Friday, December 27, 2013

lost and found

I had a dream that left a deep impression in which I am lost, utterly lost in a vast expanse of barren landscape. My shirt is off. I am walking without knowing where I am going exactly and I realize I am with other people who are also quite hot. We are all walking, trudging along and hopelessly lost but oddly I am not feeling hopeless and I do not understand why everyone appears to be so without hope. So, although surround by people, in the dream I am isolated among them. They are all speaking Spanish and my Spanish is crap and my attitude of well being is not contagious. 

I notice someone in the crowd that I know and my heart leaps up with joy. Now in life this person is a positive fellow. Nothing gets the guy down that I know of. This guy gets smacked down and smashed flat and bounces right back, frankly, like an idiot, like the inflatable toy punching bag. Tubthumping was written for him, I think, possibly, maybe, it could happen. 

He drinks a lot too. When he gets going. Binger. Spills wine all over the place. I can mention for instance one time as a youngster he hooked up with a fellow in Las Vegas and took off for Hawaii. Within a few days the FBI burst into the hotel room arrested both in their underwear, took the fellow off. Permanently. A criminal apparently, bank robber, now that I'm recalling it, and left my friend stranded there on the island with no clothes no money just his resourceful impervious self. 

How did you make it back? And that is a whole 'nuther story. 

Oddly not an entirely stupid fellow. Lengthy escapades in Central America led to him speaking Spanish ably and it was at this point in the dream I was attempting to convey to the down and out mass an acceptance of abundance, and failing. We were now passing by abundance but the people around me were resolutely not allowing themselves to see it. The people had formed into a line and as we move through a town and the colorful fruits all wet and juicy are stacked up I am trying to say this is yours but their mindset is slavery. Their minds are different. They think differently than I do. They are not paying attention to me. Like a body or plant having available minerals but unable to use them due to some other lack, that along with being completely lost. We trod along in a line, there was nothing left in this dream as I departed and woke up in stages it seemed I drifted off from the scene backward and upward and outward away and just as quickly off planet to see from above the view that Apollo moon mission provided and I know as I waken fully, aware of myself as a living dot somewhere down there on that planet now itself a dot in this vast universe loaded with such gigantic dots that I am assuredly located properly my position known, I am sensibly placed and most comfortably completely serenely and profoundly found.

I told my friend this and he goes, "Oh, thank you for telling me that. I'm thrilled being the happy person in the dream. It's like I'm there, man." 


deborah said...

Some dreams can be very powerful. Like messages from your self.

I have fairly frequently have bizarre dreams. I should start a dream journal, because over time the memories fade.

Chip Ahoy said...

Intended to hold off but accidentally hit publish. I hit wrong buttons a lot. I'd be a terrible pianist.

My all time favorite Bueller Lytton opening line winner is:

"The one recurring thought that ran through Andre's mind as he crawled across the desert was, 'crawl, Andre, crawl.'"

I should try finding ways to use something like that.

ricpic said...

Some fools are lucky -- that's the meaning of your dream.

Michael Haz said...

You knew Che?

Lem Ozuna from the Braves said...

I'm lucky in that in my dreams everybody is smarter and better looking than me.

It keeps me on my toes.

Unknown said...

That's a cool dream. Dreams that run like movies are exhilarating. Not always pleasant, but vividly life altering. Then poof all gone.
I only remember a few good dreams and of course a few scary ones. I still remember a few childhood dreams. Happy.

I feel like an elephant is sitting on my chest. In real life. Ugh. I may be sick.

Michael Haz said...

How does your left arm feel, April? Any pain?

Unknown said...

No arm pain. It's just upper respiratory garbage. (more than likely picked up off the questionable buffet at the dang Christmas party people.)

Thanks for the concern...
Didn't mean to alarm.

Michael Haz said...


Elderberry extract.

And vodka.

Unknown said...

I'll try anything. Thanks, Haz. Right now red wine and airborne.