And turn yourself around
18.  Take one for the team
19.  Close cover before striking
20.  Look both ways before crossing
21.  Jump at the opportunity
22.  Make a leap of faith
23.  Work your butt off
24.  Cut to the quick
25.  Get to the heart of the matter
26.  Swing hard in case you hit the ball
27.  Throw a kiss
28.  Be the lead dog
29.  Check the oil
30.  Don't stare at the sun
31.  Bring home the bacon
32.  Go for the gusto
33.  Leave the gun
34.  Take the cannoli
35.  Save a horse
36.  Ride a cowboy
37.  See the ball
38.  Be the ball
39.  Rock and roll
40.  Get ready to rumble
41.  Prepare to march
42.  March
43.  Pull the ripcord
44.  Cash in
45.  Cash out
46.  Cut the cheese
47.  Steal third base
48.  Play another song
49.  Check the temperature
50.  Take off your shirt
51.  Leave your shoes by the door
52.  Bend and stretch
53.  Reach for the sky
54.  Take a load off Fanny
55.  Take a load for free
56.  Take a load off Fanny
57.  And you can put the load right on me
58.  Wag more woof less
59.  Call your bets
60.  Phone home
61.  Start a revolution
62.  Pass the pipe
63.  Load the guns
64.  Wait by the side of the road
65.  Call now
66.  Party like it's 1999
67.  Say hidee hidee hidee hi
68.  Say hode hode hode ho
69.  Leave your message at the tone
70.  Remember me to one who lives there
71.  Find your own way
77.  Pack a lunch
78.  Send lawyers guns and money
79.  Walk a mile in my shoes
80.  Walk the line
81.  Run away
82.  Shake don't stir
83.  Get out of a jam
84.  Fire when ready
85.  Go back to square one
86.  Break the ice
87.  Cry wolf
88.  Count the chickens before they hatch
89.  Fight fire with fire
90.  Jump in with both feet
91.  Burn the candle at both ends
92.  Take it for a drive
93.  Make a scene
94.  Walk the dog
95.  Talk the talk
96.  Sing the song
97.  Drink to your health
98.  Tough it out
99.  Remember the Alamo
100.Naked coeds frollicking

"No person shall knowingly operate, possess, or use a vehicle with a hidden compartment..."

"The driver, 30-year-old Norman Gurley of Michigan, was pulled over for speeding. A highway patrolman noticed wires running to a secret compartment in the car and arrested Gurley, even though there were no drugs in the compartment..."
It makes no difference whether police find drugs or not, according to a new Ohio law that prohibits secret compartments.

“We apparently caught them between runs, so to speak, so this takes away one tool they have in their illegal trade,” said Lt. Michael Combs in a statement to local news. “The law does help us and is on our side.”
Driving a car is a privilege, I believe, although I'm not sure you give up your 4th amendment right while operating a vehicle. I know driving is a privilege because I've had it suspended in New Jersey. But, enough about me, this post is not about me.

What about the drug runner? is he up-worthy of 4th amendment rights? Or is this apparent exception justified in order to aid law enforcement ... It's for a good cause.

via Drudge tweet where I found little sympathy for the police power.

Shocking 7 second video

On Vine.

That you can play over and over for fun. I downloaded it to re-host it but then I thought, no, this is too shocking to display.

Súper pelo público means 'super hair public', you perv, not 'super hair pubic,'  I know that's what you were thinking, it felt like I heard someone think that.

A simple twist of fate

Monday, December 30, 2013


Hello Friend. I love fruit trees too. You're right! That is what they should teach us in school because look, it makes and an apple and a nut attached right onto it. That is bizarre! And all those flowers mean the tree has only started making apples with a nut on them. 

Like a rare alien plant from another world and here we put them in a jars with regular nuts.

I tried that toffee theory in imitation of Enstrom candy company but I used cashews instead of almonds and it worked. This is exactly how I recall Enstrom's except mine has rare alien otherworldly nuts and theirs has ordinary Earthly almonds. Almonds are like the carrots of the nut world. Apparently more healthy than most so they always get top billing at least that is the story that told, so stuck in things all over the place, and yet here we have this evident life from another world.

I still want to try hazelnut. Mostly because that is my dad's all-time  favorite nut and I'm trying to understand the man.

"Can you imagine Mitt Romney and Kanye West as in-laws?”

