Monday, December 23, 2013


The sun slips behind the mountain range and darkness of night descends upon the Queen City of the Plaines. It is a weird feeling all around because the weather is perfect, and I mean perfect, and calm as all h-e-double-hecksticks like another planet because it is dark where I'm at but light over there, within driving distance, and the clouds are dark on top and bright on the bottom. WoOOOoo. It makes you want to go out there and yell, "Merry Christmas!" 


Shouting Thomas said...

There are a lot of queens in Denver? Brokeback Cowboys?

Never would have guessed it.

Another site suitable for Althouse-ification?

Lem said...

A composition. Nice shooting Chip

deborah said...

You have a nice view. Today I saw my favorite types of clouds, which I call quilty clouds. They look like layered piles of quilt batting, in varying shades of grays and whites. It inspires me to make a quilt. I think they would be called nimbostratus?

edutcher said...

Christmas in the West does have a different look to it.

The mountains just seem to rise up out of the ground.

At least it looks that way in UT.