Friday, December 27, 2013

Fantasy Quotient

I saw this piece at House of Eratosthenes, a blog hosted on Peekinthewell. By this guy, I do not see his name.

The author's idea is that IQ is calculated a certain way, a commenter corrected him about how, apparently, but that is not important, in his model the measure is related to age.

The writer goes on about his observations regarding the healthcare act and the site rollout, how all that happened, observations about how the Act's  proponents see things and what all that means, then the more value he sees in measuring what he calls F.Q. for fantasy quotient.

In his model he uses to understand people an engineer would have F.Q. of zero and a healthy F.Q. would be oh, he doesn't really know, maybe somewhere in the 10's or 20's.

If your F.Q. is 100 you cannot learn anything and that is what the author sees now. In his model such a person never grows up.

Eratosthenes is an interesting place.


virgil xenophon said...

You just found the guy, Chip? I've been reading him since 2008. He's on the blogroll of several of the sites I visit, which is how I found him..

Anonymous said...

The more news I see about this fiasco, the more I learn about how it came about, and the more observations I make about how ObamaCare proponents see the situation, and draw their inferences about what it all means...the more value I see in measuring what we could call the F.Q., the Fantasy Quotient.

I too am bemused, when not outright maddened, but the deep level of fantasy about Obamacare. I'm still reading liberal articles about how any day now the Ocare "glitches" are going to be smoothed out, healthcare will start humming and then won't Republicans be surprised -- like Wile E. Coyote overshooting a cliff and suspended in mid-air just before his sickening plunge to the rocky terrain below.

But liberal proponents barely reference facts or numbers. It's just their cargo cult belief that when the Great Liberal Leader speaks, reality must reshape itself accordingly.

That seemed to work under FDR and JFK, but liberals miss the soild metal links of accountability that made those chains of command work.

Ignorance is Bliss said...
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Ignorance is Bliss said...
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Ignorance is Bliss said...

So basically the Affordable Care Act is a big F.Q. to those of us who live in the real world.

Did I use the term correctly?

deborah said...

lol Ig, well played.

mkfreeberg said...

Morgan K. Freeberg. Pleased to meet you.

No, the "big F.Q." is not technically a correct use...but it certainly is an awesome one.

Ignorance is Bliss said...

Welcome Morgan, glad you could stop by.