It appeared as if MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry and her guests could not quite figure out what to say about the Romney's family picture, in which Mitt Romney is holding his adopted black grandson.

So, they made stupid comments, giving my side a rare, legitimate opening to call them on hypocrisy and other nasty things, they themselves, constantly, I mean night and day, attribute to tea party and the GOP... you know the drill.

For a sample of the swift reaction so far click read more.

Regarding a place to meditate

1.The place should be clean and quiet.
2. Its temperature should be comfortable during all seasons.
3. It should be well ventilated.
4. The place should be neither too dark nor too light.
5. It should not offer any any view that might be distracting.
7. Beginners in meditation should avoid association with either well-known or           argumentative people.
8. Beginners should avoid those who are competitive.
9. Beginners should avoid all places and situations such as fire , flood, and the haunts of criminals.
10. Beginners should not meditate by the sea or in the vicinity of popular resorts.

-Buddhism and Zen, Nyogen Senzaki, Ruth Strout McCandless

Please add any suggestions you think may be appropriate.

"Here's something you can blame Bush for: "

Fair and Balance. Bush has been getting a lot of good coverage lately.

"Two monster meteors flare and boom over Minnesota and Midwest"

"The sky’s been rumbling with two bright fireball sightings in Minnesota across the Midwest this past week. On Dec. 26 a monster fireball that garnered more than 1,050 reports on the American Meteor Society’s website turned night into day across parts of Illinois, Iowa and Minnesota. The fireball traveled from east to west and flashed into view in late twilight around 5:45 p.m."

"Of the 96 sightings so far reported, 29 people heard associated explosions and booms, likely signs that pieces of the original meteoroid survived the searing heat and pressure of atmospheric entry and landed as meteorites."

Astro Bob

"State Dept. whistleblower has email hacked, deleted"

The personal e-mail account of a State Department whis­tle­­blower was hacked, and four years worth of messages — some detailing alleged wrongdoing at the agency — were deleted, The Post has learned.
The computer attack targeted the Gmail account of Diplomatic Security Service criminal investigator Richard Higbie, his lawyer, Cary Schulman, confirmed.

Higbie has asked the FBI in Dallas, where he lives, to investigate the hacking, which occurred this month.

Higbie played a key role in helping fellow whistleblower Aurelia Fedenisn, a former investigator for the department’s inspector general, reveal in June a pattern of alleged coverups by top department officials.

The alleged coverups included keeping quiet separate IG investigations that found that members of then-Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton’s security detail had engaged hookers and that the Belgian ambassador had solicited underage prostitutes.

These were among a string of investigations by the service, responsible for protecting dignitaries and investigating crimes within the department, that were allegedly derailed by senior officials, including one instance of interference by Clinton Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills.
Astute observers connect the timing of the NYT Benghazi article to the possibility that something else, more sinister, is being kept under wraps. In other words, it's a "wag the dog" maneuver, made notorious by Hillary's husband Bill Clinton, back when he was president. "It's like deja vu all over again." Back to Higbie...

"Second Icebreaker Nears Ship Stranded Off Antarctica"

An Australian icebreaker worked its way slowly through thick ice off Antarctica early Monday in the latest attempt to rescue about 70 people aboard a stranded research ship. Even though it is summer in the Antarctic, waiting for the ice to break up on its own is not an option,
Dr. Turney said, because of the risk that the ship could drift along with the ice and collide with one of several icebergs in the area, which are drifting independently of the pack ice.
Dr. Turney is a professor of climate change at the University of New South Wales.
Since the ship became stuck, Dr. Turney and others have been a regular presence on Twitter and other social media sites. Some have made short videos describing their experiences.

Dr. Turney said that some of the people aboard had gone onto the ice to study birds and make other scientific observations, and that others had occupied themselves on board with ad-hoc classes in subjects like knot tying. And a steady diet of films has been available to help pass the time, he said.
“At first, people were starting to watch disaster movies,” Dr. Turney added. “But I had to stop that.” Now it is mostly comedies, although episodes of the hit series “Breaking Bad” have been popular, too.

David Kirkpatrick, author of NYT Benghazi piece claiming no Al Qaeda involvement

If by Al Qaeda you mean the organization started by Bin Laden. No, the attack on the Benghazi consulate was carried out by locals. They are all well known around those parts. Their histories known. Nothing worthwhile to see here.

Nothing except the spectacle of a grown man fellating Hillary Clinton in public. It is unsightly and unbecoming a professional journalist. The effort falls far short of what is already known. Journalistic curiosity fails to cover why the Ambassador was ordered to that specific compound on that specific day and why the consulate was insufficiently protected. The answers to that still are wanting,  and further, no curiosity at all concerning the whereabouts of the most significant person in government, apparently, and we all know why. David Kirkkpatrick's own immobilizing patronizing racism.

But none of that matters. The report is already counterattacked all over the place, and the distraction has already served its dual purpose of another cyclical temporary squirrel for Obama, and simultaneously terrain preparation for Hillary Clinton. Look at this guy. This is my little sister, haunting me, haunting me again, her irrational ways so obvious. Say whatever you wish, it will not compute properly, she is occupied preparing the next attack.

Let's speak our own language and short circuit the prepared discussion as Ted Cruz does earlier, ask why this is coming up now after being roundly dismissed as irrelevant for so long even though we already know why, the answer does not matter, and while David Kirkpatrick or whoever formulates their answer if they care to, we'll be formulating the next line of damaging questions, observations, remarks no matter the response. That is how we talk nowadays, mutual understanding is not the aim.

Who cares if it was Al Qaeda, or offshoot, or rival, or nothing related at all,that is not the point. Hillary Clinton's own incompetency is the point, that is the reason why Hillary Clinton has over her a big fat spray painted X and this prime coat attempt is not going to stop the bleed through.

say what you see

Front paged on B3ta, best of the board. The challenge for the week is 'change a single letter to well-known word or phrase.' 

Ted Cruz, ABC This Week. Shutdown was Obama's

KARL: You have had a couple of months to think about this whole government shutdown strategy. Now that it’s over in hindsight, are you prepared to say that it was a mistake, it wasn’t the right tactic?
This is the sort of thing that drives me nuts and I do not handle well, so loaded it reeks, so plump with raw unexamined premise, and conclusions already formed out of aphorisms and whatnot, and forces one to step back and go,whoa whoa, and wonder then just how far backward must we go to fix this ideologic mess and is any of that ever worth it? Frankly, no.
CRUZ: I think it was absolutely a mistake for President Obama and Harry Reid to force a government shutdown.
Hah. Speak another language. Talk past.
KARL: Now you know even John Boehner has said this was a Republican shutdown.

CRUZ: Look, I can’t help what other people say.
And Jon, I understand that in the media, every day the media reported the Republicans shut the government down…

KARL: No, I mean, but come on. I mean we’re a couple months away from this, the only reason why this happened is because you insisted, Republicans insisted that Obamacare be defunded as a condition of funding the government. If you didn’t — if you took away that insistence, there would be no shutdown. I mean, really.

CRUZ: You’ve got conservatives who stood strong and said let’s stop the train wreck that is Obamacare, and you’ve got Democrats in the middle of the shutdown, President Obama called every Senate Republican to the White House, sat us in a room and said I called you to tell you, we’re not going to negotiate, we’re not going to compromise on anything.
More at therightscoop, there is a video of Cruz too. A tacit internet rule prevents me nicking the whole thing but I sure would like to.

The interviewer opens with a remark about first year senators sitting in the back and being seen and not heard and here again I utterly fail the diplomat test, it is at the beginning so the whole time I'm thinking how racist to suggest to a minority senator he sit in the back and shut up. I hoped he would answer referring to Elizabeth Warren but Cruz has more tact than I.

Carefree Highway

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Cutting down and clearing out

The new year approaches, and now is a logical time for me to get rid of junk/crap/clutter/stuff. As I type I have a group of boxes in my living room labeled donate, not sure, cords, etc. I have yet to be successful in this task.

I do not want to go the minimalist route, but I wish to drastically cut down and live more lightly. Please share with me your favorite clutter removal and life lightening tips.


How old were you when you calmed down?  Or maybe you haven’t calmed down yet.  No worries; it’ll come along soon enough.

It’s an odd question, isn’t it, my asking you when you calmed down.  I mean it in the best sense, just asking your age when you came to realize that you can’t change everything.  And perhaps in some way accepting that you can’t change anything or anyone other than yourself.
When did you finally realize that it was time to stop pushing as hard as you could against doors that were clearly marked “Pull to Open”?  And then when you finally gave those doors a pull and they opened easily and you said “Ahhh….I should have known this years ago!”  When was that?

Acceptance of one’s imperfections, of one’s fallibilities, of one’s inability to control the world is the entry point to adulthood.  Not the adulthood of being age 21, or even age 31 or age 41, I suppose.  Not the adulthood marked by boxes and pages on a calendar, but the adulthood of accepting one’s mortality and smallness.  Not smallness in the sense of bad behavior and pettiness, but smallness in the universe.  The smallness that causes you to do good things for those you care about rather than trying to save the world; and a faith that if everyone does small, good things the maybe the world will be better.
It happened to me the first time when I was in my late 40s.  In a flash I knew that I didn’t want to continue living on airplanes, chasing one business meeting after another at the cost of being apart from my family.  I quit that day.

And it happens again every year after Christmas Day and before New Year’s Day.  I resolve that I am not in control, and I accept that.  I can’t fix every problem, but I can listen when loved ones share theirs.  I can’t change the world, but I can change myself.  I don’t need to be in the social register, or to go to the right parties with the right people.  I don’t need to have the big house, the new cars, or the showy aspirational things.
Accepting that one can’t have everything is the first step on the path to having the things that truly matter.

Just A Bite Of April's Apple

April Apple said:
I really don't care about Bill at this point. He's old, gross and over-with and his penis is probably shrived and his libido neutered. Thank GOD. His dog days in the sun raping females without consequence are over. Sure, he still rings them up, but the smart ones know to hang up and shiver *yuck*. 
Clinton was dragged kicking and screaming to enact welfare reform. He never wanted to do it himself. But yeah, I'll give him credit for that. Obama's ego doesn't allow for any such compromise- And thanks to Obama, most of those welfare reforms have been dismantled. 
If Hillary gets in, say hello to permanent ACA and the continued socialization of our healthcare system. If you want an open, competitive, free-market based health care system, it will never happen with Hillary. She is far more rigid than Bill, and single payer will more than likely occur on her watch. Obama just teed it up. 
The one thing I like about Barack Obama is that he has the class to keep his pecker in his pants. It may be the one thing that I appreciate and admire most about the guy. He passes the biggest test of all: Scarlet Johansson threw herself at Obama and he had enough intelligence to say, as a person under the microscope, cut it out. If Scarlet Johansson threw herself at Bill Clinton, there would be a sex tape by now. (yeah – Viagra would be involved...and perhaps a black eye) Sure, Obama is an incompetent socialist, but at least he isn’t making a mockery out of the office of the Presidency with his penis. When you are the leader of the free world, how difficult is it to buck-up and realize such actions are non-becoming of the office? The days of secret Kennedy sex are over. 
yeah - Why doesn't the media ever discuss Juanita Broderick?

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même meme chosen

The Cologne Cathedral withstood a bombing hail but a new threat comes from within:


First Mate Of The Ship Of State

Over at Althouse, somefeller obliquely piqued my interest:
somefeller wrote: Plus, he may become the first First Husband.
This raises a practical question. Should such a man be referred to as "First Husband" given the already extant meaning of "first husband" in the context of divorce? "First Husband" would signal a need to retitle "First Lady" as "First Wife."

"First Gentleman" would better reflect the quaint "First Lady," a title already cemented by tradition. Of course, the GLAAD handers would prefer "First Partner" as battleground preparation and reparation for years of oppression.


How do you calculate the odds? or It was bound to happen

What seemed to innocently start out as a good luck wish ...

Turns excruciatingly braking true for the wish.e. (do not click the links if you squeamish easily)
Silva, after being decked by a first-round right hand by champion Chris Weidman, tried a second-round left kick that Weidman (11-0) blocked with his own left shin.

The impact of the contact broke Silva's lower left leg, bending it as he crashed to the mat and screamed in agony while Weidman was declared the repeat winner 1:16 into the round at MGM Grand.
What's puzzling to me is the neck breaking? speed of RT @TimReuben (the well wisher) is getting. At one point I tracked at over 100 a minute.

What is it?... A virtual rubber necking?... A desire to believe?

Thank you for offering, Sir.

But I'm afraid I cannot come to your pool party on Friday, besides, Mum warned me never trust a guy wearing a fez.

Ross Sisters

They're bendy.